ZunZuneo Scandal: USA Attempted a Twitter Color Revolution in Cuba

For decades, USA has spied, fueled dissent and maintained the obsolete, yet stifling, embargo on Cuba with the direct participation of the Cuban anti-Castro lobby in Miami. Those people really know how to hold a grudge. But even if they didn’t, the US Military Industrial Media Complex and politicians would artificially stoke the fire of hatred because this provided them with their raison d’être. US politicians and the Military Industrial Media Complex have no faintest idea how to exist in a cooperative society. They lack the gene that allows for peaceful and productive cooperation. The only way they know how to exist is through confrontation and escalation of animosity and fear. For a long, long time, that’s what they had been foisting not just on Cuba, but on the entire world.

Over the years, there were multiple attempts to assassinate Fidel Castro and to invade Cuba on the part of the USA. After all, Cuba is “this imprisoned island,” as John F. Kennedy had once announced in his speech. I have a completely different impression of Cuba, having lived there. To me it’s a very poor country with lots of genuine, warm and open people, who know how to enjoy themselves and how to share. They have dignity, despite all the problems, many of which were artificially imposed on them by the US. But of course, Kennedy and the American politicians, who never set a foot on Cuban soil thanks to their own embargo, know better.

However, we live in different times, don’t we? Nowadays, universal spying is done by NSA, as revealed by Edward Snowden, via drones, and via phones and social media, such as Facebook. And if USA wants to create havoc in a country it doesn’t like, it organizes a color revolution utilizing and fueling the legitimate dissent that always exists in any country, including the United States.

The crucial difference is that no one interferes in the internal affairs or finances color revolutions in the USA, and therefore, legitimate dissent never becomes a disaster that destroys the entire country and its whole way of life. Dissent in the US never creates a humanitarian catastrophe that the US itself so easily and happily imposes on other countries.

On the other hand, USA does this all the time to other countries that aren’t careful enough to toe the line USA wants them to toe, who haven’t sold out, or who simply happen to be in the way; or god forbid, when a country does something that resembles independence to even a remote degree.

The most recent example of the successful destabilization of a country is the color revolution 2.0 in Ukraine. If the first one was the Orange Revolution of 2004, this one should probably be called the Red & Black Revolution for the colors of the Ukraine neo-nazis’ flag. The US financed and openly supported in every possible way not only the main “revolution” on Kiev maidan, but it also financed, along with its European allies, the training of the nazi thugs in western Ukraine. This reminds me how US and UK supported and financed Hitler (including Ford, Hugo Boss, Carnegie, JP Morgan, IBM, Bush, Kennedy and many others), thus ensuring his rise and making it possible for him to create World War II.

However, my view is that despite all of their efforts, this time they won’t succeed and the new Ukraine color revolution will again be short-lived, just like the Yushchenko/Tymoshenko Orange Revolution of 2004. For the Ukrainian situation analysis and predictions read my previous articles on this blog.

Over the years of practice, US seems to have concluded that Twitter is especially useful in inciting color revolutions. In the past ten years or less, US tried with various degrees of success color revolutions in Georgia, Ukraine – twice, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Egypt, Libya, Syria, Turkey, Venezuela, Moldova, and even China and Russia (with little success).

One of the USA’s new targets is Cuba. According to the latest leak, USA, as part of an insidious government operation, tried to fuel dissent in Cuba with fake Twitter. The operation was called ZunZuneo.

This is totally unsurprising, of course. First lure people in under false pretences, seduce them with flashy things and desire. When their defenses are down,  and when they start trusting you, turn them into fodder for your geopolitical aims. This is the trademark American style!

Watch report by RT on how the US used fake Twitter account to fuel dissent in Cuba:

USA is clearly on the decline. The economic situation in the country is slowly deteriorating; the collapse of the dollar is just a matter of time. However, the USA doesn’t want to admit it as this would cause riots in the streets. Instead, as it has always done, The United States of America is engaged in exporting its economic, financial and social problems. One of the ways to accomplish that is to create havoc in as many countries as possible. It appears the US thinks they will look better by comparison if the rest of the world is destabilized.

Of course, there are many other reasons for certain countries to be targeted. Usually, those would be the traditional rivals or enemies of the US, or rather someone US designated as an enemy even if they had never done anything to them. And of course, those countries that dare to defy the US, or those that dare to rival the US.

The world is presently living through a very uncertain and extremely dangerous period. The wounded beast is the most dangerous. Any country can be the next target.

Cuban Twitter ZunZuneo scandal grows. Costa Rica, whose territory was used by the US for ZunZuneo unbeknownst to its authorities, demands answers as diplomatic fire spreads:


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