Petitions to Sign: Mass Burning of Odessa Citizens by Ukraine Nazis

“Don’t take him to western Ukraine; take him instead to Odessa, a nice city, great place to raise a family.” Everything is Illuminated – book and movie

On May 2, 2014, the scum from the western ukraine nazi right sector, which was openly applauded and aided by the governments of the US, UK, Canada, Germany, Poland, Lithuania and EU, burned alive a large number of citizens of Odessa, including 16-year-olds and middle-aged women!

As some of you know, I grew up in Odessa, a beautiful city on the Black Sea, peaceful resort and nice place to raise your family. I have great memories of my childhood and of the lovely square called Kulikovo Polie, where I used to take many strolls as a child. I have awesome memories of one of the most beautiful streets in Odessa, the city’s pride and joy, Pushkinskaya, on which the great Russian poet Alexander Pushkin used to live. Read my nostalgic posts about Odessa with lots of great pics. I wrote these upbeat, positive posts last year, well before the events in Ukraine. However, you will notice that even then I didn’t say Odessa was a part of Ukraine. It wasn’t historically; it never felt like a part of Ukraine when I grew up there; and after what happened, it won’t be for long!

The nazi scum, bussed into the city by the Kiev junta and their US/EU sponsors, desecrated both! After they burned people alive in the Unions building on Kulikovo Polie, 2000 nazis – the German nazi style circa 1930s – marched along Pushkinskaya with torches, screaming fascist slogans to report to the kiev-installed Odessa authorities that they had fulfilled their task and are ready for more crimes!

As you all know, I have recently posted a petition to stop bloodshed in ukraine by sending Russian peacekeepers. As known to any sane person out there, and as recognized by any NOT bought-and-paid-for expert in the world, sending RUSSIAN peacekeepers to South and East of ukraine is the ONLY way to stop the bloodshed in Odessa region, Donbass region (Lugansk, Donetsk, Mariupol, Slavyansk, Kramatorsk), Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk and other areas. It is well-known that people of these areas will ONLY trust and accept Russian peacekeepers.

Read my post and sign petition here!

There are  more petition links below, after the eyewitness report from an American journalist living in Mariupol, Donetsk People’s Republic – so far ukraine. Sign them all! 

It’s not a mystery why people will only trust Russian peacekeepers: locals have been actively reporting the presence of large numbers of WESTERN MERCENARIES helping the kiev junta suppress their own people. Mercenaries are being sent by the West into the country because most of the regular army and police refuses to fight their own people. Many policemen and army officers resigned or sabotaged kiev junta actions, and quite a few defected to the side of the people. I predicted this would happen in my early article: Russia’s Geopolitics, USA’s Bluff and EU’s Big Mistake (look under “How Russian Black Sea Fleet in Crimea was divided”).

People report mercenaries in Donbass desecrating local historic monuments to WWII and Russian historic heroes by urinating on them. According to reports, these mercenaries speak English, German, Polish, Georgian; for some reason, a lot of them also speak Spanish. It is well-known that the US mercenaries from Greystone have been actively engaged in killing people in ukraine from the very beginning, along with western ukraine nazis, including the right sector and other scum. It appears that muslim fundamentalists from Turkey, Germany, Azerbaijan and Georgia have also sent 5,000 very experienced terrorists.

Read my post: New Damning Evidence: Odessa Massacre – False Flag to Provoke Russia

Not for the first time in history, fascism is not just rearing its ugly head in Europe – it is taking over!

People of North America and Europe! If you for a moment think you are all nice, clean and democratic, and what is happening in ukraine has nothing to do with you, think again! These are your governments that have supported and financed the dirty coup and the junta in kiev, your governments are condoning violence and burning of people alive by ukraine nazis! Your citizens are serving as mercenaries against the people! Your citizens are urinating on monuments and desecrating history! If you do not stand up to the lies of your governments, you are a part of their crimes!

Back in the 1930s, people stood and watched as fascists were taking over the continent. Do you want to see this happen again?

Below is the new eyewitness information + more petitions.  This excerpt by an American journalist paints a very scary picture of the kiev junta fascist takeover of a peaceful town in the Donbass region, called Mariupol! People, all this is happening in the 21st century, in the middle of Europe!

Many thanks to the FuturisTrendcast supporter Johanna for the excerpt and links! Johanna is adult literacy advocate from Canada. Find her: Radio website

“Lada, I just came across George Eliason’s recent article and he has listed 2 more petitions for Ukraine. He is a journalist currently living in Ukraine (in Mauriopal I think) see petitions at the end of this EXCERPT. You may want to network with him…you may even know him???….I sent him your link for the United Nations petition. The more we are the better.
Thanks for all you do! As I said before you are a light at the end of the disinformation tunnel!!
Endless Blessings!

Odessa– the First Pogrom– The Obama Genocide by George Eliason, a journalist living in Mariupol, Donbass. Excerpt. For full article, follow link.–the-First-Pogrom-by-George-Eliason-Activism-Anti-War_Civil-Disobedience_Class-War_Obama-Warmonger-140507-595.html

“Today In Mauriopal (Mariupol – LR) Pravy Sektor (the western ukraine nazi “right sector” militants  – LR) retook City Hall temporarily by using gas. Fortunately it had an odor. People are in the hospital but all escaped. Residents of Mauriopal retook the building.
I went into town today. I had to go through a few citizens road blocks manned by people that could be from your own neighborhood.

People were on edge but it was quiet. Ten minutes after we left someone on the bus got a call, Pravy Sektor arrived by carloads. Fifteen minutes later in a bus filled mainly with retirees, an attack helicopter ran parallel to us low to the ground until we turned off the road. As the bus entered our town a call came from the mayor, Pravy Sektor was in town demanding peoples passports and tearing them up. Its an easy way to make a Moskal; no identification, no problem. (Moskal is a derogatory name they call all Russians: meaning from Moscow. To them all Russians are from Moscow. They must have studied geography in the 12th century… or never – LR)

As I finish this we are waiting for them to show up. I am mindful of the fact that there is now bounties on the heads of journalists that write about the junta. Phone data is being mined and people are complaining conversations are cut off as soon as politics are mentioned. Two days ago I was scheduled to do an interview by Skype. Five minutes beforehand the internet connection was lost. We hobbled through over the phone. The subject was kept to the days events. After the interview was complete the internet connection returned. It does make you wonder.”

There is still time to stop this. Petitions like this one to the European Court on Human Rights is a way people across the world are trying to accomplish this. Among other things, this petition aims to recognize the nazi “right sektor” as a terrorist group (Rigth Sector – the western ukraine nazi party and militant organization that is responsible for about 80% of bloodshed and violence on kiev maidan, in Odessa, Donbass and everywhere else in ukraine): SIGN HERE! (Russian)   SIGN HERE! (English)

(Note, if you need a translation from Russian and instructions how to sign, please go to my petition article  – scroll down to instructions and list of countries in Russian.)

More links from George Eliason’s article:

Take action — click here to contact your local newspaper or congress people:
Save Ukraine! Stop the genocide.

Click here to see the most recent messages sent to congressional reps and local newspapers

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    Thank You Lada


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    Way to go Lada!


  3. Julian Reczek

    Hi Lada , I am a westerner and a new convert to your ideas. I along with many other followers believe in you and your predictions. We see how difficult this is for you and sympathise with you , but we need you to keep a cool head and not be influenced by negative comment from some people who reply to your posts. Re do you work for the Russian govt. Please dont be upset we are relying on your judgements to guide and ecucate us so we can understand and somehow help. I for one agree 100% with you and can see what you say is true. Please stay strong for us and thankyou.


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    Everyone plz sign the petitions below to stop the bloodshed in Ukraine. I’m seeing history repeating, if we don’t take action now, who’s gonna save u’r ass when “they” come for you!


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    Dear lady:

    I am sorry that Americans are so stupid and insane. Our government is willfully backing NAZIs in Ukraine.
    I cannot ask you to forgive this. I pray that God will vindicate the peaceful Ukrainian people


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