LRL4: Predictions Coming True; Mind Control in Ukraine

In the past week we released 3 new episodes of Lada Ray Live. Below you will find a super-interesting new episode that was initially recorded on September 1, 2014, but due to other articles and episodes has only been published today.  It works together with  LRL3: Sold-out EU Politicians vs TRUTH and LadaRayLive 2. Explosion Coming! Moldova/Transnistria – Eurasian Union vs EU.

There are lots more issues to tackle and things to say. But it takes a lot of time and effort to put these together, so I’ll be taking a bit of a break. I have several new articles and many various LRL topics in the pipeline, so I’ll see everyone again soon!

LadaRayLive4: Lada Ray Ukraine Predictions Coming True; Mind Control in Ukraine; Putin, Gorbachev, Poroshenko

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Also discussed: Putin, Lukashenko, Poroshenko and Obama’s telling body language; how Gorbachev signed away USSR; the mysterious fainting spells and robotic behavior in Ukraine. Breaking news: new peace talks and demands of broad autonomy by Donbass/Novorossia (Lugansk and Donetsk Republics). The suppression of the Russian language and culture and the US/EU interference that created violence and instability next to the Russian borders.

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P.S. One reader in his comment called me ‘Lady Ra.’ I like that, he is very astute! 😉 I’ll soon have a very interesting article that delves into these words and the profound meaning of my name. Stay tuned!


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  1. So good to see a new episode, will watch it shortly. We live in troubled times, and any drop of sanity is very welcome.
    About the PS, don’t forget the “_ra_duga”-“_ra_in_bow” word pair. (I hope I am not spoiling anything.)


  2. Lada, when you talked about mind control in Odessa and in Kiev, I came to think about the war in Yugoslavia, and an article that I read 2 years ago in Argumenty i Fakty. I managed to find that article:
    There is an interview there with two men, who back then were shooting at each other, whereas before the war and now they are meeting at a local pub and say they they are OK guys. They say it was as if they went mad, as if it was a mass insanity.
    The journalist writes, that no one he talked to could not coherently explain why they suddenly took to weapons and went to kill their neighbours, friends, acquaintances. That’s in Bosnia.
    In Kosovo you can still be killed for speaking Russian.
    The result of that NATO-initiated war: 250 000 dead (out of a population of 20 million), 4 million refugees fled abroad. 2 million Serbs were displaced from their ancestral homes and fled for their lives from Kosovo, for which a few thousand Kosovan separatists are very grateful to Clinton and NATO’s humanitarian bombs.
    The same genocide strategy is played out by NATO in Novorossia, but with less success.


    • Thank you, Nemo! Very valuable testimonial! The mind control may prove to be a much more widespread strategy used by US and allies to divide and counquer than once understood.

      The reason there is less success for them now in Novorossia is because as usual, they underestimate Russians.


  3. Another thing that you mentioned is Galicia. I recently came across several quotes by the last Hetman of Ukraine, Pavel Petrovich Skoropadskij, written in 1918, and I translated them here:

    They pretty accurately depict what is happening now with regard to an artificial distancing of Ukrainians from Russians. The concerns that the Ukrainian statesman raised 100 years ago still ring true.


  4. Jim Willie claims that special forces from Germany, France, Netherlands, and Britain are in Ukraine, fighting with the rebels and that they have even captured some Blackwater mercenaries. Can you confirm if this is true?


  5. Re: fainting incident and Poroshenko and wife acting like robots. A lot of these politicians and other top people are not human but rather biological robots aka clones. Have a look at Peter Beter audio letters on robotoids – there are transcripts. Apparently if you can see auras, you’d see that a clone only has an aura around its head while a real person’s aura surrounds his entire body.


  6. Lada, have a look at what the CFR has put out. I think some of the Illuminati realise they’re losing and losing very badly.

    ….The United States and its European allies now face a choice on Ukraine. They can continue their current policy, which will exacerbate hostilities with Russia and devastate Ukraine in the process — a scenario in which everyone would come out a loser. Or they can switch gears and work to create a prosperous but neutral Ukraine, one that does not threaten Russia and allows the West to repair its relations with Moscow. With that approach, all sides would win.


  7. Lada,

    Good show. Food for thought. Igor Strelkov just mentioned NLP in the Ukraine in his speech yesterday.

    A lot of Western politicians and operatives seem very soulless and robotic. Observers at Maidan definitely suspect something was used, but perhaps drugs in the free food. As for Gorbachev, well, somebody set things up. And wasn’t approval needed by other groups, such as a parliamentary body? But the real problem for Russia is probably the educational system. 23 years of using Soros books and perhaps 100,000 people working on US grant money. No surprise they will all want to kill Russians eventually. I met a young guy from Kharkov who really disliked Russia – it seemed to be from the schools and going to university in Kiev. So your figure of 70% of the people having a favorable view of Russia was likely true ten years ago, but the US propaganda and other technologies may have made it 70% against Russia now. That, and the gas wars and Yanukovich, and the image that Russia represents oligarchs.

    A good piece by the head of the Russian Communist Party about how the Ukrainian disaster occurred:

    His view is that Russia foolishly put her emphasis on Europe and European money, and ignored the former Soviet zone. Many argue that the same thing has occurred in almost all of the ex-Soviet world as has happened in the Ukraine. Soros books, NGOs, and buying up the media. So maybe Russia will finally re-balance to the East and away from this drive to be part of the Western world. Not sure if it is true, but I even saw on Twitter someone claiming that Soros had been living in the Ukraine for some period of time.

    On the bright side, this crisis will force Russia to change. And that proverb about riding fast in the saddle.


    • Oh, yes! Soros history books alone did tons of damage. Drugs in the food on maidan and now in Ukr army – definitely. Plus drinking, unemployment, anger because life is going badly, well-exploited envy, and MSM lies. All this is a deadly combo. Mind control is only effective when you have pliable material to work with.
      My numbers of 70% being pro-Russian were correct for the beginning of the Ukraine crisis. Now it’s more polarized. But they’ll be changing their views in a couple of years: 2016-18, if you recall my prediction. It’ll be brutal and life will make them change their outlook. Perhaps someone has to blow up that mind control machine at the Kiev US embassy first ;).

      Might continue looking into the mind control problem. I think this is just the tip of the iceberg.

      Good link too – thanks! Will take a look.


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