Words, Spells and Linguistical Traps

Video call snapshot 78By Lada Ray, M.A.: comparative linguistics and history of languages

This post is about the fascinating world of linguistics and how language can help us uncover the truth… or spin a lie, thus shrouding the truth and creating a far-reaching confusion, depending on the intention of its user. What we will talk about is very timely for this revolutionary decade when old distortions are poised to be revealed.

I love getting interesting and thought-provoking comments from my readers. Here is one of them!

In response to my recent article Truth, Lie and Propaganda. An Appeal to the American People from a Ukrainian, JR said: “The Russian people speak from the truth in their hearts, and from a genuine compassion and love for the brotherhood of all peoples of all countries. How can one not be aware of the sincerity and honesty even while listening to what we in the US would call a foreign language ? Thank you for sharing his stirring message — one that leaves me so profoundly ashamed of the depths to which this once “great” nation has fallen. The so-called US gov’t., now the throne/stronghold of the most evil and corrupt power in the world, is seated in that tiny 10 sq. mile pentagram in Wash. DC. Yes, we are under a spell, and it has been shown that even our English language is a language full of spells — just what is a “spelling” test, or a “spelling” bee (does someone get stung??) ?? There’s dark magic holding us hostage, and keeping us prisoners in our own minds by the spells they weave using propaganda, lies and deceit, and all the tricks of their trade. Yes, many are breaking out of that death grip, but at the same time it seems that for every one freed, many others must pay the ever escalating price to keep the devouring darkness well fed. Looking at the videos of Donetsk and eastern Ukraine atrocities, I see a fast-forward of what’s planned for us here in the US. We have been warned by the “‘prophets” in the past, and now we are being warned by the victims of our future.”

I thought this was a wonderful and thought-provoking comment. And another thing that I appreciated as a linguist was the apt linguistical parallel. I replied: ““Spelling” = under a spell. Good one – and that’s coming from a linguist.”

In response, JR posted new comment: “Here is something else to add to your oddities/absurdities (nevertheless true) info as a linguist: The word Parliament means “Speaking Lies” from the French words Parler which means to speak, and mentir which means to tell lies. Also the word Politics, poly meaning many; tics are blood-sucking parasites; thus politics means many blood-sucking parasites. This is taken from a post re the “Queen of England” proven not a lawfully coronated monarch. More spells cast over the people.” See comments.

I thought this new comment was cute the way JR drew comparisons between lies and “parliament”; however, I also saw that all these interesting “discoveries” required a major clarification.

First, a little back story:

The earthly languages form and develop according to certain rules. They are often not quite tangible rules; sometimes I would call them divine laws, or the laws closely related to sacred geometry. Here is my personal opinion based on my lifelong contemplation of life and languages: another law that applies to language is the Lorenz Butterfly, also known as the Chaos Theory, which postulates that from the seeming confusion and chaos on a small scale the orderly big picture can be predicted (albeit, depending on random developments, such prediction may be difficult). For instance, if we draw a diagram of many chaotic and seemingly random hurricanes taking place around the globe at the same time, we will get a very orderly sign of infinity, which is called the Lorenz Butterfly, also known as the “butterfly effect.”


Lorenz Butterfly

How is all this related to language you ask? I will try to explain.

My response

Thanks for the comments, JR. I agree wholeheartedly that both politics and parliaments in the modern world are being misused by the elites presently in power. Some humans tend to abuse power they are entrusted with. This has long been the case in our earthly 3D reality – the reality which many of us, in our own special ways, are working hard on shifting into the new, much higher level. However, we must always remember that there is a difference between the initial idea and later implementation of said idea, between the word and the later distortion of that word’s meaning.

A great example of how this works is religion – any religion. Take Christianity for instance: Jesus spoke of peace, love and forgiveness. But look into what humans, in their thirst for control over others, have turned his teaching! How many wars and how much hatred took place in the name of “Jesus”?

The initial ideas behind the words parliament and politics weren’t negative at all. These words in fact were created as progressive, and even revolutionary, for their day.

A word about how linguistics works: the language evolution follows certain laws, which linguists study. Those who are in the linguistics field also tend to have heightened intuition about the language truth. Just because a word seems similar, doesn’t mean it is related to another coincidentally similar word. On the other hand, some words that don’t seem as similar to a layman’s ear, come from the same root.

Sometimes the word with the opposite meaning comes from the same core root. A good example of that is “rose” vs. “rude” or “crude” – all three come from the same root! As a matter for fact, the root “ros,” “rus” or “ru” is so important in human development that I will have a whole article dedicated to that soon. Stay tuned!

This is how language develops – words and their meanings shift. Substitutions of sounds, spelling and meaning happen depending on the tragedies, confusions and triumphs any given culture experiences throughout its history. And yes, as always there are malicious manipulations and deliberate substitutions based on ulterior motives, too. Much of the manipulations that were safely hidden away, are coming to the surface as more and more discoveries are made based on new revolutionary methods.

Russian linguistics school was always superb and I am happy that I had the opportunity to study under its wing. It taught me to think and see the hidden connections between words; it showed me the way to uncover the hidden and distorted truths. But of course, I had this talent since I was young.

Russian mathematicians, astronomers/physicists have been famous throughout the 20th century. It is on the cross-section of these three sciences that many new discoveries are being made. These discoveries are so earth-shattering that very soon the history of the entire planet will simply have to be re-written.

I promised that I would start talking about all that soon, and I will. Today, I want to give a primer demonstrating how language works, and how it doesn’t; how important language is to preserve our history in order to avoid past mistakes; how important the language is in uncovering the truth. Let’s consider it a sneak peek into the big adventure still to come.

JR, let’s review the etymology (origins) of the words you mentioned in your comments.

Spell and spelling: These two words come from the same root “sp” or “spr.” It is the same root as in the word “speak.” In German: “sprechen.” The root of this word, as explained by the English sources, is old Norse: from spraki – rumor or report. As we know, English language belongs to the Germanic group of languages, although the past relations among language groups and families are also being shattered as new discoveries by the Russian scientists are being revealed.

For more insight into how languages work and interact, read my popular article on Lada Ray Blog: Best Way to Learn Russian Language.

If I dig deeper with the root “sp,” I will get to the ancient origins of the mother language predating Germanic cultures. The root “sp” is much older than any language groups recognized today. It is one of the original mother-tongue roots – what we used to call Indo-European, and what I would now call more correctly the Vedic Rus mother-tongue.

The root “sp” can be seen in ancient Russian and Ukrainian words, such as: Rus: spet’ – to sing, ” Ukr: spivati – to sing, Ukr: spilkuvatisia – to socialize. Here is a very telling word: Rus/Ukr and many other Slavic languages: ispoved’ – sermon or atoning. And of course, the Russian word everyone knows: Spasibo – “thank you” – which means extending gratitude through voice. Couldn’t be any more clear, could it?

So, the mother-root “sp” signifies joining, connecting, socializing, usually via one’s voice, in other words, via communication.

The word spill in English comes from the same root, and this is an indication of how bizarrely languages work sometimes. What is the logic here? Spill means getting out of own boundaries and again making a connection with a different entity – sort of communicating with another surface. That’s what happens in a water, or oil, spill. However, the original meaning of spill was language related, as in: “spilling the beans,” which means “blabbing it out or betraying a secret.”

Another interesting word is cooperation. Recognize the same root “sp?” Coop = “sp.” This is a Latin influence. In Latin “s” became “c.” “Sp” becomes “cp” and then “coop.”

The connections between languages and words are fascinating and educational. Since I was a child, I contemplated these connections, which taught me that people are much more similar than they are different, no matter how much various interests with ulterior motives are trying to convince us otherwise. I intend to write much more about this, but that will be another time.

For now, I think I’ve made my point: “sp” means to connect, commune; “el” means god or divine. Consequently, the original meaning of a spell is: to “connect with the divine” and by extention, to “voice an intention.” Of course the contemporary meaning of  a “spell” is broader. It is a spoken incantation to actualize an intention, sometimes to deceive or confuse others, but sometimes to empower self – it all depends on who and with what motives is doing it. Spelling means: “voicing – or actualizing – the written word.”

But what an irony! As JR correctly noticed, a spell, meant to actualize, or clarify things, is often used to manipulate and confuse. And spelling is derived directly from spell.  So, when I applaud JR’s parallel between spell and spelling, I am referring to the fact that I appreciate as a linguist his ability to see the hidden ironic connection between the two.

Now let’s proceed to the other two words. These two are a different story altogether as the examples from the article JR quotes, unfortunately are incorrect translations, even if they may seem valid on the surface. Here, much later derivatives or coincidental words are being substituted by the author of the article quoted.

In my earlier comments to this same post I already cautioned someone else to avoid falling for pseudo-truths. Not all alternative sources are created equal and not all tell the truth, either because of ignorance, or hidden agenda – or both.

Let’s try not to twist or stretch the truth, even if we have the best intentions, shall we? Because the truth has this interesting quality – eventually, everything comes out anyway. That’s why truth is always the best policy.

I can tell you as a trained comparative linguist and language historian what the real meaning of these words is:

Parliament is from parler (to speak) + ment (mind). (Incidentally, the word mentir also comes from ment and means “inventing things with your mind’, or, “irritating mind by misusing it”).

So, parliament is translated as the place where people speak their minds. And that was the original intention behind parliaments. At the time, Western-style democracy was a progressive thing and it was necessary to hear different opinions when they all were valid in some way. It is now that the Western-style democracy turned into its opposite.

Politics is from Greek politicos, meaning: “related to citizens or affairs of a city” (polis – city, polites – citizens). It has nothing to do with “tics” of course — “cs”  or “s” is a common English ending for Greek-related words, shortened from the common Greek ending “os.” “Os” also has much deeper Vedic Rus roots, demonstrated in Russian last names: Volkov, Elfimov, Yablokov. “Ov” = “os.”

Further, the ORIGINAL root of the word “Polis” is the ancient Vedic Rus (later Slavic) word: “Polie.” Polie is a field or flat surface. It originates from the Rus “po” – flat, on top, along a flat surface. Example: “idti po ulitse” – “to walk along the street.”

Here are some examples of this ancient root in action: Prussia – original meaning: Po-Russia, in other words, flat or wide Russia. Later Prussia was taken over by Germans and that’s how Prussia became German, but originally it was Po-Russia. The country next to Prussia is called Poland, in Polish: Polonia. This name comes from “polie” – literally: the flat country. And believe me, Poland is really flat.

From “Polie” the ancient Greek word “polis” = city, was formed. It meant flat surface, populated with people. The “people,” or “citizens,” meaning was added later. Initially, polites meant those people who lived in flatlands, which eventually were built into cities. The word “poly” came to signify “many” much, much later. It is a modern-day derivative from “polis,” which is logical as it signified a city populated by many citizens. There was no word “poly” with today’s meaning in Ancient Greek. This is one of the manipulated subsequent additions into the language.

P.S. A reader has suggested that the word religion = re-ligion has something to do with “military rebuilding” as in re-legion (meaning military legion.) This is an exellent example of a confusion that I have talked about in the beginning.

In reality: the root “log” = “lg” means “word” in Vedic mother-tongue, and later in Latin (logos), and it has nothing to do with war. The word “legitimate” “legislature” and “library” come from the same root. Later, the word “legion” was also derived from the same root – not from war, but from “law and order.” “Logos” – “legis” – “legitimate” – “law” = “order” – “legion.” The word “linguistics” also comes from the same root. Russian lozh and English lie – same meaning, same root.

Religion simply means “reciting words” = cermons and prayers.

This is enough linguistics for now.

I hope you enjoyed this article and I hope you learned something today. Even though my time is limited, I try to clarify and explain things as much as I can, and I try to share my knowledge with all. Regrettably, I can’t always do that and many confusions perhaps go unanswered. Sometimes I answer people’s comments in the comment section of my blog. My goal is always to reveal the truth from under the layers of confusion and lies, whether intentional or inadvertent.

In this case, of course the intention of the reader, JR, was high and honest, as much of what he says rings true. Therefore, I thought it was a good idea to clarify as much as possible.

About me: M.A. (summa cum laude) in Comparative Linguistics, Translation and History of languages. I studied at Odessa Mechnikov State University, Moscow Lomonosov State University and Complutense University of Madrid, with graduate study at the Universidad de La Habana, Cuba. Read my bio here.

I see my role as someone who uncovers and reveals deep truths that had been suppressed. My mission is to help people clear the existing fog of confusion and misinformation.

In the upcoming posts I will continue this topic. Stay tuned!

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  1. Being in dialog with people around the world, more times a week, invite me to study the root of that word, a word, one word etc.. Most times the words root are able to decode de confusion of to days normality and spin. Which reveal that the words are malcoded by man by will. Which man? I think everybody like to know about that. I often call this kind of invisibility “The truth about the lie”. In a way ‘lie’ do not exist – everything is true. Lie is hidden truth.

    So, a week ago the word ‘religion’ pop up in my philosofic workspace. It is clear that the word means re-legion.
    After some study the word becomes similar to ‘military rebuilding’. It becomes crystal clear, that religion simply is an agenda and use parliament and politic to spin the words, distort the truth and as forum of information to make war and strategy.

    When studying history and use above pattern, it fit everywhere. The same pattern has been going on for more thousen years and surpressed our development by distracting us and disturb the consciousness. This phenomenon is about to disappear, while the agenda get more visible day by day. The prove is the word POWER. Power, is a distorted word. Distorted by the agenda. Only humanity have power.

    Words are connected to our imagination. Putin do a very useful act, when he meet an negotiate the agenda people. HE USE THE MIRROR. So when someone confront Putin, he argument by using arguments that brings the opposed to mirror himself or herself.

    Until now it seems as if the old agenda are not aware of the mirror and fight themselves- which is de-legion, or disligion. That is why Russia are calm – they just have to observe the selfdestruction of The Cabal.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Interesting.
      So you know: the root “log” = “lg” means “word” in Vedic Rus mother-tongue, and later in Latin (logos), and it has nothing to do with war.
      The word “legitimate” “legislature” and “library” come from the same root. Later, the word “legion” was also derived from the same root – not from war, but from “law and order.” “Logos” – “legis” – “legitimate” – “law” = “order” – “legion.”

      Re-ligion simply means repeating words = reciting words = cermons and prayers.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Lada,

    This is such amazingly wonderful and liberating information for me. I don’t know which of your “truth lessons” to comment upon, as I’m feeling the importance of your words and the effect they’re having in my “mind’s eye.” Origins, roots, beginnings of words and languages bring one back to the original “divine laws” of the Divine Design. Then, with the subtlety of the proverbial serpent in the pristine garden of the divine Eden, distortion wove its spell of deception and disenchantment in the human mind, twisting and perverting and grafting upon our tree of life an artificial branch — with crafted words, altering the purity and creative freedom of divine truth, and enslaving us to an addiction for falsity, bad news, gross thoughts, lies and perversion — distortions of the divine.

    Your words, written clearly and concisely, with meaning and direction rather than subterfuge and misdirection, bear truth resonance felt in the heart, a truth frequency. Words written or spoken with a hidden agenda or ill intention, are wound with sinewy tendrils of fear-based frequency and attach like leeches in the mind. Then, for people like me, “pseudo truths” are wordplay that mess with your mind and can keep you in the frequency of cynicism, pessimism, anger, denial, — whatever “tickles” your particular fancy (usually something fear-based in the background), to justify feeling helpless.

    No wonder the history of Russia has been suppressed and kept hidden, I feel that it holds many secrets within its Vedic Rus origins that are keys to creation and manifestation, and knowledge of “technologies” within our Universe that would free humankind from its subservience to “masters”. And, it is no wonder that the overall agenda is to keep it not only hidden, but ultimately to have its recorded memory destroyed — forever removed from our reach (understanding and awakening realization of who we really are).

    This is so timely, as many are being awakened by the discordant noisy words spewed daily that have less and less meaning. Play > rewind, play > rewind. Moving mouths, talking heads, MSM Barbie and Ken acting out their scripts. Empty and hollow words and memes, spells and incantations and visual subliminal mind control to keep us disconnected from our heart’s cries. Please, “slap” us with the truth, because that’s what it takes sometimes to knock some sense into us and reorient and realign our minds and our hearts to the truth. This isn’t a knockout blow that we need, but a stop-in-your-tracks adjustment to get us back on track. Isn’t this just full of today’s jargon ?? Will our history books from the future be full of such jargon, lingo, slang, expletives, texting abbreviations, circuitous thinking, double entendre, double speak, the words of a mind-altered herd of humanimals braying at one another, while being whipped into line, or beaten into submission with the power of words orated by the dark magicians ??

    SIgn me up for more linguistics and history lessons. All senses are awake and alert, and awaiting your next class. I want to help rewrite history through the written and spoken word as it was intended — to educate, elevate, and promote the human spirit to the heights of its noble heritage. Many, many thanks, Lada, that you heard the call, and have answered us.

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  3. Hi Lada,

    I have been following you a bit because Jean Haines re-posts your stuff. I like this article because I have read a couple of other things drawing etymological comparisons, which though clever, seemed a bit too glib and trivial, implying some kind of mysterious-conspiratorial significance, which could just be the projection of the author. So I like that you described this as “cute”, which is appropriate without being unkind, and that you applied a more realistic and deeper analysis based on your own linguistic training.
    I have to say though that your self-publicity sounds to a British ear a bit big-headed, or lacking modesty and humility. For example, to declare oneself to be a Feng Shui “master” implies a whole career of experience. Wouldn’t “consultant” or “practitioner” be more reasonable? But I like your very serious and forthright way of speaking. Clearly you are not shy!

    So that is my mixture of praise and criticism, and I will keep reading. Thank you 🙂

    John, Manchester.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dear John, I appreciate your honesty, and following me “a bit.”

      I am Internationally Certified Feng Shui Master, trained personally by bestselling feng shui author Lillian Too and the revered Hong Kong Masters, and one of the first classically trained Compass School/Flying Star Feng Shui Masters in the USA. This is the title I was given. I have nearly 15 years of feng shui practice and extensive international clientelle, as well as extensive feng shui teaching and writing experience. I don’t write/teach feng shui any more because I have grown out of it and I have bigger projects I am interested in.

      I AM being extemely modest in how I portray myself, becasue if I told you everything I have done in life, you would probably not believe it.

      Being a nice and non-confrontational person, I usually try not to say everything that comes to mind when I hear things like that, so I will refrain from saying more. I will just say that it’s a bit rich to talk about someone being “big-headed” coming from a stuck-up Brit, which is so aptly demonstrated in your comment.

      Having been well-bred, it would never occur to me to criticize someone who is sharing a life-time of hard-won knowldege with the world for free. I would just say thank you.
      The fact that you think you are above me, and my reader, says much more about you than anyone else.

      I will be happy to share my knowledge with all my readers, which I am doing not to impress, but to help humanity and our planet Earth to go through these turbulent times. I only mention SOME of my credentials so people understand how much study, life experiences, and a life-time of work are behind everything I say.

      It is up to you, to continue reading or not. I am looking for good readers, but I am not going to hold on to anyone who can’t really hear me correctly.

      In the future, please refrain from posting comments such as these, as they will not be published. I am allowing this comment only in order to show others what points of view exist, and what my position is on such things.

      P.S. This shows how little you understand – I am in fact extremely shy, but I have to overcome my shyness every day to help others.

      Liked by 2 people

      • LOL, Lada not everyone can be meaningfully critical, some are just critically mean with a touch of ignorance. 🙂 All part of the human experience, take the good with the bad. Nevertheless, it’s clear we all adore your writing and generosity with your time. Keep up the great work sistar!

        Liked by 2 people

  4. Hi Lada,

    Thanks for your reply. Sorry if I offended you. The fact that you look so young in your pictures contributed to my wrong assumption that you couldn’t have had much experience.

    If I re-read my comment it is has both praise and criticism, and I didn’t think it was so extreme. My criticism was meant to be of your writing style, not of your character or motivation. I said how it “sounds”, an honest expression of my first impression, as a British English speaker, and new reader of your stufff, from reading you. If your style puts people off then you reach fewer people. I think we need to be ready to hear both praise and criticism if we put stuff out in cyber space.

    However perhaps the reason we Brits are so concerned with modesty is that we are actually very stuck-up and so we have to over compensate!

    I am surprised to hear that you are shy. Anyway, I have no intention to hurt anyone, just to be honest. I have also learnt varying degrees of five languages and have studied and practised Feng Shui for several years, though I am far from having mastered it. It looks like you have mastered many things at a young age that I have struggled just to attempt, so maybe I am a little jealous. If we actually met I think we would probably get on fine.Thank you for taking the trouble to reply, and good luck with your work.


    Liked by 1 person

    • John’s right; the British are anal. Writing style is like a box of chocolates. You get what you pick and you may or may not like it. I’ve read all of Lada’s books and she “sounds” like a Russian, which is music to my ears. Your ears may not be so oriented but “style” can hardly be criticised in any objective manner unless it violates the “rules” and her’s does not.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Thanks, xnibiru. Very astute comment. Can’t add anything. :).
        Frankly, I am still scratching my head as to why it’s so hard for people to understand that not everyone went to an English Public school or Oxford and that people have the right to express themselves in their own way? And then complain about that in public? If we are speaking about cultural differences, then from my “Russian” point of view this is just awfully rude.

        Btw, read my latest response to John’s most recent comment about the collective karma.

        P.S. I am writing an article to address your and other people’s recent question about Putin and NWO. Shoud be up soon.


        Liked by 2 people

      • P.S. Thanks for reading my books – music to my ears. 🙂

        Liked by 2 people

    • I guess…apology accepted. I think, you, like many in the West assume too much. You are quite typical: if I can’t do it, others obviously also can’t.

      This of course applies to many humans in any place on the planet, IF they have not been taught from the young age to trust their inner vision, rather the outer, distorted one, or if they don’t have that precious inner compass…

      Age or look has nothing to do with essence. Perhaps you know about Indigos, Crystals, Rainbows and other new children. Well, some of them aren’t so new.

      Still not sure what you mean by my writing style criticism? You don’t like how I write my articles? They are not clear to you? I offended you, and your compatriots, by telling a lie anywhere? Or do you mean I should diminish my life’s achievements AND tell a lie just because some cannnot take it?

      And you are right, the Brits overcompensate for exactly the reason I pointed out – historically, Brits looked down their noses on everyone else on the planet – simply because they were the most aggressive and devious, and consequently, they managed to loot half of the planet, thus getting filthy rich at others’ expense.

      It’s no longer the case – so, they overcompensate by going around and telling everyone else they are big-headed. Recently, I heard a Brit complain that all signs in Russia are in capital letters. This is really OFF-PUTTING, he said.
      Why for example ‘kittens for sale’ should be in capitals? It’s like yelling. It’s so big-headed and incongruent of those Russians! How ironic coming from a citizen of a country that used to war with and colonize the whole world (still does a little).

      Those Brits who really want to cure this handicap: it’s very beneficial to look not outside for solutions – but on the inside. That’s where the solution resides in order to heal your own inner imbalance and British collective karma.

      You wanted the truth, and here it is.

      To be fair, collective karma and inner healing is desperately needed for ALL nationalities on the planet. Russians have their own collective karma and I sometimes cringe at their self-distorted view – they often think of themselves as lesser and unimportant, while the absolute opposite is true. Germans still carry a very heavy karma for obvious reasons. Ukrainians are a total mess. Americans – don’t ask.

      So don’t take it too badly. Take it as the REAL constructive criticism and a very good advice.


      P.S. I get along in person with the Brits very well. They are quite nice. I actually like the British people and the UK and at one point even considered moving there. Here I’m talking about inner problems which usually stay hidden until they come out when something is triggered.

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