Ukraine Part 8: Eyewitness from Kiev, and What is USA Really After in Ukraine?

In response to my ongoing series of articles about #Ukraine, #Crimea and #Russia, I have been receiving a number of supportive emails, tweets and RTs, as well as comments on Youtube and my blogs. However, there are also these:

@LadaTweets Bluff? We are in Kiev (meaning US! – LR). Putin is hiding in Moscow and back peddling as fas as his little legs will take him. READ the news!

(Mr. Schneider, who calls himself an “American writer” apparently meant back-pedaling as fast as – but English language, along with manners, knowledge and common sense, is not his forte.)

My reply: Lada Ray ‏@LadaTweets  

@rschneiderbooks “We are in Kiev.” TYVM (‘thank you very much’ – LR) for proving my point – typical American aggression. Thank you for demonstrating that US is world’s super-bully.

P.S. Shortly after my response tweet and this post, Richard Schneider removed his tweet.

The following one is especially disappointing. It comes from someone called M.G. Edwards, or Mike Edwards. This man had contacted me on Lada Ray Blog a couple of years ago saying he wanted to keep in touch via our mutual blogs and Twitter because we had similar backgrounds and interests. He had traveled around the world just like myself, he quit his job because he was disillusioned, and also, just like me, he was an international writer, he said.

I did quit my position as financial consultant with Smith Barney, having been disgusted with Wall Street fraud. Meanwhile, M.G. Edwards quit his job with the US State Department because – he said – he was disillusioned with how things were done there. I thought, I’d give him a chance – perhaps this guy is smart enough to understand what dirty games were being played by his former employer. Over the past 2 years of corresponding with this person I realised how wrong I were and how incredibly pervasive and impossible to remove the brainwashing by the US propaganda can be.

Last year for instance, M.G. Edwards was trying to convince me that #Syria’s #Asad regime used chemical weapons on their own people, while all evidence was that the rebels used said #chemicalweapons to undermine Asad and to provoke intervention by #US/ #UK/ #NATO, which they almost succeeded in doing. Today, the fact that rebels have been behind chemical attacks in Syria is common knowledge, especially, after #Putin’s brilliant move and Asad’s agreement to give up his chemical stockpiles. But apparently this guy lives in his own la-la-land and never learns…

I have illustrated how black was made white, and white was made black, in several of my articles about Ukraine. You can find all of them on the side bar or by scrolling down. I especially recommend Part 6 and Part 7. Another good piece addressing directly the propaganda overload in the US is by the highly respected Paul Craig Roberts, Father of Reaganomics, Reagan’s Asst. Treasury Secretary, former editor of Wall Street Journal: Propaganda Rules the News.

Long story short, here is the verbatim comment M.G. Edwards posted on my other blog, Lada Ray Blog:

“Russia. Out of Crimea. Now. End of story.”

Isn’t it how German Nazis talked during World War II to those nations they had invaded?

I literally felt exactly like Russia feels today, being barked and yelled at by the bullying US/ EU/ Western MSM; being blamed for all the mortal sins they had never committed.

I am sure that this person has never bothered to read my articles that thoroughly explain the historic, ethnic, cultural and economic background and realities in Ukraine, Crimea and many other relevant places. My analysis is in fact so thorough that it mentions PERSONAL reflections of my childhood in Odessa and Ukraine, as well as eyewitness accounts from those presently on the ground there. My articles contain a wealth of useful links, evidence and analysis by highly respected authors, as well as videos and other materials. (For more about me and my credentials, see my BIO).

Having dismissed my articles, he appears to assume I don’t know what I am talking about. On the other hand, he, who was born in Montana, USA (as he admitted himself), was NEVER in Ukraine, and who absorbed prejudice against Russia with his mother’s milk, appears to think he knows ALL there is to know about Ukraine, Crimea and Russia, to boot.

How much can a few short words express! The above two examples not only demonstrate the impossible level of brainwashing in the USA, they also demonstrate how out of touch with reality SOME Americans really are. In their arrogance and hubris, they still seem to think they rule the world and that they can command everyone to do their bidding.

The above comment also demonstrates fully the painfully high level of ignorance and the alarmingly low level of professionalism of the US State Department personnel. It is very, very scary to realize that such people shape and implement the US foreign policy!

Of course, the above two comments should come as no surprise after the world has learned about how Victoria #Nuland, Assistant US Secretary of State and #Kerry’s second, was caught on tape commanding which of the Ukraine “opposition leaders” will be occupying which position in Ukraine’s government. In the same tape, Nuland famously announced: “f*** EU.” Listen to the scandalous leaked tape below. Discussed, like pieces on the chess board, are #Klitchko, #Yatseniuk, western #UkrianeNazi #Tiagnibok, #Yanukovich, and #UNSecretaryGeneral #BanKimoon:

I want to quote what a friend who lives in Kiev, Ukraine, has emailed me yesterday in a private email. I have asked and received permission to publish her email as is. I have quoted the tweets from this same person in What is Really Happening in Ukraine? Part 4: Nazi Coup Succeeds. As I said before, I won’t mention the name of this person for safety reasons. I will just say that she has previously lived in Europe and the Middle East, that she is a highly spiritual, extremely forgiving and removed from politics person, whose only crime is that she speaks Russian. 

I quote:

“Hello Lada!

How have you been? I been really enjoying all your posts about Ukrainian situaution… I was always trying to stay away from politics and not get emotionally involved with it, because to me it’s the energy drain. However, Ukrainian events did get me deep this time.

I now had to leave Kiev for a while for reasons of personal safety and also because many projects and plans had to be cancelled in this current situation. I was going to write a post or two to share my reflections on these latest events in the country, but I think I won’t, because much of it have been already mentioned, and besides, you brilliant posts really said it all! You really gave a great detailed and fact-based coverage to the world Emoji

To tell you the truth, people in southern and eastern regions of Ukraine are now simply afraid for their safety. There is no one in the country now to represent and protect the rights of Russian-speaking population. People in Kiev are afraid to speak Russian loudly in the streets anymore…

I never thought our country in 21 century would sink into some medieval mass psychosis…

I’m hoping for some divine intervention…”


Also, these breaking news just in:

NEW EU LIE SCANDAL! New leaked conversation between EU Foreign Minister Catherine Ashton and Estonian foreign affairs minister Urmas Paet , which reveals that the EU KNEW since at least the beginning of March that snipers killing people in Kiev, which they are still trying to pin on #Yanukovich, were hired by opposition! Meanwhile, several alternative sources, myself included, had said right away that these snipers had been spotted over and over again during “color revolutions” all over the world. These mysterious and deadly snipers are always being hired to shoot people from both sides of the conlfict in order to ignite further anger and violence, as well as to start the blame game. See more in Part 1.

And: Estonia’s Foreign Ministry confirms authenticity of leaked tape!

Russia’s 25,000-troop allowance & other facts you may not know about Crimea

Added 3/7/2014 – Breaking news! #Crimean Autonomous Republic’s parliament voted unanimously to exit Ukraine and to re-join Russia. Ratification of this decision will depend on the results of national referendum, which as I predicted in earlier posts, has a 100% approval certainty. As it is, the citizens of Crimea have been DREAMING about re-joinning Russia for over 20 years, ever since the country was broken up and they found themselves in Ukraine contrary to their wishes. Referendum was first scheduled for May, 2014, but after escalating threats and pressure from Kiev and the West, it was moved initially to March 30, and now, to March 16.

In addition, the city of #Sevastopol, the historic base of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, stationed there since 1776, also voted separately to consider themselves a Russian city, and as such to re-join Russia as a subject of the Russian Federation, regardless of how Crimea votes as a whole. Sevastopol is one of the few “Hero Cities” of the Soviet Union, title awarded to those cities that most courageously fought against Nazi occupation in the Great Patriotic War 1941-1945. In Ukraine, Kiev and Odessa are also Hero Cities. This exclusive club is joined by Minsk, Brest, Moscow, Leningrad (St Petersburg) and Stalingrad (Volgograd). However, while Odessa (and the rest of Russian/Belorussian cities) remember and honor this title, it appears Kiev has forgotten and even condemned its history. Read my posts about Odessa with great photos.

Sevastopol is also often referred to as “the city of the Russian Glory.” Not a word about Ukraine, as we see.

Yulia #Tymoshenko has infamously said that there should be no Russian Black Sea Fleet in Ukraine. US/EU and current Ukrainian politicians fully support her in this. Meanwhile, I have said in previous posts that Ukraine has already lost Crimea, and predicted that Crimean Autonomous Republic is 100% certain to secede as a result of the March 16 vote. Tymoshenko, US/EU and the rest of them, are guaranteed to get their wish – there will be NO Russian Fleet in Ukraine, as Crimea will seaze being a part of it!

My Georgia/South Ossetia scenario 2.0 is presently developing in Ukraine, as predicted in Part 6.

Video: Jubilation and mass pro-Russian demonstrations in Sevastopol: “Sevastopol Returning to Russia” – Севастополь возвращается в Россию:

For additional info on #Crimea, #RussianBlackSeaFleet, and what’s going on in #Ukraine read my posts:

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  2. Apparently, the EU’s not the only one “F**ked” by this timely leak. US should stay out of foreign affairs, lest Nuland keeps stuffing her foot in mouth. 🙂


  3. The US wants to ruin relations between the EU and Russia more than just about anything.

    By the way, your friend over there might be shocked, but I am not, and nor are many of my friends. The US has been funding radical groups and ideas in the Ukraine for 20 years, and there has not been much of a response by the Russian side, or at least so it seems. This continued under Yanukovich, for example.


  4. I think Alexandr Dugin tweeted that Blackwater is in Odessa now. They will probably start appearing in many places.


    • If this is true, this is very bad news that will further escalate the situation. Odessa is very vulnearable from the sea, and people are too relaxed there as this is a resort. But I think in the end it will mobilize them better.

      I know for a fact that there are hidden American troops in Kiev (maybe that’s why US has recently built the BIGGEST embassy in Europe in Kiev: need a place to hide all these troops), which is illegal and contradicts any intl conventions. If they appeared there openly, this would be de-facto declaration of war against Russia. That’s why they are there stealthily – prob most of it is the same Blackwater.




    WHO IS MILNE, see:

    Seumas Milne is a Guardian columnist and associate editor. He was the Guardian’s comment editor from 2001 to 2007 and has worked for the paper as a general reporter, labour correspondent (Europe) and labour editor. He has reported for the Guardian from the Middle East, eastern Europe, Russia, south Asia and Latin America.

    He was previously a staff journalist on the Economist and studied economics and politics at Oxford and London universities. He was a member of the National Union of Journalists’ executive for 10 years and is the author of The Enemy Within and The Revenge of History and co-author of Beyond the Casino Economy.
    Twitter: @SeumasMilne


  6. Thank you! I wish the USA (and I live here, am a citizen, and love it…. but) would stop trying to change the world. My personal opinion, which no one cares about I’m sure, is that if they bothered to acquaint themselves with history, perhaps they would understand other cultures better. Not everyone wants to be US. right now, I’m not sure many of US even want to be US… If that makes sense… I sorta feel like our own house is falling down around us and yet they feel the need to tell everyone else what to do. they can’t even be honest with us, so I do ponder their honesty to other leaders and countries. Don’t get me wrong, I love my country, but I’m old enough to see so many drastic changes, and they aren’t for the good. (I wish I knew where they planted that cotton-picken money tree they seem to think they have…. surely they know you can’t just keep printing it and throwing it out there and not expect it to devalue)


    • Thank you for your comment, Keli. You are right – and I do care about your opinion.
      I am also looking at what is happening in the US with great dismay and concern. It certainly concerns my family and a lot of people I know.

      I will have a lot more articles about the situation and predictions for the US soon. Right now, the Ukraine crisis takes up most of my time. If you haven’t yet, perhaps you’d like to check out my recent interview where I talk a little about the US as well: The Road to Moscow Goes Through Kiev


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