War or Peace: Damning Eye-Witness Video of MH17 False Flag; Plus, Strange Failures of Russian Rockets

Link to videoWarning – GRAPHIC!

This has just been brougth to my attention. I believe it is necessary to post the translation of this very graphic and disturbing, but extremely damning video. Please keep in mind that the site that has posted this video, ‘AnnaNews,’ keeps being deleted by YouTube for their unbending drive to tell the truth. However, it keeps coming back up. Watch the video asap, to avoid missing out in case of deletion.

Incidentally, we have discussed the Boeing 777 #MH17 false flag in the Inaugural Episode of Lada Ray Live show: Crimea’s Scythian Gold; MH17; Russian Sanctions – Global Consequences.

Below, I have translated the main points of the commentary by the independent journalist Alena Kochkina, who was at the site of the MH17 crash 20 minutes after the event and who took the pictures in above video.

Translation of the main points:

“These body parts, there was some kind of liquid coming out of them as shown – not blood. This is what it looked like by day; by night the liquid around bodies looked strangely green. Very little, or no blood. The bodies looked like they were stored somewhere. There was an odd concentration of bodies, seemed like they were concentrated in 2 parts of the plane. It was impossible to stand by one of the plane parts – the smell of chemicals was overwhelming, as if in a morgue. Body parts didn’t look like they came from living people. There were birds that got hit and died. I took their pictures – by contrast, their bodies looked like they were those of living things, a very different look compared to the human bodies. Again and again, stressing that there was no blood and people didn’t seem like they were just recently alive.”

“Most passengers seemed of Asian look, so it is unclear how so many could have been Dutch. Only 20 bodies had clothes on, the rest were stark naked. Even though it can be that their clothes got blown off during the fall, but wouldn’t at least something like a sock, or a trace of a belt on their waste, be left? Only 7 were children, not half the plane as the West was saying.”

“It was curious that so many passports were left absolutely intact, with no traces of any damage. Another curious thing was that passports were also concentrated in one or two spots.” (As was noted by other analysts, many Dutch and other passports collected from the plane had round holes, which is how inactive passports past their expiration date are marked in the US/EU – LR).

“Electronics: mobile phones, notebooks were collected. We looked especially for dates. All private photos we found in victims’ phones were from 2013. None from 2014.” (This corroborates what so many have said that this Malaysia Airlines plane was in fact the same Boeing 777 that “was disappeared” earlier over the Indian Ocean and was believed to have been at the US Diego Garcia base – LR).

A word from Lada:

Why MH17 False Flag?

It is no secret that US and Ukraine desperately needed this false flag: 1. Kiev junta was losing on all fronts and it was necessary to stop the Donbass self-defence successful advance. 2. US was having trouble making EU go along with the third round of sanctions against Russia – as we know, after MH17 incident, EU immediately agreed to anti-Russian sanctions. 3. Both US and Kiev were (still are) desperate to drag Russia into an open war and to defame Putin. See more analysis in articles listed below.

MH17 Amsterdam-Kuala Lumpur was the second Boeing 777 belonging to Malaysian Airlines (the company I flew several times to Asia, and enjoyed it) that had a mysterious catastrophe in less than a year. The first one, flying from Kuala Lumpur to China, disappeared earlier with all passengers on board, mainly Asians.

Clearly, Malaysia is being targeted because of the 2013 Kuala Lumpur international tribunal that convicted of war crimes Bush, Cheney, Netanyahu, and others. Second Malaysian airliner in a row isn’t any accident. One of the organizers of the KL war crimes tribunal was the former PM of Malaysia, who just happens to also be the founder of Malaysia Airlines. Read related:

Mysterious Russian Rocket Failures

On another note, the Russian Space Industry – one of Russia’s flagship achievements, her pride and joy, has suddenly started suffering unexplained failures. These strange failures ALWAYS happen when an unmanned satellite is being launched, and ALWAYS when Russian rocket carries a foreign satellite(s). It happened a year or so ago with a unique Chinese satellite on board. Before that, there was a failure of a very expensive and promising project when communication with the satellite was lost while it was flying over the North American space. Russian scientists announced that they registered the signals from the US radars directed at the Russian satellite that damaged the craft’s equipment.

One of my readers just wrote to me that another Russian rocket carrying French satellite has failed a few days ago. The Western MSM now says that the future of the Russian Space Industry is in question. Of course! This is exactly what they wanted to achieve.

Historic perspective: Russian space industry had NO lauch failures for over 40 years, not even in the 1990s, when the country was falling apart. After US was forced to scrap its shuttle, as well as other programs after repeated catastrophes and failures, the Russian Soyuz, Progres, and other vehicles, became the only way for Americans to get to the ISS, and for the whole world to lauch their satellites.

As soon as the US Space program failures became evident, and Americans had to admit they had no choice but to hitch a ride to the ISS via Russian vehicles, the Russian Space program suddenly started experiencing unexplained problems.

The thing is, the world trusts the quality of the Russian Space program and the RosCosmos agency, and the world distrusts US. This is at the same time that US is trying to push through the so-called “private Space agencies,” in reality secretly funded (make no mistake!) by government slush funds and by the American tax payer dollars. In other words – debt, debt and more debt. Chickens eventually always come to roost; eventually, American people will have to repay all these unplayable debts one way or the other.

I won’t beat around the bush: what is happening with Russian space vehicles is none other than yet another blatant sabotage – this time of the Russian Space program. It is necessary for the US to malign the Russian Space Industry, which, unlike the American one, had stellar reputation.

How this is achieved is a different story: scrambled radio signal, laser weapon, or my idea that it was the Trojan Horse sabotage of the craft’s electronics. Some of the Russian space electronics had been, regrettably, outsourced to the US. I wrote about it in: What Brought Down Russian Satellite? Angela Merkel’s Biggest Fear? Plus Ukraine Election Prediction. The sooner Russia re-takes full control of her Space program, the better for all.


There is no such thing as honest trade or honest competition as far as the Western “free” capitalism is concerned. Let’s face it – it was always a predatory, ruthlessly carnivorous system. The American system (even more precisely, Anglo-American system) simply pretended to be nice for about 10-15 years after it managed to destroy the Soviet Union. It could afford it while Russia was weak in the 1990s. But not any more, as Russia is again the competitor to be feared, and therefore, the enemy number one. I wrote about that in my book The Earth Shifter.

It was never the survival of the fittest either. It always was and still is: “If you happen to be the fittest, or better than us, we’ll DO EVERYTHING to destroy you in a cunning way; if you happen to be weaker than us, we’ll destroy you directly – because we can.” 

P.S. I just listened to Putin’s Q&A at the annual Seliger Youth Forum in northern Russia, and noticed that he continues to steer the world, and his own citizens, towards reason, cooperation and a peaceful resolution of the flaming global conflict. Full 2 hour 25 min Q&A with Putin in Russian (see link to Eng. translation below). I’d like to see Obama, or any other Western figurehead, answer lucidly for 2.5 hours the non-scripted questions from all areas of economy, politics and every day life! At the very same time, US and its EU puppets are doing absolutely everything in their power to continue dragging the world towards the last war.

US congress (lc deliberate -LR) just adopted a new, extremely provocative and bellicose law called “The Russian Aggression Prevention Act” or RAPA. I am wondering, when will the world adopt “The US Aggression Prevention Act”? I have been saying all along that it is up to us to tip the scale towards peace. I wouldn’t hope that Washington would choose peace of its own free will.

By reader request: link to partial English translation of Putin’s Q&A, Seliger Youth Forum 2014.

You can always go to the official President of Russia site, where Putin’s speeches and events are often posted in English.

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  1. Hello Lara,

    That is quite a story, actually Ive red these same things elsewhere also!
    We have seen Putin in our news last night but I don’t trust the translating, could you translate the tekst and put it up on your website? Or maybe you have a credeble source were we can trust the translation?
    Thanks very much and keep up the good work, we all need to get together and do this, nobody will do it for us…..


    • I added the English translation link at the bottom of this article.


      • Thank you Lada for puting the links in the article! Lots more to explore and learn!

        In the meantime it’s very troubling to see our MSM keeping up their lies and misinformation regarding the Ukraine crises, it makes me very sad…on the other hand… there are a lot of very awake people now and those who are waking up, that are seeing through the lies and deceit and commenting about it! Putin is a hero here too! It’s not the people in the EU but the politicians that make choices that people don’t want. The Netherlands has very old and strong ties with Russia…..such a shame these old friendships are befuddled by “others”…..

        Bought your book, the only one I could get hold of here in Holland, “Gold Train”. Will take it with me on our vacation. I’m looking forward to start reading it!


        • Thanks, Christa.
          Such valuable feedback from Holland is always welcome. I do want to know how people feel in different countries. 🙂
          Yes, there are long-standing close connections between Russia and Holland, ever since Peter the Great. I would love to see them get restored soon. It will take some time, but it’ll happen. So good to know that people are waking up.

          Thanks for buying my book, Gold Train, and for telling me The Earth Shifter and Stepford print editions aren’t avialble in Holland (I’m sure ebooks are available). I wonder why – I thought Amazon was supposed to distribute them everywhere in the EU. I’m curious now and I’ll check with the publisher to see what the story is.

          Have a lovely vacation and enjoy the read. 🙂


      • About the passports, it struck me as well that so many were there and completely clean like they had been together in a bag or something, I knew something was very wrong! The holes in the passports though, is not very strange, because if there still is a valid visa in your old passport you get it back with holes punched but for the page with the visa on it and thus still valid together with your new passport!


    • About the books Lada, they are available on Amazon, also for us in the EU, but I tried to get the books via bol . com (a Dutch online store, like Amazon) and there they only have “Gold Train” at the moment, so no worries! I will try and order it thru Amazon when I get home!


  2. Lada, this is going slightly off topic but do you think Washington is going to start WWIII with Russia?

    Poroshenko is losing the battle on the field so he falsely accuses Putin having an invasion force in Ukraine.

    I see this as an excuse for Washington to keep giving out the lie that Putin has forces in Ukraine, he sells the lie to the public, and sooner or later Washington will bring
    NATO forces to support Kiev forces and begin confrontation against anti-Kiev forces and eventually against Putin’s forces – then we have WWIII. http://jhaines6.wordpress.com/2014/08/30/rt-nato-planning-rapid-deployment-force-of-10000-troops-to-counter-russia/

    My frustration and anger is there does not seem to be any way to stop the lies coming out from Washington and for Washington to have its war with Putin. I feel sorry for Putin because he is being assaulted by lies from Washington and there doesn’t seem much he can do to stop Washington’s lying rhetoric.

    My question is, do you think we are going to have WWIII?

    Because Washington and their criminal banking cabal will not stop the lies and are going for confrontation?

    Liked by 1 person

  3. http://www.corbettreport.com/episode-294-crashes-of-convenience-mh17/

    Dear Lada,

    Sorry I misspelled your name earlier, must have been a slip of the finger LOL!

    I found this video (see top of this reply) very enlightening as it gives the sequence of events from MH17 and the guy, James Corbett, paints a clear picture and quotes both sides! On the page below the video he has posted links to explore more…..



  4. Reblogged this on 1EarthUnited and commented:
    Yes, pretty damning evidence against the Washington Cabal. Die already, lol! 😉


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    Another Eye-Witness video . . . -LW


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