Jim Willie — The Gazprom Wars and the Ukrainian Trap on The Plane Truth

Below is another excellent interview with Jim Willie of the Golden Jackass by our friends at The Plane Truth radio.

First, a few of my thoughts:

Jim Willie is discussing how the West is trying to attack the Russian Gazprom. Gazprom is a major player in the world economy. It is one of the world’s largest companies. Russia owns at least 30% of the world’s gas. Another issue raised in this interview concerns the Russian gold and what was really behind the Cyprus debacle last year, how it was related to Russia and Russian financial interests. What is Europe’s role. Russian gas pipelines and Syria. And finally, how’s Ukraine related to all this.

In this regard, also read/watch my piece explaining the Cyprus crisis.

Let’s tie the Gazprom attack idea with fracking, or hydraulic fracturing. Let’s recall that the USA, and by extension Canada, are engaged in massive fracking on their territories and in massive attempts to impose fracking on the rest of the world. Of course, fracking is an incredibly harmful and barbaric practice of gas extraction, which poisons soil and ground water, deeming the land uninhabitable, and even causes earthquakes. Read my related articles:

USA is in the crisis of massive proportions. The only way to get out of a crisis, short of going to war, is to try to generate a new boom through the so-called “new technology.” Enter fracking. How harmful this “technology” is to the earth, humans, plants and animals, doesn’t matter. On another hand, Russia is getting too powerful and is refusing to toe the line the US and their handlers want. It is necessary to blow up the Russian economy and to try to weaken Russia through any means possible.

Obama has returned from a visit to Saudi Arabia. The reason for the sudden visit was really not explained very well. I believe Obama’s real goal was to try to convince the Saudis to collapse the price of oil by flooding the market. Oil is another strategic asset and the largest export item of the Russian economy. Yes, it’s even larger than natural gas. Here’s what happened the last two times USA, together with OPEC, managed to collapse the price of oil: 1. The US succeeded in toppling the USSR, which collapsed being unable to pay its bills; 2. In the end of the 1990s, as a result of the sudden drop of the price of oil, Russia defaulted on its debt.

Today, the USA is struggling to find a way to hurt Russia economically. See: Sanctions Backfire. Goodbye Visa: Russia Will Create Its Own Payment System.

So far the EU, which is being pushed towards sanctions against Russia, is very reluctant to go beyond meaningless visa restrictions on individuals and tough rhetoric. This is because in case of any meaningful sanctions, the EU would be hurting its own economy first and foremost. For example, 6,000 German companies have joint ventures or export their products to Russia. Russia is the third largest trade partner for Eurozone after the US and China. See my article: Ukraine and Presstitutes: Will Russia Cut off the EU Gas Supply?

Having trouble twisting Germany’s and Europe’s hands far enough, USA is trying to enlist Saudis as their allies again. However, this time it will be very hard to convince the Saudis for their own economic reasons. If Saudis drop the price of oil, the result may be that Saudi Arabia, held together by the bonanza of petro-profits, may cease to exist.

Meanwhile, USA’s interests to sabotage Russia go far beyond just economy. This is an involved topic and I hope to discuss it in a separate piece.

Jim Willie always has original and off-beat insights to share. Let’s listen to his take on the whole story.

P.S. Clarification of one of the points in the interview and interesting facts: Jim said that the present Russian PM and former president, Dmitry Medvedev, was at one point the Chairman of Gazprom. In the mid-2000, Putin needed extra supervision at Gazprom during the time when he was trying to clean up the oligarch infestation, money laundering and other 90′s influences in the country in general and in Gazprom in particular. Medvedev, while working as part of the Vladimir Putin’s government, also had for a period of time the nominal position of the Chairman of the Board for Gazprom in order to keep an eye on the restructuring at Gazprom.

Dmitry Medvedev is a lawyer and law professor from St. Petersburg/Leningrad (born and bred). One of the things that Medvedev’s former students and co-workers said about him was that he was known to never take bribes as a matter of principle. This was during the 90’s, when salaries were catastrophically not enough and when everyone, even in academia, took bribes. Incidentally, I describe this difficult time in Russia’s recent history in my thriller The Earth Shifter.

While working in his native city, he was first hired by then powerful mayor of St. Petersburg, Anatoly Sobchak. After that, he was brought to the Kremlin by Vladimir Putin (also a St. Petersburg native) and had been working as Putin’s advisor, and later as part of the tandem of power.

Sometimes, people confuse Dmitry Medvedev and another person, Alexander Medvedev, current Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors of Gazprom and Head of Gazprom Export. Alexander Medvedev was born on Sakhalin, in the Russian Far East and is not related to Dmitry Medvedev. The hoax floating around that these two people are brothers has no basis. These are two absolutely different people with a pretty common Russian last name, which means “of the bear.” Medved’ means ‘bear’ in Russian.


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  1. Reblogged this on 1EarthUnited and commented:
    Brilliant post Lada, it should be titled “geopolitical/ economic games fascists play, starring the US” LoL. The interview speak volumes about the US playbook and the grand chessboard.


  2. Appreciate the post and thoughts. I don’t think the Saudis are in very good shape to do that much. Their production has been challenged, and helping the US doesn’t get them anything. The US isn’t going to bomb Syria and Iran, which is what they need. The other thing is that Russia is not as vulnerable now as in the past. Some say that about 15% of GDP is gas and oil.

    By the way, CIApedia says that Dmitry Medvedev was the Chairman of the Board for Gazprom at one point: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dmitry_Medvedev.


    • Thanks for pointing out about Medvedev. 🙂 I have corrected my comment and added an interesting bit about Medvedev’s character. Now I recall that he held that position while being part of Putin’s govt. I remember that Putin needed extra supervision at Gazprom during the time when he was trying to get rid of the oligarchs and the 90’s influence. Medvedev had this nominal position for a period of time in order to keep an eye on the restructuring at Gazprom.
      In this comment I was kind of responding to someone else who seems to think that Alexander Medvedev, who is currently with Gazprom is Dmitry’s brother.
      You’re right about CIApedia. It’s one-sided and overt lies a lot of the time, but I think we can trust this bit.

      Agree, Saudis are not in a position to do anything, otherwise they’ll ruin their own economy and state as a result. And yes, Russian economy is now more diversified compared to the 90s. But in 1985-88 the USSR economy was also diversified. The myth that Soviet economy wasn’t diversified was spread by you know who. It was only in the 1990s that it stopped being diversified as the entire industrial base of Russia was demolished.
      It wasn’t because of the lack of diversification that the USSR collapsed. It was because the petro-dollar was king and the only way to get foreign currency into the country was to sell oil for dollars. Despite diversification, most of the USSR economy functioned as a barter system. The same barter system that Jim has talked about in your interview as the future model (I agree btw) was already implemented successfully by the Socialist countries in the second half of the 20th century.
      Except oil exports, which USSR sold for dollars. Gas at the time was much less valuable. To pay certain bills the country desperately needed dollars. While US could print any number of dollars it wanted, USSR had to earn these dollars. So, when very few dollars showed up as a result of the oil price collapse, USSR eventurally starved for dollars and started showing weakness, resulting in the collapse.
      USA was much stronger at the time and Saudis had infinitely more oil. US and UK ruled the global stock market since USSR did not participate in the Western stock market system at all. Big mistake, of course. Using their unfair advantage and USSR’s ignorance in financial manipulation methods, US/UK/OPEC were able to manipulate the price of oil, resulting in the USSR collapse.
      Now the situation is reversing, despite US printing like crazy. US economy is on the decline and Saudis are starting to run out of oil. Russia meanwhile is on the rise.

      Generally, as I said before, there is nothing US can do to hurt Russia. Anything they attempt to push through, this time will end up hurting themsleves long-term.

      Just wait till the end of May – June. At that point and later in the year, the whole situation will start backfiring.

      Cheers and great interview, Paul!


  3. The big thing is that those in high places in the USSR sabotaged the country. Declaring a war on alcohol when the country needed money sounds foolish. And some, including someone from the Soviet military nuclear corps, have publicly stated that they thought Chernobyl must have been an intentional act.

    Nikolai Starikov argues that there were three goals for the US in the Ukraine: 1) expel Russia from the Crimean bases; 2) control the gas pipelines; and 3) control or destroy the industries in the Eastern Ukraine. Goal 1 has failed. Goal 2 won’t be that important before that long due to Russia selling gas to China and building South Stream. Goal 3 is the big fight.

    On a different topic, you might want to cover some of the interesting science in Russia. Here is an example of the Crimean pyramids and resonant frequencies for different things:


    It’s the video about Vitaly Gokh.


    • Thanks for the info and link, Paul.
      My hubby and I have been studying the Russian pyramids for a long time, but we mostly delve into it for ourselves. Maybe I’ll convince him to do a public vid or something about that some time.

      Correct about the three goals. US/CIA/their handlers ALWAYS go in with multiple targets. Always. The strategy is to hit at least some targets, even if others shoot blanks. Also, with more obvious targets the real target is camouflaged. This is their playbook. They used to succeed very well and that was because others weren’t onto them. Lately, it’s harder and harder for them to pull it off.

      I am presently writing an article, and I’ll prob do a vid as well, re. Flight 370 and what I have discovered. Multiple goals there as well as you’ll see. Generally, the multi-prong strategy is their MO.

      Yes, unfortunately the east/south Ukraine industry and people have been designated as fodder. The industry there will def suffer, no question about it, as Kiev will subotage it whether because of greed, stupidity or by design. People there already see that. But in the end this will teach them a big lesson as to who’s who. Sometimes people have to learn the hard way.
      As I said from the very beginning, those who did this are dumb and myopic, and in the end, they will lose. I see Jim thinks the same as me: Putin doesn’t have to do anything as what is happening will in the end push not only Ukraine, but other countries, towards Russia and away from the West.
      The stupidity, greed and maliciousness of the West is the best anti-Western propaganda.

      Btw, the Ukr election in May won’t work out as they plan and hope – my prediction. This is only the beginning.

      P.S. Did you hear about Yats secretly shipping the Ukrainian gold to the US as collateral? The main value of that gold is historic and cultural/art, It’s esitmated at $2-3bln. It is the famous gold of the ancient Skiffs. There is a mystical meaning to this gold and it is also connected with the pyramids.
      People are totally outraged as this is the cultural heritage of Russia as much as Ukraine. Looks like US is trying to recoup 5bln Nuland spent on subverting Ukraine. Reminds me how US looted the Iraqi Mesopotamian civilization museums.
      Wish I had more time to write articles about everything that comes up on my radar. Need to start doing my videos and more interviews.


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