The Real Truth About Golodomor and Collectivization in Ukraine

This issue, which was, it seems, on everyone’s lips just recently, is all but forgotten. The propaganda machine in the West and Ukraine worked overtime to beat it into everyone’s head: Russians have created golodomor – sometimes translated incorrectly as “holodomor,” to kill the poor Ukrainians. The issue has died down because Russians finally started responding with real facts of what had actually happened. This enduring part lie and part twisted truth was created as anti-Russian propaganda mega-tool well before the 2004 #Yushchenko/ #Tymoshenko/ #Poroshenko Orange Revolution in order to drive a wedge between Russia and Ukraine and convince Ukrainians that Russia was the arch-enemy. How could it not, if they killed – what number did they conjure out of thin air? – 20 million of Ukrainians! I have news for you, if the evil Stalin killed 20 million Ukrainians, the country called Ukraine would have long been a desert.

The golodomor story was generated the same way as the now infamous meme “I am a Ukrainian” depicting a pretty, smiling girl with flowers on Kiev maidan (no nazi thugs and Molotov cocktails in sight). It was born in a Virginia, USA propaganda lab.

But while the actual lie can’t be published in the MSM any more as the truth is already out, the #Soros-financed distorted history books, and Western/ Ukrainian media won’t retract it, so it gets spread and repeated over and over again. Unfortunately, Russia was always far behind the US and UK on the propaganda front – and presently we are observing the results of the Russians not paying enough attention to the important infowar issue.

Yesterday, one of my readers mentioned the golodomor issue in a comment, adding that Russians did that to Ukrainians causing millions of them to die of starvation. I’ve heard this before and it had been on my mind for years. I understand how people would come to believe this lie, considering the absolute info vacuum. I’ve decided this was as good a time as any to clarify this issue once and for all.

Background: as you can see from my bio, my mother was Ukrainian, from a farming family. I had a couple of aunts in Ukrainian villages, and an uncle and aunt who lived in a city, but came from the farming stock. My whole family was into story-telling and since I was a child, I heard many stories about family history and various events they had experienced. Avid listener, unlike many of my contemporaries, I was always a history buff, even as a 5-year old.

So, let’s look at the facts, and for dessert, at my own family/friends experiences. After my story, everything will become “crystal-clear,” as they say in Russia… and Ukraine.

Collectivization and golodomor did take place. There were problems, but hardly in the magnitude quoted. The meaning and logic behind these events is also being grossly distorted. Lenin was long dead by the way – collectivization took place in the end of 1920s – 1930s under Stalin.

Collectivization meant that peasants/farmers had to unite into farms, mostly voluntarily, but sometimes not. Collectivization is interpreted usually that Stalin (who was not Russian, but Georgian by the way, and who is still considered a national hero in Georgia) wanted to eliminate private property as soon as possible, including individual farms. There was an element of that, but the real reason was economical. USSR was in a desperate situation when the West tried to strangle it economically. Remember that just mere 6 years prior the country was in total ruins after the brutal Civil War. In addition, there were several bad years with poor harvest. This was a fight for survival – a life and death situation. To prevent hunger, the USSR leaders decided to expedite a conversion of the agriculture to socialism. Notice, most farmers were not touched until early 1930s, except in those cases where locals formed collective farms – kolkhozs – of their own initiative. USSR partially produced and partially purchased tractors from Ford. The goal of the Soviet industrialization and the usage of a tractor was to achieve the increased output compared to a horse and plow. However, individual small farmers couldn’t afford a tractor. To get a tractor – given for free by the state – you had to unite in a collective farm.


 Poster about collectivization reads: “Comrade, join us at the kolkhoz.”

So, collectivization started, encouraged by the state and led by the overly zealous locals. In many, if not most situations, the process was peaceful and amicable. People were explained the advantages of joining, they argued, talked, voted, decided, signed and the next day, woke up as a kolkhoz. However, clearly there were excesses as well, depending who was the ring leader locally. Sometimes, those who resisted were “relieved” of their cattle and land, which was collectivized. Of course, it has to be understood that their property was still theirs, but now they owned a share of all combined property of the kolkhoz, as in a coop. The issue was that those who owned more, didn’t want to share. Sometimes these people took up the arms.

It has to be underscored that just like today, the West recruited those who were angered by collectivization to commit the acts of sabotage. Many well-documented cases are known of someone burning stables with cattle in them, damaging wheat fields and killing kolkhoz leaders.

kolkhoz 2

Perhaps the collectivization was not well-managed; perhaps it was a hastily prepared event. The unbending positions of local activists are possibly also to blame. But could they have acted any different being shot at? There was an issue of adequate instructions from the top – no instructions were sometimes possible because this grand social experiment was never before attempted in history, and also because it was perhaps underestimated by the communists how much some of the peasants didn’t want to part with their property.

This miscalculation is easy to understand: the people who masterminded USSR already lived in their minds in communism, when all property would be shared. To them – why hang on to your meager private property if in about ten-fifteeen years the whole country would live in a fairy tale abundance of communism, sharing everything? They simply couldn’t understand why farmers didn’t want to part with their stuff, happily signing up for kolkhozes in droves. And yes, they did think that communism would be built in the USSR by around 1943-45.

From this perspective, it is very easy to understand why the West, primarily UK and US, but let’s not forget France and Germany, HAD to sabotage USSR at all cost. Remember, we are dealing with the first ever social mega-experiment to convert the entire society into something very different in a planned manner, and in a very short time span. This was a serious attack against capitalism, as far as the West was concerned. Of course, USSR didn’t attack anyone – it just wanted to build a better life for its citizens. The fact that some people were unprepared for this grand experiment is a different story. However, it was supposed to be a peaceful experiment within USSR/Russia’s own borders.

But as we see from everything that is going on even today, the West never let Russia develop peacefully. UK (GB) was gradually losing its influence and empire; USA was in the middle of the 1929 Crash and Great Depression; Germany had a lot of trouble recovering after WWI. Simple people everywhere started looking at the USSR as the only beacon of hope.

Fast forward to today. Does that by any chance sound familiar?

Meanwhile, the capitalist system was suffering blow after blow. The thought that went through the minds of power/economic elites was: what if the Russians are indeed able to build communism in ten-fifteeen years? What if they do achieve a fairy-tale prosperity as a result? People in the West will want the same. Russian example could create anti-capitalist revolutions all over the world. Everyone from Ford to JP Morgan, Kennedy to Rothschild, was afraid to lose their wealth and property. They financed the sabotage of the collectivization, and watched with glee as USSR struggled. But the USSR recovered way too quickly, despite all odds. Collectivization was more of a success than they expected. By 1939, USSR started living quite prosperously. That’s why it was necessary to simultaneously help Hitler rise to power, with the idea that he would attack USSR and destroy it.

I am not defending collectivization. It was premature to do so at that time. True communist society is only possible when people’s consciousness is on a very high level. This is the Star Trek society and we are very far from it. In today’s world, some would thrive in the coop environment.  We see this in examples of progressive eco-villages and spiritual communities all over the globe. Others prefer private property and there is nothing wrong with that either. People should have free choice to do what’s best for them, until their consciousness rises to the level when this is the only, and best, way for them to live.

It’s like slavery. The consciousness of humans had to rise enough for everyone to understand that slavery was wrong. Let’s recall that in the 19th century USA slavery was a norm; that Great Britain thrived on the international slave trade; that as recently as 1960s, there was still widespread racial segregation is the USA.

Choices are great and necessary; however, at the time when the West was doing everything to strangle the young Soviet State, and by extension, destroy Russia, USSR had very little choice.

Now it becomes clear why Ford, Kennedy, Bush, IBM and many others financed Hitler. Hitler would have never been able to build and arm his multi-million army within several short years without credits and massive technological infusion from the US and UK. The idea was to sick him on the USSR, so to prevent USSR from becoming prosperous and making the West look bad. Destroying USSR/Russia was plan A. If that could not be achieved, then at least USSR had to be slowed down. And along the way, discrediting everything Soviet and Russian was an icing on the cake. They achieved plan B quite well.

However, as we well know, the Hitler plan got a tiny bit out of control. I don’t think it really worried those who masterminded it though. What is 100 million dead, if the wealth of Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Fords, Morgans, was now safe and multiplied.

And USSR was tied up for years, first busy fighting the nazi invasion; later, mourning the 27 million dead and rebuilding the country from ruins.

Capitalism was safe.

However, just imagine how different the 20th century could have looked if there was no WWII and USSR was able to build its bright future unencumbered. Would it have built the epically abundant communism by 1945? I don’t know, perhaps not. But the map of the world would have looked very differently for sure. USSR would have done much better, and the West – much worse.

Back to collectivization and golodomor (= death from starvation): it took place in the early 1930s. It happened for several reasons: 1. Peasants sometimes didn’t care for fields and cattle that they felt wasn’t theirs after it was taken into kolkhozes. 2. Sabotage, burning and poisoning of cattle and fields by foreign agents. 3. Mistakes of authorities, both central and local. 4. Several bad years of drought and poor harvest in parts of Russia and Ukraine.

This is very important! Collectivization and golodomor were NOT Ukraine-specific phenomenons. Same exact results from collectivization happened in rich agricultural areas of Russia, such as Povolzhie and Kuban. In fact, the real hunger was in Povolzhie (the Volga region). Golodomor is a Russian word, not Ukrainian. Everyone suffered. So, making this into a Ukraine-specific issue is clearly a disgusting propaganda ploy.

There was never a secret made of golodomor in Russia – as a child I studied it in my Soviet history books. Perhaps, Russians were a little too self-punishing about it. The overall cost of golodomor was probably two hundred thousand lives, and it was a huge tragedy. I doubt more than 20,000 died in Ukraine. Much, much more died in Russia. Soviet government purchased grains from Iran to feed the hungry, but it was a little late by the time the grain arrived. I am sure golodomor was the consequence of several tragic coincidences. Mishandled collectivization was multiplied by the sabotage and burning of crops, poisoning of water, blowing up kolkhoz property, and killing of the live stock by the foreign agents. However, the worst problems were drought and poor crops in the same period. Without that, the golodomor would probably never happen.

Incidentally, Stalin’s repressions intensified mainly during and after golodomor, and they were a direct response to the malicious sabotage of the country’s agriculture.

My personal experience: 

Personal experiences can help us put the two and two together, or they can obscure the facts – it all depends on one’s attitude. I once received an angry comment from someone who never got over his Ukrainian great-grandpa (this one really knows how to hold a grudge!) having lost a horse and cows in the 1930s, when “bad Russians came to take them away into a kolkhoz.” Of course, as I said, this in reality meant that everyone now owned a share of everyone’s horses, cows and fields. Kolkhoz means collective property, in other words, a coop.

The conclusion made by that commenter from his great-grandpa personal experience: millions died, and I was bad and dishonest that I spoke positively of Russia. Just imagine the logic! I would like to know for one how could millions die, including this person’s ancestor; who then told him all these horror stories in such detail?

And here is the real story: My mother was from a village in eastern Ukraine. One of her ancestors was a Tsar’s army officer, who fought against the Bolsheviks (Reds) in the Civil War, and when the Whites lost the Civil War, he emigrated to the West.

My father’s family came from the central Russian Voronezh region and Moscow. The family name was one of the most well-known in Russia and the family was very rich. My father’s grandfather, an idealist, sided with the Bolsheviks and when revolution came, he gave up his mansion and properties for the benefit of the people. He worked as chief engineer at the plant he formerly owned.

In my thriller, GOLD TRAIN (Accidental Spy Russia Adventure), I describe the story of the FSB operative Alexei and New York journalist Jade Snow. They both have Russian roots with aristocratic ancestry. Their story is in part my real family story.

My mother told me that her family had to give up their couple of cows and a horse during collectivization, too. No one died from hunger as the local kolkhoz provided enough. There was no one she knew of in the eastern Ukraine region of Dnepropetrovsk and Zaporozhie, where my mother’s family was from, who died of golodomor. Think about it! I will repeat so it sinks in! Millions supposedly died, yet my mother never told me of a single person she knew, or her family knew, who died of starvation! If there was such a story to tell, believe me, I would have heard it!

It has to be remembered that collectivization or not, people kept their private gardens, chickens, ducks and geese. These were not collectivized. PUFF! Go the fictional millions of dead.

Now, to put in perspective the story of the millions of dead from golodomor, here is another story. I grew up in Odessa, where a large percentage of the population is Jewish. This is the story I heard more than once. My close friend Yury, who was Jewish, told this story, as did several other people. When German and Romanian troops were approaching Odessa during WWII, Russians knew what they did to Jews in occupied areas. The USSR leadership decided to evacuate the Jews to save them from concentration camps. Many, many trains were sent to Odessa. It was announced in the city that everyone who wanted to evacuate must get to the trains no later than at a certain hour. Most Jewish civilians (200,000 or more) were evacuated from the city on very short notice and taken to Uzbekistan. My friend’s father grew up during the war speaking Uzbek. Once, we were watching a documentary about this evacuation, and my friend recognized his family walking in the dusty stepps towards the train parked well out of town (with so many trains to accommodate everyone, some had to be parked very far): a woman carrying a baby – his grandma with little aunt, a little boy – his father, and a man with a violin – his grandfather, who was the first violin of the Odessa Opera.

I heard similar stories from several other people. As a result of this mega-evacuation by the bad Russians, evil Stalin and horrible USSR, the lives of most Odessa Jews were saved. Compare that to what happened to the Jews all over the “kind” Europe.

Now, let’s put this in perspective. 200,000 Jews get evacuated and I hear several different stories about that! 20,000,000 get killed during golodomor – and not a single story! I knew thousands of people in Ukraine, I had relatives and friends in villages – not a single story! I heard about collectivization and my mother’s family’s horses and cows, I heard about my father’s family giving up their property, about the White Russian officer and his emigration, about how my mother’s family survived under Hitler’s occupation, about my father’s family 18th-19th century history, about my father at Stalingrad, about a friend of the family who suffered from Stalin’s repressions, about my mother’s work on exotic Sakhalin, and much more… But NONE, Zero, zilch about anyone dying during golodomor!

The real story of how Ukrainians were, and are, treated in Russia: Ukrainians oftentimes were given a preference over Russians, as were representatives of other ethnicities. Westerners will recognize this as today’s “political correctness.” Being half-Russian and half-Ukrainian, when I turned 15, I could choose which nationality I wanted to put in my passport. I decided to put down Ukrainian, not Russian. Why would anyone do that if it wasn’t beneficial?

If I had to choose again – guess what I would put down today?  

These heads of the USSR were Ukrainian: Gorbachev, Khrushchev, Brezhnev. Stalin was Georgian. In other words, those who ruled the country for most of the 20th century, were non-Russian. Today, Russians treat Ukrainians as brothers, basically forgiving them everything, while Ukrainians yell everywhere that Russians are aggressors and enemy #1.

Who do you think benefits from all this?

Conclusion: the Ukrainian golodomor hoax is a typical propaganda ploy, created to make Russia look bad – what else is new? A monstrous LIE, as usual. Golodomor did happen and tens of thousands died. It was a tragedy for the entire Soviet people. Using such tragedy for the shameful purpose of driving a wedge between parts of the same people – Russians and Ukrainians – is beyond criminal.

Note: I am referring to “communism” here not as political ideology, but as advanced spiritual consciousness construct of the universal brotherhood of man. What I mean can be understood better by reading/listening to Osho, who referred to communism as a manifestation of Zen.

Dear readers! Make sure you read a very telling testimonial in the comment section about #golodomor in the Russian Povolzhie by Viktoriya Merkl!





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  1. Thank you!
    My grandma was Born in Saratov, Povolzhie, Russia, and I heard very much from her and my great-grandmother about that very bad “starvation” time happened in Povolzhie region. Every time when I was small I did not want to eat they told me that I should be happy having such a big variety of food, there was time when they had to eat grass in Povolzhie region.. My grandmother told stories about her and her sister sent to the woods or to Volga to find sth eatable while their mother went to work. They told about many died friends and neighbours. Very hard and very sad time.
    My great-grandpa(first husband of my great-grandmother from Saratov was a rich man, they also passed collectivization. Yes, i remember my great-grandmother counting all they had “to share” due to the collectivization, but I never, never ever heard her complaining that that was wrong.
    It always made me sad to hear how all the world would blame Russia for holodomor, which in fact, was just a period of very bad harvest and more people died in Russia than in Ukraine. I heard stories about that time from my relatives, from people who were witnesses of that time!

    My blood is 50/50 Russian/Polish but I was born and lived 32 years in Ukraine, in Kiev. The same as you, after the USSR was broken into the pieces I had to decide which passport I would choose, I chosen Ukrainian. I still remember we hoped to have those small advantages and there already slowly appeared that strange..”sth in air” – with the meaning to live in Ukraine better to be an Ukrainian. Don’t get me wrong – I love Ukraine, I love Kiev very much, I fly Kiev 1-3 times a year because of my parents, brother, relatives, friends… – I’ve been living in Germany for 13 years. I love Ukrainian language, so much that I sent my son to the Ukrainian school instead of a Russian one, because in spite of all that patriotism there were not so many who could speak nice without mistakes and adapted Russian words Ukrainian language. Now it is a bit better but 10 years ago – it was mostly Surzik.

    It’s heart-breaking what is going now in Ukraine, but the truth must be not forgotten

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    • Thank you! Great testimonial, especially from someone with your international background!
      It is very important that the truth is finally heard.



  2. Very informative updating of my knowledge, Lada. Thank you.

    What surprises me is that the Ukrainian character is such that it seeks further dominion over Russia by claiming itself poorly treated. I know much of Ukraine’s origins as a people came out of the Russian territories south of Moscow, and to learn of the Ukrainian heritage of Gorbachev, Khrushchev, Brezhnev is telling. Ukrainians seem to have an aggressive personality, yet demanding advantage when they have already been treated well. Seeking the status of being European is perhaps just too much of a status thing for them to resist. Then, too, the general population has been betrayed, again; in that they had wanted to get rid of the corrupt power-hungry oligarchs and now have worse.

    Giving up “stuff” for the supposed “high-spiritual” aspirations of communism can never work. ALWAYS, those interested in power rise to the top. Wealth is just a means to power. As the wealth curve increases those with wealth start sharing less and less the more wealth they have. Eventually the power thing takes over and they share nothing. Power and status is the only thing that is important to people. Getting paid a wage is satisfying. It gives people a sense of power and status. Doing the shared-ownership thing robs people of a personal sense of power and prevents striving for status… unless you are the one who understands the dynamics of grasping for and taking power no matter the system.

    The Soviet system, just like all systems, befell to the dynamic of corruption. Leadership took power and status as a commodity to grow. Those with the inclination to do so, became the elite and powers-that-be within a system that sold idealism to the dupes who bought into the nice sounding aspirations of the “sell”. The same thing happens in capitalism, but just in another way. Those who rise to the top would do so just as well in whichever system they were in.

    There is however one difference, now, for Russia. Putin is on assignment. He may hold power and even do-power, but it is not for his self gratification of fulfillment. He is a Complete Design. His signature already exists in real-dimensions. He doesn’t need power. It resides in him.

    None the less, you may be happy to hear that this rogue false-dimension, with its bent toward doing-power to repeatedly produce distress and corruption, is being dismissed. In real-dimensions, there is no concept of money, or systems either, nor community for that matter, since the only things that qualify to exist there are Complete Designs, and as such are sovereign to self and to self alone.

    Your readers may not like to hear it, but as an odd bit of esoteric history: Nixon and Reagan, and Bush 43, and Osama bin Laden are all Complete Designs, too. {notice i chose the present tense, “are”, for all the names, though many are dead}

    General Washington, General Lee, and General Potemkin were different designs, but they, too, were on assignment, as were Aspasia, Abigail Adams and Catherine The Great [the only time in recent history assignments was clothed in the female gender]. {notice how i phrased that: “an assignment were clothed … “}

    They all had assignments, based on the #WhatIsNeededRule at the time.

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    • Hello, I can confidently confirm that Ukrainians are greedy and demanding, especially Kiev, central and western Ukrainians. Same is true for some other former Soviet republics, like Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, whose pridefulness and sense of entitlement are really out of control. This happens a lot to small-minded people when they are encouraged to do so. Russia spoiled them with preferences and USA now encourges the small-minded behavior to generate conflict -something it always does so well.

      Very good about giving up stuff for spiritual ideals, and the following corruption!

      Very good about Putin and others – it looks like you see as deep as I see. Good to find a visionary!


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    • Giving up “stuff” for the supposed “high-spiritual” aspirations of communism can never work. by the1irf.

      Earthlings hardly can judge if high spiritual aspirations will work or not in a world that prohibits its testing under capital or marxist leaning systems. Insofar as America has had higher aspirations instead of absolute greed rule things have been better for the nation. I think this reality extrapolated indicates that highly regulated capitalism can work just like socialist ownership of banking, energy, transportation, etc. can work. There is no difference between Franklin and Marx. Marx credits Franklin with the invention of “The Labor Value” theory (see Columbia University Professor’s intro to a printing of volume II of Franklin’s work). Whatever system makes greed illegal will always work best and can easily be achieved by even a modestly enlightened society.

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  3. Reblogged this on 1EarthUnited and commented:
    Timely analysis Lada, check out Teal’s Interview on Raw TV:

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  4. This is a comment from another post – I am reposting it together with my reply as I think it’s interesting.

    From marblenecltr:
    Thank you for taking the trouble to respond to my comment. First, let me make something clear: my reference to golodomor had nothing to do with relations between Ukraine and Russia, but was about governments everywhere being propagandists promoting their own greatness and their opponents evil. I learned of that famine over 50 years ago, and it revealed the wickedness used by Stalin to strengthen his tyranny as he forced Marxism upon a people that had suffered oppression for centuries. I did not mention the famine to divide Ukraine from Russia, but to show that all governments tell their subjects what the rulers think is needed to maintain or increase their power, and the US is not the greatest villain in this story. You wrote that you read of golodomor in your Soviet history books, then you wrote, “Perhaps the Russians [not Soviets?] were a little too self-punishing about” telling the story. I know of no government that would be self-punishing, let alone one that had a terrorizing secret police maintaining control of a vast population in the world’s largest piece of land providing a home to the people. And, out of curiosity, what did history books tell their students about tyranny and deaths of Czechs and Hungarians as thy struggled for freedom? Also, I hope I am not too self-punishing, but I can think of three good reasons the US/EU should stay out of the Ukraine/Russia relationship and no good reason we should be involved. I am merely trying to explain that there is not one beast in the world that one’s nation’s propagandists would serve us as a distraction from its own works, but that people everywhere need to carefully think about the information we are given every day. By the way, your Aunt Vera must have been quite a woman and quite a witness to an important part of history. And how did you know so much about Stepford, Massachusetts? Next time you write about it, please include photographs.

    Lada Ray reply:
    Thanks, dear. You make good points about people in power. When I said Russians were self-punishing, I meant people, not government. I explain historical processes from the point of view that is high above govts.

    Don’t know nearly enough about Czechs and Hungarians as they struggled for freedom, that’s why I don’t write about that. I do not understand enough about their motivation and historical roots of how they felt, as the info is very distorted on both sides. Suspect these were attempts at early color revolutions, but I understand your, and your compatriots, feelings on the personal level re. Russia/USSR as well. I knew some Hungarians and they were pretty amicable towards Russia for the most part. I know that Czechs still can’t forgive Russia. On the other hand Slovaks are very pro-Russian. Cultural roots matter. Are you Hungarian or Czech?

    On another note, different people see “freedom” differently. What is freedom to you may be slavery to others. So I wouldn’t use the word freedom so categorically. I also would be careful slapping labels like “villain” and others without knowing what you are talking about.

    I write only about things I know and understand profoundly, and the ones I feel need clarification, if I can contribute to that.

    Everyone needs to make own conclusions. My role is to offer the truth – not from a country specific vantage point, but from the geopolitical and global consciousness perspective. If you read my posts carefully, you’ll see that. It’s up to you what conclusions to make after reading.

    Agree that everyone has their OWN interests at heart, but I judge events from a higher, historic perspective, not from a perspective of an individual. If I did, I would also have tons of grudges against Russia, if you carefully read my article. Think about it!
    Holding grudges is counterproductive and small-minded. Therefore, I recommend people don’t. It clears your mind and allows to see the right perspective, when you are looking at things objectively.

    I lived in Stockbridge, MA for a few years, when I wrote my mystery/thriller Stepford, USA. Stepford is a fictional town written mostly from Stockbridge, as well as Lenox and Sheffield. Berkshires are very charming. The idyllic feel is what I tried to portray, but if you dig deeper, it’s a totally different world… I might do a post with pics some time. Thanks for asking.

    For those who are interested – here’s Stepford, USA on Amazon:

    Have a great day.

    Original comment:


  5. I am very thankful for your posts, Lada, and for the global perspectives presented by your various commenters. Indeed, we need a true geopolitical and global conscious-based perspective from all corners of our globe. Weighing and balancing our various perspectives with the truths shared from your readers, helps all of us to overcome various historical biases, and even the “-centrisms” so prevalent in the west. The odious geo-centrism of the appalling statement that the US is “exceptional, and the many other gross and egregious statements of ego-centrism on the part of the ruling tyrants in DC, is an embarrassment that sinks one beyond shame.

    With your postings revealing the truth behind the veils of propaganda, we are coming to our own conclusions guided by that truth.

    Have you already seen the news that “Poroshenko phones Putin after Russian tanks arrive in Ukraine,” “The two leaders also discussed Poroshenko’s proposed peace plan.” The tanks crossed at the Luhansk border checkpoint. This should give a little goose to Poor-ol-shenko’s cowardly sidestep. Help for the people of southeast Ukraine. It was shown that the people were being fired upon during the night with white phosphorus which only the US and Israel have ever been known to deploy against innocent people. A crime that cannot and must not go unpunished in a world criminal court for crimes against humanity.

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    • No, haven’t heard of the Russian tanks. Thanks for the comment.


      • There is so much controversy around these Russian tanks — is this a Russian invasion of Ukraine?? Is this a false flag — the Ukrainians flying Russian flags to get inside and finish off Slavyansk ?? Are these defecting Ukrainian military joining up with the pro-Russian forces ?? Is the MSM going to use this as a provocation for further US aggression based on an assumed “Russian invasion” ?? RT is covering this, but I can’t locate current report. Hope there’s truth in Putin and Poroshenko “talking” about a peace plan, that Poroshenko himself suggested, and used as a political maneuver. Time will bring out the real truth. There are so many eyes and ears all over this right now.


  6. I’m just wondering what planet you are living on, Lada? I was in the Ukraine in September of 2013 to discover “my roots” and get a sense of where my parents grew up. I visited Zhitomir and the “alley of blood” where thousands of ethnic Germans were killed in the 1930’s for no other reason than that they corresponded with German relatives in Germany. My mother’s family lived in Ukraine for four generations, but suddenly they were “enemies of the state”, collaborating with Hitler, and spies for the Nazi’s. My mother’s first husband was killed, as were many other relatives and friends of German background. They had given up their farm to the state, worked their butts off in the kolchozes, and their reward was now to be killed or shipped to Siberia. Wonderful ideology. . .this communism, and “Father Stalin” almost deserves sainthood. When my mother finally arrived in Canada, she kissed the ground and thanked God for allowing her to escape a madhouse she had lived in for 25 years. I’m sure you’re very sincere; it’s just too bad that you’re so misguided.

    Lilli Kehler


    • Thank you for your point of view. Lilli – what a nice name, and what a horrificaly warped comment!

      Certainly, terrible things like that did happen, and these are very difficult to understand from today’s point of view, especially if you live in serene Canada that NEVER new wars and invasions, if you were always taught hatred towards Russia, and a deliberately distorted perspective on history. It doesn’t help, Lilli, when your world vision is so tiny that you don’t see beyond the tip of your nose.

      Should you not have been blinded by your hatred and the grudge you manage to hold on to for generations, you would have seen that MY ancestors had to give up much more than yours, but they managed NOT to hold the grudge. Same goes for the testimonial in the comment section by Victorya from Germany.

      Further, before and during WWII, anyone who corresponded with Germany was supect. Those were not the times of peace – it was an extraordinary situation. I seriously doubt you even understand what I am talking about.
      But let’s say, considering Germans killed 27 million Soviet citizens, and EVERY single family in the USSR lost someone, only a paid-for shill would say my statement is incorrect!
      I had deaths in my family, including both of my grandfathers, from the hands of GERMANS during the war! Just imagine how the Russians were KISSING THEIR OWN LAND after they finally chased Germans out of theirs.

      Incidentally Hitler had big plans for Ukraine, and my mother’s family SUFFERED under GERMAN occupation of Ukraine! However, I manage not to hold a grudge against Germans. In fact I like German people.

      While anyone being displaced because of geopolitical reasons is a personal tragedy, I am pretty sure your ancestors’ correspondence wasn’t that innocent. Perhaps they indeed were spies, which your mom conveniently forgot to tell you. Or perhaps they were expressing hatred towards Russia in their letters – also a form of espionage, especially before the world war, if you think about it. Humans generally have a very selective memory when it comes to their own whrongdoing.

      By the way, I never said in my post that Stalin was innocent. You are just hearing what you want to hear, as to you, words USSR, collectivization and communism are like a red to a bull. See red – charge – kill!

      There are many like you in the West – conveniently brainwashed and charged with rage and hatred. People like you are SO very easy to manipulate on any issue that involves Russia – as we are seeing in your comment.

      Thankfully, my readers are much more evolved than that.

      My suggestion to you and others like you, who still live in hatred: do inner work and root out your shadows, because these are your shadows and a collective karma that was thoughtfully dumped into your impressionable child’s psyche by your parents, and Western MSM and schools. Sins of the fathers comes to mind. If you don’t know what I am talking about, google it. Or don’t – and carry your karma into your next life, to be re-lived again. Up to ya, m’dear.

      Finally, considering the fact that I went to school in Odessa, Ukraine with several local German girls, who came form Ukrainian German stock, I seriously doubt your story is true! NOT all Germans were deported, only those who indeed were spies or collaborators on some level, or who were suspected of that.

      Was it nice – no, was it because of extremely tough and crazy times – yes. Look what Hilter did to anyone who disobeyed him? HE, and his cronies were German, like you – and I don’t see you criticizing him.

      Are you by any chance from Alberta, CA – a hotbed of anti-Russian hatred, where banderovtsi ran after Hitler lost (members of the dreaded west Ukraine Galichina SS division, who killed half a million Russians, Ukrainians and Poles)?

      Liked by 1 person

    • Since you saw fit to bring up the subject of displacing the whole ethnicities before/during WWII, let’s see what the kind Americans did at the same time:

      USA herded all Americans of Japanese origin before WWII into CONCENTRATION CAMPS, and I don’t see you complaining about that.

      Notice, Germans, who were suspected in collaborating with nazis, were moved by evil Stalin to SOUTHERN Siberia and Kazakhstan, where they were given land and lived freely. Southern Siberia and Kazakhstan climates are WARMER than Canada’s, where you live – so don’t give me this bulls**t about hardship in Siberia!

      Meanwhile, American-Japanese, who did absolutely nothing, except looking different than white Americans, were behind barbed wire the entire war!!!!
      Some of those US rounded up were actually Chinese, because to Americans all Asians looked the same!


  7. Hello again, Lada,

    Wow! I ran across your website by accident, and wasn’t even sure you were real. By the forcefulness of your response to my comments, I’d guess you are very real, indeed, and very passionate about your observations and beliefs. I think it’s quite obvious to both of us that we are miles apart in our experiences, beliefs, and ideology — and that two people like us will, quite frankly, always be in a position of having to “agree to disagree.” Having said that, I do feel I’d like to clear up a couple of things.

    I hate no-one. I’m a Christian; a follower of Jesus. He tells us to love one another, and I try with all my heart to do that. In accordance with my Christian beliefs, I also try and give generously to those in need. But I loathe an ideology, such as communism, which brutally forces people to give up the fruit of their hard labor and mandates a “collectivization process” that takes away people’s incentive and reduces everybody to poverty. Yes, I see “Red”; red inefficiency, red corruption, and red idealism that tries to turn people into robots. As far as “rage” is concerned, I think I felt a little of that when you passed judgment on my loving, courageous parents who suffered much, and never hurt a fly. “Sins of the fathers,” indeed.

    And that was only one of the freedoms that communism in the Soviet Union took away. You obviously believe and enjoy your meta physical beliefs and new age philosophies. In the 1930’s, you wouldn’t have had the freedom of religion to practice your beliefs. Almost every one of the pastors in the Baptist and Lutheran Churches across the Ukraine (many of whom were relatives) were shot for preaching the gospel in the 1930’s. Please don’t tell me that didn’t happen; my mother saw some of that with her own eyes.

    Some of my mother’s family emigrated to Canada and the U.S. in the 1920’s, but by the time she was old enough to apply, emigration was not permitted — even though her older brother was willing to sponsor her. Another freedom taken away; she couldn’t leave when she wanted to. Her first husband was killed for corresponding with a cousin in Germany, who had sent a little money because they were starving. She then met and married my father, who (although he was of German background) was in the Russian military. Please don’t underestimate my knowledge of history and the sequence of events. When Hitler invaded the Ukraine, my father (being in the Russian military) fought against the German invaders — only to find at the end of the war that he and my mother were considered “enemies of the State” because they were of German background, and because they were Christians. A good Russian friend (and local politician) warned them of their impending deportation to Siberia, and through a series of miracles, they were able to escape — first to Poland, then to Germany, and from there, to Canada. Let me also assure you that they were not spies, considered Hitler to be a monster, and stayed in Germany only long enough to get proper immigration papers. Both of my parents came from large families. My father’s parents and all his siblings were sent to Siberia in 1944, and he never heard from any of them again. In my mother’s family, one brother escaped to Canada as well; another one (who was also in the Russian military) survived and was sent to some northern outpost (about 30 miles from the Chinese border), and his children still live there today (in poverty). The other six siblings disappeared and my mother never heard from them again. Your rendition of what went on there during the Soviet era, and my families’ experiences certainly differ. The two little German school friends that you refer to were probably the only two Germans left!! If you’ll carefully look at statistics, there’s almost no Germans left in the Ukraine today — except in overgrown, old cemetaries! And no, my parents were not angry, bitter people; they were courageous, hard-working people who were so grateful to have another chance at a decent life. I was only twelve years old when they purchased their first home in Canada, but I remember how excited they were to “own” a home again.

    And now to flash forward to the Ukraine as things stand now. We travelled there extensively last September, visiting many villages and several of the larger cities (including Kiev). We learned to love the Ukrainian people that we met — and kept hearing the same refrain over and over: “We have western hearts and western souls, and we want to join the EU. Yanukovich is trying to sell us out to Russia, and we will fight with all our might to prevent that from happening.” And fight they did, and I admire them for it. Putin is two-faced and manipulative and lest I be accused of “hatred” again, let’s just say, I have no respect for him. I think he misses the old Soviet glory days and would like to have that kind of power and control again.

    Well, this turned out longer than I expected. Sorry about that. And no, I don’t live in Alberta. I live in beautiful British Columbia — where I can go to the church of my choice every Sunday and worship God — and thank Him for bringing my parents to this wonderful country. I don’t know what New York is like, but I hope you’re equally happy living there — in spite of your views of western agitation and corruption. My comments may be “warped” to you; is that the way you feel about everybody who disagrees with your views? Because — with all due respect — your truth is certainly not my truth!

    Lilli Kehler


  8. Hello Lada,

    I think it’s safe to assume that you and I will never have a meeting of the minds, but I did want to clear up one or two things.

    First of all, I hate no-one. I am a Christian, and as followers of Jesus, we are taught to love one another. That doesn’t mean that I have to love an ideology that was responsible for killing most of my parent’s family.

    It sounds to me (having glanced at some of your sites) that you enjoy and advertise your new age religion and meta-physical beliefs. Believe me, had you tried to do that in Russia in the 1930’s, you would have suffered the same plight as many members of my mother’s and father’s families (especially the ones who were pastors): an enforced trip to Siberia or to get shot. And perhaps parts of Siberia are warm, but I don’t think they noticed it in the salt mines.

    Fourthly, and now we move into the current situation in Ukraine. We trekked through approx. 20 villages and several large cities in the Ukraine (including Kiev) in September, and what we kept hearing from so many people was: We have Western hearts and Western souls; in spite of our bad economy, we have experienced freedom in the last 20 years, and we will never be under Russia’s thumb again. And it sounds to me like the new government is trying to listen and address the complaints in the eastern cities like Donetsk.

    And last but not least, my parents are long gone, but they left me a legacy of love, courage, and faith — not in “a system” but in a God whom they deeply loved and worshipped. This country has been good to our family — and I am grateful. Your truth is not my truth, but I’m so glad we live in countries where we can “agree to disagree.” Wishing you all the best in the path you have chosen.



    • Dear Lilli,

      First, since I have ignored your previous comment, and you are still bombarding me with long replies, it is safe to assume you are a troll, therefore you future comments will be marked as spam.

      Second, if you are a Christian, then everything becomes clear. Every time your tongue turns to say you were taught to live in love, remember how many MILLIONS, upon MILLIONS, upon MILLIONS of people were killed in the name of Christianity. This includes all those who believed something different than the church wanted them to believe, or who simply told the truth. I hope that stops you from making hypocritical statements. Although, I am confident it’s too late for you to learn.

      I am also confident that what I write is way over your head, otherwise, you would not be repeating your miserable propaganda. However, I will respond just this once for the benefit of others, who do learn.

      You read my blogs? Then why didn’t you see these posts – easily visible among “Recent Posts,” and containing eyewitness videos:

      Russia-EU Gas Pipeline Explosion and Foreign Mercenary Cover-Up in Ukraine
      Eyewitness Video: Humanitarian Catastrophe in #Donbass #Ukraine 6/16/2014
      “Ukraine wants communism, not capitalism, when it comes to gas”
      No Comment: US Expresses Full Support for Criminals Ruling Ukraine
      Video: Mass Pro-Russian, Anti-Fascist March in #Kharkov, #Ukraine
      Breaking! Ukraine Mob Vandalises Russian Embassy in Kiev
      Gas Wars: Why Is Ukraine Refusing to Pay for Russian Gas?
      Lada Ray’s Warning: Phosphorus Bombing of Slavyansk and Ukraine APCs Breach Russian Border
      Shocking Eyewitness Video: June 10, 2014, Slavyansk. City Destroyed by Bombs
      Philip Ekozyants: Ukraine and Impostors
      You didn’t notice this: “these people are also cruelly bombed, killed, or driven out of their homes. Millions in #Donbass, eastern Ukraine now live in ruins, have no running water, electric and gas; many children and women have to flee across the Russian border, while Ukrainian snipers are awaiting them in the shadows. It is truly shameful, in my opinion, that only Russia helps the refugees, children, women, and peaceful citizens of eastern Ukraine, while the WEST fully supports the bombings by the Kiev junta!

      A picture of the east Ukraine child, blown to pieces by Kiev junta military, and still alive and crying from pain, went viral all over the internet. It is too horrific to post on my blog, but I am sure you can google it. Another child just died in Donetsk. Doctors struggled for 5 hours to save a little boy, but it was impossible to remove 30 bomb pieces stuck in the child’s head. Eyewitness report about the dead child and his dead mother. Ukraine army just shelled the RUSSIAN border patrol checkpoint, shooting across the border! One Russian wounded. Link:

      The new government is showing that they want peace and try to listen to the East? It must be so much easier to listen through the sound of bombings of Slavyansk, Kramatorsk, Lugansk and Donetsk! Actually, they do – by a lip-service ceasefire to satisfy dupes like you in the West, so they can meanwhile shell and bomb more and more people, including the RUSSIAN territory! This you obviously don’t see.

      Could that be because you only see what you want to see, proving my initial point that you have been thoroughly and permanently brainwashed for life? There are lots like you in the West, but some are actually honest, so when they see the real facts, they start awakening. I feel very sorry for you actually. You are a poor, unfortunate soul, stuck in your little parallel reality tunnel, which you dug out for yourself.

      Your comment about “New Age” is so beyond everything, I can’t even begin… Please leave alone the subjects you have zero idea about (which unfortunately are all of the above and below). New Age didn’t start until 1960s, so you know. Since you have zero idea who I am, or what New Age is – god, please do yourself a favor, and just don’t talk about it. Please, please, do yourself a huge favor and stop demonstrating your ignorance and small-mindedness for the whole world to see. Incidentally, you poor little thing who can’t understand anything beyond your tiny little world, I write extensively about a Siberian shaman, who WAS a subject of Stalin’s repressions, in one of my books. His story is based on historic facts. Unlike you, I don’t choose what I want, or don’t want, to see.

      Lastly, but absolutely, certainly, confidently, not leastly, LOL: When you were in Ukraine, they showed you exactly what you wanted to see. A portion of Ukraine desperately wants to be with the West, always has. I said that in a number of my articles, including the very first one where I gave a thorough breakdown of the four parts of Ukraine and their different aspirations and character. This info can also be found in my video interview about Ukraine with The Plane Truth under “Interviews.” I bet you have no idea what these four parts of Ukraine are, and generally, what I am talking about.

      Leaving aside the 23 years of gross distortions of history and Western propaganda overload in Ukraine, which you are also a product of, do you know WHY they want to be a part of the West?

      Because they hate themselves and don’t trust their own ability to get out of the perma-crisis they created by mismanaging their economy during the 23 years of nezaliznost. This is a very well-known viewpoint of those with slave and victim mentality. Don’t want to take any action or responsibility = don’t trust yourself and wait for the kind uncle to come and save you.

      Knowing profoundly (unlike you, who knows her personal family history only) the realities and historic background of Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Baltics, Central Asia, Caucasus, Greece, Italy, Germany, Spain, Cyprus, Yugoslavia/Serbia/the Balkans, the rest of Europe, China, Mongolia, USA, Israel, South America, I can say very confidently how this warped and unrealistic mentality occurs and where it leads in reality.

      They live in misery and they simply want to live better. This is coupled with deliberate propaganda – from school history books financed by #Soros, and straight into adulthood with NGOS/MSM, also financed by Soros, Western governments and oligarchs – that the West is good, Russia is bad. They must employ people much like you, to spread this propaganda. Works very well in poor countries with disastrous, pre-collapse economies that hold a grudge.

      Do you know what these people REALLY want? They want to have salaries and pensions like in the West, drive cars like in the West, etc. They see oligarchs who have that, while they don’t. In their simpleton minds they think the miracle they stopped hoping for will happen and they will have all that, if they simply “join the West.”

      They think if they sign the worthless association agreement with EU, they will become a part of the EU – a lie deliberately spread in Ukraine for the past several years, in which the former president Yanukovich was implicated due to his own ulterior motives. Then, they think, they will be able to be a part of the EU. They want to have the ability to go to the EU freely and take the high paying jobs there, or to move there to collect social benefits without contributing to society, like people from Poland, Baltics, Romania and Bulgaria do today.

      In reality, of course nothing of the sort will happen. But the poor dupes from Ukraine don’t know that. They will kiss anyone’s a.s.s. who comes from the West, like you. They will show any “archives” you want to see. They will present themselves as these little miserable victims – so you would go back and write letters to your government, or report, if you in fact are on payroll, that yes, Ukraine people are 100% behind us – we can start the coup now and it will succeed.

      That’s how CIA and MI6 work. US/NATO/EU/UK base their assumptions on such “reports on the ground” when they start wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Serbia bombings, Libya, etc. In Ukraine, it’s a proxy war of course. All because stooges with their own ulterior motives tell them the population is 100% behind the Western invasion. They ignore any other reports that contradict this picture. They, like you, only see what they want to see.

      Western governments need this moral justification because of the farce of “democracy.” Otherwise their people will not support their constant invading and interfering with sovereign countries. So, you need to thoroughly brainwash your people. This is why Syria invasion, which was being prepared by the West in 2013, failed. People saw through propaganda and didn’t support it, in biggest part thanks to Russia’s smart moves, and to the courageous whistleblowers/ global alternative media.

      And this is why the West is so confused now: Crimea referendum, where 97% voted to be with Russia? This must be fraud! Don’t trust your lying eyes and all those cameras installed in polling stations. Donetsk and Lugansk – 89% and 94% respectively for re-unification with Russia – this is fraud too, despite MILES long lines of people gathering to vote – all caught on film. They never expected that. They never expected people in the Donetsk and Lugansk to stubbornly refuse to join them. In Dnepropetrovsk, Kharkov, Odessa, Nikolaev, Zaporozhie, Kherson they would gladly join Russia too, if their protests weren’t brutally suppressed, if people weren’t being killed, burned alive and kidnapped. There is dissent starting even in Western Ukraine, but that’s also a lie of course. Ukraine should be behind them 100%, shouldn’t it?

      Those who protested on maidan wanted a better life and to get rid of their oligarchs? If you do a revolution with absolutely zero understanding of what you are doing, you get the distorted result. Live in illusion – die in illusion. They got not only nazis, who burn people alive in Odessa, kidnap, torture, kill, loot; but also, even worse oligarchs in power, who in fact are unabashed marionettes of the USA, and your beloved country, Canada.
      They wanted better pensions and salaries? Old people’s pensions are now cut from $160 to $80. 30,000 social workers and doctors laid off as part of the IMF austerity package. Ukraine GDP down 30% since the beginning of 2014. My prediction: it will be down by another 35-40% before the end of year. Grivna down by over 50% since maidan – will soon be worth even less.

      You, together with all Western governments, will gladly close your eyes to all that because it doesn’t fit into your narrow tunnel world view.

      In reality, do you know what the West really wants from Ukraine? Its resources. Not even its prized chernozem agricultural lands. They want to frack up Ukraine into oblivion to drain its shale gas, thus destroying the prized chernozem. Read:

      They don’t want Ukraine to be a rival to the EU agriculture – so Ukraine agriculture has been designated for destruction. Ukraine industry cannot be a rival to the EU industry – it will be destroyed, too. Considering Ukraine industry, ALL concentrated in the South-East, feeds the whole country and is historically geared towards trade with Russia – the West wants to destroy Ukraine industry and harm Russian economy as well.

      Ukraine to the West is a disposable lemon that will be thrown out having been mercilessly squeezed and relieved of all its juices. Ukraine is a super-convenient and completely useful proxy to get to the really big prize: Russia.

      This is the crucial difference between Russia and Ukraine & Ukraine’s Western supporters:

      While the West wants to squeeze Ukraine and throw it out, Russia is offering Ukraine an equal partnership via Eurasian Union, which will support and grow Ukraine economy. Russia is ready to continue supporting Ukraine economy and continue living with them as one family. Ukrainians are treated in Russia as brothers, while SOME Ukrainians treat Russians as enemy. 6 million Ukrainians live and work in Russia, which is the only way they can earn much, much more than they can ever dream of earning at home, and live in peace, too. At the same time, Ukraine government kidnaps and kills Russians in Ukraine, including Russian journalists. Russia has been for years subsidizing Ukraine economy by buying its products when no one else would, and without asking for anything, but normal relations, in return. They never asked Ukraine to cut pensions to grannies, as the West does now. They never zombified Ukraine with anti-Western propaganda. US/EU has been zombifying Ukraine with anti-Russian propaganda since 1990s. Your beloved country, Canada, participates in all this.

      Russia built the entire industrial/port/tourism complex of Eastern and Southern Ukraine – all that provides the vast majority of Ukraine GDP, keeping the undeveloped, poor, destitute agricultural areas of central and western Ukraine afloat, including the Zhitomir area your family is from, Lilli. By the way, if only you knew what kind of jokes float around Ukraine about the place you talk so proudly about – Zhitomir. You have no idea what you are talking about as usual. Zhitomir is one of the most backwards and poor areas of Ukraine. No wonder thay have such inferiority complex towards Russia and eastern Ukraine, who by the way feed them.

      Russia has been supplying gas for free to Ukraine since the beginning of 2014. Ukraine owes Russia $5bln for gas alone, plus $35 bln in other debts, which it flatly refuses to pay, nudged by the US, Canada and UK. For years, Ukraine has been stealing Russian gas, and it does it today as well. Everyone knows that. At the same time, Ukraine/Kiev attacks Russian embassy, headed by the FOREIGN MINISTER of Ukraine, who swears at Russia and Russian President while lauding the attackers of the Russian embassy. Kiev blows up the Gazprom pipeline and blames Russia for all mortal sins.

      Russia is constantly blamed for invading Ukraine, and although it is invariably confirmed that Russia did nothing of the sort, neither Ukraine, nor the lying MSM and politicians in the West, including Canada, ever apologize, or correct themselves!

      Meanwhile, this is what the West does in Ukraine: there are thousands of confirmed Western mercenaries in Ukraine, including from Canada. killinf the people of eastern Ukraine. The infamous fourth floor of the SBU compound in Kiev – security services of Ukraine – is given to the US staff. No Ukrainians are allowed there. From there, all the military and security orders are given to the stooges in Kiev government by the US. Canada and EU nationals also work there. The flag of the US is placed on top of SBU building together with Ukraine flag. One of the floors of the Ukraine government building also is given to US – all workers from that floor had been removed. Same drill – no Ukrainians allowed there. Consequently, Ukraine is theofficially occupied country by the US, and by extension by NATO – therefore, Canada as well.

      The dupes in agricultural, poor, underdeveloped central and western Ukraine will realize too late what the West’s real goals are. People in the South-East of Ukraine are smart and they already figured it out. That’s why they will not live under Kiev junta. See, they don’t have the same slave mentality as those you spoke with. When you visited, no one would let you speak with people who think THIS way. You are the victim of propaganda – a very willing one.

      I realize all am saying is falling on deaf ears. You are a finished product of the Western propaganda. I am writing this for the sake of those who already awakened, or have the hope of doing so.

      P.S. We live in countries where we can agree to disagree? Tell this to those journalists and politicians in Ukraine whom Kiev killed, kidnapped, beaten, tortured for simply telling or showing the truth. Tell it to Ukraine presidential candidate and Rada deputy Oleg Tsarev who was beaten almost to death, whose house was burned down and who had to flee the country with his children and family; tell this to the 2 killed Russian journalists; or the other two who have raptured ear drums and hematomas from torture; tell this to the former head of Ukraine’s main TV Channel 1 beaten and forced to resign in his own office by DEPUTIES of UKRAINE PARLIAMENT! Tell this to your government, which has helped install, and which now supports/ finances the regime that does such things.

      Liked by 1 person

    • ALL religion is propaganda for spirituality because it’s real agenda is to “recruit” members and puff up it’s own importance. Honest religions at the very least point the way to god and helps us to realize they’re only a tool/ path, not the destination. In the same vein, politics is propaganda for power, and we all know how power corrupts absolutely.
      The only positive thing we can learn from politics is how to transcend it. Praying for Peace in the Middle East and Ukraine.
      BTW, Lilli, “New Age” is just a consumerist label, spirituality has no words.


    • @~Lilli …i read all your post…uff!…,and you said! ~Fourthly, and now we move into the current situation in Ukraine. We trekked through approx. 20 villages and several large cities in the Ukraine (including Kiev) in September, and what we kept hearing from so many people was: We have Western hearts and Western souls; in spite of our bad economy, we have experienced freedom in the last 20 years, and we will never be under Russia’s thumb again. And it sounds to me like the new government is trying to listen and address the complaints in the eastern cities like Donetsk.~ ….gee wiz Lilli….just being there in september 2013…….i know you are a shill….go suck on your lemons…why i say this?, …you may ask…and i tell you… you know shit! ….and i drink ~stolichnaya~…straight….na zdrowie! po polsku…cheers…and ~Mir~


  9. I don’t know if it’s just me or if everybody else experiencing issues with
    your website. It appears like some of the written text on your posts are running off the screen. Can someone else
    please comment and let me know if this is happening to them as well?
    This may be a problem with my internet browser because I’ve
    had this happen previously. Appreciate it


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