Will of the People: Fed Up With Propaganda, Unarmed Citizens in Donetsk, Ukraine, Take Over TV Station

This is breaking news from the city of Donetsk, capital of the industrial Donbass region in eastern Ukraine. Here, thousands of unarmed citizens, fed up with Kiev and Western propaganda, stormed the regional TV station compound guarded by local police. They chanted “Shame on Ukraine media,” “Police with the people,” “TV channel for Donetsk People’s Republic,” and “We want truth on TV.”

After brief negotiations, the police stood down and let people into the building. Only a limited number of protestors went inside to prevent crowding and so not to damage anything. See the video below for live action (Rus.). In the video, you can hear voices, “Careful, don’t break anything, it all belongs to the people.” The majority of the protestors, many women, stayed outside.


The Russian-speaking Donbass region, consisting of two oblasts, Donetsk and Lugansk, has rebelled against the illegal authorities in Kiev that came to power as a result of the 2/22/2014 coup against the democratically elected president Yanukovich (whatever we think about him, he was the legitimate president). Residents of Ukraine call the new Kiev authorities “the Kiev junta.” The Kiev junta politicians, officially supported and financed by the US and EU, and fortified by the armed nazi/ultra-nationalist element from Western Ukraine, have aggressively infringed on the rights of the Russian-speaking NATIVE population of East and South by denying them the right to speak their own language, turning off all Russian TV/radio channels and expelling Russian journos; by filling Ukrainian channels with Kiev/US propaganda grossly distorting and contradicting the realities on the ground.

Moreover, the Kiev politicians repeatedly threatened Donbass residents with physical extermination, including nuclear bombs dropped on them, as voiced by Yulia Tymoshenko, former Ukraine PM, leader of the party Batkivshchina and current presidential candidate. Another presidential candidate, oligarch Peotr Poroshenko, who is the darling of the US and EU, has also threatened the Russian-speaking South and East. Many Russian-speakers had to flee Ukraine, including a friend of mine from Kiev, whose testimony you can find in my earlier articles about ‘What’s Really Going On in Ukraine.’ Kiev has been blockading and attacking the people of Donbass with tanks, helicopters and snipers. Some local citizens were killed.

To defend themselves and their way of life, Donbass has formed the Donetsk People’s Republic and the Lugansk People’s Republic. Defying Kiev, both republics will be voting in a national referendum on 5/11/2014 whether to secede from Ukraine. Kiev junta, US and EU are trying to do everything to prevent that from happening.

People of the Donetsk Republic feel that their interests and needs are being blatantly sabotaged by Kiev authorities and by the Ukraine media. In the video below, you can see how the crowd gets into the building and how peacefully everything is done. The video is in Russian, but the beginning is self-explanatory. At 10:00 the announcement is made that the director of the station and engineers have arrived and that they will be turning on the Russian channels, which prompts loud cheers from the crowd. The speaker continues: “We’ll be attempting to turn on the Russian channels (which are being blocked by Kiev – LR). However, we’ll be doing everything quietly, no breaking anything, we aren’t vandals.” (Compare that to a war zone “the peaceful euromaidan protestors” turned Kiev into).

At 10:45 people start chanting “Russia, Russia.” At 11:06 a local elderly woman gives this interview: “We are happy that finally we will have our own channel that will show the truth. Channel 27 is now a people’s channel. We won’t allow anyone any more to slander us, lie about us and accuse us of all mortal sins. Now everyone will know the truth. We are not terrorists as Kiev and the West portray us; we are unarmed citizens. We don’t need arms, we’ll “kill” these parasites with our truth. I’m sending my personal hello to #Obama. I would have used some stronger Russian words to say what I think of Obama, but I won’t.” The crowd laughs and cheers.

She continues: “See, Obama, we, the people, have taken over this TV station – no, they have opened their doors for us, because this is the will of the people. Know, Obama, no one has ever been able to put Russia and Russians on their knees. You won’t either. This is our land, this is Russia. We support Slavyansk, Mariupol, Lugansk and all our cities where people were killed by Kiev (during recent attacks by Kiev military/nazis – LR). Shame on Turchinov and Yatsenyuk (unelected prez and PM of Ukraine – LR). They must get their stuff and get out of Ukraine together with their sold-out oligarchs. Leave our country alone. Go back to your handlers in the West.”

“I want to say,” she goes on, “our people detained the fake EU observers, who turned out to be spies from Germany, Sweden, Poland, Bulgaria and Romania (8 Western and 4 Ukrainian military spies, posing as EU observers were arrested in Donetsk, including 4 Germans – one of them colonel, as well as a Ukrainian colonel, and other ranking military – LR).

The woman continues, “We need to exchange these spies for our imprisoned sons, including our People’s Governor, Pavel #Gubarev, and others. And if Kiev refuses, we, the women of Donbass, will go to Kiev, and we will free them!”

I like this spunky granny! Watch:

Press conference of the NATO spies detained in Donbass. The German colonel speaks: “We are being treated maximally well, to the extent it’s possible under the circumstances. We don’t know when we’ll be able to go home and see our families. Our presence here will undoubtedly be used by the local decision-makers for negotiations so their demands are met.” These military spies, posing as peaceful EU observers, were detained by locals who found maps on which they had marked locations of self-defence barricades, blockposts (roadblocks) and equipment. Weapons, advanced night vision and other spy equipment was found. One of the spies, officer from Sweden, was released for humanitarian reasons – he appears to have diabetes.


P.S. I have received some interesting comments and questions regarding this post, so I decided to put together a separate post to clarify certain confusions and answer some questions. It appears that due to the gigantic truth & information blockade and enormous amount of deliberate media lies in the West, there is still an ovewhelming confusion as to what’s what and who’s who in the Ukraine crisis, despite the fact that I thorougly explained the background in this post, and in many before it. For a complete picture I suggest people read my past posts. Go to Ukraine category and read them all. You can start with this one. Also, go to Interviews and listen to my interview with Plane Truth. Subscribe to my YT Channel to keep appraised when videos start appearing. I cannot give the exact date, it could be as early as in a couple of days, or it could be later.

I am preparing a new post explaining and addressing several of the questions and confusions. It will be up soon. Please make sure to read it!


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  1. Lol, these dogs are real patriots!


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    Lol, these dogs are real patriots!


  3. Great follow up on the “truth” in the Ukraine


  4. Thanks for the truth!!


  5. Very nice! You made my day! Could I request second helpings of similar posts? Your website could very well become an effective vehicle to bring the voice of ordinary people of Ukraine (both east and west) to the outside world. I am reminded of a movie by the name “My name is Khan” in which the protagonist sets himself a mission: to meet the President of USA and tell him: “My name is Khan and I am NOT a terrorist”. Perhaps the ordinary people of Ukraine could express their heartfelt emotions in words and you could post those videos here. Their might also be people in Western Ukraine who would have some words of support and sympathy for their Eastern brothers but are too afraid to speak out publicly: you could provide them a forum to express their feelings on your blog. A bridge between the hearts and minds of people in Ukraine and the ordinary people outside Ukraine would short-circuit a lot of disinformation that the Powers That Be are relying on: moreover nobody can claim that that is government propaganda since you are just a common citizen! Carry on your good work!


    • Thanks, my friend. I’ll post the voice of the people translations whenever I can. In fact, there is a lot I go through every day, but my time for interpreting everything is limited. I can only give a taste of it. It is so terrible and disgusting that western MSM, instead of informing, building bridges and telling the truth is engaged fully in disinformation and Russia-bashing. This unfortunately is a long-standing western tradition; but times are changing, people are waking up and the old paradigm is shifting. Hope MSM in the west gets taken over by the people just like that TV station.


  6. I am concerned that this issue in Ukraine may have been planned long ago, by the USA, EU and USA with the outcome being the final devision of Ukraine into sectors with each getting control of select parts. The general populace of Ukraine, the USA and the EU would obviously not be aware of this plan and division.
    This clandestine operation would provide each participant with a desired geographical area, but would Russia agree to give up cetain areas in Ukraine like the east? I am cautious of this situation, and will watch as it develops.


    • Yes, there are many similar concerns of this nature. Please keep reading my articles and listen to my interview, where I explain everything. I’ll keep posting re. the real geopolitical goals behind this whole mayhem. Not everything was planned, and CIA/MI6/Mossad have completely miscalculated Russia’s and South-East people’s reaction. As I predicted before, this whole thing will backfire big time on the US. Also take a look at the Predictions page.


    • There is no doubt that this has been planned for a long time. Zbigniew Brzezinski wrote about it in his book The Grand Chessboard in 1997:
      “Ukraine, a new and important space on the Eurasian chessboard, is a geopolitical pivot because its very existence as an independent country helps to transform Russia. Without Ukraine, Russia ceases to be a Eurasian empire.”

      “However, if Moscow regains control over Ukraine, with its 52 million people and major resources as well as access to the Black Sea, Russia automatically again regains the wherewithal to become a powerful imperial state, spanning Europe and Asia.”
      It’s all about containing and weakening Russia, as well as plundering the resources and people. Putin is a serious threat to the Anglo-American-Zionist empire, because he is offering an alternative to their system. Many would argue a much more sane alternative. From the empire’s perspective, the longer they waited, the stronger Russia under Putin would become. So they decided to strike Russia early via Ukraine without considering all of the ramifications. Now that that their plans are backfiring on the ground they are in damage control which is why we see Kerry spewing so many lies and hypocrisies. If they lose the South/East, then they will use it as an excuse to declare economic war on Russia with sanctions. We can already see them laying the ideological propaganda for this via the controlled western media.

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      • Thank you, Meph. Excellent summary and analysis – couldn’t have said it better myself! Very helpful for other readers. I hope as many people as possible visit the comments section to read comments such as yours!


  7. Thanks for telling the truth about events in E Ukraine. Would you please write an article giving the perspective of the people in West Ukraine to the usurpers in Kiew and the turmoil in their country.


  8. Yes I am a disgusted westerner who can see now exactly what is happening due to your information Thankyou.It now all makes sense to me now.The spunky granny is correct Russia will never back down, their history has made them incredibly tough and nationalistic.The americans on the othe hand are weak now their armys require too much to operate their soldiers are not internally strong they have had enough. The Russian winter cannot be endured by western soldiers or equipment .Most potential Russian invaders have failed beceause of this.Please keep in mind that most western citizens are ok it is their stupid corporate controlled governments are the problem We dont like them either but we vote 1 lot of idiots out and the next lot are just as bad at the moment there is no viable alternative for us .We hope this will change soon for allthe children in the worlds sake.


    • The reason that Americans can’t vote in anyone different is because the system has to be changed first. Without it, no voting will work.
      Cheers 🙂


  9. Yes lets do it


  10. If you want to see the strategic value of the Crimea, check out this:


    It was a terrible blunder to allow Russia to regain the Crimea. Now missiles and other things can be put in. And Istanbul and Ankara are now in easy range.

    By the way, Russia might want a color revolution/destabilization campaign in the Armenian area to weaken Georgia. Weakening Georgia would really ruin things for Azerbaijan. Two countries that have caused trouble would be unable to do much. Of course, it would make Russia seem like a bully.


    • Not sure what you’re trying to say with your comment. First, do you really honestly believe that Russia would ever nuke Turkey? Why? This means you don’t understand the geopolitics and economics of that area. Turkey wants to join Customs Union with Russia + Turkey has massive trade and tourism with Russia. Turkey is the member of NATO, but a very reluctant one. Russia and Turkey don’t want to be at war.

      US on the other hand wants to pit everyone against each other to try and delay its collapse. By exporting crisis to other countries, by creating instability, US is delaying the inevitable – grasping at straws you know.

      Other of your statements make just as little sense. It’s the US who is the super-bully of the world – not Russia. Russia only defends its interests when necessary, and VERY carefully at that. It is US who does color revolutions to advance its goals, not Russia – this is the US regime change technology. Russia does things very differently. This should be clear, it seems.
      As a matrer of fact, many believe Russia didn’t do enought in Ukraine in the past to keep it away from the US clutches.

      There is a lot of confusion in your comment. There are all kinds of crazy conspiracy theories floating around the net, and you seem to be piling them up here. Authors of such theories speculate about things they know ZERO about, based on their extremely limited understanding and having absorbed only western propaganda. These theories and those who spew them are extremely harmful as they muddy the already muddied waters, paint the aggressor and the defender/victim of aggression the same tainted brush, thus causing immense confusion.

      Yes, Russia will work with Azerbaijan and Georgia gradually and peacefully, as US keeps weakening. Azerbaijan only became pro-US after US organized a coup and nearly killed the old president Alyiev – who was really more like a ruler. So, the new prez, the old one’s son, Ilham Alyiev, submitted to the US interests after this mafia-style intimidation. Georgia: US organized a color revolution which completely corrupted the country. BTW, as a result of the IMF and other western loans Georgia is now a bankrupt country. Read Confessions of the Econimic Hitman for how US enslaves countries.

      As far as Crimea, yes it was a blunder, but that’s bad karma, my dear. Attention! Prediction: Expect A LOT more of the same bad karma for the US in the coming years. As they say in Russia – don’t dig a grave for someone else, you’ll end up in it yourself. US empire will end up in the grave it so dilligently has been digging for Russia and other countries for so long. It’s just a matter of time.

      “Karma can be a beautiful maiden or a bitch…” per the tagline from my novelette, Catharsis (Legend of the Lemurians). Catharsis is an allegory of what happens to those who enslave and dominate others. A great suggested read for all those who want to understand who’s who on planet Earth. Read it – ebook is only $.99. Synopsis and buy links are here: https://futuristrendcast.wordpress.com/books-by-lada-ray/, or click on image on the sidebar.


      • All I was saying is that Russia can put defensive weapons in the Crimea. This is a big deal, as attacking will be very hard now. We live in an age of anti-aircraft missiles being very strong relative to fighter jets. Not that Russia wants to threaten Turkey. The point is simply that attacking Russia means you do not win something, and may lose something, like Georgia did.

        As for Russia not using NGOs or regime change technology, this strikes me as a big mistake. It is one of the reasons for Russia losing so much ground both at home, and in places like Serbia and the Ukraine in the past 20 years. You have to use what works, and a tool is neither good nor bad. An example is how Russia Today has done wonders for helping Russia and weakening the Anglo-American powers. Also, Putin has been a tremendous force for modernizing the Russian military. They would not have succeeded in Georgia and the Crimea if they hadn’t studied what works. Attacking someone like Azerbaijan would only be if necessary – a much better hope is for a Eurasian economic zone. A much bigger question is what to do in the Ukraine.

        But, sure, karma is a big deal here.


    • It’s like a different person wrote your second comment, lol. If course, I agree with it as far as trategic positioning goes. The geopolitical chessboard is very active.

      Russia not using US technology? A very involved question as I said in previous responses (see other articles). Russia is a very different entity from what US is, and it WANTS to distinguish herself from the US – a waning power. Just like China does things differently. Russia and China acting very differently in international affairs is both cultural and to consciously distinguish themselves from the US. As far as using certain things from the old playbook that work… I agree, they should, to the extent it doesn’t compromise their integrity. US isn’t even bothering with its integrity and reputation any more, they just blunder on regardless of damage and exposure – a clear sign of a dying empire.

      Agree that Russia lost some ground in the past 20 years, but now it will continue gaining ground, as seen in Ukraine. Not everything is linear – life is a cycle, or a wave. I have a terrific mystical explanation based on my Theory of the Big Cycles, but it’s involved. I’ll start doing posts and videos about it soon. This should make things much clearer from the mystical and cosmic perspective. Larger forces are at work here.

      Agree, Ukraine details are under a big question mark. My prediction that Ukraine will eventually join Eurasian Union stands. The devil is in the details. We are in fact first row spectators and participants of a HUGE tectonic shift in all facets of human existence on planet Earth, and Ukraine is a fault line.


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    Thank you for posting this! It is so frustrating to live where the media blockade and censorship are primarily accomplished thru the corporations ownership and control of the media. We supposedly have free press but the obviously slanted news that leaves out anything contrary to the dominant American view is so widespread. Many Americans are so brainwashed they think that a President who is a very middle of the road capitalist Democrat, with many corporate revolving door appointees in his Cabinet and administration is somehow a “Socialist”. It’s not surprising then that many are completely unaware of the vast shifts in direction and policy in Russia and the surrounding countries since the fall of the USSR.
    I’m appalled to read Democrat writers sounding like Dick Cheney warmongering because a Dem is currently President. I hope that news like this about real democracy and respect for democracy and rule of law will reach more American people who are tired if the brainwashing, propaganda and corporations agenda.


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