What is Really Happening in Ukraine? Part 1: Analysis

From the author: This ongoing series of articles about the real situation in Ukraine is written for the open-minded and independently thinking people, as well as for those who see through hypocrisy and who seek the truth. Note: As the situation is presently developing very quickly, I will post updates and new analysis as soon as I can. Lada Ray

A bit of history

I have to interrupt my planned #SochiOlympics post on Lada Ray Blog, which will be posted soon, due to the fresh wave of madness enveloping #Ukraine.

I was born in Moscow to a Russian father and Ukrainian mother. In Russia and USSR, mixed marriages were absolutely normal and happened all the time. We all thought we were a part of one great Russian culture – and therefore, there was nothing to divide and nothing to fight about, there was no score to keep…

I grew up in a beautiful Black Sea resort and international port city of Odessa, traditionally the capital of Novorossia (New Russia), which under pressure from Lenin and Bolsheviks was made a part of Ukraine in 1918, Ukraine in turn being integral part of the Russian state – later USSR. This happened over Odessa population’s objections. At the time it was explained that Odessa being part of Ukraine was necessary to “simplify administration.” At least Lenin had common decency of issuing an explanation, however bogus. Later, when Nikita Khrushchev, who was from Ukraine, “gifted” the prized Crimean Peninsula (base of the Russian Fleet, in addition to being summer residence of Russian leaders and major Russian sea resort) to Ukraine, he didn’t bother with any explanations. Yep, Russia often had problems with its leaders.

Lately, the lies, hypocrisy, corruption, idiocracy in Ukraine, EU and US have gone beyond possible. Sadly, present day USA, the super-bully to the world, is completely out of control. Therefore, I find it impossible to keep silence or look the other way as this one hits very close to home.

Read my thorough analysis & predictions, based on first-hand knowledge, extensive study, and experience: 

Part 1. What is really happening in Ukraine; who is behind Ukraine riots and who really are the “peaceful protesters?”

Part 2. What is Russia’s role in all this? And my predictions for the unpredictable Ukrainian situation.

At the bottom of this post you will find a wealth of references to articles by highly respected analysts and supporting eyewitness videos.

Situation on the streets of Kiev (see supporting videos and reports at the bottom of post)

We are learning that the situation in Kiev has worsened as wave after wave of militants are on the attack. According to reports, both sides have lots of victims as a result of recent clashes.

Also being reported is the presence of anonymous false-flag snipers shooting at both demonstrators and police to provoke more violence. These snipers were previously detected and photographed in Egypt riots, and earlier, in Ukraine’s Orange Revolution. Also in Serbia in 1990s, and in the 1993 attempted Moscow coup. In case of Moscow, snipers appeared and shot at people from the roof of the American embassy, but after they were discovered and shot back at, they disappeared back into the embassy. Both Russian geopolitical author Nikolay Starikov and FBI whistleblower Sybil Edmonds talk at length about these mysterious disappearing snipers. They seem to be an integral part of CIA textbook on how to incite violent riots and color revolutions in various countries. (See links to both authors at the bottom of post.)

When Kiev riots first started in the end of 2013, specially trained police units, called Berkut, initially responded to protests, however, the order to crack down was quickly changed. Berkut was given a new order not to respond, but just stand there  – per reports – WITHOUT DEFENDING THEMSELVES, while their eyes were being poked at with metal spears, while they were burned with Molotov cocktails, taken hostage and shot. (Note, I am not the biggest fan of police in any country, but the truth is glaring.)

This order was given to them by Ukrainian President Yanukovich in response to the threat of sanctions by the EU and US if Yanukovich tried to restore order in the country he was supposed to govern.

As disorder and violence spread unchecked, citizens of different parts of Ukraine started demanding that Yanukovich take real steps to protect his country and citizens. Citizen watches and militia formed in Donbass, Odessa, Crimea, Lugansk and other places. These local protection groups were successful so far in preventing foreign militants from penetrating their respective regions of Ukraine. (At the bottom of post find supporting videos.)

Just recently, after the numbers of killed, wounded and burned policemen started to exceed all limits, Yanukovich finally allowed police to DEFEND THEMSELVES. This sounds so bizarre, so surreal, especially from the standpoint of any American who may have observed police flying off the handle and using excessive force on a whim here in the States. The same country and same Obama administration that encourages militarization and excessive force by US police, at the same time threatens Ukraine government with sanctions, IF Ukraine’s police so much as dares to defend themselves against violence of well-trained Ukrainian radicals.

In his recent article, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts gives examples of how much students and unemployed Ukrainian protesters are paid to come out on streets of Kiev. In addition, he also cites reports (so far, unconfirmed) that Moldovans (crossing from Moldavia, who ethnically are very similar to Ukrainians and who speak Russian) are being paid to pose as Ukrainian protesters. Report by Sybil Edmonds’ The Boiling Frogs blog states that militants that previously ‘worked’ to unseat regimes in Serbia and the Middle East now are ‘working’ Kiev and are behind much of the violence. (For more on this see Dr. Paul Craig Roberts and The Boiling Frogs links at bottom of post.)

I want to remind everyone that the EU states and the USA are the same countries that would have used any force necessary to get rid of even completely peaceful demonstrations on their respective territories. Remember how brutally US dispersed the Occupy Movement and destroyed their camps in many US cities? Remember that policeman who was going in circles calmly spraying with a very powerful pepper spray the defenceless, sitting on the ground, students in California? All those students could do was to cover their faces and try to protect their lungs and eyes from damage. There are tons of eyewitness videos on YouTube of US police attacking, beating people up, and sometimes even killing them, if they don’t like something someone said or did.

Talk about double standards! Obama’s Secretary of State, John Kerry, warns Yanukovich to keep his hands away from euromaidan and not to allow police to respond to the violence of “peaceful protesters” destroying the city!

But this hypocritical intervention by Washington in yet another sovereign country’s affairs is just a warm-up! A real hypocrisy overload of planetary proportions follows… Recently, the #neocon US Assistant Secretary of State, Victoria #Nuland, who is in charge of the US policy in Eurasia, was caught red-handed. In a shocking leaked recording, she is clearly heard discussing with her underling WHO USA WILL PUT IN THE NEXT UKRAINIAN GOVERNMENT!

It was the same conversation in which Victoria Nuland also made the infamous f*** EU remark. It’s interesting that Germany and other EU countries, the recipients of Nuland’s derogatory swears, have hardly blinked. No real protests, no action – nothing. Incidentally, on another occasion, Nuland admitted to the US spending $5 Billion of US taxpayer money to subvert Ukraine and organize riots!

Watch the Nuland gaffe report on RT  – recording included:


U.S. State Department Leaked Phone Call – Full Audio

“A secret phone call between U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt and U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland was leaked this week on YouTube.” The two US officials discuss leaders of the Ukrainian opposition and who will be the new Ukrainian puppet directed by the US. Nuland talks about the best moves, and like chess pieces on a chess board, discussed are the positions and actions of the following “opposition leaders”: #Yatsenyuk (liberal), Vitaly #Klitchko (famous boxer, permanent resident of #Germany, who paid over 20mln euro in taxes to Germany last year, who is also personal friend of #Merkel, Chancellor of Germany, and she backs him for the next prez of Ukraine), and West Ukrainian Nazi, #Tiagnibok.

How Ukrainians were duped

It’s interesting to note that Kiev euromaidan has quickly changed its slogan from the initial “we want to be in the EU” to “away with Yanukovich.” That is because very quickly Russia, as well as EU’s own citizens, via YouTube and other means explained to the naive and totally mis-informed Ukrainians that their life in the crisis-ridden EU would not be any better, and that the EU association would most likely destroy their already very shaky economy.

Turned out Ukrainians naively thought that association agreement with EU equaled joining EU and that by doing so they would automatically reap all the benefits EU citizens are enjoying, such as high salaries and standard of living, hefty unemployment and welfare benefits, etc. This happened of course because Ukraine citizenry was duly prepped and brainwashed by the prevalent Western style “free and democratic media.” After enough Ukrainians saw the problem, it became clear to the riot organizers that pro-EU slogan wasn’t working and so, it was smoothly and swiftly substituted for “away with Yanukovich.”


Yanukovich’s situation is greatly complicated by the fact that he personally isn’t especially loved either in Russia or in the West, nor in his own country, and by the fact that he and his government are extremely corrupt. Corruption is pretty much a way of life in Ukraine, so Yanukovich isn’t unique. That said, Yanukovich was DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED as Ukrainian president and it appears at the moment Ukraine doesn’t have anyone better. Hopefully by the time 2015 elections roll in, some more decent politicians can rise to the occasion.

But for now, the only alternative that is at least not based on overtly violent pogroms is Yulia Tymoshenko, who’s in jail for exceeding her mandate as Prime Minister (and because of political rivalry with the sitting president, of course). So, choices are admittedly limited. While Yulia, who isn’t even Ukrainian (Tymoshenko is her ex-husband’s name), has local support, has Washington written her off? Looks like instead, they have picked the unlikely trio of a Nazi, ex-boxer, and a liberal. Oh, dear!

The division between East/South, North & West of Ukraine and what it means for Ukraine’s future

1. Ukraine’s East, led by coal and heavy industry region of Donbass (capital Donetsk) and tech and machinery manufacturing region of Dnepropetrovsk (City of Peter on Dniepr – named after Peter the Great) is the most industrial part of Ukraine. That’s where a big chunk of Ukraine’s GDP comes from. Language spoken – Russian, culture – Russian. Population – Russian and Ukrainian mix. Historically – a part of Russia, not Ukraine.

2. Ukraine’s south, Novorossia – led by Odessa, the largest port on Black Sea, resort and cultural center. As well as former Russian ports/marine bases of Nikolaev and Kherson. Plus Crimea – resorts, Russian navy bases, base of Russian fleet. The Russian masterminded, financed, built, maintained bases and fleet were divided between Ukraine and Russia after the split-up in early 1990s.  South Russia, or Novorossia is another high GDP area (especially Odessa). Language and culture are decidedly Russian. Population – over 70 international nationalities: Russians, Jews, Greeks, Turks, Germans, Tatars, Ukrainians, etc. Historically – Russian. 

3. Northern Ukraine, including the capital, Kiev. Northern Ukraine is largely agricultural and cannot feed itself under current market conditions when state is nearly bankrupt and agriculture is outdated. That despite the fact that Ukraine has one of the best soils in the world, called chernozem or black soils. Bureaucratic Kiev sucks the money out of the state as its corrupt politicians, oligarchs and sold-out media talking heads drive around in Ferraris. Chances are you can only find this many super-luxury cars somewhere in Qatar or the Emirates. The excuse of the Middle East is that they have oil. Where do Ukraine politicians’ riches come from, I’d like to know, since the country has some of the lowest income levels in the world?

Culture and population – predominantly Ukrainian, plus some Russian and Jewish. Ukraine asked to become a part of the Russian Empire after constant invasion attempts by Osmanic Turks, Lithuanians and Poles, as well Austria-Hungary, had devastated and weakened the country so it could no longer defend itself.

4. Western Ukraine. Although part of the Russian culture historically and ethnically (sometimes called “Russins,”) Western Ukrainians were under Polish and Austro-Hungarian thumb on and off for a few centuries. As part of this occupation, concentration camps were built for the locals who resisted and the population was culled into submission. Also, locals were converted into Catholicism away from Russian Orthodox Christianity in order to foster new loyalties. Population also became mixed and now there are Hungarians and Poles living there in numbers. The brainwashing/conversion tactics worked marvels as locals now consider themselves a separate nation ‘belonging in Europe.’

Western Ukraine has no industry and its agriculture is in very poor condition. They survive on the rest of Ukraine feeding them, as well as on secret US and EU financing through NGOs and under the guise of humanitarian and other help. Based on these ‘donations’ Western Ukraine lives actually pretty well. The West is essentially throwing them handouts so they would regard them as their master. This is a very similar situation to what is happening in Georgia, where US govt is throwing a lot of taxpayer money to keep Georgia loyal to their imperialistic interests and away from any Russian influence. Turns out, bribes go a long way in such countries, but that’s not news, is it? Next time you vote for a candidate, remember what both Republicans and Democrats do with your taxpayer money when you are not looking!

So, the answer to the question: why would unemployed young Western Ukrainians become ultranationalist/Nazi militants and go looting Kiev and other cities is simple. It’s a living!

President Yanukovich looked the other way as Western Ukraine ultra-nationalist and Nazi militant camps continued existing and flourishing, financed by the EU, Poland and US through Western NGOs. These camps received a boost under ‘Orange revolutionaries’ Victor Yushenko and Yulia Tymoshenko, who also authorized monuments to the infamous Ukrainian Nazi, Bandera responsible for the deaths of thousands and thousands of Russians and Ukrainians during Nazi Germany/Hitler occupation. Western Ukraine Nazis call themselves Banderovtsi and Bandera is their biggest hero, while the rest of the former Soviet Union considers him a traitor and torturer. 

Areas 1 and 2 together FEED the poor, unemployed, agricultural Northern and Western Ukraine, plus, the bureaucratic Kiev. This is typical ‘taxation without representation.’ And we all know how that usually ends… In short, South and East will NEVER agree to be part of the EU and all they want is to be a part of Russia again.

2/22, 4am EST. Breaking news: wow, things are really speeding up in Ukraine. An uneasy truce seems to have been brokered. Yanukovich had to make major concessions, including changing the constitution, reducing his powers, letting Yulia Tymoshenko out of jail and calling early elections. Meanwhile, the “right sector,” or Banderovtsi/Nazis are saying they don’t care about any deals and if Yanukovich doesn’t resign by 10 am on Saturday, they will storm the Rada with deadly weapons these peaceful demonstrators possess in abundance. 

It’s possible that a behind the closed doors deal may have been reached between Russia and Europe. How was it reached and what’s in store? Also, what is US role in the new developments? Part 3, with additional analysis and predictions is here – see link below. In it, I address the new ideas based on the quickly changing situation in Ukraine. Stay tuned!  

Till then,


P.S. My deepest condolences to all victims of violence in Ukraine and to their families.


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Other videos:

In Lvov (Western Ukraine) over 1000 police guns have been stolen Из райотделов милиции Львова похищено более 1000 стволов

Snipers are shooting at Berkut (at special police units) По Беркуту стреляют снайперы

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Россия поможет законной украинской власти

Who is in charge of the Kiev War? Кто командует уличной войной в Киеве

More links and sources


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  1. Good analysis. But one thing – in the Western media I heard it said that the Western Ukrainians who make up the majority of protesters (and rioters) are wealthier, more educated and upwardly mobile than the Russified easterners. The eastern counter-protesters were depicted as unsophisticated proles who are being paid-off to support Yanucovic But you are saying the West is impoverished, dependent on the industry in the East as well as foreign NGOs? Is that right? I got the impression that the Westerners are the educated elite of Ukraine.


    • Hi Otto,

      First, after everything Western media says and Western govts do, how can you believe them? Second, do you believe for a moment Western media knows better what’s going on in Ukraine than someone who actually grew up there?

      It is a fact that east and south produce most of Ukraine’s GDP and feed the rest of them. When people work productively and produce most of country’s GDP that feeds the entire country as East/South Ukraine does – those are proles? And when they do nothing since there are no jobs, not even work in agriculture, which is in bad condition, and then collect bribes and go destroying cities and killing people – those are intellectuals? I don’t read/watch Western propaganda so I haven’t heard this one, but no surprise they would spin it this way.

      Industry in Ukraine is concentrated in the east, which is discussed in my article. Of course as such, there would be many blue collar workers there. Donbass is where miners ans steel workers live. These are people who have to work for a living, so they don’t have time to protest.

      Unlike western Ukrainians who actualy have all the time on their hands to protest as their income comes from foreign handouts so they would protest. I can tell you, they can live very well on wheeling and dealing, rather than honestly working, also on smuggling as well as via Western hand-outs – all this is discussed in my post. But it’s an illusion, isn’t it? Take away these illegals sources of income and they’ve got nothing.

      Dnepropetrovsk in the east is one of the major education and tech hubs where they have several colleges and universities, and a very well educated population.

      Odessa in the south is the richest, most cultured and educated city in Ukraine, with a number of major colleges, also the largest port on the Black Sea, and large GDP contribution as much of Ukraine’s trade goes through Odessa port. It is also a major resort.

      Kiev has culture and education as well, but little industry. Many people in north Ukraine are employed in agriculture, – low paying as opposed to east/south Ukraine manufacturing, mining, shipping, etc.

      Western Ukraine has one big city: Lvov, and while the population there is educated enough, the surrounding areas are very agricultural.

      Hope this helps. More in my post.

      Also, please see the new part 3 for additional info: https://futuristrendcast.wordpress.com/2014/02/23/what-is-really-happening-in-ukraine-part-3-every-country-deserves-its-government/


  2. Thank you so much for writing this up. This meshes well with what I’ve been finding through other sources. If I may ask: given the coming collapse of the US and the rise of Russia, have you considered relocating back to Russia or eastern Ukraine with your family? Is this something you would recommend to your readers who may be in a position to do so? What would be good steps to take in preparation to such a decision? Thank you!


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