Who Is Really Vladimir Putin? This May Surprise You!

As the anti-Russian howling and barking of the American MSM and politicians gets more and more deafening, as the anti-Russian sanctions get more and more audacious and the vilifying of Russia and Putin goes into an overdrive, perhaps there are other voices out there as well. The presstitutes of the Western MSM won’t give the podium to these voices, furtively pretending they don’t exist. Even some of the so-called alternative media in the US is anti-Russian, or is timidly shying away from the subject.

But different voices, although quiet, do exist. Is this proof that perhaps there are some healthy and honest forces still left in the USA? Below are recollections of those Americans who actually met Putin well before his rise, during the turbulent and disastrous 1990s. Who is really Vladimir Putin? What you’ll read below may surprise you!

Thank you – Spasibo – to Paul Plane of The Plane Truth show on the Time Monk Radio for providing this material!

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Recollections of the Americans who met Vladimir Putin in the 1990s

The year was 1992: It was two years after the implosion of communism; the place was St.Petersburg. For years I had been creating programs to open up relations between the two countries and hopefully to help Soviet people to get beyond their entrenched top-down mentalities. A new program possibility emerged in my head. Since I expected it might require a signature from the Marienskii City Hall, an appointment was made. My friend Volodya Shestakov and I showed up at a side door entrance to the Marienskii building. We found ourselves in a small, dull brown office, facing a rather trim nondescript man in a brown suit. He inquired about my reason for coming in. After scanning the proposal I provided he began asking intelligent questions. After each of my answers, he asked the next relevant question. I became aware that this interviewer was different from other Soviet bureaucrats who always seemed to fall into chummy conversations with foreigners with hopes of obtaining bribes in exchange for the Americans’ requests. CCI stood on the principle that we would never, never give bribes. This bureaucrat was open, inquiring, and impersonal in demeanor. After more than an hour of careful questions and answers, he quietly explained that he had tried hard to determine if the proposal was legal, then said that unfortunately at the time it was not. A few good words about the proposal were uttered. That was all. He simply and kindly showed us to the door. Out on the sidewalk, I said to my colleague, “Volodya, this is the first time we have ever dealt with a Soviet bureaucrat who didn’t ask us for a trip to the US or something valuable!” I remember looking at his business card in the sunlight––it read Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin.


December 31, 1999: With no warning, at the turn of the year, President Boris Yeltsin made the announcement to the world that from the next day forward he was vacating his office and leaving Russia in the hands of an unknown Vladimir Putin. On hearing the news, I thought surely not the Putin I remembered––he could never lead Russia. The next day a NYT article included a photo. Yes, it was the same Putin I’d met years ago! I was shocked and dismayed, telling friends, “This is a disaster for Russia, I’ve spent time with this guy, he is too introverted and too intelligent––he will never be able to relate to Russia’s masses.” Further, I lamented: “For Russia to get up off of its knees, two things must happen: 1) The arrogant young oligarchs have to be removed by force from the Kremlin, and 2) A way must be found to remove the regional bosses (governors) from their fiefdoms across Russia’s 89 regions”. It was clear to me that the man in the brown suit would never have the instincts or guts to tackle Russia’s overriding twin challenges.

February 2000: Almost immediately, Putin began putting Russia’s oligarchs on edge. In February a question about the oligarchs came up; he clarified with a question and his answer: “What should be the relationship with the so-called oligarchs? The same as anyone else. The same as the owner of a small bakery or a shoe repair shop.” This was the first signal that the tycoons would no longer be able to flaunt government regulations or count on special access in the Kremlin. It also made the West’s capitalists nervous. After all, these oligarchs were wealthy untouchable businessmen––good capitalists, never mind that they got their enterprises illegally and were putting their profits in offshore banks.

Four months later Putin called a meeting with the oligarchs and gave them his deal: They could keep their illegally-gained wealth-producing Soviet enterprises and they would not be nationalized …. IF taxes were paid on their revenues and if they personally stayed out of politics. This was the first of Putin’s “elegant solutions” to the near impossible challenges facing the new Russia. But the deal also put Putin in crosshairs with US media and officials who then began to champion the oligarchs, particularly Mikhail Khodorkovsky. The latter became highly political, didn’t pay taxes, and prior to being apprehended and jailed was in the process of selling a major portion of Russia’s largest private oil company, Yukos Oil, to Exxon Mobil. Unfortunately, to U.S. media and governing structures, Khodorkovsky became a martyr (and remains so up to today).

March 2000: I arrived in St.Petersburg. A Russian friend (a psychologist) since 1983 came for our usual visit. My first question was, “Lena what do you think about your new president?” She laughed and retorted, “Volodya! I went to school with him!” She began to describe Putin as a quiet youngster, poor, fond of martial arts, who stood up for kids being bullied on the playgrounds. She remembered him as a patriotic youth who applied for the KGB prematurely after graduating secondary school (they sent him away and told him to get an education). He went to law school, later reapplied and was accepted. I must have grimaced at this, because Lena said, “Sharon in those days we all admired the KGB and believed that those who worked there were patriots and were keeping the country safe. We thought it was natural for Volodya to choose this career. My next question was, “What do you think he will do with Yeltsin’s criminals in the Kremlin?” Putting on her psychologist hat, she pondered and replied, “If left to his normal behaviors, he will watch them for a while to be sure what is going on, then he will throw up some flares to let them know that he is watching. If they don’t respond, he will address them personally, then if the behaviors don’t change–– some will be in prison in a couple of years.” I congratulated her via email when her predictions began to show up in real time.

Throughout the 2000’s: St. Petersburg’s many CCI alumni were being interviewed to determine how the PEP business training program was working and how we could make the U.S. experience more valuable for their new small businesses. Most believed that the program had been enormously important, even life changing. Last, each was asked, “So what do you think of your new president?” None responded negatively, even though at that time entrepreneurs hated Russia’s bureaucrats. Most answered similarly, “Putin registered my business a few years ago”. Next question, “So, how much did it cost you?” To a person they replied, “Putin didn’t charge anything”. One said, “We went to Putin’s desk because the others providing registrations at the Marienskii were getting ‘rich on their seats.’”


Year 2001: Jack Gosnell (former USCG mentioned earlier) explained his relationship with Putin when the latter was deputy mayor of St.Petersburg. The two of them worked closely to create joint ventures and other ways to promote relations between the two countries. Jack related that Putin was always straight up, courteous and helpful. When Putin’s wife, Ludmila, was in a severe auto accident, Jack took the liberty (before informing Putin) to arrange hospitalization and airline travel for her to get medical care in Finland. When Jack told Putin, he reported that the latter was overcome by the generous offer, but ended saying that he couldn’t accept this favor, that Ludmila would have to recover in a Russian hospital. She did––although medical care in Russia was abominably bad in the 1990s.

This material is from http://www.russiaotherpointsofview.com/2014/04/russia-report-putin-.html



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  1. I like Vladimir but I still wonder to whom he owes allegiance. I have seen reports that he is working with the Reptoids (See Kerry Cassidy’s interviews with Mark Richards). Concerning Crimea, it is reported there are many ancient pyramids there, near the coast. Also there is a landlocked “Bermuda Triangle” there which had disappeared a lot of troops and military gear. As always, much runs beneath the surface we are not allowed to know. Same everywhere. If we have to choose between world leaders who have an active dark side, I would choose Putin. He may be a very bad dude but I like how he rolls.


  2. Patrick Brenner

    Very good in-site into Putin. I have always liked him for some reason…even more so now. The press here (USA) just vilifies him anyway. But this country doesn’t actually have real journalists anymore…I know a little about that as a retired Public Information Officer and was a syndicated columnist at age 14 – Copley News Service.


  3. Reblogged this on Spirit In Action and commented:
    Thank you Lada! I trusted my “gut feeling” or instinct that Putin was a good man despite the cartoon caricatures he was portrayed with in U.S. media. I’m so grateful for your insights and clear reporting so others can see how deeply corrupt and “yellow” the majority of our media have become. I strongly believe that despite appearances both Putin and Obama are good men who intend to further global peace and an end to the oligarchs corrupt control of our planet. Because they are both intelligent and capable of “playing along” with the powers that were in order to accomplish their long term goals, I have greater confidence in our collective future.
    They are playing the chess game from Harry Potter only much larger and with higher stakes, and against opponents who habitually lie and cheat. Luckily, they seem to share Harry and Hermione’s level of intellect, courage and backing by magical unseen forces;-)

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  4. xnibiru,

    Putin is working with everybody. He has to; it’s his job. The question is what kind of a country and world is he trying to bring about. I would submit that that world is one that reptoids/archons/demons/whatever will not be so happy about.

    There is an old saying that “The perfect is the enemy of the good.” Those who say Putin hasn’t put more oligarchs in prison or “removed” some bad guy in the world using the KGB are ignoring a lot of the tough choices in the world. Look at what happened in the US: Created a CIA to remove inconvenient people and they eventually decided to do the same inside the US. No president can stand up to them.

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  5. Some readers might like this story from Putin’s life:


  6. Hawkeye Lockhart

    If you appreciated these insights, you may also like to read: The Talented Mr. Putin – What the Government-Media Complex Doesn’t Want You to Know About the New Russia




  7. Dear Lada,
    Thank you so much for this wonderful work. I’ve read many of your analyses and predictions – very heartening for all of us who understand who President Putin really is, and what he means for the world at this crazy period.
    Now I have a request: we should all think of something we can do for his birthday on October 7. Something that many people could join in.
    Any ideas?

    Liked by 1 person

    • This is a lovely thought. 🙂
      No ideas, but if you have any thoughts, plese do post a comment in the newest article (I have one coming up tomorrow). More people will see it there and perhaps someone will also have some ideas.
      Just to let everyone know, as far as I can judge, Putin is a modest man and he doesn’t expect presents of any sort. I think peace and prosperity in his country is what he really wants for his birthday and ever. This is my personal opinion, but if you read any of my predictions, you may know that I am usually right. 😉

      All the best to you.


      • OK, Lara,
        I’ll watch out for your next article, and post a msge then.
        I think I’ve read your articles and predictions. I agree with Pres. Putin not wanting gifts. I was thinking of some kind of gesture, message, prayer… something like that. Meanwhile, let’s all keep sending him good energy, to support him so he keeps a cold head and a warm heart in this terrifying period, when all the leaders of the West seem to be under some form of obsession.
        Which brings me to your comment on Fedorov’s message: I don’t think he is causing fear; he is waking people up so they face the facts, understand what is at stake, and take appropriate action. He works along certain lines, and reaches those who need to hear precisely that message.You work along different lines, reaching a different kind of people. Both approaches are needed: a yin message, and a yan message. The major thing is that both you and him understand the issues clearly, and even more importantly, both of you love and understand your President and his place and role in our world today. And if you know him (Evgeny Alexeevich), please give him my love and encouragement.

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  8. Lada, thank you for this information!
    Years back I used to lead ecotours from Japan to Lake Baikal. When Putin became president, we were all worried that he would be ultra-nationalistic. The lives of my friends in Siberia started to improve, but at the same time there was a crack-down on the activities of foreigners in Russia, and Russia lost the free-wheeling character of the Yeltsin years. But I couldn’t blame them for that! I saw with my own eyes that many of the foreigners coming to Russia were attempting to exploit the situation for personal gain. As an American living in Japan, I began having trouble obtaining visas, and for a number of other unrelated reasons, had to give up leading ecotours.
    It was at that time, however, that I had a dream, in which I was visiting Baikal with a group and our guide introduced us to Vladimir Putin, who happened to be there too. He took me aside for a walk because he wanted to show me something, and we went to where there was a pond. It was a very dirty pond, full of junk and sharks and other dangerous things. Mr. Putin held a knife in his teeth and dove in, fighting the monsters in the filthy pond. He came up for a breath and called out, “Вот, это моя жизнь!”
    Then he grabbed my hand and pulled me into the pond and took me across to a safe place on the other side.
    It was nothing but a dream, of course, but it opened my eyes to the man, and I have watched him since then. Every time he does something especially commendable, he gets attacked in the alternative press, not to mention the mainstream, in subtle sneaky ways.
    I have wanted to write a personal letter to him to encourage him. I was afraid to for a long time, because the Japanese government has had considerable antipathy to Russia, and I also know they spy on me. Recently, however, there have been cracks in that wall, with NHK venturing to tell the truth about the Ukraine stand-off. So I would like to take this opportunity to try.
    Do you know how I might reach him?



    • That’s a cool allegory, Pat. Enjoyed it. So true to life!
      I don’t know how to contact Putin. But I’ll think about it and I’ll let you know should I find out. 🙂

      It’s heartening that Japan perhaps is starting to turn around a little.

      Loved the fact that you led ecotours to Baikal. 🙂 You know, Lake Baikal is the setting of my novel, The Earth Shifter (with Shaman Tengis as the main character).

      By the way, do you mind if I quote your story in my future writing. I can use your name, or just initial – up to you. It’s a very cute story and testimonial. Please say ‘yes!’ 🙂


      • My goodness! By all means, feel free to quote me on it. I’d be happy if it made its way around a bit. Maybe even back to Mr. Putin!

        Did you visit Baikal? Did you meet Valentin Khagdaev, the shaman of Ol’khon Island? He is one of my friends there, though I’ve not been able to stay in touch with him.

        In fact, I am a Shinto priestess. And I’ve also written a novel, and have presented the first half to a few people for feedback. Small world! My novel treats dreams as a clairvoyant, spiritual phenomenon, though not explicitly. At the very least, dreams synthesize our daily observations and provide us feedback that we would otherwise miss.

        Have you published your novel?


    • Pat, just wanted to add that you certainly are highly intuitive and probably clairvoyant. But you most likely already know that.
      Peace 🙂


    • Powerful dream, Pat!
      What Mr Putin was doing in your dream was something like cleansing the Augean stables in the myth of Hercules.
      Cleansing the waters of the world, clearing them of monsters, and taking his country and hopefully the entire humanity – represented by you in the dream – to a safer and cleaner place: that seems to be his calling.
      Let’s pray that he has the strength and foresight to achieve his goals. To understand them better, I recommend reading the transcript of his Munich speech in 2003 to get a sense of what he wants to do:
      – for Russia:
      “We will achieve success for sure if we stand firmly upon the solid foundation of our multi-ethnic people’s cultural and spiritual traditions, our centuries of history, the values that have always been the moral backbone of our life, and if each of us lives according to their conscience, with love for and faith in their country, their families and loved ones, and care for their children’s happiness and their parents’ welfare.” http://eng.kremlin.ru/news/3749
      – for Europe:
      “[Putin hopes that] a Russian-led Eurasian Economic Union will one day form a vital link between the Asia-Pacific region and Europe.” http://www.tlaxcala-int.org/article.asp?reference=3125
      – for the world: ““Russia’s national interests are best served by fostering a just and peaceful world environment” – http://eng.kremlin.ru/transcripts/8498; http://www.voltairenet.org/article172940.html
      I hope you succeed in writing to him, but meanwhile, why not send him is beneficent energy to support his aims as described in his articles and speeches, and generally help him in his work.
      Best wishes.


      • Very nice, and thanks for the great quotes. I might put together an article with the best material, and perhaps it will reach Vladimir Vladimirovich – this is how Putin is normally addressed in Russia.


  9. Great idea, Lada!
    One of my favourite teachings of your President are found in his 2012 Annual Address, in which he outlined his programme for the new term of office, stressing, inter alia, the need to “strengthen the spiritual and moral fabric of society”, taking inspiration from the heroes of the past (transcript: http://eng.news.kremlin.ru/news/4739):
    “We should let the wealth of Russian culture guide us. Russia has always been among the nations that not only create their own cultural agenda, but also influence the entire global civilization.”
    An important passage of the speech, which captures his vision for Russia and its potential cultural and spiritual influence on the world, is found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bKxAG5glTfM (“Putin – Russian Spirit”.) A magnificent, deeply spiritual vision, fully in accord with the specific quality of the coming Aquarian Age: right human relations – sharing, serving, caring…
    “After 70 years of the Soviet period, the Russian people went through a period when the importance of their private interests regained its relevance. That was a necessary and natural stage. However, working for one’s own interests has its limits. … You cannot live without having regard for others, without helping the weak, without extending your responsibility beyond your family or professional duties.”
    A true Statesman, and a great teacher and inspirer. I hope you Russians realize that he was not given you at this particular time in your history simply to develop your economy and culture, but to lead you to your destined role and place.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Very good words, Rose. This is what we talk about a lot on this blog and in LR Predictions.
      Just so you know, I don’t live in Russia; I write and speak about Russia for this very reason – the importance of Russia in the universal scheme of things.



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