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Dear readers,

Today I want to say a special THANK YOU to all those who regularly support FuturisTrendcast, Lada Ray Blog and LadaRayLive by liking and commenting! Also, a very special heartfelt THANK YOU to all those who support my work by buying my books and donating! All this helps us a lot!

Thank you all so very much for the enthusiastic and supportive response to my previous post: My Latest Intel: Did US Lose in Ukraine? Is Putin the Best Russian Leader? Do People Prefer Conspiracies to Real Truth?

It’s wonderful to know that my work is appreciated. If I had received this kind of feedback more often, I wouldn’t have any doubts whether I should continue my work. I know it’s convenient to be a ‘silent majority’ as one reader referred to it, but my readers have to understand that if I, in large part, receive only doubtful, confused and/or negative comments, as it has happened in the past few weeks, my feedback is lacking and I may form a distorted picture of my readership.

The audience feedback is the most important thing for a writer (and a teacher). I do it only for you, my readers and fans!

The result of not getting enough positive feedback may be that I simply quit doing this, thinking it’s all falling on deaf ears, or I may lose enthusiasm for continuing this important endeavor. Of course, I much prefer to continue writing and speaking for a long time. I have a lot of insight, knowledge and predictions to share. So, please help me help you! – in the words of Jerry Maguire.

I’ll say it straight for everyone’s benefit: if my readers are interested in my continuing to write articles and post Lada Ray Live podcasts, then please let me know you appreciate it by liking my articles (few do, which surprises me as many more post comments – I would’ve thought liking an article were easier). Certainly, please comment, tell me what you’ve liked in a post, and perhaps, what you would like to see me discuss in the future. Please kindly read blog rules before commenting, especially if you are new.

Note, unlike perhaps many humans, I do not respond well to negative stimuli, such as blame, guilt, anger or fear. Instead, as a highly evolved soul, I respond very well to positive, life-affirming and life-enhancing vibrations, such as enthusiasm, love, appreciation, respect, willingness, reason – and yes – intelligent and interesting comments and questions! Thank goodness, most of my readers are firmly within these fine vibrations.

As one of my readers pointed out: Aeyrie Silver Eagle

“I think bloggers attract the audiences that are an energetic match to them, don’t you? Your readers are very intelligent and discerning. I see this is so because of their very intelligent questions and comments. Like you, they want facts, and they are willing to do the work to suss out the truth.”

Incidentally, did you know, dear readers, that love, appreciation and respect vibrate at the very same level, and that these emotions elevate both parties involved? I will talk more about this and the universal scale of human consciousness in one of my future LRL podcasts, and also in the future EARTH SHIFT REPORT. See more on that below.

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What’s coming up: I have several articles ready to post and they will be appearing every few days. In my new articles I will make an emphasis on connecting the past, present and future and in revealing new knowledge.

New LRL podcasts are coming soon. We will be expanding the scope and topics of the podcasts to cover the mystical reality and cosmic consciousness. But rest assured, we won’t forget to talk about the pressing earthly matters such as geopolitics and human affairs!

Of course, Russia, Eurasia and related topics will still dominate because of their importance in human development.

Future plans: 

Some of you may know that I make successful predictions, but perhaps few know that I have created a whole predictive system, called EARTH SHIFT, which predicts events and pulls from the Universe into the open the hidden truths (some call it Akashic Records). My system helps describe the past, present and future based on cosmic/psychic, historic, geopolitical and esoteric (including feng shui, eastern numerology and astrology) data. This system is something I plan to start sharing incrementally with everyone through FuturisTrendcast, Lada Ray Live and Earth Shift Report on  This will start happening slowly at first, but it will be soon.

I am presently working on shaping up the future EARTH SHIFT REPORT format.  The Putin Enigma report I had promised you will be expanded and the Destiny of Russia predictions will be added to it for a more complete picture. It will be an eye-opening and mind-bending experience for sure!

I am also preparing another Earth Shift Report containing my vision of how the USA collapse will really happen. It will be very valuable to compare this with my reality-based and at the same time, mystical, review of the USSR collapse. I am presently deciding whether to combine both in one report, or to release them as two. The look I will offer you is fresh and uniquely mine. Hint, it’ll be nothing like ‘Reinventing Collapse’ by Dmitri Orlov, although I do highly respect this man and agree with a lot of his analysis. I certainly enjoyed reading his book. It’ll also be nothing like many of the predictions out there, because the US collapse won’t happen the way many predict.

Other Earth Shift Reports are planned as well!

Since the subjects of my Earth Shift Reports are rather broad and deep, they cannot be covered in a relatively limited article form. These reports are for those who want to understand the complete picture of the world around them and the nature of the coming all-encompassing global Earth Shift. They are also for all those who want to prepare properly for the changes to come; those who want to KNOW instead of being broadsided and confused; those who perhaps want to assist the Earth Shift in an intelligent manner – and for that true knowledge is key. And no, these reports won’t be about buying gold and silver ;). Not because I am against these fine metals – I am all for – but because so many already talk about them and it’s not needed to add yet another voice to the chorus. I’ll talk about something more original.

EARTH SHIFT REPORTS will be the size of a small to moderate book. Most of them will be paid in order to help offset the costs of our free blogs and Lada Ray Live podcast, which are basically a full-time job. I want to do it right, so the first paid Earth Shift Report should be appearing on in the second half of November. Stay tuned for future announcements!

Still, we decided to make some of the Earth Shift Reports FREE. As you know, I have already published a free Earth Shift Special Report: Is Putin Part of NWO? on FuturisTrendcast, which I am sure many of you have read.

The second FREE report that looks into the hidden history of hatred and roots of geopolitical and cultural problems between Russia and Ukraine – is coming in a week or so. This eye-opening topic is completely unknown, and/or it has been twisted in the West, and sadly, in Ukraine as well. Even many Russians have a very vague and often incorrect understanding of it.

Please note, my FREE Earth Shift Reports take a massive amount of time and research to complete. If you enjoy them, please consider donating here to support them, or go to SUPPORT on top bar. Many thanks!

In the future, we plan many more interesting, unique and fascinating projects! Stay tuned for new articles, podcasts and Earth Shift Reports.

Blessings to all,



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  1. Yaaaayyyyy!!! Your plans sound wonderful. Can barely wait. Thank you!

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  2. I love reading your articles Lady Ray, I always learn something new.

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  3. Dear Ray,
    Thanks for the excellent research and works of writings.
    It is appreciated immensely.
    Keep up the good work!

    Carel Boshoff.

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  4. I was so excited when reading about your future plans ;o) I forgot to mention that I am REALLY intrigued by your predictive system you call Earth Shift. Being similarly inclined I am particularly looking forward to learning more about that!

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  5. Thank you, Lady Lada, for breaking this down for us… your intent, motivation, direction and about your expectations concerning feedback and participation. There is always a special embodied angel or two around when the celestial geometry gets complex and humankind gets confused and starts heading for the nearest cliff. I believe you are one of these and that you deliberately, and with much love, took the assignment.

    There is a principle I learned from a certain exo-entity which calls itself a Social Memory Complex by the name of Ra who stated that teaching and learning are two sides of the same coin, or words to that effect. You teach, I learn, and you learn when I comment on your teaching. Even in the act of teaching, or of learning, certain intuitions occur which are amplifications of teaching or learning that make the whole process wider in scope and range. You also say indirectly that we are important to you and I will tell you that you are certainly important to me… and I intuit to many others.

    As to boilerplate admin, I don’t seem to be getting everything that you write and say in a reliable steady manner. I have to go looking for it with a few exceptions, although I have subscribed to what was subscribable. Mostly your material comes to my attention through Jean’s site. I always “like” what you have to say but it went right over my head to say so by checking the box. Thanks for setting me straight on that. If I were you, I would like some feedback, too.

    I like your short and long-term planning for what you want to put out and I’m on board with that. I will do my best to get with the choreography in a more coherent manner in the future. Pleased be advised I love you and I’m totally grateful for your work… and I look for you every day. I’m not totally computer literate but I do my best for a 1945er.

    Bill in New Mexico

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    • Bill, very well said about the teaching and learning being two sides of the same coin! 🙂
      Sorry you sometimes don’t get notices about my articles. I have no idea why as we are dealing with the WordPress system here and only god knows how it’s set up. My advice for everyone is to make sure WordPress emails are added to your list so your email provider doesn’t send them to spam.

      Great hearing from you!

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  6. Lada! I always love to read your articles… And alwaz want to comment, but some times cos of my low grip on language of english, I don’t n particularly in some of articles such as on #Ukrain, i maitain a distance cos that part of world i am stranger, but alwaz read about the agony of common people from u. One thing is for sure your articles, Collection of pics, music and many more have lot of variations in it… Lastly one thing one to say some lines for you, ” God gave me the sky to admire it n its beauty, twitter gave me another Sky to talk, to share and admire the knowledge” I thank that Sky… Thank you Lada looking forward more from you.. Pardon me if i done any gramatical mistake, i could resist myself to comment in this article of you.

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  7. Dear Lada,

    Thanks for outlining your ideas about how you see this blog continuing! Really looking forward to all your articles and podcast, so much to learn!

    Big hug,
    Christa ;-))

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    • I hope you figure out how to sign in, Christa. 🙂

      Sorry, everyone, if you are having any trouble with signing in. I didn’t realize it was that complicated. I thought it was pretty much automatic once you followed a blog.
      As far as I understand the best thing to do is to open a WP account (in other words, sign up), but you don’t have to start an actual blog – just keep it open. Then you can like or post any comments.

      Hope this helps everyone.

      Best 🙂

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  8. Lada,

    A lot of folks don’t tend to say “Oh, that was good.” or “Thanks. I particularly found the part about xyz interesting.” It is probably the nature of people who are in a good mood or just generally at a higher level. They may not feel they are adding a lot to the conversation. On the other hand, folks who are depressed or suffering or otherwise stuck in a lower level tend to take the time to say something bad or negative or mean or what have you. And I am not trying to pretend to be a saint about this. It may just be human nature. So cheer up about the limited feedback from those who enjoyed your work. They are most definitely out there.

    I am very much looking forward to learning about your Earth Shift system.

    And don’t fret about the gold and silver. It is talked about a lot, and what we need more at the moment is ideas for keeping our health and spirit when dealing with the things that ruin our frequency, such as chemtrails or cell towers.

    By the way, if you can, make sure to do a show with Melodi, who was on during out last interview.

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  9. RE: “…love, appreciation and respect vibrate at the very same level, and that these emotions elevate both parties involved…”

    What Human’s perceive as Love will probably one day be proven one of the Basic Universal Forces. It was not by way of some closely held dogma whereby Jesus healed those around him. He was a great Conduit for Love. An example of His remarks (originally spoken) concerning Love is “…Love is the Light and the Way and the Kingdom of God. Anyone who seeks to enter Heaven by any other path is dishonest and knows not Truth…”

    Love gives Life. Love heals Life. Love wins for Life. Every action and thought which proves good for everyone’s Life experiences is an aspect, a facet, a manifestation of Love deeply FELT Emotionally. Pointedly: this life is not a mere intellectual experience. Life is emotionally experienced. There is no such thing as “intellectual” Life experience only! Life is abstracted in mental motion which may do little for the Soul (which already “Knows”). Emotions are closest to the Soul. Brains have long been misplaced in our social and national Value systems losing our place as carriers of THE Torch (Love). The Soul will not experience Life living just in the Brain. We came for the EXPERIENCE of Life, ie, Life here. Life now.

    Nations built on Love show great care for Everyone, not building up intellectual principals perceived to elevate some above others. Such Nations spread Peace. Such nations manifest more facets of Love. “Exceptional” thinking Nations spread war. But, Love wins for all Living Beings. Jesus never said, “Worship God”, pointedly He said, “Love God”. Love Everyone.

    He Loved even the Spirits in the Wind, why otherwise do you think It did oblige Him. Oh, most humorous to think one CAN “command” the Wind, DID “command” the Wind, or SHOULD “command” the Wind. We should know better than to think we can command God or speak for “Him” in using “His” NAME to intellectually put ourself on the level of God of every Thing and Non-thing and especially: above thy Neighbor.(?) Love Thyself. Love others as Thyself. Love God with thy WHOLE SELF.

    My friend, Chief, John Mohawk, who taught at Cornell, whom I first met at the Bioneering Conference in San Francisco, where he spoke, where he pointed out publicly and said, there was a TIME when the Western World taught (from Socrates forward until the appearance of certain English “philosophers”) VIRTUE. These english “philosophers” worked hard to change the intellect’s Idea of Virtue back toward money and all which disproportionate emphasis on money brings to the Human Being, ie, war, desire for power, arrogance, detachment, and on and on. Manifestations of Love are Virtues. The lack of Love is sin.

    Lada, for you to tell your Truth is to express the greatest Virtue. It is True Love. You have been of great Help and Comfort to many and I Hope soon, Hope to many many more.

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    • Beautifully put, John. 🙂

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    • Very true, John,
      The Anglo-saxons (and other Westerners) did cultivate “reason” or the lower mind at the expense sentiment and heart intelligence. Or, to put it in the words of the Tibetan Teacher Djwhal Khul, the energy of concrete intelligence was over-emphasised while that of Love-Wisdom was de-emphasised and wilted somewhat. But this Teacher also says that this was a useful phase: people must learn to think logically and rationally, critically, so long as they do not forget that not all of reality can be reduced to the things we can see and touch and “prove” through our over-rated “scientific mind.” The idea is to understand that both the “heart” and the “head” are needed, and that the enlightened heart is in fact a better instrument of knowledge than the head alone. Heart knowledge is the future, and reasoning will increasingly include the heart, as intuition or holistic apprehension of reality. In other words, we’ll be using the faculty of LOVE as a means of knowing.
      As I’m currently meditating on Dr M L King’s anti-Vietnam-war speech (his best in my view), let me quote what he says about love:
      “A genuine revolution of values means in the final analysis that our loyalties must become ecumenical rather than sectional. Every nation must now develop an overriding loyalty to mankind as a whole in order to preserve the best in their individual societies. This call for a worldwide fellowship that lifts neighborly concern beyond one’s tribe, race, class, and nation is in reality a call for an all-embracing, unconditional love for all men. This oft misunderstood and misinterpreted concept, so readily dismissed by the Nietzsches of this world as a weak and cowardly force, has now become an absolute necessity for the survival of mankind.
      And when I speak of love I’m not speaking of some sentimental and weak response. I am speaking of that force which all of the great religions have seen as the supreme unifying principle of life. Love is somehow the key that unlocks the door which leads to ultimate reality. This Hindu-Muslim-Christian-Jewish-Buddhist belief about ultimate reality is beautifully summed up in the first epistle of John: “Let us love one another, for God is love. And every one that loveth is born of God and knoweth God. He that loveth not knoweth not God, for God is love. If we love one another, God dwelleth in us and his love is perfected in us.” (“Why I Am Opposed to the War in Vietnam – Full Speech.wmv”


  10. Thanks, I like your reports and analysis, I did visit Altai once, and really liked Russia.

    Unfortunately I’m in Australia which is a puppet to the US.

    The US disappeared one PM (Holt) and then overthrew another PM (Whitlam) and both major parties in Australia are now just subservient to the US. Do you have any positive predictions for Australia leaving the US .

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    • Hi Sergio. I am so sorry to hear this.
      Unfortunately, the US was allowed to accumulate too much power after the collapse of the USSR. The USSR collapse sent ripples through the entire earth creating imbalance everywhere. No one could be independent any more as a result. This is why even the far away Australia experienced this. As it is a part of the Anglo-Saxon world, of course it’s only logical.

      Russia has to organize properly and tilt the power balance back. The more countries and individuals help Russia in this, the sooner the global balance will be restored, the sooner countries get their independence back. Regretfully, very few want to help, partially due to the success of the subversive propaganda and partially because people are lazy. It’s ultimately up to each person and each country.

      I’ll have more on this in one of my future EARTH SHIFT REPORTS.

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    • Thanks, Sergio, for this info about Prime Ministers Holt and Whitlam. It explains the otherwise incomprehensible virulence of Australian authorities right just after the downing of the Malaysian plane, calling for Pres. Putin to be “banned from the G8”. Cowering under the hegemon’s heel, eh?
      I found some interesting pieces, include one on Holt ( Most sad.
      The piece includes something interesting: how Australia used to have a neighbourhood police that was “part of the community” and answerable to the community, but today, it controlled from somewhere else… Someone else mentioned this about the US. Other countries would say the same: the police everywhere has become the people’s enemy. And indeed, the entire State structure. All now controlled by the One Centre: the USA. Vladimir Putin warned the world about this in his Munich speech in 2007, trying to wake the assembled world leaders to the fact that if they do not resist US hegemony, none of their countries would be its own master any more:
      “What is a unipolar world? However one might embellish this term, at the end of the day it refers to one type of situation, namely one centre of authority, one centre of force, one centre of decision-making.
      It is world in which there is one master, one sovereign.”
      But he also warned the US that if it continues to bully the world, it will kill itself as well:
      “And at the end of the day this is pernicious not only for all those within this system, but also for the sovereign itself because it destroys itself from within.” (Transcript: ; video:
      (Interesting to watch, at 11’35”, the body language of Ms Livni, then Israel’s FM, as Mr Putin said NATO or the EU cannot be substituted for the UN)
      The warning fell on deaf ears, of course, since the US is convinced of its own “exceptionalism”, and its “God-given” right to do whatever it sees fit to ensure that its supremacy continues unchallenged.
      Mr Putin was not the first to warn the US: Martin Luther King had done so when he spoke against the war in Vietnam – and was assassinated for it:
      “We are presently moving down a dead-end road that can lead to national disaster. … And don’t let anybody make you think that God chose America as his divine, messianic force, to be a sort of policeman of the whole world. God has a way of standing before the nations with judgment, and it seems that I can hear God saying to America, “You’re too arrogant! And if you don’t change your ways, I will rise up and break the backbone of your power, and I’ll place it in the hands of a nation that doesn’t even know my name.” (Martin Luther King: “It’s A Dark Day In Our Nation”. April 30, 1967 –
      Full text:
      (Note: many videos on youtube truncate this passage or omit it altogether, because of the passage about US power passing to “a nation that doesn’t even know my name” – frequently interpreted as Russia, since at the time, the USSR was officially an atheist country which did not “know” or acknowledge God.
      Good day.


  11. Lada,
    Since I discovered you several months ago, I have eagerly looked forward to your next post or predictions. Your articles just feel like the closest thing to truth that one can find today. Your blog has not gotten “Likes” from me simply because I didn’t know until this morning that I have to register and sign in to WordPress to give you a “Like”. You will certainly earn my “Likes” in the future.

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    • Thanks, it’s very nice of you. I just learned myself that ‘liking’ required a specific WP procedure.

      Sorry, everyone. I thought likes were as easy as commenting. No sweat, but likes are welcome at any time. 🙂

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  12. Lada, I was absolutely thrilled to find your blog because I so strongly feel that getting to know a nation and its people is the pathway to world peace. I’m a 76 yrs. old American … there has not been a time during those years that Americans have not been taught that Russia is the enemy. I. on the other hand, have always known and loved Russia–I’m sure based on prior lifetimes lived there. Your blog presents the beauty of Russia and its people. It is invaluable for that reason. The frosting is your insightful writing!

    I understand how demoralizing negative comments on a blog can be. I cut off comments for that reason. It took hours to get past the negative energy that hits a blogger square in the face. If people only knew that the negative energy hurts them as well. On facebook, I and others began to ask the one making a negative comment: “How has your comment helped you and those you love?” The negative comments have almost disappeared for those of us who are truth seeking/exposure writers–at least among those I know.

    Thank you for your expertise and your blog!
    Nancy Detweiler

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    • Nancy, thank you for your very wise words and for the encouragement. It is soooooo wonderful to know that there are such smart, loving and enlightened AMERICANS!
      I want to give you a hug. 🙂

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  13. Dear Lada please don’t QUIT!!! Stupid and dumps are everywhere, please ignore them. Love reading your new posts. Looking forward for a new updates. Thank you and keep well!!

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  14. Dear Lada Ray,

    Your prophecies track well with biblical prophecies about the restoration of god’ s kingdom on earth. Are you aware of this?

    David Thompson
    West PalmBeach, Fl


    • No, I’m not. Frankly, since I grew up in the USSR and later preferred to study different things, I never had the time to read the Bible. I am somewhat familiar with some main postulates and Bible stories. But I think these are just universal, or global, themes anyway. 🙂

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  15. The world wants to know-what is Sasha doing these days?

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  16. Dear Lada:
    I generally agree with your pessimistic forecast for America’s future barring major, revolutionary change in the U.S. Government. What, indeed, will it take to wake up the American people? So I am sort of grasping at straws, anything that that might produce a better outcome. Along this line would you care to give your opinion of Benjamin Fulford, whose weekly blog costs money, except that it usually appears free on the Hipknowsys blog. In the past he has made predictions of events so big that they would have had to appear on the evening news, but nothing happened.

    So I am asking your opinion.
    Thank You.
    James Cook


    • Hi James. Sorry, I won’t be able to give critical opinion of others’ work from now on. Please see Blog Rules on top bar for that.
      My views/predictions are available in my articles. Also please stay tuned for the upcoming Earth Shift Reports, which will address this specific issue in depth. Thank you.

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    • Dear James,
      A good prediction about US future was made by Dr Martin Luther King – a dire prediction, but with a remedy:
      “We are presently moving down a dead-end road that can lead to national disaster. America has strayed to the far country of racism and militarism… and this unnatural excursion has brought only confusion and bewilderment. It has left hearts aching with guilt and minds distorted with irrationality.”
      The mention of “minds distorted with irrationality” is clearly seen in the way people in the US (and now everywhere as well) believe not only in all the crazy conspiracy theories, but in the lying propaganda that mainstream media, and unfortunately the leaders as well (ex.: Every word of this speech is either a blatant lie or a shameful distortion, but how many Americans can see through the fog?)
      Dr King’s remedy is easy – at least to understand, but we can all apply it if we really get to understand that the situation can be rectified if we recover our sense of what is just and right, and, inter alia, stop what Dr King called the use of “massive doses of violence… to bring about the changes [the US] want”. Dr. King calls on the American people to “come back home,” to return from “the far country of militarism” and return to their proper home, to the true American values:
      “The home that all too many Americans left was solidly structured, idealistically; its pillars were solidly grounded in the insights of our Christian heritage: ‘All men are made in the image of God. All men are bothers. All men are created equal. Every man is an heir to a legacy of dignity and worth. Every man has rights that are neither conferred by, nor derived from the State—they are God-given. Out of one blood, God made all men to dwell upon the face of the earth.’ What a marvelous foundation for any home! What a glorious and healthy place to inhabit! It is time for all people of conscience to call upon America to come back home. Come home, America!” (Video: “Why I Am Opposed to the War in Vietnam”) (Fuller video, with introductory part psychological cataracts that blinds us to our sins”, but sound only: )
      If the American people can take Dr King’s counsel (including against “the apathy of conformist thought”) then the dire predictions will be modified. The future is not cast in stone: it follows on present actions, which follow on the past deeds, but present and immediate-future actions can be modified, thereby also modifying the future. Seers can tell what’s round the corner if the current course is pursued (as it usually is), by reading the road ahead. But if you and I and enough of the others decide to change course and not go down the obvious road ahead, then different events will ensue. As a matter of fact, the role of prophets is to warn of dangers ahead if we pursue the current course. If, for instance, Americans come out of their current apathetic obedience to their present war-loving leadership, then Dr King’s prophecy about God breaking the backbone of US power will give way to its opposite prophecy: America returns “from the far country” of militarism and global bullyism, and resumes work on its true vocation, as the land of freedom and equality, of caring and helpfulness.
      Right now, America is obsessed with its own exceptionalism, as denounced by Dr King in 1967, and Mr. Putin, in his 12/9/2013 article in the NYT, in which he disagree with Pres. Obama’s inauguration statement, in which he said the “America’s policies are “what makes America different. It’s what makes us exceptional.”
      “It is extremely dangerous, Mr. Putin warns, to encourage people to see themselves as exceptional, whatever the motivation. There are big countries and small countries, rich and poor, those with long democratic traditions and those still finding their way to democracy. Their policies differ, too. We are all different, but when we ask for the Lord’s blessings, we must not forget that God created us equal.” (“A Plea for Caution from Russia” by Vladimir Putin –
      Dear James, please tell your people – at least those you can reach – not to be like the people of ancient Jerusalem, “who stone the prophets and kill those that were sent to [warn] you!” Jesus wept for them, because He could see the fate waiting round the corner if they kept their ruinous course to the dead end: destruction of their temple and capital by Titus, “diaspora” = deportation and dispersion of the people. If, instead of rejecting him, they had listened to his message in greater numbers (not just a handful of disciples and occasional hearers), this sad fate would not have happened, and the world would have been a very different place, free from zionism, among other conflict factors that have contributed to igniting the Middle East.
      “Come back from the brink, America!” Or else “the backbone of your power” (the dollar?) will be broken…


  17. dear Lada
    have loved your insights and balance since finding you through Jean a couple months ago.I really appreciate your knowledge and intelligent approach -they are like fresh air! my country Australia is a lame US lapdog 😦
    Please keep it coming!

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  18. Dear Lada,
    Your new blog and videos etc. are a great contribution to the efforts of truth in this crazy world of politics……I grew up in the world of WWII and the cold war. .(.teaching children to run and hide with the prospect of a nuclear bomb hitting their schools. It was horrible.)
    Now you are providing the information about the real activities of that post war era to try to counterbalance the lies and propaganda that was given out back then. As a child , I was taught to hate the Japanese and Germans …all of them !
    To the winner goes the story as it wants it told for history and it is always full of distortions.

    I looked at your number of visits and they are approaching 200,000…..that should tell you that there are a lot of readers who value your contributions to knowledge. Americans were
    never taught much at all about Russian history. The publication of the book and movie about Dr. Zhivago awakened me to the horror and suffering of the Russian people…..and how awful it was to have so many factions all fighting each other at the same time. Now it seems that the people of Ukraine are in that same position with factions fighting in their country and they probably don’t know whom to trust? It’s such a crime to be caught in the middle with nowhere to run……!
    Our media is so controlled that the important news never reaches us easily. So you are certainly a welcome source to help us balance our views of world events. Today’s enemies are tomorrows friends so there are NO winners in war…….
    Stay with us all and report what you see………..?
    Many thanks !.

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  19. That is exactly what I think about you. I think you are an awesome human being… I am behind you 250%.

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  20. Marty Rubenstein

    Hey Lada love your work…what is happening in Chernoble?

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  21. Lada Ray, what would we do without you? I check your blog almost every single day, as you are a voice of reason, intelligence and love! Thank you for all that you do for all of us. I refer to your blog in many comments that I write on other blogs, as you explain things in a very concise and highly readable way. We just can’t get this kind of info from anyone else, so please keep doing what you’re doing. I think you’re brilliant, and so appreciate all the effort and work that I KNOW goes into all the writing and posts that you present to us. We need your info, and we need your hope that things will indeed improve for all of us. I live in Canada, and I don’t get to read much info about what’s going on here as opposed to the States – so I have to extrapolate for myself and assume we;re in it as deep as the US is. YIKES! I thank you for the post you wrote about Harper a while back – it really helped my understanding. I’m spreading the word about you everywhere I surf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxox

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