CIA Grip on Ukraine: Operation Gladio, Fake Letter to Jews and Brennan Fiasco

For the past week, Western media and Social Media is all over the “news” purporting the pro-Russian Donetsk Republic in Eastern Ukraine has been circulating a letter to Jews mandating them to register. This item was pompously cited by the US Secretary of State John #Kerry in Geneva, where he tried very hard to prove to the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey #Lavrov that Eastern Ukraine protestors were in fact “nazis.”

Seriously? This is so low, dumb and obvious, even for the steeped in stupid lies and provocations US propaganda, that I wasn’t going to dignify it with my time. However, having looked at some of the videos and comments floating around the Internet and YouTube, I realized that in the information vacuum that plagues the Western society, people who crave the truth simply cannot find it. In the truth vacuum, lies are very easy to perpetuate.

The fact that this is an obvious fake – and a very dubious at that – is clear to the people of Eastern Ukraine, and yours truly. However, for those who are not familiar with the people and customs of that area it may be confusing. This is why I am publishing this post.

First, let me repeat again that this letter, or leaflets as some call them, are a FAKE. John Kerry is just another worthless liar in a long line of persons of highly questionable character and subpar integrity who occupied the US Secretary of State post. Condi Rice comes to mind, who had visited #Saakashvili to give Georgia the green light to attack South Ossetia on 08/08/08 in order to test the Russian troops’ readiness in case of the US attack on Iran. Read all about that in: Striking Geopolitical Similarities: Georgian War – Beijing2008 and Ukraine – Sochi2014. Let’s recall super-hawk Albright who thought that Siberia was too much land for Russia to have and therefore it should be taken away. Then of course Hilary Clinton, and how could we forget the spectacular fiasco of Colin Powell, who swore on his honor to the UN that there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

John Kerry isn’t worth a finger on Sergey Lavrov’s hand. It is a seriously heroic feat on the part of Lavrov to sit at the same table with a midget like Kerry without cringing, while hopelessly trying to talk any sense into him. And this is hardly just my opinion. It is the opinion of Paul Craig Roberts, Reagan’s Asst. Treasury Secretary and Father of Reaganomics, who knows a thing or two about US politics. Further, this is the opinion of many Americans, who would gladly choose Vladimir Putin as their President and Lavrov as their Foreign Affairs Chief over the “team” they presently have in Washington.

What was this “Letter to Jews” about? Supposedly, a letter was signed by the self-proclaimed Donetsk Republic’s Head asking the Jews to register, including their nationality/faith and property. Those who refused to register would be denied citizenship, deported and their property would be confiscated. The man whose signature appears on the letter, Denis Pushilin, says he never signed anything of the sort. He says no one calls him a “people’s governor.” That sounds true. I have been following the events in Donetsk closely, and the man who was elected the People’s Governor, Pavel Gubarev, was kidnapped and taken to an unknown location by the Kiev junta several weeks ago. Mr. Pushilin also states that the stamp is all wrong: the Letter to Jews is a sloppy fake as those who made it used the old stamp belonging to the ex-mayor of the city fo Donetsk, with the crest that isn’t used by the Donetsk Republic.

See the infamous Letter to Jews on RT:

In reality, it is not the anti-maidan pro-Russian Eastern Ukraine that has been issuing letters to Jews. It is the Ukrainian ultra-nationalists and nazis from the Kiev euromaidan, which is supported by the US and EU, that have been talking a lot about the “need to register Jews.” These conversations have been caught on camera and they are floating around the Internet. However, since they have no Kerry/Western media/rusophobic support from around the world, they do not reach the viral status that the fake letter to Jews has achieved.

In Ukraine it’s called “lustratsia,” the term used by Hitler, who was the one to start registering the Jews. The word “lustratsia” still sends shivers down the spine of any European, myself included, although I was born much later and my family isn’t Jewish. However in Russia, Ukraine, and generally former Soviet Union, every 4th citizen was dead, wounded or affected by the Great War directly. Every single family in my country lost someone in the Second World War. My great-grandfather and grandfather died as soldiers during the war. The scars still run deep in all who live today. This is why this is such a preposterous idea to think that anyone in Eastern Ukraine would ever consider doing what Hitler and the nazis did. In South-Eastern Ukraine people remember what happened during the Great War, even if the Kiev nazis and Western stooges have forgotten.

By their very nature, protests in Eastern and Southern Ukraine are anti-fascist. People over there don’t want to let nazis from Kiev near their land. They are deeply alarmed and disgusted by the hatred and discrimination said nazis project. They are internationalists by nature.

Some Western Ukrainians on the other hand, participated in WWII on the side of Hitler. The ancestors of Western Ukraine nazis presently occupying Kiev and maidan were those who were a part of the SS Division Galitchina, considered the most vicious of the SS divisions. Rumor has it, Hitler himself was afraid of it. These are the people whose violence brough to power the illegitimate Kiev junta.

The new damning documents are surfacing that show that the present day Western Ukraine nazis and their training camps were sponsored and financed by the US. The hand of the CIA, MI6 and Mossad is clearly visible.

It seems bizarre that Israel and Mossad would be in bed with the nazis. However, the latest evidence is very damning. This is a separate, and very deep story; however disgusted I am by it, I may write a separate article about that. The Ukrainian oligarchs that have been robbing the country blind for 23 years, are fronts for various organizations, such as Mossad, CIA and MI6, as well as for the Rockefellers and Rothschilds. Turns out 80% of these oligarchs are in fact Jewish, although most of them have changed their names, and even faith, to sound Ukrainian. That country’s so corrupt that it’s a walk in the park to change your name to whatever you want if you are an oligarch. I am working on a new article about the dirty underbelly of this whole setup. Stay tuned!

But it gets even better (or rather, worse). The new information from multiple sources (one such source is Natalia Vitrenko, Head of the Progressive Socialist Party of Ukraine) suggests that Western Ukraine nazi training camps and organizations were part of the original Operation Gladio. Gladio was the super-secret CIA subversive operation, executed in conjunction with Italian intelligence. It’s interesting to note that Italians were the first to blow a whistle on Operation Gladio, the information that had been suppressed in the West.

After the Second World War, Europe leaned towards communism. The reason for that was that people weren’t blind. It was the “communist” Russia that freed Europe from fascism, and it were mostly communist and leftist partisans/guerillas that fought the fascism. At the time in Europe people weren’t brainwashed yet by the Western media and falsified history books. They saw history unfold in front of their very eyes, and this history was as follows: the US and UK only entered the war in 1944, when the Soviet Army was already outside its borders and liberating country after country. Only then the US and UK opened the Second Front (although Stalin had been asking them for help since 1941) fearing that the USSR would get all the spoils and all the credit for liberating Europe.

However, the re-writing of history started immediately after the war, or rather before it ended. As Europe was celebrating the end of the Great War and a return to peace, the US/CIA and UK/MI6 were hard at work, leaving behind subversive sleeper cells consisting of the sworn enemies of communism and socialism all around Europe. These sleeper cells and respective organizations were trained, financed and directed from Washington and London. Some of them were supposed to detonate bombs and execute acts of sabotage to be blamed on communists. The idea was to discredit communism in the eyes of Europeans. Many of the secret cells the US, UK, and as it also appears, the Israeli Mossad financed, consisted of the remnants of nazis. Certain sleeper cells, like the ones in Western Ukraine, were designated for a potential uprising against the USSR.

Many sleeper cells and agents embedded in the USSR were brough to light in subsequent years. However, such cells located in Western Ukraine survived due to certain support of the local population and the dense woods & mountains where they could hide. They started recruiting and training in earnest after Ukraine became a separate country. #Yushchenko, #Tymoshenko and the Orange Revolutionaries of 2004 supported them in every way possible. Yushchenko, elected president of Ukraine in 2004 as a result of maidan #1, was USA’s direct Manchurian Candidate. He was recruited while studying in a US college. Yushchenko’s wife was a US citizen of Western Ukrainian descent and former employee of the US State Department. Another Manchurian Candidate was Saakashvili of Georgia, who attended Columbia University.

Western Ukraine nazis enjoyed very good financing an instructors from the US, and per latest reports, from Mossad. They finally surfaced as a force to be reckoned with during the Kiev euromaidan 2013-14.

The person who originally revealed #OperationGladio and #OperationGladioB was the #FBI whistleblower Sybil Edmonds. You can listen to her talk about Gladio B (which was a later offspring of the original Gladio) + read a few of my thoughts on the subject here.

Consequently, lustratsia was the idea attempted for implementation on Kiev euromaidan, not in Eastern Ukraine. However, here’s what happened next. As South-Eastern Ukraine and Russia, together with the anti-fascist forces around the world, revealed to the rest of the world what really went on around Kiev maidan, in order to save their project, the US/EU/Israel had to tell their pet Kiev nazis to tone it down. They told them that the nazis could not go around screaming anti-semitic slogans as in that case it would be much harder for the US/EU/Israel to convince their respective populations to support Kiev against Russia. But people from around the world still weren’t buying it. As the details of how Kiev nazis were treating Jews and Russians in Ukraine surfaced and many Europeans began questioning whether they were supporting the right people, as it became more and more clear that the peaceful euromaidan protestors were in fact the nazi thugs who didn’t mind killing, looting, or discriminating people, the need arose to salvage the situation.

By the way, in the minds of the EU and US politicians, there was nothing wrong apparently with the anti-Russian slogans and screams. There was nothing wrong with the billionaire oligarch Kolomoyskiy offering $10,000 for a head of a “Moskal,” – derogatory Ukrainian for Russian. Kolomoyskiy has been installed by Kiev as the governor of Dnepropetrovsk, which he rules as his fiefdom. He has a very well-paid private army consisting of foreign mercenaries, which promises to squash any protests. Kolomoyskiy’s order is to shoot to kill any protestors.

Kolomoyskiy is Israeli citizen and a huge donor to Zionist causes. He became rich looting Ukraine throughout the 1990s-2000s. I’ll talk about his background and who he represents some more in one of my next articles. Today, I want to make a point that this man has publicly offered $10,000, to anyone who kills any Russian and brings him his head. According to reports, there were leaflets with this offer distributed in Eastern Ukraine and billboards placed on roads! Just imagine for a moment driving and seeing a billboard that reads, “$10,000 for a head of a Russian.” This is a standing offer, by the way. However, for some strange reason there is utter silence about that in the US, UK, EU, Israel and everywhere else.

After all the scandals, bloopers and fiascos, it became clear to the US/CIA that they could no longer claim the higher moral ground in Ukraine (or anywhere else in the world, for that matter). This has to be understood very well. The new tactic of the US/CIA/NWO is: if they cannot claim the higher moral ground, if everyone believes they are evil perpetrators, then the need arises to paint the other side with the same tainted brush. This way everyone’s tainted and everyone’s evil.

It is a brilliant strategy, if you think about it. It breeds cynicism and apathy on the part of the masses. If everyone’s the same, if everyone’s EQUALLY evil, then we can’t do anything about it. The only thing to do is to stay away from all this and let the two equally evil forces – Russia and the US, or China/Russia and the US/UK/EU, or whatever the configuration – to fight it out. I have received a number of comments both on my blog and Twitter, where people expressed this point of view.

It is especially interesting that this kind of cynically fatalistic viewpoint is expressed by the generally intelligent people. I have explained to a couple of my Twitter followers that this was a very dangerous way of looking at things. I said that they wanted us to be cynical. Because if we start painting the same color the aggressor and the defender, or a victim that has no choice but to defend himself, then they have achieved their ultimate goal – they succeeded in confusing the masses. Confused people are apathetic people, silent people. And as we well know, bad things happen when good people are silent. This is why it is so important to get to the bottom of the truth. This is why I am writing these articles – to help people understand the truth.

Conclusion: what was the purpose in creating the fake Letter to Jews? First, muddy the waters and confuse the international community. They needed to discredit the South-Eastern Ukraine protestors, so they would seem as bad, or worse, than the Kiev maidan nazis. Second, they needed to sway, scare, or at least plant a doubt in the heads of the Jews of Odessa and Eastern Ukraine who tend to be pro-Russian. Thirdly, there is a very significant Jewish diaspora from Russia and Ukraine in the USA and Israel. Most of these are pro-Russian. This very large and influential Jewish layer also needs to be thoroughly brainwashed.

In other words, the US propaganda machine is working overtime, but as we see time and again, it keeps misfiring. As I predicted before, this misfiring will continue. More and more people will be noticing that the king is naked. US cannot succeed in Ukraine. Ultimately, Ukraine will never join the EU. Ukraine will join the Customs Union with Russia. By that time, it will be called the Eurasian Union. Read: Global Consequences: Russia Announces Eurasian Union and New Currency Altyn.

In conclusion, a week or so ago, the CIA director John Brennan incognito visited Kiev to give direct order to the Kiev junta to start a military operation against their own people in the South-Eastern Ukraine. However, it is already clear that this operation has misfired as well. Russia warned Ukraine against using force against their own people, which has kept things in check. Meanwhile, as I predicted from the very beginning, Ukrainian army and police started defecting to the side of the pro-Russian protestors, rising Russian flags and helping the Donbass protestors keep out the Kiev junta and armed thugs.

Some didn’t defect for fear of their families’ safety. However, Ukraine army simply doesn’t want to fight their own people. The lie the army was told, that they would be fighting Russian invaders, didn’t stick. Ukrainian soldiers don’t buy it, and even if they did, they have as little desire to fight Russians. Many reports are surfacing that Ukrainian soldiers sabotage their orders by putting sand in engines of their vehicles and tanks resulting in stalling. Officers have been placing secret calls to the locals to reveal the time of the operation and route which they would take. Well informed, the locals could organize blockposts and disarm the army. The army units when stopped by locals, often unarmed, would quietly give up their arms and vehicles, and leave.

Unfortunately, Kiev started arming nazi thugs and sending them to Donetsk, Lugansk, Odessa, Nikolaev and other East and South Ukraine cities. These are a different breed and don’t mind shooting their own people. Because of that, there are victims. Some peaceful, unarmed people were wounded and killed. So far, there was only one instance when the military killed and wounded a number of protestors who were trying to convince their local military base to give up their arms. Some believe it was a false flag organized by Kiev and at least some shots came not from the base. But regardless of that, oligarch Kolomoyskiy awarded 500,000 grivnas to the soldiers who shot and killed unarmed protestors. Kolomoyskiy promised more for anyone who’d like to kill their own people.

Let me remind everyone that all this is happening in the 21st century in the middle of Europe, and all this is supported by the US/CIA, UK/MI6, EU and Israel/Mossad.

Despite generous bonuses to kill their own people, Kiev is still having a lot of trouble getting cooperation from the Ukrainian army, navy and police. I called the fact that Ukraine army would not fight this war against their own people well before it started developing. Read my analysis and predictions about the Ukraine army, fleet and more here.

It is clear that the US has no idea who and what they are dealing with in Ukraine. Staggering parallels: CIA Director Brennan visits Kiev and the next day the military operation is announced against Eastern Ukraine. This operation is unsuccessful. In 2008, Condi Rice similarly visited Georgia’s Saakashvili, after which he attacked South Ossetia, equally unsuccessfully. I wrote about the striking similarities between these two situations when they first started developing, and before Brennan’s visit. Read my article here.

In conclusion, I want to point out another US/CIA gaffe in this whole Ukrainian mess they created. The “secret” visit of the CIA boss Brennan to Kiev, arranged incognito under someone else’s passport, became known to the Russian Intelligence and reported in the media almost immediately. It is believed that the Ukrainian intelligence (SBU) people, who disapprove of the turn the country has taken, have outed him. Another version is that he was outed by the CIA operatives, who are disgusted with the unsightly role their country is playing in Ukraine. This is yet another embarrassing episode in a long line of such embarrassments for the US empire. Yet another black eye. And these black eyes will keep coming.


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  1. Lada, great post. Wasn’t able to read the entire post, but the part about creating the Eurasian Union and the new currency seem to be the center of this mess. I recently read about BRICS which made a whole lot of sense to me. I think the world is in for a serious jolt soon. Those who remove themselves from the EU, NATO, and US relations will probably weather the storm the best.


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