Important Links re Events in Ukraine

Below are the links to a number of popular and highly regarded Western authors and analysts who are confirming what appears to be utterly shocking and impossible to believe to the brainwashed populace in the West, but is entirely clear to me, and along with me, to anyone in #Russia, former Soviet republics, as well as to most people in #Ukraine.

What is really behind the events in Ukraine; who is pulling the strings and why?

Author, #geopolitics #economics analyst, William #Engdahl:

Boiling Frogs Blog:

The brilliant Dr. Paul Craig #Roberts, Father of #Reaganomics, Reagan Admin Asst Treasury Secretary, former Wall Street Journal editor, recognized as one of the top ten living economists:

Dr. Roberts’ articles analysing events in Ukraine:

You can find more articles with Ukraine events analysis on his blog. Click link above.

Also, lots of great stuff at:

Articles about Ukraine, how many taxpayer dollars has #USA spend to subvert Ukraine, #neocon Victoria #Nuland and her role in Ukrainian riots, and more:

Below is excellent report by #RT with leaked recording of neocon Victoria Nuland, US State Department Assistant Secretary, John #Kerry’s second in command who is responsible for the US policy in #Eurasia. In this recording, we can hear Nuland discussing with her underlink WHO THEY WILL PUT IN THE NEXT UKRAINIAN GOVERNMENT! It’s at the time that US denies its illegal participation, financing and instigation of the Ukrainian riots. It is the same conversation in which Nuland also makes the infamous f**k #EU comment. Bravo for the brilliant and timely exposure! As an aside, Nuland later admitted to US spending over 5 BILLION dollars to subvert Ukraine, bribe opposition and buy militant (and sometimes, openly Nazi) rioters! 5 bln goes a very long way in Ukraine!

NOTE: riots in #Kiev, Ukraine, and Nuland’s jolly planning of which US PUPPET WILL BE RULLING UKRAINE NEXT, happen right before the start of the #Sochi2014 Olympics, in the hopes Russia loses its cool and does something that would trigger calls for the boycott of the #Sochi #WinterOlympics as it happenened in 1980 with #Moscow #SummerOlympics. Except, this time, they’ve missed…

I grew up in Ukraine, so this one hits very close to home. By meddling in Ukraine they make it intensely personal. There are millions and millions besides me who think this way. This time, they’ve gone too far.

I am planning a thorough analysis and predictions of the events in Ukraine on this blog soon. Stay tuned!

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