LRL 3. Sold-out EU Politicians vs TRUTH

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LadaRayLive 3. Sold-out EU Politicians vs TRUTH

EU sanctions against Russia. Merkel, US, NATO, Ukraine. Ayn Rand, individualism, libertarianism, intellectual anarchism, socialism vs capitalism. Truth and Lada Ray’s predictions: What are we leaving behind as mankind? Towards what kind of society are we moving?

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The issues and concerns raised in this episode are also described in Lada Ray’s books, particularly, THE EARTH SHIFTER, and GOLD TRAIN.

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  1. Reblogged this on 1EarthUnited and commented:
    Keep up the great work Lada, I’m pretty sure THE main requirement for being a politician these days: Lying and taking orders from your masters i.e Washington Zionist (global power elite). Good job exposing their activities and holding the course, it is getting tougher for them to mislead the people, the Evil Empire may strike back, but is only hastening their own demise. The “Force” is with us haha.


  2. Dear Lada

    I know this is not on topic – you need not post this at all and cause any further pollution.

    At risk of being chastised again, I know no other way of conveying my apologies to you except by posting it here. This will be of course one more added transgression on my part on your blog rules.

    You’re right. I’m wrong – I was out of order.

    I owe you three apologies.

    The first apology is for having given you the appearance I was accusing you and your blog of fraud. No, this was not my intent at all. I am not accusing you and your blog of fraud – let me be clear on this.

    The second apology is for having posted two comments with links. I have not read your blog rules. Once again that is my fault. You are in the right and I am clearly in the wrong.

    My third apology is for stalking you and wasting your valuable time.

    Thank you for advising me on keeping in check my emotions.

    I sincerely wish you every success on your blog.


    • Hi Lucy,
      Thank you for your contribution. I am aware that Ayn Rand isn’t a fluffy angel and I personally utterly dislike her. I believe I stated in my piece that I am nothing like her and I should hope it is clearly visible to my readers.
      She was mentioned due to the fact that I keep getting questions in her regard. There is a big libertarian anti-govt movement out there that believes she is an inspiration (and in my view, they are not right-wing as it is understood in the US – just another limiting label). I am not going to get into the discussion as to what libertarianism is or isn’t.

      I like to unite people, not divide them. I believe that it is a good idea to appeal to a wide range of views in an attempt to show that you can arrive at the right conclusion from a different starting point as well. Call me a dreamer ;).
      We are at a crucial point in human development. The more people are UNITED, rather than divided, the better. Maligning everyone leads to division – exactly what those who want to enslave the world are trying to achieve.
      Reaching out and finding points of unity destroys their plans and shows that we are much more one that we are separate.

      P.S. Lucy (this concerns all commenters!), for your next comment, kindly read BLOG RULES – to the end:


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