Breaking! US Planned to Turn #Crimea into Military Base Against Russia

A couple of weeks ago Crimea and Sevastopol almost unanimously voted to re-join Russia. The Crimeans said: we had been unappreciated guests, now we are returning home after a long voyage. More about that in my articles:

The information coming to the surface now shows that if Crimea stayed as part of Ukraine, it would have become a huge NATO/US military base. I seriously doubt that the people of the Crimea would have stood for that, but if such a thing did happen, it would have meant WWIII as Russia would never allow it. From this perspective it’s especially clear why NATO, USA and EU were so shocked that Russia decisively accepted Crimea back. They already considered it theirs.

The city of Sevastopol is the prized possession. This is one of the best harbors in the world. But the entire Crimea is of huge strategic importance – first and foremost, if you want to attack Russia. In addition, Crimea is important for the control over other countries, including Iran and Turkey. As they say, he who controls Crimea, controls the Black Sea.

At least one hospital in Crimea’s capital Simferopol and at least one school in Sevastopol were targeted by the US/NATO just recently. They were planning on turning the hospital into a base for their troops after a massive renovation. One of the high schools (a gymnasium) in Sevastopol the Kiev authorities were about to sell to the US to be repurposed as a school for spies, targeting Russia. It was planned that the kids going to that school would be learning languages and spying techniques since an early age.

It appears Americans wanted to turn the Crimea into a massive military/navy/intelligence complex. The famous, one-of-a-kind Soviet underground submarine base in Balaklava, which is now the Museum of the Cold War, was visited in the past several years by at least 25 delegations from the Pentagon, US Navy, NATO, and Western political circles. Kiev gave them access to super-secret Russian/Soviet sectors of the base, which were supposed to be off limits. They studied with great interest the secret documentation and technology.

In Sevastopol, called “the city of the Russian glory” and the “hero city,” the NATO and US navy ships and military have been present for years. The population greeted them with constant protests, which prevented some of the planned joint military exercises between NATO and Kiev. Sometimes, the NATO ships had to leave because of the population’s resistance (protest footage on video below at 1:54). US/NATO ships in the Sevastopol harbor tried many times to “park” right in front of the Russian ships stationed there just out of spite. As we know, for 23 years, since the breakup of the USSR in 1991. Russia has been leasing its own base on its historic land for $100mln a year from Kiev.

Sevastopol had been the important base of the Russian Fleet since 1776. Sevastopol is a large and beautiful city populated with ethnic Russians, many of whom are retired navy officers and their families. These people dreamed for 23 years of going home – and by home they always meant Russia. Add to that that Kiev constantly attacked Russian language, little by little taking away the right of the Russian-speakers to speak their native language.

In Crimea, the US financed very generously various media, NGOs, and politicians, who would essentially become their agents. Of course, much of that was styled as support for democracy.

People of the Crimea felt deeply insulted by such attitude by the bought-and-paid-for Kiev and such disrespect of their heritage and wishes by the US/NATO. The readers of this blog are international. The majority are Americans, Europeans and Canadians. I write this for the people from all over the world so they would learn and understand things that their own governments and MSM hide or distort.

It probably isn’t a secret for the Americans how much they are hated around the world. It is because of such arrogance and blatant disregard for others that Americans will feel a lot of difficulty traveling and getting people to cooperate with them in the coming years – and I am putting this very mildly. It will be very hard for the Crimeans to forget the uninvited American ships in their harbor. Same is true for many, many people around the globe. And the way EU behaves, Europeans are quickly joining Americans in this unflattering lineup. Believe me, no one needed to convince Crimeans to re-join Russia. To them, NATO, EU and US signify slavery, while Russia signifies freedom.

The goal of all these plans was to turn Ukraine into a geopolitical black hole – a massive weapon against Russia on its borders. The diabolical nature of the plan was to pit against each other two very close, brotherly peoples, essentially to pit against each other two parts of a single culture; have them fight against their own interests and in the interests of the US. Hitler once said that only when they succeeded in making Russians living in Ukraine believe they were not Russian, would they win. US/EU almost succeeded in making it happen, but not quite.

I have spoken many times about this before, and I’ll say it again. All of these plans will backfire and the tedious process of the reversal of all the damage done will start soon. Ukraine will be disenchanted with the EU and US. The problem is, before this happens, Ukraine will completely destroy its economy and get to the point of near ruin. Unfortunately, Russia will have to support Ukraine, despite their horrific attitude towards Russia; when Ukraine realizes that it’s been had by the US/EU and turns back to Russia, unfortunately with a ruined economy, Russia will AGAIN have to shell out quite a bit to get it up and running.

This is not the first time. In such situation, Russia will have to decide pragmatically what parts of today’s Ukraine they are willing to help, and what parts – not.

People of the East and South of Ukraine feel the impending doom if they stay a part of Ukraine. This is why they will be very smart to secede. Donetsk, Lugansk, Kharkov and Odessa have formed the people’s republics. I have more truly sensational breaking news on that topic – stay tuned for the next post!

Incidentally, Serbia is asking to join the Customs Union with Russia, although they are being dragged kicking and screaming into the EU. Previously, Turkey asked to join. And even Israel is considering joining – I know this sounds like a joke, but nevertheless.

Watch report about the failed US/NATO plans for the Crimea: “The Crimea that sailed away from NATO” (in Russian). See the former super-secret underground Soviet sub base footage at 0:40. See the map of the Sevastopol harbor at 3:19. Anti-NATO protests at 1:54. The Head of the Balaklava Cold War Submarine Museum: “Sevastopol wasn’t just a favorite dream for Turkey or the US. It’s one of the very best military harbors in the entire world. Inside the hidden Sevastopol harbor, there are 12 baby harbors. This is the unsurpassed navy base. They wanted it really bad.”

Sorry, I had to delete the video associated with the above, as it appears YT blocked it for unknown reasons. I’ll see if I can find this video elsewhwere.


Regarding US plans for Crimea, here is a US government/US Navy solicitation for “Renovation of Sevastopol School #5″, dated September 05, 2013:


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  1. It sounds like the US bought the Ukraine. The oligarchs sold it.

    The US and Russia are at war, and have been for some time. It may be a good idea for Russian officials to talk about the US and EU as “partners”, but the war is real. So of course the US wanted the Crimea, and it is up to Russia to be strong and defend her interests. She has not done much of anything in the Ukraine for 23 years, so it logically becomes Western property.

    By the way, do you expect Russia to attack or invade the Eastern Ukraine soon? There is a lot of chatter about that. The authorities in Kiev are going to start attacking and massacring soon, or at least that is the logical strategy for them. It would be foolish to allow the referendums to take place.


    • Russia said that it won’t allow Kiev to attack its own people. That’s what keeping Kiev restrained + the army/police won’t fight its own people. Kiev really can’t attack meaningfully, unless US and EU interfere with their own forces and direct weapons supplies as Ukraine army is a disaster. Tanks are rusty. Russia monitors any possible interferences and won’t allow that.
      Read my previous article re. CIA in Ukraine for more on Ukr army condition.

      Of course, Kiev will try provocations and small guerilla war by the nazis. This will happen, but if they cross the line, it will only expedite the breakup of Ukraine.

      US/EU/Kiev know Russia will interfere if they invade. US/EU won’t do direct confrontation with Russia. Won’t happen.
      I have posted a lot of my predictions about Russia/US/Ukr/WWIII on the “Predictions” page above. Read much more there.
      Also, stay tuned for my next article re what is happening in South-East with some important breaking news.


  2. Allô Lada!

    Yesterday I listened to Neil Keenan’s latest update and was extremely saddened when he shared with us that he had contacted a dear friend in Ukraine (South or East I do not remember) and was told that in early morning and early night black helicopters surveil and fire on civilians. (related in video @

    Several people have been injured or killed and are reluctant to go outside….

    Since you probably have close contacts in Ukraine, I was wondering if you have heard of similar events??
    Fostering Literacy for our World


    • Hello, Johanna.
      Yes, there are events like this in many towns. They try to scare people out of protesting; make example, so others won’t do it. They are sometimes succeeding, but it’s getting so bad that people will risk their life to break away from the Kiev junta. My prediction: it will only get worse and more people will awaken.
      There was an event near Donetsk: 4 foreign cars opened fire on the unarmed local villagers that were blocking the road to prevent armed troops from Kiev from invading their area. They shot 3 people and wounded over a dosen, and rode away. But the villagers called for help and these unamarked cars were chased. One attacker was killed, and other taken hostage. The locals said the attackers were non-Ukrainian mercenaries.

      People have been intimidated by planes flying extra-low – like during a war, kidnapped, threatened. Read my previous article about CIA in Ukraine. I talk about the oligarch who is offereing $10,000 for a “head of a Russian.” Some greedy young Ukrainian nazis hunt people to collect the reward. It’s horrible. I feel so terrible for the people over there. Kiev and Western Ukraine have gone mad. The’ve been basolutely poisoned. Plus, those who are doing this are playing on the fact that Ukrainians are broke and need money. There are some over there that can be bought, but some cannot. Beyond that, they are playing on the fact that Ukrainians are greedy by nature.

      US is trying to create the ultimate chaos zone in Ukraine so it could never recover again. This is done deliberately in order to harm Russia. They manipulate the greedy, the violent, and the small-minded Ukrainians to do their bidding.

      Just listened to an interview by a guy who was kidnapped, tortured terribly (I couldn’t listen to him describe what he went through) and forced to sign a letter that he would not participate in protests in Odessa any more. All done by the Ukrainina security forces (SBU). This guy escaped from Odessa, just as many other refugees. His inerview in Russian:

      In Kiev a few days ago the maidan nazis kidnapped Oleg Tsarev, Rada deputy, and presidential candidate who’s pro-Russian. They stripped him naked, beat him almost to death and then accused him of attacking them. So, the police put him in handcuffs and placed in jail all beaten, with no clothes, and wouldn’t let him see a doctor. And this guy is supposed to have a parliament deputy’s immunity!

      Just imagine what they can do to ordinary citizens.

      Bottom line, Kiev, maidan and their supporters are a bunch of violent and greedy war criminals. US/EU/UK/Israel – anyone who supports them are international and war criminals and they should be tried for crimes against humanity.

      All this is very, very gruesome. I try to stay away from the really graphic details, but unfortunately, we can’t hide from reality.

      Btw, the new page “Predictions” has much more:

      Blessings to you, too.

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    • I just learned that this morning at 10am in Slaviansk (Donbass), the Kiev newly formed national guard with helicopters, tanks and troops attacked blockposts near city. Unarmed local villagers who manned the far-away blockpost were all killed. Slaviansk people can’t get to them but estimate that about 20 people are lying dead on the road. The Kiev forces kept moving in and attacked another blockpost. Killed 4 people, burned and occupied blockpost. Children have been evacuated from local schools. There were other shootings, too. Locals are about to get help from other cities to counter these attacks.
      Attacks started immediately after the US VP Biden’s visit. He apparently gave Kiev okay to attack their own people.

      More here in Russian:

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  3. Reblogged this on Spirit In Action and commented:
    Thank you for posting this! My newspaper makes me ill because it is SO obvious now how censored and slanted the news is in America. I am so grateful for blogs like yours with intelligent discussion of international events.

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  4. Reblogged this on Life in Russia and commented:
    I have tried to stay neutral when it comes to politics but this post hits the nail on the head. We have all seen what is going on in Ukraine, but does anyone see the truth in the matter? I believe this post is accurate and well balanced. Has anyone stopped to ask why this is all happening? Again like in Iraq and Kuwait this is all about oil. In the post the blogger states, “Believe me, no one needed to convince Crimeans to re-join Russia”. To them, NATO, EU and US signify slavery, while Russia signifies freedom. This is a very interest choice of words. It used to be that America was considered the bastion of freedom, what has changed, and why?

    Being an American in Russia and seeing and hearing the voice of the people not just here but in the Ukraine as well. What is being spoken in the U.S media is just plain false and misleading. Again, the question must be asked, Why?

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  5. Regarding US plans for Crimea, here is a US government/US Navy solicitation for “Renovation of Sevastopol School #5”, dated September 05, 2013:

    Better download this to your hard drive in case they take this down!

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