Russia’s Sanctions: Who Wins, Who Loses?

Below is the new breaking info, to supplement the comprehensive info, analysis and predictions I provided in Predictions: Russia Hits West With Return Sanctions.

Russia finalized the list of products and countries banned for import into Russia.

I warned many times that the attempts by the EU to impose sanctions on Russia will backfire on the EU, and will be a long-term positive for Russia. My predictions are playing out now.

Canada, US, Australia, UK foods/agriculture/raw material imports are banned.

There is a full ban on agricultural/food products from all EU countries and Norway. The ban includes meats, fish, milk products, fruits and vegetables – in short, just about everything. Russia is a huge market for the EU. Annual agriculture/food imports from the EU to Russia total 12bln euros. Total trade between Russia and EU is about $500bln per annum. By contrast, Russia’s trade with the US is only $26bln.

Russia banned all agricultural produce from Belgium – Belgium food exports to Russia total over 400 mln euro per year. All agriculture from Poland is banned. Romania, Italy, Greece, France, Holland, and pretty much every EU country, is affected.

This would have been funny, if it wasn’t that sad! Lithuanian government asks the EU to compensate it for losses associated with Russian sanctions and says that “EU must meet the threat together, as a unified front.” THE THREAT? Let me get this straight: Lithuania had no problem jumping on the bandwagon of the EU/US sanctions against Russia; no problem with EU/US threatening and lying about Russia. Lithuanian mercenaries are a large and integral part of the Kiev junta invasion into Donbass. They play a big role in the bombings of the peaceful population, and bear part of the responsibility for the destruction of the once florishing Lugansk and Donetsk. But when they have to pay the piper for their actions – all of sudden they remember that they are threatened?! Lithuanian agricultural exports into Russia, now banned, were a substantial part of Lithuanian economy.

Finland, another (formerly) large exporter of foods into Russia, admits that it will be very difficult to replace the lucrative Russian market. Russian market accounted for 1/4 of Finland’s entire agricultural/food export!

German Association of Wholesalers and Exporters says that it is worried that the loss of the Russian market, with its large capacity, poses a threat to German economy. This loss affects not only agricultural producers, but also the shipping industry and transportation operators.

At the same time, Russia is to dramatically increase imports from Chile – mainly meat, wine and milk/cheese products. Turkey’s supplies of fruits and vegetables are to increase dramatically as well. Belarus delegation is now in Russia discussing a substantial increase in Belarus food/agri imports. It appears, Kazakhstan is also gearing for the increase of its imports into Russia. Generally, this situation is expected to be a stellar opportunity for certain countries that have been anxious to increase their share in the Russian market, but were being squeezed out of it by the fierce competition. Lines are forming and the race is on. Interviewing candidates… 😉

Russia has also announced measures to boost domestic agricultural output, and as I said in the previous piece, the ban of the European agri products is superb news for Russian farmers and food manufacturers, who were at a huge disadvantage in their own country due to competition from the EU, as a result of the imbalanced policies and proliferation of oligarchs in the 1990s. In short, as I warned and predicted previously, and as discussed in Predictions: Russia Hits West With Return Sanctions, the anti-Russian sanctions by the West will turn into a problem for the EU, and will be a HUGE long-term positive for Russia.

The turn of events is such that these will also become a long-term positive for other countries that were at a huge competitive disadvantage compared to the EU/US producers. This is awesome news as well, as it will help restore the overall balance and justice in the world – something, as my readers know, I often love to talk about. Read more about the current global imbalance and Russia’s universal karmic role in PREDICTIONS.

The ban will be for the term of one year, with possible changes and/or extensions; new products may be added. Such long-term ban means that many of the countries that lose the large and lucrative Russian market, won’t be able to get back in as their place will be taken by someone else.

NEW PREDICTIONS: There is another huge positive for Russia: having invested properly into her own agriculture (and this is finally happening due to sanctions), Russia will eventually regain its place as the world’s bread basket. Turn of the 20th century Russian Empire was called the “bread basket of Europe.” Russian agriculture, albeit damaged after the 1990s disasters, can now rise again. Russia is capable of feeding a large part of the planet with her clean, non-GMO foods. Some of the EU agricultural products, having lost their competitive advantage, will be eventually squeezed out and replaced by Russian products. I say nothing about the US, as it isn’t in the running.

In my prior articles and predictions, I discussed the trend of Russia having to take reluctant measures in response to the US/EU behavior, with these measures morphing into a long-term boon for the country. This is the long-term trend I continue forecasting. In fact, it will intensify. EU shouldn’t have poked Russia (of which I’ve also repeatedly warned). Never a good idea and always ends the same way.

Russia’s PM, Dmitry Medvedev, announced that the government will crack down on any attempt to speculate on banned goods, or to create a black market for banned goods. He has also announced that sanctions exclude baby products.

Russia is gearing for the ban on EU and US commercial flights across Russia. See article link below for specific flight time and financial loss numbers associated with such ban. Ukraine is already banned from using Russian airspace. Dmitry Medvedev announced that Russia may change rules of foreign usage of the TransSiberian routes, including tariffs and routes. He also pointed out that closer to winter, Russia may announce additional sanctions.

This article should be read in conjunction with: Predictions: Russia Hits West With Return Sanctions.

P.S. I have to warn that the US won’t give up despite the losing position they are in (or maybe precisely because they are in this losing position). More crazy pressure on Russia and EU should be expected. Of course, in the final analysis, this will only expedite the collapse of the US empire, but they don’t seem to be too concerned about it. Follow the link above to read more about that. Also, see my other previous articles and Predictions.


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  1. A Ruble spent importing goods is a lost Ruble, because if a domestic market can produce the product that same Ruble multiplies. The producer will pay some additional tax but the producer will also hire others to produce the value no longer coming into Russia who will also pay some taxes. That worker will spend his new income inside Russia and that will cause other expansions of labor and taxes as well as expansions of capital formation.

    Russia will become a more wealthy nation. This is true for every Nation and shows especially inside the US, which shipped all its high paying jobs overseas and buy cheaper goods and sells them to more and more underemployed people, ie, a reverse Ponzi scheme. If American money becomes worth less for purchases of buying imports, the value for home made products increase, ie, manufacturing returns and high paying jobs come back home. WTO type of thinking only runs the World downhill together

    Russia is being forced out of the WTO as well as the Dollar Financial System indeed but, to its advantage LONG term and to the advantage of the productive middle class in America-LONG term. Not so good for the American TBTF banks, large corporations and the War Machine. Russia, China and the BRICS (probably 70 other nations soon) are being forced to save the World, earlier than they planned would be ideal for them to do so. See very accelerated dumping of the Dollar by the BRICS (again, probably 70 other nations soon) and the $25 Chinese t-shirt.

    Yes, we will be soon making our own t-shirts again here. American Apparel’s creator bailed at just the wrong time. Oh well, many others will be getting into making clothing right here in America.

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    • Thanks, John. There is a large movement in Russia demanding Russia exits WTO. It should happen.

      Only Americans can change their own system quetly NOW. If not, the system will eventually crumble anyway, but it will me much harder to rebuild. It is advisable to do so before US economy and US relations with the rest of the world are destoryed completely. Unfortunately, this is where it’s going.

      P.S. I just added a new prediction to this article. Check it out. 🙂

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  2. When a country (U.S.) doesn’t seem to care about the consequences of repeatedly shooting itself in the foot, maybe it is a deliberate part of a plan (right out of Saul Alinsky’s playbook) to destroy said country from within. I’d hate to be one of the Cabal after the complete breakdown of law and order, or if civil war breaks out. Each one of them will be a target and Americans can be a vicious and vengeful lot when pushed too far.

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  3. Your blog has quickly become a favorite of mine since finding you on Jean’s blog. It is refreshing to read good news about Russia instead of our biased media rants designed to
    push another world war agenda. The “big money” wants everyone fighting each other and buying endless bullets,tanks,and missiles. When people realise that they are just pawns in the plans of the oilgarchs, one expects they would stop supporting them…..

    But IMO the public is too caught up in their daily lives to question the news they hear about the rest of the world. You said Americans can change the system? Highly unlikely until something impacts that daily life to wake them up…..Tornadoes, floods and fires get their
    attention because they could become victims….but pictures of war elsewhere has been the norm for our population for the past 50 years. It has always been someone else’s war and carnage. They don’t see the connection between their taxes paying for weapons used on other people. End the wars but don’t take away my job making those missiles…….!
    When you make weapons you can’t just store them somewhere and keep making more…..?

    Now that many veterans are returning from the horrors encountered in the Middle East, some people are beginning to see the results in wrecked lives, hospital sagas, suicides,
    widowed women and fatherless kids. These types of exposure on the media helped end the Vietnam conflict so you don’t see much of it these days on television. The moguls don’t want us to see flag-draped coffins returning home ! Yet those images would get a lot of attention if shown often.

    I want to say that your reporting has awakened an interest in discovering the real Vladimir
    Putin who has certainly suffered “the slings and arrows of outrageous reporting” lately.
    He is to be admired for his dignified stance in handling the many lies thrown his way.
    He has not stooped to the name games of the US and EU. Bravo, I say.
    His refusal to import GMO products is highly commendable. Our people can not even get
    labels on food to make an intelligent choice not to buy it ! His newest plans to ignore
    the sanctions from Europe and work for new markets for your people’s products is a
    wise and favorable move in the right direction. I wish him and your people the greatest
    success in showing the way to a future where people can thrive and be happy.

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    • Very nice, Carol. 🙂
      I would agree with you that it’s nearly impossible to awaken Americans at large. I meant that IF Americans feel they should change the system, they must act now, before it’s too late. And spreading the truth is the way to help them understand.
      But I do foresee that it will have to play out to the end, and when disaster becomes visible to all, perhaps that’s when some will awaken. I must tell you though, it will be along and protracted collapse.

      Vietnam war seemingly did stop because of protests, at least that’s what we are being told. Were people different back then? Perhaps. But I can tell you that in reality Vietnam war ended in big part due to the US going almost bankrupt because of the war expenditures – however, this is a dirty little secret they don’t want you to know. This was actually why Nixon had to take the dollar off the gold standard. US couldn’t afford to maintain it by the end of Vietnam war. Amazingly, back then, the world just ate up the US bluff.
      But not this time around…


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  4. What can I say? As a European I just love it!! It is about time that American hegemony got a boot up the backside. They are so good at making their puppets do things where it does not hurt them. Maybe Russia can find some things that will hurt the US economy.

    You said in the response above “Were people different back then? Perhaps.”. Yes indeed they were. They had not been stupefied by US media trash in the form of soaps etc. Some are awake, but not enough.

    It is the same in Europe. Every one is only interested in themselves and the media push the me, me, me mantra. The US and the EU strive to make us all the same but we are not. We should rejoice in the different cultures around us and not strive to replace them with the Big Mac, KFC, Coke etc and other blood sucking US corporations that cannot make a profit in their own country so suck the money out of ours. I don’t suppose I will ever get the chance to visit Russia, but I would love to one day.


  5. Reblogged this on 1EarthUnited and commented:
    Excellent breakdown of all the players! Ultimately Russia is the big winner. 😉


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