“Ukraine wants communism, not capitalism, when it comes to gas”

An interesting report Ukraine wants communism not capitalism when it comes to gas. The interviewed, a political analyst from the EU Reporter magazine stresses that Ukraine’s demand for a super-low gas price will have a ripple effect on the neighboring EU economies due to dumping risks. This is in addition to the risk of gas supply interruption posed by Ukraine oligarchs short-sighted position on gas, as she puts it. She laments that the EU is concerned that as a result of these risks, businesses will LEAVE Europe.

By the way, would you like to know where these businesses will go? To Russia and China.

I agree with the analysis in this video as it concerns consequences for the EU, and with practical solutions, but I have to disagree with some of the conclusions.

I predicted in my early articles about Ukraine that EU will eventually have to foot the bill for its myopic support of the present Kiev junta. And here it is! The analyst is proposing that EU pays Gazprom directly, instead of giving the IMF money to Ukraine. I agree that this is a very good short-term solution! Perhaps the timid EU is finally waking up to the need for self-preservation after all? Of course it all depends on the EU politicians implementing this – and we all know how hard it is to get them to do anything constructive. The EU looks confused and paralyzed, like a deer caught in the headlights. But at least this is being proposed.

I wrote repeatedly that the EU is very foolish to allow itself to be manipulated and held hostage by the Ukraine yet again. Gas disputes have been taking place with frightening regularity, in all of which the myopic EU sides with Ukraine, thus encouraging Ukraine to continue stealing Gazprom transit gas designated for Europe. As a result of the irresponsible, politically motivated actions by the EU, gas supply was cut off twice before, putting the EU in a serious emergency situation in the middle of a winter.

Ukraine has been abusing its position as a major gas transit country, sabotaging both EU and Russian economies. Instead of setting the record straight, the EU, to the delight of Ukraine and US, has been supporting in that Ukraine, and vilifying Russia.

Indeed, Ukraine has been stealing Russian gas designated for Europe for the past 24 years, or for as long as it has been “independent.” Its economy was getting progressively more and more ruined as a result of gross mismanagement, looting by oligarchs, and complete inability to live in peace and cooperation with its neighbor, Russia, which happens to its largest economic partner and biggest supporter of the Ukraine economy. There is a great Russian saying: “to cut the branch you are sitting on,” and another, “to spit into a well from which you drink.” Essentially, that’s what Ukraine is doing in relation to Russia.

The schizophrenic incongruity of Ukraine is that it wants to continue living in communism as it concerns siphoning Russian gas, using Russian infrastructure for free, and Russian credit they never intend to pay back – but it wants capitalism when it comes to pocketing profits.

EU can’t in all honesty blame the situation on Russia any more (although, wouldn’t that be convenient?). But the EU is still failing to grasp that the US intentionally wants to sabotage EU economy and cooperation between EU and Russia. Read more: Urgent! Gas Wars: Why Is Ukraine Refusing to Pay for Russian Gas? EU is viewed by the US as a major economic competitor. US wants to prevent EU getting closer to Russia for both geopolitical and economic reasons.

US dreads the formation of the unified Eurasian economic space, including Europe.

These are the major goals of the US foreign policy and I talked about that in many of my previous articles. Yes, Ukraine oligarchs have their own interests, but even more so, they work as fronts for foreign interests. Plenty of proof is available, for instance, that president of #Ukraine oligarch #Poroshenko is a front for Rothschild/US interests. I may post about that soon – stay tuned.

Incidentally, you can read an excerpt from my novel The Earth Shifter: “Oligarch” for a telling illustration of how both Russian and Ukrainian oligarchs looted their respective countries. I have just posted a number of free excerpts from my books, which you can read in Excerpts.

Therefore, Kiev actions are the consequence of a direct order from across the ocean. Kiev actions come as a result of #Nuland visit to Kiev. More about that in my Gas Wars article.

EU is too slow to realize all this, and the fact that it has to work WITH Russia on resolving the Ukraine crisis – not against it. As a result of this myopia and paralysis (perhaps partially also ulterior motives when it comes to acquiring Ukraine), it is creating another crisis on the European continent with its own hands. I warned about it many times before. Hopefully, one day my warnings will be finally heard.


Also video: Gas supply cutoff after Kiev rejects discounted pricing


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  1. Thank you Lada! Your articles are captivating because you shine a bright light on the truth, and the truth is always simple to understand. I feel the EU is shaking in it’s boots, frightened at what the US would do if they didn’t go along with this insanity. Yet here they are being sabotaged anyway!


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