Urgent: Fast Track to WWIII? “USA’s Goal Is to Overturn Putin.”

Note: this is analytical article based on current events, as well as a warning about how events may turn out if the wrong course of action is taken. For my actual long-term predictions on the topics below go to PREDICTIONS.

This is the follow-up to: Russian President Vladimir Putin’s Address re. Boeing 777 Catastrophe in Ukraine

The last post was in response to a very interesting comment by a reader named Paul, which you can find by clicking on the link above. Paul Plane is incidentally the host of The Plane Truth Show on the Time Monk Radio. We just recorded a new interview, which will be posted in a couple of days – stay tuned.

In response to my latest article, Paul posted a new comment, which I again found so interesting that I decided to post some additional thoughts. To keep it brief, I won’t post Paul’s comment here; to see it, please go to comment section in Russian President Vladimir Putin’s Address re. Boeing 777 Catastrophe in Ukraine.

Lada’s reply to Paul’s latest comment: 

I understand Paul’s frustration. In part, he is right – there is the Russian elite issue, but not as much as it is portrayed to be. I have to disagree with Paul in part. And I must caution everyone who consider themselves friends of Russia and friends of humanity as a whole. I believe it’s best to remain positive here.

I think I explained some of it in the previous article, as well as in our upcoming interview on The Plane Truth.

This is not just another crisis. We are dealing with those who are trying to start a full-scale hot war in Europe. Putin’s caution is understandable, and frankly, so is the caution of the EU leaders. 300 people were just sacrificed to the mad attempt to start WWIII. This has to be absolutely clear. I am convinced that some on the ground actually thought they were shooting Russian Presidential plane! Think about it, it would have been so much easier to convince some angry (at Russia and Putin) Ukrainian to shoot down Putin’s plane than a plane full of innocent bystanders from the EU!

If Putin’s plane were to be shot down – it would mean immediate declaration of war! We know who desperately wants this to happen, and who doesn’t! Of course, Putin’s security would never allow the plane to be flown over Ukraine, but someone there was told/thought it was the case. THEY want Russia to start a war with Ukraine, plain and simple!

For those who haven’t yet, read Blatant #FalseFlag: #Ukraine Missile Targeted #Putin’s Plane – Hit Malaysia #MH17 Instead!

It is also clear that downing a plane with primarily EU citizens on board is a direct attempt to further divide Russia and EU. Who benefits from such scenario? USA and Kiev junta only, the same parties who want to start Russia’s war with Ukraine, which is planned to become a full-scale hot war in Europe, smoothly transitioning into World War III! Of course the kiev shmucks are not privy to the real plans of washington and anglo-american elites (lc deliberate – LR).

Is it any wonder after everything that happened, and keeps happening, that Putin is showing a strain? Can any of us even imagine the pressure he is under from all sides? Including – sadly – the sides that should be his allies, his friends, but keep nudging him to start a war, which I know, and he knows, will lead to global catastrophe?

It just occurred to me that Paul’s words resemble what Russian geopolitical analyst Alexander Dugin, a former advisor to Putin, has been saying. I don’t follow Dugin; he is a smart man, but I think his attitude is very angry and unhelpful to the resolution of this difficult situation. Actually, with his constant criticism of late of Putin’s actions, and calls for Russian intervention in Ukraine, he has angered a lot of people in Russia. It is counter-productive when analyst of such level forgets cold reason and starts running on emotions. For those who want to follow Russian analytics, I recommend the always in control and logical, as well as reasonable, Nikolay Starikov. This is Starikov’s latest video blog, where in the beginning he answers the Boeing 777 question. There are other interesting answers as well. Sorry, I can’t translate it at this time, but please try to use Google translator, if you need to.

And I can assure you all, there is SO MUCH MORE that goes on behind the scenes. Can you imagine if you just learned US via their Kiev proxy tried to shoot down your plane? Clearly, this was a warning for Putin, an attempt to intimidate him, and ALL OTHER WORLD LEADERS. “Stop resisting our globalist agenda, or your personal plane is next.”

We are talking trying to save the world from the ultimate war – because this war will be the last one.

Short of accepting the escalation leading to WWIII, the only course of action Putin has right now is to SHIFT EUROPE away from the US. This is the only possible way to save Europe from war – and this is what Putin is busy doing. I said this in many, many of my previous articles; I explained it many times that it is Europe that decides the outcome; I also said on more than one occasion that the responsibility is on Merkel and Germany, as the political leader of Europe, to say no to what’s going on. Only Europe can put the end to this craziness peacefully (this is the key operational word here) by refusing to play on the side of the US and by siding with Russia. When Kiev nazis see they have no support from those they are trying so desperately to join, this whole house of cards will collapse and US warmongers will find themselves isolated.

On the other hand, villas on the French Riviera by the Russian elite may play some role here. However, largely Russia wants to be, and Russia MUST BE, friends with Europe for the same reason it is friends with China – they are very close neighbors and partners. Russia is also close friends with South America for example, and that’s much further from the Eurasian continent. Russia would happily be friends with the US as well, the moment US stops trying to destroy Russia. Then I could happily stop writing these kinds of articles and go to Tibet to meditate.

The view Russia (or at least Putin) takes, and so do I: we ALL share one space, we have one planet, and we should live in peace and cooperation on this planet.

Please, everyone, think very deeply about what I just said. I explained it in so many previous articles already, that I think this is the last time I am going to explain it as there are so many other topics for me to write about.

It is up to Europeans to engage and restore balance and justice, if you want it done quickly and peacefully! Europe, by its harmful and unnatural position of siding with the US warmongers against Russia, which against all odds is trying to keep world peace, is what is allowing this conflict to escalate. IF Europeans didn’t happily acquiesce to the subservient symbiosis with the US, many of the atrocities in Ukraine could have been avoided, and many lives could have been saved. IF EU didn’t support and encourage the Kiev junta, Kiev oligarchs wouldn’t be this bold and US wouldn’t dare escalate the situation so openly. Look what happened in Syria when the EU refused to participate! 

Russia can continue fighting this alone, but it will be a long and arduous journey. Unless you, Europeans, make your governments act in YOUR best interests!

Last but not least, I want to remind everyone not to confuse non-confrontation with weakness. See, US and NATO understand the difference very well, and this is why they won’t dare attack Russia directly. They know how it will end for the attacker.

Read this article in conjunction with: Russian President Vladimir Putin’s Address re. Malaysian Airliner Catastrophe in Ukraine


The events are evolving very quickly. As I am writing this, new info keeps surfacing. Unfortunately, I hear that the EU is threatening Russia with new sanctions because of the Boeing 777 catastrophe. Before any investigation has begun? Based on the accusations of Kiev and USA, the only two parties that stood to benefit from the tragedy and the two parties that are well-known for their lies?

Should I forget everything I said previously that Europeans have some sense and reason? Well, I can tell you all: if Europe does initiate a new round of sanctions against Russia based on false pretense, they may break even Putin’s staunch, undying resolve for peaceful resolution.

Then help us all god, or perhaps I should say – humans will get what they deserve? Perhaps humans don’t deserve peace; perhaps they can only learn from war. I do understand Paul’s frustration better and better. Let’s just remember: this kind of reaction to their provocations is EXACTLY what the US wants. And since we are almost exactly 100 years into the future from the start of WWI in 1914, let me remind you all that this is exactly how escalation to WWI happened! And this is exactly how escalation to WWII happened. The brainless British Empire and USA kept bullying, provoking, appeasing and buying off Hitler, despite Stalin’s attempts for years to create and anti-fascist alliance with the West. They kept nudging Hitler to attack USSR, hoping their two biggest rivals – Germany and Russia (USSR) will destroy each other. The escalation that lasted several years, culminated in WWII.

Incidentally, the above warning to humanity similarly sounds loud and clear in my top-rated mystical thriller THE EARTH SHIFTER, which you can find on Amazon and BN.

Today, USA and Anglo-American elites want to pit Russia and EU against each other for the same purpose!

Those who don’t know history are on fast track to repeat it.


In conclusion, here are the links to the important brand new videos – some in Russian, some in English. Please use google translation, if necessary.

Russian Ambassador Vitaly Churkin drops bombs at UN Security Council! Ukraine track record: Russian plane was downed by Ukraine in 2001, 78 dead and despite international investigation concluding it was Ukraine’s fault, to this day Ukraine didn’t admit responsibility. Ukraine credibility: Kiev lied and falsified info re. Boeing 777 downing on 7/17/2014: 1. the tape of Donbass self-defence commanders discussing downing of a plane turned out a fake slapped together from 6 different conversations, some that happened before this catastrophe; 2. footage of a BUK system supposedly belonging to Donbass self-defence and retreating towards Russia turned out to be filmed in the area of Ukraine controlled by Kiev government and far from positions of Donbass self-defence. Watch video.

1. Игорь Коротченко: Объективные факты Минобороны РФ по Boeing 777 _ 21 07 2014 -Russian Ministry of Defence expert Igor Korotchenko: Objective facts re Boeing 777.

2. Минобороны России представило данные Генштаба относительно крушения Boeing 777 на Украине – Ministry of Defence data re Boeing 777 crash

3. ‘Burden is on Russia’: Barack Obama’s MH17 crash speech1984, anyone?

4. Must see! ‘Why did Ukraine SU-25 fly same path as MH17, simultaneously at same altitude?’ – Russian Military English

5. Russian hospital: Wounded Ukraine army soldiers cross to Russian territory, where their ENEMY takes care of them in hospitals, since their own army either finishes off the wounded, or just leaves them behind. Footage of actual wounded Ukraine soldiers in the Russian hospital: Раненые украинские солдаты проходят лечение в России

6. Бородай: Мы намерены передать «черные ящики» с Boeing 777 специалистам из ICAO – Donetsk head Borodai: we will transfer black boxes to ICAO only

7. Ожесточённые бои вокруг Донецка #NoKievNazi #SaveDonbassPeople 21 07 2014 – out of control attacks by Kiev junta military on Donetsk

Incidentally, Kiev used the Boeing downing to take the initiative away from the Donbass self-defence (who were gaining), to regroup and re-start their offensive. So, who benefitted from this catastrophe? – LR. 

8. Must see! Malaysian Airlines plane crash: Russian military unveil data on MH17 incident over Ukraine! FULL press conference! English

9. Must see! Pravda: “Целью США является свержение Путина” – USA’s goal is to overturn Putin



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  1. spacenergymass

    There are signs of Germany leaning toward Russia, also France. The EU gets 30% of its fuel from Gazprom, I read somewhere that no crops were planted in Ukraine this past season. Winter might seem far away, but time passes.
    I think Putin is doing his best to stay calm and cool, as the prodding increases.
    The BRICS met last week to form a new bank, moving away from the World Bank and the
    International Monetary Fund.
    Also, more people are realizing that Israel is out of control.
    Obama announced that oil exploration would resume in the Eastern Atlantic. The big shale boom was discovered to be a bust via the Monterey Shale “miscalculation”. Most of the invested money is speculation derivatives and used to buy equipment. So it looks as if the
    US will not be the next “Saudi Arabia” after all.
    So this Malaysian fiasco is just more drama, an effort to start a war and see if that will stimulate our dying economy, which is based on debt.
    Most people do not even know what BRICS means. They don’t have a clue. I do my best to educate others, but sometimes they get angry or think I am nuts. Sometimes they listen.
    I think the main thing right now, is to be like Putin. Stay strong and steady. (have a breakdown but get back on the horse) go in nature, share with friends and loved ones. Take care of yourself, and understand that it is totally normal to have genuine concerns for life, and the fact that the bullies need to step down.
    Thanks for your awareness and helping community to awaken.




  2. The Russian Military just started releasing proof. I believe still that it will be shown that fighter jet(s) brought down the airliner. The missiles were placed in East Russia by Kiev to only make up a story about how the rebels had the capability to shoot down the airliner.

    We have now the air traffic controller’s tweets, current with the incident, and now proof that a Kiev fighter jet was near the plane. I believe that there is lots more to come. The UN resolution is cooling things down and all the cheer leading for more European sanctions are coming from only the UK.

    Europe is going to look at everything Russia sends it. The US will push hard and Europe will do some studying. Everything Russia offers will be confirmed by independent research organizations on their way to the site.

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  3. Merkel is Polish and a Jew. Her real name is
    Kazmierzcak and her mother is Herlind Jentsch (a Jew).

    It would be a minor miracle for anyone who actually still condones promotion of the lie of holohoax gas chambers (and also keeping people like Zundel in prison for exposing that lie – avictimless ‘crime’.) to achieve anything useful for the cause of truth or peace for the EU – at least it is merely a fleeting cynical aspiration (but it is conceivably that Merkel may not be just another criminal mafia joo).

    However, Putin seems to wishes to continue to pervade that monstrous joo-ish lie just a little longer (it seems) by his support in allowing the start to the building of the largest holohoax museum in the world on Russian soil – (has he lost his mind – or do the joos have that much power? – I think we know the answer here also). This peddling of lies is in fact even more worrying than any WWIII Armageddon scenario. A lie is a lie is a lie. Putin must surely know his role is not unblemished by persisting with the hoax; but he is a pragmatist and deserves the benefit of the doubt regarding his approach to “the last days of the big lie”. We wish him a speedy recovery.

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  4. It’s interesting that no-one almost no-one considers the possibility that there was a bomb on board of the plane. Just a few clues: Israel’s Gaza invasion started at *exactly* the same time. Plus, the security at Shiphol airport in the Netherlands is managed by an *Israeli* firm.

    Plus, an exact copy of the MH370 and MH17 planes, bought from Malaysia Airlines has been sitting for months in Tel-Aviv. It was bought by a company that usually dismantles old planes, but this one was too new for that – about 10 years old. And they neither dismantled nor sold it since last year.


  5. You are definitely right about Europeans needing to wake up and get active. But they have been under bankster control for a long time, not just the last 70 years. And I apologize if I seemed angry or saying that war was the only answer for Russia. Judo would be better. The thing is, European elites are half integrated with American elites, so asking Germany to break away from the US is asking for a civil war. After all, Russia and the US are at war. All they can really do is be neutral as a temporary measure.

    I am more on the side of Starikov than Dugin, who seems too agitated/angry, and supported the strategy of waiting and trying to straighten things out by working things out with the oligarchs and Germany, as well as hoping that the internal problems would stop Kiev. And I totally agree that the weight of a possible huge war is on the Kremlin’s shoulders. But the problem is that the US’s approach seems to be working. Lugansk and Donetsk are going to see a large percentage of their buildings hit, and perhaps half of the people will have to flee. Fairly soon. This is a big purpose of the Malaysian incident – to draw attention away from the massacres and to make it difficult to smuggle aid to the rebels. Then the rebels will have to get to Russia themselves. This is because the Russian authorities have not given them remotely adequate supplies – kind of like them relying on you and me for their info war. This will lead to serious problems for Putin, and then Kiev will work on taking the Crimea and destabilizing parts of Russia. In this atmosphere, the momentum and morale will most definitely be on the side of Kiev. Who wants to fight for a loser, one who won’t stand up for his cousins? Exactly the opposite of what things were when the Crimea returned to Russia. If Russia defends the Crimea, then the sanctions will come in.

    In a position of weakness, Putin and his allies will have even less leverage to convince Europeans to try to compromise. Realistically, many or most in Germany/Europe need to see which side is going to win, and then they will back that. This is likely the situation inside the Ukraine, too. If Russia looked strong and likely to win, well, then all kinds of new friends would appear. Some argue that WWI came from weakness, not strength.

    Russia effectively declared war on NATO in Syria, and went practically nuclear by taking the Crimea. Things like the BRICS bank are also acts of war. So the US is going to go to extremes to use Kiev to take down Russia. To get Europe on Russia’s side may require more deft maneuvers, such as the takeover of the Crimea, and not protests in the UN. My fear is that no deft maneuvers have been seen over the last few months.


    • Hey, Paul. I didn’t mean you in re. to anger. I meant Dugin. Sorry if it came out not very clearly. Your points are very well taken. It is more of a Western approach – and a very valid one under the circumstances!

      There are so many points we have made betwen the two of us. I think and hope someone in the Russian and EU power circles is reading this and implementing – that’s why I posted these articles.

      Cheers 🙂


    • P.S. I like your Judo line. Could solve a lot of world problems 😉
      I’m not kidding – if only people adhered to the Judo philosophy, like Putin does, there would be fewer wars in the world. You probably know more than I do about Judo. 🙂

      Judo is certainly so much better than golf, which THEY all play.


  6. The US intelligence is going to release the information they have on the downing of the plane. Do you feel what I feel that it’s going to be ‘corrected’ in a way? I don’t think they have enough guts to blame Russia directly, but I believe they will want to prove it’s Novorussians who did it, and indirectly that can be blamed on Russia. When will the empire fall, I can’t see anymore all the suffering of innocent people!

    On the bright side, China and Switzerland signed a direct currency swap agreement – another nail in the dollar coffin. At least there’re some good things happening in this world.


  7. Reblogged this on Spirit In Action and commented:
    Thank you Lada! As I’m sure so many others also are, I am very grateful for your ability to cut through the propaganda, and tangential details to explain the core issues. I know how much background knowledge you must have in order to distill what is going on now into something so direct and easy for non-experts to understand. I really appreciate your work, and I hope my readers will read and share your articles widely. The majority of humanity desires peace but we must come together in unity on this to avoid the master manipulators using their long effective tricks on us again.
    As much as both Putin and Obama have various factions placing great pressure on both of them toward actions that will end in war, I strongly believe both men are smarter than their handlers, agenda pushers, or enemies realize. I also believe they are both, no matter how they appear in public, deeply devoted to peace and prosperity for all of humanity. I pray their strength and wisdom will prevail over the warmongers yet again, despite the chaos that seems to be deepening.


  8. A couple of last things. The first is that all the wars and disasters in Europe have been the key to America’s great success. The best brains and a lot of capital have come over with each crisis. And the competition gets destroyed. So it is really in America’s genes to think of trouble in Europe as a good thing. So the policy of setting up WWII was a great success, not a failure. It is not the US’s fault that Germans and Russians are foolish, or so the thinking goes.

    Another issue is that the pro-Western perspective inside Russia is not simply with rich people. Many Russians seem to have the perspective that “We are Europeans. I even like the West, so why can’t we be friends or at least partners?” And they definitely would prefer a holiday to Rome over one to Central Asia. What they are missing is that Russia causes all kinds of problems for the West. As an example, the Western business model is to take resources from countries by paying a large bribe to the dictator and then getting things for almost free. Then technicians design or work on what is needed, and perhaps a factory in China or Brazil builds something. Russia is currently refusing to give over resources for free. Before Putin, the West was largely getting oil for free from Russia. This kind of business model is needed to pay for the tremendous costs and waste of a world-dominating military and a wasteful and fraudulent financial sector. To make matters worse, instead of being merely neutral about certain things, Russia is actually hostile to the West’s interests. If Russia were a friend, she would get rid of her navy and let the US take the Crimean bases. As a friend, there would be no need for a Russian navy. However, Russia actually prevented Western plans for controlling the Middle East in Syria and Iran. So gas, oil, and pipelines are not going the way the West desires. This means that the local oligarchs are unhappy and might even establish a new system. So all of these things are tremendous problems for the West. But Russians who love many of the good things about the West have trouble seeing the dark heart of the business and geopolitical model.

    That is why we hear “Putin must be destroyed” all over the place, and why the current goal is to smash the Donbass, to be followed by expelling those in Transdenestria, and then an attack on Crimea. His popularity would likely collapse at some point – or at least that is how strategists might think. Let us hope that saner heads in Europe can prevail, as he is trying to nudge the world forward in a better direction.


    • A lot of great, true points in this comment! However, the perceptions of ordinary Russians re. the West changed dramatically since USA/EU role in Ukraine became known and since Crimea. See, it’s easy to hide the truth in the West, but it Russia, even formerly pro-western media had to change tone. Divisions became much sharper, as, I should add, everywhere in the world. But the majority of the population is not duped any more by the outward Western glitz.

      The fifth column is working overtime, but achieves only anger and aggravation from the majority of society.
      Of course, Russians finally woke up and also started to tell their side of the story. This is starting to bear fruit.

      After Ukaine, Snowden and NSA scandals, this same is true for the West as well, as more and more people aren’t duped any more by outward appearances.

      As always, there are healthy and reasonable forces in all societies, and unhealthy ones as well.

      A certain part of society – the ones who only measure everything in life by how well they are doing in the material sense – of course they can’t see beyond that, and perhaps they never will.

      But is this lowest of the low common denominator so important? I don’t think so. They are the true sheeple. The healthy and very large part of society is working on changing the paradigm – that’s what counts.


  9. Reblogged this on 1EarthUnited and commented:
    Impeccable logic Lada, I’m sure Putin and his advisors are on top of this political hotbed. Putin appeals to the international community with calm reason, following established peaceful protocol like a real leader. Washington keeps beating the war drums and expose themselves like juvenile amateurs throwing temper tantrums. Putin has been “put on notice” and will respond in a professional manner to achieve the best possible outcome for the good of all. No silly name calling or baseless accusations like the West, diplomacy and a cool head is called for. Thanks for the straight talk and soothing nervous minds with facts! We shall overcome this insanity once the cabal is exposed. 😉


  10. Marty Rubenstein

    Thanks Lada for your info and thoughts cheers Marty

    Sent from my iPhone


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