Obama’s Delusional West Point Speech With Paul Craig Roberts

Timely interview with Dr. Paul Craig Roberts by Alex Jones of InfoWars.

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  1. marblenecltr

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    We need to see the people responsible for pulling the puppet strings, the NWO commissars in the form of royals, the extremely wealthy in riches but impoverished in morals, international monopolistic industrialists, bankers, and those generally impaired in reality (promoters of UN, NWO, Agenda 21.)


  2. pieter.lemmens@hotmail.com

    Obama must be impeached. Not only in Ukraine he’s causing serious troubles. Via Qatar he supports the Boko Haram militias in Northern Nigeria. His administration brings great parts of the wiorld in disorder. Their agenda is satanic.
    Maybe Lada you are interested in an analysis of Putin’s horoscope: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ANdi1LXWgas ‘Russia-World War 3? Astrology of Vladimir Putin – Natal and Solar Returns.


  3. Paul Craig Roberts is a truth warrior of words. This is our army of today — journalists, bloggers, the “new media,” whose words wield the truth sharper than any 2-edged sword to cut through the illusions and delusions with razor-like precision. This is from a Press TV article entitled “World War II: The Unknown War” by Paul Craig Roberts, posted today:

    “Propaganda has always been with us. The difference is that in the 21st century Americans have nothing but propaganda. Nothing else at all. Just lies. Lies are the American experience. The actual world as it exists is foreign to most Americans.”

    Perhaps this is why so many are in such a deep sleep. An entire generation has been living, breathing, eating, and being brainwashed with nothing more than lies — about everything. And that generation of so-called baby boomers, propagates the same lies with a fierce resistance to the truth, and visits the same “sins” upon their own future generations of children and grandchildren — until the light of the truth becomes so blindingly bright that there is no choice but to face it, or turn away.

    This story brings to light the truth about Russia’s turning the tide of WWII, a victory that was usurped by those who had a different agenda than winning any war.

    I feel that right now we Americans, whether WWII Vets, baby boomers, generation me, generation X, or whatever demeaning labels “they” laughingly, and with great amusement stick all over our existence, are at an important choice point in history. The light of truth is shining brightly NOW. Wake up, or hit the snooze button, roll over and go back to sleep. It’s a life or death decision in this battle for our existence.


  4. I know for a fact that these two guys interpretation, conception or process of thinking is very American…but the reality of faction is that Russia has been in existence longer than what the USA has ever been, therefore in comparison to their thinking process is like a 7 year old kit to a 40 years old extremely intelligent person, and I am referring to Mr. Putin. The coward usa is only strong if she has other coward poppet countries following her, but will never have the strength to confront Russia face to face. they have to do it by pushing other 17 coward countries to fight in the background and maybe then the usa will probably cry to its knees asking for forgiveness.
    Mr. Putin is maintaining his cool cause he knows if he jump for a fight the usa, uk, and other coward countries will completely disappear!


    • You have a point, Gustav. I know you are in tune with Russia because of your heritage.
      Their mentaility is American, but it’s still good to see that some Americans are not buying the official propaganda and are trying to explain things to other Americans.

      True, US can only attack Russia via proxies. They will never do it head on, this is why I said from the very beginning and continue saying that there will never be WWIII the way people usually understand it.



    • Hello Gustav,

      I am what is called an “American” (born in the USA), but what is an American? As a country, America (in name only) and its history, is very young when compared to the ancient civilizations and countries founded within their borders centuries — even millennia — ago, so far back in history that ancient texts and ancient languages are just now being “decoded.” America is still in its infancy, and I don’t say that as an excuse. This north American continent was invaded by the overflow of Old World peoples from many countries seeking escape from “religious persecution”, seeking wealth, seeking adventure, seeking a hiding place far from the reaches of the law, or exiles being punished as violent criminals by being sent to the “colonies.” What I mean by “invaded” is that these new “settlers” from the Old World to the New World (America) brought with them the seeds of evil that have existed since before our hijacked history, and planted those very same seeds in the soil of America. Religious persecution came to the shores of America and established a tyrannical religious system that burned women (and some men, too) at the stake — just like in Europe. seekers of wealth brought greed, and adventurers brought violence and the near extermination of the native indigenous peoples of America. They brought diseases and pestilence, lawlessness and disrespect and disregard for the land and all of Nature. They brought crime, death, and destruction in the name of self-righteousness and self service.

      Throughout our short history there have been voices raised and silenced, documents written, signed and altered and reinterpreted, treaties formed and broken, laws enacted and disregarded, governmental bodies duly formed and neutralized, and leaders elected and co-opted — all by what is called “INFIL-TRAITORS.” Our history is the history of the Old World’s headquarters of evil, newly established and now entrenched in the New World on the north American continent — America, the USA.

      We are children here, as you mentioned in your comparison between America and Russia, but we are children without a true fatherland or motherland. We have not the love of our leader (now or in our past), we are not nurtured with love and respect, nor are we nourished with the truth. We are hated as “useless eaters” and fed lies and propaganda to keep us out of the way until we are finally done away with — bottom line for us “Americans” is extermination — along with more than 90% of the world’s current population. We are dumbed down with drugs, fluoride, chemtrails, GMO frankenfood, but we are not stupid. We are human beings, human beings whose hearts are beginning to wake up to the fact that “this lie we are living is not who we are.” And, we are not cowards. We are of the family of Divine Humankind, without borders, boundaries, without ethnic or racial, or religious distinction. And, we’re rising up from our servitude to beastly and cruel masters to join the fight against the darkness of evil, not one another — our brothers and sisters of our human family. This is who I am, no geographical label or identifier needed or wanted.


      • Very well said, JR! If enough Americans think this way, real change in the world is possible.
        Americans have become the most hated nation thanks to their leaders and those who manipulate them in secret.Before that, it was Germans, or someone else…The oldest story in the world. Corrupted leaders screw up – people pay.

        People need to awaken and see that the king is naked.



        • Those who came to the Americas from Europe did not introduce the hemisphere to evil; evil was already here. Native tribes warred with each other, and the sacrificial rites of Aztecs and others do not indicate jnnate goodness of humanity in the practitioners of those rituals. Putin is superior to his predecessors; let us hope that he is replaced by someone at least as respectable upon his leaving office. It can not be denied that we need improvement here, we must reverse direction and return to Judeo-Christian values. Many are working at it, but seeking a standard of reasonable morality is a world-wide need, not one confined to the United States and Europe. A final comment for now: America has a history of courage, it became evident when needed. I respect Russians for what they went through in World War II, but remember what you did to Ukrainians when you were the USSR. No man, no nation is good, we just have to keep trying.


          • Thank you for your comment.
            What did Russians/USSR do to Ukrainians in your opinion?


            • I am glad you asked a question that can provide more understanding with the appropriate answer. The problems referred to were the famines that killed millions during the takeover of the farms. I know, individual Russians did not do that, but it is a normal thing to blame an entire people for what takes place because of the evil of leadership. I have to acknowledge with regret that no better replacement for the czars than Lenin and crew was imposed by the west on the Russian people, a people that knew neither freedom nor capitalism. I know that if I am incorrect about the starvation in the breadbasket of Russia, you will tell me, and I will thank you for it.


              • This is such an important issue that I decided to dedicate the whole article explaining golodomor in detail. Here’s the link https://futuristrendcast.wordpress.com/2014/06/12/the-real-truth-about-ussr-golodomor-and-collectivization-in-ukraine/.



                • Thank you for taking the trouble to respond to my comment. First, let me make something clear: my reference to golodomor had nothing to do with relations between Ukraine and Russia, but was about governments everywhere being propagandists promoting their own greatness and their opponents evil. I learned of that famine over 50 years ago, and it revealed the wickedness used by Stalin to strengthen his tyranny as he forced Marxism upon a people that had suffered oppression for centuries. I did not mention the famine to divide Ukraine from Russia, but to show that all governments tell their subjects what the rulers think is needed to maintain or increase their power, and the US is not the greatest villain in this story. You wrote that you read of golodomor in your Soviet history books, then you wrote, “Perhaps the Russians [not Soviets?] were a little too self-punishing about” telling the story. I know of no government that would be self-punishing, let alone one that had a terrorizing secret police maintaining control of a vast population in the world’s largest piece of land providing a home to the people. And, out of curiosity, what did history books tell their students about tyranny and deaths of Czechs and Hungarians as thy struggled for freedom? Also, I hope I am not too self-punishing, but I can think of three good reasons the US/EU should stay out of the Ukraine/Russia relationship and no good reason we should be involved. I am merely trying to explain that there is not one beast in the world that one’s nation’s propagandists would serve us as a distraction from its own works, but that people everywhere need to carefully think about the information we are given every day. By the way, your Aunt Vera must have been quite a woman and quite a witness to an important part of history. And how did you know so much about Stepford, Massachusetts? Next time you write about it, please include photographs.


                  • Thanks, dear. You make good points about people in power. When I said Russians were self-punishing, I meant people, not government. I explain historical processes from the point of view that is high above govts.

                    Don’t know nearly enough about Czechs and Hungarians as they struggled for freedom, that’s why I don’t write about that. I do not understand enough about their motivation and historical roots of how they felt, as the info is very distorted on both sides. Suspect these were attempts at early color revolutions, but I understand your, and your compatriots, feelings on the personal level re. Russia/USSR as well. I knew some Hugarians and they were pretty amicable towards Russia for the most part. I know that Czechs still can’t forgive Russia. On the other hand Slovaks are very pro-Russian. Cultural roots matter. Are you Hungarian or Czech?

                    On another note, different people see “freedom” differently. What is freedom to you may be slavery to others. So I wouldn’t use the word freedom so categorically. I also would be careful slapping labels like “villain” and others without knowing what you are talking about.

                    I write only about things I know and understand profoundly, and the ones I feel need clarification, if I can contribute to that.

                    Everyone needs to make own conclusions. My role is to offer the truth – not from a country specific vantage point, but from the geopolitical and global consciousness perspective. If you read my posts carefully, you’ll see that. It’s up to you what conclusions to make after reading.

                    Agree that everyone has their OWN interests at heart, but I judge events from a higher, historic perspective, not from a perspective of an individual. If I did, I would also have tons of grudges against Russia, if you carefully read my article. Think about it!
                    Holding grudges is counterproductive and small-minded. Therefore, I recommend people don’t. It clears the mind and allows to see the right perspective, when you are looking at things objectively.

                    I lived in Stockbridge, MA for a few years, when I wrote my mystery/thriller Stepford, USA. Stepford is a fictional town written mostly from Stockbridge, as well as Lenox and Sheffield. Berkshires are very charming. The idyllic feel is what I tried to portray, but if you dig deeper, it’s a totally different world… I might do a post with pics some time. Thanks for asking.
                    For those who are interested – here’s Stepford, USA on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Stepford-Accidental-Small-Town-Adventure/dp/1484034864/ref=tmm_pap_title_0

                    Have a great day.


                    • I understood that there was no Stepford, but you described the area well. Did you enjoy the music festivals, the Boston Pops, etc.?, or are their performances not up to standard?


                    • It was ok, but I am kinda used to NYC and Moscow, so…


                    • I strongly suspected that develop culture in the primitives of the mountains and forests of western Massachusetts. Think of how the musicians suffer in their performance, removed from the near acoustical perfection of Boston’s Symphony Hall. I enjoyed your novel about the czar’s gold, we can learn a lot about Russian history. And from what I know of the Hermitage, I believe it to be overwhelming in the building itself and the art works that are within. My reference to villainy relates to governments, including my own, misleading people about what people in power are doing to their subjects. This should be of great importance to citizens of the United States, for those in a democratic republic hold a greater level of responsibility for what their nation does than should residents of monarchies, etc.


                    • Tanglewood, where Boston Orchestra performs, has a nice summer theater and grounds, and acoustics is good, I believe. I wasn’t impressed with their choices in music. I don’t think they expect to work hard, for them it’s more of a vacation. Berkshires has many theaters, incl. Ballet – Jacob’s Pillow, Mahaive – in Gr. Barrington, there is Summer Festival, and others.
                      There is also a huge holistic/spiritual retreat: Kripalu Center. I used to teach there. It’s very nice, if you are into alternative stuff.
                      Also, there is a very cool college for young scholars, where kids start at 16: Simon’s Rock. My niece went there. Simon’s Rock also does performances – they have a very nice theater department.
                      Berkshires seem very interesting on the surface, but after a while I started suffocating there, much like Jade Snow in Stepford USA.
                      You probably know what I am talking about – looks like you’ve been there.

                      Did you recognize the Blue Peacock Inn in Stepford USA? It’s the Red Lion Inn (well, sort of) from Stockbridge. I miss that place – it was one of my faves.

                      Thanks for the kind words about my books. It always makes me happy when my readers enjoy them – this means I haven’t written them in vain. 🙂



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