Breaking! South-East Ukraine on Fire: Kharkov, Donetsk, Lugansk, Nikolaev Want Independence

Just a few days ago I said the following in reply to the readers’ comments: “There may be a serious revolution starting in Donbass soon. The locals have announced that if the referendum is not scheduled in a few days, they will initiate it.” “Ukrainian election in May won’t work out as they plan and hope – my prediction.” “This is only the beginning. Just wait till the end of May – June. At that point and later in the year, the whole situation will start backfiring.”

By the time I returned from a weekend trip on Sunday and turned on my computer, my predictions already started materializing.

Several days ago three masked men gave Kiev an ultimatum that if by April 5th the Kiev authorities do not announce a national referendum about federalization of Ukraine, the People’s Army of the East will start the national uprising. They weren’t kidding. When the 5th came and went and no referendum was announced, people took to the streets. When authorities started kidnapping and arresting activists, whisking them away to unknown locations, the crowds grew by thousands. The crowds in Donetsk, Lugansk and Kharkov took over the local administration buildings and freed some of the activists arrested previously. There were certain differences as to how the situation developed in different cities; that’s why I have included the eyewitness videos documenting the truth of what went on in each location.

These videos are directly from the source; they show things the way they really are. Considering how many lies and propaganda are being spewed by the West and Kiev about the situation on the ground, I feel it necessary to provide video proof, including a brief translation into English for those who can’t follow in Russian.

It is clear from the videos below that these indeed are popular uprisings. Unlike on Kiev “euromaidan,” no one is paying these people. It is something they must do to preserve their culture, way of life and even life itself. The main demands are: federalization of Ukraine and broad autonomy from Kiev; joining Russia; Russian language as state language; Ukraine’s status as non-allied, non-block country; no NATO and no EU; ban on all neo-nazi & ultra-nationalist parties in Ukraine.

While I was sifting through a myriad of relevant info and writing this post, the events in the south and east of Ukraine started spiraling out of control. The new order from Kiev (by the US installed Yatsenyuk and Turchinov) is to use any force necessary against the protesters. Because local militsia (police) didn’t have the heart to use force against their compatriots, interior troops from other regions are being brought in. These don’t have any qualms about beating the old ladies (see video below). The Kiev maidan nazis, who are good at killing and pillaging, are being recruited en masse to replace local policemen in order to quell the protests in Kharkov and Donbass.

On another extremely disturbing note: Russian Foreign Ministry has officially announced that FOREIGN MERCENARIES, specifically AMERICAN MERCENARIES from Greystone, LTD., are present and participate in squashing of the popular uprising in the east of Ukraine. The #Greystone mercenaries have been dressed in the uniforms/ are posing as the Ukrainian Sokol regiment troops. Another “special services” unit staffed with the American mercenaries is the Jaguar. US #Blackwater and Greystone mercenaries have been spotted previously in Kiev and Odessa.

Video interview in Russian with coordinator of self-defence of Lugansk, The Russian Sector: Lugansk is preparing for an attack by Kiev. “Русский сектор”: в Луганске ждут штурма.

Translation of the interview: There were shots fired in Lugansk earlier. Right now it’s quiet before the storm. Illegitimate Kiev government is surrounding the city with heavy tanks and other military equipment. We are expecting that they will attempt an attack. This will be a mistake as many of us are retired military and special forces and it’s very hard to scare us. We know of the so-called special forces called Jaguar. The strange thing is that these Ukrainian forces speak in English. It has been well-known that the American and other Western mercenaries are presently in Ukraine. For those who wonder where they come from: If you look at the so-called new American embassy of the United States in Kiev, it is a monstrously massive structure occupying several blocks. It took a long time to build it and it includes a massive underground structure. You could hide an army there with tanks and other equipment. Double standards: the West considers everything maidan has been doing a cute little mischief, while we are threatened with life in prison, or worse, for much less. Our demands are referendum and self-determination of the south and east.

More to this – below, I’ve also included a video in which the Czech president announces that NATO should send its troops to Ukraine.

I want to stress: up until this moment the uprising in the south-east of Ukraine was PEACEFUL. Not a single shot fired and any destruction was kept to a minimum, unlike on Kiev euromaidan and in Western Ukraine, where building were looted/ set on fire, and over 80 monuments were destroyed, including national heritage monuments by world-famous sculptors. Current Kiev, US and EU actions are turning the peaceful protests in eastern Ukraine into a bloody civil war! 

I also want to stress: USA, EU, and their handlers are doing everything to provoke World War III. Russia said before and it has reiterated again, that IF Kiev uses force against their own citizens, Russia will bring in its troops to protect the Russian population of Ukraine. 

Despite US/ EU/ NATO provoking Russia repeatedly in Georgia, Syria, before and during the Sochi Olympics, and now in Ukraine, Russia has kept its cool and responded in a low-key and measured way. None of the past provocations succeeded to create an armed conflict with Russia. Read Striking Geopolitical Similarities: Georgian War – Beijing2008 and Ukraine – Sochi2014.

I strongly believe that by interfering in Ukraine, by sending their mercenaries and by encouraging Kiev’s recklessness, certain very influential forces in the USA, UK and other countries of the West are deliberately trying to lead the world towards the last war. Because there will be no wars after World War III as there will be no humans left to fight them. 

It’s up to us, the people, to stop these madmen!

A word about the terminal illness of Western hypocrisy and double standards:

I can’t help but notice how much support the maidan in #Kiev has received in the Western press, by all manner of Western politicians, and in social media. One of the most popular #Twitter hashtags for months were #maidan, #euromaidan #supportukraine and such. The West, and not just its media and politicians, but also huge numbers of ordinary citizens it appears, massively supported the uprising in Kiev. It was touted as the fight for freedom and the birthright of the Ukrainian people. Freedom against whom, I’d like to know? Do those in the West who keep retweeting lies that US/EU have been spewing about the real situation in Ukraine, have any idea what it is all about? According to polls, most Americans can’t even find Ukraine in the map! So, what exactly are they supporting?

Now that the people of #easternUkraine also took to the streets (I won’t even mention #Crimea’s democratic and overwhelming vote to secede from Ukraine) asserting their democratic right to choose their future, there’s NO SUPPORT FROM THE WEST AT ALL! No hashtags supporting eastern Ukraine anywhere to be seen! Not a peep from Western politicians, nor Western media in support of the Russian population and their rights! So, in Kiev they were democratic protesters, despite their severely nazi overtones, and the east and south of Ukraine is comprised solely of terrorists?

Of course, for years the West spent untold BILLIONS to subvert Ukraine. The infamous #neocon Asst Secretary of State #Nuland publicly admitted to spending $5bln of the US taxpayer money for that purpose. Multiply that by 20 of secret funding of the nazi training camps, media subversion and NGOs that no one has admitted to. Plus, the well-known fact that the Kiev maidan “freedom fighters” were paid handsomely in dollars to burn down buildings, beat up police and ruin monuments. Ithas been noted that durin the height of maidan, the most popular currency in Kiev was US dollar, while before it was the euro. That is because the “democracy freedom fighters” were paid in dollars, which they cashed after a day of hard work on maidan. Vicotoria Nuland must’ve brought suitcases full of these dollars freshly printed by Uncle Sam, when she arrived in Kiev to “subvert Ukraine.”

All this in order to destabilize Russia and the entire Eurasia. Of course, no one in the Western media and politics is talking about any of this. No one is talking about the fact that it was the West that created the Kiev monster, and now is encouraging this monster to attack the east and south of the country. However, when the people of Donbass and Kharkov started an uprising in order to defend themselves from the “Kiev junta,” the West and Kiev immediately labeled it as the “hand of Moscow,” although no such hand is anywhere in sight.

If the people in Ukraine wanted to have an alternative view of events in their country, they would find no such source. Kiev blocked all Russian channels. Russian journalists have been deported. Those who want to get into the country to cover the events, are not allowed in. Deliberate lies are being spread about the Crimea: that the Crimea is starving, that salaries are not being paid (yes, Ukraine cut off all funds to Crimea before the referendum, but Russia infused it with a temporary aid, so no arrears occurred), and that the exchange of grivnas to rubles is one to one, causing people to lose a lot of money (in reality, grivna to ruble exchange in Crimea has been kept stable by Russia at 1 to 3.8). The Ukrainians, especially in the east and south, complain about complete info blackout.

Read/watch how the events have been unfolding in the east and south of Ukraine so far:

Kharkov, Donetsk and Lugansk are preparing to secede from Ukraine. Video Report in Russian. Brief English summary: Donetsk (capital of Donbass) people’s delegates announced the formation of the sovereign People’s Republic of Donetsk. The date of the referendum to secede from Ukraine and to join Russia will be scheduled for no later than My 11, 2014. Donetsk, Kharkov (second largest city in Ukraine) and Lugansk (also in Donbass) are coordinating dates so that referendum takes place in all three at once. Meanwhile, all heads of Kiev internal ministry and other military forces are presently in eastern Ukraine amassing troops and preparing to use force. Presidential candidate and former PM, Yulia Tymoshenko, is also in the east, with tough and threatening rhetoric before the elections. Below see Tymoshenko’s leaked phone call in which she threatens to nuke all Russian-speakers in Ukraine. The locals have been sending regular pleas to Russia and Putin for support. The Republic of Donetsk has asked Putin to send a peacekeeping contingent into eastern Ukraine to protect the population from Kiev.

Video: Donetsk Republic is asking Putin to send in Russian Troops. My complete translation:

“Esteemed colleagues, from all of us and from the people of Donbass we are addressing the President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin:

Esteemed Vladimir Vladimirovich, we are sending a plea to you for help in the hopes of preserving our future and the future of our children. For at least several months, Ukraine has been a victim of the catastrophic events that are leading our society towards collapse, civil war, and break up. The Kiev junta has sanctified the policy of repressions against the Russian-speaking population. In the middle of Europe they are openly practicing political terror, block free access to the TV and press information from Russia and in Russian language. For the past several months we, the citizens of Donbass, have been trying to use all democratic means available to express our protest against the policies of the Kiev junta. We regularly gather multi-thousand people meetings, but the new powers in Kiev refuse to listen to our demands. Instead, we are being arrested, thrown in jail, some have disappeared or have been kidnaped and secretly taken to Kiev. People are threatened with their jobs, closure of private businesses, criminal prosecution and repressions. Many of our people scared of prosecution, left the country to save themselves and their families.

But others of us want to stay and fight for our land and our future. We want to live on our ancestral land, we want peace and stable development. Donbass has everything necessary for that. We have natural resources, infrastructure and talented, entrepreneurial people. However, the Kiev junta is aiming to create instability and destruction of our land. We don’t want that; we want to protect the future of our children. The whole Ukrainian government machine is presently gearing up against us. Currently, the Ukrainian army is surrounding Donbass. The army is under orders to fight against its own people. 

This is why we are addressing you, esteemed Vladimir Vladimirovich. Only in you we see the last hope for peace. Only in Russia we see the last protector of the Russian culture and the Russian world. Only the Russian peacekeepers will be able to give a meaningful signal to the Kiev junta that came to power through blood and violence. We are ready to fight and die for our ideals, however, without your and Russia’s support it will be difficult for us to resist the neo-fascist Kiev junta.

Do you all support this document?”

Applause and replies from the audience, “Yes, yes.”

Watch video in Russian:

Note: The speaker is wearing tee-shirt “Freedom to Pavel #Gubarev.” The young local small business owner, #PavelGubarev was elected the people’s governor of Donetsk, but a couple of weeks ago he was kidnapped and secretly taken to Kiev where, his people are convinced, he is being tortured. Neither lawyers nor family are allowed access to him and it is not clear where and what condition he is in. Gubarev has a young wife and children, including a new-born baby.

Events by city


The Donetsk Republic has been declared. Создана Донецкая народная республика. Referendum to join Russia and to federalize Ukraine has been announced for no later than May 11, 2014. Video:


Leaders of the Lugansk People’s Army take off their masks and show their faces on camera. They say that they have nothing to hide. They announce that they were the men who announced earlier the national uprising on April 6th, if Kiev does not schedule a referendum to federalize the country. Another one states that he was the one who said earlier that they can gather up to 70,000 volunteers to fight for their freedom, if Kiev sends in the troops.

Below is the rare interview with the South-East Liberation Army (Lugansk) leaders who are occupying the local headquarters of the Ukrainian security services. Интервью с бойцами Армии Юго-Востока из здания СБУ в Луганске. The leader’s name is Alexei.

Translation: We are secure in the building, all our people have been given instructions and they know what to do. The Kiev illegal authorities – I want to stress, illegal – have sent special forces against us. These forces are amassing around the city. If they start firing, we will have no choice but to fire back. However, we still hope to avoid bloodshed. Our demands are: 2. referendum for Lugansk, as well as for Donetsk, Kharkov and the entire south and east. No elections before the referendum. After we have decided on the referendum our future, then have any elections you want, but not before our people express their will. 2. Exonerate all the servicemen of Berkut, Alpha and VV (interior troops) who were just following orders. Perhaps these orders were incorrect, but these were orders nevertheless.

We tried to talk to Kiev peacefully via our online interviews, but they chose to ignore us.

The following part of the interview is really hilarious!

Q: tell me about your arrest on the 5th.

Alexei:  They tried to arrest us on April 5th. However, what they didn’t know was that we had a plan. Our plan was to give away our location by speaking openly on the phone. They came to arrest us. We hoped they would also discover our secret weapons depot and bring us, together with our weapons, to the special services headquarters, aka СБУ (the building they are occupying now). Then the plan was for our people to free us the next morning – the crowd did free them the next day and subsequently took over the СБУ building. However, he continues, those who came to arrest us turned out not as professional as we had hoped and they didn’t find our weapons. So, now we are forced to use their weapons we found in this building instead. (What a disappointment to not be able to use their own weapons, lol – LR).

The chief of the Lugansk СБУ, continues Alexei, behaved honorably. We didn’t just take these weapons – he gave us permission to use them. He also gave us bulletproof vests from his stores. We let him and his people go. He behaved like a true commander and was the last to abandon his ship. Good man. Based on his actions we can say that he is with the people. He told us that Kiev will now consider him as much an enemy as ourselves. He subsequently had a heart attack and is currently in the hospital.

Q: did anyone come to Lugansk from Kiev?

Alexei: I heard that “pan” Liashko came, but when people wanted to ask him some questions, he quickly ran away.

Q: did he get scared?

Alexei: we are peaceful people. We just wanted to ask him some questions. People are protecting our headquarters. People are bringing us food and sleeping bags. We are all making a stand here for our common future. I haven’t slept in three days. There is not time to sleep.

They are bringing in water cannons in order to disperse the peaceful crowd protecting our building from the outside. These are not military. They have no weapons. They are just citizens, grannies, men, women, children, retirees. All those who are keeping vigil to prevent Kiev from taking the building. Kiev wants to disperse them with water cannons. It’s still very cold outside.

Q: would you like to say anything else to those who are watching us?

Alexei: I want to address all the peaceful, ordinary people of the south-east. People, rise now. No one will do it for us. If we don’t rise now, they will squash us, and we’ll never be able to lift our heads again. Never.

Video interview in Russian:


Brief summary in English: The Kharkov Republic has been declared. Kharkov is Ukraine’s second largest city with 2mln population. It is considered the capital of eastern Ukraine, language spoken: Russian.

Russian flag raised over the Kharkov City and Oblast Administration building. The building has been taken over by the protesters. No shots fired. Militsia (police) resisted very half-heartedly, gave up quickly. The protesters took away militsia’s shields and batons, but gave them back after militsia stood down.

The protesters rose Russian flag above the administration. Protesters did not open any offices. They did not disturb the locked door of the Khrakov oblast head Baluta, who was sent by Kiev and who was rejected by locals.

 All local bureaucrats, except the illegally appointed oblast head who fled the city, have been invited to return to their jobs; their desks were left untouched. Many municipal workers returned to work in the morning.

An ongoing spontaneous people’s meeting (Rus: narodny skhod) takes place in the lobby of the first floor of the admin building. Anyone can speak (watch 4.40). Demands: referendum in favor of federalization of Ukraine, Russian language as state language, Ukraine must be a non-block country, no NATO, banning all neo-nazi and ultra-nationalist parties on the territory of Ukraine.

Kiev is organizing troops and militsia to fight the protesters and to storm the administration building. However, the Ukraine’s army is demoralized and militsia is both insulted at how Kiev treated them – and demoralized. Militsia and army will not shoot at their people. So, Kiev is now forming “national guard” from the maidan nazis. These are well-armed and trained. They had shot and beaten people, they’ve looted stores and buildings all over Ukraine. These nazis have no qualms about shooting at their fellow Ukrainian citizens. Presently, the citizens of Kharkov are asking people from other areas of east and south to come and help them. They want to form a live shield around the oblast administration building so that to protect it from Kiev aggression.

Восстание юго-востока Украины: харьковчане собирают живой щит у Дома советов

From another source: mass arrests are continuing in Kharkov. According to different sources between 70 and 170 people have been arrested. Arrests are continuing in the dead of the night. Interior minister, oligarch Arsen Avakov is personally in Kharkov coordinating arrests and anti-protesters actions. Activists have briefly occupied the local TV station that belongs to the same oligarch Avakov and demanded that anti-Russian and anti-people of eastern Ukraine broadcasting be stopped. The technicians present said they didn’t know how to turn off broadcasting, so the activists have eventually vacated the building. No damage was done to the equipment or the building.

This is a good illustration of how “democratic” was the Kiev maidan and whose interests it is advancing. Notice that the oligarchs that seized power in Kiev have business interests in eastern Ukraine. No doubt interior minister and oligarch Avakov, who has assets in Kharkov, is very concerned about seizing control of the city in order to protect his assets. Corruption overload anyone?

A call for help to Russia from a Kharkov activist on the street: Russia please help. We need to hold on for at least a couple of days. We are trying to organize together, Donetsk, Lugansk, Kharkov.

Also in Kharkov: the nazis from Kiev that have been caught in subversive activities admitted that they were paid 200 grivnas a day per newbie. How much the experienced and the top brass were paid is unknown.

Other cities: While the main focus of the uprising are Donetsk, Lugansk and Kharkov, the events have been developing in Zaporozhie, Odessa, Nikolaev and Dnepropetrovsk.

The latest from Nikolaev: several hundred nazis from Kiev, armed with guns, rubber batons and molotov cocktails attacked the pro-Russian protestors’ tent city at night and completely demolished it. Those who resisted have been mercilessly beaten. many injuries are reported. Police arrested 23 people. Video: the protestors’ tent city destruction.

Zaporozhie: every weekend citizens have been staging “March of the polite Zaporozhtsi,” demanding referendum and federalization.

A brief video summary of the past events in English from RT

Breaking! #Kiev #Ukraine brought in US #GREYSTONE MERCENARIES to fight protesters and old ladies in #Kharkov. When a retired lady/activist was arrested, other retired ladies tried to help her, and the police, or more likely American mercenaries dressed in Ukrainian police uniforms (local police earlier refused to use force against its people and kept neutrality) responded by beating them.

The Right Sector/neo-nazi militants have been recruited by Kiev to fight with the uprising in the east and south. These forces have been fortified by the Greystone mercenaries from the US. This info is from the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Watch report in Russian.

The east and south refer to the new Ukraine powers as the “Kiev junta.”


Other noteworthy events:

1. Yulia Tymoshenko, former Orange revolution co-leader and Ukraine’s PM, who’s one of the frontrunners of the May Kiev election campaign, said in a recently leaked phone call that she would bomb Russia into oblivion “until not even a piece of burned land is left” and that she would like to “bomb with nuclear weapons all the REMAINING Russian-speakers of Ukraine.” Her leaked conversation was with one of the leaders of the Party of the Regions (former Yanukovich’s party). This minor oligarch generally agreed with Tymoshenko on most points, probably to save his business interests and to on the good side of the potential next president of Ukraine. The most hilarious thing is that the leaked Tymoshenko conversation, where she suggests nuking Russia and Russian-speakers, was conducted in perfect Russian language.

2. Czech president announced that NATO should invade Ukraine if Russia tries to help east and south (to remind, the people of Donetsk and other south/east regions have officially asked for Russian peacekeepers’ help). If Russia starts invasion of Ukraine, that will be no joke and we will need to bring NATO troops into Ukraine, said the Czech president. For now, he suggests to continue the mass concentration of the NATO troops on the border with Ukraine. He also suggests the EU make peace with the fact that Crimea will never return to Ukraine and that it is now a part of Russia.

It is interesting to me that at least two generations of the Czech politicians have made their careers on the anti-Russian rhetoric. Czechs STILL love to complain about the “Russian invasion” of 1968, when the Russian tanks rolled into then Czechoslovakia to stop the anti-communist coup at the request of the Czechoslovakian government. Talk about double standards of the EU! The Russian invasion of Czechoslovakia was condemned a million times. Czech politicians never fail to mention how terrible it was that the bad USSR invaded them, denying the people of Czechoslovakia their democratic choice to stop being communist. However, the INVASION of NATO into Ukraine is absolutely all right! Denying the people of south and east Ukraine THEIR choice not to be with the nazis in Kiev and to speak their native language is just fine! What hypocrisy overload!

3. These are the EU leaders! Look at how idiotic and arrogant their attitude is towards the leader of the Ukrainian Progressive Socialist Party, Natalia Vitrenko. Vitrenko, leader of the opposition party (that opposed the Orange Revolution as much as Yanukovich), has been speaking up against the Maidan coup and its violence from the beginning. Watch Natalia Vitrenko trying in vain to ask a question of the President of the Europarliament.

4. Russia, EU, USA and Kiev are expected to hold a meeting on Ukraine in no more than 10 days. I would still like to know what USA is doing there? How exactly is USA related to any of this? Also, why are the representatives of the east and south of Ukraine not invited, considering Kiev in no way represents their interests? In general, EU, US and Kiev representing one side of the conflict and only Russia representing the other side makes for a rigged and biased event from the start.

USA and EU double standards continue being exposed all over the world through their hypocritical and anti-democratic actions!

“Democracy for some – slavery for the rest!” This should be the new slogan of the EU and USA.

5. Deputy of the Kiev Rada says referendum participants in south and east of Ukraine (read Russians) have to be all killed. She adds that this should have been done since 1654. 1654 was the year when then leader of Ukraine, cossack Bogdan Khmelnitsky, sent petition to Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich with a plea for the Ukraine to be accepted as part of Russian state since Ukraine was unable by itself to fend off attacks by Osmanic Turks, Poles, Lithuanians, Swedes, Hungarians and others who wanted Ukrainian lands. Video in Ukrainian: Депутат Верховной Рады Ирина Фарион призывает расстреливать участников референдума.

Of course, this dumbfounded person apparently has no idea that Kharkov, Donetsk, Lugansk, Dnepropetrovsk, Odessa, Nikolaev, and Kherson oblasts, as well as the Crimea – in short, the entire east and south – WERE NOT A PART OF THE UKRAINE IN THE 17TH, 18TH, 19TH AND PART OF THE 20TH CENTURY! They were illegally made part of the Ukraine by Lenin, and later Khrushchev (Crimea). And that was done with the proviso that Ukraine would remain part of the USSR. Today, Russian Federation is the LEGAL HEIR of the USSR. Therefore, all these lands legally belong to the Russian Federation, not Ukraine.

It has been long known that Ukrainian authorities have been actively re-writing history, making their population believe that Ukraine existed as a state that is today for centuries. History has been completely falsified and no wonder there is such a mess in these people’s heads. Read about the real history and divisions in Ukraine: What is really happening in Ukraine? Part 1: Analysis. 

Watch my recent interview re. the situation in Ukraine: The Road To Moscow Goes Through Kiev.



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  1. Good info.

    For your points 3 and 4, it might be simply that the US and Russia are fighting for the future of Europe. The US has control over Western and Central Europe, and Russia is trying to lure them away into a Eurasian future. So, from this perspective, of course it is the US’s business, as they are the ones in the fight. And the reason the SE of Ukraine does not get to attend is because they do not have the force. If they can kick out Kiev’s forces, then they can attend. But Russia does not want to help, at least not yet. Russia seems to want to keep the Ukraine together as one state, at least for now. Back to that point about Putin being a realist, not a romantic.


  2. The best option would be a nuclear war…world war III. Let’s annihilate all lives from planet Earth.


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