Russian President Vladimir Putin’s Address re. Boeing 777 Catastrophe in Ukraine

I have received a number of questions from frustrated readers regarding what some think is a weak response to the accusations that Russia is responsible for downing the Malaysian airliner in Ukraine. We all know that, as Goebbels said (or was it Machiavelli? Not much difference really), so the lie would be believed, it has to be monstrous. Ukraine and US are the faithful students of Hitler, Goebbels and other fascists. They live by it.

Here is what one reader says: “It looks like Russia is losing the info war over the Malaysian plane, perhaps badly. Has Putin given any speeches about it? He could have said “The US pulled off a putsch, installed a government full of radicals who idolize the Nazis, and want Russian speakers expelled or treated like dirt. All as a means to harm Russia. Then they regularly flew fighter jets next to commercial planes on their bombing runs. So, even if the Nazi resistance army shot this plane, which is doubtful, the responsibility lies with those who control Kiev.” Not only did Putin need to say this, but the Russian government needed to buy ad space around the world for this. In Kuala Lumpur, Tokyo, Amsterdam, and Berlin. You have seen some of the Anglo media; it is talking about a world war. Truth might have defeated the Nazis, but not before tens of millions died. I have read many who say that Russia or the separatist army must be guilty because of their responses.”

The above is a very reasonable and understandable reaction. See full comment by Paul and my complete response in the comment section of Prediction re. Germany Joining China and Russia Alliance, including my explanation that Ukraine is the shadow side of Russia (which is meant in a spiritual sense). Generally, I recommend early readers return later to previous articles, because I oftentimes post additional explanations and discussions in the comment section in response to the interesting reader questions. I may include details or angles that didn’t make it into the main article, which substantially enriches and furthers the understanding.

The responsibility lies with those who control Kiev.” I can assure you all that Putin has been saying these same words all along; so does the Russian Defence Ministry, which is apparent from videos below. Apparently, no one ever quotes Putin, except RT. Must be because he is so insignificant and unimportant, just like the president of Gana, you know. This is called information vacuum. People like my readers and myself – we don’t go to MSM for news since we know they will present a twisted or deliberately distorted picture of the world. We go where we can find the truth. But the majority listens to CNN and reads the usual. So, their picture is distorted.

Besides, in any commentary, be it on YouTube or newspapers, there are TOO MANY trolls. Many are paid Kiev/US trolls, who may operate from Ukraine, Russia, US or Canada. They have invaded the entire cyberspace. Much of the commentary out there is from trolls, or from those who are pathological haters of Russia. Don’t expect either of these to reform. Problem is – they are infecting a lot of others who sway with the wind as they have no backbone or reason.

This reader’s suggestions about taking out ad space are very reasonable. Perhaps Russian decision-makers will read these articles and comments, and will take that into account. Well, Washington Post apparently reads my articles as they have quoted me… and misspelled my name (separate story, which is also coming up). So, perhaps Russians are also reading this. Let’s hope they heed the above practical advice!

Russia is restrained because they are waiting for the Malaysian crash commission to start working, and to make their own conclusions. Because, if said commission is even remotely unbiased, there can only be one conclusion: Kiev shot down the poor Malaysian airplane.

The last I’ve heard, the Kiev junta is keeping the investigative commission in Kiev, where they have to sit and ‘negotiate’. Negotiate what exactly? One would think that every day is precious in such circumstances. The investigators still have not arrived to the site of the catastrophe. The PM of the Donetsk Republic, Alexander Borodai, announced that they recovered 8 or more of what looks like black boxes and they are being kept safe until the international investigative commission arrives; they will not give them to Kiev for fear Kiev will temper with evidence. Borodai said that they will demand that EU investigators sign for the black boxes and confirm that they were received intact. Video: A. Borodai says: Черные ящики будут переданы только экспертам из ИКАО – Black boxes will only be given to the international expert commission.

He sounded very frustrated that Kiev is practically keeping investigators hostage, essentially preventing them from reaching the site of the crash. Looks like Kiev is trying to sabotage and delay investigation. It is conceivable that Kiev is using the delay, to try to remove any incriminating evidence and erase clues. It appears the Kiev military is also moving the BUK systems away from where they were located so the observers can’t confirm BUKs were actually there during the shooting of the plane. A BUK missile launched from the Ukraine military position near Donetsk is what the Russian Defence Ministry believes brought down the airplane.

I have to say that the appearance here is that the criminals are getting away with murder – mass murder, to be exact. I understand everyone’s frustration. But you know what, I actually believe in the Europeans’ common sense and reason. They are scared of the US, but not fooled. Long term this works against US/Kiev. I also think Putin sees that, too.

Below is Putin’s latest speech, where he again reconfirms Kiev’s responsiblity for the tragedy.

My translation: “In regards to the terrible events that happened in the sky above Donetsk, I want to one more time tell everyone what we in Russia think about it. More than once we called on all sides to immediately stop bloodshed and sit down to negotiate. I can confidently say that if on June 27 the military operation in the east of Ukraine wasn’t renewed (he refers to the fact that president-elect Poroshenko gave order to renew punitive military op against Donbass despite his promise to extend the cease-fire – LR) this tragedy wouldn’t have happened. At the same time, no one has the right to take advantage of this tragedy to further their unsavory political aims. Events such as these should unite people, not further divide them. All who are in charge in Kiev must finally recognize their responsibility towards the people of their own country and towards those countries whose citizens became victims of this catastrophe. Everything must be done to ensure the security of the investigators who will be working at the site. The representatives of Donetsk, Kiev, and experts from Malaysia already work there. But this isn’t enough. The work must be done by the fully formed commission consisting of the international investigators. Everything must be done to ensure they can work without any risk to their lives. Humanitarian corridors must be provided. On our part, Russia will do everything in her power so that the present conflict in Ukraine transitioned from its military phase into a phase of exclusively peaceful negotiations.”


More videos and links below:

1. Игорь Коротченко: Украина ведёт масштабную информационную войну 20 07 2014 – Russian National Defence magazine editor Igor Korotchenko (Ukrainian name, by the way – LR): Ukraine is conducting a full-scale info war against Russia.

2. Украинский конфликт мешает расследованию крушения Boeing 777 – Ukrainian conflict gets in the way of the investigation. Some live footage from the site.

3. Meantime, the war rages – Video: representative of the OSCE commission in Lugansk says: “I have confirmed that Ukraine army bombs exclusively peaceful targets. They bomb homes, schools, hospitals. These people didn’t do anything, they just lived here. And that’s what they get?” Woman speaking in the midst of ruins: “They told us Ukraine army came here to defend us. This is defending?” Watch this self-explanatory video.

4. Latest gruesome footage from the site: Boeing 777 – последняя информация с места катастрофы 21 07 2014. Translation: Bodies loaded into refrigerated train cars to be taken to the town of Forez with further transfer probably to Kharkov. Dutch delegation arrived to the crash site. The entire site is being closely patrolled by the Donetsk Republic’s self-defence units. Their task is to provide safety and to prevent any provocations by the Kiev junta/ Ukraine nazis/ private mercenary army of oligarch Kolomoysky.

5. Russian Defence Ministry’s 10 questions to Kiev re. Malaysian plane catastrophe. This video only lists 4 questions unfortunately, but the entire list was 10.

To me the main question to ask is this: For what purpose did Kiev make the plane deviate from its course into the war zone? This is the key point: only Kiev had authority and opportunity to do that! ONLY KIEV!

Let me remind what I said previously: this is not the first time Ukraine shoots down civilian aircraft. 13 years ago, in 2001, a Ukraine missile shot down a commercial jet from the Russian Sibir airline, en route to Turkey. Over 80 people died. Ukraine denied its responsibility and only admitted it after Russia presented irrefutable evidence of their missile involvement.

But if the 2001 tragedy could have been a sloppy mistake by the poorly trained Ukraine military, the 2014 Malaysia plane downing is a result of a malicious premeditation.

It has become known that several hours before the tragedy, Ukrainian MSM started suddenly reporting that Donetsk self-defence army possessed and operated the BUK systems, something everyone knew was untrue since the BUK is a very sophisticated mobile rocket launch system requiring a well-trained and coordinated crew. Even IF self-defence took any BUK systems as trophies from the Kiev troops, they wouldn’t know how to operate them. However, this disinfo was necessary to prepare the public for what was to happen a few hours later, namely, the downing of a plane with a missile launched from a BUK, to be blamed on Donbass Republic’s self-defence.

Read the follow-up article: Urgent: Fast Track to WWIII? “USA’s Goal Is to Overturn Putin.”

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  1. Maybe this is cultural, and you are certainly correct that many in Russian positions of authority have said a lot, but it looks like a problem is that the Russian elite desperately want to keep their homes on the French Riviera and their children in school in Britain. So they want to talk to Western “partners”. But this is impossible if they want to take the Ukraine and Crimea away from the West. You can’t be a friend and an enemy at the same time. Now, if Russia would agree to give up all of the Ukraine, and especially the base in Crimea, along with selling off Gazprom’s pipelines in Europe, well, perhaps friendship might be possible. Then Russia could never veto anything in the UN Security Council, which would be a sign of friendship.

    By the way, Putin hasn’t looked well in the last few days. And the videos came out way after the narrative had been created; for that matter, RT has been a bit confused the last six months or so. He needed to drive the story from the very beginning. His approach of appearing hands-off over the last few months doesn’t necessarily look good. And waiting for an investigation is a bit of wishful thinking, as investigations take some time, and the war is likely to escalate dramatically soon. Either Russia will put a lot of help in, or the rebels are likely to get crushed and have to escape to Russia. I think the reality of the problem is that Russia is a divided country, with an elite who want to be part of the West, as in the first paragraph. Here is an article by a retired Indian diplomat that goes into his view of why Russia is mishandling the PR story, and really the whole issue with Europe and the Ukraine.

    An excerpt is:

    The early bird gets the worm and someone like US president Barack Obama who grew up in the tropics in Hawaii and Indonesia would know it far better than his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin from Leningrad. The alacrity with which Obama scrambled to take early lead in the propaganda war over Moscow on Ukraine almost makes it appear he was expecting such a horrendous tragedy to happen.

    To be sure, Moscow has lost the propaganda war to Washington. It harks back to the Cold War era. The US was always miles ahead of the former Soviet Union in catching the worm — be it during the Cuban missile crisis, Afghanistan or Boris Pasternak’s Dr. Zhivago.

    To my mind, Russia is at fault here. This is what happens to a divided house. It has been quite apparent to any long-time observer that Moscow was being pulled in opposite directions by the so-called ‘westernists’ and ‘orientalists’, the latter on retreat. The Ukraine crisis ought to be a wake-up call. The point is, history has not ended and Russia can never be part of the Western world. It is too big and too different and too powerful and unmanageable. Russia’s presence in the European tent challenges the US’ trans-Atlantic leadership and questions the very raison d’etre of the NATO, and indeed Euro-Atlanticism as the leitmotif of the US global strategies ceases to be.

    It is about time the ‘westernists’ among the Moscow elites realize that all they have is a pipe dream. There is no precedent of the US ever having treated another country — including Britain — on an equal footing. Therefore, Russia’s destiny is dictated by the need to consolidate its standing as an independent global player. It has the capacity to do it, but, alas, often enough not the will and interest in discerning who is a potential ally and who is not.

    -and then he goes into stories with how Russia could have been friends with Iran, but wanted to be friends with the West instead.


  2. Paul’s comments offer powerful insights on Russia to ponder. I’m still trying, on the other hand, to find someone to place this video (linked below) showing what appears to be chaff streamers falling past the smoke of the apparent crash site. What are the range of implications associated with these chaff streamers? I sense the streamers may be significant. Perhaps some expert will comment on which aircraft or weapon systems use this particular form of chaff and how it’s deployed:


    • If someone has technical knowledge, they are welcome to contribute to this. However, Rich, I believe we don’t have to worry about technical analysis, because if you have this footage, so does Russian Defence Ministry, and infinitely more. They have already confirmed it was Ukrainian BUK, so I would trust their experts.


      • Thank you Lada, What I should like to know, for example, from someone holding themselves out as an expert, is (a) Who manufactures this sort of chaff? (b) Which aircraft and or drones, and/or weapon systems, transport systems, military and non-military are now and have been outfitted with this sort of chaff. (c) I should like to see evidence that all of these chaff streamers have been inspected by the international committee and acknowledge as such. It could be significant perhaps in identifying a series of specific aircraft, weapon systems, or drones, that would have used or could have these very specific chaff droppings. Yes, I think it speaks well of you to publish my question as you already have, and think the answers could force all media to deal with facts supported by the evidence.

        I have no idea which aerial platforms carry this sort of chaff. I do know as a former fight pilot myself, that this sort of material is used defensively. It’s recovering and identification I sense will be conclusive as to which platforms were in the air and what the operators of those platforms where doing (defensively) close enough to the action to sense their own need to act defensively.

        It may turn out that 777’s are equipped with secret defensive chaff systems that the public is unaware exists. Or, it may turn out to be something entirely else. But it will tell us a lot and augment and support the line of truth to possible conclusions.

        I tend to believe your thesis the Ukraine events are all about economic hegemony of western bankers. The answer to the chaff will very likely track and support that thesis.



    • You may want to see my brand new urgent article: Russian defence ministry press conf may answer your questions.


  3. Urgent news here:

    In order to conduct an objective investigation of possible leadership of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation has ased ten questions to the Ukrainian side.

    1. Ukrainian authorities immediately identified the militia as the perpetrators of the tragedy. What is the basis of such findings?
    2. Could official Kiev to report all the details of using [BUKs] in a war zone? Most importantly – why these systems are deployed there, as the militia no planes?
    3. What are the causes of inactivity of Ukrainian authorities on the formation of an international commission? When such a committee will work?
    4. Are the armed forces of Ukraine international experts to present papers on accounting for missiles, air-to-air and ground-to-air ammo and anti-aircraft missiles?
    5. Whether these funds objective control on the movement of the Ukrainian Air Force aircraft on the day of the tragedy brought international commission?
    6. Why Ukrainian air traffic controllers allowed deviation of the route of the aircraft to the north side of the “anti-terrorist operation zone”?
    7. Why was not completely closed to civilian aircraft airspace over the combat zone, especially because in this area there was no solid field of radar navigation?
    8. Could official Kiev to comment on reports in the net, ostensibly on behalf of the Spanish air traffic controllers working in Ukraine, which shot down over the territory of Ukraine “Boeing” was accompanied by two Ukrainian military aircraft?
    9. Why Security Service of Ukraine has begun without international representatives work with recordings of talks with Ukrainian crew dispatchers “Boeing” and Ukrainian radar data?
    10. How were the lessons from previous similar disasters Russian Tu-154 in 2001 in the Black Sea? Then the leaders of Ukraine until the last minute denied any involvement of the Armed Forces of the country to the tragedy until irrefutable evidence showed no guilt official Kiev.


  4. Rich, you wrote that chaff is used defensively. But isn’t chaff also used in order to deceive radar? One of the many hypothesises is that the MH17 was driven off course by military aircrafts. I’m wondering if the chaff could have been used in order to make those military aircrafts invisable for radar detection???


    • Good point Simone. MH17 seems to now be off the front page of mainstream media however, so the truth, when presented, will likely be buried. But then again, maybe truth will get presented.

      Tangentially, an interesting leading clue to the immediate direction, relations with Russia will go in the short term, seem to be the brainless comments about President Putin put forward by late night comedian David Letterman on his “Tonight Show” out of New York City. Letterman reads Q-Cards his writers provide. The writers embed the leading signals, Letterman just delivers the material verbally to the audience. Monday night, for a change, suddenly Letterman was presenting comments that placed President Putin in a very positive light. Letterman’s writers seem to be telegraphing support to Putin at the same time as President Obama is reported to break away (send a signal) from Cabal control by issuing orders to place Former FBI Director Freeh into intensive care from a contrived automobile accident, as a signal to the Cabal, we know who they are and we are on to their game. I doubt Letterman realizes he’s being used this way; or if he does know, he hides it behind an implied comedic satire legal privilege.

      It’s a consistent repeating pattern of telegraphed signals being put forward through satire from Letterman’s writers…wherever they get their “material.”

      Maybe the truth of MH17 will eventually come out through this crazy game and get pushed back on to the front pages.


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