Russia-EU Gas Pipeline Explosion and Foreign Mercenary Cover-Up in Ukraine

Urgent Breaking News! Russia-EU gas transit pipeline explodes near #Poltava, #Ukraine. This pipeline is called Уренгой-Помары-Ужгород: Urengoy-Pomari-Uzhgorod. This is the main pipeline to Europe.

#Kiev government blames it on terrorists. Apparently those same terrorists created as a result of their inflammatory statements, history book lies, and support of the Ukraine criminal government by the US and EU.

Interview with Vladimir Rogov, a politician and activist from Zaporozhie: he says that the Kiev junta plan is to have several explosions in different sections of the Urengoy-Pomari-Uzhgorod pipeline, which goes through central and western Ukraine. This is a planned sabotage of the gas flow to Europe. According to Rogov, this was done following direct US orders. The main goal is to sabotage Russian gas supplies to EU, thus inflicting maximum damage on Russian and EU economies.

Also interesting: Rogov talks about recent downing in Donbass of the Ukraine army transporter and the acknowledged by Kiev deaths of 49 Ukraine military conscripts. He says this is untrue and a deliberate cover-up. The real number of deaths is 211. There were 211 people in the plane. 49 – Ukraine citizens, and the rest citizens of Poland and Lithuania, who were mercenaries from Polish private military company Apago. Most mercenaries sent to fight the people of Donbass were Lithuanians, who speak decent Russian and therefore wouldn’t raise red flags with locals (as Western, or even Polish-speakers would). Rogov: We are expecting to obtain video proof of these mercenaries boarding the airplane. Poland and Lithuania didn’t admit their people’s deaths, but they called the day of the crash “the Black Friday.”

Per multiple sources, ukro-nazi “right sector” leader #Yarosh had issued threats to blow up the pipeline. Oh, coincidence, Yarosh has been recently put in charge of the Russia-EU gas pipeline security! Talk about a fox in the chicken coup.

Another news from Rogov: Kiev is planning on putting a number of snipers on the Ukrainian-Russian border to prevent refugees crossing into safety, paid for by oligarch Kolomoysky. Rogov warns to be careful, especially those who are trying to take children across the border! Link to interview with Vladimir Rogov in Russian

On another note, I have learned that Ukraine army shot several rockets across the Russian border, killing one Russian border patrol soldier. This happened following the recent incident when 2 Ukraine armored vehicles crossed the Russian border + the attack on the Russian embassy in Kiev.

As we discussed previously, this to me is an absolutely clear indication that Kiev is trying to provoke Russia into bringing its troops into Ukraine – why would they want that? And why blow up the pipeline? The answers are clear to both.

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For more on the pipeline explosion, read new post on Maddie Walsh’s 1EarthUnite blog: Breaking News: Pipeline Explosion In Ukraine Could Be ‘Act Of Terrorism’.

I especially like the comment from a Ukrainian, which I will repeat verbatim:

“Russia cuts off gas for Ukraine, the next day a transit pipeline explodes. As they say in Ukraine “що не з’їм то понадкусую.” “What I cannot eat, at least I will take a bite out of.” I should say “as we say in Ukraine”, since I was born in Kyiv, but just beginning to be even more ashamed of being Ukrainian following recent events. Fine with the pipeline and all the russian b s but at least don’t bomb your own citizens in the east.”

Lada says: “What I can’t eat, at least I’ll take a bite out of” was my mother’s favorite Ukrainian saying. The story goes like this: A Ukrainian is carrying a heavy sack of apples, but at one point he knows he can’t carry it any more and will have to leave it on the road. So, he sits on the dusty road and bites into every apple, throwing the uneaten portion out. A man asks him: “Why are you destroying all these nice apples? If you can’t eat them all, perhaps another hungry traveler could have some.” “No,” says the Ukrainian, “If I can’t eat them all, at least I’ll bite into each. If I can’t have them, no one will.”

According to my mother (the 100% Ukrainian that she was), this not very flattering story depicts one of the disastrous and unfortunate traits of the Ukrainian people, which always gets them in trouble. Mind you, Ukrainians have some very good traits as well, but at this point they are making it very hard for others to see those.

Very sad.


Video version: Russia-EU Pipeline Explosion & Mercenary Cover-up in Ukraine

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    Forked tongue lashes out at Russia — of course.


  2. Ukraine has been poisoned by the westerners, any other negative action will make others induce to act in a very negative way, I believe not only Ukrainian people act a little selfish but all humans as well are selfish.
    I am longing to move to Russia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • I agree, me too. Like to be resident in Russia and add to the world-movement. It is time to clean up and share the world in a heathy way.


  3. The Sin of the U.S. People is that we always think we do more good for others than we actually do. We like those who tell us how good we have been. We hate and kill those who don’t show us enough appreciation.

    All the Ukrainians had to do to get support from the Americans is tell us that they really think we are great and that they hate Russia more than we do. Putin loses Americans each step upward he takes Russia. Americans will not see Putin for 50 years. Then they will be the first to celebrate his greatness more than anyone and take him as their own. This is done only to boost their great ideas about themselves.

    If Putin had been our President he would have served one term or would have been assassinated like Kennedy. Of course now, fifty years later, Kennedy is always on our mind and in our hearts…aren’t we a great people to have had such a great man become President we think, forgetting that we have not since had a real President in office and only two, perhaps three, even close to being a real President. Nor, are we even close to being able to understand when we have encountered someone who should be President and too cowardly to vote for one if we suspected them of having such potential.

    So, I guess everyone, in every country, has some national cultural “Sin” to bear up under…

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  4. It is a distraction. Neither side has good reason to be blowing up one of the precious few things of value there is to fight over.

    I just posted (a little late) about the deeper motivations lurking beneath the unsuccessful natural gas negotiations — see here:


  5. DamageDelight is the name of this attitude.
    It is allways a clear sign of personal stupidity(limitedness). If it signify a group attitude, it is called ‘village simpleton’.
    I have a suspicion all time that US misuse Ukrainian simpletons.


  6. Reblogged this on Spirit In Action and commented:
    Thank you Lada. This is so overwhelming and sad.
    The people-regular people who live there not the orchestrators of all this- are going through so much all for greedy manipulation by people who really should know better. I’m keeping them in my prayers. And all of us too really because how much more of this global disruption and misery will it take before a coalition of sane nations aligns together against the instigators?
    Do you see any positive signs? Or did you already discuss more of that in a post I may have missed?


  7. Sergei Glazyev, an advisor to Putin, had a number of things to say about how the US was turning the Ukraine into a militarized, Nazi state to attack Russia. He says that the US has always profited tremendously from wars in Europe, and wants another one, if not a world war. There are English subtitles:

    He argues that the US is having the tremendous supplies of Soviet tanks and aircraft taken out of storage and modernized.


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