Philip Ekozyants: Ukraine and Impostors

This is another great video from Philip Ekozyants, aka Filip Vartan Melkhizedek. This new video address is in Philip’s native tongue, Russian, with English subs. Worth listening! You can watch his previous video and read translation in my earlier post: Truth, Lie and Propaganda. An Appeal to the American People from a Ukrainian.

Philip Ekozyants is a well-known musician from #Kharkov, second-largest city and former capital of #Ukraine. He is a Ukrainian citizen with Armenian roots, who as many, identifies with the Greater Russian culture, and who wants to rid his land of oligarch leaches and foreign interests pushing the country to war. He wants to be a part of the Greater Russian world, while preserving unified Ukraine identity. This video is a call to the western and central Ukrainians from an eastern Ukrainian.

Those who followed my predictions from the beginning of the Ukraine crisis would remember that I said that Ukraine will never join the EU and that it will eventually join Customs (Eurasian) Union with Russia. Even before the present civil war started in Ukraine, I also said that Russia doesn’t want to split Ukraine, and that Russia won’t be dragged into the war. My early predictions are being confirmed in this piece. See Predictions and Kiev-Moscow Interview (predictions are towards the end of the interview) for the original predictions.

Note, this video is a bit raw, as the situation in Ukraine is no joke. There are a couple of strong words used regarding the “impostors.” Such words may not resonate in the West, but they do resonate with the Ukrainians. Use discretion. I thought this was quite a revealing piece to post. There is a spiritual element towards the end.


Ukraine and impostors/ Украина и самозванцы

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  1. Hello, Lada. Sorry the new article/video from the gentleman (Melchizedec?) gives me a “404 Error…the page cannot be found” message. Perhaps you’d like to find the broken link?

    Excellent coverage of the Ukraine disaster!

    Dr. D Honduras

    Dick Newman

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  2. Very touching and heart felt. He expresses the view of every common person who simply wants to live on this planet in peace with happiness for all as his only goal. Thank you for sharing.


  3. Thanks for sharing Philip with us and I hope he knows that many on U.S. side of the planet share his feelings and will not be manipulated by our own fakes and phoneys, thugs, mercenaries, etc. We look forward to a New Reality for all.


  4. Viva! Rosja!….Viva! Putin!…Viva! Lada!….spasiba…dziekuje…thank You…~Mir~


  5. Reblogged this on Spirit In Action and commented:
    Thank you, Lada! I hope people will watch and share this.Too often public opinion in the west is easily controlled by corporate media and the very real but unacknowledged censorship that is rampant in corporate media especially. We need to realize these countries have real human beings in them who have their own interests, goals and dead-that often have nothing to do with what Europe or America want.


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