Shocking Eyewitness Video: June 10, 2014, Slavyansk. City Destroyed by Bombs

#SaveDonbassSkyFromNazi #savedonbasspeople

The newly elected president of Ukraine Petro #Poroshenko promised to stop military operation in the east of Ukraine (Donbass and Lugansk) and to create humanitarian corridors so people could leave the areas being bombed by his troops. In reality, the opposite is happening.

The city in ruins: below is eyewitness video report about last night’s bombing of #Slavyansk, the long-suffering city in #Donetsk Republic that takes the brunt of the Kiev junta attacks. With English subs, which are not very good, but you can get the idea.

I’ve added my own translation to help in understanding what they are talking about. This is a quick translation. Apologies if it’s not polished enough. My time is limited, but I felt this was too important and needed to be posted.


“As a result of the last night’s shelling of the residential areas near city center, one woman was killed, another heavily injured. The shelling was highly concentrated, and it targeted the purely residential area.”

A woman says: “Poroshenko has blood on his hands. These are the worst rulers we have ever had. Killing young people, children. He thinks he will be forgiven? He is up to his neck in blood. Damn him. We should go to Kiev and do the same to him. With all his ill-gotten wealth. Damn oligarch. Tell him that. Idiot. Mainly retirees live here. No gas, no electricity. Americans want our land, that’s why they make war. That’s all.”

Man: “All doors have been blown off. Nothing is left in most apartments. All apartments are standing open. Who is going to guard our possessions?’

Militia man to cameraman: “Don’t show me, I am not that interesting. Show how they are shooting at civilians.”

“Stray dogs follow us everywhere we go because they are afraid of bombings too. They know they are safer with us.”

Woman: “They (Kiev junta – LR) have no conscience if they shoot civilians, and destroy the peaceful city. We lived peacefully; the old wanted to die in peace, the young wanted to grow in peace. Where is that Europe now? Let them see what’s really going on here. How they bomb us from planes. Ukraine hides this reality from the world. Ukraine doesn’t want this to be seen… Boys, quickly, hide behind the house.”

Man: “There are only two of us left on this street, because we have nowhere to go.” Woman: “Terrible.” Man:” We’ll survive somehow.”

A simple woman about junta, oligarchs, Americans, and who and why started the civil war in Ukraine: “We are tired of this senseless war, one people – against each other. They (Kiev junta, oligarchs – LR) want riches. They can’t take any riches to another world. The only difference when you die is that some will have richer coffins than others. Those idiots wanted power and riches and that’s why they have started this war. Americans, I am sure, are happy. Americans are dreaming about a war in Europe. They think they are far away and safe, meanwhile, they’ll do good business selling arms to the warring factions. Europe to them is disposable.”

Some of these people spoke Russian and some Ukrainian, yet they all said the same thing.


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  1. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHRRRRRGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so mad at the americans and all the rest of the stupid cowards following them!!!! I am soooooo pised!!!
    I used to live in Kyiv I know they are the most awesome people!!! I love Russia I love Russian people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…I have a nut in my through I have tears in my eyes of anger and hatret to what the UK and USA is doing to Kyiv…

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    • ~von~…i hear You brother…nourish Peace and love in your heart…it’s all energy and vibration words produce…and It will manifest on the periphery…with love…to You…klaniam sie…~Mir~

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    • I hear you and I am also angry. I feel your sentiments.
      I am sick and tired of the lies and duplicity coming from Washington and Western mainstream media.
      Thank God RT is challenging the lies of Western media.
      But behind all this are the banking elites who are pulling the strings.
      The banking elites, RIIA, CFR, Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg group, World Bank, BIS, IMF and other organizations are the groups who are behind the corruption and raping of countries, the coups and covert operations along with their agenda for a one world police state (NWO).
      I pray one day that all corrupt global elites will be imprisoned or hanged. When that day arrives, I shall buy a bottle of champagne to celebrate.
      May Putin and Russia stand firm and defeat the Neo-Nazis, Washington and the City of London.
      Peace to you “vonshultze”.


      • Thanks for Wolf727! I agree with you, we see Mr. Putin as a diferent human being that has the power to change what is going on now, Russians have the technology and the means to conquer the world if they would want to. so glad for Mr. Putin is a Macho guy!

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  2. Normally I have something to say about everything but I am speechless. To see an senior like that having to run to avoid being shot by a sniper simply trying to get back to her own home. Mankind has no regard for life or living anymore. None of the people are asking for anything more than a normal life with some laughter and happiness…and instead they are subjected to this. Absolutely criminal and it is criminal. But when they are the ones perpetrating it who will be just.


  3. Their evil rituals committed in the darkness of night will soon be fully exposed to the burning Light. The payment to be exacted will be the drawing of the breath of their life from the cells of their blood, to dissolve into dust and be dispersed by the breath of Creator, into the forgetfulness of un-creation. Eternal death.

    As it is said, “greater love hath no man but that he lay down his life for his friend,” there is no greater demonstration of that saying than the love evidenced by the beautiful people of Slavyansk, Odessa, Donetsk, and all cities under attack in the Ukraine. My heart is breaking for the deliberate crimes being committed against the people, acts of such violence and cruelty, that only those of unconscionable sociopathic and evil demonic possession could design and enact. As the mask of evil is falling away, their faces and their seats and thrones of dark power are being revealed to the whole world.

    I send my heart full of love and prayers for help for the people, for their homes, their families, their cities and farms, their country. We need this help now for our human family in the Ukraine. Though I was birthed in America, my own heritage comes from across the ocean. So, I look with my heart that has roots somewhere on the blood soaked battleground of Culloden, with a miner afflicted with black lung from the coal mines of Wales, and with the hated and maligned “filthy gypsies” of Spain. And within my heart and DNA I can feel that war and suffering and denigration have made my spirit strong and compassionate. So, I speak and pray with my heart and warrior spirit, and have become an intercessor for all people in their time of need. It has been so in the past, and it is so now.

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    • A most courageous sentiment JR, I’m with you in spirit. We do what our souls cry out to do, for our fellow human beings. The cabal is losing momentum, credibility, and resolve, soon they will pay for their war crimes, assassinations, global atrocities. The end game is near.


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