Judgment and the Future of Humanity

One of my readers posted this wise comment in response to my two pieces and a reader discussion. These are the articles in question:  Distorted Reality: Ukraine is a Disposable Lemon to Be Thrown Out and The Real Truth About USSR: Golodomor and Collectivization in Ukraine. I thought his voice contributed to the discussion so much that I decided to post it here, along with my response. Both Paul’s and my words contain a good advice, and a warning. See for yourselves.

I think it was Mel Brooks who said something along the lines of “Comedy is when someone else breaks his back; tragedy is when you get a splinter.” Unfortunately, this is especially relevant when it comes to historical crimes or wars. It is very easy to see the evil in a government or religion or society that we do not care for, and hard to see the same in our own. How many Native American children have been genocided in Canada in the last century? How many died during the American Holodomor of the Dust Bowl? How many are currently in the American Gulags, where rape is a policy? How do these compare with the evils in the USSR? And how does that compare with the plans of the Nazis, many of which were supported tremendously by the West?

Hard to say. It is easy to see that the Bolsheviks were brutal, but life was a lot tougher back then, so it needs to be compared with life in other countries in the 1930′s. Also, it is ridiculous and criminal for Western countries to criticize a country such as Syria for brutality during their war,when the West has funded, armed, and infiltrated the most barbaric folks on Earth with the specific goal of destroying the country. Who is the barbarian?

It is also worth contemplating the statements by Putin advisor Sergei Glazyev that the US has been the big winner from all of Europe’s wars and turmoil. Canada, too. If millions die in Europe, millions of skilled or moneyed folks move to North America. Who gains from turmoil in Eastern Europe?

Lada’s response:

Wise words. The only salvation for humans is to set aside their petty squabbles and start judging their own acts by the same measure they judge others. It’s certainly so much easier, and oftentimes so PROFITABLE, to see faults in others. There is an excellent Russian proverb: “to notice a tiny straw in someone else’s eye, while ignoring a whole trunk in your own.”

Spiritual people will tell you more: stop judging altogether, and then you will obtain peace. Unfortunately, there are those whose whole life’s mission is to take constant advantage of those who don’t judge and want to live in peace. Naive people, who don’t see the clear picture of the world, can be manipulated too easily, even when they have the best intentions.

Take for example the exiled Tibetan monks, including Dalai Lama, whose plight and suffering has been exploited by the West; their bitterness and desire to return to their homeland was made into a propaganda weapon against China, which in the end hurts only Tibetans themselves. We visit and support Tibetan Buddhist monasteries often, and we are involved in various efforts in regards to Tibet. What a beautiful culture and beautiful people! The fact that their plight has been exploited for geopolitical reasons by the US and other Western countries is just beyond…

Another example: the White (anti-Bolshevik) Russian emigration after 1917 Revolution and 1918-20 Russian Civil War. The tragedy of the bitterly divided society was exploited by the West to create a long-term animosity between Russians in Russia and abroad, in order to ultimately destroy Russia. Let’s not forget the fact that it was the West, primarily the British Empire, that financed Lenin and the Bolshevik Revolution, thus creating the division in question. It was the tragedy of the White (anti-Bolshevik, pro-Tsar) movement that they thought the West was helping them. See what I mean about naive people who don’t see the world clearly?

The goal of the ultimate destruction of Russia failed (not for the lack of trying), but the tragedy and the festering wound still remains to some degree, fostered by the Western propaganda. It is well-documented that because of their hatred of “the Reds” some in the Russian White movement became spies against their own motherland, and some even collaborated with Hitler, all under the pretext of “liberating their country from communists,” which turned them into the opposite of what they wanted to be.

I just watched a movie about one such spy and his slowly coming to this realization. Incidentally, I write about this extensively in my spy thriller GOLD TRAIN (Accidental Spy Russia Adventure). The story of the disappearance of the entire gold reserve of the Russian Empire in 1918 and the related present day conspiracy is based on true historic events. Some of the characters in the story bear resemblance to my own family history.

My point is this: see how easy it is for humans to lose their way; get confused; see black as white, and white a black? See how easy it is to exploit the humans’ lowly emotions for someone else’s advantage?

Incidentally, the recently uncovered data suggests that the last Russian Emperor Nikolay II and his family were executed in 1918 not by the Bolsheviks, as was commonly believed even in Russia, but by the so-called Essers (social-revolutionaries) acting on direct orders from the British Empire. Russian geopolitical author Nikolay Starikov writes about that in one of his books.


I was born without any judgement. I never judged, envied, or gossiped about anyone. This doesn’t mean however that I didn’t see the truth about the people, the world in general, and the Western world in particular. As my readers well know, I see everything very acutely. I would have probably died without judgement, if not for the events in Ukraine which were based on outright lie, coupled with blatant Western interference for the same purpose – destroy Russia as the only competitor they had ever seriously feared. And this fear goes MUCH deeper than the material world.

Ukraine was the last straw and I decided to share ALL my knowledge and all experience, as well as my vision of the future, with as many people as possible. This is how FuturisTrendcast blog and EarthShift TV you see today, were born. We, as humans, are on a major crossroads, and only the knowledge and clear understanding of what’s happening and why will allow humanity to choose the right road. So, if you see me at times getting impatient that my message isn’t heard by many more people – you’ll know why.

So far, humans exist in the conflict-driven and contrast-driven 3D reality. For as long as this is the case, we must always compare, judge and remember history. We must always vigilantly monitor the present, exposing any distortions and lies so not to repeat past tragedies in the future. In the midst of distortions and vacuum of the Western MSM propaganda, which has pretty much hijacked the entire world, the voice of the alternative media and the voice of the people – sharing information, spreading the word – is especially important.

The lack of wisdom and the inability to see the world for what it really is, are the two biggest tragedies of the human race. These unfortunate traits are now fully exposed as the planet’s existence is quickly coming to its culmination. Some of us see the truth and reality for what it is, but the vast majority doesn’t. Humans either learn and move forward, or perish, dragged down by their heavy karma and inflexibility.

Just to mention, this exact issue is the subject of my epic mystical thriller THE EARTH SHIFTER. To understand my message deeper, please check out my books: Books by Lada Ray.


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  1. Hi Lada,

    I’ve been reading your posts for a while now, and I thank you for your tireless work in informing us in the west with very little knowledge and or exposure to the Eastern European/Russian point of view.

    Being born in the UK of first generation West Indian immigrants, approaching my first visit to Moscow I read many reports on the possibility of being attack to due to my colour, what people failed to say or realise is that I risk this even in the place of my birth in certain areas in the UK.

    My personal experience of Russia/Moscow was great, whilst I was look at, to me it was from a point of view of curiosity rather hostility.

    I look forward to spending more time in Russia and your post help in my understanding of the people and the history.

    Thank you Lada.



  2. Apropos ‘splint in the eye’.
    A word from India say: when you point a some one with your finger, three fingers point at your self.
    Well let the world take a look at its three fingers!


  3. talesfromthelou

    Excellent post Lada. You know, Ukraine was the last straw for me as well. They don’t even care if we know what they’re up to. Arrogance? Or do they know something we don’T


  4. pieter.lemmens@hotmail.com

    A good post Lada. I love your motivation. During the Sochi Games a coup in Kiev, during WK football in Brazil ISIS launches a grand scale attack in Iraq. Geo-politics are well-planned. (sorry for the 0-1 😉 My common sense cannot grasp how Boko Haram can destroy village after village without any serious opposition.
    Many humans just wish to stay ignorant. They think they are more safe that way. Or they are too lazy to do the research.
    The culmination point is coming, but it’s a long stretch. It will reach into the mid twenties of this century. Maybe some race is somewhere being prepared to replace the retarded specimen that seems not to be able to handle this precious ecosystem in a balanced way.
    One remark. Was it the British government who financed Lenin, or were it the Rothschilds?
    Who rules this planet?


    • Rothschilds and the British Crown (make no mistake – queen/king is still the REAL head of UK) work together, but they all have their own motivations. British intelligence was behind the start of WWI, death of Rasputin (I write about how he died in The Earth Shifter) and Russian revolution. Financial muscle came from banksters of course, but not political will and direction.

      I don’t think Brazil championship has any relevance to Iraq. It’s a coincidence. Iraq is a more complex game. Some intl forces are trying to take it away from the US, and US is attempting to hold on to it.


      P.S. What do you mean by 0-1? A football game?

      Liked by 1 person

      • pieter.lemmens@hotmail.com

        Yes a football game. Both sides played bad, but little brave B made the winning goal against Mother Russia. It doesn’t mean much. B is once again in a political crisis these days, or shall I write ‘endtimes’?.
        I don’t know about the Brazil Games. The current situation in Iraq gives the US a dreamed opportunity to intervene not only in Iraq but also in Syria. ISIS is funded by Saoudi-Arabia and Qatar, the enemies of Assad. All these things are planned.
        If one reads, already in 2006, in an official telegram for Hilary Clinton:”our Ukraine insider Poroshenko’, then it’s becomes clear that the election of Poroshenko was planned years ago. So, why shouldn’t ISIS or even Boko Haram not have been staged in a certain degree. I expect that the US-military will attack Syria once they operate in Iraq again.


        • Oh, I see. Congrats to Belgium anyway, on winning. 🙂
          Poroshenko was CIA project for a long time, that’s true.

          Iraq and ISIS: if US wanted to stay in Iraq, they didn’t have to leave. They were already there. Leaving first and then spending billions again to re-enter? Sure, there is pressure from population and Europe, but it really is minimal. They didn’t have to do it in such complicated way – and very risky 2.

          It is a fight for regional dominance between Saudis and Iran. Saudis are pissed at US – they are working a bit at cross-purposes. Iraq ISIS thing comes a bit as a surprise for US. US is trying to regain its footing in Iraq.

          In fact, it’s the other way around than you are suggesting: Saudis are using the time when US is busy with Ukraine, China Sea, crisis, etc., to assert themselves in Iraq. US is trying to use Iran against Saudis, but it won’t work.

          Liked by 1 person

  5. Ukraine was also the last straw for me, though the West’s war against Serbs in Yugoslavia also brought me to the boiling point.

    I have a small trivia with regard to this quote from your post:

    Incidentally, the recently uncovered data suggests that the last Russian Emperor Nikolay II and his family were executed in 1918 not by the Bolsheviks, as was commonly believed even in Russia, but by the so-called Essers (social-revolutionaries) acting on direct orders from the British Empire. Russian geopolitical author Nikolay Starikov writes about that in one of his books.

    Carl Fabergé, the famous Easter egg jeweller for the Czar’s family fled from Russia under disguise on the last train carrying British diplomats. Yet, earlier Nikolai was denied this option of escape from Russia, when he wanted to go into exile. It seems Great Britain was not in the least interested in the alive Czar.

    By the way, I did a write-up on the indicative evidence of an upcoming war on Russia:


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