The Price of Treason: CIA Agents and Traitors in Charge of Ukraine

7 Million People and 30% of GDP Say Goodbye to Ukraine! People of the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics have spoken, and the result of the referendum was predictable. See my post with vote results and live interviews.

The events on the territory so far called Ukraine are developing with such speed that I can’t post articles fast enough. I prepared this article last week, but due to the referendum, I postponed it. By the time I was ready to publish, some of the information was already a thing of the past. Essentially, since Donetsk and Lugansk voted to secede, their territory is no longer a part of Ukraine. Therefore, if anywhere in my post I still refer to it as part of Ukraine, do keep in mind the new realities.

This article is in conjunction with my previous: Is There Israel and Mossad Involvement in Ukraine? I suggest you read it as well to form a full picture.

As I said in the last post, It has been officially announced that the highly experienced Israeli battalion Aliya, consisting of former Soviet/Russian citizens, is coming to help the people of the Donetsk Republic and Odessa to fight against the Kiev junta. Similar announcements have been made by some other forces elsewhere, as well. I’ll leave it up to these countries and organizations to declare who and what they are sending to help the people of the south-east, as perhaps some of them may want to remain anonymous for the time being. Presently, the Kiev nazis are hunting down anyone they consider suspicious, so it’s a dangerous task by any measure.

Interesting fact: via the Internet and various organizations, people have been inquiring how they could help the people of Donetsk and Lugansk and how to cross the Ukraine border. I was told that crossing the border is not a problem. The eastern Ukraine border patrol located on the Donbass side (Donetsk and Lugansk oblasts) takes bribes to issue a round-trip safe passage. Not sure about the amount, but not too much, perhaps 500 grivnas or less (and grivna is depreciating fast). This is not a joke! According to reports, these enterprising Ukrainian border patrol officers appear to know where the wind blows. They bet on the fact that the border between Russia and eastern Ukraine (specifically, Donbass region, aka Donetsk and Lugansk Republics) won’t exist for long. So why not at least make some money while it lasts!

As I also mentioned, the truly blood-thirsty Ukraine oligarch Kolomoyskiy and his cronies are keeping planes ready to take them to Israel in case the whole thing they started in Ukraine blows up on them. Kolomoyskiy, together with the US/EU darling, oligarch Piotr Poroshenko, was one of the main financiers and beneficiaries of the Kiev maidan. He is purported to be a Mossad agent and one of the fronts for Rothschilds in Ukraine. He is also an Israeli citizen, although some in Israel are trying to take action to relieve him of said citizenship. Oligarch Kolomoyskiy, who has brutally suppressed the uprising against the Kiev junta in Dnepropetrovsk by using his private army consisting of Western mercenaries, is treating Dnepropetrovsk as his fiefdom.

The importance of Dnepropetrovsk and Kharkov: Dnepropetrovsk is a large city in eastern Ukraine. It is known for its tech, aviation and military industry. The main client of the Dneproperovsk industry is Russia. They produce parts for Russian planes, helicopters and even for Russian space vehicles. There is absolutely no way all these plants and engineering firms would stay in business if Russia stopped buying their production. Joining the EU would be a catastrophe for them.

Dnepropetrovsk and Kharkov are also known for their colleges. My mother attended college in Dnepropetrovsk.

Dnepropetrovsk, as well as Kharkov (second largest city in Ukraine, pop. 2 mln people), are both important industry centers, whose GDP, along with the rest of Ukraine’s south-east is the only thing that has kept Ukraine afloat all these years, FEEDING the nazi-infested Kiev, northern and western Ukraine. As I said many times before, this is taxation without representation cum nazi takeover. In short, the worst of all worlds. The people in both Kharkov and Dnepropetrovsk are scared to protest because they’ve been told by Kolomoyskiy and his mafia that if they move a muscle, they will be killed.

Therefore, putting Kolomoyskiy, a mafiosi who has no mercy, in charge of Dnepropetrovsk was done with full knowledge that crippling the city’s economy would sabotage some important areas of the Russian industry.

Notice, Russia’s defence and space industries are being held hostage – some of the most strategically important Russian industries. And the cities of Dnepropetrovsk and Kharkov are being held hostage, too.

Hodos, the man whom I mentioned in my previous article about Israel and Mossad in Ukraine, says that he is pretty sure secret Russian defence designs have now ended up in the hands of the Mossad, after Kolomoyskiy had “visited” the Dnepropetrovsk factories. Hodos, who is Jewish, talks a lot about Mossad and the clandestine Zionism influence. He is very active in informing people about these things in Ukraine. He is also a big proponent of the Ukraine territory re-uniting with Russia.

My opinion: There is a very filigree chess game that is going on. Mossad and Israel are included; however, I am seeing that Israel and USA are not necessarily, and not always, in this together. Israel is disappointed with the US. So are the Saudis and Turkey, as well as many other countries. They are playing their own game. Meanwhile, EU is very slowly distancing itself from the US as well. Way TOO SLOWLY, considering that EU fully shares the blame with the US for the tragedy in Ukraine!

Hodos mentions two very strange facts about Dnepropetrovsk: 1. Dnepropetrovsk is #1 in the world in per capita suicides among cities with a million, or more, population; 2. Israel chose Dnepropetrovsk as the Jewish headquarters in Ukraine. The recently built synagogue, which more resembles a fortress, is the largest in Europe.

I also want to remind my readers what I mentioned previously: in 2004-2008, during the US stooge and (according to Russians) CIA asset Viktor Yushchenko’s presidency in Ukraine, US built a massive embassy in Kiev. This structure occupies SEVERAL BLOCKS and has massive underground facilities. Witnesses report that the US can hide an army there if they want to. This is the largest embassy in Europe. From there, the US exerts strong influence over all affairs of Ukraine. Basically, US are puppeteers of their Ukrainian dolls.

Some may be confused as to why Russia would place production of such important parts of its defence and space industry in Ukraine, of all places. This happened throughout Soviet industrialization, when Stalin, and later Khrushchev and Brezhnev, located various parts of production in different Soviet republics other than Russia. It was done according to the communist doctrine of “sharing the wealth,” so not just Russia benefitted from the bounty, but others as well. It was supposed to connect various Soviet republics by having them trade with each other and by creating jobs in more depressive regions. Of course, the east and south of Ukraine, correctly called NOVOROSSIA, was where the educated Russian population resided, and therefore it was logical to place industry there. Because of Lenin’s idea of attaching Novorossia to the agricultural and not very educated Ukraine proper (Kiev, Poltava, Vinnitsa and a few other oblasts at the time), the industrial, hard-working south-east could now feed the uneducated, agricultural north, and later west. I talked about that at length in my first articles about Ukraine. I especially recommend these:

Unfortunately, these plans to spread the wealth and create self-sufficiency on the entire Soviet space, as masterminded by the communist internationalists of the USSR, has backfired terribly on the simple people, essentially rendering citizens of Ukraine’s south-east hostages to the evil plans of certain external forces.

What the West pays for treason and betrayal?

Essentially, Ukraine has experienced a foreign takeover via foreign agents that US/EU put in power in Kiev. I said before that #Turchinov, #Yatsenyuk, #Poroshenko have been purported to be CIA or MI6 assets. It is reported that these people all have planes on a stand-by ready to whisk them away should their coup go sour. Much like Saakashvili of Georgia was waiting for the Russian tanks to roll into Tbilisi in 2008, the new Kiev authorities are very scared of the Russian invasion.

For their betrayal, Turchinov, Yatsenyuk, Poroshenko, Klitchko, as well as high commanders spearheading assault on peaceful citizens of Donetsk, Slavyansk, Mariupol and Kramatorsk, received multimillion Swiss bank accounts, US or UK citizenship and moving their families to the chosen country, usually US or UK. For lesser traitors: Polish, Lithuanian or similar citizenship, $2,000-5,000 per diem, and if things blow up in their face, safe evacuation to said countries.

Here is one concrete example. This is reported by the activist and politician Vladimir Rogov, who is originally from Zaporozhie. Rogov talks about a man, whose name I don’t care to remember, and who is also from Zaporozhie. Kiev has dragged him out of retirement. He is a former KGB agent, whom Kiev de-mothed and dusted off, putting in charge of the recent assaults on Slavyansk and Kramatorsk. This man, whose KGB nickname was “Gorilla,” apparently for a good reason, demanded the following for his role in the operation against his people: that his family be moved to the UK or US, US or UK citizenships for the whole family, safe passage for him if things go sour, and $5mln in a Swiss bank account.

Another example: Pilots get paid $5,000 per flight to bomb and intimidate the Donbass residents. However, after several combat helicopters have been downed by locals, Kiev is having a hard time recruiting anyone to fly for this money. It didn’t help that when one helicopter was down, another helicopter landed next to it, people came out, collected all weapons and munitions from the downed helicopter and left the wounded pilot to die. Locals found the wounded pilot, who just an hour prior fought against them; they took him to the hospital where he is now recovering after an operation. These people had helped the man who just bombed them…

I wish the people of the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics a well-deserved peace and happiness. Their lives will get better, although it may be a difficult going at first. But now they have something to live for. As to the traitors, aggressors and bullies… well, in the end they always get what they deserve.

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  1. Her father murdered, dust settled, going back to Princeton… I am on the edge here… Go Sasha!!! Bill


  2. Very interesting. Any thoughts on what the citizens or activists should do in Kharkov or Dnepropetrovsk?


  3. Is this 30% GDP controlled by private companies or state-owned companies? The deliveries of the production may be happening from the industrial sites in these regions but the payments would be deposited in bank accounts controlled by Kiev or by the oligarchs. It is not going to be easy to revert the payments to the new republics: this would probably require nationalization of these industries and mines. This would lead to even a bigger uproar than the referendum. The authorities on both sides may have to negotiate very skilfully: one side has legal and financial control and the other side control over physical infrastructure and human resource. Some serious expertise and wise counsel is the need of the hour.


    • You’re right – controlled by oligarchs. Yes, it will take a while to unwind this. There is already a lot of posturing and threats to cut off salaries and such. Mining and banking are controlled by 2 Kiev junta biggest supporters. But Donbass has hired some serious specialists already. Time is on their side, but it may prompt Kiev to retaliate. But the more Kiev retaliates, the more Donbass will push back, as has already happened. The ending is predictable, but could be drawn out.


  4. ….~For lesser traitors: Polish, Lithuanian or similar citizenship, $2,000-5,000 per diem, and if things blow up in their face, safe evacuation to said countries.~…..~polska~….the ~kupczyk~….but……~no safe heaven for ~banderovce~…..memory is forever……. for patience… patience….and long wait….and so….come to poland……hehe……..cheers!


    • Yeah, Banderovtsi, incl. the infamous SS division Galichina, collaborated with Hitler in WWII. They killed a lot of Russians, Ukrainians and a lot of Poles too. There are more and more proofs surfacing that western Ukraine nazis during WWII executed thousands of Polish officers and then pinned it on Russians. It wasn’t hard. They simply put on Soviet uniforms and spoke Russian during the massacre.

      I forget the name of this place, but it was a famous massacre, where 16,000 Poles were executed during WWII. They were successfuly pinning it on Stalin and USSR for a while. It was of course necessaryin order to create as big a rift as possble between USSR and Poland so they couldn’t unite in fighting fascism. Same old divide and conquer. Too bad so many in Poland have fallen for this old game.

      Btw, I’ve been to Poland 4 times and I had very good frieds there.

      From this perspective it is especially amazing that they are working so closely with Ukraine nazis on this. Of course there is a clandestine game that is going on. Polish govt, which is in the US pocket, was undoubtedly promised certain perks by the US. How will the population take the banderovtsi coming to town, I’d love to see.


      • Thomas Renshaw

        Yes – are you talking about the Katyn massacre? In 1990 the Soviet Union officially acknowledged and condemned the massacre and the conspiracy cover-up by the Soviet government.

        The Prosecutor General’s Office of the Soviet Union and the Russian Federation also investigated this and confirmed this was true.


        • Yes, Katyn, thank you. Your info is extremely outdated. You should really catch up on your news.

          Admission about Katyn was done under pessure from the US and Poland at the moment USSR was at its all-time weakest and Gorbachev was surrendering his positions one by one. It was later determined that Gorbachev was for years under extreme pressure by the US to act in ways that were inconsistent with his position as President of the USSR.

          Some investigators go as far as to point out the US had dirt on his family and their REAL role during WWII and therefore, he was recruited by the CIA.Gorby was from Ukraine too, btw. There is much evidence, which I will not go into, confirming his election as GenSec and then as President was manipulated to unseat his rival, Romanov, who would have been elected instead given the chance.

          Many in Russia have been accusing Gorbachev of treason. I am not going to go into details, but you can investigate on your own. Suffice it to say that those internationl events that I know DIRECTLY about, and what investigators are saying, match. Therefore, I am confident he was at least manipulated to admit certain things and to little by little surrender the country. His biggest crime was succumbing to pressure and destroying the country, of course. Everything else pales in comparison, even admitting to falsified evidence about Katyn. There is a lawsuit pending agaisnt him for treason.

          Again, there is tons of evidence and eye-witness accounts, so I don’t want to hear bull**** to the effect that USSR had to break up. If that were true, US would have broken up in 2008, or 2009, or 2010, or right now – you get my drift.

          Katyn has been under serious investigation for years since, and it was determined, including many confessions of those who executed the massacre, that it was done by banderovtsi, or in other words western Ukraine nazi SS division Galichina.

          The actual conspiracy coverup was initially by Hitler/banderovtsi, and later by the US and German governments. Nikolay Starikov talks about all this in his books.


  5. Hi Lada, came across this post regarding McCain’s scheme to spin US military as “saviors fighting crimes against humanity”, now that’s rich!

    Hey that’s original, a “positive” false flag, LOL!
    The US needs an image makeover badly, however the Obama administration & globalist power elite will never allow it. There’s no money, oil, guns, drugs, or people to exploit, no gov’t to take over. If the US was really fighting for justice & “crimes against humanity” then why are we in Ukraine supporting a rogue fascist junta gov’t (installed by the CIA) to destabilize the region and attack Russia and Iran?? It’s all about power and control gone mad. The US press can’t spin this story, their real motives are too transparent. Ironic how warlords are the same everywhere, they neglect the hardships of their own people and spread war, suffering, destruction wherever they go. It’s time for all people to unite and stand up to oppression.


  6. People in Europe, voting in elections next week may like to read by Jim Dean


  7. Gordon Duff has quoted you in his article of 16th May.


  8. Far is my way of seeing from all this frighteningly “human” situation.
    Kiev-junta, CIA, the proud Saudis… everyone trying to gain and keep control on power, be it money or weaponry OR both.
    Russia trying to get rid of the domineering…

    Just people, willing people like you, endeavouring to inform on these ones…

    Why ?
    Why are you striving for such a perfection in finding the truth about all is going on right now when – I daresay – we all know the story will recur, and recur, and recur, in more ways and yet telling the same thing about men ? 🙂

    I very much hope you won’t get me wrong: I deem what you do as a JUST thing.

    But it will never be enough: justice alone has proved to be no more than a wishful thinking in this world, no matter who advocates it, no matter how strong OR lasting (never seen strong and lasting kinds of justice I think…).

    So what about finding what originates the story ?
    My life is dedicated to find out those mind-flaws that make men act like most of them do.
    How many of the protagonists of the world you describe in your posts have ever stopped believing and started aiming for knowledge, true knowledge ?

    The sad truth is that we can’t know what is the truth so long as we confuse it with reality.
    You are a linguist so you may know that in ancient times there was a word: res.
    That’s what we can see and touch and the terms “real” and “reality” come from it.

    That’s NOT truth.
    Truth was “veritas” in those ancient times, and opposed to “res”.
    (There is a synonym for “truth” in English, “verity”, a derivative of the above word).

    Truth lies under reality and can NOT be descried so long as you deem (one deems) what you see with your eyes more important than what you see with your inner-mind.

    Men like those you describe come into this world, open their eyes, see what’s going on around them and just take part in it.
    They don’t KNOW who they are, they don’t KNOW where they come from, they don’t KNOW what life means and most of them don’t even know that is possible to know this all, if you quest for it.
    Because they choose to BELIEVE, stopping at their believes.

    So what do you really expect to be in them except for the folly that the present world has inspired in their minds through their eyes ?

    We’ve come to the age in which we need to stand up against reality to find truth more than we need to stand up against war to find peace.
    As a hardly achieved peace is nowadays surely weaker than a thousand wars, whereas a single dream is stronger than a thousand realities, war included.

    And truth conveys dreams much more than reality does.

    I decided to be daring, to write this down as what I do touches what you are doing: we both report things that happen, we both want to find the underlying truth, only in different ways, if I’m not mistaken…

    I discovered truth has a unique potential in moving and changing the surface reality, I discovered if you put one dream in the dimension of truth it will generate new realities and I made this my own way of contributing to improve the world I live in.

    The mind, I have been learning, is the only key for a true progress.
    There can be NO real solution to the problems you are writing about in my opinion, or rather every solution, even the most brilliant, is meant to be no more than a stopgap.

    The human mind needs to take further steps forward, all the rest will come along and that’s also why I decided to study the mind, the sub-real and their “aptitude” to modify reality instead of getting experienced in economics and such… 🙂

    Would you Lada Ray say I was wrong (in being so unpractical) ? 🙂

    To what extent are you interested in finding TRUTH ?
    If I told you that reality is also a subjective truth, that everyone can see it in a different way, but that there is also an OBJECTIVE truth, veritas, and once you have found it your mind is NO LONGER able to deny it, would you say this is possible ?

    If I told you you can get to know if God really exists and who is God and who are men all together, without the shadow of a doubt, would you say this is possible ? 🙂

    These questions may seem trivial, but in fact we will never get to solve the problem of hatred and of thirst for power until we find the answers, whatever the effort we put into solving them through reality.

    I also wanted to thank you for what you wrote a couple of posts ago about commenting and hope certain things I wrote here are not too intense (or senseless, depending on the point of view).



    • Hi Mildir,
      These are some very interesting questions. Instead of responding here, I decided to have a post that will address some your questions and that resonates in some way with what you are saying. This way more people will be able to read it. Coming in a couple of days!


      • Dear Lada,

        I felt there was deep wisdom in you, but I could not be sure, I dared not imagine you would have proved wise enough not to scoff at my words as at a madman’s words ! 🙂

        Your reply left me quite astounded: I wrote what I wrote as I somehow felt you were one of those rare people who could take this kind of message, probably the most unlikely to be taken among all kinds of message, the most unacceptable, because it’s BEYOND reality, and reality is in most cases all we men have !
        On the other hand I knew I was taking a big risk by openly writing it here !

        You can therefore imagine how much joy has given to me seeing you have not thought of those words as flimflam or worse ! 🙂

        And now I don’t even know in what language to thank you among all my favourite ones !
        One of these days I’ll be creating a list of gratitude formulas in all the languages I know including Inuit, Polynesian, Maori and Sanskrit ! 😀

        For now I will only write a heartfelt Спасибо ! 🙂
        (I think Russian is your mother tongue, but I might be wrong ! 😀 )

        And of course: go raibh míle maith agat ! 🙂
        (This is Irish Gaelic, the language I love the most, it means “Thanks a million !”)


        P.S.: I was also toying with the idea of buying one of your books as have been feeling they could open to me a world I know very little about.
        I promise I’ll do that as soon as I can ! 🙂


        • Sounds great, Mildir. Could you tell me what country you are from? I thought you said you lived in Italy, but your name isn’t Italian. It’s wonderful that you know so many languages. 🙂


      • Well, I am in fact Italian but my heart belongs to Ireland ! 🙂
        My name… 😀
        My real name is Simone but everywhere in the network I am known as Mildir.
        “Mildir” is a Sindarin name and it means either “Scholar” or “Who longs for something, who is passionate about something”, whereas both the meanings describe my nature.
        (Sindarin is a fictional language created by J.R.R.Tolkien: you can see it in the books of “The Lord of the Rings”. It can also be heard throughout the LoTR film trilogy and in the new movies based on “The Hobbit”, one of Tolkien’s novels)

        So am I definitely labelled as “The Mad Guest” of this blog ? 😀

        I’m honoured that you consider my “questions” so much as to want to reply in a post !
        Should you need any clarification or further explanation of what I was just suggesting in my message, please feel free to ask ! 🙂

        I am part of a movement of people who are currently working to highlight little pieces of a truth that has remained hidden from the eyes of most men for… say, an EXTREMELY long time ! 🙂

        We are creedless, as we don’t want to simply BELIEVE, we dare quest for the truth.
        And we do because everyone who’s entered the movement has discovered that this is not a dream or a self-deception or something completely beyond the reach of the human mind: this is possible, the objective truth can be reached, or you can come across it, if you know where to look.

        We do NOT state to know the truth.
        This is important Lada.
        The nature of the objective truth is very complicated: it is UNSPEAKABLE.
        When you have discovered it, you can NOT communicate it as such to someone who has not.
        All you can do is to suggest where they can find it, where they have to begin from in order to see it.
        Or you can try to explain the content of the piece of truth you’ve found, but as long as those whom you are talking to don’t discover it themselves you must present it as an opinion of yours.

        Make them believe what you are telling is the truth would be totally pointless for our cause, so you don’t have to worry: I will NEVER tell something I say is the truth and something you say is not.

        The objective truth emerges when two or more people seek for it and FIND THE SAME THING, the same exact truth through the same exact way.
        It then becomes “speakable” only among them.

        We are hundreds, all over the world.
        Things such as the nature of God, the nature of men, the history of our world, what comes after one dies and the true meaning of the existence have been the subject of our long “study” through the years.

        In case you would like to know more about it, just tell me…
        In case you would like to chase me away from this wonderful blog, just tell me anyway ! 😀


  9. There is new inside intelligence about the planners of the Odessa massacre. Also there is confirmation about the parallels between Georgia and Ukraine that you have written about earlier (I believe you were the first to point it out). This is a quote from the following article by Henry Kamens :
    “For several years there has been a practice of governments paying snipers to shoot people indiscriminately in Eastern Europe. It dates back to at least 2008, when snipers operating in Georgia and trained by US contractors were employed to kill civilians in South Ossetia even before the 2008 Georgian-Russian war. This information has been confirmed by one of the snipers involved.

    Information is still unfolding about the various funding source behind various events in Ukraine. However, we do know that there is a direct connection with what went on in Georgia in 2008. It was reported several weeks ago in Interpress News that four of the snipers in Kiev were in fact Georgian nationals. The source for this story was Georgian General Tristan Tsitelashvili (Titelashvili), who later confirmed this in an interview with Rossiya TV.

    Tsitelashvili claimed that at least four of the snipers shooting at people in Maidan Square were under the command of former Georgian president Mikheil Saakashvili, who is doing his best to destabilise his own country, and others if necessary, to find a way back into power.

    “I know the identity of the four people who were there, as snipers, but I can’t name them as an investigation is underway. The materials will be sent to the Prosecutor’s Office in two weeks. I can tell you that these people were former officials under Saakashvili government. The previous government trained them for such work. Their teams in Kiev were led by Givi Targamadze and Gia Baramidze”, Tsitelashvili said. Targamadze and Baramidze are well-known members of the former Georgian government, with warrants hanging over them for various offences committed during that period.

    This too has been confirmed by one of the snipers involved. He is currently in hiding, living without papers. He tells me that most of his colleagues have been terminated. Given what they might know, and what happens to those who know, I am inclined to believe him.”


    • Yes, thank you for these quotes! I heard Georgia was investigating the Georgian snipers operating in Kiev. It’s been known for a month or more. They were definitely CIA. The CIA stamp all over them. CIA has been doing the sniper trick well before Georgia.


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