Truth, Lie and Propaganda. An Appeal to the American People from a Ukrainian

I simply had to post this video! It is addressed to the American people by a well-known musician from #Kharkov, #Ukraine, Filip Vartan Melkhizedek, and it has gone viral on Youtube. This is a well-informed, yet at the same time mystical & pacifist call from someone who is in the middle of it all. Filip is a Ukrainian citizen with Armenian roots, who as many, identifies with the Greater Russian culture. Unfortunately, since March when this video was first published, much happened in Ukraine – and the situation continues spiraling out of control.

Following the farce of the Kiev presidential election, a renewed full-blown military assault on the people of #Donbass is taking place. Some have naively hoped that after the elections the president-elect of Ukraine, Piotr #Poroshenko, would enter negotiations and call off Ukrainian troops from the East, resulting in cessation of hostilities, or at least in ceasefire. The opposite happened as assault intensified and as the count is now for hundreds, or perhaps thousands dead, including many peaceful civilians. I did predict that the elections would be a total farce with large portions of Ukraine boycotting them, that the “chocolate king,” oligarch Poroshenko would be elected, and that the civil war would intensify, not cease. See my original Ukraine Election Prediction. Watching what is happening today on the territory that used to be eastern Ukraine, and what is now #Novorossia, including #Donetsk and #Lugansk Republics, makes me sad and disgusted with humans. I know I am not alone in this. Some of my readers have emailed me saying how outraged they are at the killings of innocent people in Ukraine by the Kiev junta.

Videos that show some of the damage in Donetsk and Lugansk are herehere, here, and here. More: peaceful citizens hiding in shelters as apartment building, kindergarten and school  in #Slavyansk shelled. There are plenty more on Youtube, much bloodier and more terrifying than this.

The following report (see link below) is by a Lugansk Republic activist from the city of Severodonetsk, who says that #Kiev and the #West control all the media – and they LIE HEAVILY about the events. People can’t get the truth about what’s happening on the ground. According to reports, even locals get panicked as Kiev says that the “separatist regime fell and that Ukraine army retook both Donetsk and Lugansk.” The reality is far from that of course, but there are many casualties. The information blockade is massive. In addition, ordinary citizens in Donetsk and Lugansk Republics are simply in shock that people who live in the same state as they do, those who call themselves Ukrainians, would invade their land to kill them. Some are simply in disbelieve, just like the citizens of #Odessa were on May 2, when between 100 and 218 people were burned alive or mercilessly killed in the Unions Building on Kulikovo Polie.

The man says that many locals have recorded the atrocities, and there are many witnesses in possession of proofs. However, these people are so scared and distrustful of everyone that they won’t give their info to Western reporters in the area for fear they would twist or destroy their information. And they are so far afraid to go public because they fear retribution from Kiev and Ukraine nazis. This man says that a group of volunteers is working to break the information blockade, persuade locals to share their footage and eye-witness reports, and streamline all the information so people from other corners of Ukraine saw what Kiev authorities are doing. Video interview link.

Formation of Novorossia

Activist/politician Vladimir Rogov from Zaporozhie talks about the May 24th Congress of the South-East in Donetsk, which affirmed the desire of 8 regions of Ukraine to form a new state called Novorossia. Participating regions: Donetsk Republic, Lugansk Republic, Dnepropetrovsk, Kharkov, Odessa, Zaporozhie, Kherson and Nikolaev. Rogov shows a proposed flag of Novorossia. He says that in Novorossia the real Ukraine will be reborn that had been destroyed by the Kiev junta and nazis. Rogov also says that his car and cars of other delegates were ambushed and shot at. Kiev has formed special units staffed with nazis and Western mercenaries whose purpose is to hunt down and kill or kidnap activists and anti-Kiev politicians. See interview link in Russian below. 

Ukraine elections: Rogov also said that Poroshenko was not elected, but appointed by the West. He is the most convenient as he yelled about war less than others, so he is almost perceived as a peace president, but it’s all a farce (what I said). Elections were falsified. For example, in previous elections when Viktor Yanukovich was elected as president there were 37 mln Ukrainians eligible to vote. Now all of a sudden, the number was down to 29mln. What happened to the rest? Clearly, Poroshenko did not receive 54% of votes, he says. Full interview link.

(This is something from my own sources – LR) Kiev says Odessa had the lowest Ukraine election turnout with 41%. And this is after the massacre Kiev orchestrated in Odessa on May 2? Who would vote for authorities that burn alive old ladies? This is a clearly falsified number. According to my source in Odessa, the local media puts the number at 31%, and even that seems too high. If they falsified that, just imagine what they had done with the rest of the country’s numbers!

Just a few minutes ago I came across a genuine fascist troll on Twitter, who had the audacity to respond in a derogatory fashion to some of my, and another person’s tweets re #SaveDonbassPeople. My immediate instinct was that he was a #fascist #bandera #ukrainenazi #troll. I checked his profile, and here is what it states: “To defeat Russia’s Hitler we need to COPY HITLER.” I checked some of his tweets and sure enough, they all are simply overflowing with hatred, violence, promotion of everything anti-Russian and calls for killing Russians. The energy is that of death and absolute beastly hatred. His Twitter profile link. I reported him to Twitter for the promotion of fascism and violence – feel free to do the same, dear readers. Twitter doesn’t make it easy, but it can be done. There is also hashtag #nazispotter, which I belive can be used to identify nazis on Twitter.

Truth, Lie and Propaganda Machine

I am extremely in tune and very sensitive to energy. After looking at something like this, which reeks of the absolute lie (I mean that in a spiritual sense – as opposed to TRUTH), I feel depressed and nauseated. This is why I almost never look at the Western MSM, hateful comments and violent videos. My reaction to lie and violence is very strong and I have to think of self-preservation.

The downside of blocking out the unpleasant and negative stuff are the proverbial “rosy glasses.” Unfortunately, this is how their propaganda is able to spread its tentacles all over the world. By “they” I mean Western MSM, US and EU governments, Vatican, as well as the many paid and volunteer trolls employed by the US and EU. Spiritual, positive and highly evolved people oftentimes tend to close their eyes to negative propaganda as we want to stay in our high, positive vibration. But THEY thrive on it! They love it in the low vibration of the lie – and they enjoy spreading lies, violence and hatred. They want people to fight and kill each other; their goal is to confuse, scare and depress.

And this is how they constantly appear to have one up on those who tell the truth, who simply want to live and let live, who want to extend their hand in friendship and cooperation. It is very easy to color the white black, but it’s much harder to wash off that black so the real color of the truth can be seen again.

The divisive Western propaganda machine is out of control. They had discovered a long time ago that humans at large fall for negative and life-diminishing propaganda much easier – and from that they developed a monster manipulation machine. It is so much easier to prey on humans’ fear, greed, old grudges and slights, which are born of a person’s insecurity and fear to take responsibility. We all have these, but the difference is that some of us see the truth and have enough intelligence to break out of the matrix. Others, well, others may be willing servants or puppeteers of said matrix. The fight between the light and dark is for the hearts and minds of those who are in between.

If you dedicate the enormous apparatus to emphasize and bring out the worst in people, it will grow like a mushroom, trampling all the good. It’s infinitely much more time-and effort-consuming, and it’s so unprofitable for the puppeteers, to nourish a sovereign individual, appealing to one’s common sense, reason, love and justice.

I know, the picture I’ve painted is quite depressing. However, there is a silver lining in every cloud. Perhaps through the efforts of those wonderful bloggers and alternative media outlets that tell the truth in a sea of lie, we can turn this around. The more people hear the truth, the fewer will be susceptible to lie. On the Links page I have started putting together the list of blogs, channels and alternative media outlets that bear my personal stamp of approval. The list includes Jean’s What is the real truth? blog, Kauilapele Blog, Paul Craig Roberts, and others. I’ll be adding more goodies regularly.

Speaking the Truth

The video below is one of those voices that speak profound truths in a sea of lies. Voices like Filip Vartan Melkhizedek’s are necessary to change the tide and break the spell of the evil enchanters. Among other things, the video brings up some very important points about the US exceptionalism and the US dollar; the difference between Western and Russian way of justice, and divine law vs. human law; it also brings up a very important point about the past and future of the Russian civilization and its global role – this I intend to speak about in my future articles and videos.

It is my hope that listening to this video may restore a tiny portion of faith in humanity for you, my readers… The video is in Russian, but below you will find the English translation (not by me, but I’ve cleaned it up a bit).


Kharkov, Ukraine, the Freedom Square, May 1, 2014
By Filip Vartan Melkhizedek (Филипп Вартан Мелькиседек), a well-known musician, and a Ukrainian. From Maidan to South-East Ukraine.

An Appeal to the American people:

“I would like to make an appeal to the American people.  Several months ago, your government, the USA government, openly intervened in the internal affairs of my country Ukraine.  At first, it seemed innocent enough, the US government was giving Ukrainians their advice, and some of our citizens decided to follow this advice.  They took up arms, killed hundreds of people, exiled, good or bad, but our Ukrainian President, took over power and now the third month in a row they misuse this power. Ukrainian people don’t have any more work, no pensions, and no salaries; there is no real power in Ukraine now that could protect us or our families. The civil war is going on right now in every Ukrainian town, village and city.  Our common Ukrainian people are in desperation. The US innocent advice turned into American officials presiding in the Ukrainian government, and into American soldiers hawking over the people with a different point of view in the South-East parts of Ukraine; in other words, into takeover of Ukraine.

I decided to appeal to you, common American people. I know that the majority of you are kind, trusting, and caring people; you love peace, quietness and stability.  I heard that many of you disagree with the foreign policy of your government.  But your disagreement is subtle and cautious, unlike the foreign policy of your government.  As a human being I understand you.  You are afraid to let go of a magic wand, which brings your country comfort, riches, stability and uniqueness.  You are afraid to let go of things that no other nation has or ever will possess of.  You treasure your American miracle, called a Cost-Free dollar.  You might know that during the dark times of the Second World War the American dollar was made a burden on the whole world and a miracle, a true miracle for the Americans at the Bretton Woods Conference.

So now, to get richer all you need to do is to print one more stack of your American dollars, the cost of which is pretty much equal to the cost of paper it’s printed on.  If you could offer other countries and nations, not your American democracy, which in different languages, unfortunately, sounds very different, but this very Cost-Free dollar, then I am sure, you and your government would be loved and cherished by other countries.  But we all understand that it’s impossible, that the dollar could be cost-free ONLY for Americans!!  It all would be fine, except for one terrible condition under which this Cost-Free dollar could have its life and could survive – at least once in about every two years, at least one non-American nation/country has to pay the price for this Cost-Free dollar with its own life!  If in the past it was sufficient to sacrifice a country-victim once in 10-15 years, now this evil sacrifice is happening every 2-3 years.  The dollar is getting old and it needs major sacrifices of the victim-countries.

I appeal to you, common American people: only you are able to stop this horror quickly and without blood – go and tell your government that you do not want riches and comfort at the expense of human lives!  Do this step that will free you from the hatred of all non-Americans, do that, which will return other countries love towards you, refuse your government the right to murder other nations; go and tell them that you don’t want the death of us, the Ukrainians; because you, the common American people, are the only power that your government is really afraid of.  Lift your backsides and do it right away! Deep inside you need to realize that this US government behaviour leads not only to other countries deaths, but eventually to the death of the whole world.  We don’t want to die – not by ourselves, not together with you!  [Video: people are shouting: “Junta pro-American Ukrainian government go away!”]

Don’t search for Fairness and Justice in this World, Become the Fairness and Justice to the World:

The country Russia is back in the game again, no one can do anything about it; this is a fact.  Today Russia has everything to be able to be governed by its own independent internal and foreign policies.  In other words, Russia does what it believes it needs to do.  Russia is not an American-style democracy; Russia has a very different mission and values. Russia stands for Fairness and Justice!  My Grandfather Melchizedek used to say: ‘Don’t search for fairness in this world, you become the fairness and justice to the world’.  Russia is the only and exact place on this planet that generates fairness and justice. Every individual that lives in greater Russia has an inborn ability for fairness and justice.  Those people that lived in greater Russia know exactly what I mean.  It’s true that Russian people didn’t put all their rights and obligations into words; much of the Russian knowledge still lies in the area of thoughts and feelings.  That is why Russians never become brainless mechanisms or robots!  That is why Russians value unwritten laws much more than the written ones.  That is why their true meaning and value in life is fairness and justice!No matter what Russian people do in life, and what socioeconomic system exists on their territory, no matter what scientific discoveries they make, or what heroic actions they do, no matter how they sin or repent, in their every action is hidden the desire for fairness and justice.  The democracy with all its shiny, elaborate decorations starts cracking, on the lively and healthy body of Russian values!  

(After the breakup of the USSR and terrible turmoil of the 1990s – LR) Russia has earned back the love of her people, returned her resources, her purpose and values in this life. The new government Russia elected is now responsive to the country’s purpose and values. The country is revisiting its own past and reclaiming its TRUE history. And Russia does this not just for herself, but for the rest of the world!

What I am going to tell you now might surprise you: very soon the world will become very different. First of all, our mutual history will change; we’ll discover that the nations of this world are not some unrelated groups with the roots going into the unknown; all the nations of this world are small pieces of a giant puzzle of one mother-culture. Very soon we will understand the meaning of the events that had been happening in this world for the past 500-600 years. This new meaning will unite us. Nations will return to their beginnings and share with each other the true experiences of their past several centuries.  Yes, we will have to trust and to be open with each other!  Then, hopefully we will find out how to live together peacefully on this Earth.  [Prayer]”  End translation


Lada’s announcement: Please get ready for revelations. In my future videos and posts, I will soon be talking about the real meaning and the real role of the Russian culture to the world. I will also talk about the distorted history and the truth. Get ready to throw out the falsified history you’ve been taught! Yes, it’s that huge!

For now, you can learn more about all this on my Predictions Page.

P.S. Jean’s blog “What’s the real truth?” re-posted my article, and some comments left by readers were very profound. Well-worth a read: Read here!

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  1. This man speaks words once generally known and understood by many in my own nation. Our political system does not work well enough to select more than 5 great men for President in our entire history and 2 out of the 5 died from bullets before their time. Not enough to maintain a Republic. Not enough to maintain any kind of national character. Americans are spiritual lightweights.

    However, those looking and listening to what you have to say know that what you present is real and have learned a great deal. Our institutions are still strong enough to protect the presentation of Revelation and I welcome it. I’m sure it will help many of us understand better than we do at present. I sure have been helped a great deal by what you have given so far.


  2. Another wonderful post, Lada. The Russian people speak from the truth in their hearts, and from a genuine compassion and love for the brotherhood of all peoples of all countries. How can one not be aware of the sincerity and honesty even while listening to what we in the US would call a foreign language ? Thank you for sharing his stirring message — one that leaves me so profoundly ashamed of the depths to which this once “great” nation has fallen. The so-called US gov’t., now the throne/stronghold of the most evil and corrupt power in the world, is seated in that tiny 10 sq. mile pentagram in Wash. DC. Yes, we are under a spell, and it has been shown that even our English language is a language full of spells — just what is a “spelling” test, or a “spelling” bee (does someone get stung??) ?? There’s dark magic holding us hostage, and keeping us prisoners in our own minds by the spells they weave using propaganda, lies and deceit, and all the tricks of their trade. Yes, many are breaking out of that death grip, but at the same time it seems that for every one freed, many others must pay the ever escalating price to keep the devouring darkness well fed. Looking at the videos of Donetsk and eastern Ukraine atrocities, I see a fast-forward of what’s planned for us here in the US. We have been warned by the “‘prophets” in the past, and now we are being warned by the victims of our future.

    How quiet is President Putin . . . he’s said and done everything that a brilliant strategist would say/do up to this point. And, now, the west probably believes that once again they’ve got him in a corner, and to their devilish glee, think they have their spiked boot on his neck. I have the feeling that their very next painful dawning realization could be something like, “Where has my foot gone ??”

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    • “Spelling” = under a spell, lol. Good one – and that’s coming from a linguist. 😉

      They are playing very dangerous games, and yes, one day chickens will come to roost. My worry is that the wounded beast is the most dangerous and unpredictable. They may cause a lot of damage while going down. But hoping to minimize this damage.


      • Hi Lada,

        Here is something else to add to your oddities/absurdities (nevertheless true) info as a linguist:

        Note well that it states in Revelation/Apocalypse 21:8 “ALL LIARS shall have their part in the lake which burneth with Fire and Brimstone . . .” and the word Parliament means “Speaking Lies” from the French words Parler which means to speak, and mentir which means to tell lies. Also the word Politics, poly meaning many; tics are blood-sucking parasites; thus politics means many blood-sucking parasites.

        This is taken from a post re the “Queen of England” proven not a lawfully coronated monarch.

        More spells cast over the people.


    • Hi JR – I am writing an article based on your comments, with some linguistical revelations. Coming soon!
      Hugs 🙂


      • Wonderful (full of wonder) !! This is the YT link where I first learned about the English language (the “King’s English):

        It’s entitled “Secret Spells of the English Language” by Laurel Airica. There are other videos going deeper into the number values and frequencies of English words, especially word values that total the numbers 3, 6, and 9. One is entitled “The Spell of Words, Frequencies 3, 6, 9” by Free_Captive, which should be on the YT sidebar if you watch the link above. Such a fascinating (wonder what that means) study. It makes me think that we should watch our words carefully so that we aren’t placing spells on one another, or anyone, and that we aren’t keeping ourselves entrapped/ensnared by “a care-less word,” or “string of words” spoken care-less-ly and thought-less-ly.

        Makes me want to learn another language where words have heart meaning, and are spoken in truth and honesty, loving and kind, and are uplifting and encouraging, even poetic and romantic — like the Russian language. I did take Russian for 1 year many years ago — but that’s another story with a thwarted outcome.

        Looking forward to your article full of delicious information !! I plan on eating every word with great pleasure — feeding my hungry, inquisitive mind. Words can be fun, too.


      • Article is here: Words, Spells and Linguistical Traps. The article link:


  3. I followed the links from Jean’s blog to this page.

    I was going to share comments on Fillip’s message, but the comment above resonates just fine with me. Unfortunately, no one else in my inner circle thinks about these things. They are too distracted jumping through time-consuming hoops, keeping up with the Joneses, and being entertained. And very few of our young adults have enough real life experience to even seriously contemplate the humanity in Fillip’s request. They won’t even talk to me about local issues, much less global or spiritual issues. Sorry.

    I read your elegant predictions theses and, Lada, I think you are spot on. Americans will have to deal with what we have created. It will be painful, but we deserve to experience the harsh ramifications of our ends-justifies-the-means approach to empire-building.

    I hope that free thinkers around the world will continue to strive for a better world. Clearly, not all Americans are asleep; indeed, some of us are an integral part of the universal spirit. But you will need to look elsewhere for tipping-point support. Our corporatocracy, as you are aware, is very stubborn and likes to win. So I gently recommend that you focus your superb writing and promo skills on waking up others in Russia, Eurasia, and the surrounding nations.
    Unless you can somehow capture the idiocracy that is the 99% in these dis-united States, I am sorry to predict that much more innocent blood in your part of the world will be shed over these political maneuverings.

    Please be so kind as to continue posting on your wonderful blog. Your grasp of our global reality rang truth with me. And I would bet that key elites want you to go away. So be careful.

    Many thanks, and great respect to your life spirit.

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  4. Reblogged this on 1EarthUnited and commented:
    Interesting the musician, Fillip Vartan Melkhizedek, has taken on the name from the order of “Melchizedek”. This “title” aligns with ancient esoteric mystical schools of knowledge and wisdom.

    The name Melchizedek has biblical references referring to a king of noble righteousness, consisting of two words, Melek-King , Zedek-Righteousness which are a interpretation of his name. This person was also known as the King of Salem meaning king of peace, a title given to a historical person living in Abrahams time.

    Lord Melchizedek is an ancient cosmic being in charge of the order of Melchizedek, This brotherhood of light organizes the Mystery School, which holds the secrets of God, the Universe and the true history of the planet, and is working to establish heaven on Earth. Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Elijah, Abraham, were high priests in the Order of Melchizedek. All humans belong at some level to this order.

    “Best known as the Order Of Melchizedek, the White Brotherhood, and the Brotherhood Of Light. We are legions of ancient Brothers, Ascended Masters, angels, and light-bearing ascended species from different dimensions. We are the scribes for God. We are the gatherers of information, of knowledge and dare we say, of Truth. Someone has to keep records, dear one. We are in charge of the Akashic Records. We are the ones who remember All. We are the ones who teach others the concept of All. We also stand witness to others’ progress and help them when we can. We are material mechanics, spiritual surgeons that minister to human beings. We are dedicated, in this quadrant, to the evolution of humanity through the transmission of wisdom and knowledge, which becomes your truth and your power to rise above that which you see with your physical eyes.”

    It’s no accident this “comedian” becomes the voice of the people, to help us remember who we are and where we came from, to dispel the lies and awaken global consciousness. The time is now to awaken and reclaim our birthright, we are all loving, shining beacons of hope and TRUTH.☼


    • Very nice and useful info about Melchizedek, Maddie! Thank you for this addition! Clearly, Filip is a mystic. That’s why I wanted to share his video. The energy is timeless and pretty amazing.
      Many, many hugs, my friend!


  5. We need more of these videos – preferably with different people and different perspectives. However, Americans have about as much influence on the US government as Ukrainians do on the Ukrainian one. Perhaps the American oligarchs are better hidden. Now, this is on the mundane level. There is a more moral or spiritual level, too, and that is important. But millions of Libyans on the street trying to stop the NATO attack didn’t prevent the almost total destruction of their country. Air power is brutal, and they intend to use it in the Ukraine.

    And the cost-free dollar requires theft. Stealing the resources of Russia is necessary, so the destruction of Russia is part of the agenda. The destruction of the Ukraine is just the warm-up for what those who control the US plan.

    The mystery is why so many in Russia have done so little to fight this. Why is there no decent media in the Ukraine or coming from the edges of the Ukraine in Russia? Why don’t those rebelling in the Donbass have communications equipment or other basic requirements for resisting? For that matter, why hasn’t Russia forced massive supplies of food and medicine across the Ukrainian border? Also, where is the money to pay for food and clothes for the militias’ families? Why not pay the miners to strike? It seems that the Russian authorities do not really want a Novorossiya. They just used it as a tactic to get a less bad deal out of Washington and to try to get Europe to be reasonable. The problem with this approach is it is like dealing with the Germans in 1938. Yes, there were plenty of reasonable people, but the machinery and oligarchs were leading towards war, even if many rich businessmen didn’t like it. Russia should assume that a large degree of what is being done by Western countries at the moment is to weaken her for a future attack. The US would love nothing more than to take a destroyed and desperately poor Donbass and pay them to sneak into Russia and blow up bridges. Maybe the US can blow up a nuclear plant on a day that the wind is blowing to Moscow and blame it on a Russian radical – and all the news in the US and Ukraine would say that is what happened. And Lavrov would say something like “We have seen no evidence of that.”

    By the way, one question is why so few in the Donbass have joined the militias. No more than, say, 10,000. This is really low for an area with a population of 6,000,000 plus. What do you think? Is this that proverb about Russians being slow to saddle up?


    • Lots of good points here, Paul. I think we already discussed the issue of why Russia didn’t do much to respond to Western propaganda.
      Russia is taking a wait and see approach on Ukraine, while slowly remolding the situation in her favor, as I predicted from the beginning. Basically, eventually everyone will get so disgusted with Kiev and the West that they will be exremely interested in siding with Russia. More and more people get disgusted by day, but they are afraid to take to the streets after what happened in Odessa, Kharkov, Nikolaev and Dnepropetrovsk. One day they will get so disgusted that they will start acting.

      Russia is providing humanitarian assistance to Donbass, this we know for sure, but Kiev is doing everything to prevent it from reaching people. They deny humanitarian corridor, etc.
      If Russia is sending other types of help, it’s done so quietly that no one can find anything. But generally, Russia is buying time and will act according to circumstances. People have to be as willing and able to act as in Crimea.

      Why so few joined the militias? The proverb that Russians saddle slowly but ride fast comes to mind. They have already been criticized for that. They really must organize themselves better. Their excuse is that they are miners and workers, not fighters. But it’s a weak one. However, the army on the Ukrainian side is faring no better. Really, no one wants to fight, except perhaps nazis and mercenaries – and even those I don’t think are that keen on fighting. But Kiev is forcing them. There are reports of the conscripts’ mothers coming to take them home. There are protests by mothers against draft as far as Western Ukraine.
      Novorossia announced formation of a regular army, so it may get better.
      Ukraine will be a total mess for a while, until this impossible contradiction between parts that don’t want to live together is resolved.


    • Protests in Ukraine against draft and for bringing Ukraine army home from Donbass: There are a lot of problems with food: Ukraine army fed with spoiled meets, or nothing at all. Soldiers are told to take food from locals – like Hitler’s fascists. These people say that they are not equipped properly – no change of clothes, old, still Soviet weapons and equipement. No bullet proof vests given. Funds are stolen.


  6. Hi Lada, Read a small article re Putin at the Astana summit — very interesting. Also very interesting is Astana, although “interesting” is a somewhat weak description for the unusual architecture, sculptures, and other structures. Also interesting is that the president of Kazakhstan is on the proposed no-fly list of over 600 names of individuals and corporations, soon to be enforceable in many nations and countries. That city is mystifying, yet when you study the occult symbols everywhere in your face, it makes you wonder. Somewhere I had read that when the US becomes nothing more than a prison colony of slave labor to maintain the country as a new playground of natural beauty and wonders for the NWO elite, that Russia was to become the “new US” and headquarters for the NWO. Maybe someone made up that story, but Astana (as remote as it is — why ??) seems to fit the profile for what a new world headquarters might look like.

    Looking forward to your new YT channel, podcasts, etc. Congratulations on your expansion into the “live” media world. Many eyes will be watching with rapt attention, and listening with eager minds to learn and understand the real truth about the hidden history of Russia and ties with the rest of the world, as well as current events. I think we all love flowing in the rapid current of events with you, rather than sitting on the sidelines watching. True knowledge is the power we need to awaken ourselves and others from the induced artificial dream world we have been all sleepwalking in.

    I hope that I will be able to continue to reply on your blog. Today I have now been blocked from receiving e-mail posts from Jean’s blog. My e-mail is now empty except for the new post about your upcoming YT venture, and other ads generated from data mining. A very strange affair indeed, and extremely disappointing. So, now I know it’s “punishment” and a malicious attack on my freedom of “speech.” I’m sad and mad. Will have to ride it out and see how long it’ll continue. Hope that the fun and games doesn’t include your sites. The good news is that I can go directly to your blogs, and be a silent observer partner, unable to mouth off or rant on any occasion now, according to “someone’s” standards of how tightly one should be gagged or muzzled for expressing their freedom of speech.

    Nevertheless, I’m here now, and will be here for a long time to come. Keep up your most excellent work !!


    • Hi JR,
      About Astana: someone else mentioned this in a Predictions page comment and I did respond to that one. You may want to go and check it out there.
      If Nazarbayev is on any lists, it only makes him more interested in solidifying a union with Russia. The West is only proving with every move they cannot be trusted, and this is the best propaganda FOR union with Russia for all. More countries will be joining EAU soon.

      US/EU already lost this match, as I said from the very beginning – and serves them right for their aggression! But they are so dumb, they still don’t get it. Consequences /death throes coming soon…

      I am always happy to read your comments.
      Cheers, dear. 🙂


  7. Reblogged this on Spirit In Action and commented:
    Thank you Lada! It is so hard to face the horrors our government’s misguided subterfuge consistently causes. Until we rise up and retake our democracy back from the corporations it will most unfortunately continue. At least until Mother Earth puts everyone in time out with a return to a less peaceful state I guess.
    I hope everyone will read/view and share this. We can unite across all borders and boundaries to co-create the new world that works for everyone; a world rooted in love, respect, peace and nonviolent solutions.

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