LRL2: LadaRayLive 2. Explosion Coming! Moldova/Transnistria – Eurasian Union vs EU

Episode 2 of LadaRayLive. Europe’s Stepchildren: Pridnestrovie and Moldova – Eurasian Union vs EU

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Moldova and Pridnestrovie – I call them the stepchildren of Europe. The unrecognized Pridnestrovie – PMR (aka, Transnistria or TransDniestria) seceded from Moldova in 1990-1992, following a brutal civil war, and it has been knocking on the door of the Russian Federation ever since. In February 2014 Moldova’s other area, the Gagauzia Autonomy, had a referendum in which citizens voted overwhelmingly to secede from Moldova and join Customs Union with Russia. The new party, “Moldova’s Choice – Customs Union” has been formed in the capital of Moldova, Chisinau (Kishinev), and north Moldovan farmers, who are about to be bankrupted because of sanctions, are on the march. Meanwhile, the Chisinau (Kishinev) politicians and elites continue leading the country into EU. In three months, Moldova will have parliamentary elections. The explosion is coming. Will Moldova turn into another Ukraine? Listen to the very detailed and heartfelt analysis and predictions from Lada Ray, who grew up in those parts and who knows them intimately.






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  1. Reblogged this on 1EarthUnited and commented:
    Great info Lada, thanks for sharing the socio-political & economic history of your childhood homeland. It really is a shame that people are experiencing atrocities and strife inflicted by the West. Let’s pray Kiev will wake up and stop selling out their fellow Ukrainians to Washington propaganda/ political power plays. *Peace*

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  2. Dear, you seem very hurt and I know exactly how you feel. I see that this issue hits you very closely, and I sympathise with you. I am not going to address your specific points, except one, as some of them don’t make sense, and others don’t add nor subtract from the story.

    Please realize that a lot of people in the world have specific grievances, which reflect injustices specific to their culture, ethnicity, village and even family. Every land everywhere was someone else’s at some point. If I started talking about Russian lands that someone so often wanted to take over, I would be talking for several years non-stop. One such example is the Romanian invasion of Odessa together with Hitler. But I deliberately don’t want to go in this direction.
    You have grievances, but so do Gagauzs and Pridnestrovians. Or are you saying that those who live in Pridnestrovie and Gagauzia have no right to their own langauge or way of life? That they can’t live the way they always lived on their own land?

    You are obviously looking at the situation from your angle only. This is my point: until you learn to understand others’ point of view, until you broaden your horizons a little, there will be conflict in your country, and elsewhere in the world. And that’s how Moldova can become cannon fodder, dear. Somehow you misinterpreted it to mean that Russia will make it so. Meanwhile, if you read my articles you should know who is really responsible for wars, and who isn’t.
    I know from experience that it’s pointless to talk to someone who is firmly in his point of view and doesn’t want to hear anyone else’s. This is like hitting a vipers’ nest – no good can come out of it.

    But this is exactly why Moldova has a crisis, which can only be resolved via a serious national dialogue and national referendum. There are parties that won’t allow such honest dialogue: these are US and EU, plus Moldova’s own corrupt politicians in power.
    It can still be done, if Moldavians are committed to dialogue despite external pressure. To do so, you have to learn hearing another’s point of view.

    It seems to me Moldova’s authorities are afraid of an honest referendum because the referendum may show the truth they don’t want to see: that the majority wants to join Customs Union with Russia.

    Pridnestrovie/Moldova 1992 war: I am scratching my head here. You ask why I didn’t say that Ukrainians and Russians fought against Moldavians in the 1992 war. Frankly, I didn’t think that was the case. In the video I say that 32% of the Pridnestrovian population – the highest percentage – is in fact Moldavian. And they fought and voted to secede as well. On the other hand, Vladimir Voronin, the head of the Communist Party of Moldova – the largest party in Moldova, which has the highest support in parliament – has a Russian name, yet he feels and acts fully Moldavian. Kishinev itself is (or at least used to be when I knew it) an international city.
    Pridnestrovie’s official languages are Moldavian and Russian and its official name is Pridnestrovie Moldavian Republic (PMR).
    Most countries are international nowadays. It is living with each other in peace – that’s how we will resolve our problems, not by fighting.

    Economical reasons are also important in Moldavians wanting to join EAU, not EU.


  3. Lada, I am curious to know whether the separation of Orthodox Christianity from Rome, emergence of Moscow as 3rd center of Christianity, has anything to do with the conflict between Russian speaking residents in a region and other-language people. Could it be that the Russophobia is of Vatican origin?
    I have another issue with you: I find it difficult to listen to hour-long videos; your text articles had a crisp feel which I miss very much. Could you not find some time to post a text summary of the video? It would certainly be welcomed by people in similar circumstances as me. I am sorry to strike a negative note on your laudable new venture: I hope you don’t mind it.


    • Thanks for your questions.
      Yes, part of the hatred towards Russians has the Vatican origin and stems from the power grab in 10th-17 centuries, but it also goes much deeper. This topic goes hand in hand with a massive falsification of history, which literally turned history upside down. This topic is so enormous that I am still thinking about the format in which to tackle it. But it’s coming.

      Format: as out programs develop, we’ll continue perfecting our various formats. Different people may have different preferences. We’ll be looking into that. Also, read the forthcoming article where we’ll talk some more about that.



    • Touching on that Vatican-inspired Russophobia, and going back to the time of Ivan the Formidable, there is a historic falsehood that ended up even in Russian history school books, that Ivan allegedly killed his son. This has nothing to do with reality, has been debunked by different historic sources, yet the myth continues to live on. This myth was originally started by the Vatican envoy to Russia some time after Ivan the Formidable refused to deliver Russia to Vatican.

      There is a rather long documentary about Ivan the Formidable’s time:
      “Ivan the formidable – A portrait without retouching”

      I plan to translate it into English, but seeing as it’s almost 2 hours long, it may take some time.

      PS: for those, who wonder why I call Ivan IV, “Ivan the Formidable”, watch the following documentary that I translated earlier:


      • The story of falsifications and lies sanctioned by Vatican, Britain, Austria-Hungary, Poland and Germany is coming out and it’s mindboggling.

        But let’s not forget that VERY UNFORTUNATELY the Russian Romanov dynasty was also implicated in grossly falsifying Russian history in their fight for the throne and to overthrow the Ryurik dynasty. I intend to write/speak about that soon. A very tragic and involved story. Especially personal to me for some reasons.

        There is no enemy like internal enemy. Romanovs were perhaps the original ‘fifth column’ of the 16-17th century.


  4. KP, this is so awesome that you have your own show on Blogtalkradio! You know I am you fan 🙂


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