Ukraine Geopolitics: Why Does Merkel Disregard Opinion of Her People?

German Chancellor Angela Merkel accused Russia of invading the Crimea and of acting in violation of the international norms. In her address to the Bundestag, she said that Russia’s aggressive behavior reminds her of how countries acted in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Of course, Merkel should know – it was her country, Germany, that invaded most of Europe, starting both WWI and WWII and killing over 100 million people in the process. Russia, and USSR as a whole, bore by far the largest weight of both World War I and World War II. TWENTY SEVEN MILLION of Soviet citizens were killed by Germans in WWII alone and many Russian/Ukrainian/Belorussian cities were destroyed during German aggressions. Peoples of the world have to thank primarily Russia/USSR for defeating the German Nazism.

However, the USSR and Russia forgave Germany, and have been trying very hard to work with Germany all these years, attempting to build a more normal relationship on the European continent.

During every pause in Merkel’s speech, the Bundestag exploded with applause. To me, this robotic clapping was a bizarre reminder of the Politburo or Communist Party congresses – the same brainless, automatic clapping which means one thing: these people don’t have an independent thought to speak of.

Merkel also said that the EU/Germany would be imposing sanctions on Russia.

I will leave outside the boundaries of this article the obvious: that there was NO Russian aggression in Crimea; that Russia has a long-standing agreement with Ukraine which allows up to 25,000 Russian troops in Crimea (Russia currently has 16,000).

I won’t go into the fact that Crimea has always been Russian land and only thanks to drunk Khrushchev and equally drunk Yeltsin, it illegitimately ended up in Ukraine. I won’t mention that 97% of Crimea is Russian-speaking; that Crimea (along with Pridnestrovie, as well as eastern and southern Ukraine) has been begging Russia for 23 years to accepts it back as a subject of the Russian Federation.

I also won’t concentrate on the fact that Russia until now had supported and didn’t challenge the territorial integrity of Ukraine, and if Russia hadn’t supported it, Ukraine would have split up a long time ago. The reason Russia does not insist on the territorial integrity of Ukraine any more is because the rights of the Russian-speaking population in Ukraine have been grossly and criminally disregarded and betrayed by both Ukrainians and their Western handlers.

Meanwhile, Russian news agencies report on the amassing of NATO and American troops near Western Ukrainian border. US navy ships have entered the Black Sea and they have been participating in exercises with Bulgaria in the western part of the sea. The infamous Blackwater and other Western mercenaries have been spotted in Kiev, Odessa and eastern Ukraine. 

Ukrainian high level military and security personnel’s emails were hacked by the Anonymous, and here’s what they have discovered: emails are being circulated tasking mercenaries and western Ukraine nazi units to attack Ukrainian army installations, pretending they are Russian Spetsnaz. One of the emails says: “when attacking the military airfield, damage only the planes that are already in bad shape or disrepair. They will be pointed out to you. Do not touch working planes as Ukrainian army will need them. Speak only Russian – never Ukrainian, so we could pin it on the neighbor.”

It has also been noted in various sources that Romanian army has been amassing near its border with Ukraine. Romania pursues their own interests here: they’ve been wanting to annex Moldova and Pridnestrovie (Russian-speaking area that broke away from Moldova after the 1990s bloody war for fear that Moldova would become a part of Romania). Romania is also after the biggest prize of all: the wealthy Odessa region – obviously, contrary to Odessa population’s wishes. Romania’s desire to annex Odessa region is an old one. During WWII, Romanians, who were German nazi allies, were promised Odessa as their prize. They were the main occupiers of Odessa, but of course their plans didn’t really work out. Looks like they are back at it.

Add to all this saber-rattling madness the fact that inside Ukraine people are disappearing and dying. Svoboda and the Right Sector nazis have executed an armed takeover of the Kiev morgue. This gruesome takeover, per reports, is so they can quietly dispose of bodies of those they had kidnapped and killed, without anyone knowing. Masked nazi thugs in Kiev and elsewhere in Ukraine have been looting shops and stopping cars to demand “contribution to the cause.” It’s clear what happens to those who refuse to pay up. Police (militsia) in the country is demoralized and dysfunctional.  Police can hardly defend themselves, as many of them have been shot and killed by the same nazis, or other bandits. The police is incapable of protecting the population or keeping order.

Russian speaking population (who usually are the most educated part of the population) from various parts of the country is leaving Ukraine in droves. Most go to Russia or Belarus, as well as Crimea, to hide from Ukrainian atrocities.

Angela Merkel and the ostrich-like EU are still in denial (or just lie) about the nazi infestation and atrocities committed by them in Ukraine. But facts are undeniable. These Ukrainian nazis are presently in high positions of power in Ukraine:

Yarosh, the de-facto leader of nazis, who has the reign of the streets in Kiev/western/northern Ukraine, is supported by his heavily armed nazi thugs. He is the founder and leader of the far-right/ nazi “Right Sector. ” Yarosh states: “National socialist ideas are popular here…We want a clean nation, not like under Hitler, but a little bit like that.”

Below is just a short list of the members of the Neo-Nazi Social-National Party of Ukraine (SNPU), otherwise known as Svoboda, who are in high positions of power presently in Ukraine:

– Deputy Prime Minister Oleksandr Sych
– Defence Minister Ihor Tenyukh,
– Andriy Parubiy, Head of National Security Council that covers the military, police, courts and intelligence apparatus,
– Dmytro Yarosh, second-in-command of the National Defense and Security Council
– Attorney General Oleh Makhnitsky
– Minister of Education Serhiy Kvit
– Minister for Ecology Andriy Moknyk
– Minister of Agriculture Ihor Shvaika

The list comes from the heavily anti-Putin Huffington Post, which can hardly be suspected in any sympathy to Russia. 

Of course, Angela Merkel failed to mention any of this in her speech. Generally, EU/US completely ignore the humanitarian catastrophe in Ukraine, just shrugging their shoulders when Russia mentions the facts on the ground, as it does not fit their rosy picture of “Ukrainian democracy.”

During her speech, Merkel went on to say that the Crimea Independence Referendum scheduled for March 16, 2014, was illegal, despite the fact that the right to self-determination is an international norm, and despite the clear precedent of Kosovo. To remind: Kosovo was broken off from Serbia by Germany, EU, NATO and US citing the right of people to self-determination. Kosovo was an ancient Serbian land. During the break-up of Yugoslavia and further break-up of Serbia proper into small pieces, another international norm: the right to territorial integrity was conveniently forgotten. Instead, the right to self-determination was touted as the only norm. Interestingly enough, there was NO referendum in the case of Kosovo, most likely because US/EU would have lost as the Serbian majority would have voted it down. NATO/US/EU simply announced that Kosovo is declaring independence from Serbia – and who would argue with NATO tanks.

Incidentally, both self-determination and territorial integrity are equally legitimate international rights, and technically, both contradict each other. However, the hypocritical EU and US have been pulling, like a magic trick out of a hat, that right which suits their geopolitical game at any specific moment, while completely ignoring the other right.

Back in Kosovo, it was the right to self-determination that suited them; however in Ukraine, it is the right to territorial integrity that has become the one and only right to behold.

In her Bundestag speech, Merkel explained it this way: Kosovo was very different from Crimea because in Kosovo there was a threat to Kosovars from Serbs. At first EU tried to reason with the unreasonable Milosevic, and only after they knew he could not be reasoned with, they (US/NATO/Germany/EU) decided to divide Serbia. By ‘reasoning’ Merkel must have meant the infamous bombings of Serbia by US/NATO, in violation of all international norms.

Unlike Kosovars – according to Merkel – Crimeans have nothing to fear from western Ukraine nazis that want “Ukraine for Ukrainians” and threaten to kill all Moskali (derogatory for Russians). Therefore, Kosovo precedent doesn’t apply here.

Of course, Merkel, as well as US and EU, had said the same in 2008. On the night of August 8, 2008 US/Israeli trained and equipped Georgian army attacked the sleeping South Ossetia. The city was bombed, many residents and Russian peacekeepers were killed. When South Ossetia declared independence from Georgia, citing Kosovo precedent and the right to self-determination, Merkel/EU/US were howling for 2 years that this was illegal and that Kosovo precedent was a very special case that didn’t apply here – despite indisputable proof of the direct threat to people’s lives in the case of South Ossetia.

Certainly, Kosovo precedent applies ONLY to a situation when US/EU reap geopolitical benefits and when it results in a weakening of their geopolitical rivals. Interests of people mean absolute zero to them.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Bundestag speech re. Ukraine (in German with Russian translation). Выступление Ангелы Меркель в парламенте по ситуации на Украине:

Results of German polls 

While all this madness, incited directly by the US and EU, is happening inside and outside of Ukraine, Merkel accuses Russia of aggression, and her dutiful Bundestag robots clap with great enthusiasm.

Meanwhile, let’s see what German people actually think:

1. Here are the results of a recent German poll (emailed to me by a German friend): 4% support NATO military intervention; 14% support sanctions against Russia; 78% are in favor of Crimea going back to Russia.

2. And this is the most recent online poll: 80% of Germans feel that West’s criticism is hypocritical and Russia is protecting its legitimate interests in Ukraine and Crimea.

So, why does Merkel insist on pushing for sanctions and escalating animosity, despite German people’s opinion? Is Merkel really representing the interests of her people?

It certainly is in the best interests of the German people to have a good and stable relationship with Russia. Germany and Russia are very large trading partners. Russian gas goes to Germany via Nord Stream, which is a joint German-Russian venture. German car manufacturers do huge business in Russia. There is a large number of joint Russian-German tech ventures, including for instance, high-speed railroads. Mutual trade can only flow more extensively in the future. Yet, every time a conflict inflicted from across the Atlantic takes place, Germany sides with the opposite side. (More about German/EU and Russian trade and long-range interests: Russia’s Geopolitics, USA’s Bluff and EU’s Big Mistake).

Why is that?

One: Of course, there is NATO allegiance. Here, I have to point out that US/NATO solemnly guaranteed Gorbachev that Germany after re-unification under no circumstances would be included in NATO. After Gorbachev agreed to Germany’s re-unification, they promptly and unapologetically broke that agreement, thus creating imbalance of power and additional threats to Russia. NATO is ruled by the USA, and other countries just do USA’s bidding.

Two: Despite the size of its economy and clout in the EU, Germany is not an independent country. There presently are 50,000 American troops in Germany and multiple US military bases.

Soviet Union troops cleared out of East Germany after re-unification – USA never did, in violation of agreements signed by Gorbachev and Reagan, and in violation of US guarantees! As an aside, how come no one is even whispering about American occupation of Germany with 50k of US troops there?

Three: German gold – 1,500 tons of it, is being held hostage at the NY FED. When Germany asked for a partial return of its gold: 400 tons out of 1,500, US told them that they could get their 400 tons little by little within 7 years. In the past year, US shipped only 5 tons of German gold, instead of agreed upon 50.

Of course, most analysts are convinced that German gold, along with the US gold, is no longer there and that USA sold the gold it held in custody for other countries (read: stole) in order to avoid Comex default and to cover losses.

As an aside: after Germany’s re-unification, Russia/USSR shipped back to Germany ALL GOLD it held in trust for East Germany. USA never did!

Consequently, Germany is being held hostage to the geopolitical, military and economic interests and whims of the USA. How can German government be expected to act independently and reasonably? How can it be expected to uphold the interests of its people?


Lada’s interview about Ukraine with The Plane Truth radio

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  1. Probably a combination of reasons. The Anglo-American Empire likely has blackmailable material on her. Also, the Nazis didn’t totally go away after WWII. They integrated with the US and took their great technology to various places, such as South America. That Underground Reich still has a lot of power in Germany. Then there is the simple issue of German companies perhaps being offered certain contracts or spheres of influence if Russia is driven out or down.

    But this raises the question again of what Russia has been doing over the last ten years. The West could do just about anything in the Ukraine except join NATO over the last ten years, and Russia hasn’t seemed to do much. Maybe Russia made economic partners in Germany, but it’s obvious that the political situation is quite bad. Russia’s higher levels have been full of pro-European folks, but where are her friends?


    • You are right, Plane. The situation is as imbalanced as you’ve described it. However, we have to understand the following:

      1. We have to remember that Russian state and economy were all but destroyed in the 90s. Putin and his team only came to power in 2000. We are in 2014. They had to rebuild the whole country, sometimes from scratch. Economy and everyday well-being came first. Only several years ago they finally started paying serious attention to geopolitics and rebuilding defenses to the level they have to be on. The big kick in the rear was the 2008 South Ossetia.
      There are still lots of issues that are being resolved little by little because the US/banksters/NWO grip still exists in Russia. It is weakeing by the moment, but it has to be understood that it’s a process. You can’t just turn around a huge ship like Russia, the world’s 5th economy and largest country by territory overnight, IF you don’t want to break anything in the process.
      It took them 15 years to ruin Russian economy and destroy its system. Let’s not forget that Russians were propagandized just like everyone else in the world. If any other country was in this situation, it’d take much longer to rebuild for sure. One of the vestiges of the 90s: Russian Central Bank, just like in the rest of the world, depends on the US FED. Gross interference in Russia’s sovereignty, of course. They are slowly dealing with this. Also, they are slowly transtitioning out of dollar.

      But – this is very important to understand!!! – US feels threatened by Russia pulling out of $ and by trying to kick out the FED cabal. And THIS IS WHY UKRAINE IS HAPPENING. They are trying to broadside Russia, to scare, to threaten – so Russia would NOT pull out of the $ matrix!

      US is scared to death – Russia pulling out of $ is the most powerful precedent our planet can ever have. I know Chinese – they will never start the trend. They are super-cautious, almost timid, afraid to rock the boat. BUT if Russia does it, they will follow. So will Brazil and BRICS. This will be the end of $.

      Did you hear about unrests in Brazil, Venezuela, etc. You also know about US surrounding China with bases. This is all related. I’m planning an article about all that when I have the chance.

      By the way, do you know about China’s secret 100 year plan? Very interesting stuff. I have this info directly from my Chinese sources. Planning in depth special reports on that.

      2. Some of Russian high-level people and big part of the media are West oriented – true. Until recently there were more because they had been propagandized, but some have already awakened. NGOs are STILL stifling the country, spewing US/UK propaganda, but they are very unpopular and people are getting progressively angrier at their presence. This is the vestige of surrendering in the Cold War. Again, let’s remember that only in mid-2000s Russia started slowly, timidly looking out for their interests. It is a very complicated Gordain Knot that they are trying to unravel, not cut. This takes a bit of time.

      3. In the 1990s and until recently, many Russians felt that they didn’t want to deal with Ukraine at all. They felt that Ukraine was just a burden. That opinion was reflected to a degree in policies.
      Were Russians wrong – yes. Did they drop the ball – yes. Were they naive to think that we-know-who wouldn’t pounce on Ukraine in the power vacuum they had created by withdrawing – absolutely.
      But you also have to understand that Russians just survived the 90s and they were sick and tired of the Cold War. Russia could not print money like US does, ever since the $ became reserve currency. Allowing that to happen was yet another gross mistake by the USSR leadership, mainly Khrushchev and Brezhnev, btw. So Russia had to work hard to pay its bills. People just wanted to live normally, in peace.

      4. Russians are presently quickly waking up to the facts in front of them. It takes a while to get them going, but when they do, you can’t stop them. That’s why I said that the US is dumb and dumber. They are so exceedingly dumb they don’t remember history and they can’t add the 2 and 2. But pathological dumbness has to be expected during the empire collapse as the collapsing empire has to go to war to prolong its days. US really has no choice.
      Were Russians naive to think that US would let them live in peace? Only partially. Many have warned about it and Russia has quickly rebuilt its defences, which are back to optimal now.

      Also, you know this very apt Russian saying: “Russians saddle up slowly, but ride fast.”
      Russians tend to be very complacent from the geopolitical point of view. They were very reluctant Cold Warriors, although, in the US and EU they were always portrayed as the Evil Empire. As Hitler said, if you want your lie to be believed, make it monstruous.

      I hope US/EU are not stupid enough to push Russia to the point when “she starts riding fast.” History shows it won’t end well for them.

      5. As to who Russian allies are, one of the Russian Tsars said that the Russian allies are its army and fleet. Today I would add: plus Russia’s security services.

      If you think US has allies, think again. US has countries they had occupied, threatened or bought. The moment US power declines to the point of no return, all these ill-gotten allies will leave the sinking ship.


  2. Concerning the currency of the EU (the EURO):

    There can be only ONE winner when MANY unequal (proportionately productive), nations adopt ONLY ONE currency. Whatever nation had the most chips to BEGIN with, WINS. In the EU case it is GERMANY.

    All the wealth of the rest of the nation’s people must, and will, gravitate disproportionately to the starting TOP nation, which ever it happens to be. Ukraine must be naturally looted by Germany, like all the other EU nations, if it were, AT THIS POINT, to join the EU. That looting operation would likely be more serious than Ireland’s or Spain’s present tragedies.

    Originally the states in America were (1) near equal production economic footing and (2) protective tariffs kept other national markets from destroying the new nation economically. A single currency did not proven to be a problem. The EU, on the hand, removed both protective tariffs and national currencies from nations that have great differences economically, financial disruptions seriousness in each of the nations (except Germany) depending how far “down the ladder” from Germany, each nation was at the EU’s INCEPTION.


  3. The legality of Crimean election comes from a legal vacuum, an outgrowth of a Coup in Kiev, the which leaders of, having gone completely outside the established law of Ukraine.

    Sunday’s election will marry what is best for Crimea to the Will of Crimeans, the basis of any nation state republic.

    More than this, a Crimean Revolution is taking place at the moment, ending after Sunday, largely. What is or isn’t legal, is in a state of suspension ’til then. But, we ALL know don’t we, that ALL successful Revolutions ARE legal.


    • I think perhaps you are missing the point of my article: US/EU twist international law the way it suits them. In reality, they are not intrested in the law – only their geopolitical interests. Meanwhile, the law is based on precedent – Kosovo was such precedent. They changed the international law themsleves, and now they are trying to deny they did. Crimea, and S. Ossetia before that, are just following the law. The fact that Merkel/US/EU/UK insist that Kosovo applies only to Kosovo just shows their hypocrisy.

      But aside from that, these are my additionl thoughts:

      In the world we happen to live in – for better or for worse – there are 2 things you cannot argue with: 1. will of the people, when they had been driven to the end of their patience – and that’s exactly what happened in Crimea; 2. military and/or financial power, most of the time, a combination thereof.

      The combination of these factors is what drives events in Ukraine today. US/EU financing and military have enabled the takover of Kiev and most of the country by the present, hardly legitimate, forces. Same happened in Yugoslavia/Kosovo in 1990s.

      But Russia isn’t Yugoslavia. As I’ve been saying all along, Russia will never allow Crimea to fall into NATO/US/EU hands – and my prediction is coming true as we speak.
      Another prediction I voiced before is that Russia will never allow NATO bases anywhere in Ukraine. So, those who are wondering why Russia is not doing much, US/EU/NATO just haven’t pushed Russia far enough. I hope, for their own sake, they never do, as history shows it’s not going to end well for them.


  4. Don’t know anything about a 100-year Chinese plan. Sounds interesting. I do agree that Chinese are generally not interested in rocking the boat.

    I wouldn’t worry about NATO moving into the Ukraine as much as a destabilization and looting operation. The collapse of all Ukrainian industry and millions of refugees into Russia and Belarus will be a huge problem for Russia. This shouldn’t be that hard for the US to orchestrate. So, while getting the horse ready, it’s important to have a place where the soldier is needed. Going to an empty factory or town that has been deserted due to all the Russian speakers leaving wouldn’t change much. Look at Syria, as that could be a good model for the US. And don’t forget that the Ukraine has military and technological production facilities that are important for Russia. The US needs to destroy the Ukraine much more than occupy it.


    • I agree that they are destroying Ukraine’s economy and manufacturing capacity, and succeeding too.

      I disagree with the rest. Russians know that. Several years ago Russia saw the writing on the wall. Just like with gas and Nord Stream, Russians already started building new facilities on Russian territory to diversify away from Ukraine. So, this is being addressed.
      Refugees being a problem – not so much. Initially perhaps. But remember, these are the most educated and productive people in Ukraine that are leaving. Take my friend and her family, for example. Russia experiences a shortage of work force. Russia has the smallest unemployment in the world + 10 mln guest workers – and they still need more.
      They will only benefit. The new factories they are building to replace Ukraine’s capacities need human capital as well.
      Russia desperately needs to beef up its population which declined during the 90s. Ukraininas are the closest ethnically + Russian speakers. This is a great solution for Russia.
      Even before this whole Ukrainian disaster 6mln Ukrainians were permanent residents/visiting workers in Russia. Official numbers: Ukraine’s population was 45mln, up to 7 mln emigrated for work or to live outside of Ukraine. Real population: 38 mln. Now, it’s much less of course and declining by the day.

      No, Russia will benefit tremendously from this. This is very similar to how USA benefitteed in the 20th century from the huge influx of immigrants. This is what now is happpening in Russia.

      Told you – US is not very smart, and you still don’t believe me. 😉

      Do feel sorry for those poor Ukrainians who can’t or won’t leave. It will be very hard for them. But if they were naive enough so not to grasp what US/EU were doing, they have to learn the hard way.

      As it is, the country may be deserted pretty soon. It will be like Moldova today. 2/3 of the Moldavian population gone – again a lot of them in Russia as construction workers and dreaming of becoming permanent residents.

      That’s the spread.


  5. Good point about the value of the immigrants.

    Not sure what the smart way to smash Russia is, but blowing up the Ukraine certainly seems rational from that perspective. A smarter way would be to get Russia and China to go to war, but that hasn’t worked so plan B.

    But let’s say the current Ukraine breaks into West and East, with the West having a very anti-Russian government that brings NATO troops and things in, but doesn’t claim to want to join NATO. And then a dying East that looks like Moldova, and begs to join Russia. Would the Russian government consider this to be a victory? I might, but they have really wanted to hold the Ukraine together.


  6. I,m from Romania. Since we entered EU and NATO our life has change. Not for good . All resources that Romania had – oil, gas, gold and other minerals have been sold to the american s and their Zionists friends. Taxes are become unbearable. Business is low and people flee to other countries to look for their lives. Politicians are mere puppets, and every TV program that you can see is made to make people even stupider. The press is prostituted it simply serve it’s masters. Education and sanitation sucks by the day. I saw the Ukrainians falling in the same trap as we did. Al already feel sorry for them. Some arab countries have give up the fight and sundered, some fight and lost the wars against America. We (romanians) never even fight them but they conquered us economicly and exploit us now merciless. Who will save us. I pray for a war,for a big war to see the Satan (America) fallen.


    • Bună ziua, Horia.
      I’ve heard from a couple of Romanian friends who emigrated to the US about what is happening in Romania, and I am very sorry to hear that. This is why I am writing this blog – to help people see the truth.
      Politicians in most countries are bought-and-paid-for and they don’t have the best interests of their people at heart – this is what has happened in Romania, Ukraine and many other countries. And if they try to stand up for their people’s interests, they get threatened, or worse.
      I know exactly what you mean about praying – BUT, rather than praying for war, which is never a good idea… As you may know, wars are dirty and they get out of hand, as it had happened on the European continent so many times before.
      Instead, it would be much better if ALL nations united in supporting Russia in this PEACEFUL fight, and by exposing US/EU lies and hypocrisy. This would have had a much more positive impact for all.

      As the saying goes: “United we stand, divided we fall.” Until peoples all over the world grasp that they are being targeted and plucked out one by one specifically because they are divided and because they distrust each other, this will go on.
      US government are masters of manipulation. They know all about past slights of various Eastern European nations against Russia and that’s what they are preying on to keep everyone divided.
      It’s time to forget the old slights and spites and it’s time to understand who is, and who isn’t, the enemy.
      Russia can secure its own interests easily enough, as I am demonstrating with this series of articles about Ukraine. However, Russia will not go out of its way to fight for global interests of anyone, if they see zero support from other nations now, when something this important to Russia is being threatened.
      We all know that Russia had gone out of its way in the past to help other nations. They have learned their lesson, and if no one supports Russia now, just watching from the sidelines, she will not support anyone eaither. This has to be very clear, as only Russia – no one else in the world – will be able to do anything about it.

      The multipolar world, supported by Russia and China, is the best solution for all. This would keep in check the US aggression. This is what everyone has to work on.

      This would be my message to the people of Romania and other countries.

      A post on that is coming soon.


  7. I am an American living in Berlin and I would like to make some comments about Angela Merkel from that perspective.

    Firstly, I would like to say that while Merkel has been popular among the Germans, I personally don’t trust her. She is a backroom dealer. When asked by President Gauck and Joscka Fisher 2/3 years ago about her overall „plan“, she gave no answer. This is typical for her. She has given the military 100 Million Euros to train for civil unrest in Germany (and built a city like what America does for training) but this was only published in (I find them the best news media here). This is not public knowledge. Why?

    Merkel does not seem to be effective at the moment, just to be drifting. Again she is in a coalition, typical for Germany, which does not really seem to be working. The last one was very ineffective. She only seems to have a very few ideas of her own for the future. Trade with China and Frankfurt for the renminbi exchange. When you say that she is not a statesman, well, of course, that is true because she has no depth, ie one must have a well-reasoned philosophical and intellectual basis for governing. She is pragmatic and can come up with good solutions. As good as that is, that is shallow. Just a quick fix often. In other words, the broader base is not present.

    I think that Merkel is at a crossroads. The US is run by the cabal, the EU is a disaster which only 30% popular support, geographical areas are wanting to leave the EU etc or not join (Iceland, Switzerland), US financial collapse, Club-Med is also a disaster. Draghi has lied to, a financial newspaper (with lots about the Ukraine plus videos). He said that there was no B plan for a Grexit. Yes there is. It is top secret and Merkel knows that if implemented it could cost the Germans trillions of Euros. But again silence. I don’t think she likes Putin because she cannot play her games with him. He made it clear in a speech a couple of years ago that he fully understands the cabal and Merkel, who speaks perfect Russian, was sitting in the front row with Hillary C two rows behind her!

    A word about the German press. There is not a lot of news about what is really going on in the Ukraine. Gerhard Schröder has received a lot of criticism for his birthday party with Putin in Russia. He is not alone. Others are being criticized for not supporting nazis. No one seems to say: our politicians (in the West) support nazis. What does that make the politicians?!?

    I think that the crux of what is going on with Merkel is that she, firstly, is in it for herself. Secondly, she is working for the banksters (which bankster’s birthday did she celebrate 3-4 years ago in the Chancellery?!) and, finally, she is working for the German population. I believe she is working for the New World Order. Austerity = genocide = her position on the Club-Med countries. But, on the other hand, this will mean WWIII and Germany is already being blamed for it. It is only 18 months ago that Germany finally paid off the last of the WWI reparations! To be fair the whole history of the 20th century has been concocted, from the Bolshevik Revolution to the Holocaust (Vatican) to Israel. All underpinned with lies and Germany has been blamed for what the banksters have actually done.

    My intuitive feeling is that Merkel knows she is being watched, but not by the US, rather by the German military. I expect to see her in jail soon. The cabal is being taken down, if slowly. I think she knows that it is only a matter of time before her rôle in the New World Order is exposed for what it is: treason against the German nation and people.

    Thank you for keeping us informed on the real situation in the Ukraine.


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