How to Resolve Ukraine Problem: “Crimea Belongs to Russia, Transcarpathia to Hungary”

RT, April 10, 2014: “The Parliamentary Assembly for the Council of Europe (PACE) has suspended Russia’s right to vote and excluded them from leadership positions in retaliation for Crimea voting to join Russia. The Russian delegation will also be omitted from all positions of leadership, the Bureau, Presidential and Permanent committees. Russia’s right to attend observer missions and monitor elections was also suspended, with the head of the country’s delegation, Aleksey Pushkov saying “this is an awful violation of Russia’s rights.” (This effectively means Russia is being denied the observer status for the Ukrainian elections in May – LR). Pushkov stated: “The resolutions look like they are from NATO, not from an institution meant to unite Europe. This is a triumph of double standards.” More on RT

Russian delegation left the ongoing PACE session in protest. Russia has announced that they will be considering leaving PACE altogether, although they won’t rush with this decision.


Some Russian analysts have suggested that Russia should leave PACE and stop feeding “the rotten organization that takes every opportunity to bash Russia.” Russia’s contribution to this organization is one of the largest: 32 million euro a year. The reason Russia is not rushing to leave PACE is because the Russian leadership is wisely trying to keep the dialogue open with those countries in the EU who are willing to continue it. It is always better to keep the diplomatic link open as once you sever it, it’s very difficult to rebuild it.

Since the beginning of the Ukraine crisis, I said that one of the US/UK/Anglo-Saxon goals is to draw a wedge between the growing cooperation between Russia and Europe. Western Europe is disenchanted with the US. As the US, and generally the Anglo-Saxon world weakens, Western Europe is looking for stronger ties with Russia and China. The new Eastern pivot is growing. This especially concerns a very important relationship between Russia and Germany.

This relationship, plus Russia’s important relationships with France and Italy, is what US is trying very hard to undermine. The whole Ukraine crisis has been masterminded in part to drag Germany and EU into it for the purpose of sabotaging Russian/German/France cooperation.

US/CIA/MI6 always go in with a number of goals. I usually picture it as a giant octopus entangling its victims with hundreds of slimy tentacles. The idea is that at least some of the goals will materialize, if not the others. Another way of saying this is: some bullets reach the target, even if others misfire. Another reason for multiple goals is to camouflage the most important, or prime, objective so it would be harder to decipher the real intention. The goal of alienating Russia and Europe as a result of the Ukraine coup and civil war, and thus slowing down the economic and political development of both, is only one of a number of goals, albeit an important one.

As I said before, in the end, this will not work as the process can be slowed down a bit, but it cannot be stopped. The energy is moving strongly towards the East and away from the West. It is moving away from the Anglo-Saxon world. Ultimately, no one can change that.

Events like the PACE scandal only re-affirm Russia’s re-orientation to the East; getting rid of the dollar; completing reforms in the financial and political sphere that will break up the dollar stronghold on the global economy; and demanding payment for its resources in rubles. In the end, all that will benefit Russia tremendously.

Also, EU has announced that to punish Russia they are freezing the work on South Stream. South Stream is the alternative gas pipeline being built by #Gazprom to deliver Russian gas via Black Sea into Italy and southern Europe. Nord Stream, a similar project via the Baltic Sea already delivers Gazprom gas directly into Germany. Both Streams are meant to alleviate reliance on the pipelines going through the territory of the Ukraine. US and its EU allies have been very hard at work trying to sabotage South Stream since its inception. Nord Stream was pushed through by the Germans, who benefitted directly from the pipeline leading into their country, bypassing unreliable intermediaries.

South Stream, which is supposed to end up in Italy, doesn’t have a sponsor as strong as Germany. Italy’s former PM Berlusconi, the main supporter and guarantor of South Stream, was pushed out of his job and put on trial under bogus pretext by the forces in the EU and US that wanted to sabotage South Stream. Since then, Russia very half-heartedly supported this project, preferring to concentrate on the new pipeline to China. Consequently, the fact that EU decided to freeze South Steam is another meaningless sanction. That troubled pipeline is not an important project for Russia any more.

At the PACE assembly, the charge against Russia was led by the usual suspects: Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Georgia, and a few others. These I call “the Trojan Horses of the US in Europe.” They will always do everything to push through the US agenda in Europe. It is amazing that the economic powerhouse that is Western Europe allows itself to be manipulated to such a degree by the “New Europe.”

In fact, Western Europe is being held hostage to the so-called European values.

Ukraine delegate made all kinds of explosive remarks about Russia, trying to scare the rest. “Russians will knife you all,” he said. The mood of the session was decidedly anti-Russian, which is a normal modus operandi of this organization. In the past, when Russia was sitting quietly and agreeing with everything, when it swallowed any accusations and still attempted to work with PACE, this was still the case. In this regard, it’s hard to disagree with those who say Russia should leave PACE and never look back.

To be fair, the session was pretty deserted. Two thirds of the delegates didn’t show up. Didn’t want to get in the middle? Disagreed but were afraid to vote against and preferred to disappear? Either way, the democracy Europeans are so proud of is definitely developing massive cracks.

Germany, and Chancellor Angela Merkel personally, sometimes remind me of a deer caught in the headlights. Frozen, unable to move, just standing on the dark road and waiting to be run over by the US truck. All this despite the fact that three former German Chancellors all criticized Merkel and German position on Ukraine and expressed complete disagreement with anti-Russian sanctions. Merkel behaves as if she was bought-and-paid-for, not as a leader of a major power. She fails to defend the interests of her citizens, whose future is certainly not with the US. Germany’s future is a close and productive cooperation with Russia. Despite its economic power, Germany behaves like an occupied country. Let’s remember that 50,000 American troops are stationed on multiple military bases throughout Germany and that the US has failed to return German gold reserve it’s supposed to hold in trust at the NY Fed. Germany seems to have swallowed all that.

Read my previous articles:

Several countries expressed something akin to support for Russia. The Netherlands delegate said that it was wrong and counter-productive to isolate Russia. The French delegate announced that France would always be ready to support Russia, regardless of the vote results, as it has proven many times before.

But the delegate from Hungary stole the show. Instead of a tie and business suit, he showed up in a tee-shirt that read: “Crimea legally belongs to Russia, Transcarpathia legally belongs to Hungary.” This Hungarian delegate, Tamas Gaudi-Nagi, noted that he must have wandered by mistake into a Soviet Politburo meeting. He continued: PACE is supporting the communist views of Khrushchev who gifted Crimea to another Soviet republic. You don’t want to honor international rights, you simply ignore them. Remember the international decision on Kosovo independence that you voted for. This is why any of your decisions about sanctions against Russia sound so ridiculous. See video. The tee-shirt moment is at 4:45.

You know what, I like this guy’s idea! I’ve been saying from the very beginning that today’s Ukraine is a fully artificial entity that was slapped together by Lenin, Stalin and Khrushchev. Ukraine NEVER existed as a successful independent state. Through the past 23 years of “nezalizhnost” (Ukr: independence) from the USSR and Russia, Ukraine has proved again that it cannot exist in this configuration independently.

Yes, Russians, Belarussians and Ukrainians are generally one Eastern Slavic, Rus (or Ross) people; however, the full realization of this fact is still ahead for some of them. Presently, the situation is not conducive of such self-realization and the only wise way out of the problem is to acknowledge that. Due to centuries of divisions and long-standing propaganda, at this time there are four distinct parts to Ukraine that all have their own character and aspirations. The only way to resolve the stalemate in Ukraine is to allow each of the four parts determine their future via a national referendum. Read my post about the four parts and true history of Ukraine.

Because of such irreconcilable differences, self-determination is key. This is the only way to keep peace and dignity for all. I also talk about the artificial state that is Ukraine and the right to self-determination in my recent interview.

If the honest referendum is organized, with proper international monitoring and international peacekeepers on site, the result will surprise all those who have been thoroughly brainwashed by the Western and Kiev propaganda. It is very important that the international peacekeepers must be Russian, German and French. No US, UK, or Poles must be allowed, as their only goal is to create more animosity.

Some Russian analysts have been suggesting that Russia, as the legal heir of the USSR, should officially annul Lenin’s, Khrushchev’s and Stalin’s agreements and policies regarding Ukraine. If Stalin’s annexation of the Western Ukraine before World War II in order to create buffer zone against German Nazi invasion is disavowed, then Western Ukraine will be in a position to choose its future. Although the population living there calls themselves “Russins” and historically they had been a part of the Russian culture, for centuries they belonged with other countries. The population is currently very mixed. If the citizens decide so, Transcarpathia will likely go to Hungary. There are small areas in Western Ukraine that may go to Romania and Poland.

I think this is a great solution! What some consider a historic injustice, will be finally rectified. People in Western Ukraine may finally calm down. Perhaps this will even quell the fascist element there. If not, it will become the problem of the respective EU countries they will end up with.

Meanwhile, the South and East of Ukraine (Novorossia: Odessa, Nikolaev, Kherson; and Malorossia: Donetsk, Lugansk, Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk, and even the traditionally Ukrainian Zaporozhie) will be able to return to Russia, or stay a part of Ukraine as federative state – whatever each oblast decides based on national referendum. I suspect the decision will be unanimous. Generally, people are so fed up with the aggressive, lying, corrupt, and viciously anti-Russian Kiev that a stampede to secede from Ukraine should be expected.

In that case Ukraine will revert to its natural size and state. Ukraine will be again what now constitutes central and northern Ukraine, with capital Kiev. It will revert to what I call the Ukraine proper.

There is a fear that Western Ukrainians may sabotage Russian gas pipelines, or steal gas as they’ve done previously, if they are left to their own devices. I think not. IF Western Ukraine becomes a part of Hungary and other respective EU nations, it will be in their best interests to keep the pipeline in good condition, otherwise they will be the first to suffer gas shortages. This will be a terrific incentive to control the Western Ukrainian kleptomania.

Ah, and maybe, just maybe, the generations of Hungarian, Polish and Romanian politicians, who had built their whole careers on Russia-bashing, would finally calm down. I know, this may be too much to hope for… Humans will be humans.

Most importantly, peace will prevail. Kiev and Ukraine will finally have to start working in order to feed themselves, instead of siphoning resources and money from the South and East who produce most of Ukraine’s GDP.

As I said, Hungary has something there.


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  1. Reblogged this on 1EarthUnited and commented:
    Astute assessment of Ukr., we do need int. peacekeepers, yet it is against US interests to do so. the conflict will escalate until US backs down, it won’t be an easy fight. I do appreciate Hungarian delegate, Tamas Gaudi-Nagi, humorous gesture. His point was well taken. 😉


  2. Germany is an occupied country. For that matter, Britain and the US are occupied in the sense of being under the control of the banksters. And those very same banksters control the US and use the American military to occupy Germany (and Japan and …). It was easy for retired German politicians to say something; if a current one says anything, out comes his control file from the NSA.

    I would assume that the loss of South Stream would be a big deal. This whole mess may cause the break-up of the EU, as it is really foolish to ruin such important business deals.

    The theme of this post about a new map sounds similar to the map that was floating around for Zhirinovsky. You can see it at It has parts going to Hungary and Romania, with a bigger chunk going to Poland, along with a central Ukraine and the rest going to Russia.


    • Thanks, Paul. Good points.
      I have lots of European reades and one of my goals is to help wake them up. Yes, there is an occupation, but people can change that. I want people to start questioning the matrix they live in. That’s what I want people to understand with articles like this one. That, and the truth, of course.
      Yes, South Stream is important for Europe, but not for Russia, as I said. Prediction: this sanction will never work for them and before long they will quietly restart work on the project. That said, the reason this meaningless sanction is done is because they know that Russia is switching to the East. This is something Russia won’t be angered about as much and won’t retaliate against. It’s a safe sanction, in their view.
      This way they can say to the US that is pressuring them re. sanctions – see, we are doing something meaningful.

      Besides, they can play with South Stream – they think – because this concerns disposable countries of southern Europe, which are in a crisis anyway.
      There are politics of the individual countries that come into play as well: for instance, Italy is now controlled by Goldman Sachs banksters and they play on the side of the US. That’s why they needed to get Berlusconi out, who was pro-Russian. The population is largely pro-Russian though and that is impossible to change. Of course, Italian politicians are also mad about the Veneto secession vote, which was inspired by the Crimea, and this is their silly way of retaliating. How’s Venice related to Russia and Crimea? It’s not, but they have to blame someone, and Russia is sooooo convenient to blame.

      Long run: Europe will eventually have to beg Russia to give them enough gas, as more gas gets diverted to Asia/China. EU is blundrering into the US trap and actively masterminding its own demise.
      And that’s exactly what US wants.

      Occupied by banksters or not, the US empire still has its own interests and ambitions. Not everything is controlled by banksters. Some things are controlled by the Military Industrial Security complex, for instance. The US empire exists as its own entity, with its own interests and its own matrix. Relationships between controlling interests of the world are complex and they don’t always overlap. There is no one center of power. There are several.
      There’s lots more, but it’s already another story. Perhaps, another time…


  3. Yes, Europe has gone along with bad US plans, such as hostility to Iran or the war on Syria. Kind of funny to then complain about dependence upon Russian gas, isn’t it?

    It seems interesting that there has been so little effort to either turn the Ukraine into a confederation or to break it up. This was needed a long time ago. Here is a video from the Ukraine about “Galicia, listen, let’s divorce”:


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