Lada’s 2 Cents: Russia’s President Vladimir Putin is trying to save the world from war. We should all help him.

New article by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, Reagan’s Asst Treasury Secretary and Father of Reaganomics: Can Putin’s Diplomacy Prevail Over Washington’s Coercion?.

I have come to respect Dr. Roberts tremendously for the work he does and for his ardent desire to tell the truth. It is amazing, coming from a former Washington insider, Wall Street Journal editor, and one of the top mainstream American economists. But we all grow. I was a financial consultant on Wall Street, too; the years I spent there woke me up to the dirty underbelly of the world like nothing else.

By Paul Craig Roberts: June 24, 2014.Russia’s President Vladimir Putin is trying to save the world from war. We should all help him.

Today Putin’s presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov reported that President Putin has asked the Russian legislature to repeal the authorization to use force that was granted in order to protect residents of former Russian territories that are currently part of Ukraine from the rabid Russophobic violence that characterizes Washington’s stooge government in Kiev.

Washington’s neoconservatives are jubilant. They regard Putin’s diplomacy as a sign of weakness and fear, and urge stronger steps that will force Russia to give back Crimea and the Black Sea naval base.

Inside Russia, Washington is encouraging its NGO fifth columns to undercut Putin’s support with propaganda that Putin is afraid to stand up for Russians and has sold out Ukraine’s Russian population. If this propaganda gains traction, Putin will be distracted by street protests. The appearance of Putin’s domestic weakness would embolden Washington. Many members of Russia’s young professional class are swayed by Washington’s propaganda. Essentially, these Russians, brainwashed by US propaganda, are aligned with Washington, not with the Kremlin.

Putin has placed his future and that of his country on a bet that Russian diplomacy can prevail over Washington’s bribes, threats, blackmail, and coercion. Putin is appealing to Western Europeans. Putin is saying, “I am not the problem. Russia is not the problem. We are reasonable. We are ignoring Washington’s provocations. We want to work things out and to find a peaceful solution.”

Washington is saying: “Russia is a threat. Putin is the new Hitler. Russia is the enemy. NATO and the US must begin a military buildup against the Russian Threat, rush troops and jet fighters to Eastern European NATO bases on Russia’s frontier. G-8 meetings must be held without Russia. Economic sanctions must be put on Russia regardless of the damage the sanctions do to Europe.” And so forth.

Putin says: “I’m here for you. Let’s work this out.”

Washington says: “Russia is the enemy.”

Putin knows that the UK is a complete vassal puppet state, that Cameron is just as bought-and-paid-for as Blair before him. Putin’s hope for diplomacy over force rests on Germany and France. Both countries face Europe’s budget and employment woes, and both countries have significant economic relations with Russia. German business interests are a counterweight to the weak Merkel government’s subservience to Washington. Washington has stupidly angered the French by trying to steal $10 billion from France’s largest bank. This theft, if successful, will destroy France’s largest bank and deliver France to Wall Street.

If desire for national sovereignty still exists in the German or French governments, one or both could give the middle finger to Washington and publicly declare that they are unwilling for their country to be drawn into conflict with Russia for the sake of Washington’s Empire and the financial hegemony of American banks.

Putin is betting on this outcome. If his bet is a bad one and Europe fails not only Russia but itself and the rest of the world by accommodating Washington’s drive for world hegemony, Russia and China will have to submit to Washington’s hegemony or be prepared for war.

As neither side can afford to lose the war, the war would be nuclear. As scientists have made clear, life on earth would cease, regardless of whether Washington’s ABM shield works.

This is why I oppose Washington’s policies and speak out against the arrogance and hubris that define Washington today. The most likely outcome of Washington’s pursuit of world hegemony is the extinction of life on earth.”

Lada’s 2 cents:

To the question: Can Putin’s Diplomacy Prevail Over Washington’s Coercion?

My answer is: YES, but it will be a long and difficult going. And, YES, I agree with Dr. Roberts – Putin and Russia need our help. Enough for Russia to always carry the burden of fighting the Western aggression alone!!! It happened too often in the past. This is for all of us and we must not sit idle! The alternative is the end of humanity, as I said in my previous article: Judgment and the Future of Humanity.

Is Putin correct in placing his future and that of his country on a bet that Russian diplomacy can prevail over Washington’s bribes, threats, blackmail, and coercion?

Putin is absolutely correct, but again, this will be a very tedious, risky and nerve-racking process. Washington’s games are disgusting and dangerous – their goal is to destroy not only Russia, but to damage as much of the world as possible. It is clear why. They know the US economy situation is dire. IF they can export at least some of their problems – something they’ve been doing successfully for decades, and if they can create crises in other countries, they can tell their own population: “See, it’s even worse somewhere else.” Besides, Europe’s predisposition to wars is well-known. So, if they succeed in starting a serious conflict in Europe, US and Canada stand to make billions upon billions, just like during WWI, WWII and the Cold War.

However, I predicted that Russia will resolve the geopolitical GROUND ZERO situation in Ukraine via “peaceful and quiet means” from the very beginning of the Ukraine crisis. See PREDICTIONS and my early Ukraine articles for more.

Yes, Putin and Russia will pull it off. But I want to stress again and again: they need everyone’s help! Everyone should share the truth with as many people as possible; tweet, FB, re-blog; write to your Congress/ Parliament (in Europe) representatives; write to newspapers and alternative media!

A word about Merkel, Hollande and EU: Merkel has completely lost my respect; most other EU leaders are useless US stooges. It was disgusting how Bulgaria’s president kissed McCain’s you-know-what during his recent visit, announcing afterwards that Bulgaria would withdraw from South Stream – the Russian gas pipeline, which can only be seen as a “lifeline” for Bulgaria. France’s Hollande isn’t much better. But US angered the French so much by their unreasonable economic demands and extortion, that Hollande can’t afford to behave openly as a “French poodle” to the US any more. If he does, he would be booted out of office in no time. The only voice of reason in France, and perhaps the only hope on the European continent, is Marine Le Pen, who won the Europarliament election, unseating Hollande’s party. By the way, I predicted this turn of events in the same 2012 article in which I predicted Sarkozy’s loss and Hollande’s win. Read here: 2012 Predictions Update: French Elections and Eurozone.

I am preparing new articles about the geopolitics of the Russian gas pipelines, and about Marine Le Pen and other politicians. Coming soon!


Announcement: People in Russia, Ukraine and all over the world are now meticulously documenting all the crimes of the Kiev junta, ukro-nazi right sector and other fascist organizations, Ukraine media, oligarchs and politicians, the military, as well as all those who are helping them. These are documented via YT videos, photos, eyewitness accounts, articles, white papers and physical evidence. Work on the future international tribunal, which will try these criminals for crimes against humanity, has already begun. I do my part by telling the truth about Ukraine and translating into English the real voice of the people. Everyone’s welcome to participate.

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  1. Lorraine Willis

    I love what you are doing, many thanks.

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  2. I agree with your thoughts ,Marine Le Pen will be a great leader,she will be the spark that will
    Ingnight Europe to make major changes in a posistive direction and I see her working with
    Putin very well, two great leaders joining forces to bring about a Euro-Asian pack for the
    Benifit of the people and peace and no war.

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  3. I would like to participate as long as nobody says to send money :). Seriously, Lada, what can one do to help the Putin Process? What I do at present is to promote your work over social media. Hugs, Bill


    • I think you are doing great. For some reason I see that it would also be awesome if you wrote to your representatives and to MSM, exposing the truth.


  4. Hi Lada,
    Thanks for this post.
    Really interesting.

    In case nobody has done it yet, I’ve just sent the link of your site to:

    Coast to Coast…


    Open Your Mind Radio…


    RED ICE Radio…


    Kerry Cassidy, Project Camelot…


    Cosmic Voice Radio…

    Hopefully this helps a bit.
    Hopefully they interview you.

    Indeed, saw you mention Paul Craig Roberts in another of your posts, so I listened to this recent RED ICE Radio interview with him (hope I’m not repeating a link already up on your site):

    Paul has very interesting things to say in that interview – explains aspects of the structure of Washington’s insane perspective really clearly.

    Keep up the splendid work!
    See ya!

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  5. Agreed. I have a huge admiration for the work of Dr. Paul Craig Roberts. He is one of my most favourite writers on revealing the truth. I love his intelligence, integrity and plain common sense.


    • Loved some of the stuff you put up in previous comments… German protests, end of america, etc.. Good stuff.
      Don’t stop 😉
      World needs people like you.
      Hasta pronto!

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      • Many thanks! 🙂 It makes a pleasant change to hear positve feed back.

        A few evenings ago I was in a conversation with someone in a pub. He was completely brainwashed by Western media propaganda.

        I always carry a shoulder bag with me with information inside that I print out from here, Paul Craig Roberts and elsewhere.

        I also carry a notebook full of YouTube titles and links to information. I wrote down hurriedly a YouTube title gave the guy a serious look and thrust the paper into his hands. I told him to watch the video on the Ukraine crisis seen from the perspective of the alternative media explaining it was a coup orchestrated by Washington installing a Neo-Nazi regime who are murdering Russian-speaking Ukrainians. He told me he will watch it.

        I am nothing compared to people like Ken Jebsen and Lars Maehrholz. I have watched the following video many times over. I am excited by it. Because this protest is actually hitting close to the target – the Federal Reserve, banking elites and Western mainstream media. It gave me such hope to see such protests going in the right direction, against the banking elties and the System they run. Peace to you, and thanks. 🙂

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    • Yes, I know of Neil Keenan. Before he was on Jean’s blog and now he has started his own – “Neil Keenan – Group K, Ltd.

      I supported him before. I’m not really sure what to make of him now. Neil Keenan I think started connecting with Drake.

      I supported Drake but I am very disillusioned with him. About three times Drake made promises of certain events to take place and three times I was shot down for passing that information to others only to find it never took place. It made me look like a ‘conspiracy idiot’ and this time the people were right. Because the info Draek passed on was useless.

      That is the last thing you want to do is to give out information only to find it to be false. You lose people that way! They will never trust you again. I blame Drake for passing on information that was useless.

      I know of Peter Eyre who has teamed up with Neil Keenan. I liked the work of Peter Eyre when he was doing his blog – Eyre International. I used to print out some of his writings and carried that in my shoulder bag.and I would show that to people I meet.

      I have given out AE9/11Truth leaflets in the past. And at 3 in the morning I did once go out to hang up posters. I had a police car drive up quickly to check out the poster I put up. I hurriedly rushed away from the scene. 🙂 I felt like I was with the French Resistance putting up those posters – I felt nervous doing that at 3 am knowing there were those CCTV cameras all over the place. The police saw me putting up a poster at a train station and they sent a car to check out what I had put up. Close call. 🙂

      If I were not living with those I love in my home, I believe I would be able to do more but unfortunately I have to hide my activites away from those close to me. They do not know I pass out information to others or have made phonecalls asking to release indiciduals on behalf of an organization. If my family members knew what I was doing they would murder me. I have had arguments and they get scared and play the guilt card on me for dragging them into somethiing – that I could cause them trouble. And they are right. I would feel very bad if I got them into trouble.

      Anyway, I just play a small part in giving out info to people I meet when I can, trying to wake them up. I have toned it down for a bit – I’m getting a bit tired of waking up the sheeple. In my area they already know who I am more or less – that idiot ‘conspiracy guy’. 🙂 In the past I would often engage with people I meet in restaurants, pubs and bars and deliberately get into conversations with complete strangers in order to pass on to them information to look up. Now I have become a little tired and I pass on information when I “feel” the occasion presents itself rather than forcin it. I have the gift of the gab and know how to smile and crack jokes in order to start a conversation. I make friends with doormen when go to certain bars or large places so that they don’t see me as a threat. I used to carry a DSLR camera in my bag but that is currently broken. 🙂 Oops, I am writing too long her – I will get into trouble with Lada. 🙂

      I do love the protest going on in Germany. I think that is very important.

      Peace to you.


      • Wolf, you are doing a great job. Keep it up.
        Perhaps it’s best not to post anything that may go too much into personal issues and personal threats. 🙂
        On FuturisTrendcast we are awake and our eyes are open, but we are positive. We are into peace and resolving problems. We discuss important issues, we uncover and expose the hidden truth, and we try to create a better future.
        Everyone’s comments are appreciated as always.

        Thank you, and all the best!

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        • Wise words Lada. You are right in what you say and I “do” apologize to you. Thank you for putting me straight on that.
          I get carried away at times and ‘blabbler’ too much. 🙂
          Thank you and all the best to you.


  6. Also just sent your site to Dave at:

    He often discusses Ukraine / Russia in his reports on youtube.
    Maybe he’d be interested to interview you. He interviewed Dahboo7 recently.

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  7. Putin is not alone. A strong force is behind his bag. Both terrestrial and exstraterrestrial
    The black nobility have come to the end of their agenda with no return.
    (“You can come to the end of life on a lie, but never return”)
    We know that and Putin know it as well.
    The public judgement on internet is massive and immediate.
    The Black Pope (jesuit general) just told he will resign. This is a clear sign that the black nobility is destabilized and unable to manage the world agenda.
    The power behind this message
    is behind Putin too.
    At the moment G77(133 countries) together with China build resistance agAinst The West – as well as BRICS do.

    Russia, associated with west Europe, have changed, and in a way we are waiting America’s US will change too.
    I agree that West Europe totally miss to manifestate – at the moment. At the same time I know that europeans inclusive russians have potential to create the next world.
    NATO want war, but the european nations don’t. That marks clearly that NATO belong to the US, and explain ‘the weak war attidude’. It will never come to work out a war. Of course Russia know this.


    • Well put about Putin’s support. I might write about it sometime.
      US will have no choice but to change eventually. The forces of change are strong, but we all must do our part. That’s the point actually.


    • Nicely put! Interesting points. Good one!


  8. Sorry Wolf727 and Lada and anyone else who caught that earlier comment (rightly deleted)… I used the word “mad” in the colloquial context of where I come from… where it can mean “fascinating / extraordinary / spectacular” etc..
    But definitely, it’d have been misunderstood out of that colloquial context… without question.
    Didn’t realise the error, and the confusion it could cause, till much later.
    Thanks for getting rid of it, Lada.

    Neill Keenan’s work fascinates me.
    Several assassination attempts have been made on his life.
    Yet he ploughs on.
    So brave!
    Truly inspiring!
    Long may he be protected by whatever is out there watching over him and watching out for him!
    In general I regard anyone who does this sort of nuts’n’bolts work so openly to be very brave characters. They are really “in the firing line” all the time. Humanity owes them a great debt for their work in assisting to establish freedom once again on this planet… a rather tricky gymnastic by all accounts!
    Can’t wait for the day when it’s all finally sorted… and there reigns peace, love, harmony, beauty appreciation, healing, balance, re-building, re-structuring, etc. (even if it turns out to be a planet with 2 versions of the human race on it).

    Indeed, Drake and Tolec did get into some degree of bother by announcing specific dates (or specific time-periods) for certain events to unfold. We all got so excited… and why not… it’s been a long haul so far (many many millennia), and it’s still not over yet. And we all get so disappointed when “expected” positive events don’t pan out. Nevertheless, I’d say it’s really important to always support those people who are always out there on the “frontline” for us.
    Cobra indicates that we’re not going to have to wait toooooooo much longer… although, again, he refuses to state dates or time periods. He explains that once the “Chimera” thingies and their “strangelet” technology are under control then it’ll be a dawdle to remove the Cabal.

    It’s a blessed relief at this stage to see someone like President Vlad – a person who is in such a strong and prominent position of leadership on this planet – coming along and trying to establish a win/win situation on the planet so everyone can just get on with things and live decently. Several of the South American countries’ presidents also seem to have this attitude.
    I wonder how we regular folk might ever be able to help them push those very human-friendly agendas along a little faster.

    Take care, ya’ll.

    PS: wolf727, I really like your personal story (I mean, your description of your life & interests, etc. 😉
    Yes, I most certainly fully appreciate that Lada prefers that we don’t go into our own personal stuff too much here. But thanks anyway for writing it up. I really liked it. Good one!

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  9. The US is building up for war now with the following Congress act:


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