Distorted Reality: Ukraine is a Disposable Lemon to Be Thrown Out

Below is a very educational exchange. As you will see, the view-point of the commenter is a typical Western brainwashed style, with added traumatic personal experience of her ancestors, which she still holds dear to her heart and upon which she bases all her present attitudes and opinions. If you see me being pretty straight with her, this is for the benefit of the readers. A surgeon has to cut through tumor in order to expose and remove it, especially if cancer spread too deeply.

These were posted initially in comments to: The Real Truth About USSR: Golodomor and Collectivization in Ukraine. It is obvious, this commenter can’t accept my story about Russia, Ukraine and collectivization, although the whole thing goes much, much further. It becomes a debate about the present day Ukraine and its role, the West, Russia, geopolitics, and the distorted reality. If you haven’t read this controversial article (also check out other comments), it is certainly advisable as this will give a better understanding of the facts.

Now, to the point!

Distorted Reality: Ukraine is a Disposable Lemon to Be Thrown Out

  1. Lilli Kehler 

    I’m just wondering what planet you are living on, Lada? I was in the Ukraine in September of 2013 to discover “my roots” and get a sense of where my parents grew up. I visited Zhitomir and the “alley of blood” where thousands of ethnic Germans were killed in the 1930′s for no other reason than that they corresponded with German relatives in Germany. My mother’s family lived in Ukraine for four generations, but suddenly they were “enemies of the state”, collaborating with Hitler, and spies for the Nazi’s. My mother’s first husband was killed, as were many other relatives and friends of German background. They had given up their farm to the state, worked their butts off in the kolchozes, and their reward was now to be killed or shipped to Siberia. Wonderful ideology. . .this communism, and “Father Stalin” almost deserves sainthood. When my mother finally arrived in Canada, she kissed the ground and thanked God for allowing her to escape a madhouse she had lived in for 25 years. I’m sure you’re very sincere; it’s just too bad that you’re so misguided.

    Lilli Kehler

    • Thank you for your point of view. Lilli – what a nice name, and what a horrifically warped comment!

      Certainly, terrible things like that did happen, and these are very difficult to understand from today’s point of view, especially if you live in serene Canada that NEVER new wars and invasions, if you were always taught hatred towards Russia, and a deliberately distorted perspective on history. It doesn’t help, Lilli, when your world vision is so tiny that you don’t see beyond the tip of your nose.

      Should you not have been blinded by your hatred and the grudge you manage to hold on to for generations, you would have seen that MY ancestors had to give up much more than yours, but they managed NOT to hold the grudge. Same goes for the testimonial in the comment section by Victorya from Germany.

      Further, before and during WWII, anyone who corresponded with Germany was suspect. Those were not the times of peace – it was an extraordinary situation. I seriously doubt you even understand what I am talking about.
      But let’s say, considering Germans killed 27 million Soviet citizens, and EVERY single family in the USSR lost someone, only a paid-for shill would say my statement is incorrect!
      I had deaths in my family, including both of my grandfathers, from the hands of GERMANS during the war! Just imagine how the Russians were KISSING THEIR OWN LAND after they finally chased Germans out of theirs.

      Incidentally Hitler had big plans for Ukraine, and my mother’s family had suffered under German occupation of Ukraine. However, I manage not to hold a grudge against Germans. In fact I like German people.

      While anyone being displaced because of geopolitical reasons is a personal tragedy, I am pretty sure your ancestors’ correspondence wasn’t that innocent. Perhaps they indeed were spies, which your mom conveniently forgot to tell you. Or perhaps they were expressing hatred towards Russia in their letters – also a form of espionage, especially before the world war, if you think about it. Humans generally have a very selective memory when it comes to their own wrongdoing.

      By the way, I never said in my post that Stalin was innocent. You are just hearing what you want to hear, as to you, words USSR, collectivization and communism are like a red to a bull. See red – charge – kill! There are many like you in the West – conveniently brainwashed and charged with rage and hatred. People like you are SO very easy to manipulate on any issue that involves Russia – as we are seeing in your comment. Thankfully, my readers are much more evolved than that.

      My suggestion to you and others like you, who still live in hatred: do inner work and root out your shadows, because these are your shadows and a collective karma that was thoughtfully dumped into your impressionable child’s psyche by your parents, and Western MSM and schools. Sins of the fathers comes to mind. If you don’t know what I am talking about, google it. Or don’t – and carry your karma into your next life, to be re-lived again. Up to ya, m’dear.

      Finally, considering the fact that I went to school in Odessa, Ukraine with several local German girls, who came from Ukrainian German stock, I seriously doubt your story is true! NOT all Germans were deported, only those who indeed were spies or collaborators on some level, or who were suspected of that.

      Was it nice – no, was it because of extremely tough and crazy times – yes. Look what Hitler did to anyone who disobeyed him? HE, and his cronies were German, like you – and I don’t see you criticizing him. Are you by any chance from Alberta, CA – a hotbed of anti-Russian hatred, where banderovtsi ran after Hitler lost (members of the dreaded west Ukraine Galichina SS division, who killed half a million Russians, Ukrainians and Poles)?

    • Since you bring up the subject of displacing the whole ethnicities before/during WWII, let’s see what the kind Americans did at the same time:

      USA herded all Americans of Japanese origin before WWII into CONCENTRATION CAMPS, and I don’t see you complaining about that.

      Notice, Germans, who were suspected in collaborating with nazis, were moved by evil Stalin to SOUTHERN Siberia and Kazakhstan, where they were given land and lived freely. Southern Siberia and Kazakhstan climates are WARMER than Canada’s, where you live – so don’t give me this bulls**t about hardship in Siberia!

      Meanwhile, American-Japanese, who did absolutely nothing, except looking different than white Americans, were behind barbed wire the entire war! Some of those US rounded up were actually Chinese, because to Americans all Asians looked the same.

      These concentration camps contained 6 million people.

  2. Lilli Kehler 

    Hello Lada,

    I think it’s safe to assume that you and I will never have a meeting of the minds, but I did want to clear up one or two things.

    First of all, I hate no-one. I am a Christian, and as followers of Jesus, we are taught to love one another. That doesn’t mean that I have to love an ideology that was responsible for killing most of my parent’s family.

    It sounds to me (having glanced at some of your sites) that you enjoy and advertise your new age religion and meta-physical beliefs. Believe me, had you tried to do that in Russia in the 1930′s, you would have suffered the same plight as many members of my mother’s and father’s families (especially the ones who were pastors): an enforced trip to Siberia or to get shot. And perhaps parts of Siberia are warm, but I don’t think they noticed it in the salt mines.

    Fourthly, and now we move into the current situation in Ukraine. We trekked through approx. 20 villages and several large cities in the Ukraine (including Kiev) in September, and what we kept hearing from so many people was: We have Western hearts and Western souls; in spite of our bad economy, we have experienced freedom in the last 20 years, and we will never be under Russia’s thumb again. And it sounds to me like the new government is trying to listen and address the complaints in the eastern cities like Donetsk.

    And last but not least, my parents are long gone, but they left me a legacy of love, courage, and faith — not in “a system” but in a God whom they deeply loved and worshipped. This country has been good to our family — and I am grateful. Your truth is not my truth, but I’m so glad we live in countries where we can “agree to disagree.” Wishing you all the best in the path you have chosen.



    Dear Lilli,

    First, since I have ignored your previous comment, and you are still bombarding me with long replies, it is safe to assume you are a troll, therefore you future comments will be marked as spam.

    Second, if you are a Christian, then everything becomes clear. Every time your tongue turns to say you were taught to live in love, remember how many MILLIONS, upon MILLIONS, upon MILLIONS of people were killed in the name of Christianity. This includes all those who believed something different than the church wanted them to believe, or who simply told the truth. I hope that stops you from making hypocritical statements. Although, I am confident it’s too late for you to learn.

    I am also confident that what I write is way over your head, otherwise, you would not be repeating your propaganda. However, I will respond just this once for the benefit of others, who do learn.

    You read my blogs? Then why didn’t you see these posts – easily visible among “Recent Posts,” and containing eyewitness videos:

    You didn’t notice this: “these people are also cruelly bombed, killed, or driven out of their homes. Millions in #Donbass, eastern Ukraine now live in ruins, have no running water, electric and gas; many children and women have to flee across the Russian border, while Ukrainian snipers are awaiting them in the shadows. It is truly shameful, in my opinion, that only Russia helps the refugees, children, women, and peaceful citizens of eastern Ukraine, while the WEST fully supports the bombings by the Kiev junta!

    A picture of the east Ukraine child, blown to pieces by Kiev junta military, and still alive and crying from pain, went viral all over the internet. It is too horrific to post on my blog, but I am sure you can google it. Another child just died in Donetsk. Doctors struggled for 5 hours to save a little boy, but it was impossible to remove 30 bomb pieces stuck in the child’s head. Eyewitness report about the dead child and his dead mother. Ukraine army just shelled the RUSSIAN border patrol checkpoint, shooting across the border! One Russian wounded. Link: http://ladaray.wordpress.com/2014/06/20/heart-breaking-video-of-an-avandoned-terrified-dog-rescue-in-la/

    The new government is showing that they want peace and try to listen to the East? It must be so much easier to listen through the sound of bombings of Slavyansk, Kramatorsk, Lugansk and Donetsk! Actually, they do – by a lip-service ceasefire to satisfy dupes like you in the West, so they can meanwhile shell and bomb more and more people, including the RUSSIAN territory! This you obviously don’t see.

    Could that be because you only see what you want to see, proving my initial point that you have been thoroughly and permanently brainwashed for life? There are lots like you in the West, but some are actually honest, so when they see the real facts, they start awakening. I feel very sorry for you actually. You are a poor, unfortunate soul, stuck in your little parallel reality tunnel, which you dug out for yourself.

    Your comment about “New Age” is so beyond everything, I can’t even begin… Please leave alone the subjects you have zero idea about (which unfortunately are all of the above and below). New Age didn’t start until 1960s, so you know. Since you have zero idea who I am, or what New Age is – god, please do yourself a favor, and just don’t talk about it. Please, please, do yourself a huge favor and stop demonstrating your ignorance and small-mindedness for the whole world to see. Incidentally, you poor little thing who can’t understand anything beyond your tiny little world, I write extensively about a Siberian shaman, who WAS a subject of Stalin’s repressions, in one of my books. His story is based on historic facts. Unlike you, I don’t choose what I want, or don’t want, to see.

    Lastly, but absolutely, certainly, confidently, not leastly, LOL: When you were in Ukraine, they showed you exactly what you wanted to see. A portion of Ukraine desperately wants to be with the West, always has. I said that in a number of my articles, including the very first one where I gave a thorough breakdown of the four parts of Ukraine and their different aspirations and character. This info can also be found in my video interview about Ukraine with The Plane Truth under “Interviews.” I bet you have no idea what these four parts of Ukraine are, and generally, what I am talking about.

    Leaving aside the 23 years of gross distortions of history and Western propaganda overload in Ukraine, which you are also a product of, do you know WHY they want to be a part of the West?

    Because they hate themselves and don’t trust their own ability to get out of the perma-crisis they created by mismanaging their economy during the 23 years of nezalizhnost (means independence in Ukrainian – LR). This is a very well-known viewpoint of those with slave and victim mentality. Don’t want to take any action or responsibility = don’t trust yourself and wait for the kind uncle to come and save you.

    Knowing profoundly (unlike you, who knows her personal family history only) the realities and historic background of Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Baltics, Central Asia, Caucasus, Greece, Italy, Germany, Spain, Cyprus, Yugoslavia/Serbia/the Balkans, the rest of Europe, China, Mongolia, USA, Israel, South America, I can say very confidently how this warped and unrealistic mentality occurs and where it leads in reality.

    They live in misery and they simply want to live better. This is coupled with deliberate propaganda – from school history books financed by #Soros, and straight into adulthood with NGOS/MSM, also financed by Soros, Western governments and oligarchs – that the West is good, Russia is bad. They must employ people much like you, to spread this propaganda. Works very well in poor countries with disastrous, pre-collapse economies that hold a grudge.

    Do you know what these people REALLY want? They want to have salaries and pensions like in the West, drive cars like in the West, etc. They see oligarchs who have that, while they don’t. In their simpleton minds they think the miracle they stopped hoping for will happen and they will have all that, if they simply “join the West.”

    They think if they sign the worthless association agreement with EU, they will become a part of the EU – a lie deliberately spread in Ukraine for the past several years, in which the former president Yanukovich was implicated due to his own ulterior motives. Then, they think, they will be able to be a part of the EU. They want to have the ability to go to the EU freely and take the high paying jobs there, or to move there to collect social benefits without contributing to society, like people from Poland, Baltics, Romania and Bulgaria do today.

    In reality, of course nothing of the sort will happen. But the poor dupes from Ukraine don’t know that. They will kiss anyone’s a.s.s. who comes from the West, like you. They will show any “archives” you want to see. They will present themselves as these little miserable victims – so you would go back and write letters to your government, or report, if you in fact are on payroll, that yes, Ukraine people are 100% behind us – we can start the coup now and it will succeed.

    That’s how CIA and MI6 work. US/NATO/EU/UK base their assumptions on such “reports on the ground” when they start wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Serbia bombings, Libya, etc. In Ukraine, it’s a proxy war of course. All because stooges with their own ulterior motives tell them the population is 100% behind the Western invasion. They ignore any other reports that contradict this picture. They, like you, only see what they want to see.

    Western governments need this moral justification because of the farce of “democracy.” Otherwise their people will not support their constant invading and interfering with sovereign countries. So, you need to thoroughly brainwash your people. This is why Syria invasion, which was being prepared by the West in 2013, failed. People saw through propaganda and didn’t support it, in biggest part thanks to Russia’s smart moves, and to the courageous whistleblowers/ global alternative media.

    And this is why the West is so confused now: Crimea referendum, where 97% voted to be with Russia? This must be fraud! Don’t trust your lying eyes and all those cameras installed in polling stations. Donetsk and Lugansk – 89% and 94% respectively for re-unification with Russia – this is fraud too, despite MILES long lines of people gathering to vote – all caught on film. They never expected that. They never expected people in the Donetsk and Lugansk to stubbornly refuse to join them. In Dnepropetrovsk, Kharkov, Odessa, Nikolaev, Zaporozhie, Kherson they would gladly join Russia too, if their protests weren’t brutally suppressed, if people weren’t being killed, burned alive and kidnapped. There is dissent starting even in Western Ukraine, but that’s also a lie of course. Ukraine should be behind them 100%, shouldn’t it?

    Those who protested on maidan wanted a better life and to get rid of their oligarchs? If you do a revolution with absolutely zero understanding of what you are doing, you get the distorted result. Live in illusion – die in illusion. They got not only nazis, who burn people alive in Odessa, kidnap, torture, kill, loot; but also, even worse oligarchs in power, who in fact are unabashed marionettes of the USA, and your beloved country, Canada.
    They wanted better pensions and salaries? Old people’s pensions are now cut from $160 to $80. 30,000 social workers and doctors laid off as part of the IMF austerity package. Ukraine GDP down 30% since the beginning of 2014. My prediction: it will be down by another 35-40% before the end of year. Grivna down by over 50% since maidan – will soon be worth even less.

    You, together with all Western governments, will gladly close your eyes to all that because it doesn’t fit into your narrow tunnel world view.

    In reality, do you know what the West really wants from Ukraine? Its resources. Not even its prized chernozem agricultural lands. They want to frack up Ukraine into oblivion to drain its shale gas, thus destroying the prized chernozem. Read:https://futuristrendcast.wordpress.com/2014/03/24/why-is-canadas-pm-steven-harper-in-a-rush-to-visit-ukraine/.

    They don’t want Ukraine to be a rival to the EU agriculture – so Ukraine agriculture has been designated for destruction. Ukraine industry cannot be a rival to the EU industry – it will be destroyed, too. Considering Ukraine industry, ALL concentrated in the South-East, feeds the whole country and is historically geared towards trade with Russia – the West wants to destroy Ukraine industry and harm Russian economy as well.

    Ukraine to the West is a disposable lemon that will be thrown out having been mercilessly squeezed and relieved of all its juices. Ukraine is a super-convenient and completely useful proxy to get to the really big prize: Russia.

    This is the crucial difference between Russia on one hand, and Ukraine/ Ukraine’s Western backers on the other:

    While the West wants to squeeze Ukraine and throw it out, Russia is offering Ukraine an equal partnership via Eurasian Union, which will support and grow Ukraine economy. Russia is ready to continue supporting Ukraine economy and continue living with them as one family. Ukrainians are treated in Russia as brothers, while SOME Ukrainians treat Russians as enemy. 6 million Ukrainians live and work in Russia, which is the only way they can earn much, much more than they can ever dream of earning at home, and live in peace, too. At the same time, Ukraine government kidnaps and kills Russians in Ukraine, including Russian journalists. Russia has been for years subsidizing Ukraine economy by buying its products when no one else would, and without asking for anything, but normal relations, in return. They never asked Ukraine to cut pensions to grannies, as the West does now. They never zombified Ukraine with anti-Western propaganda. US/EU has been zombifying Ukraine with anti-Russian propaganda since 1990s. Your beloved country, Canada, participates in all this.

    Russia built the entire industrial/port/tourism complex of Eastern and Southern Ukraine – all that provides the vast majority of Ukraine GDP, keeping the undeveloped, poor, destitute agricultural areas of central and western Ukraine afloat, including the Zhitomir area your family is from, Lilli. By the way, if only you knew what kind of jokes float around Ukraine about the place you talk so proudly about – Zhitomir. You have no idea what you are talking about as usual. Zhitomir is one of the most backwards and poor areas of Ukraine. No wonder thay have such inferiority complex towards Russia and eastern Ukraine, who by the way feed them.

    Russia has been supplying gas for free to Ukraine since the beginning of 2014. Ukraine owes Russia $5bln for gas alone, plus $35 bln in other debts, which it flatly refuses to pay, nudged by the US, Canada and UK. For years, Ukraine has been stealing Russian gas, and it does it today as well. Everyone knows that. At the same time, Ukraine/Kiev attacks Russian embassy, headed by the FOREIGN MINISTER of Ukraine, who swears at Russia and Russian President while lauding the attackers of the Russian embassy. Kiev blows up the Gazprom pipeline and blames Russia for all mortal sins.

    Russia is constantly blamed for invading Ukraine, and although it is invariably confirmed that Russia did nothing of the sort, neither Ukraine, nor the MSM and politicians in the West, including Canada, ever apologize, or correct themselves!

    Meanwhile, this is what the West does in Ukraine: there are thousands of confirmed Western mercenaries in Ukraine, including from Canada, killing the people of eastern Ukraine. The infamous fourth floor of the SBU compound in Kiev – security services of Ukraine – is given to the US staff. No Ukrainians are allowed there. From there, all the military and security orders are given to the stooges in Kiev government by the US. Canada and EU nationals also work there. The flag of the US is placed on top of SBU building together with Ukraine flag. One of the floors of the Ukraine government building also is given to US – all workers from that floor had been removed. Same drill – no Ukrainians allowed there. Consequently, Ukraine is theofficially occupied country by the US, and by extension by NATO – therefore, Canada as well.

    The dupes in agricultural, poor, underdeveloped central and western Ukraine will realize too late what the West’s real goals are. People in the South-East of Ukraine are smart and they already figured it out. That’s why they will not live under Kiev junta. See, they don’t have the same slave mentality as those you spoke with. When you visited, no one would let you speak with people who think THIS way. You are the victim of propaganda – a very willing one.

    I realize all am saying is falling on deaf ears. You are a finished product of the Western propaganda. I am writing this for the sake of those who already awakened, or have the hope of doing so.

    P.S. We live in countries where we can agree to disagree? Tell this to those journalists and politicians in Ukraine whom Kiev killed, kidnapped, beaten, tortured for simply telling or showing the truth. Tell it to Ukraine presidential candidate and Rada deputy Oleg Tsarev who was beaten almost to death, whose house was burned down and who had to flee the country with his children and family; tell this to the 2 killed Russian journalists; or the other two who have raptured ear drums and hematomas from torture; tell this to the former head of Ukraine’s main TV Channel 1 beaten and forced to resign in his own office by DEPUTIES of UKRAINE PARLIAMENT! Tell this to your government, which has helped install, and which now supports/ finances the regime that does such things.

    P.S. I have started a new page RUSSIAN FILMS. Do check it out.


    Video version: Distorted Reality: Ukraine is a Disposable Lemon to Be Thrown Out


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  1. Ladies — if I may:

    We all must respect loyalty to our families and our heritage. Nothing wrong with that. They help define what is “good” and what is “bad”. And indeed there are many good people in the world, whatever your definition of “good”.

    The problem is, the good people usually get eliminated in the first round of the tournament.
    In the semi-finals, it is pretty much bad people on every team. We are stuck with the dilemma of picking the team whose bad people will direct their badness at someone who is NOT US.

    Accepting this dilemma is a very bitter pill to swallow — it took me 11 years of being befuddled by the wickedness of US foreign affairs to get to starting to state it openly and still I only half-heartedly believe it. Not coincidentally, 11 years is the time since the beginning of the Iraq war, when my television repeatedly told me to “go kill the towelheads! kill them for 9/11” — which false on its face, not to mention hateful.

    Anyway, neither of your people is evil. Some of your leaders may well be very thoroughly wicked. It is the nature of those who rise to the top in foreign policy, and will continue to be until more people get involved and start examining the details.

    I urge you to read between the lines when listening to media reports, Give the other side’s explanation a critical but fact-based hearing, and keep an open mind for alternative explanations.



    • You make some valid points.
      I am here to educate and clarify distortions of history and reality. I have no goals of personal squabbles with anyone. Sorry you can’t see that.


      • Lada —

        No problem, I was trying on purpose not to criticize.

        This morning I had a frustrating discussion with an english speaking pro-russian blogger who collected lots of great, hard-to-find, and critically relevant information on the civil war / secession / whatever in Ukraine. I was happy at first because so much American media has this reflexive and needless russophobia, plus I am rather pissed that out of the entire spectrum availible in Ukranian politics, the US leadership has for some reason threw their hat in with the the most Ultra-Right-Wing militants.

        Turned this commentator was ALSO, by his own description, an anti-semite. Not like a nazi, but just sortof a casual conspiracy theory, where bolshevik revolution AND the rise of worldwide capitalism were simultaneously part of one common conspiracy going back 150 years. What do I do? I apologize if there was an element of bitterness.

        Anyway it got me to thinking about the patterns of belief I went through before I came to what my views are now… After all, I believed what the TV told me at first, then I realized they were lying and I believed what another political group said, relized they were lying too. Then when I realized all the political groups were forced to lie hard to survive, I started going for conspiracy theories. Then I realized those are also false and I am exploring the “realist” position where basically the good guys typically lose, except in rare and wonderful cases like Ghandi or Martin Luther King Jr.

        And this is a really horribly unsatisfying view to have, but it gives a practical (completely removed of morals, so as a side effect cruel, but universal) position from which to present facts to believers, to get them to open their minds. After all that is all we can do — say what we believe and why we believe it. Otherwise, I am not presenting the fact but throwing it in the other person’s face. And if I attack, you will defend, right? I don’t want to do that.

        Anyway once again I did not mean to criticize in any way, was just remarking on my personal history of how I came to alter my world view. Thought perhaps it would be useful to you.

        PS- my personal goal is not so much to promote the “Pro-Russian” view, but rather to dispel the brainless “Anti-Russian” view in the US media, with the purpose of discrediting the US governments support of probably the most morally unpalatable faction that they could possibly have picked in Ukraine.

        All the best.


    • You do waffle on a bit without making much sense. It took you eleven years to figure out how brain washed you Americans are…and you still find it hard to believe? Well, that is the difference between us Europeans and you Americans, we don’t trust our governments as much as you do, especially in Italy. We have a much more mature and cynical understanding about our governments, and we in Europe do not think of ourselves as exceptionally superior as you people do. And for a nation that considers themselves so exceptional, it is a wonder how you people can be so naive!

      And talking about naivety, you wrote in your other message: “… plus I am rather pissed that out of the entire spectrum availible in Ukranian politics, the US leadership has for some reason threw their hat in with the the most Ultra-Right-Wing militants.” What a silly comment! And you have the nerve to say: “…for some reason…”? American foreign policies are not all about “and for some reason”! American foreign policies are all about agendas behind closed doors. There are no accidents in politics! American foreign policy makers know exactly what they are doing…it is their purpose to disrupt the trade and financial relations between Europe and Russia and to destroy the Ukraine. And regarding the Ukraine, please try not to pretend that you are so naive as you seem to presume that the conflict between the Wesern parts and the South-Eastern parts is just a conflict of both sides with differences of opinion, and that both sides are responsible for the conflict. Your American government started this war, they started this coup for their nefarious agendas, they deliberately support the nazis, and your government is responsible for the murders of innocent ethnic Russians. So stop trying to be so blasé about it! The ethnic Russians do not want this war, they just do not recognize the illegal Kiev junta, and they did not start it and they are being massacred by Kiev with America’s loving support for fascism and nazism.

      The American government has purposely spent 5 billion dollars in the past few years supporting nazi and ultra right wing movements in the Ukraine for precisley this moment. And you say that you don’t believe in conspiracy theories? And what conspiracy theories you do not believe in? I can just be facetious and say that I too don’t believe in conspiracy theories but rather in conspiracy facts. It was a conspiracy by America to create the coup d’etat in the Ukraine. It was a conspiracy by the American government to support al qaeda terrorists in Syria, to destroy Libya, to invade Iraq, etc etc and etc. So what damn conspiracy do you not believe in?! All governments, all nations, all empires have used false flag attacks in their quest for power and control, and they always conspire. Furthermore, the American government has a conspiracy against the people of the United States and I will let you figure that one out.

      And lastly, try not to be so patronizing towards Lada with your comments that she “read between the lines…” With her in-depth knowledge of history, politics, finance and her professionalism, she is the last person to be given such advice as to learn how to read between the lines! And you urge her to keep an open mind for alternative explanations! There are no alternative explanations in the Ukraine when the blood of innocent ethnic Russians civilians are spilled onto the ground in cold blood! The explanations are there in cold blood!

      When America illegally invaded Iraq on lies and murdered thousands of people, do you think we should ask the Iraqis that maybe there were alternative explanations? Maybe it was the Iraqis fault right? Do you think that the Iraqis should have been more open minded and given America the benefit of the doubt for their invasion? You Americans, and you sound like an American so I assume you are one, you Americans tend to follow Bush’s line of seeing things in black and white. If you are not on our side, then you are against us. So, why don’t you apply this American logic as well to the Ukraine perspective and say that things are pretty much black and white there as well, the good against the bad: fascism against freedom?

      It has been rather difficult to get facts from the ground in the Ukraine, to get some explanation from the other side as you put it, due to the Kiev junta’s media blackouts…so may be you should talk to them. But we know enough now…don’t we!

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      • Let me try to tell you where my commnet was coming from. Sounds like what I wanted to communicate got lost in the words.

        11 years ago was when I realized, finally and without any more doubt, that the mainstream media and US government spokespeople lie about basically everything, and that the pop-narrative of US is totally false. And this applied equally to the USSR. And it applies equally to France. And the UK. And every other country, including Ukraine, and including Russia.

        The follow-up question was what to do with that information. I went thru a number of stages. Changing political party affiliation (Democrat to Green), for the sake of, not changing the terms of the debate, but for the sake of avoiding further war in Iraq. Realizing the political system is in a very stable equilibrium. It is not rigged in any kind of conspiracy theory way, but as a consequence of the two party system, we will keep getting the same results again and again. (that is the theme of my blog, by the way).

        I went through a number of conspiracy theories that I believed in briefly but realized they too are false. Ended up with one leg in a “realist” view, where , as I said — the “good guys” get washed out and foreign policy is a game of bad guys vs bad guys, therefore the winner will be a bad guy. The other leg holds on to the knowledge that there exists a moral good which human beings intuitively understand. Foreign policy professionals lose this leg. I am not a foreign policy professional. So then what? Don’t know that is where I am now.

        Also, this is all easy to say in one blob of words, but to really have it sink in is kind-of devastating. It took 11 years to really, with every other possibility cast aside, examine face-to-face the possibility that, in our present system, evil, if you believe in such a thing, will win the vast majority of the time. The fundamental story of good vs evil is not one which human beings give up easily, my friend.

        You don’t have to give up the existence of good and evil — those are self evident. But it would be wise to let go of the “good vs evil” form, which we use as a sort-of intellectual skeleton to build the mythology of our cultural / national identity.

        With that as a background, I think that asking a Ukranian nationalist to sympathetically examine the Russian position, and vice versa, is not that far from asking a person to change religions.

        Pushing out propaganda, and using shock value, will motivate people who are already part of your tribe but not actively involved in your side of the cause. But if you are faced with someone from the opposite side (as was the case), an entirely different rhetorical strategy is required.

        And if I insulted anyone, or was patronizing, I take it back with all my heart.


      • From Lada: I agree with Robin. While it’s fine to “awaken” and come to terms with the truth on one’s own time, it is anacceptable to dictate to others what they should, or shouldn’t, do.
        I don’t think peteybee read my post very carefully, or he is confused. I said multiple times that the commenter in question is beyond change and that I have put together this post for others, not for her. It is not my job to change the mind of someone who doesn’t want it changed, but I can make an example out of her for the others’ sake.

        Peteybee, how is she a “Ukraine nationalist”? Did you not notice that this woman is of German descend and hates Ukraine?
        Neither, by the way, am I Russian nationalist. I don’t believe peteybee understands, despite the fact that I explained it additionally to him, that there is a perspective, which is much broader and higher-minded than nationalism or petty squabbles.

        Finally, I want to remind to all that this is my blog, and I make my own policy here. I will write the way I judge is best in any given situation.
        I do appreciate a discussion and interesting comments, which all are welcome to contribute. But a patronizing or condescending tone has no place here.

        Thank you, all.

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    • I am replying to a post you wrote below. You don’t really make any logic at all. You seem to be over intellectualizing the argument to the point where it makes no sense. I’m not really sure what you are trying to say in the end. Just here to confuse?

      You wrote:

      “11 years ago was when I realized, finally and without any more doubt, that the mainstream media and US government spokespeople lie about basically everything…”

      Then you go on to say:

      “I went through a number of conspiracy theories that I believed in briefly but realized they too are false.”

      Western mainstream media and US government spokespeople do lie about basically everything.

      That being the case, you are going to have alternative media and independent journalists, who speak with a conscience and respect for truth, revealing and reporting lies that mainstream media refuses to tell. Are these the people you call “conspiracy theories” that you later realize to be false?

      I disagree with your rash assertion that you “seem” to imply that “all” comspiracy theories are false. Some are false or have a mixture of truth and fantasy, but a high number of these so-called conspiracy theories, as you describe them, are indeed reporting the truth. They are reporting the true story that Western mainstream media and US government spokespeople lie about.

      Here are a list of journalists and important people who have written against the corrupt Establishment in order to bring facts and truth to the masses:

      Dr Paul Craig Roberts, Lizzie Phelan, Michael Ruppert, Pepe Escobar, Rodney Shakespeare, John Pilger, Prof. Michel Chossudovsky, Kevin Barrett, Claudi Gallo, Finian Cunningham, Neil Clark and so on.

      Strange that you have not come across them or perhaps you consider them to be “conspiracy theorists” telling false stories?

      You haven’t mentioned at all that there are indeed alternative medias, blogs, journalists and writers who are telling facts and truths in opposition to Western mainstream media’s lies.

      You say you went through a number of conspiracy theories that you realize in the end are false. Yet make no mention of any other media or journalist who are reporting the truth. In other words, you imply that all “conspiracy theories” are lies. (Do I sense a troll here?)

      You cannot say that if one group lies then the other group is lying as well. You are saying there is no other group who is telling the truth. That is a silly comment to make.

      Then you go on a philosophical discussion about evil people, and they will be the ones remaining. Really? How so? What makes you so sure about that? In our deepest essence we are all divine Beings and therefore ultimately goodness and truth will prevail.

      At the moment, the System is run by the global banking elites who have brought corruption to a fine art with the help of their control of mainstream media and organizations and clubs they belong to.

      However, that is going to change. The people are waking up thanks to fine journalists and important writers, like Lada Ray, who are making their mark to bring facts and truths that are deliberately left out or distorted by Western mainstream media.

      You wrote: “Realizing the political system is in a very stable equilibrium. It is not rigged in any kind of conspiracy theory way, but as a consequence of the two party system…”

      The political system is not rigged? Of course the political system is rigged.

      Both parties have key members belonging to the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR) thus ensuring that no matter which party gets in, foreign policy goals and objectives will remain on course. Then of course you have the lobbyists and corporations who own and bribe the two-party system. People do not have the big money power to influence politicians – who are already bribed by the banking elites and their corporations.

      Sorry, in my view you write in the style of a troll. Intellectualizing so much that you left out common sense in your arguments.

      Try not to keep using the phrase “conspiracy theory”. This is a term used by the elites, mainstream media and trolls to discredit ‘truthers’ and to avoid engaging in hard questions and debates that threaten the official story line – the lies they give out.

      Oh, and by the way, if I have offended anyone, or insulted anyone in any way, you have my apologies. I take it back with all my heart.

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  2. Hello Lada,

    Sadly the ignorant trolls in the west, the ignorant Zionist shills in the west, the ignorant Neocons in the west and all those who claim to be Christian’s do not realise that they are actually supporting the Church Of Satan which has been active since the days of Babylon.

    Christians who ” wor~ship ” their so called single God are actually wor~shipping three Gods in one. As a historian who has done the research I can name them in detail.

    However, lets come right back to the present and I would suggest to Lilli Kehler and others like her that she and they go to http://www.itccs.org which has now asked on the 20th April, 2014 that the Church Of Satan and all organisations associated with them including but not limited to the Vatican, Catholics and Protestants under the Treaty Of Verona, and all governments and related corporations and individuals who have any association with the Church Of Satan to Stand Down or face prosecution for supporting this Luciferian Satanist Church.

    Even worse she now lives in Canada (Turtle Island) where the Church Of Satan has also been declared a Transnational Criminal Organisation for its child ritual sacrifices and paedophilia with children especially young native Turtle Island girls. Before the white man arrived in Turtle Island (North America) the Indian nations already had had 500 years of peaceful co-existence. The Canadian Government continues to cover themselves in Neo Nazi glory gore ~ Canada is not the land of the free. It has for starters an extremely repressive corporation based police force.

    It is my contention from current research that Joseph Stalin was a Catholic puppet acting on instructions of the Vatican. This and related information is now coming out into the mainstream.

    When Lada says millions upon millions killed by Christianity in the name of God and Jesus we are actually talking about hundreds of millions of people. This is the murderous brutal ignorance that we have to deal with the world over. Christians seems to have an immense ability to forget the truth of the past. Another prime example of ignorance is the west was taught that they won the World War-II. The Russians won that war. The west was too busy making tons of money and only got into Europe late in the war which by then was already won by the Soviets. The fact is Amercian’s then tried to continue World War II in the east by marching into Russia. When that failed they morphed World War-II with propaganda into a hidden World War III.

    And today the Amercian’s are now trying to start World Ward IV in Ukraine, Russia, Syria and Iran all in the name of the Federal Reserve which is a puppet based “Old Boys Club”.

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    • Great points about Russia/USSR wining WWII, hidden WWIII/Cold War, and attempts to start WWIV!


    • Great points James and Lada, BTW ALL religion is propaganda for spirituality because it’s real agenda is to “recruit” members and puff up it’s own importance. Honest religions at the very least point the way to god and helps us to realize they’re only a tool/ path, not the destination. In the same vein, politics is propaganda for power, and we all know how power corrupts absolutely.
      The only positive thing we can learn from politics is how to transcend it. Praying for Peace in the Middle East and Ukraine.
      BTW, Lilli, “New Age” is just a consumerist label, spirituality has no words.

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  3. Very well said, Lada. I have met and talked to people like Lilli Kehler who are brainwashed by Western mainstream media. It was only because of my own research that I discovered that Western mainstream media is involved in such huge blatant in-your-face lies that it beggars belief.

    If Lilli Kehler holds such faith in Western mainstream media, then I would show her how Western mainstream media deliberately lied in the Kuwaiti Baby Incubator incident. Bush Sr.’s administration staged a fake testimony with the help of using and training the daughter of Kuwaiti’s ambassador to lie by pretended to be a nurse who witnessed the murder of many Kuwaiti children taken from incubators. This was all a lie in order have popular support to invade Iraq in 1991. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pR4cgeJJPqg

    Then of course we have the “War on Terror” lie https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VswdzWA6T-s and because of 9/11 Washington brought out the Patriot Act and NDAA. It now means that anyone can be thrown into prison or FEMA camp indefinitely without due process and on mere suspicion alone. Washington declares that anyone involved with Al-Qaeda and any other terrorist organizations are to be put away in prison without due process.

    And yet, is Lilli Kehler aware that Washington are in fact training, supporting and supplying Al-Qaeda and Al-nusra terrorists as they did in Libya and are doing in Syria? This is hypocrisy at its finest! Washington is supporting the very terrorist organizations that Americans are losing their civil rights and liberties. But it’s okay for Washington’s elites to support the terrorists.

    “According to the US Justice Department:

    “‘The Patriot Act imposed tough new penalties on those who commit and support terrorist operations, both at home and abroad. The terror threat emanates both from ‘the terrorist who pays for a bomb as by the one who pushes the button’.

    “According to the Patriot legislation, those ‘who pay for the bomb’, namely funding affiliates of Al Qaeda, constitutes a terrorist act.

    “In other words, the Obama administration and its allies are harboring a terror organization which is on the US State department list.

    “In this regard, President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry could be held responsible for “knowingly providing, or attempting or conspiring to provide, material support or resources to, or engaging in transactions with, al-Nusrah Front:” – Prof Michel Chossudovsky – GlobalResearch

    There was no rebellion in Syria. The trouble started when Washington decided to create an attempt of regime change by installing armies of Al-nusra and Al-Qaeda affiliated terrorists into the sovereign country of Syria. President Bashar al-Assad of Syria is merely defending his people and country from an invasion of terrorists put there by Washington!
    From frame: 1:37 in following link Ken Stone explains the real situation and truth that Western mainstream media hides deliberately. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UK4VYMxGU_k

    Prof. Michel Chossudovsky states clearly that this was “not” a protest movement within Syria against the president of Syria. Once again explaining this was a flood of terrorists invading the sovereign country, Syria. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cGYTM9-DSEI

    And here we have journalist, Lizzie Phelan stating the same thing, that this was an invasion of terrorists flooding the country. http://lizzie-phelan.blogspot.co.uk/2012/01/new-york-times-interview-with-lizzie.html

    “The difference with journalists from mainstream media in NATO and GCC countries is that they come with an agenda, and that agenda is to cover what they call is a “revolution” happening inside Syria and to give substance to the false claims that the Syrian government is a threat to the Syrian people. So if for example they walk down the street and they have 10 people telling them there is no revolution happening in Syria and actually the people want the army to protect them from the terrorists that are flooding the country, and then they have one person who tells them that there is no democracy in Syria, they will discard the 10 as government spies and run with the one person who said something different, I witnessed this myself.” – Lizzie Phelan

    The same thing happened to Libya. The same lies. Washington flooded Libya with Al-qaeda terrorists. Washington and Western mainstream media lies and blames Gaddafi for shooting civilians when all he was doing was defending his own people and sovereign country from an invasion of terrorists. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j02uvYMKbh4
    And who helped put Al-qaeda terrorists in Libya? Who supported Al-qaeda? Who helped Al-qaeda to form a base in Libya? Washington! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BPbXc78bOjw

    And once again, Western mainstream media begins the demonizing process towards Putin in order to create regime change in Ukraine.


    Instead of Al-qaeda or Al-nusra terrorists Washington puts in Neo-Nazis of the Svoboda party and Right Sektor in the Ukraine government through a coup d’état orchestrated by Washington. Washington is always working with extremists like Al-qaeda or the Neo-Nazis Svoboda party/Right Sektor or any extreme group in order to bring about an illegal regime change.

    And Washington was doing another one in Venezuela at the same time as Ukraine! http://rt.com/news/venezuela-maduro-kerry-killer-034/

    My question to the sheeple like Lilli Kehler, is when are they going to actually stare at reality and truth and recognize that Washington has been employing terrorists and extremists and planting them in targeted countries to bring about regime change to create proxy governments?

    When are they going to understand that Washington is deliberately using terrorists that are on the State Department list of terrorist organizations to bring about regime change and yet Americans are thrown into prison on mere suspicion alone. Why are people like Lilli Kehler blinded by this blatant hypocrisy? Don’t they realize that the Patriot Act and NDAA is just an excuse to bring about a police state in the U.S.? http://www.veteranstoday.com/2013/02/20/the-new-american-gestapo/


  4. Reblogged this on 1EarthUnited and commented:
    Great post Lada!


  5. While the west wants to squeeze the Ukraine like a lemon and throw it out, Russia is willing to make lemonade for all. Funny thing about lemons — when you least expect it a burning spurt of its acid seemingly aims and hits you in the eye with an unexpected blinding precision, as it is being “squeezed.” Karma can be swift, painful, and juicy.

    I exercised much prudence in not making a bad joke about an aforementioned geographical location in Ukraine. Tempting, though.

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  6. Hi Lada Ray, Thanks a million for all your efforts to provide all this really incredible mind-blowing info. Can’t remember how I found your site… I think it was through a link on the site of “superjohnwild” on youtube.

    Tanaath, of the Silver Legion, said quite some time ago that Vlad Putin is trust-worthy. Various ETs have reiterated this since then. Basically they state that although he is no angel and has done some “questionable” stuff in the past, he is one of the few hopes for this planet at the moment.

    Keep up your truly great reporting. Many thanks. Fondest regards, John.


  7. Dear Lada,
    Your depth of knowledge is astounding and full of sincere passion for truth to be heard. And your replies are passionate and rightly so, because who could remain indifferent to the crisis in the Ukraine. I am from Western Europe, but I am not at all blind to America’s imperialistic wars all around the globe. I was never interested in foreign politics until right after 9/11. 9/11 was the seminal event that started this quick succession of wars, media lies and the false war on terrorism, which gave the excuse to bomb and invade other countries and to evsicerate civil liberties. I have done my research which is why everything you say I agree with totally.

    The situation in the Ukraine is unbelievable! I find it shameful and so hypocritical of Western governments that are silent against the atrocities being committed by the nazi Kiev regime! In fact, they are not only silent, they are directly involved in supporting Kiev. Western governments waste no time in attacking Assad for so-called crimes against humanity when it suits their agendas, but do nothing to condemn the illegal Kiev junta. The West supports the al qaeda terrorists in Syria just as they support the fascists in the Ukraine. So, I am not surprised at all, but just find it disgusting that Western governments do nothing to help the ethnic Russians who have been begging for help from us! I am not naive, I know that it is all about politics, control etc. but I never want to hear anymore from Western governments about their silly lies about creating their “democracy”. I am now just sick of the word “democracy”. It has no real meaning but just an excuse to bomb countries and murder civilians.

    As far as I am concerned, America is a fascist state. American presidents are sworn to protect the constitution and they quickly destroy it with legislation. The NDAA has given the president the legal power to assassinate anyone including Americans. The American media is controlled by the government and by corporate medias and they all spew out the same propaganda lies. Crimes against humanity are being committed in the Ukraine by Kiev who are nothing but puppets to NATO, the IMF and Western governments. It is really abominable to hear criticism towards Russia, who has done nothing, and yet we in the West are the ones who are responsible for the killings in the Ukraine.

    The American media is so controlled, so full of propaganda and lies, so biased, that it is no wonder that many Americans are born to ignorance! Of course there are many Americans who are awake.

    I am just a simple and ordinary citizen who woke up years ago. I am not an intellectual or a profound reasearcher in politics, but I am someone who, without even needing to do research, can see all around me the constant wars and invasions and know that this is not right! No amount of government propaganda and excuses to invade Iraq and Afghanistan, no amount of statements that we are defending democracy can justify these invasions. Many politicians in general disgust me. They always find excuses for wars. People say that I am anti-West or that I do not appreciate Western democracy or that I am a “commie”! Well I can tone down my anger if the West can do something right and justifiable for a change and do something for me to be proud of, but they cannot! The only democracy we have is the liberty to choose between a hamburger and a hotdog.

    I, too, am filled with anger when I see innocent ethnic Russian civilians being murdered and burnt to death by the Kiev military and fascists. It makes me sick! And this is happening in Europe! Thanks for the analysis and information that you give. Seriously, you are a gem!

    Sorry for this long messsage, but I had to get it off my chest. I have such profound respect for people like Paul Craig Roberts, Prof. Chossudovsky and especially you. Thank you.


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  8. Hi again Lada Ray, Thanks for publishing the comment I emailed to you yesterday. I didn’t expect that. Caught me a bit by surprise.

    Could you please remove my email address from the message? You know the problems it can cause when one’s email address appears publicly on the Net.

    Many thanks. Looking forward to your next post. John


    • Deleted. In the future when you comment just put in your nickname, not email address, under “Name.” I usually publish all comments which can contribute and which contain no lies or offence. I encourage people to express support as this helps me see that people do need what I am doing.


  9. Well, Lilli Kehler have one good feature intact: she reflect! Even she is the icon of a standard sheeple (sheep people). You Lada, act magnanimous by reflecting frankly.

    This way the dialog embraces the full spectrum and by that, invite everyone there in.

    We still do not know the truth, but many of us, and more show up every day, become aware of the lies, open them to eliminate them. These lies have been created over more thousand years. They form a mountain, within which the truth is hidden.

    People with a sovereign spirtituality intact are able to view through the mountain of lies, and are aware of the truth.
    When the truth come forth, and that can possibly happen very soon, Lilli will reflect it and recognize it.


  10. Lada, this information just out. I put this here to show Lilli Kehler the protest movement taking place in Germany. People protesting against the Federal Reserve, against the Establishment and against mainstream media because the people know that mainstream media are telling flat out lies and are behind the wars of aggression in many countries especially Ukraine and Middle East.

    Look at how the German mainstream media is telling lies by slandering and attacking the protest movement. Because mainstream media is protecting the banking elites.


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  11. “The American public is being played; duped into one unlawful War of Aggression after another. The criminal perpetrator of these war lies is a controlling faction of our own government. The evidence in this article will prove beyond any doubt that “war lies” is the accurate term; lies in Orwellian opposite of the verifiable facts, lies that cannot be reasonably construed as misinterpretations or well-intended mistakes.” – Carl Herman




  12. Jean dEgregor

    Hi again Lada Ray, Thanks for sorting that out. You are right, it was my own fault… I’d left the email address in the “Name” line in the email config. settings. I think I’ve now adjusted it appropriately. We’ll see when this comment arrives 😉

    The thing is, I didn’t realise that email replies to your “New post” notification emails were posted directly and automatically to your comments sections Online. But, wonderful that they are! Convenient!

    Indeed, I totally agree with you that it is very important that all support for your work is evident for all to witness. I’m behind you all the way on that point. Quite frankly, your knowledge of the situation and your reports posted Online simply knock me sideways at times. I haven’t found anything like it anywhere else so far.

    And your precision in anticipating (or predicting) what is coming up is truly riveting! As the USA folk say, “awesome” 😉 You’re obviously very consciously connected to some “higher source”.

    I would like to take this moment, if I may, to encourage everyone reading here who hasn’t yet signed up for your “New Posts” email notifications to do so… all that’s required is your email address. And then you can have your comments posted by simply replying to Lada’s email notification. Dead simple! Just don’t leave your email address in the “Name” line of your email config. settings ;-)))

    It’s certainly encouraging and warming to read the comments that people so far have been leaving on your site. And yes, indeed it is truly a pity that there are still some people who cannot perceive the larger perspective at play here. Mais oui, c’est la vie! Sometimes I am really amazed to see how people are beginning to waken up around the place… but I’m equally stunned at times to witness how so many others remain in the zombie haze with no apparent hope of coming out of it any time soon. The duality of the entire scenario seems to be manifesting to greater and greater extremes. Sometimes I feel we are heading for a most graphic SPLIT in humanity: the awakened (or at least “the awakening); and the sleeping ones lost in the millennia of programming.

    Okee dokee, ya esta!… y hasta pronto! May the positive entities guiding this planet continue to shine on you, Lada Ray! You’re doing a fabulous job. “Never give up, never surrender!” john.

    PS: Silver Legion is here: http://www.silverlegion.org/index.html And superJohnwild on youtube is here: http://www.youtube.com/user/superJohnwild/videos?view=0

    Thank you so much!

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    • You nailed it. “The duality of the entire scenario seems to be manifesting to greater and greater extremes. Sometimes I feel we are heading for a most graphic SPLIT in humanity: the awakened (or at least “the awakening); and the sleeping ones lost in the millennia of programming.”

      This is what bothers me most: some people’s complete blindness and stubborn unwillingness to wake up. Then of course there all those in between which to me is fine as long as they are willing to listen at least. The blindness of so many is what may do humnakind in. It all depends on how many do wake up. We are in the red danger zone when it may be decided that human experiment has run its course after all. Right now it’s open for debate.
      But my prediction is: split will intensify in the next few years. Humans have only their own distortions to blame.

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      • Oh dear! The “split will intensify in the next few years” you wrote. Damn! I was hoping more will be awakened. This means I will “still” be known as that “conspiracy theorist”.

        Very late in the evening, in my area, I came upon a young lady in the street who was tearful – she had some family issues. I did not know her but I tried to give her some helpful advice. She was grateful to have someone listen to her and give her comfort. I escorted her all the way to the other side of town to a friend’s house just to make sure she arrived safely.

        As we were walking, she said to me, “I recognize you. You’re that ‘conspiracy theorist’ guy my boyfriend told me to stay away from. He said you are ‘nuts’ in believing all that stuff’.

        I replied to her by saying something like: ‘Yes, that’s me. I’m glad I’m getting so well known.’

        I was hoping that eventually in the near future I would no longer be known as that “conspiracy theorist” guy and would have most of the people in my area coming over to my side. Oh well… 🙂


        • Wolf, MORE people will awaken, but the resistance to the new will also intensify from the haters. That’s why more split.
          Don’t worry, in a few years they will be lauding you.
          That said, that’s just awful that people in your area are so rude to you.

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  13. I think it was Mel Brooks who said something along the lines of “Comedy is when someone else breaks his back; tragedy is when you get a splinter.” Unfortunately, this is especially relevant when it comes to historical crimes or wars. It is very easy to see the evil in a government or religion or society that we do not care for, and hard to see the same in our own. How many Native American children have been genocided in Canada in the last century? How many died during the American Holodomor of the Dust Bowl? How many are currently in the American Gulags, where rape is a policy? How do these compare with the evils in the USSR? And how does that compare with the plans of the Nazis, many of which were supported tremendously by the West?

    Hard to say. It is easy to see that the Bolsheviks were brutal, but life was a lot tougher back then, so it needs to be compared with life in other countries in the 1930’s. Also, it is ridiculous and criminal for Western countries to criticize a country such as Syria for brutality during their war,when the West has funded, armed, and infiltrated the most barbaric folks on Earth with the specific goal of destroying the country. Who is the barbarian?

    It is also worth contemplating the statements by Putin advisor Sergei Glazyev that the US has been the big winner from all of Europe’s wars and turmoil. Canada, too. If millions die in Europe, millions of skilled or moneyed folks move to North America. Who gains from turmoil in Eastern Europe?

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  14. Hi Lada,

    Ok… that is very interesting. Your … “… prediction is: split will intensify in the next few years.”

    Now you’ve got me going… cos I’ve bantered this idea around quite a bit in the last few years, but you’re the first one who seems to grasp what I’m on about.

    Also, you mention that the human thingy here on this planet is an “experiment”… and I have it from other very reliable sources that this is indeed precisely what it is: an experiment. I’d love to read what more you can say about this.

    Also, I see from your previous “predictions” that when you “predict” something you are not “speculating”, you are really picking up some sort of valid info from what’s a little further down the timeline for us.

    I’d like to know more about how you see that SPLIT coming about, how it’ll manifest, the effects on society / planet, etc.. Anything at all that comes to mind.

    And I’d love if anybody else who is reading this, if they have any other info / feelings / etc. on this topic that they feel inclined to share… then please post it here (if Lada’s ok with that).

    I wouldn’t like to initiate any sort of fear mongering type session… but the truth is that I feel Nature is about to flip something right over on its head on this planet and that this FLIP will send earth-humans spinning off in a whole new direction. And this FLIP that Nature alone will manhandle has to do with “consciousness” and its next step of evolution here on earth. It is simply up to each and every human on this planet to decide in their own self if they wanna cooperate now with what Nature is up to, or if they wanna stick with the old programmings which are extremely anti-nature (for example, established institutional religions are anti-nature). Your connection with Nature, or lack thereof, is probably the most important dynamic for you to really sit down and consider right now. Worth considering most carefully.

    I feel that we are already right at the beginning of this FLIP, and as Lada has indicated, there will be a rather tumultuous period… probably for two reasons, I’d say:

    01. Many of those who are awakening will feel a degree of loss and separation, etc. cos they are gonna have family and pals amongst the sleepers… family & pals that perhaps they love very much… and bit-by-bit more-and-more, as the SPLIT becomes more graphic, they are gonna realise that they have so little in common with anyone choosing to remain amongst the programmed sleepers. So, I feel that there could be a lot of to-ing and fro-ing for many who are awakening… at least for a while… ultimately they’ll have to come to terms with the fact that once awoken from the matrix you cannot be plugged back into it! Those going in the direction of awakening will all have to come to terms with the fact that they may not be able to reach some family and old pals as they did before… the gap in consciousness will just get so wide as “time” moves on.

    02. Those who choose to remain programmed are gonna be very very confused by what they witness in those who choose to awaken. And there might be various attempts by the sleepers to drag everybody back to the status quo – throughout history the sleepers have always done this, so no reason why they won’t try it again. They will fail in these efforts, cos they will be pitting themselves right up against the forces of Nature – a universal / multiversal / omniversal force – not to be messed around with ultimately! So, it’s gonna take them a while to really settle down and just get used to the new earth situation where a new paradigm shift is now sitting on their front doorstep. For sure it will piss them off profoundly.

    I feel that it is important to mention that, of course, “awakening” is an on-going process. We often refer to those of us who have awoken to some degree as the “awakened ones”, etc.. This is simply for convenience. The truth is that nobody on this planet is definitively “awakened” to the ultimate degree. That’s impossible. “Awakening” is a process that probably goes on ad infinitum. I have met one of the most awakened people on this planet… I can vouch that the degree of awakening this person demonstrates is way beyond what even thousands of others currently awakening on this planet could ever grasp today… but we’ll keep working with Nature / consciousness-expansion and maybe achieve it tomorrow. “Never give up, never surrender!” 😉

    At this point I suspect that Vlad Putin, the Chinese authorities, many South American governments, etc. now know this SPLIT / FLIP is coming and are preparing for it in some way or other that I’ve no knowledge of just yet. The Cabal Illuminati (the public-face of the controllers of “The Western World”, and who are not in any way whatsoever “illuminated” or “enlightened”), along with their cronies, also know it’s coming, but they are preparing for it in a different way – as always, they are preparing to prevent it (CERN Hadron Collider, etc.)… or at least they are preparing to try be sure that they themselves are still in control after it happens. The last thing they want is a population of awakening individuals… they love humans that are asleep and well-programmed. Well, they don’t “love” them as such… they need human cattle / sheeple / slaves to carry out their bidding. That’s all. But most people coming to a site like this already know all about this stuff. As you probably know, the upper echelons of that insane lot do not have regular “human” genetics… so, I wonder how the higher vibe manifesting on this planet will affect them… maybe drive them further insane (difficult to be more insane than that lot already are).

    OK… so how do I see the SPLIT manifesting, etc.? I’m gonna throw out some of my own ideas here… so there is something to chew on… please refute them, chop them up, push them around, etc. – same with the info I wrote above – I’d love to see this topic really thrashed out – not trashed out … ooohhhh, the difference a lil’ ol’ “h” can make in life 😉

    So, let’s see… well, first of all, I feel that the energy that is gonna start pouring into this planet (or maybe pouring out from the core of this planet) which will begin to really catalyse the big push in consciousness-awakening is also gonna have some adverse effects on those who insist on remaining in the sleep programs. I feel it will cause some type of agitation on their nervous systems… with varying results… some might become more aggressive, but many will probably simply have nervous breakdowns, suffer psychiatric disorders, manic depressions, etc.. The institutions of today that exist to help people with these type problems will be pushed to their max. capacity as many will simply voluntarily commit themselves out of sheer helplessness. There may be quite a lot of related physical illnesses also as the physical body just won’t be able to cope with the higher vibration. The thing is this: the sleep programs are, amongst other functions, designed to suppress certain ancient fears (so that those fears can operate as some type of underscoring subconscious energy dynamic upon which are laid the more conscious control dynamics, etc.)… so, when this FLIP begins in earnest then the accompanying energy release is gonna make it very hard for humans to keep the lid on all that millennia of suppressed fear – locked deep down in the psyche, in the DNA, in cellular memory, etc. … so when those fears well up from the primeval depths of the being then the sleepers will have no way to manage them – it could be raw nightmare for many.
    On the other hand, those who are awakening will already be automatically working with the very same energy that is causing the release and so will have various different contexts in which to easily buffer and manage those eruptions when they occur (tip: good idea to learn a technique of meditation or interiorisation that you personally feel really good with, if you haven’t done so already).

    Apart from all that, I feel there will not be much else different for the sleepers. I mean, sure, after a period of time (I’ve no idea how long) they will not be able to function too well on this planet, but those who insist on remaining asleep believing in the millennia of programming will simply continue to do so if that is what they want. Many, I presume, will awaken with the help of family and friends who have already awoken, but so many of the sleepers I feel will remain that way till their – let’s face it – somewhat empty end (not sure if “empty” is the right word there… but you get the idea).

    So, what will it be like for those “awakening”? Those awakening will probably feel it all to be very natural. Many will be a bit confused at first to see that many people they now love don’t connect with that natural vibe. I feel that at first the awakening humans will try to continue to live amongst the sleepers as they are now… we are all mixed in together. But I feel that eventually the energy difference will simply become too overbearing and many awakening ones will sell up and go buy a home within communities of awakening ones which will begin to spring up all over the globe. For a while there could be much growing tension between the two camps (the sleepers & the awakening) until the awakening ones decide to withdraw themselves to calmer shores. I feel that in the end there will be this really weird scenario on this planet where the SPLIT completes itself by actually establishing two different distinct types of humans on the planet, living in separate communities – hopefully co-existing peacefully at that stage. I mean, this would be quite far into the future when all the confusion would have settled down, etc.. Eventually, the sleepers would die out simply cos the expansion of consciousness is the direction evolution is gonna go whether anyone likes it or not (I’ve no idea if that would happen in one generation or several). Remember, this is Nature at work. The only part that the human has in all this is for each individual to decide in one’s own personal self if one is gonna go with the flow of awakening, or not. Nature does the rest, not humans.

    Remember also that there is occurring in this present day the metamorphoses of human DNA. This is all part of the new consciousness thingy. The energy that is already beginning to come to us is often reorganising genetics. Many of you who are awakening have this metamorphosis beginning in your genetics… albeit too slight for you to notice just yet. But some are receiving more overt DNA shifts, and some have already been born with different configuration of human DNA. Apparently, scientists have already identified 3 or 4 new configurations of genetics in humans alive today (if you google it you should find it).
    There is a link between consciousness and genetics which is often overlooked.

    This genetic thingy, and all the consciousness expansion that’s occurring, etc. is producing a human with growing psychic capacities. And this is bit-by-bit going to become a common characteristic of awakening humans – ever expanding psychic abilities. In fact, this is going to be one of the characteristics that is really gonna piss off the sleepers… cos it will be impossible for them to lie, etc.. With telepathy, etc. the truth will be very hard to suppress, very hard to cover over, etc.. That’s gonna be a great fun moment for the awakening ones! So, you can see how the SPLIT will have to become so graphic… you’ll have the sleepers doing what they usually do to defend their programming – pretending, lies, manipulations, deceptions, etc., etc. … and then you’ll have these awakening individuals with the psychic abilities to easily “perceive” right to the core of the issue at a glance. Man, is that gonna throw a spanner in the works, or what?!

    I know, this all sounds like a “US and THEM” scenario which all good folk would dearly love to avoid at all costs. Nevertheless, I feel this is precisely what will emerge over time. I feel that there are always gonna be those folk who simply will never wanna be awoken no matter what… and those already awoken simply can never go back to sleep… so, I guess therein lies the damned conundrum… well, I mean, it’s one way of seeing it.

    Personally, I never had an initial moment of awakening in this life – I was born into this life in an awakening condition. So, I obviously made that decision to cooperate with Nature before I entered this incarnation. But I’ve traversed many more steps in the awakening process in this life… some of them bloody excruciating 😉

    This message might seem long… but it’s only the bare tip of the iceberg on this topic. I’d love to hear what anyone else has to say about all this. Doesn’t matter if you are 5 years old or 500 years old, educated or uneducated, whether you wanna write two words or two pages… spit it out. Let’s have at it. If you feel it’s all a buggery load of ol’ crappology… then let me know 😉

    What say you, dearest Lada Ray? You are a better “seer” than I 😉

    The very best to you all.

    Viva Gaia!



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