Why is Crimea Overwhelmingly Pro RE-Unification With Russia?

Wow, even I did not expect this kind of overwhelming result! Obviously, the stupidity, violence and corruption of Kiev and their Western handlers was not lost on the Crimean people. Looks like I didn’t give them enough credit! See my original prediction.

The Crimean Autonomous Republic voted overwhelmingly – 96.77% for re-joining Russia. The all-time record voter turn-out was 83.1%, 2 or 3 times as many as in previous Ukrainian presidential elections.

Why is Crimea so overwhemingly pro re-unification with Russia?

1. Crimeans are sick and tired of living in the artificial, dysfunctional state that is Ukraine. Read more about Ukraine’s four distinct parts (five, if you count Crimea), their divisions and my original prediction about what it means for Ukraine’s future.

2. Most people in Crimea are Russians. According to recent polls, 97% are Russian-speakers (even those who are formally of Ukrainian ethnicity). Most residents of Sevastopol, as a separate subject of Crimea, are retired or active officers and servicemen of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, as well as their families. They want to be protected against forced ukrainization and against the threat to their lives by Ukrainian nazis.

4. Crimean incomes will go substantially up as a result of joining Russia. Russian incomes are several times higher than Ukrainian.

5. Crimea will be able to re-build its industry with Russian investments. Crimean industry was all but destroyed (just like everywhere in Ukraine’s south) as a result of Ukraine’s inept and criminal oligarchical rule. In the 90’s, almost the entire post-Soviet space, including Russia, suffered from the looting by oligarchs and their Western handlers, but Russia/ #Putin were able to stop and reverse the trend, with obvious results. Ukraine is still in the downward spiral.

6. Crimean industry will get a very substantially larger market for its goods and services. Crimean #1 industry, tourism, will get a HUGE boost as Russians will start coming to Crimea again. Crimeans see the transformation Sochi has undergone, and they want it too.

6. Crimean government has done something very smart by affording #CrimeanTatar language the status of the third state language, thus securing the Tatar minority vote. More here. The Russian Autonomous Republic of #Tatarstan and the World Tatar Congress weighed in by promising cultural and financial support to Crimean Tatars as long as they vote pro-Russia.

7. Russian passport coveted by many, is a great motivation, too. This will include the ability to move around post-Soviet space without visas and to participate in the Customs Union.

8. Last but certainly not least: most Crimeans have been suffering tremendously Under Kiev rule. They have dreamed for 23 years of re-uniting back with #Russia. Crimeans say: “for 23 years, we were unappreciated guests, now we are finally going home.” This says it all!

These people never forgot their history, the history of the great country that worked and lived together. That history was taken away from them by stupid #Khrushchev & #Yeltsin and by the equally stupid and greedy Kiev. These people want their history and life back.

The same dream is also the dream of the entire South and East of Ukraine that produces over 65% of Ukraine’s GDP. Note, Ukraine, as the artificial entity it is today could only exist peacefully and productively as part of the Soviet Union. During Russian Empire days, Ukraine was much smaller. It was what I call “Ukraine proper,” which included Kiev, northern and central Ukraine. East (Donbass, Dniepropetrovsk and Kharkov) and South (Odessa, Kherson, Nikolaev) were given to Ukraine by Lenin, while Crimea was illegally gifted to Ukraine by Khrushchev – a native Ukrainian.

The process of Ukraine’s disintegration will continue, whether anyone wants it or not, unless and until Ukraine changes its direction totally and completely.

As I have pointed out before, and I’ll say it again, through their utter stupidity and hubris Kiev/ #US/ #EU have opened a can of worms and unleashed forces they neither understand, nor can control. They are reaping what they have sown.

Watch report about the results of the #CrimeanReferendum. The legitimacy of the referendum was observed by 165 international observers. Multiple cameras were installed in voting stations. Per reports, no referendum-related complaints have been registered by authorities.

Глава администрации Крыма о первых шагах после присоединения к России. In Russian: Head of #Crimea, Sergey #Aksyonov, talks about first steps after re-unification and about Crimea’s priorities.

And of course… threats from #Kiev: Kiev vows ‘earth to burn’ under separatists’ feet, seeks for defense budget boost

Watch the latest newscast from Sevastopol, Crimea (in Russian). Includes preliminary vote results and mass celebrations.

Watch documentary about the real history of #Russian #Sevastopol, including #Suvorov and #Catherine the Great (in Russian):


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Breaking news! As I predicted in Prediction: Crimea Independence Vote – #USA together with Ukraine’s #nazis/ #Kiev unelected authorities are planning a false flag attack in Ukraine to be blamed on Russia. Great job, #Anonymous, for exposing the truth! I have written about this in my prior posts.

Read more here, including a map with instructions for terrorists what to burn down, what to blow up and who to shoot: Caught: US Planning Terror Attacks in Ukraine.


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  1. I have written, back in August, ‘13, that the internet had caused a world wide “shift” in public opinion, ie, that the general opinion of people found supporting actions of the West had, over recent time, greatly declined, even my nation, the U. S., but this new “shift” was different. There had been “a tipping point” reached that could be almost felt. It was a shift away from war, poverty and oligarchy. The forces behind this shift have moved faster since in favor of The People.

    Presently, Russia is demonstrating peacefulness, doing only actions that might be supported by my nation’s founders and presidencies of Washington and Lincoln, FDR, Eisenhower & Kennedy.

    England supported the civil war faction against the Union in ways that are, in principle, like the West supported the coup against the Ukrainian Constitution and the Ukrainian People themselves. Lincoln supported the building of the rail networks in Russia and Germany which supported Lincoln in our Civil War. Many pictures of Russian Sailors standing with Lincoln (they were so short looking, next to him) have been taken. These are the sailors of the Russian Fleet that visited Lincoln after it turned the British Fleet around toward the close of our Civil War.

    It has been almost a closely held secret that this even ever occurred. But, in fact England decided to intervene on the side of the South which was greatly indebted to English banks due perhaps, primarily, to its “Cotton is King” dogma driving them into a sort of permanent bankruptcy and driving the nation further into a policy of permanent expansion of slavery.

    Anyway, the United States and all of Europe have joined with Neo Nazism in its official policy. It is time to impeach President for his many willful war like actions against the Peace of the Earth that have proven both criminal and not Constitutional.


    • Thank you, John. Many great points here. Yes, I know about the Russian Fleet supporting Lincoln. You are right, this fact is carefully avoided in the US and they try to camouflage it as much as possible. I presonally learned about it from Webster Tarpley.
      Good point about the internet. This is THE shift indeed. Much harder to dupe people when the information that had been falsified and twisted for so long is finally reaching the people.
      Great comment!

      P.S. My personal favorite US president is FDR, Lincoln being perhaps second. From my perspective, not sure Kennedy was all he is portrayed to be. Not sure about Eisenhower either, but definitely respect him for warning about the Military Industrial Complex.

      The Founding Fathers are turning in their graves – or rather spinning like crazy, from the policies of the current regime, that’s for sure. And we thought it couldn’t get any worse than Bush…


  2. Election unfolded just as everyone has predicted, the people of Crimea has spoken! In the latest news:
    The US cabal is falling apart in front of our eyes, totally unprecedented, with Anonymous Hackers and Alternative Press from the internet reveals Truth behind the scenes, it’s much harder to invade these days lol. Oh well, back to the drawing board! ☼


    • Yes, I’ve heard about this planned false flag terror attack on Ukrainian military installation, which is supposed to be blamed on Russia. So filthy and disgusting – they never stop, do they?

      Anonymous have done a good job uncovering it!


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