Why US/EU/NWO Can Never Defeat Russia

In my Predictions and many previous articles I have said that despite the US aggressive push against Russia, they were stupid and naive to think that they could ever defeat or destroy Russia. I analysed, dissected, explained, predicted what would happen next. Many of my predictions already came true, and the rest will materialize in due course. I provided examples of the inclusiveness of the Russian culture, this intangible quality that makes the country alive, proving that its life force remains strong despite any ups and downs. See Raising Chi Against Hatred: The Suppressed Story of Russian Songs that Unite World Cultures.

In the West and Ukraine they love to scream that Russia is aggressive and is trying to re-form the Soviet Union. Russia doesn’t need to do anything. It is the choice and the will of the people that is at play here. This is destiny and karma, and there is nothing anyone can do about it. If anything, Russia is a little unsure at this point as to what to do with all these people who want to join in.

Today, I just want to give a very simple demonstration of how this works on the everyday level. We know that despite all the hysterical political circus about Ukraine being separate from Russia, millions of Ukraine citizens work and live in Russia, sending their money back to Ukraine to substantially prop-up the country’s crumbling GDP. The situation is even more dire in Moldova. Anywhere between 750,000 and 1 million Moldavians out of 3.4 million population live and work in Russia; their earnings provide 30% of Moldavian GDP! Similar, or even higher numbers are true for all other post-Soviet republics.

I was just watching KVN, the world’s longest running Soviet/Russian game show, which is older than I am. It is a cult thing and a matter of national pride. In it the young people compete in their wit, artistic talent and humor. The teams from Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Belarus, Latvia, Israel, Kazakhstan, and other countries usually take part. So, in this year’s show, a team from Kyrgyzstan, a small post-Soviet Central Asian Republic, opened their presentation with this joke:

“Kyrgyzstan is a country of 5 million people, out of which 2 million live in The Capital, and 1 million in the capital of Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek.” The Capital obviously means Moscow. In other words, for Kyrgyzs, Moscow is still The Capital. (See this in KVN 1/8 Supreme League at 6:00.) And note, 2 million out of 5 million Kyrgyzs live in Russia!

My point? All those who live in what I call the Greater Russian world, still consider Russia their country. And this concerns not only former Soviet republics, but also countries that were close to Russia traditionally. In my previous post I spoke about Mongolia – see here. It’s just one example out of many.

US/EU/NWO may try to stir up trouble, but they will never reach any lasting results. They might as well give up now. Problem is they won’t give up, and will continue stirring up trouble as they go, just out of their sheer desire to drag everyone into the abyss together with themselves. This is why since February 2014, and since my first articles about Ukraine, I said that “US/EU already lost in Ukraine, but they are so stupid they don’t know it yet.” Unfortunately, it all has to play out to the end before enough people understand the futility of all this fighting. I am very sorry that because of greed, stupidity and ill will of a few, so many have to suffer.

Recently, there was a soft maidan-like coup in Abkhazia, a former part of Georgia that seceded from it together with South Ossetia in 2008. It is presently an unrecognized, de-facto independent republic, along with South Ossetia. The population is almost 100% Abkhazians. The government had to resign due to people’s protests. Do you know what the people were unhappy about? They were unhappy about the fact that their government was… insufficiently pro-Russian. They want to join Russia, you see.

For another vivid illustration of how this works also watch LRL2: LadaRayLive 2. Explosion Coming! Moldova/Transnistria – Eurasian Union vs EU. In this segment of Lada Ray Live I talk about the pro-Eurasian Union movement growing in Moldova, and also, in the Gagauzia autonomy. The breakaway Pridnestrovie (Transnistria) is a separate – and very interesting – story altogether. The forgotten and the poorest country of Europe, Moldova, is becoming another geopolitical fault line. For much more watch my above video!

Also see:

Citizens of the Dorotskoye village (Moldova) want referendum to join breakaway Pridnestrovie (pro-Russian de-facto independent territory)

Customs Union Is Our Future – Moldovan party for Customs Union

Live Poll: Moldavians against EU, want to join Customs Union (lots of people speak up and half of them speak Moldavian, half Russian)

Moldavian workers in Russia beg Russian authorities not to deport them before elections as they have no place to go (in their own country!). This is a very passionate plea by a simple Moldavian woman working in Moscow as a cleaner. She also speaks of the desire of Moldavians to be with Russia. Look at how many people give her a standing ovation in the end! I speak much more about the situation in Moldova in my Moldova/Transnistria video above.


Moldavians living in Russia and the Social-Democratic Party of Moldova are trying to organize 200 polling stations so citizens of Moldova abroad could vote in the November 30 parliamentary elections. The power in the country has been usurped by 3 “democratic” pro-western parties, aided by the corruption of the largest party of Moldova, the Communists and its leader, Vladimir Voronin. People had been supporting Communists because they thought they were pro-Russian, but, according to my sources, communists proved that they were just as sold-out (however bizarre it sounds) as the Moldovan ruling pro-western neo-liberal democrats. It doesn’t help that the parliamentary system in the country favors the pro-western parties. I also talk about all that in my video, which I highly recommend you listen to: LadaRayLive 2. Explosion Coming! Moldova/Transnistria – Eurasian Union vs EU.

So, the present government is refusing the citizens their birth right: 750k-1mln of Moldovan citizens of voting age, who work in Russia, have no possibility of voting in the upcoming election! By excluding over 1/2 of the electorate that is sure to vote against EU association, the pro-western parties try to ensure another 4 years in power. For most of Moldavians these elections are crucial. November 30, 2014 will decide whether Moldova finally does right by its citizens by joining Eurasian Union, or if it will continue pulling them towards a catastrophic EU integration. Most of Moldova’s trade is with Russia. If Moldova joins EU, it will ruin what’s left of its economy.

Gagauzia is sure to secede. The Gagauzia autonomy had a referendum in February 2014 in which over 95% of citizens voted to join Customs Union and secede from Moldova, unless Moldova also joins Customs Union.

The breakaway Pridnestrovie, with 500k population and decent economy compared to the rest of Moldova, has been knocking on Russia’s door for a very long while. Its referendum of 2006 also had predictable results: about 97% of people voted for re-unification with Russia.

Related brief videos:

Farmers from North Moldova on march to capital with their tractors to protest government and demand Customs Union integration – also see LRL2 video about much more on that.

Moldavian demonstration for Customs Union – they are chanting: “Russia, Russia”

What needs to be done to open 200 Moldavian polling stations in Russia: ‘We have made them squirm with our protests’ (PSD, V. Valko explains)






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  1. Reblogged this on 1EarthUnited and commented:
    Great analysis Lada, no amount of propaganda can sway a population who knows the truth. I find it intriguing that we’re “lucky” enough to be living through/ witnessing the impending collapse of our “empire”. It’s quite cathartic how much corruption is being uncovered on a daily basis, and now the 911 conspiracy has gone mainstream! Whistleblowers are coming out everywhere, it seems the people had enough lies.
    The next US election would be quite interesting come 2016, I elect that we all protest in solidarity and NOT VOTE! Perhaps the message would be heard like in Abkhazia, our gov’t stooges should be laughed out of office, and the cabal exposed. We have 2 yrs to make this happen… “DROP THE VOTE” – Learn the truth!! 🙂

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  2. Hello Lada Ray.I am a Canadian citizen and have recently started to follow your blog.Thank you for what you do .I find the history very fascinating.Keep on informing people all over the world about the conditions in this part of the world.
    I personally believe that Vladimir Putin is a true statesmen ,something we lack terribly in this world today.There is no reason why all the different cultures of the world can’t live in Peace without all this warmongering.
    I love the Eastern tradition of talking to your adversary vs demonizing them ,it is so childish.
    My best regards to you.

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  3. Lada, I shudder each time I come to your site and see the picture of President Putin making a NWO sign. I don’t know how many Americans come to your site, but it cannot help matters to see this picture. I understand that you posted it as a prelude to an article you announced you would write and to which I very much looked forward to reading and posting. Americans live with many of the NWO folks residing in America and are so “dumbed down” by them that they may simply assume the opposite of what you mean. Americans are very prone to read in “tweets” and not for overall comprehension. May I ask that the picture be removed! I have done quite a bit of research on Putin and greatly admire him. In today’s world, I hate for anyone to get the wrong impression. Thank you for making Russia come alive for us!


    • Hi Nancy. Thanks for your comment but I have no idea what you mean by the NWO sign. I really am not interested in meaningless NWO signs, and never looked into them, so could you please enlighten me?
      Thanks so much.


    • Hi again, Nancy. 🙂
      I really meant what I said earlier. If you have a moment, could you please explain what NWO sign Putin is making. I am now genuinely curious (sorry if it didn’t come across well in my previous reply). I really do mean it. 🙂

      The symbolism I was going for in this picture is very clear to Russians and those who look with clear eyes.

      Really, this NWO conspiracy stuff has gone way too far. This is why I am generally against using this label.

      If you decide to respond, please feel free to explain with links, or video, if you wish. I would love to get educated. This may also help many others who read my blog to see how far from the truth the stereotypes may be.

      Thanks much – I do understand how some conspiracy-inclined folks think. And I value very much your contribution.



  4. For whatever reasons, Russia has taken a hands-off approach to the former Soviet zone to a large degree. Yes, they say it is due to a love of international law, and that is probably part of the explanation. But you simply cannot allow the entire media and educational systems and NGOs in an important country like the Ukraine or any neighboring country to be 100% hostile. The kind of coup that has taken place in Moldova could have add some resistance if Russia had put more effort into having assets on the ground inside the country – just as with the Ukraine. It has taken months to put together a somewhat functional system in the Donbass, but, if the shoe had been on the other foot, the US would have had many organized groups ready to go from the very beginning. 10% of a population who are organized are a lot more effective than 60% who aren’t. So the 10% who get NGO money can defeat a majority who were not prepared for the coup.

    Not being pessimistic. Putin and others in the Russian establishment seem to be out of their slumber and are taking active measures.


    • Remember, Russia was all but destroyed in the 90’s. You know the saying – slowly, but she’s waking up. You know my Earth Shift – Earth Balancing System: Russia is the world’s balancer, hence she prefers to stay in a balanced state, until she’s must do otherwise. Hence: Russians start slowly but ride fast, to paraphrase.
      The interesting thing about mega-revolutionary transitions is that people only understand what happened well after the fact. This is why everyone’s so confused now as to what’s really going on.


  5. I follow a man from Odessa on facebook for updates on what’s going on in the city and Ukraine in general. It was funny when he updated his status to “these are the places I will need to visit next time I am in the capital” and the list was about places in Moscow. Having talked to and read opinions of many people from Eastern and Southern Ukraine, I can say that they feel very much Russian regardless of their ethnicity: Armenian, Greek, ethnically Russian, Ukrainean …

    Thank you for this piece, Lada, makes me feel hopeful after reading news elsewhere.

    PS: I hope that Russia will accept Transnistria and Gagauzia to become part of the Federation.


    • I mean ‘they feel very much part of the Russian Federation regardless of their ethnicity’. As another person told me: in Ukraine you have to be Ukrainean, in Russia you can be sure you will be able to be what you are, preserve your culture and language.


      • VERY TRUE! People put up with the frozen conflict in former republics until they are squeezed and their identity suppressed, as we are seeing now. Then the explosion happens. The real balance will occur when people who want to be together, do reunite. And that’s the majority.


    • Thanks, great testimonial :).
      Eventually the situation in Moldova will change. Moldova, like Ukraine, or the countries that will be formed instead of Ukraine, will join EAU.
      But that will take some time as the geopolitical situation is not favorable right now.


  6. Dear Ms. Ray,
    As an American who has fully renounced the West, I find your words to be pure balm. While aware that the game is ending for us here, I nonetheless feel a sense of optimism for humanity in the generations to come, and this is largely thanks to your assertion that a better world could very well be possible once our tyranny has ended. Peace and love vibrations to you and all that you stand for.


    • Hello, Andrew,
      Thank you for such nice words. And much love to you too.
      It’s never the end for the good people – just for the old system. It will be the new, better beginning for all.


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