Is There Israel and Mossad Involvement in Ukraine?

I want to address a question I have been asked a few times. What is Israel’s and Mossad’s role in ukraine, if any? The information is very confusing. However, after much research I was able to form a pretty good picture, which I want to share with you.

Note, this is a truthful, fact-based, and balanced report! I am not Jewish; however, I have Jewish friends, including the most dear friend of my adolescence, Alexander, who now resides with his family in Israel. I loved his mom and dad and I always thought they were the best parents in the world. I’ve been to Israel and I know what the country is about. A large portion of Odessa population was, and still is, Jewish. Many of my friends were Jewish both in Odessa and NYC. In the intellectual circles, you have to expect to have a lot of Jewish friends.

My findings: there may have been a certain Mossad involvement in the beginning. Oligarch Kolomoysky, who had been installed by kiev junta as governor of Dnepropetrovsk and who brutally suppressed the people’s uprising there with the help of his private army consisting of WESTERN mercenaries, is a citizen of Israel and purported to be a Mossad agent. Same is true for several of the Kolomoysky’s cronies, equally unsavory characters. Oligarch Poroshenko, the front-runner of the fake presidential race in ukraine and US/EU darling for the next prez of ukraine, is in fact, per many reports, Jewish, although he is hiding behind a typically ukrainian name (his real name is Jewish-sounding, however I cannot give it at this time). The infamous Yulia Tymoshenko (maiden name Kapitelman) is Jewish, too.

The sheer number of Jewish oligarchs who financed and executed the kiev coup and their purported connection to Israel gave people the reason to talk about Israel and Mossad involvement. I would not trust Bibi Netanyahu (Israel PM) for a moment. He is a neocon and warmonger bar none. I would not rule out that certain neocon/zionist circles and Mossad were, and are, involved on some level.

However, it has to be understood that the deliberate disinfo about the reality of what is happening in ukraine is truly mind-boggling, and it exists not only in the West, but also in Israel. This could have been a factor in some circles thinking black was white and vice versa.

Kolomoysky, who organized and financed his own fake “eurasian jewish congress” – the Soros style, was spreading disinfo like crazy. His publication, along with some others continue spewing lies that Jews are safe in ukraine, that nazis are not going to hurt them (and who cares what they do to those Russians, right?).

In fact, Kolomoysky is big friends with the head of the western ukraine nazi right sector, Yarosh. Yarosh went so far as to transfer his headquarters from kiev to Dnepropetrovsk, the city where Kolomoysky has been installed as governor, and which he treats as his feudal domain. Kolomoysky is infamous for offering the right sector militants $10,000 for a head of each Russian they can catch. Kolomoysky openly finances the right sector.

Meanwhile, it is well-known, the right sector nazis want to kill not only all Russians, but also all Jews in ukraine for their stated purpose of freeing up the space for “genuine” ukrainians.

Little by little, the truth started seeping through the iron curtain of Western and ukrainian propaganda, and people in Israel started seeing the lies. A huge role played the internet and efforts of those people who broadcast and write the truth. I think it’s still very confused, but people’s heads are clearing both in Europe and Israel.

Big credit for exposing the lies and telling the truth goes to these two men: Hodos and his foundation, who is a Jew, living in ukraine (he’s akin to a ukrainian Lyndon LaRouche); also, to Anatoly Vasserman, who is also a Jew from Odessa. He is a very popular Russian political analyst and TV host, who is very active on Ukraine.

It has to be understood that fully 1/4 of the Israeli population are the Russian-speaking former Soviet citizens. Many of these, as well as many of those Russian Jews who live in the USA, are from Odessa. Some of these people bought vacation homes in Odessa for nostalgic reasons.

These people listen to Vasserman and Hodos. The Odessa massacre was the last straw. Masks and gloves are off. Israelis, as well as Russians, Americans, Germans, who are from Odessa, are absolutely furious at the desecration of their beloved city at the hands of this dirty scum. Odessans never stop being Odessans, no matter where they live.

It has been officially announced that the highly experienced Israeli battalion Aliya, consisting of former Soviet citizens, is coming to help the people of the Donetsk Republic to fight against the kiev junta.

Presently, lawyers in Israel are preparing a case to relieve #Kolomoysky and a few others, of Israeli citizenship. Admittedly, this is a very difficult thing to do, considering neocons and zionists in Israeli government. It has been known that Kolomoysky and his cronies are keeping planes ready to take them to Israel in case the whole thing they started in Ukraine blows up on them.

Same is true for Poroshenko and those few traitors of their own people in the ukraine military, who have masterminded and executed terror against their own population.

#Turchinov, #Yatsenyuk, #Poroshenko have been purported to be CIA or MI6 assets.

What the West pays for treason and betrayal: Turchinov, Yatsenyuk, Poroshenko, Klitchko, as well as high commanders spearheading assault on peaceful citizens of Donetsk, Slavyansk, Mariupol and Kramatorsk – multimillion Swiss bank accounts, US or UK citizenship and moving their families to the chosen country, usually US or UK. For lesser traitors: Polish, Lithuanian or similar citizenship, $2,000-5,000 per diem, and if things blow up in their face, safe evacuation to said countries.

Conclusion: I am not ruling out that certain forces in Israel have been on the side of the Kiev junta. But the tide has changed and it is pretty clear that people would not be happy if they found out certain Israelis are still helping Kiev. I don’t know if even the warmonger neocon #Netanyahu can afford that.

Read part 2 of this report: The Price of Treason: CIA Agents and Traitors in Charge of Ukraine

Message from Lada: 

Dear readers, I welcome your comments and opinions! Discussion is very important and I love hearing from you. So far, I am able to respond to most comments, however as volume increases, I may only be able to reply to the most interesting and important ones. But I always read all of your comments. Please write what’s on your mind. I am inviting you to create a real discussion in the comment section!

Peace to all,

Lada Ray


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  1. This is a great article. I sent it to LaRouche contacts and another friend running for State Office in California. Everyone who has researched the Jew issue finds that fanatic Jews are just like fanatic Christians and Moslems. That is, all these tend to easily justify their murder of other human beings.


  2. This is important! Just as the Saudis have discovered that it is not safe to be friends with the US, Israel (the people not the state) may also realize that it is not a good policy to trust people who are traitors by their very nature. By the way, what is the stand of the regular Ukrainian army? They must be seeing their country getting hijacked by unsavory people. Do they owe loyalty to the present “government”? What kind of oath of service do they take? What is the status of the maidan defenders? Are they still with the “government” or they are thinking about a second wave of protests against hijacking of their movement by the Western gang? Do continue your research. I know it must be very strenuous for you. We, your readers, will pray for you and send you love from which you will derive the strength to play an important role in this momentous history-making event.


    • Excellent point about Saudis and Israelis discovering US cannot be trusted! I said in my article about ‘Eurasian Union and new Currency Altyn’ that Israel is considering joining Customs Union with Russia. This is because the Russian-speaking population demands it.

      I discussed Ukraine army and its allegiances in several previous articles. The preceding article: ‘West stop bloodshed…’ talks about that and there is a link to: ‘Russia’s Geopolitics, USA’s Bluff and EU’s Big Mistake’ with detailed analysis.

      I’ll try to set up a search button soon so people could search by keywords.

      Maidan is a very confused and confusing conglomeration of different forces, many of whom are the same nazis that are attacking south-east. The reason: they get paid very well by kiev junta to kill their population, and they are being told that they need to defend Ukraine from Russians who invaded south-east. Anyone who speaks Russian is invader, of course, even though the people on those territories are native population, and these nazis are in fact invaders.

      It has to be realized that 2 generations of ukrainians were taught through school and media a grossly falsified version of history. They were told they were a completely separate nation and that Russians invaded south-east of what is now ukraine, while the opposite is true. You can find my analysis in my early articles. Go to Ukraine category on side bar.

      There were some on maidan who genuinely thougth they were fighting for change, however the whole thing was hijacked by the US/CIA/nazis and junta. Many were paid to protest. Many were constantly brainwashed. It is a real mess, so I wouldn’t idealize maidan.
      Apart from TONS of heavily armed nazis still occupying maidan, there are also people staying on maidan, hoping they can still change something. A bit too late. They will learn the hard way that there are consequences for their previous actions.

      Too bad Russia and EU will have to carry most of the expense and responsibility for keeping afloat this crazy conglomeration that isn’t a country. While US as usual, destroys and skulks off.


  3. Thanks for the info. It is difficult to get a good idea of the actual situations with the oligarchs, and Jewish or Mossad influence.

    By the way, what do you think of Andrei Fursov’s lecture on the oligarchical topography of Ukraine?

    It has English subtitles and is quite involved with relationships and details of how this mess got created. For one thing, there are different Jewish factions. Religious alliances and the rather anti-religious. Also regions, such as Dniepropetrovsk. Quite ugly in some ways.

    This is the most detailed explanation of the political groupings and maneuvers in the Ukraine that I have found with English. Russia has really let things get out of hand.


    • Thanks for the link. I’ll try to listen to this talk when I get the chance. Generally speaking: Fursov is a very good specialist and he can be trusted with his info.He is dry though. He has elaborate, detailed analysis of who is who in Ukraine. If this is that talk, then it’s the real goods. Those who like this kind of stuff, I highly reccomend him.

      For me, I don’t want to get into the nitty gritty details of who is who in my post as I leave it to the Zionism/Israel/Oligarchy researchers to do so. As a matter of fact, this topic doesn’t really interest me. There are so many more interesting and forward-looking things for me personally to talk about.

      I think the world is changing and their days are numbered.

      In my post, I merely wanted to answer people’s questions and demonstrate that not everything is black and white.

      That said, Ukrainian oligarchy and present US puppets are all sold-out and highly disgusting. Yats is def CIA, no question. Lie is written all over all of them.

      However in my opinion, there are much more interesting topics to explore than this one. It’s so easy for me to see who’s who in Ukraine, Israel, USA, Russia, China, EU without knowing too much detail, that I am constantly surprised that people actually need to go through all this minusha, such as details, proofs to ATTEMPT to establish the truth. All you need to do is focus on a person’s aura, or look at one’s face – there are many ways – and you’ll know who is lying and who is telling the truth.

      Yes, Russia did let Ukraine get out of hand. Rosy glasses are to blame – Ukrainians are brothers, that sort of thing. I was guilty of the same until recently, despite everything I normally see. Perhaps, because very few seriously looked at Ukraine.
      Proof how dangerous any illusion is. No more illusions.

      Humans can get very nasty when their overriding emotion is greed stoked by hatred, both of which US exploits really well. See, US never slept, like Russia did, and took advantage of the vacuum left by Russia when it disengaged.

      Huge lesson for all.

      Thanks, Paul, for the deep comment.



    Interesting blog. Even a Nelson Mandela was ‘educated’ by the Mossad. Webster Tarpley Radio Channel has an interesting topic on Yatsenyuk: ‘Yatsenyuk could be controlled by CIA through Scientology?’ It feels good that you make a clear distinction between Jews as friends and intellectuals and certain Israeli-politics. As you know: two Jews,, three opinions:)


  5. Not trying to belabor the issue of the oligarchs, but those who are interested can find the English transcript for the Fursov speech at:

    Yes, there is an aura, and these bad guys ooze greed, darkness, and various evils. The mystery is why so few can see the obvious.

    I would like to think that rose-colored glasses caused the problems, but I have heard the same thing happened in Serbia, and that it is even the case today. 100% of the media are in the Western camp, and very few NGOs, charities, PR companies, etc. are funded by Russia. I even read a quote by the Russian ambassador to the Ukraine being asked by someone at a speech in Kharkov why the West had spent huge resources to influence or brainwash Ukrainians and Russia had spent almost nothing. The ambassador’s response was “We give them cheap gas. What more do you want?” This response is so ridiculous that one doesn’t know where to begin. For one thing, America can simply convince Ukrainians that they were being ripped off by Russia in corrupt gas deals. If you don’t have a media presence, you will lose. And the schools are convincing people that all evil is from Russia. Simply amazing.

    Keep up the good work.



    • Good points! True about Serbia – almost comical really: Russians shook their heads for years: how could Serbs not see the obvious? Meanwhile Russians didn’t notice what was happening in their own backyard.
      It started with Gorbachev, and then Yeltsin. Both destroyed the system that allowed to monitor subversive activities.

      I talk about that in both of my books about Russia: The Earth Shifter and Gold Train.
      Of course, people’s belief in their own country was all but destroyed in the 1990s, aided by the US via subversive propaganda and NGOs. Only the deep, intrinsic strength of the Russian civilization allowed it to pull out so quickly.

      This proves the old saying: there is no messiah in one’s own backyard. Meaning, we develop blind spots when something is too close to us.

      True about NGOs – big problem, slowly dealt with now.

      If that Russian ambassador really said that – that’s pretty bad indeed. Amazing is the word – I agree. To be fair, I was a little bit the same way regarding ukraine, until kiev maidan happened. In fact, problems were all but ignored. I had friends who had to escape kiev and leave ukraine for fear of their safety, and who are still in disbelieve such things could happen.

      It is a very good question why Russians tend not to see such things. This is really because of the inborn belief in goodness and romanticism of Russians (and Serbs are Russians as well, as proven by researchers). They simply can’t imagine such deviousness, until too late.
      Even during Soviet days US was soooooo much better at propaganda on all levels, although West always portrayed USSR as propaganda state. The opposite was of course true.
      I remember, Russians didn’t believe Soviet propaganda about the West, until later it turned out that it was all true, albeit badly presented.


  6. Lada,

    Perhaps all cultures have difficulty in seeing what they don’t want to see. In the US, many in comfortable suburbs with decent jobs have trouble even thinking about the slum areas, let alone actually caring about them. Perhaps the Russian speakers in the Ukraine didn’t even listen to radical Ukrainian radio, or something like that. It makes sense not to put all of your energy on relatively unpleasant topics.

    So, in some ways, it is understandable. It is much harder to understand what the Russian government was doing. Perhaps it was the usual corruption and being willing to trade anything in order to get the gas through and to keep the bases in the Crimea. But there may be another problem: the USSR didn’t need marketing and the propaganda was bad. I heard from folks who went to Sochi that it was hard to buy souvenirs there. Very few places sold things, and the queues were very long. Perhaps Russians do not think about marketing much. In the US, the head of the marketing department is an important position.



    • @Paul….at first i wanted to respond to your comment…….never mind….~china~ from city~trailer park~ usa~….namaste


    • Oh, yes – very good, Paul!
      It’s a very interesting question, why? I do have an explanation as to why Russians think so differently than Americans or Brits, or even Germans (less so) and whether it’s really that bad. Long-term, it may actually be very good.
      Russian civilization has many other talents – info wars/ marketing isn’t one of them. In fact, Russia lost info wars to US/UK not since 1990 or ’80, but since 18th century. Before that, Russia lost info wars to Vatican. That loss was absolutely devastating, and only now, ironically thanks to the internet, the real historic truth is coming out.

      I have studied these subjects and as I said, will probably do a report soon. This I find extremely interesting and important to undertstand + it works together with some of the long-range predictions of mine. Stay tuned.


  7. Wow! Ask a question, get the answer! Most call the (not really Jewish) fanatics ‘Zionists’. Serious students of Gnosticism would call them Zaddekites. Same deal, different name. You knocked this one outta the park, Lada, as usual. Thank you for your tireless pursuit and sharing of the truth. And, like you intimated to Paul about infowars, he who controls the narrative controls the show.


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