Predictions. Kiev Junta Losses, Botched False Flag, Foreign Mercenaries, Shale Gas in Ukraine Goes Puff, How Long Has the Kiev Junta Left?

I am on vacation this week; however, I still wanted to post this important new info and predictions.

Official report on Kiev military losses

Info provided by John Durham, from the official report from the Ukraine Interior Minister, Avakov (who by the way will eventually be tried for war crimes, but chances are he may not live that long). I’ve seen this leaked report and I can confirm its existence.

Official Ukrainian Military Report of Losses for July 9-15, 2014(Arsen Avakov, Minister of Interior and V. Gritsak, Head of the ATO)

1. Desertions: 3473
2. Killed in Action: 1600
3. Wounded in Action: 4723
4. Tanks: 35
5. Armoured Battle Vehicles: 96
6. Artillery : 38
7. Aircraft: 7
8. Helicopters: 2
9. Automobiles: 104

In the event the negative trend continues…I estimate that 2/3 of the active combat military units currently participating in the ATO will simply cease to exist in as little as 4 to 5 days.

V. Nalyvaichenko, Security Service
B. Hrytsak, Antiterorist Center Security Service

This report is mind-boggling. Notice, the data is for one week in July only! The same report mentions that Donbass self-defence lost only about 45 people in the same period! Meanwhile, again, according to the same report, around 500 peaceful citizens died in the same timeframe! Clearly, Kiev targets with its bombings exclusively the peaceful population. Kiev dominates the sky, as Donbass self-defence has no planes, nor pilots. At the same time, Kiev is afraid to go head-to-head with self-defence, as they get beaten every time.

US and Kiev screw up the Boeing 777 false flag

Few people know that one day before the Malaysian Boeing 777 downing by Kiev in eastern Ukraine, 4000 Kiev troops were surrounded by self-defence in 3 locations: Donetsk airport, Lugansk airport and near border with Russia. Per Donbass/Novorossia leaders’ reports, this included dozens of tanks, ARCs, planes, and anti-aircraft launchers – a huge loss for the Kiev military. Self-defence was getting ready to close the circle. Once the Boeing 777 catastrophe happened, once the banshee howling started in Kiev and the West that it was self-defence that downed it, which distracted and broadsided the inexperienced politically self-defence commanders, Kiev was able to advance and retrieve its surrounded forces. The confusion surrounding the Boeing downing helped the fledgling Kiev forces to take a break and regroup. When international community demanded ceasefire to allow the investigation, Donbass immediately complied, while Kiev used the opportunity to attack and kill 150 more peaceful citizens in Donetsk and Lugansk republics. The UN banned phosphorus bombs were used again.

This is the same technology also used by Israel against Palestinians. Is Israel, in concert with the US, advising Kiev how to act, and supplies them with UN banned foreign technology?

Now, a simple question, anyone who isn’t fully corrupt, should be able to easily answer: WHO BENEFITTED FROM THE BOEING 777 DISASTER, AND WHO DIDN’T?

Of course, Kiev and US were hoping that the Boeing downing could be blamed on Russia.

US/CIA operations are always multi-prong and multi-layered. They pursue multiple goals at once and if some don’t materialize, others will – that’s the philosophy. So, with the Boeing 777 downing in Ukraine, US pursued multiple agendas, one of them being to scare President Putin and other world leaders who don’t toe the line. For that, read:

But as is now well-known, US and Kiev screwed up again. They failed to scare Putin. US couldn’t supply a shred of real evidence of either Russian or Donbass self-defence involvement. When pressed for proof of their empty allegations, US could only come up with images they copied from the Kiev’s falsified reports and from the internet.

Then, the CIA was asked to back US claims. This situation reminded the CIA painfully of the 2003 Iraq weapons of mass destruction lie, which cost many at CIA their jobs. When the CIA pros asked who will be responsible when the shit hits the fan, they were given no satisfactory answer. Therefore, CIA refused to back US claims that either Russia or Donbass self-defence were involved… because they knew full well that the opposite was true.

It is well-known that US has a very sophisticated satellite coverage of eastern Ukraine.The Russian military has disclosed that US has several satellites permanently covering – read spying – the space between eastern Ukraine and south-western Russia, including all movement of the military hardware, troops, movements across the Russian border, missiles shot, etc. And with all this, they were unable to provide a single satellite image, a single credible document confirming their allegations. They are so deep in their lies, so profoundly corrupt, they don’t even understand how stupid and how disgusting they look to the rest of the world!

Meanwhile, the Russian military presented the full satellite imagery report and full analysis of the situation. The imagery was transferred to the EU. The EU of course is as corrupt as the US, however, in light of the undisputable evidence, they are now painted into a corner, and will eventually have to admit the truth.

It also came out that Kiev’s so-called evidence was falsified. The so-called conversation between Novorossia commanders admitting the downing of the Boeing was in fact slapped together of 6 conversations, some of which occurred several days prior to the event. The footage of the BUK system that Kiev said was moving speedily towards Russian border after downing the unfortunate Boeing 777, was another falsification. The Ukrainian bloggers quickly placed the BUK imagery in a town occupied by the Kiev junta since May. The now infamous number of that BUK, #312, clearly visible on its body, was the same number caught on camera in March 2014, when this same BUK #312 was photographed as part of the Kiev junta military convoy.

The king is naked for all to see. Who in their right mind, except the presstitute western media and politicians, would still be fooled into thinking it wasn’t Kiev that downed the Boeing 777, with the US open encouragement and direction?

Russia’s humanitarian gesture and mass defections from Ukraine army

From my sources: Russia opened a humanitarian corridor for the wounded Ukr army soldiers. Previously, 18 wounded Ukr army soldiers asked for help and were healed in a Russian hospital in Rostov oblast. Presently, another 30 wounded Ukr soldiers were given asylum and safe passage though Russian territory back to Ukraine. Just in the last couple of days, another 40 Ukr military laid down arms and asked for asylum in Russia. And this is only the official data! Many more have defected quietly.

Let’s remember that while Russians are healing and giving safe passage to wounded Ukr soldiers, Ukraine meanwhile had killed 3 Russian journalists, other accredited journalists were kidnapped, beaten and denied entry into the country. And these are representatives of the PRESS, who are supposed to be protected by international law! What can be said about the ordinary citizens! At one point, there were billboards in Ukraine, financed by war criminal (who will be tried by the tribunal for crimes against humanity), oligarch Kolomoysky, promising $10,000 for every dead Russian. This is the criminal fascist regime that US supports fully and wholeheartedly. This is the fascist regime that EU, pretending to be oh, so democratic and righteous, also FULLY SUPPORTS!

More from my sources: Ukr army is quickly running out of people willing to fight in Donbass. Kiev had announced the ‘third round’ sweeping mobilization. Anonymous calls from Ukraine keep coming in to various organizations and TV stations in Russia. People are saying that Kiev drafters go around villages and towns, looking for those they can draft.  Reminds me of the Nazi Germany circa 1943, when they started seriously losing in Russia.

The only salvation for villagers is to hide or run away. If they see a young man, they will draft him. Parents hide their sons in cellars. People run away to join guerillas, or the Donbass self-defence.

Gruesome reports are coming out that national guard, formed by Kiev junta from nazis and hard criminals they let out of jails, has been executing soldiers who refuse to fire at their compatriots in eastern Ukraine. People witnessed horrible scenes when mass graves were dug along roads and bodies were piled in, then sprayed with acid so they wouldn’t be recognized.

Those interested, on YT there is a new video by Nikolay Starikov in which he explains how those who don’t want to be part of the Kiev junta atrocities, those who don’t want to spill the blood of their compatriots, can lay down arms on the border and cross over to Russia, Hungary or Poland to become ‘interned persons,’ where they will be safe till the end of war. This is a great solution for those who don’t want any part of the war. Or, google the international law regarding safe passage for interned persons during a war.

Reports of Polish, Azerbaijani, Israeli and Romanian pilot mercenaries

Since Ukr army is running out of pilots, there are reports of mercenaries from Poland, Israel, Romania and Azerbaijan piloting planes that bomb the peaceful citizens of Donbass. UN-banned phosphorus bombs were again used, resulting in the poisoning of the peaceful population. It is reported that the bombs, including phosphorus, are supplied by the US and Israel. This is blatant international interference into the internal conflict, that is being flatly denied by the US.

Many Ukrainian mothers, including in western Ukraine considered the hotbed of fascism, are protesting their sons being drafted. Ukraine is again on the brink of another #maidan revolution, which is expected by next spring – could be sooner. This new violent maidan won’t solve anything as the population is so terribly confused and blinded, as well as brainwashed.

I foresee a long and arduous way to the difficult realization how much is wrong in the country. Unfortunately, the country is fully hijacked by the corrupt forces that want to suck it dry. These forces are both internal and external.

The realization will be extremely agonizing for those who for years lived in a lie, or a desperate fantasy that is very far from any semblance of reality. They will have to come to terms with the truth that those they perceive as their enemies are in fact their friends, while those they perceive as their friends, are not. The fifth column sold-out media, the corrupt, profit-greedy oligarchs, along with the many external forces, are doing everything to keep the Ukrainians confused and blinded.

There are predictions about the duration of this conflict at the end of this post, as well as in PREDICTIONS – which I suggest everyone reads carefully, along with suggested articles at the bottom.

Bomb! Shale gas bonanza in Ukraine evaporates

I just love this one! What an irony, and it didn’t take that long, did it?

As is well-known, the US stooge Poroshenko has been appointed by #Nuland and US State Dept to play the role of the Ukraine clown president. According to Russian sources (confirmed recently by US State Dept email exchanges leaked by Wikileaks), Poroshenko was recruited by the CIA since at least mid-1990s. They called him “our man in Kiev.”

I recently heard a 2012 debate between Nikolay Starikov and this same infamous Poroshenko, in which Poroshenko was ardently declaring that soon Ukraine would be able to stop buying Russian gas and would instead become a gas-producing powerhouse, supplying entire Europe with its shale gas, thus taking away the business from Russia.

I have learned that Poroshenko and the Kiev junta LEASED THE ENTIRE EASTERN UKRAINE TO THE WESTERN INTERESTS for the term of 50 years. This particularly concerns SHELL Oil, in order to develop the supposed bonanza of the Ukrainian shale gas. Shell in its reports declared that Ukraine contains 1/3 of all commercially viable shale gas located in Europe. Seemed like a dream come true to the bankrupt Ukr economy.

The deposits were supposedly located exclusively in eastern Ukraine, including Donbass (Lugansk, Donetsk), Dnepropetrovsk, Zaporozhie and Kharkov regions.

Very few know this, but the smart, well-informed population of Donbass realized that #fracking would be dangerous for their health. In addition to political and cultural reasons, this is in part why they rebelled against Kiev. To remind everyone, Donbass, as well entire eastern Ukraine, is where ALL of Ukraine’s industry and natural resources reside. Eastern Ukraine is what makes up most of Ukr GDP.

Donbass residents are convinced that Kiev junta has been bombing their infrastructure – power plants, water mains and water/sewer stations, housing, hospitals, schools – because Kiev is trying to eliminate the population, make the area uninhabitable so to free up space for shale gas fracking. The fewer residents, the less protest to deal with.

We know that US VP’s son, Hunter Biden was suddenly named a director of the leading Ukr gas company. So, at least in part the bombings of eastern Ukraine are explained by the Western greed. Of course, there is much more to the story, and we should never forget that the overriding reason is geopolitical.

I am convinced that the corrupt and greedy Kiev, as well as gullible Ukrainians, were played and falsely promised untold riches from shale gas, just like farmers in the US. It is understood at this point that only the US has enough shale gas to make it commercially viable. Although US tries to sell the shale gas fairytale to various poor countries in order to make a quick buck, the rest of the world doesn’t have enough shale gas to make its extraction commercially viable. Except Russia, who announced they won’t use this barbaric extraction method.

As to the Ukraine, US knew early on there wasn’t enough gas there to make it commercially viable, yet kept stringing Ukraine along for geopolitical reasons, using the oligarch greed and desperate desire of Ukraine to get out of the looming bankruptcy.

I wrote about that on many occasions and you can read it in my earlier articles about Ukraine and Russia. The main goal of the US is to destroy Ukraine, so later, when they throw it out as a squeezed out lemon, Ukraine is left with no viable economy. So, when it’s time for Russia to pick up the pieces, Russia would spend a lot of resources and time, trying to put back together the broken pieces of the brotherly, but very stupid, population. Additionally, the goal is to try to breed the beastly hatred towards Russia in Ukraine, so that later to unleash that hatred via terrorist attacks and sabotage of Russia from Ukraine. This attempt was already made before in Georgia, which of course wasn’t very successful. You can search this blog for my article about striking geopolitical similarities between Georgia 2008 and Ukraine 1014.

Of course, see more about all this on PREDICTIONS page as well.

Back to shale gas: Shell announced that they would be postponing any fracking in Ukraine due the armed conflict. When did they ever postpone their greed because of any local wars? Never! Reading between the lines: there is no commercially viable shale gas in Ukraine! This fact was announced by the Russian scientists.

The thing is, the lazy Kiev bureaucrats and oligarchs, who simply don’t want to produce anything, who are used to sucking out the life out of the developed east and south, wanted to believe the shale gas lie. And at least in part, that’s what got them into this bloody war.

This answers very well why Kiev refused to pay for Russian gas since the beginning of 2014, which prompted Russia to stop the supply of gas to Ukraine. Ukraine is used to stealing Russian gas, although the new monitoring system makes such stealing difficult. It is impossible to understand why Kiev burned all the bridges with Russia and how they will survive the winter after their gas reserves run out… until we factor in that they thought they would have shale gas Americans promised them flowing any moment.

Shell Oil, working as a proxy for the US/UK/Canada, lured Kiev into a false sense of security, promising something unattainable in order to keep them sabotaging Russia.

However, this kind of deception can’t continue forever. And here is the result! No gas means Ukraine will not be able to survive the winter, unless someone gives them gas.

Ukraine needs this lesson very badly, because this is the only thing that may still teach them some sense. The new maidan revolution will happen when the population gets desperate enough.

It’s time for the Donbass self-defence to regroup and start advancing. They need to take the initiative away from Kiev. At the same time they need to be on a serious look-out for more false flags, which are undoubtedly coming. The more people from the other areas of Ukraine join them, the sooner the advance and liberation from the Kiev junta will occur.

As you know, my prediction since the beginning of the Ukraine mayhem has been that Ukraine will become a part of the Eurasian Union between 2016 and 2018. Due to the condition in which Ukraine economy will be by then, it will probably only qualify as associate member or observer.

Will Ukraine still be intact for the most part? There will never be a Ukraine as it existed for 23 years. That country is gone forever. Ukraine will be a reduced state, and it may contract to what I call “Ukraine proper,” consisting of the actual “Malorossia” territory (central and northern Ukraine, with capital Kiev). A lot depends of what Donbass and the East decide. See PREDICTIONS for more.

More Geopolitical and Mystical Predictions

Very unfortunately, as I predicted from the very beginning, and later – the stated goal of the US/Transatlantists is to destroy everything they can in Ukraine. And they are succeeding. As I also said from the start, Russia will have to pick up the pieces later, when Ukraine is squeezed like a lemon and thrown out by the West. Sorry, but this is the unfortunate reality written in the stars, and the fault is that of Ukraine, since Ukrainians let this go this far and never corrected their course on those many occasions they were offered.

Russia will have to face its shadow side, which is Ukraine. Ukraine, or correctly Malorossia (Russia Minor), is of course the integral part of the Russian world, together with Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, and many other places. Russians have been wearing rosy glasses when it comes to Ukraine for far too long. Ukrainians have some good qualities, which perhaps are very hard to see right now. But it’s time to face the shadows: Ukrainian vicious nationalism, the fact that they easily succumb to external manipulation, naiveté combined with wishful thinking, fascism, greed. Let’s face it… there is also a very well-known quality of some Ukrainians – that of disloyalty and betrayal, as portrayed by the beloved classic of both Russian and Ukrainian literature, Nikolai Gogol (originally from Ukraine), in his well-known historic fiction, Taras Bulba. This same situation of extreme cruelty and betrayal happened when during WWII some western Ukrainians joined the SS division Galichina and similar German nazi troops, executing hundreds of thousands of Russians, Ukrainians and Poles.

These qualities can lead to cancer, which is now metastasizing into all layers of Ukraine society.

Smart people learn from others’ experience. Ukrainians aren’t smart at large, as we well see. All the smart ones either left, or are in Donbass.

Only the destruction of everything they have will finally teach them a lesson.

Russians are finally waking up to the facts, and taking off their rosy glasses. The trick for Russians is not to lose sight of the big picture and not to succumb to hatred, which is the natural and easy thing to do under the circumstances, considering the beastly attitude and hatred on the other side.

My prediction: Russians will come out of this with flying colors. The West – especially US, Canada and UK – meanwhile is really accumulating the kind of bad karma that will come back to haunt them soon.

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  1. Thank you for the update and the predictions!
    Time to wake up for Russians, that’s so true. I believe the problem though is that Russians forgive everyone so easily. When the war is over, hopefully Novorussia is a new country, I think Russia should be really tough – like super duper tough – with the remaining part of Ukraine. It’s important to establish a state on the border that is peaceful and at least neutral if they don’t want to be friendly.
    What I am worried about is Russians travelling abroad. If they encounter Ukraineans, they should be really careful: there’re too many posts and videos from Ukraine where they threaten to kill Russians.
    The bad karma the Anglo world has accumulated over the past 500 years is horrendous. Time to pay now. And we are seeing this right now, aren’t we?

    Have a great vacation! 😉

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  2. Many thanks Lada for this update.

    Wow! I did not realize the casualties in the Ukrainian military were so high and that separatists had much less losses. I thought perhaps, in my ignorance, the Ukrainian separatists were losing. Thank God the Ukrainian military are taking a beating.

    I truly pray and wait for the time when Neo-Nazis of the Ukraine government will be on the run, will find themselves abandoned by Washington, and will have to face the revenge of Ukrainian separatists, possibly at the end of a rope.

    Sorry, but my heart is hardened when I think of the atrocities the Kiev Neo-Nazis committed to innocent Russian-speaking Ukrainians. I really don’t care what happens to Ukrainian nazis. Sorry Lada if I am giving off bad vibes here.

    Lada, have a good, peaceful vacation, you deserve the rest.

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  3. Vatic Master deliver today a comprehensive coherent info:
    – where the criminal web are exposed. Hunter biden and his oil-agenda to rub Ukraine and enslave the inhabitants. The nest of The Cabal in Netherland are introduced, also persons, and the airport Schiphol, which is more like a ‘shit hole’.
    The agenda of Israel to exterminate all Palestinians – just to steal the oil underground there.

    All in all, when connecting the points in this info, it become very clear, that these cold-blooded rub-murders are quite visible for the many of us. They act senseles, no money, no friends etc. They have burned their candle at both ends, as said. – and are desperate. What we witness is that they go berserk.

    It means that someone has to stop them, as they are harmful both to themselves and others, without being aware of, what they are actually doing. Since UN and US do nothing and EU are mute as never before and NATO now are withacting in the crimes, a new alliance seems the only way to stop this world-mare.


  4. Hope you have a nice holiday.

    If the Ukraine or parts of it enter the Eurasian Union by 2016-2018, does that mean a world war will be avoided or that it will be over by then? The fight from the US perspective is to keep control of Europe, and that is what Putin is trying to break. Are there any signs that you are looking for that show that Europe is being somewhat rational?

    As an aside, many argue that Russia would be in much better geopolitical shape at the moment if she hadn’t betrayed so many in attempts to become friends with the West. Supporting sanctions against Iran and failing to deliver promised weapons systems was a big blow to them when they needed help, and voting in favor of the war in Libya was almost suicidal as Khadaffi had worked so hard to build a world with alternatives to Anglo domination. Plus, the West got to steal hundreds of billions of dollars or more, and that feeds the war machine.


    • It looks like US is starting to back-pedal from their support for Kiev junta. Kiev used short range ballistic missiles today, and US’ lap media CNN was the first to report about it:

      So, I hope, this might mean that WWIII will be avoided after some compulsory sabre rattling.


    • Did you read my post/predictions re. Germany, China and Russia as the new axis of power? I explain it there. Yes, I see some rationality in EU, but it is being suppressed by US every time it emerges. EU is mortally afraid of US right now.

      I did say before, I think on numerous occasions, that there will be no war between US and Russia, as far as the traditional hot war is concerned. See Predictions. This is my long-range prediction, not based on current events, but on cosmic energy.

      I wouldn’t use a strong word like betrayal here. In fact, this point of view is wrong.

      Russia’s trying to be friends with the west is due to Russia’s global balancer role – which is explained in my Predictions as well. I think we also discussed it in our interview. This is Russia’s historic and karmic role, and it’s being acted out.

      On a lesser scale, facts: Russia didn’t vote FOR war in Libya. Russia and China both abstained and didn’t use VETO for the no fly zone. Huge difference. The fact that no-fly zone turned into bloody invasion is a dif story. Medvedev was at the helm at the time, not Putin, and both China and Russia admitted it was a mistake not to veto. I wouldn’t judge M. too harshly as Khaddafi failed to make any friends. Assad, on the other hand, made friends, and as we see, they can’t do Syria in no matter what. There WAS, still is, neo-liberal influence in Russia and China, Medvedev being a representative of it, but it won’t last.

      On the other hand, Medvedev made a stellar decision during Georgia – S. Ossetia – Russia conflict in 2008. I hope you read my detailed analysis and predictions on this blog.

      Similarly with Iran. Russia supported sanctions against Iran? New to me. Usually Russia vetoes any UN based resolutions on Iran. True, Russia didn’t deliver weapons directly due to threat of sanctions back then, when west was far more powerful. The pressure on Russia was enormous, and again, it was under Medvedev, whose program was to get closer to the West. Not betrayal, just naivete.

      Putin’s program is different.

      But it’s naive to think nothing was delivered. The great super-power Belarus delivered the weapons needed quietly. Why do you think no one tried to bomb Iran?

      Certain mistakes were made, perhaps, but let’s not forget, this is a fight to the death. It’s a new type of war and no one knows in advance the implications. In short, no, I def do not think Russia’s actions made it more difficult for Russia. The world leaders are realistic, and Iran, and others, always pursue their own interests. When their interests merge with others’ interests, they act together, or not.

      It would have been difficult for Russia no matter what because US/west were allowed to accumulate too much power unchecked. It will take a long and very difficult ordeal to break it. You are dealing with a huge, angry, bloodthirsty, rabid beast. What can make this easy?

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  5. Didn’t mean to phrase it in a harsh way, but the extreme pressure that Medvedev may have felt is even stronger on someone like Khadaffi, which is why he moved to the West. Actually, the situation there is a good lesson for everyone. Being friends with the West is difficult, as it really comes down to their strategic goals, not personalities or even policies. As for Iran, I admit to being unsure of the details, but many Iranians were quite angry with Russia, and still are. They felt they were let down in a big way when they needed a friend.

    The bigger issue is that being a balance between forces means that you are not on one side or the other. So that would mean being not backing the West as well as Iran in their fight. There are exceptions, such as Syria and Armenia, but being a balancer means being neutral. So no friends from either side of the fight. In return, one shouldn’t expect to have many friends. Not a terrible thing, just the nature of Russia’s position.

    I was asking about something resembling a big war to see if your opinion had changed. Some optimists thought that the EU would be more restrained or that the US wouldn’t be crazy enough to push things, but are now changing their mind. It certainly looks like Russian diplomatic efforts with Europe have had a limited effect. Yes, for things like South Stream and not putting in killer sanctions, but no in terms of restraining what happens regarding the Ukraine.

    No matter what happens, it won’t be easy. Big changes are coming, and the old guard will fight to the death to prevent them.


  6. Lada, please see this and comment. This talks about plans for missile attacks on chlorine and ammonia stores to cause massive deaths. I want to make the following suggestions (taken from instructions given for similar gas leak tragedy in Bhopal, India). If there is a spread of either chlorine or ammonia, people should soak towels or bedsheets in water and wrap themselves, taking care to cover face, keep eyes partially closed, blink often and to breath through the wet cloth. Both the gases readily dissolve in water and thus will not affect the membranes of the eyes and nose. The danger would be if there is no water available. So just as a precaution people should store water in or near their homes.


    • I’ve seen reports about that. This is a huge, huge catastrophe if allowed to happen. Very bad. I did say this should be expected, but it’s one thing to predict, and a completely another to see it unfold in front of your eyes.

      Clearly, those in Kiev, and their western handlers, don’t care a bit about their own country or any other country. They are true fascists and Hitler would be proud of them.

      We are teetering on the brink of a massive world catastrophe all the time, and every time Putin manages to pull humanity away from the abyss a bit, these creeps push it back to the edge.

      It wouldn’t be so very easy for THEM to keep pushing the world to the last war if humans were a bit more reasonable and not as prone to manipulation. The problem is that people are so easily scared and brainwashed that even some of my readers keep questioning whether Putin is really a NWO agent. Not you of course, but I keep getting scared comments from certain readers, referring to some article somewhere, which depicts Putin as a devil incarnate and asking if it’s true.

      If my readers, whom I consider some of the more intelligent and in-tune people, are so easy to sway, what can be said for others.

      In The Earth Shifter I describe what future can humanity expect if it chooses the path of bad karma and self-destruction, despite valiant efforts by some to save it. We are not out of the danger zone by any measure. And this alternate future is still in the cards. It all depends on humans’ choices.

      Humans need to engage more actively, if they don’t want the worst scenario. I also speak in my recent interview about the importance of staying positive and raising your vibration.

      Practically speaking, the way to counter this new false flag, and make no mistake – there will be other attempts in the future as well, is to make it un-happen by exposing it. Be very vocal about it everywhere, tell everyone, on SM, blogs, FB, Twitter, at work, in your neighborhood. Unmask their plans and write to Western TV, papers, congressmen in US and EU, protesting. Make fliers and post them in coffee shops, community centers… Start petitions…

      The more people tell the truth, and the more people know what the truth is – the more THEY will be afraid to do it.

      Thank you for the useful tips for those affected. Problem with water is: Kiev junta has been blowing up water mains and water stations, so some places have trouble with water. Russia sends them humanitarian assistance, including water, and hopefully it helps sufficiently.

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    • To esskumar, Lada Ray and anyone, quote:
      “You have an expression about giving someone “enough rope to hang themselves” and this is the position the Dark Ones are in. Their destiny is sealed and they cannot buy their way out of it.”

      Exactly what we do and Putin and Russia do – they get a little more line, so they doom themselves.
      It is first time I have seen websites daily talking about how to build, or rebuild a human world and how to handle the darkminded classic powerpoeple in a reasonable but secure way. There await a lot of things to take care of, and here are a lot of positive people ready just to withact and get it done.

      This sign tell me that the negative now is less than the positive. when the negative gang promote they will kill many people they intend to do it. But history show they are both provokative and lazy. That means they at first threatens peoplethrough the media, to harvest fear and make people incapable of resistance. As you, esskumar do.

      Their threatens are empty, and we have nothing to fear. They do damage, but their act are very restricted by an exeptionel public attention. This is the rope that will hang them.


      • You put it pretty well. I don’t think those you are referring to are lazy. They’ll go to any length to create havoc and destruction.

        Humans’ worst enemy and best friend is themselves. They just have to choose to be their best version, not worst. Human fear is at the root of all problems on the planet. That’s why I write this blog. Knowledge and reason are the 100% antidote to fear. Fear and ignorance are twins.

        The more I get positive feedback like yours, the more of a chance that humans will pull out of it. The more I get panicked comments with links that are just fear based (some I allow, and some I don’t) the less of a chance.

        Through choices, humans are creators of their own future, plain and simple.

        I generally agree about the rope. 🙂

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  8. What I’ve ever felt about these people, the warring ones, is that they yearn to die.
    Most people will think they want to kill, but I think they do it to hide the weakness of their hearts behind the ostensible strength of (potential or actual) murders.
    Like a wounded wolf who, before dying from injuries, tries to drag along as many victims as it can.
    And I would like to suggest: that the wolf is the FIRST victim and that it wants to kill ITSELF in the first place, even if its pride will never allow it to admit that.

    That’s the true nature of evil: it yearns for all good doesn’t yearn for.
    Good wants life, evil wants death, its own death at the end of all things, as a final goal.
    So the destiny of men is to survive evil, not to defeat it, as it shall defeat itself alone.

    And I would like to suggest that these people are not to be scared: fighting fear with fear might result in something, sometimes, but what it really does is, at the end, making fear stronger, by increasing it.
    You scare him who scares, he will be more scared and will scare all the more, and so it will never end…

    I and others have been and are planning to create examples of beauty and perfection, in various fields like literature but also practical consciousness raising, to communicate to people like the warring ones as well the greatness true love can arouse.
    No wishful thinking: some Iranians have already listened to us, can you believe it ? 🙂

    I would like Lada to know I and others want to oppose love to this fear, this hatred and this is the way we act.
    I think: you cannot fight evil with evil, you will just reinforce it.
    Love is what consumes and demolishes evil the most, it’s just that we humans are not used to love as much as to awaken this property of love.

    Beauty, not strength, is the only thing that can save a world like ours.

    This also in response to these lines:
    > Unmask their plans and write to Western TV, papers, congressmen in US and EU, protesting, shaming them, etc. Make fliers and post them in coffee shops, community centers… Start petitions…

    > The more people tell the truth, and the more people know what the truth is – the more THEY will be afraid to do it.

    Until what is publicly illicit will become publicly licit and they will do it ALL THE SAME.
    Hasn’t that already happened with nazism ?
    Publicly licit.
    And then what will we have achieved ?

    (I admire what you do Lada, that’s giving your kind of message.
    Consider this a contribution to reinforce it) .


    • Thank you for your contribution. I don’t understand what you mean by ‘publicly licit’ and ‘they did it all the same’ – and this is a first for me. Who, Hitler did it all the same? Was there social media and global citizen journalism back then? Or are you suggesting we should enjoy ourselves for now, while atrocities are happening elsewhere, and then, when these atrocities come to our town, we should simply go to the last nuclear world war that will destroy all life on Earth, instead of nipping it in the bud peacefully while we can?

      I believe you completely misread everything I ever said. Where did I suggest fighting fear with fear?

      If you don’t feel you should help in exposing the truth – no one’s forcing you. This is a suggestion for those who are ready and willing to work in this direction; and for those who want to live cooperatively and in friendship with all. Everyone has their own talents and inclinations. Perhaps, this isn’t yours.

      MY confident diagnosis is that this is EXACTLY what’s required at this precise moment in human development – exposing the truth, educating and telling everyone what is happening and why, so humanity could move forward from the massive crossroads it’s on.

      Hiding away from reality only helps those who want to blow up the world. I live in beauty every day, but if I close my eyes to the ugliness they are creating in the rest of the world while I admire and CREATE the beauty around me, the ugliness will come to my doorstep next, whether I want it or not. And it already did. Ukraine is far removed from me physically, but IT IS MY DOORSTEP.

      Perhaps, if it happened on YOUR doorstep, dear, you would grasp it too.

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  9. Josheph Dragon

    Your blog had talked of foreign mercenaries.
    There have been reports of Polish, Azerbaijani, Israeli and Romanian pilot mercenaries.
    These reports have been linked flight paths of SU-25’s being based outside of Ukraine.
    It is known that Poland, Romania, and Lithuania had CIA black site which their governments turned a blind eye to. It is also known that in the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict, Azerbaijan hired Ukrainian mercenary pilot – captured by Armenians

    There are many other bread crumbs that seem to point western intelligence and private contractor armies being involved directly in Ukraine. All of this seems to be done is such a manner that nations can deny government involvement. I was hoping you could clarify the facts and put a better picture together.


  10. hi Lada!–from British Columbia/Canada
    just found your blog recently and must say i am very impressed by the depth and breath of your analyses(to say the least!) —–have done extensive research myself on many topics you cover and your take on geopolitics/ west’s banking corruption/market manipulations is right on.
    am an MD in my late 50’s—born in Munich/Germany and am watching with horror the ukrainian nazi faction resurrected in the most hideous manner.
    am also greatly dismayed that my adopted country appears to be supporting the powers that are assisting this resurrection and my taxes are paying for our planes to be deployed in Poland.
    —like you i also believe in the mystical aspects of things and i am certain that the fascist’s power’s Karma (wherever on the planet these psychopathic miscreants are doing their damage) — is running out faster than they could have imagined only a short while ago!


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