Prediction: Germany Joining China and Russia Alliance


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Earth Shifters, Feng Shui and Global Predictions



This is what I wrote on FuturisTrendcast on October 6, 2013

(This was written well before Sochi Olympics; before there was even any talk of Eurasian Union; before the Ukraine coup bloodshed; before the present-day glaring and gloves-off war between the old and the new. It was before all the crazy news and lightning-fast global twists and turns we see today. At the time, we still lived in a very different, much slower moving, and more agreeable world. It was one of my first articles on FT, well before the blog became popular). 

Prediction: New Economic Axis of Power and The Grand Chessboard by Lada Ray


There has been a clear pivot to the East in German economic policy — from the Nord Stream joint venture with #Russia to the new Chinese deals… even if politically Germany still seems to be in the opposing camp. Germany’s long-term goal is to divorce itself from the Cross-Atlantic political/military alliance with #USA and #UK. To be sure, there are other European countries that wouldn’t mind changing their pivot somewhat as well.

However, Germany has to tread softly and change its pivot extremely slowly and gradually due to these factors: 1. Many conflicting points of view within Germany itself; 2. #NATO obligations; 3. Germany’s checkered war past, which still looms over it and ties its hands; 4. US holding the majority of #GermanGold and possibly blackmailing Germany with it. Details are scarce, but we know for sure that Germans still can’t get their gold out of the US and are being given a run around; 4. Not to mention sensitive Western political issues with China and Russia, to name a few.


The German trend of changing pivot to the East and slowly shifting trade priority towards cooperation with China, as well as Russia, will continue intensifying during this decade. This is the newly forming EURASIAN economic axis of power with Russia as the bridge between the two: Germany – Russia – China, with the possibility of other countries participating. Notice that each of the 3 economies in question compliment each other extremely well: Germany’s technology, science and high-end merchandise, Russian natural resources, energy (both conventional and budding alternative), agricultural potential, space exploration, military technology and science; China’s huge manufacturing capacity and human potential. Each country is a natural market for each other’s goods and services.

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I am very happy that others are now talking about this as well. This means that we are getting closer to the shift I was predicting.


It is finally happening in full view, in unmistakable manner, in a way that the awake, the aware, and the conscious can perceive in alarming stunning terms.

The central force of Europe, the industrial juggernaut, the stable core, has begun to pivot East.

The Germans have had enough, fed up with destructive US activities of all kinds.   For the last few months, they have been laying out their indictment, their justification, their reasons to abandon the corrupt US-UK crowd.   The bank wreckage, the market rigging, the endless wars, the sanctions which backfire, the sham monetary policy, the economic sabotage, the spying, the gold gimmicks, it has finally reached a critical level.”

Lada says:

I think it’s premature to get this enthusiastic. It’s not going to be an easy going, and not right away, as I said in my original prediction, but the energy is moving in this directions without a doubt. My full article here.

Many more of my predictions can be found on PREDICTIONS page. New (or old, but still in progress) predictions will continue appearing.


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  1. Patrick Brenner

    Thanks for the update….are you familiar with Carl Johan Calleman? Of all Ive studied he is THE most defining authority on the Mayan calendar and his latest book “The Global Mind and the Rise of Civilization” scientifically proves JUST WHAT YOU ARE SAYING…give him a GOOGLE and see…


  2. talesfromthelou

    I hope you are right.,


  3. Dear Lada, thank you so much for this post – it’s filling me with more hope. I am praying this will come true!


  4. Reblogged this on Spirit In Action and commented:
    Thank you Lada! My local paper the last few days has carried dreadfully biased propaganda stories on the Malaysian plane attempting to blame Russia and the Ukrainian separatists. I was feeling somewhat overwhelmed by how the liars, cheats and murderers seem to keep getting their way. Despite the fact that I live in America, so the shifting situation may increase our financial difficulties,  I am heartened that the lies, cheating and bullying are no longer sufficient to keep the status quo.  I’m confident too, that Americans are very capable of rising to the occasion and recreating our own internal systems in ways not tied to the oligarchs insanity. 

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    • I think there is enough healthy element and backbone left in the American society to cleanse themselves and to create a just and forward-looking system. It will happen, hopefully peacefully. Unfortunately, right now it’s darkest before the dawn. In the end American society will only benefit from change, but they have to understand this.

      Hugs 🙂


  5. Lada,

    Do you have a title for our interview that you would like? My first draft was:

    “Earth Shifters, Feng Shui, and Energy Cycles”

    But that could change.



    • Hi Paul,
      I like it, but how about “Earth Shifters, Feng Shui and Global Predictions” instead? I think it would be stronger, especially because many people know me for predictions specifically. We did discuss predictions, didn’t we?

      Cheers 🙂


  6. Germany is trying. Let’s hope they can actually move forward.

    The problem with this deliberate and slow approach by Russia and Germany is that it allows the Anglo-Americans to control the debate and timing of things. They can easily surmise what will be coming. So we get things like the Malaysian plane. Now there will be extreme pressure in Europe to force Russia to abandon those in the Ukraine. If this happens, Putin’s popularity will likely collapse, as there will be millions of unhappy refugees coming to Russia, plus, the Ukraine will just escalate its attacks on Russia or the Crimea. And build a huge army. Brzezinski would be very happy to see tens of thousands of Odessans die in an invasion of Crimea. Plus, the naval base would likely be damaged seriously.

    By the way, it looks like Russia is losing the info war over the Malaysian plane, perhaps badly. Has Putin given any speeches about it? He could have said “The US pulled off a putsch, installed a government full of radicals who idolize the Nazis, and want Russian speakers expelled or treated like dirt. All as a means to harm Russia. Then they regularly flew fighter jets next to commercial planes on their bombing runs. So, even if the Nazi resistance army shot this plane, which is doubtful, the responsibility lies with those who control Kiev.” Not only did Putin need to say this, but the Russian government needed to buy ad space around the world for this. In Kuala Lumpur, Tokyo, Amsterdam, and Berlin. You have seen some of the Anglo media; it is talking about a world war. Truth might have defeated the Nazis, but not before tens of millions died. I have read many who say that Russia or the separatist army must be guilty because of their responses.

    Sometimes I wonder if there is some ancient curse for Russia that comes from the Ukraine. No matter what they do, it seems to lead to big trouble.

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    • “The responsibility lies with those who control Kiev.” Actually, Putin keeps saying these same words all the time; so does the Russian army. Apparently, no one ever quotes Putin except RT. Must be because he is so insignificant and unimportant, like the president of Gana, you know.
      Russia and Germany are slow – this is true. Because they are dealing with a rabid beast that will destroy them and kill any number of people before anyone can blink. They feel they have to tread softly.

      There are TOO MANY trolls out there. They have invaded the entire syberspace. Much of the commentary out there is from trolls, or from those who are pathalogical haters of Russia. Don’t expect either of these to reform.
      Problem is – they are infecting a lot of others who have no backbone or reason.

      Your suggestions are very reasonable. Perhaps someone in Russian power structures will read these articles and comments, and will take that into account. Well, Wash Post apparently reads my articles as they have quoted me…and misspelled my name. So, perhaps Russians are also reading this. Let’s hope they heed your practical advice!

      Russia is waiting for the crash commission to start working. The last I’ve heard, junta is deliberately keeping the commission in Kiev, where they have to sit and ‘negotiate’. They still have not arrived to the place of the catastrophe. Head of Donetsk announced that they recovered 8 or more black boxes and they are being kept safe until the EU investigative commission arrives; they will not give them to Kiev. He sounded very frustrated Kiev is practially keeping investigators hostage. Looks like Kiev is trying to sabotage and delay investigation. Prob trying to remove any incriminating evidence and eraze the clues. They are also moving the BUK systems away from where they were located so the observers can’t confirm BUKs were actually there during the shooting of the plane.
      All this is very bad. But you know what, I know Europe. I actually believe in European commons sense and reason. I think they are not fooled. Long term this works against US/Kiev. I also think Putin sees that too.

      Ukraine is a curse? It’s a very tempting idea. I think the curse is something else, but I’ll think about how to best formulate it. We’ll talk about this again soon, I’m sure. It’s an interesting subject.
      My view: We are dealing with some extremely dark forces coming from those parts. Actually I believe Russia can’t avoid dealing with its shadows one way or another because, sadly, Ukraine is a part of the Russian world – the shadow part. Russians will have to take off rosy glasses and face the truth about Ukrainians and themselves, bring shadows to light.

      There will be no invasion of Crimea. Provocations will continue though.

      Don’t know what western MSM says about world war – as you may know, I don’t read it, nor I watch MSM news. But I can believe it.


  7. This post has a finger on a pulse few can find. Those who control the narrative control the situation, This leaves Putin in a suspicious light.


  8. I hate to say it, but I agree with you. Our last 6 years have been nothing but a huge debacle… Actually… it’s been longer than that, but to me, the last 6 have been the worst. I wouldn’t listen to John Kerry, Obama, or any of those in power now, but then that’s just my personal opinion. It makes me sad, but hopefully someday we can get our act together and stop interfering just enough to cause trouble for others. (just my opinion)


  9. Beautiful Lada you always make my day brighter!!!


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