My Latest Intel: Did US Lose in Ukraine? Is Putin the Best Russian Leader? Do People Prefer Conspiracies to Real Truth?

In response to my previous article ‘Response to a reader: Is East/West conflict a farce camouflaging NWO takeover?‘ reader Gary posted a comment, which contains some interesting thoughts. Read this comment below and my response, including my latest intel.


“Hi Lada,

Here are my thoughts on Ukraine that I posted on another website. Below is an interesting article on Ukraine.

The author states the premise that basically the Obama administration has thrown in the towel in the quest to control all of Ukraine. The crazies around Victoria Nuland have been defeated first by the quick Russian annexation of Crimea and then by the rebels defeating the Kiev Junta in the east. So in crude terms the west gets the failed state in the western part and Russia gets the destroyed state in the east (although Russia declines to accept it formerly as part of Russia). So the logic of this article makes me believe that the US and Russia will work to manage the de facto division of the Ukraine as it morphs into a sort of West Germany/East Germany situation. Of course it’s not that simple because what about the other pro Russian regions, including Odessa and Kharkov. It just smells like the US and Russia have an understanding in Ukraine. If the area west of the Dnieper River gets close to the west and east of the river de facto if not de jeure joins Russia which would include Odessa and as long as the western part remains demilitarized and void of Nato then I think it’s great. If that’s how things settle down and there’s more or less peace then it’s a great victory. It appears that Russia scored another impressive diplomatic coup like they did to stop the crazies in Syria last year. Vladimir Putin just does not make mistakes. If things continue like they are for the remainder of Putin’s presidency then he will go down as the greatest Russian leader ever, period. I’m not making hyperbole here. All the talk about Putin and the NWO is really idiotic. It’s great though that you are countering it. Here are three reasons to support the premise of the article.

1. Poroshenko got nothing in his trip to the US
2. The Nato summit, despite some of the hostile rhetoric, was a real dud with nothing substantial regarding Ukraine
3. John McCain is really pissed off about the US not sending military aid to Ukraine”

Lada’s response

Gary, you are spot on! And I’ll tell you more. This is my latest intel: an understanding between Russia and US about Ukraine WAS reached in exchange for a few minor adjustments by Russia in a different area of the world. I won’t say more at this time, perhaps later… As we know, politics is all about negotiations.

This happened after US/EU lost on several fronts. US and EU will be slowly backing off. It was hinted by one or two high up Russian leaders. The fact that nothing will come out for the West from their Ukraine adventure was my prediction from the very beginning of the Ukraine crisis, if you recall. More can always be found in PREDICTIONS and INTERVIEWS above, as well as under category UKRAINE in archives. But I am stressing again, this will be a very protracted process and US/NATO/EU will continue their threatening rhetoric, if only to save face AND to see if there is another weak link in the Russian world. So, no resting on laurels for the weary ;).

My long-term prediction remains that Ukraine at large will eventually change gears, leaning towards Russia, including Kiev, central and northern Ukraine. In fact, once Kharkov and Dnepropetrovsk are cleared, Kiev WILL follow suit as there is a strong connection between these cities. About 55% of those who create mayhem in Kiev are really from western Ukraine. Also, a large number is from poor villages of central Ukraine. But even in western Ukraine there is more and more dissent and confusion brewing. Just wait till winter comes. EU right now is panicked as to what to do with Ukraine in the winter. Ukraine will be freezing without Russian gas for which they refuse to pay the $5bln+ they owe. Between siphoning of the EU gas and a possible gas valve shut off by Ukraine, Europe is really, really scared. There comes a point when even the bought-and-paid-for EU politicians can’t continue being obedient US lapdogs for fear of a revolution in their own backyard. Hence the impotence and conspicuous absence of the US in the EU-Ukraine-Novorossia-Russia negotiations in Minsk. Of course, the moment Ukraine delegation is back in Kiev, they run to the boss at the US embassy.

You are right about Putin as well, although again I want to stress (reference to the tagged ‘NWO takeover’ article on top) that no one should be put on an attainable pedestal. Not because a person doesn’t deserve it, but so mere mortals don’t experience a severe disappointment when, from their standpoint, that person doesn’t live up to an unrealistic expectation. That said, it’s hard to disagree based on actions alone. Incidentally, Russians agree too, as Putin’s ratings are going through the roof and are officially the highest in the world for almost half a year.

Jean kindly reposted my article to bring my views to the attention of her readership. See it here: Lada Ray: Response to a reader: Is East/West conflict a farce camouflaging NWO takeover? September 20, 2014. That readership’s questions were really the reason for my ‘response to a reader.’ However, judging by some comments on this re-post, it appears many people in the West, present company excluded, are not interested in real facts and real developments as they prefer to pursue some illusory conspiracy theories and muddy their brains with confusion. Instead of the truth, and real facts based on true knowledge, they prefer to substitute one illusion for another.

This makes me wonder if what I say in my articles and predictions is falling for the most part on deaf ears, and if it’s worth continuing my work. Or is it as usual, the smallest percentage that creates most noise and confusion?

Is it worth it for me to continue working to enlighten, explain and reveal the truth? I really do hope all my work till now wasn’t for nothing. I do genuinely wonder at this point.

About Lada Ray

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  1. DEAR Lada. What do you think of today’s “piece marsh” in Moscow?. I know it was funded and support by US. This marsh of course had nothing to do with piece, it was all about and against Putin. The globalist are in desperation to remove him.


    • Ditto. Fifth column at work in Moscow. New US ambassador just took over. He was promoted to Russia after successfully organizing coup in Ukraine. But Russia isn’t Ukraine. Russians are a little amused at these frantic attempts to create maidan in Moscow and St Pete.


  2. I think you are correct regarding vocal ignorance. It’s very common in the usa. We see it daily. You must continue your good work and not change your plan due to the ignorance of others and some good be trolls or shills. And, when do you anticipate release of the next Earth Shifter? I really enjoyed it. Thanks for you great work from a 2nd generation us (us doesn’t derserve capitalization) half Ukrainian that supports Putin because of the facts.


  3. Its worth it Lada…..there are many ears to hear! Keep up your good work! L

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  4. Aeyrie Silver Eagle

    Oh no, Lada. Your articles are NOT falling on deaf ears! I have been eagerly reading your blog posts for some time, but this is the first comment I have left. I just wanted you to know that I think you are such a breath of fresh air! I love reading your posts and watching your videos. Your information (and your predictions!) are always spot-on. Bless you for your intelligence and insight. Love it! Please do not be discouraged. And please, continue just as you are doing.
    I think bloggers attract the audiences that are an energetic match to them, don’t you? Your readers are very intelligent and discerning. I see this is so because of their very intelligent questions and comments. Like you, they want facts, and they are willing to do the work to suss out the truth. Many other blogs are not anywhere near as good as yours. Your blog is head and shoulders above the rest. And some blogs, oh my. LOL, I swear they must be written by cabal trolls ~ not naming any names here! Naturally, they have similarly dismal reader responses, and I agree with you; it is pretty disappointing!
    May I put in a little plug for another blogger I really like? He is a very “laid back” kind of guy who loves his coffee, and he is just delightful. (If you decide to post my comment you can take this part out if you prefer.) Do you know Kauilapele, from Hawai’i? He is just himself. He leaves all the penetrating analysis to others like yourself. I really do enjoy his uncomplicated viewpoint on life; it is very refreshing in its own way. Well. Dear Lada, blessings to you and yours and all your really smart readers. ;o) Carry on!

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    • Spot on, Eagle, people always attract their energetic match. 🙂 Very well pointed out!
      Kauilapele’s blog is listed on my Resources page above. This list is very small as I only list sources I personally approve of :).


  5. Dear Lada Ray,

    I am a new viewer to your blog and website (I signed up after reading your recent post on Jean’s site) but I do not think that your work is for nought and truly do hope that you continue your work. It may benefit many other readers like myself who rarely comment on the posts.

    Keep up your excellent work.


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  6. Of course continue, your work is very important. Best regards, Fvr

    El 21/09/2014, a las 20:51, Futurist Trendcast escribió:

    > >

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  7. Hi Lada,

    Don’t get discouraged. You’re doing important work. You’ve given me a whole different way at looking at the cross between geo politics and spirituality. You also brought out of the wordwork my deep feelings for Soviet-Russian culture that was repressed so many years after the fall of the USSR. You don’t find barely anyone who unashamedly praises the Soviet Union despite all its defects. It’s very refreshing and is music to my ears. Besides that we have been proven right since all that has happened since 1991. So don’t fret. You got me hooked and there will be many others who will be. The internet is like consiousness. Somehow even without advertising people for some reason will start gravitating to your site. It might take a long time but it will happen. You put your ideas out there in the ether and people in their higher consciousness will receive it and visit your site.

    By the way do you know David Wilcock. Have you ever talked to him. He states very often that Russia is leading the way against the cabal. He also combines spirituality with geo politics. I think you and him would see things very similiarly. He’s a very smart and informative fellow. Maybe you can invite him as a guest on your youtube video.

    Without spilling the beans I hope that Russia didn’t sacrifice Assad to the extremists in exchange for Ukraine.

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    • Thanks, Gary, very nice of you – I believe this too. 🙂

      I know of David Wilcock. Hopefully in the future our paths will connect. It would be fun; he has a lot of interesting ideas.

      Assad: no sacrifice of anyone, but US gets to save face more or less, in those parts and close to there. Can’t say more at this time.


    • Gary, thank you for mentioning David Wilcock. I’ve checked his website, read a few articles and loved them! Thanks!


  8. Dear Lada, Regarding your question: “if it’s worth continuing my work?” The answer is YES,YES AND YES!!. This is not my OPINION. If you want to know the science behind that answer, please take time to read Malcolm Gladwell’s best seller “The Tipping Point”..He explores the factors that make social phenomena suddenly accelerate in complete contrast to preceding trends: (like we say things “going viral”- a social analog of epidemic). There are three factors:involved “law of the few”, “the stickiness factor” and “power of context”. It takes a small number of special kinds of people “connectors”, “mavens” and “salesmen” to create tipping points. You are one of these. You are part of the mechanism that is going to create the civilizational change: what you aptly call “Earthshift”.

    Please read my comment on Jean’s website to this post: Much of what I wrote about Jean applies to you as well. But you probably are in a separate class by yourself since you are connected with many different worlds by your linguistic prowess, your awakened spirituality, your cross-cultural upbringing and growth and above all by your passion.

    GOD has chosen to put you in this position and GOD alone will decide whether you should continue doing this work or not. In the meanwhile, you have many more important things to do rather than entertain negative thoughts about your work. Get going, that’s a Good Girl!

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    • You made me smile with the last sentence, and that’s what I need right now. 😉
      Very interesting about the tipping point. Thanks for your great input as always. 🙂


  9. i have been really appreciating all that I read on your site Lada.. And I live in the US :-0 !
    Thanks much.


  10. Lada, one more point I forgot to make. Besides being a world traveler and linguist, native Russian and master Feng Shui you also worked on Wall St. You have quite impressive credentials: linguist, Russian specialist, spiritualist and financial specialist. No wonder you bring to the table a wholistic understanding of our world. I implore all of your readers to come up to speed in the world of finance and economics. Understanding the financial war will help to dispel any of the dumb comments regarding Putin and the NWO. I think the people who believe the malarcky regarding the NWO and Russia know nothing at all about the world financial system. I do think that the financial system is the achilles heal of the west and will bring its downfall. Some great sites on finances are of course the wonderful Paul Craig Roberts, Jim Willie at the Golden Jackass, Chris Martenson and Alister McLeod specifically about the gold and silver manipulation by the central banks. Another top notch person who will give you a real education on the wickedness of Wall St. is Naomi Prins who worked for Goldman Sachs.

    Again Lada thanks for all your’re doing. When is your next podcast going to be.

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    • Excellent point about the economic education, and I approve of the names mentioned! I do not talk about the economic side of the story as much because there is only so much time in my day and I have to judge where I can be most effective. There are so many very qualified people talking about the economy already.
      Please everyone, do educate yourselves per Gary’s suggestion!


  11. john from Arizona

    Love your ‘intel’ and so look forward to it …… don’t even think about stopping! You are appreciated and loved more than you know. 🙂


  12. Lada, it really does make a difference. You might not see it now, but you break through the solid wall of disinformation by letting people know there is a different story. People get curious and try to find out for themselves what is right. At least they know there is a different opinion out there held by people who know Russia well. And you are right, it is a vocal minority posting their nasty opinion that Putin is Hitler, perhaps for pay, perhaps out of deep prejudice, or perhaps because they like provoking a reaction. It is important that those of us who can point out that Vlad the Invader has not invaded anywhere, continue to do so.

    Anyway, no news out of Japan, except I was up Mt. Fuji a week ago, and encountered US military talking about Russia, “Sections? is that the right word?” “Sanctions! Well, they got a little cocky, so we taught them a little lesson.” A shame I forgot to bring my barf bag! I had to rush by, holding my nose. The good news is that US military personnel think we really put Russia in its place again, so they won’t be any more trouble. (I think that’s normally how America handles losing.)

    Hearing from you is really reassuring to your followers, so keep it up. You’re in good company with Paul Craig Roberts, Dmitry Orlov, et al. People with their eyes open. (I turned to Dmitry for a second opinion, because I’ve seen him be critical of Putin in the past. He is unequivocal about the putsch being fascist, and he tried bringing that up in the MSM and so-called “left leaning” alternative sites, and was censored.) You have to tell the truth in whatever venue is available.

    Unrelated but newsworthy: a Japanese prime time media program mentioned that some people are saying the CIA is behind the ebola outbreak.

    Whether or not America had its hand in that pie, they obviously got the little World War III they’ve been salivating for, and seem to be set to bomb Syria (perrhaps that is where Putin made a deal–to stand down this time? I hope that does not happen. I have come to realize that I do pitifully little to oppose American adventures in countries whre I do not have friends.)

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    • Pat, thanks so much for the good words – you laid it out so well. 🙂
      This is funny abt US soldiers and “sections.” Poor brainwashed b**tards, they really do think they are in the right. Amazing.

      Ebola: Looks like Japan is starting to awaken, or at least to question the official western propaganda. That’s good. It’s really unnatural for them to be in the Western camp. This bonding with the West happened because of historic local rivalries with China and Korea, as well as partially Russia. Just think how much trouble for the world could be saved if these three learned to make up. Japan isn’t a geopolitical force, but it is an economic powerhouse and its siding with the West tilts the scale unduly to the West.

      China and India have learned to make up, despite their long rivalry, but that only happened within BRICS and under Russia’s watchful eye ;). Russia unfortunately can’t help Japan – Japanese don’t trust Russians as mediators in the way that China and India do.

      “I do pitifully little to oppose American adventures in countries whre I do not have friends.”

      Pat, We have to speak up and share the knowledge in areas where we know most and therefore are most effective. I love your news from Japan and I think they are very important to all of my readers. Please keep posting them in comments here!

      I can’t talk about everything either. I constantly face an inner battle – any newspaper editor would understand me – what material to publish next, what is the highest priority now. At the expense of other great material, of course.

      Huge hugs to you 🙂


  13. Добрый день, Лада! Благодарю Вас за Ваш благородный труд, За Правду! В мире царства Лжи Ваши посты об Украине, России, В,В, Путине мы, русские, высоко ценим и воспринимаем с глубокой благодарностью. Если есть такие люди в нем, как Вы и Jean, несущие Свет, значит в нем не все так безнадежно плохо! БлагоДАРЮ еще раз!
    С уважением,

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  14. Thanks Lada for your valuable comments and explanations of current political affairs.
    You can be sure it doesn’t fall on deaf ears. Rather most people reading your writings are not comfident or willing to comment. You know, “the silent minority”.
    Your persistance will wake up many people. And that will eventually bring the necessary change in the world.


  15. I think it is very important that you continue your work, Lada. Here in the West, the information pollution is so thick, we need fresh perspectives, and you’ve spoken and predicted those for us. To me, you’re one of the greatest resources we have!


  16. Dear Lada, Greetings from Sweden. I have read Earth Shifter and I read all your articles. You are doing a great job. I am trying to find a way here (in this deeply pro-NATO, pro-West, anti-Russian country of mine) to spread the truth about the present geopolitical state of the Earth. Your texts are helping a lot.


  17. Dear Lada,

    No need to stop doing what you are doing as slowly but surely people will be pulled to your website! (I agree with so many of the things in the comments above, like “the Tipping Point etc.!) I come here every day and love your articles as they are spot on and always give me the idea that I am not alone in thinking that things look, and are, very different from what we read in the newspapers or see on TV!

    BTW I read your book, “Gold Train” and all I can say is WOW! It only lasted two evenings, I could not put it down and was sad when the book was finished! Very good story, an excellent read and I highly recommend it to others out here and out there! ;-))
    So now I ordered “Earthshifter” from, hope to receive it this week!

    Thanks Lada for all your hard work! Keep it up!!
    Christa ;-))

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  18. Lada, please continue with your posts. It is not only about the people who come here regularly to read them. You articles are a great reference resource to point people to or use in various forum discussions, explaining different matters in a nutshell, yet precisely and with enough depth.


  19. Rich Pack (bamboo-water)

    I have followed what has been happening in the Ukraine since its beginning.
    I deeply hope that what is being said here is true–especially about Ukraine–
    especially about eastern Ukraine–especially about the areas around Donetsk
    and Lugansk.

    Like all peoples fighting for their culture, their sovereignty, their freedom,
    and their right to be who they want to be, the peoples of the Donetsk and
    Lugansk areas of the Ukraine are owed the deepest of gratitude by all
    peoples of the world–for the peoples of Ukraine, the peoples of eastern
    Ukraine, the peoples of Donetsk and Lugansk have in all likelihood,
    in no small way, prevented the rest of us, the rest of the world, from
    experiencing a World War III.

    These brave, tenacious, souls, have stopped “the archduke from being
    assassinated;” there are many peoples who understand your sacrifice,
    but at present, the ones who most likely understand this the best–live in

    A very small number of people, can change the world . . .
    Ukrainians have changed the world . . .

    I am deeply sorry for what our western world has done to you;
    but, I am deeply proud and grateful to all of you.

    Muchas Gracias, Merci Bien, Thank You Very Much . . .

    Jai Gurudev,

    P.S. Lada — you are a part of that “very small number of people” which
    I mention above. Keep on . . . Keeping on . . .


  20. RE: “This makes me wonder if what I say in my articles and predictions is falling for the most part on deaf ears, and if it’s worth continuing my work. Or is it as usual, the smallest percentage that creates most noise and confusion?”
    And: “Is it worth it for me to continue working to enlighten, explain and reveal the truth? I really do hope all my work till now wasn’t for nothing. I do genuinely wonder at this point.”

    Socrates pointed out that “It is only the Greatly Good and Greatly Bad” that move larger world transactions. “The rest follow these.” He expressed after the legislative close vote regarding the death sentence, the regret “I see that had I full exercised my energies in this matter I would have carried the vote”. His doubts about the value of his work had a tragic affect.

    Your affect on me was to provide THE ONE, THE MAIN, source of accurate information about Ukrainian history. I knew nothing of it. Knowing a great amount about Western Political History generally, your presentation quickly brought me up to speed. Within 90 days I was an able expert in Ukrainian events since 1945.

    I hope you do not underestimate the happiness it gave me, when talking to several hundred people, some internationally known economic and political persons, to be able to help spread the germinated seeds of understanding you gave me with hundreds of writings to South America, Europe and the U.S.

    In my Life I have been most greatly helped by Lyndon LaRouche, James Willie and yourself in the area of Western Political Economy. I met you only 7 months ago and through you met Mr. Willie. I hope these facts are of significant importance to you also, enough to, in part at least, encourage you to continue your important work. In any case, I have no doubt that people like yourself have moved recent internationally important events in the right direction. Also, it is in the Nature of Life on Earth that far more seeds exist than ever prove successful. Therefore, we must all have that necessary Faith to “…Cast (our) Bread upon the Waters…”.


  21. Lada, please do not quit your insightful and educative articles! I am a newbie to your site, and I have learned so much from you already. I am so glad to get your perspective and see the real truth of the Russian leader. He is not perfect, but he is a heck of a lot more sane than the traitors in the US government. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


  22. Lada,

    Keep up the good work, and don’t let the b*stards get you down.

    Yep, it sure looks like an understanding has been reached, at least for the time being. Things might change at some point, perhaps after Winter or after a radical coup, if the US decides on that. Although it is worth remembering the last time Moscow had a deal with the EU and Kiev – right before the collapse of Yanukovich. A blog I read had a comment:

    “I had a brief discussion with a Russian official on that Minsk protocol and Donetsk’s and Lugansk’s view of it. My impression was Russia cut a temporary -Little- Bargain with the US and both players wait for new cards to be decked out. Questioning the reservation of NR toward the protocol, I understood the answer between the line as: we made NR comply, they owe us, let’s see if the US can keep Ukraine in line.Time must be kept on our side and will eventually contribute to a solution better than this mess.”

    So this may be good for Russia or at least give time to try to deal with preparing for various US maneuvers. However, in fairness, a fairly high percentage of supporters of Novorossiya/Donbass are not very pleased. They were winning on the battlefield, and had to stop without gaining enough territory to make a viable country/zone. For example, they could have driven the Kiev forces out of Mariupol, an important port, and now Kiev gets to keep it. If the war starts again in a month or two or after Winter, Novorossiya may lose a lot more lives than if they had attacked now. Actually, with defenses put in, it may simply be impossible to take a lot of areas. This is a very tough pill to swallow for those who have risked their lives to try to smash the nasty regime the US installed. And they don’t want to go back to the way things were a few years ago, no matter how much most of the elite in Moscow would like that.

    But the positive side is still obvious. The more time passes, the more Europeans see what has been going on, and they may realize that the US is playing with fire. Plus, Germany and Poland may have supported what has happened in the Ukraine opportunistically, as they thought Russia couldn’t respond. By showing that there will be no easy profits for them, it makes the game not worthwhile.

    Just wild speculation, but perhaps Russia is allowing the US to send troops to Africa under the story of Ebola. This could be part of a deal. Or maybe Afghanistan.


    • Paul, valid points. I disagree on the scope and final outcome though. The problem is, as you perhaps remember I stated in our very first interview, is to get back the entire Ukraine, not just Donbass. Or, as Russians would say – to ‘save the entire Ukraine.’ I hope you get my drift.

      This can only be done when people are forced to think differently because of non-aggression of the other side, and as the aggression/ineptitude of their side is revealed fully. And yes, suffering through one or two brutal winters without heat. Ukraine got itself into this trap all by itself. No one else to blame.

      Novorossia cannot happen in Donbass alone either. I am all for Novorossia, btw, emotionally anyway, but to be effective geopolitically, defence-wise and economically, Paul, it has to be a much larger entity, including Odessa and other areas I mentioned many times before.
      People’s unhappiness – well, that’s to be expected. People should stop running so much on emotions and start listening to reason, than they will have much more clarity.

      There is much more to this subject, but perhaps some other time…


  23. Lada, I just read Gold Train. Most excellent–I loved it. I read it in one night-very easy to read. Now I would ask you to please read my latest book at and tell me what you think about it. There are excerpts from the book on the website. Thank you.

    Keep up your good prophetic work. I agree with most everything you prophesy. I am also a prophet of God. In the prophecy of Amors, the Lord has said he would do nothing unless he reveals it to his holy prophets.

    Yours truly,

    David Thompson
    West Palm Beach,Fl
    561-371-3310 or 561-284-1174


    • Thank you, David. I am in travels for the foreseable future, but I’ll take a look at your book when I have the chance. Perhaps my readers will be interested to follow your link.
      Best of luck to you and thanks for the good words. 🙂


  24. Филип в Швеции

    Привет Лада

    Я еще один из ваших (молодых) сторонников в Швеции, я просто хочу благодарить вам за эту сайту и ее интересную полезную информацию. Красавица, я вам желаю всего доброго в будущее и надеюсь, что информация твоя пробудит спящих людей в Европе и Америке и откроет их глаза на правду.

    С уважением Филипп


  25. John Smith Jones

    Hi Lada

    greetings from sunny Panama.

    One of my former pilot friends told me that you know you are on target when the flak (shooting) becomes very noticeable. You are doing great work on behalf of humanity, but here are those who inhabit the darkness and would enjoy silencing your voice. Ignore them. Bless you.


  26. Dear Lada,

    I just want to thank you again for the work you do! I always get excited when you post a new article 🙂 You are really a breath of fresh air and you share with us the type of analysis that humanity really needs – I mean you don’t just post whatever empty, baseless idea you have, as many western ‘journalists’ do, you base your writing on a deep understanding of the world, spirituality, various differing cultures and so many other nobel things. I hope you feel that you are very much respected, trusted and loved!

    Never give up, the world needs you and people like you!


  27. Lada, your work is absolutely wonderful.
    You seem to share so many of my passions and endeavours.
    Russia, geo-politics, novel writing, the Chinese arts, the financial markets, and cats! hehe Sadly, I’m not yet finished on my 1st novel tho. You have been very prolific.

    My family, on one side, are Russians from Kiev. Its so sad to see the Mother City of the Rus be infected with such maniacs as currently. I hope matters are settled soon.

    I am in Europe, and many people see through the ugly propaganda that is aimed against the Russian world. Work like yours is invaluable!
    Best wishes Mik.


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