Predictions Coming True! Russia Pivots to Asia: Putin goes to Mongolia and Opens Power of Siberia Pipeline to China

I have said since February 2014 that should Russia feel even slightly inconvenienced by the US/EU sanctions or restrictive attitudes, off to the East they go. I pointed out that the immediate and sweeping result of any Western anti-Russian sanctions will be Russia’s decisive turning away from Europe and West in general, and focusing on Asia. I also warned that Europe will eventually start feeling the pinch, not to mention, the US dollar’s demise will be expedited.

And here it is!

Since May 2014, Putin already signed mega-deals with China, including the Holy Grail multi-year gas deal and various trade, transportation, and tourism deals. Eurasian Union with Belarus and Kazakhstan (Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Tadzhikistan on the standby) was officially formed. Eurasian Union will be gradually expanding and it will be interesting to see when the stampede to join the EAU starts. I have some predictions about that, which I may share with all eventually. Add to that all the trade deals Putin signed in Latin America – another region symbolizing the ‘global South’ and the alternative to the US; the increasing drive by various coutries to ditch US dollar in bi-lateral trade and the formation of the BRICS Bank to counter IMF; Russia developing its own credit system + joining the Chinese credit system, while phasing out Visa and MC (also as predicted).

The latest:

1. Putin and China’s First VP have inaugurated the largest pipeline in the world «Сила Сибири» – the POWER OF SIBERIA. This pipeline will send gas to China from Russia starting 2019. This is the largest construction project in the world. Video link. 3:23 Putin signs the pipeline.

2. Yesterday, Vladimir Putin also visited Mongolia – see the video below.

Some quotes and my thoughts: “Putin was greeted in Mongolia by the crowds gathered along the entire length of his route from the airport to the capital, Ulan-Bator. Putin and Mongolian president Elbegdorzh met as old friends – this is their third meeting this year. Discussed were: the possibility of the Power of Siberia pipeline going through Mongolia, which is the shortest distance to China.”

Therefore, Mongolia may become the Russian gas transit country! Can you imagine the volume of gas to China? The gas transit fees will really boost Mongolia’s tiny GDP!

“The visa regime between Mongolia and Russia is being cancelled. Russian Railways will be modernizing the Mongolian railroads.”

Railroads are very important in these parts and they have to stay very much “up to speed” as they constitute the best way to get around most of Asia, including Siberia, Mongolia and China.

“In addition, the Mongolian president asked Russia to remove restrictions on agricultural produce imports from Mongolia.”

These restrictions have been put in place when US attempted to make Mongolia its semi-colony. However, this trend has now been reversed, as it’s being reversed elsewhere on post-Soviet space. It appears Russia will again allow Mongolian agricultural products provided they adhere to the Russian health codes/norms.

Sure enough – exactly as I predicted in my earlier articles about Russian agricultural sanctions and re-orientation to the East and Latin America, there is a stampede to take over the food/agricultural shelf space lost by Europeans in Russian super-markets. Take a number – now interviewing candidates…

Mongolians still remember very well how the Red Army and the still young Russian commander Zhukov (future Marshall Zhukov, credited primarily with winning WWII) demolished Japanese troops in the battle of Khalkhin Ghol, thus saving the unprepared Mongolia from Japanese invasion. In 1937-45, China wasn’t this lucky.

See Ulan-Bator city footage – 2:30; monument to Marshall Zhukov considered a national hero of Mongolia/veterans/ Zhukov house memorial – 2:45. Mongolian military singing Russian song Den Pobedi (Victory Day) – 3:32.

On a more personal note: Mongolia is a country with a spacious territory and small population that for as long as I can remember had very strong and close ties with Russia. Mongolians always spoke Russian well, and they still do. When I started school, we had several Mongolian students in my class who were sent to Russia to study foreign languages. They spoke Russian practically with no accent whatsoever. One of them was very upset that she was told by her government to study Spanish, instead of her preferred English. Her Russian was awesome though. As soon as she graduated, she became her government’s interpreter from Russian, making a pretty good career. I was living in the West by then and I lost touch with my former classmates, but once in the 1990s I was watching TV news from Russia and I noticed her translating for the Mongolian president who was meeting in the Kremlin with Boris Yeltsin. Not bad for a little girl from Mongolia! I can only boast of translating in a meeting with Fidel Castro. 😉



P.S. While this is happening in Asia and Russia, France has announced that they have suspended the delivery of the first two Mistral helicopter carriers to Russia over Ukraine. Of course, who would have doubted they would be pressured by the US and EU! It will be a huge financial loss for France, although of course they will try to wait it out, hoping the tide changes and they can still fulfil the contract.

I sympathise with France and even with Hollande, although I think France deserves better. But – well – where is Charles De Gaulle, with his courage and independent policies, when you need him? The pressure is enormous, and unfortunately, it will continue, as I said in my many previous articles. Can’t give you any good news here – sorry. The pressure/threats/arm twisting/scare tactics against individual EU countries that attempt to do business and be friendly to Russia will continue until the people of Europe decide that enough is enough and muster their courage to stop being a US colony.

A new comment left by the FuturisTrendcast reader from France in PREDICTIONS: “Now unfortunately my government is a US lap dog too but fortunately my compatriots are not. I was amazed to see how many of them understand the US game and recognize its falsehoods. I really hope that the time you said Russia needs to buy, will bring us justice! Pls. let’s avoid a Worldwar III for the sake of our children and other beloved ones! By the way; the Sochi Olympics were great; everything progressed so smoothly!”

Another interesting article and another great episode from Lada Ray Live is coming shortly. Stay tuned!


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  1. Hurray for Mongolia! (Also, I am happy to see the pipeline transit clear of Baikal.) It’s such a shame that my beloved Japan considers itself “white,” i.e., European.

    Like every bird, every country has its right wing. Largely hidden from their own citizens, but on display to the rest of the world.

    Japan is peppered with US bases, too (who isn’t? wait, don’t tell me…). They suffer mightily from planeloads of young guys with lots of testosterone coupled with legal impunity, but at the same time, Japan is simply terrified of China. China, meanwhile, does nothing to reassure Japan. The deep prejudice of Japan’s right wing against Russia, largely on account of Stalin’s actions, may turn out to be this lovely country’s own noose.

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  2. The comment about Japan raises the issue that the current leaders and establishment in Japan are overwhelmingly the grandchildren of those who ran things during the imperial days. They certainly don’t repent or anything, they just regret losing. Not really taking sides in the struggles, but Japan wants to build a military and internal police, so China is used as the reason. And one can argue that there are two right-wings in Japan: one that is simply on the US payroll and one that is the old Japanese right. The US one screams about how Russia is bad. The Japanese one is OK with doing business deals to develop Siberia and North Korea.

    By the way, to better understand the issues in the Ukraine, many would benefit from reading this article about an interview on TV with Avakov:

    Avakov is in charge of Ukrainian security, and is a fairly hard-core Nazi. This interview shows his view of the “slaves” and need to destroy Russians and Russian culture. As he said, the war will go on for many years or even decades, because it has been planned for many years or even decades.

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    • Thanks, Paul. Good Japan overview. Japan will eventually turn around, but not fully.

      Avakov can think whatever he wants. It is not difficult to predict he won’t survive for decades he talks about based on all his crimes.


    • Interesting comment, Paul. I’ll have to consider what you are saying about two right wings in Japan. No wing is going to be solid anyway. There are factions. But in general, my impression as an insider here is despite the reality of widespread racial prejudice (I think it is human), the right wing is strongly aligned with Europe, but highly biased against Russia. I was putting this down to Japan’s defeat of Russia in its first modern foreign adventure, plus the later behavior of Stalin toward prisoners of war, but I see it is deeper than that. Thank you for the link on Avakov. It sheds more light on this on-going bias.
      So far, Japan has allowed people such as myself with European ancestry to become Shinto priests/priestesses officially. Shinto is not monolithic by any means (nor has it ever been, despite the State Shinto episode). There is a large environmentalist, peace-loving faction, but we don’t rock the boat. The central decision-makers are still very conservative.
      I left a comment at the Vineyard Saker yesterday about a major shift in opinion among the average Japanese citizen regarding Russia. Japan, surprisingly, is not suppressing information on Russia and the Ukraine, and people are beginning to think Japan would be better off cultivating ties with Russia. They are discussing this openly on prime-time TV. There might be a crackdown against that in the future (we’ll see, and I’d be among the first to notice), as there has been against opposition to nuclear power. A new secrecy law gives the Japanese government a lot of power to conduct business its citizens strongly oppose.
      A friend of mine who teaches occasionally at Sendai University, near Fukushima, says the Japanese have stopped worrying about nuclear radiation since the government clamped down on information, but foreigners there are still very worried about it. Never underestimate the power of control over information. As you probably know, talking to Americans about the Ukraine can be very frustrating. It chills me to see them supporting Nazis.


      • Thanks, lots of great stuff about Japan from our Japanese experts :).
        I just have to dispell once and for all the “Stalin is the bad guy” myth because of his alleged attitude towards prisoners.
        This is from the same category as “Russia is evil because…” fill in the blank. US attacks countries left and right; finances terrorists, supports nazis, blows up Twin Towers on 9/11, etc, etc. – and Russia is bad?!
        Bad Stalin mistreated prisoners of war, who by the way prior to that tortured and killed Chinese, Mongolians, Koreans AND Russians?!
        And I assume by this logic, Americans are liberators and simply awesome guys after they dropped two nuclear bombs, killing hundreds of thousands in Hirosima and Nagasaki? It’s not Russia or Stalin that are the problem – it’s Anglo-Saxon elites/MSM/NWO that create warped reality feeding it to the sheeple in order to generate hatred towards Russia. Humans areso very easy to manipulate.
        Pat, I know you know this – I just wanted to clarify for everyone else.


  3. Patrick,

    I had a Japanese language instructor 25 years ago in Kyoto who had been in one of the prisoner camps. He had good things to say about Russians. The guards would regularly give the prisoners things when they themselves had little. He wasn’t at all bitter. Think how poor people were in Russia, Japan, or Manchuria after the war.

    This probably isn’t the place for it, but one needs to go into the background of Korea to begin to understand modern Japanese politics. And also the Korean War. Japan and Korea merged, and the Korean War was to a certain degree between the pro-Japanese factions and anti-Japanese factions. In any case, the issue of North Korea is a big deal, and one now sees the forces in Japan that want to do business with NK and Russia, and these Japanese companies are competitors with South Korean conglomerates. Thus, if you have been following Japanese media, you would have noticed an almost hysterically anti-SK mood over the last year or so, and a dramatically less harsh view of NK. Don’t forget that the current Prime Minister of Japan’s grandfather was a key man in the prison labor opium zone known as Manchuria.

    If you have spent any time talking to political types or yakuza, you will quickly realize that the radical nationalists in Japan are largely Korean, and almost all on someone’s payroll. They actually serve to discredit nationalism, but they also are useful when patsies are needed or violence that the police shouldn’t get involved in.

    As for Russia, the issue with Japan is the same as with the EU. These places are largely under US control. Russia’s tremendous push on the EU at the expense of the former Soviet zone was probably a big mistake. Actually, the governor of Tokyo was in Russia recently and said that Japanese don’t hear the Russian side of things like the Crimea and that Japan is under the US protection sphere, so has limited room to act. If you want to know how the US has sabotaged Japanese relations with Russia, read Suzuki Muneo’s book. He was a fairly important member of parliament who was falsely imprisoned due to his anti-US views. It was important for him as he is from Hokkaido, which is near Russia.

    The Japanese relationship and media coverage regarding Russia will show a lot about where things are going.


    • Excellent analysis, Paul! Very interesting about Korean interests!

      I’ll add to that that the history of the Anglo-Saxon/Vatican interests (US included) sabotaging neighbors’ relations with Russia goes much deeper in time and space. It is well known that the 1905 Russia-Japan war was masterminded and provoked by England. That war, which Russia lost unprepared, is at the source of today’s bi-lateral problems. As usual Anglo-Sax elites use any sort of lowly emotions: fear/greed/envy, to their advantage – to divide and conquer. As a result, people forget whether they are coming or going, whether they used to be friends… Emotional confusion and a lack of clear vision are the unfortunate traits of the human psyche exploited so well by the West.

      England was behind the 19th century Turkey-Russia wars. Before that, Vatican/England were always pitting various Europeans against Russia. And don’t get me started on WWI and WWII.

      I do write about this topic in Gold Train and in The Earth Shfiter – the death of Rasputin episode.
      The maniacal desire and a race to weaken and destroy Russia has been on since the beginning of what we call today the “Western World.” The lies about Russia are so out of this world that you literally have to re-write the entire history to straighten it out.
      The reasons for all this are described in Predictions:
      I’ll speak more about that in the future.

      This is why I always stress that humans have to raise their vibration to Reason and Love – then, this manipulation and mind control can’t touch you! …Unless people prefer to live in a world based on an absolute lie…

      Incidentally, check out our new LRL episode about mind control in Ukraine:


    • Paul, this is good information. I don’t check under stones too much in Japan, it being my living room. But if you check out the background of any politician in disgrace or suicided, you find they had ideas unfavorable to US interests, and I think most people here (if they ever look up from their texting) realize that America calls the shots, or else.

      There were varying reactions among the Japanese to the Siberian labor camps. I know of one man who returned to Siberia when Russia opened up, in the hopes of helping people, so he had been favorably impressed. Russians that I spoke with said they felt really sorry for the Japanese–poor little things wouldn’t eat right! You have got to eat your carbs and fats in abundance to get through a winter, and in Japan they value hesitance and especially dislike gluttony. The Siberians said that among the prisoners of that time, the Germans returned and the Chinese returned when it became possible, but the Japanese never came back. They wanted to see the Japanese again. There was a sort of comradery they all had.

      You are right about there being a lot of negative press toward South Korea recently. If they are favoring North Korea, it’s too subtle for this old gal. I’m aware of Koreans, among other socially disfavored groups, participating in the yakuza. It does strike me as odd, because the yakuza are often vocal about maintaining Japanese traditional culture. They are one conservative faction, the guys in big buses hollering about the islands are another. The high class conservatives I talk to are highly prejudiced against Russia. The police are in this category.

      I do enjoy your information, and want to check out your sources when I have time.

      Lada, you are the first person I’ve met who had anything nice to say about Stalin. Given the way propaganda can turn white into black, I want to give you some credence. Could you point me to more information on this?


      • Pat, I value all your comments as they are full of profound and interesting life’s experiences from your angle. 🙂
        Stalin: I wasn’t being ‘nice’ per se – just fair. For me, the jury is still out on Stalin, but I clearly see that history and people’s psyche had been manipulated 100%. Therefore, I think switching poles is a necessessity for all. If you know they lie about everything, why would they be truthful about Stalin?

        Russians in Russia have changed their opinion of Stalin because they understood this simple fact: West lies about everything. Then they started digging and found interesting things inconsistent with official story both in Russia and West.
        The best source by far is Nikolay Starikov, who studied Stalin in depth. I mention Starikov’s geopolitical views sometimes and there is a link to his blog in LINKS above. One of his books I believe is called: ‘Stalin, recalling together’- ‘Stalin, vspominaem vmeste.’ He has many geopolitical writings and if people are interested, I might post links to some of his talks (very interesting) eventually. Also, search my site – I posted one of his audio books and a talk in Russian here once.


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