Prediction: Deal of the Century Between Russia and China – Huge Blow to the US and EU

Russia and China signed what is called the “Holy Grail gas deal” worth $400 bln. It guarantees the supply of Russian gas to China for 30 years. The Russia-China pipeline construction alone, associated with this deal, will be the largest construction project in the world. Currently, 70% of China’s energy needs are fulfilled by local coal. As a result, China is suffocating in harmful smog. China wants to move to the cleaner energy and Russian gas is providing this opportunity.

Putin and Euro remnantsWith the largest gas reserves in the world, Russia has plenty of gas to supply to China, as well as the EU. Presently, most of the Russian gas is purchased by the EU to feed its very large economy. However, half of Russia’s gas transit to the EU is being held hostage by the hostile Kiev regime managed directly by the US with EU’s help, and EU/US keep insisting on slapping sanctions against Russia. Because of pressures from the West, Russia has to re-assess its economic and geopolitical priorities. What the Western leaders are realizing too slowly is that Russia is holding all the cards.

I predicted this exact outcome from the very beginning of the Ukraine crisis. The thing is that the myopic “leaders” in the EU and US misjudged Russian leadership. More disturbingly, they seriously overestimated their own value to Russia.

Putin won’t hold on to the past located in the West, if he sees much better future jumping into his hands in the East. The deal with China is all that. As I said before, in the next several years, EU should expect gas supply shortages. Not because Russia will do it maliciously, but because Ukraine will attempt to sabotage EU gas supply by stealing gas going to the EU. As we know, Ukraine didn’t settle its gas bill with Gazprom since the beginning of 2014. To cut off the malignancy that is today’s Kiev authorities, Russia may have to limit or abandon altogether its gas pipeline going through Ukraine, writing it off as unprofitable headache.

The US is trying to take over control of the Ukraine gas interests, and eventually control of the Gazprom pipeline, by naming Joe Biden’s son as a director of a Ukraine energy giant.  By signing the Chinese gas deal, Russia just said to the US and EU, “Really? I don’t think so.” The China-Russia deal takes away from the EU/US/Kiev the power to pressure Russia.

Geopolitical Prediction: This is yet another silly, pointless move, and in the long run it won’t work. Eventually, Biden’s progeny, together with many of his oligarch buddies, will have to run from Ukraine. All these frantic moves only create more distrust as USA actively self-sabotages its dealings with Russia, Eurasia and China.

The ball will be in the EU court to build alternative pipelines to bypass Ukraine. Ukraine and the EU will not be able to blackmail Russia via its Ukraine pipeline any more. As I predicted before – if Russia feels inconvenienced even in the slightest, she will progressively switch more business to the East. All the leverage in this situation is in Russia’s hands.

Lada Ray’s Mystical Futurism Prediction

Russia is the ultimate yin-yang balancer of the planet Earth. The more balanced Russia is, the more balance there will be in the human world. Therefore, Russia will continue striving to do business with both East and West, in other words, with both China/Asia and EU. However, if the EU continues behaving unreasonably – and so far it has – Russia will continue pivoting towards Asia. In the end it will be the EU that will pay the price for its myopia. Read more about this in PREDICTIONS.

In addition to the gas deal, Russia and China will be developing several other directions. Up to 55 Chinese tech companies are looking to invest in Russia. Finally opening up its markets to Chinese investors signals Russia’s resolute re-orientation to the East. Chinese tech companies are positioning themselves to squeeze the EU companies out of the Russian market, including giants like Siemens, BASF and many others. Over 6000 companies from Germany alone do business in Russia. German exports to Russia are responsible for 300,000 jobs in Germany. The shift to the East may become a problem for the already struggling EU economy.

Russia and China will also create a joint investment company to develop mutual tourism. This is another massive deal as Russia is the #3 destination for Chinese tourists and China is #2 destination for Russian tourists. Both are projected to grow exponentially as more Russian tourists go to Asia, and Chinese tourists to Russia, instead of Europe. As I wrote before, Russia and China will also jointly develop tourism and transportation infrastructure in Siberia and the Far East where Chinese tourists love to travel. In recent article: Russia’s Moves: Outlawing GMO and Putin’s Holy Grail Gas Deal with China I also spoke of another megaproject: the railroad, which will eventually connect China, through the Russian Far East and Bering Strait, to Alaska, Canada and the US.

These swift, and seemingly sudden developments are not a surprise to me. In the very beginning of the Ukraine crisis I predicted all that. I said that any sanctions against Russia will backfire on the US and EU, as well as Ukraine. I said that if Russia feels even slightly squeezed by Western sanctions, off to the East they go! Read Russia’s Geopolitics, USA’s Bluff and EU’s Big Mistake.

Soon after the West attempted to impose sanctions, Russia announced that it would be creating its own credit payment system to bypass Visa and MC  – this happened after Visa tried to deny Russian transactions. Visa backtracked, but too late. This will eventually become a blow to the US interests in Russia, forcing Visa/MC to be squeezed out of the Russian market. Read  Sanctions Backfire. Goodbye Visa: Russia Will Create Its Own Payment System. Right after that, Russia announced Eurasian Union and the new currency Altyn, which will create a new Eurasian center of power. Read Global Consequences: Russia Announces Eurasian Union and New Currency Altyn. The new China-Russia mega deals are the next steps in this whole saga. And as I pointed out before, this is only the beginning!

You know what the funniest thing is? IF the US and EU were smart enough not to provoke Russia via Ukraine, if they just let it be, Russians would have been content to drudge along just as before. Russians would humbly continue accepting the frozen conflict in Ukraine, pay Kiev for Russia’s own land and Russian Fleet base in Crimea, delay a deal with China, continue to sell gas to Europe, work around Ukraine’s non-payment and gas theft, attempt to work with rude Americans and Europeans, who keep calling Russians names not only behind their backs but also to their face, such as Prince Charles of the UK calling Putin a Hitler.

But the West cannot behave in any other way: its historic karmic role – I would call it a curse – is to be aggressor and agitator, which is a purely “yang” role. By doing so in this 3D reality, the West wakes up “yin” nations who don’t want to fight, and through confrontation, forces them to take leaps forward that result in such nations getting ahead. In this particular case the result was that Russia awakened and started acting.

Unfortunately at present, the US is incredibly imbalanced, which is why its yang qualities go into an overdrive, thus creating mayhem and conflict everywhere in the world. The US, as the dying empire in its death throes, is attempting to export its internal conflict to delay its demise.

Eyes of the Universe, abstract environmental backgroundsRussia, being the ultimate yin-yang culture, strives to stay in balance. However if necessary, she is able to spring into action very quickly. Putin is perfect for his position of the Russian leader. Very few people know that Putin’s astrological sign is Libra and the symbol of Libra is the scales – scales of balance and scales of justice. As usual, Putin doesn’t engage in confrontation with the West, but waits quietly for the perfect moment. When necessary, he makes surgically precise, lightning-fast and elegant moves to restore balance and justice, which leave his opponents stunned. By the time they understand what hit them, it’s too late and the only thing they can do is recognize the new reality.

Read the full explanation of how all this works in Predictions.

Oh, yes, and did I mention: Russia and China will settle all their bilateral trade in Yuan and Rubles. This further increases the international significance of the Yuan and Ruble. Eventually, the US dollar will pay the ultimate price.

2014 is the Chinese Year of the Wood (or Green) Horse. As I do every year, in January 2014 I wrote my Feng Shui Chinese New Year Predictions for the Year of the Horse. 

Beautiful horse and baby

Here is an excerpt of what I said:

Lapchun Prediction: Another positive this year is that we have the so-called LAPCHUN, or the proverbial “spring.” Lapchun doesn’t happen every year, and when it doesn’t, it is hard or counterproductive to start something new as it will not take off. This year we have Lapchun, therefore, new shoots, new beginnings will take root!

2014 World Events Prediction: Due to the volatility of the Wood Horse combo, the events in the world will tend to spiral out of control. Tempers, ignited by the fire multiplied by wood (wood burns = intensifies fire – LR), will flare much too easily; fights may be gloves off and very ugly (gloves-off ugly civil war in Ukraine; nazis in Ukraine and Kiev junta killing people, warring against their own population – LR). Natural and man-made disasters, especially related to fires and explosions, will further intensify (Senselessly cruel fire that burned people in Odessa alive; Molotov cocktails used by Kiev maidan to burn police – LR). Various rebellions, violent protests around the world will unfortunately continue.

Protests against rotten and corrupt systems will continue and intensify. However, these protests will lack reason and will tend to spiral out of control, as well as be hijacked by interests with ulterior motives, as we are already seeing happen in countries such as Egypt and Ukraine.

Tying this point with the above: disturbing the energy of Tai Sui (the energy of the year – LR) with anger and violence will most likely backfire – and not just in the South of the world.

Here I have to dig deeper into this decade: we are going through a MASSIVE tectonic shift in consciousness and global structures. Whatever is not fastened well, will be blown away, whatever was not solidly built, will crumble and be replaced. This is true for the entire decade: various angry and violent protests, as well as revelations of conspiracies, corruption and greed, will continue. So, anchor and fasten everything in your life, and build your structures solidly, if you don’t want them to be blown away!”

Conclusion: Russia-China deals, Eurasian Union and other starts this year will take root! Those who initiate any violence this year, will see it backfire on them.  

Read full Chinese New Year of the Horse Predictions by Feng Shui Master Lada Ray

On a lighter note

Russian, English, Spanish, Italian, Ukrainian – these languages I speak are all well and good. I’m ready for the new challenge: Chinese. And luckily, I have relatives who can teach me both Mandarin and Cantonese.

Let’s begin, shall we?

Nǐ hǎo ma? Are you good? (How are you in Mandarin). Nǐ hǎo, wǒ jiào Lada. (Hello, my name is Lada). 

Till next post, Joy geen (Cantonese). I’ll see you again!

Watch report from Shanghai

by Katie Pilbeam at RT’s Venture Capital, with gorgeous footage of Shanghai

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  1. Lada, the irrepressible, inexhaustible, inimitable… she could be an Aries with a heavy-duty sprinkling of Gemini. Excellent article, thanks. I tried that ni hao ma in Saigon once upon a time and the old lady just giggled at me! Hugs, Bill


    • I am neither, but thanks anyway, Bill. 😉

      Re: ni hao ma – maybe you tried it in the wrong country, lol. Maybe in Vietnam they prefer Vetnamese? 😉
      Besides, Chinese is very heavily dependent on inflection. In China you have to be aware that inflection changes the meaning of the word. Most “occidentals” as they call us, butcher the inflections very badly, thus resulting in the wrong words.

      Hugs 🙂


    • Clarification: By “neither” I meant neither Aries nor Gemini. But I’ll take the adjectives as a compliment, Bill.
      Hugs 🙂


  2. Lada, Thank you, thank you, for the inside story always, rather than just an outside perspective. So look forward to each and every post you share with us that sheds light on the truth, unlike most so-called news stories that cast shadows and illusions to deceive us. We are learning history here, and we would do well to pay attention — watch and listen closely — to the epic story being told at this time in our evolution, because it is the story of restoring order and balance to the original intentional design and determination for humankind to grow and thrive as a planetary and worldwide community.

    Russia is key — or as Edgar Cayce put it, Russia IS the key. We are only now able to really see — through your eyes (your posts) — the truth emerging from all the russophobia and demonizing of Russia and Putin, and western labels (from rude and crude, to downright execrable). From the western MSM we get fun and games with Dick and Jane. From Lada Ray we learn the strategy of chess one play at a time, we learn to recognize the brilliance (or stupidity) of each move made, we learn to “read” the players by studying their attitudes, and we learn to become intelligent and informed observers.

    Can’t wait for the new upcoming lessons !!
    A gentle hug for Lily, too.

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  3. Dear Lada did I say I love you???


  4. Nancy C/Seattle

    I first became aware of your work on Jean Haines blog where you have been heavily featured. It’s a huge, 80,000 hits a day global blog on topics of “conspiracy”, anti-cabal, spiritual, ET, ascension etc. I ordered 3 of your books today from Amazon – Stepford U.S.A., Gold Train & Earth Shifter, although the latter is probably for the teen, & Young Adult market, the Amazon reader reviews were all so great. I loved the trailer videos on Gold Train, Stepford & Green Desert. i wish the latter was available in paper back.

    I’m an American & old enough to remember school drills in 1950 of hiding under our desks because the Russians were coming and then a few years later with the Korean War the Chinese, “Yellow peril” were after us. So I’m a little ashamed that we have to look toward Russia and China to help us now. I know the rest of the world wonders, What’s wrong with Americans. Perhaps one little stat might help a little toward global understanding. I believe something like 6% of the global population is American and yet slightly more than 25 % of all incarcerated, locked up humans on the planet are Americans.


    • Hi Nancy,
      It’s wonderful to hear about my books! The Earth Shifter is really for the adult audience, although it can be read by teens as well. It’s a very broad range book with some advanced mystical and geopolitical themes.

      Jean’s blog is awesome!

      Thanks for the comment.
      Hugs 🙂


  5. Richard Fitts

    Things are getting interesting.
    another point of view from Martin Armstrong at

    Historic Trade Deal Russia & China – Will this Dethrone the USD?
    Posted on May 22, 2014 by Martin Armstrong

    QUESTION: My question is this:
    Russia and China making bilateral trade not using USD, China doing so with other countries etc. the buzz now is USD falling from grace. Yet is seems to me that as long as currencies out there are relating in any way with USD, and oil is priced in USD then in some manner they cannot disengage from it. So the question is: Is there any way to disengage from the USD?
    Thank you for your time, attention and possible answer.
    Kind regards,

    ANSWER: Trade is not the determining factor behind a currency’s value. Russia and China are trying to side-step the USD, but that is really a fleeting effort. The yuan is less that 10% of trade flows and the euro is even below the yuan. The key behind the dollar remains the simple fact that this is the RESERVE CURRENCY. What does that really mean? That is more than just saying so.

    The USD is an extremely deep currency into which capital flows take place and park on a global basis. The euro failed in this regard because they did not consolidate the debts of all member states even though they have been federalizing Europe. Europe is no different from the state debt level in the USA – not ready for reserve status and way too much different security risks among the members.
    The currencies of Russia and China are not ready for prime time. There is too much political instability right now and that undermines the value of a currency aside from the fact that people can trade in them, that is nice, but they then quickly covert to dollars. The process of dethroning the dollar is nonetheless underway. However, that will not be accomplished by trade. The way that will happen is only when we see the inevitable systemic collapse in government debts. That will begin in Europe, then hit Japan, and the USA will be last.

    Both China and Russia had difficulty in selling their bonds this time around. Without the ability to park huge amounts of money into these currencies, there is no possible hope of undermining the dollar. Trade flows are just too tiny – it is the capital investment flows that count. Just ask yourself are you willing to buy bonds from China and Russia? Do you really think they would be a safer investment than the US? If you are honest in your answers you will see the reality distinguished from the same nonsense as usual that the dollar will collapse and somehow the rest of the world will just watch in amazement. These are people with opinions that are as biased as ever and have been saying the same thing all the time. That does not cut it when it comes to parking serious money.

    Foreign countries issue debt in dollars to sell them taking on the currency risk themselves. China’s previous debt that it defaulted on during the Great Depression was likewise denominated in foreign currencies at that time. You can buy their bonds and Russian bonds from the 1930s for framing. You cannot do that with US bonds.

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    • I do not believe I used the term “collapse of the dollar” – I normally use the term “collapse of the US Empire.” Collapse of the dollar will NOT happen the way most predict, including the person in your link.
      I will agree that some have wishful and biased thinking in this regard. I will also agree that at this time, USD is a very deep, if fake, currency. Just shows again how prone humans are to self-deception.

      It doesn’t mean however, that USD will exist as reserve currency for too long.

      I have a big prediction about that – I’ll share it in due time. It will most likely be in the form of a special report.

      Your Q&A: I think you are confusing wealth with money. These are not the same.
      You also have a very poor understanding of the historic perspective, which is common for Americans.

      USD may be a reserve currency for convenience’s sake since it’s the only one that had the time and lack of obstacles to build necessary infrastructure. This infrustructure will eventually become absolete.

      You’ll be able to read more in my special report or video, perhaps this summer.


  6. What a wonderful article ! 🙂
    Especially I love learning so much is being set in motion through Russia… could she determine the end of the EU as we know it ?
    She’d be our “earth-shifter” ! 😀

    May I point something out ?
    Europe may well be Yang, but Ireland is undoubtedly Yin: it went bankrupt for overmuch loaning !!! 😀

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    • Hi Mildir,
      You are very astute, and you are in tune with energy flow. Ireland is one of the most yin cultures of Europe. Actually the Irish culture is the only remnant of the ancient sister culture to the ancient Vedic Russ.
      By the way, the blog post I promised, featuring my reply to your comment, is coming soon – stay tuned.
      Hugs 🙂

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  7. I frequent Jean’s blog – she is a fine lady trying to bring out ‘truth’ – I now add your blog to Jean’s – yours and Jean’s are the only two I follow now. I always get excited when I learn you have written another prediction. I always rush to read it. It was from Jean’s blog that notified me you brought out another prediction.

    Once again last night I had engaged in talking to five people trying to enlighten them that Russia is not the aggressor nor is Putin the ‘evil’ tyrant that Western mainstream media portrays. I point out to them this was a coup orchestrated by Washington through Elizabeth Nuland, John McCain, CIA and NGOs.

    I often wonder when are we, the people, going to put a final stop to the evil agendas being put forth by the NWO global elites enslaving the public through Agenda 21, chemtrails, legislations like Patriot Act, NDAA, police state tyranny, NSA spying, illegal covert coups, invasions and wars and so on? When are we going to see arrests made as was done in Iceland? Or is this just another dream?

    Sorry Lada, I’m voicing my thoughts out loud. I’m very tired of the trying to wake up the sheeple and it is very depressing to see how they follow mainstream media. I’m waiting for the corner to turn and I’m getting impatient. The control that the global elites have on mainstream media is really an important card they hold. I think if the elites begin to crumble and lose their credibility and power, then hopefully mainstream media will have the courage to turn against the corporate editor.

    I love all your predictions Lada and your work. Keep it coming!


    • Hi Wolf,
      I am honored you follow my blog along with Jean’s and happy to be in such good company!
      Turning the corner will take time. It will be gradual. But rest assured, both Western politicians and MSM are prostitutes. They will turn as soon as the prevailing wind starts blowing in a different direction.
      It is through us, the people, through blogs like Jean’s, like, like mine, like any good alternative media, that the global shift in consciousness will occur as we collectively create the Earth Shift.

      Hugs 🙂

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      • Yes, true Lada.
        That is why I always carry a shoulder bag full of printed copied articles from Jean’s blog, yours, Paul Craig Roberts, SCGNEWS and Activist Post on information regarding Ukraine, Middle East, chemtrails etc. anything to do with informing the public of mainstream media lies, deceptions and truth that needs to be shared to the public.
        I try to engage with people to inform them. I give them links to sites and YouTube videos to look up.
        I’m getting a little tired but I did it again last night.
        In my area I am already known as that “conspiracy theorist” guy – don’t talk to him – he’s a nutcase. A women I helped walk her home safely in the middle of the night, givng her helpful advice because she had family issues and was crying. She told me a friend told her to avoid me because I was that “conspiracy” guy. LOL
        Once again, I love your work and intelligence. Please keep it up.


  8. Hi Lada, I’m sending you this link — even before watching the videos, because I think I’m going to rage or cry, or both. I watch the work Neil Keenan is doing, and he is truly at the point of “losing it” like many of us — feeling enraged, helpless and shrieking out to the heavens “Whaaaaaaaat !! Whyyyyyyyy !! What do you want us to do ??????


    • Thanks for the link, JR. It will be useful for the benefit of those readers who want to see for themselves. It’s horrible what they are doing in Donetsk. Worse than a nazi regime. Even Hitler’s nazis rarely targeted red cross transports. These killed all wounded – over 30 – in the truck, as one exmaple. They shoot at journalists, children, old ladies, bomb their homes.
      Like Hitler, they are quickly approaching their own international tribunal for crimes against humanity.


      • Thank you Lada, you are so correct. There are so many videos now up as indisputable evidence of western involvement in these atrocities — not just involvement, but actual instigation. We’re seeing the worst of the worst as the masks are being ripped off and exposing the face of evil.

        I hope that you receive this, as I’m being blocked from posting any comments on Jean Haines site. Fun and games from the alphabet soup agencies, who will soon be stewing in their own soup. This just started last night after I sent you NK’s link. I feel cut off from my own “family” on her site. Don’t know what to do about it yet.

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    • Hi JR. Perhaps your comments on Jean’s site end up in spam? It happens sometimes – could be malicious or a glitch. Maybe she’ll see your comment on my blog and unspam you. 🙂


  9. We got a non sequitur here, but If you haven’t read Gold Train yet… you will find a really “spicy” spy thriller that’s hard to put down. I’m still blushing and I spent 21 years in the Navy. :).


    • Awww, so great to hear this wonderful testimonial, Bill. Glad you liked Gold Train. Consider writing a review on Amazon if you are up for it. True, it’s a liiiiitle spicy. 😉

      21 years in the Navy, wow.


  10. I’m hoping to order your books very soon, Lada, and intend to dive right in. Spicy is good, spiiiiicy is even better. Need some spice in my life, which seems to be flat-lining of late.

    Perhaps there is a spam problem, or glitch, so will watch over the next day or 2 to see if the problem somehow self-corrects. What’s strange is that Jean and I were “mid-conversation” in comment/reply mode, when this all happened last night. Thanks for your helpful ideas and suggestion that perhaps Jean will discover my call for “HELP, PLEASE.” I’ve become an orphan — look but don’t reach out and touch ANYONE !!

    So far I am able to respond to your posts, which are almost impossible to leave standing alone. Your efforts and work are gaining much attention, and much more to come, I hope. Now you have us sitting on the edge of our seats with mugs of tea/coffee (or other stronger libation) at hand, lots of Hot Pockets (a joke), and sweet, salty, and spicy (for sure) junk food munchies to devour as we devour every news bite you serve us. We’re hungry for the truth, as the truth will set us free, and maybe give us a good hard kick in our ass-pirations to get out and do something towards healing this ravaging out-of-control planetary disease of hatred for humanity. Please take this as encouragement from not only your commenters, but from those who choose to quietly read and contemplate while agreeing with your work wholeheartedly — your silent partners.

    Oh, “Putin is a mystic. And, he is more.” Please tell us “more” !! I put that out on Jean’s blog as a reply to a post. Such an open-ended mystery for a mystery-lover like myself.

    Liked by 2 people

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