Multipolar World and Deja Vu

Multipolar World and Deja Vu

(Includes the WWII story of Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill)

Humans reinvent themselves much more often than most think, and history gets changed or distorted much more often than anyone imagines.

The world is quickly changing again as we are facing a global consciousness revolution of unheard of proportions. In the middle of the 20th century humanity went through the most devastating war in the recognized human history. As a result of the two meetings of Stalin, Churchill and Roosevelt in Teheran, Iran and Yalta, Crimea, Russia, the 20th century world architecture that is crumbling around us today, was devised by these three leaders and their respective global powers. The victory in the Great War (WWII) was primarily possible because of the immense sacrifice and suffering of the people of Russia and entire Soviet Union, who managed to defeat the German Nazism. In doing so, Russia/USSR were fulfilling their karmic and historic role of the ultimate global balancer.

The world plunged into the Cold War almost immediately after WWII was over. The beginning of the Cold War was provoked and orchestrated via two events:

1. The US Hiroshima and Nagasaki nuclear bombing, a horrific ‘showcase’ of the new American nuclear toy of which Truman famously said: “now we have a stick against the Russians.” Of course, it didn’t take long before USSR developed its own nuclear stick in RESPONSE. Could it have been any other way?

Incidentally, having looked back in history, I’ve become convinced that the fast Russian development of their own nuclear bomb, the talented Russian physicists notwithstanding, was due in part to the fact that at least one (possibly more) of the scientists involved in the creation of the American a-bomb had passed vital information to Russians after Hiroshima made him understand what kind of a monster he helped create in the USA.

2. The Fulton Speech by Churchill, promising the “Iron Curtain” against the USSR. It was Churchill’s Fulton speech that officially marked the beginning of the Cold War and the “Iron Curtain.” Make no mistake – it was the aggression and provocations of the West that started and perpetuated the Cold War. USSR was a very reluctant and purely defensive participant at all times. It’s just that the overly aggressive, distortedly yang West has always, in known human history, initiated the aggression.

We are now at a breaking point: the West must become significantly more yin for its own good, and in order to restore balance on the planet.

The undeniable proof of what a reluctant warrior Russia had always been is how peacefully, on a handshake, the USSR split up, including (stupidly, I might add) sacrificing such core Russian territories as Crimea, eastern and southern Ukraine (Novorossia).

In defence of the ’90s Russian leadership, and in defence of the people of Ukraine at the time, it has been shown that they were simply duped. Dr. Natalia Vitrenko, long-term head of the Ukrainian Progressive Socialist Party and Rada deputy, who also occupied high-powered positions in the ’80s and ’90s, has confirmed that when people voted in a national referendum for independence and Soviet Union dissolution in 1990-91, they were told that a new commonwealth or new union would be formed instead, minus the Communist Party (Vitrenko’s podcast in Russian here).

Indeed, attempts to create a new union existed in the ’90s. To this day, there is a disfuntional structure called CIS (SNG in Russian), uniting most of the post-Soviet states. However, within 6-10 years, the initial plans were scrapped as each of the ‘leaders’ of the former republics started feeling like a big feudal boss, as oligarchs sucked the money out of their respective countries, and as Soros/NGOs/MSM and Western fifth column made each former republic more and more anti-Russian. (Present day situation is a  little different: the process of awakening has started and the tide is changing both in the West and in the post-Soviet republics.)

This is why to this day so many people all over the former Soviet Union feel confused and betrayed. Sure, the fault is partially that of Russia’s elites, and especially oligarchs. But it’s even a bigger fault of those ‘leaders’ of specific former republics who became power and money hungry at the expense of their own population. Even before the Russian authorities pulled out of the former republics, Western propagandists and economic hitmen were already present there, softening up the local elites and creating the MSM fifth column. The predisposition and willingness were amply available after the disappointments of the Soviet collapse. The void left by Russia’s withdrawal created an extremely fertile ground for the mushrooming rusophobia.

Do you know what the snake in the garden of Eden really looks like? That’s right – exactly like the Western economic and geopolitical hitmen! I wonder if the Biblical story of the snake in the Garden of Eden was written specifically to warn of snakes such as these. In those days they may have been called ‘money changers,’ today they may be called banksters, MSM and NGOs. It is the lust for power, greed, fear and ignorance that always get humans in trouble by creating divisions, wherever they may live.

US economic (and geopolitical) hitmen, so brilliantly described by John Perkins in his awesome book, have been gladly capitalizing on these qualities of the human race. People all over the world should heed this warning and stop fighting between themselves. It’s time to start disappointing the hitmen.

Back to the Cold War: the short-term WWII allies reverted back to being long-term enemies. However, despite the obvious animosity and rivalry, after WWII the two worlds managed to achieve parity, which kept the world spinning without massive global armed conflicts – until now. The former USSR and today’s Russia played, and continue playing, the role of the global balancer, despite either irresponsible, or openly malicious aggressiveness of the West.

Despite obvious differences with today’s events, some things in the video below sound and look like a deja vu. Quoting the same grandpa Churchill, those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

I’ve translated the key pieces:

0.01: Stalin speaking on November 6, 1941, when Hitler’s army was standing near Moscow (as we know, Moscow was successfully defended in 1941 and Hitler failed to take it. This became the first Russian victory in that brutal 4-year war). This speech was delivered deep underground, at Metro Station Komsomolskaya, as Moscow was being bombed by Germans: “Comrades, Russians must see clearly who their enemy is. These people (Nazis – LR) have the audacity to call for the destruction of the Great Russian culture, the culture of Tolstoy and Chekhov, the culture of Suvorov and Kutuzov (generals who defeated Osmanic empire and Napoleon- LR). They came to us with war we didn’t want, and war shall they receive.”

1.00: The authentic footage of the Teheran Conference between Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin, 1943.

Lada’s notes: Few know that as the world leaders were arriving to Teheran, Russian intelligence uncovered a plot to assassinate the three of them. As a result, Churchill and Roosevelt stayed with Stalin on the territory of the Soviet embassy compound in Iran – the only safe place in Teheran. There is a great Russian movie about that assassination plot and the work of the Russian intelligence, called ‘Teheran 43.’

2.06: Footage of the Yalta Conference with the famous Stalin, Churchill and Roosevelt photo op, 1945, Russia.

Lada’s notes: After the Teheran near fiasco, this time the trio met in the safety of the Russian territory specifically because it was the only safe place during WWII. Food for thought, don’t you think?

3:07 Speech by Stalin, November 6, 1944: “The Red Army fulfilled its duty and freed our motherland from the enemy. From now and forever our land is free from the fascist darkness. There is one mission left for our army – to complete together with our allies the destruction of fascism and to place our Victory Banner over Berlin.”



Lada’s notes:

It is worth noting that Stalin was originally from Georgia, where he is still considered a national hero by many. He never lost his Georgian accent. When I was in Tbilisi, Georgia around 1990, I saw Stalin’s portraits displayed even in the driver cabs of the city trolleybuses. At the same time in Russia and Ukraine Stalin’s portraits and statues were all but banished as he was considered a tyrant and dictator, according to my Soviet era school history books.

Interestingly enough, Stalin wrote in his bio: “Russian of Georgian descent.” Like many in the Greater Russian World, he in fact considered himself Russian.

Presently, there is a large movement in Russia and former Soviet republics that is re-evaluating the actual role and contribution of Stalin and other Soviet leaders, as well as the Soviet Union itself. Many are coming to a realization that in the Soviet Union they lost something that was unique and great. The baby was definitely thrown out with the bath water. Now many are scrambling to catch the baby, or what’s left of her, and place her safely back where she belonged. See my post, Raising Chi Against Hatred: The Suppressed Story of Russian Songs that Unite World Cultures. Also see my Russia pages.

It has been determined that much of the Soviet history, including Stalin’s period, was twisted by Khrushchev who had a personal grudge against Stalin and by Gorbachev and his team, who were trying to get on the West’s good side by admitting mistakes that perhaps never happened or weren’t mistakes at all. Some may have been Stalin’s great geopolitical victories turned on their head to please the West. Of course the West was pleased: they wanted to see Soviet Union – the only global balancer capable of zeroing out their aggression – destroyed. It’s open for debate whether it was naiveté, ego or treason by Khrushchev and Gorbachev that led them to such actions.

Just like Roosevelt and Churchill, Stalin was a great geopolitical mind and a formiddable world leader. His methods and certain actions are certainly open for debate. I used to be clear about Stalin as a tyrant. For me, the jury is still out and it has to be noted that others acted just as badly, or much worse, in different or similar circumstances. To be fair, many documents are surfacing lately that tell a different story than the official version we all know.

That said, you can’t turn back the clock. For better or for worse, humanity must evolve past the limiting bi-polar global architecture set up by the WWII winners: USSR, USA and UK. The UK empire ceased to exist when its colonial system collapsed and India claimed independence. The USSR, right or wrong, collapsed in 1991. USA is next.

We are moving towards a more equitable, more balanced and more inclusive world. This new world structure will be multipolar. The new structure of the world is being decided now, and as it happens during the times of great change, the geopolitical power struggle, mass confusion, anger and even psychosis (born of confusion and fear of change), as well as depression, grow exponentially.

Shedding the light on things to help people understand what is happening and where all this is going is especially important now. This is why I do my work, which is to explain, uncover the truth, set the record straight, enlighten, and predict.

P.S. To answer a reader from Japan, Patricia, who asked where to read more about the real role of Stalin, I suggest author Nikolay Starikov. He has a number of books on Russian geopolitics and history, including his book, “Stalin, Remembering Together.” Starikov is very logical and meticulous with his sources, just like yours truly. He also has a popular blog in Russian, which can be found on my Resources page.


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  1. Dear Lada,

    You never cease to amaze me, and although I did study History at school, there is so much I (we here in the west in general) don’t know about Russia! Thank you for outlining the story so well, great to see the video footage, what amazing quality!

    Keep it up!!
    Christa ;-))


  2. Dear Lada,

    as you have encouraged your readers to give feedback to your articles, I want to express my gratitude for your great work.
    During the last rather dangerous months I took a lot of consolation from your articles and predictions. May you go from strenght to strength…

    With love and admiration
    Ralph Netzker


  3. It is totally fair to ask how others would have behaved or performed in Stalin’s shoes. Not necessarily a pleasant question, though, as the problems were enormous. By the way, I have heard it argued that basically the group around Krushchev who took over could be called Western-sympathetic or Freemasonic, and that a lot of things changed from Stalin’s more Old Testament/moralistic approach. They say that a tremendous amount of newspapers, magazines, and books were gathered up and replaced or became unavailable. Any thoughts on this? I was surprised to read some quotes of Stalin from Westerners who talked to him, and they sounded straight out of the Old Testament, or at least they strongly attacked Western Babylonian banksters and what was seen as a wicked America.

    Thanks for putting up the video and the explanation. Here’s to a more balanced world.


    • Stalin was trained as an orthodox priest. He never was against the church. It was a lie. Khrushchev had a personal grudge against him and he was a small man originally from Ukraine. What I say contradicts completely what I was told as a child in Russia, btw. The info surfacing is very telling. I might talk more about that in future.


  4. Patricia from Japan may like to read the book “The Great Conspiracy Against Russia” written in 1942 by an American journalist with a forward by an American Senator. It is available at
    In one of the chapters, the author describes, with reference to source documents, a plot to assassinate Stalin, in which Stalin’s close colleague participated. He was caught, tried and sentenced in a court, started serving his sentence, then he repented and went on become a minister in Stalin’s cabinet! Perhaps now, if the question of Stalin’s role is being reopened, these source documents can be re-evaluated and such stories re-told in the presence context. Incidentally, please do read this article:

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  5. Thank you for a one more very inspiring post.
    Your posts have made me eager to find out more about Russia, and I am now reading the book: “Stalin’s General: The Life of Georgy Zhukov” by Geoffrey Roberts. The author is digging deep in documents that has been “buried” since the breakdown of USSR but are now surfacing. He gives a interesting and balanced view of WW2.


    • Welcome, Karin. Zhukov was a very interesting and controvercial figure, and he was largely credited with winning WWII. He also had a lot of problems with Stalin after the war. Hope the book does the real story justice.


  6. Lada,
    Further to this and recent posts, do not be down-hearted by the few trolls who post derogatory and ill-informed comments. They are, I’m sure almost always following a hidden agenda – we know full well the powers-that-were employ hundreds – if not thousands – of ‘commenters’ to cloud the truth and lay false trails. As we say in the UK, you must be rattling their cage to get noticed!
    Think more of the many, many folks who appreciate your well informed, clearly expressed intimate knowledge of what is such a focal point of world development at this time. The scales are falling from the eyes of more and more people here in the west, and the balance of spiritual power is certainly pivoting eastwards.
    The recent referendum for independence here in Scotland – although defeated – nevertheless has demonstrated undeniably that ordinary people are sick and tired of the same old, same old of political chicanery, duplicity, and manipulation.
    Your contribution is uplifting for us all – it is just a sad fact of life that we are often quick to criticise, but slow to praise. I hope these few words go someway to restore the balance. Many thanks, and much Love.

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  7. Another blast of fresh air. It is logical that Stalin would be smeared if Putin can be compared to Hitler without drawing general outrage.

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  8. Lada,

    Your understanding of world events and how they project into the future is truly remarkable and quite consistent with biblical prophecy about the restoration of God’ s kingdom on earth. Please read my latest book at The ultimate goal of Father God is peace on earth good will toward men.


  9. Thank you for the references and the historical perspective, Rada. You wrote quite a nice article on my account! I’ll take a look at Starikov’s blog.

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  10. Oops! I wish this had an edit button! Lada!


  11. Jsut received “The earth Shifter, yeahhhh!! Will start reading tonight!! Looks good!!

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  12. Thank you Lada. I always look forward to your new posts. Keep up the good work!

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  13. Lada, hearing history from a Russian perspective is sooooo interesting! Please know that your blog holds the potential to change the minds of many. I majored in history in college, but have known next to nothing about Russian history from a Russian point of view or any other source for that matter. I’m sharing this article on my blog. ❤


  14. Lada, a great post. I find you a soul mate because you combine intellectual analysis and facts along with your heart and your spiritual inclination. You need to combine the heart chakra with the crown in order to be a complete person. Do you agree.

    It has always been my contention that Stalin will eventually be considered a great world leader and in Russia on a par with Peter the Great. Don’t forget that Peter the Great was also a ruthless person and had many people killed. Nobody talks about the evil deeds of Peter but only about his accomplishments which were many. As time passes and as psychological wounds get healed and as the memory of people who went through this period fade away, there will be a more objective view of Stalin and what he accomplished. You will see the pendulum swing towards a more balanced view in Russia I’m sure. All you need to know is that Stalin defeated Hitler in the greatest war ever and saved the world from fascism. That’s enough for me. Case closed.

    There are two videos of Stalin that always give me goose bumps. The first is Stalin, standing on the podium in front of soldiers with their armaments, addressing the November 7 parade in Red Square in 1941. Right after the speech the soldiers headed immediately to the front to defend Moscow from the Nazis who were at the outskirts. The second video is again Stalin on top of the Lenin Mausoleum in 1945 over looking the victorious Soviet troops who were placing the defeated Nazi banners on the ground in front of him. These are the two reasons why Stalin will go down in history as a great leader. End of story.

    I always have felt that if only Yuri Andropov, who succeeded Leonid Brezhnev as head of the USSR, could have lived ten years longer that the Soviet Union could have survived its collapse. I remember when he got into power there was a lot enthusiasm and optimism on overcoming the stagnant economy. Do you remember the little girl, Samanta Smith, who created a sensation when Andropov answered back her letter for peace. That was a real coup. Tragically she died, along with her father, in a plane accident (maybe CIA fault). What do you think of my theory on Andropov.

    By the way I want to call to your attention and readers a really wonderful website called Syrian Perspectives. This guy, Ziad, has been spot on for many years regarding the war in Syria. Of course he also has a deep appreciation of Russia and Putin. I think you’ll find his latest post regarding ISIS truly interesting. Russia is again working tirelessly to keep the US from harming Syria and Dr. Assad’s rule.

    One more point. I think that Russia was way too yin from Gorbachev until the beginning of Putin. Putin has corrected this yin-yang balance within Russia itself. It’s interesting to note that Putin stated that the collapse of the USSR was the most tragic event in history. I think that Kruschev was basically an ignorant and stupid man and Gorbachev was freakin’ naive. I don’t think it was more than that although I could be wrong.


  15. Reblogged this on The Way of Love Blog and commented:
    Russian history from a Russian point of view is fascinating. As a former esoteric astrologer, I find this article confirming: Uranus–the planet of innovation, the awakener to Universal Love–rules Russia, as does the zodiac energy of Aquarius. Aquarius’s symbol is the Waterbearer to humanity. Alan Oken describes the esoteric energy of Aquarius as “the light which ever shines within the dark and cleansing with its healing rays that which must be purified until the dark has gone.” Let us all set aside the lies we been taught and get to know the nations/people whom we have considered “enemies.” This is how we will achieve world peace–by loving one another for the beautiful people they truly are!

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  16. Dear Lada:
    Here is a German website you may find interesting (from Switzerland): . Their books can be found on Amazon (with difficulty); you must give the complete title and author. Don’t try Wellspring bookshop in London: after two tries and four months I had to ask them to refund my money. In addition, there is on this website the text of an unpublished book by Gennady Bondarev (English translation) which has an interesting take from a Russian point of view on the occult purposes behind World Wars I & II and on into the present time.

    Another book you might find interesting: by Daniel Andreev, “Rosa Mira” in Russian, “The Rose of the World” English, but only part 1 of 3. This is a prediction for the next few thousand years, but also comments on Stalin’s clairvoyant communication with evil powers. I don’t know where to get the Russian version – it was purportedly a best-seller in Russia – maybe you do.

    The true secret government of the developed world (The West) Is the Masonic Lodges (Washington, D.C. for political and military, The City of London for financial/economic) and The Jesuits (Rome – Vatican). References:
    1. The Bilderberg Group by Daniel Estulin
    2. The Committee of 300 by John Coleman
    3. The Illuminati by Henry Makow

    Hope this is of some use to you.
    James Cook


  17. Thank you, Esskumar, for the references! The campaign to demonize Putin is giving people reason to reevaluate Stalin, ironically, because we see just how effective the campaign has been against someone who has clearly helped his own country’s people in defiance of a system hell-bent on enslaving the human race. Were we being lied to before, too? It’s time to take another look.

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  18. Just wanna say: I don’t know how you do it… but, personally speaking, your articles are very enlightening, inspiring, impressive and revealing.
    You educate me.
    I appreciate you very much for this.


  19. Lada, you and your readers may like to see this. Amazing! In the 1930s, Edgar Cayce–the world’s most scientifically verified Intuitive–predicted that Russia would be the hope of the world. Also interesting astrological prophecy regarding Putin. I love watching Divine Order unfold!


    • Thanks, Nancy. 🙂


    • Rose-Marie Mukarutabana

      Cayce’s Russian visions are interesting. The Russians themselves have similar prophecies. But see this also:
      “Certain nations, because of their international character and the multiplicity of races which compose them, are normally more inclusive in their thinking and planning than are the others. They are more prone to think in terms of humanity as a whole than are the others. Russia is one such nation. Hence its opportunity to guide mankind at this time and her innate responsibility to act as a world leader.
      Russia is the home of a germinating revelation of great spiritual value and of group significance—a revelation for all mankind. The true secret of brotherhood (one hitherto unknown and unrealized) is hers to give the world… This fact – that Russia is the custodian of a spiritual revelation – is sensed by the other nations in the world; and the first reaction has been fear, based on certain initial mistakes [the cruelty of the earliest stages of her 1917 revolution] and her premature activity upon the physical plane [her efforts to spread communist ideals, which were good in themselves, but the world was not yet ready for them at the time].
      Nevertheless, all peoples view Russia with expectation; they dimly realize that from her will come some new thing, for Russia is rapidly maturing and integrating and will demonstrate that she has much to give. The problem before Russia is to give to the other nations of the world such an example of wise rule, free expression of individual purpose, and the use of an inclusive and sound education, that other nations will pattern themselves upon what Russia has demonstrated, yet will at the same time, preserve their own cultural approach, their own self-chosen form of government, and their own mode of expressing brotherhood. ” (DK)


  20. Lada, the official history of the Soviet weapons’ program has been published by one its original participants as an article: I will try to find it and mail it to you. I remember an interesting aspect of that. Kurchatov’s team actually had their own design for the first bomb even before the Klaus Fuchs papers became available to the Soviets. But there was a fear among his team that in case it failed, they would suffer severe punishment at the hand of Stalin and Beria. They were relieved when Beria ordered them to build according to stolen designs and nobody ventured to suggest that they did not need that design!


    • Oh, really? I didn’t know that. I saw it without knowing, so to speak ;). Thanks for clarifying.
      Yes, it did feel in my vision as if Russians had their own untested design – but why reinvent the wheel. This makes sense.

      It’s worth remembering that the US bomb was also built by German scientists, just attesting to the level of the German science and that US was always so great at untilizing foreign talent.


  21. Hello Lada,

    While for the most part I resonate with the information you impart in your articles, the metaphor
    you used of the snake in the garden of eden as representing western economic and global hit men raised my hackles. The snake and serpents symbolize the mother goddess of Earth.
    I am no biblical scholar and goddess forbid would never be one. The snake was put in the garden of eden setting for one purpose—to malign the goddess who was worshipped, in all her manifestations, throughout mesopotamia. The hebrew god yahweh wanted to get rid of her.
    All of the abrahamic religions hate her with a vengence and despise the Earth in their so doing.
    The snake in the garden of eden represented knowledge and the god yahweh did not want
    women or men to become wise, but especially women. I feel this analogy you used is inappropriate, that is all. Unfortunately religion is a heavy mind control tool and has infected
    many well meaning people.

    Thank you for your work.

    Sharon Mullane

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    • Oh, Sharon, Sharon, you don’t have to worry, and no need to get offended. I am well aware of the Mother Earth story and of snake being her representation. I am aware of more things than you can perhaps imagine.

      My analogy is meant for those who usually subscribe to the official story, although some of course are like you and don’t. Can’t please everyone I’m afraid.
      It is meant only as an illustration, you see, based on qualities, superficially ascribed to the snake in the West, which nevertheless is the existing stereotype. Please, there is no need to take everything so personally and so inequivocally.
      I feel that my analogy is highly appropriate in the context it’s being used.

      In order to see how I PERSONALLY feel about snakes, see my Feng Shui pieces, which may open YOUR eyes: What to Expect from the Chinese New Year of the Snake:,
      and Auspicious Chinese New Year of the Snake Celebration

      I can’t continue explaining and justifying myself to everyone who finds a word or two that she/he doesn’t like in my writing, or that the volume is low on my video, or that the video is too long, or how come I didn’t post the transcript of the video, and on and on.
      Can people for once be adults? Wisdom, something attributed to the snake by the ancients, is a really good idea.

      Thank you.

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    • In Japan, the snake is the dragon’s messenger, and the dragon is a wise god, very benevolent, but notably powerful and violent. Dragons represent mountains, lakes, rivers and oceans–the interconnections of nature, that which in its wisdom beyond our ability to see keeps us alive. Eastward, it seems, they never rejected the old wisdom, but built on it and enhanced it. As a priestess, I am associated with the dragon because of my name and ancestry. I have always been fond of snakes.
      Nevertheless, I relate to Lada’s use of the familiar metaphor. I typically add an awkward disclaimer to it, but I use it and others. People have a primal fear of snakes (useful in keeping young children from playing with such a lovely “toy”), so they present a powerful image.
      As creatures, they lack intelligence in the form in which we excel, but they possess a different form of wisdom and keen awareness of things we cannot fathom.
      In Taoist philosophy (of which I know little), the snake precedes the dragon, and they both represent the east, at least in the Fuji Cult (awful word–they called themselves the “Fuji Confraternity” and defied the Tokugawa government, but I think “cult” is just a poor translation, not taking nuances into account). Fuji-kyo, as it is now called continues to exist as a semi-ascetic mountain religion, sister to Ontake-kyo, which practices at the volcano that just blew up a couple of days ago–it could not have been worse timing and I wonder what it portends.


      • This is off topic but I love this theme so much that I could talk about it for hours. So, here goes.

        Patricia, this is seriously good stuff and I always appreciate the Japanese flavor on my blog :). It is a magnificent and still little understood culture (minus a certain aggression, perhaps).

        Eastern attitude to snakes and my favorite dragons is very wholesome. Chinese lore is especially well-developed and profound. Please do take a look at my FS articles on the Year of the Snake above. There is more about other years and signs: I think you may like it. 🙂

        True about the practical need to instil fear of snakes in children so they won’t go playing with them when they don’t know what they are doing.

        In the East, they preserved the ancient wisdom of working with forces of nature, which are dangerous only if mishandled. But humans knew they still need to collaborate and harmonize with the planetary forces.

        Hence working with snakes and dragons, rather than slaying them, as the story goes in the West – unfrotunately. That’s the yang side cum fear talking, unmoderated by wisdom.

        Fear is a useful mechanism designed to keep humans from danger, yet when enough fear and associated karma is accumulated, our collective psyche may eventually misinterpret a useful original warning and create a self-fulfilling prophecy. This is the same thing as prejudice against certain cultures. This is because humanity at large still hasn’t moved out of its adolenscence and into adulthood. Not quite children any more, but still rebellious teens with all the childhood fears preserved. The true knowledge and wisdom will come later, when this period is over.

        In addition to above, the reason in the West both snakes and dragons became a negative symbol is of course because of monoteistic religions. That said, the Snake = Mother Earth representation is only true partially. There is much more to the story.

        For example, the story of the Garden of Eden and also, the Holy Grail, are the metaphores for the real events, connected and compressed into the easy to comrehend story for the humans, who are still in their developmental childhood. Remember, it was written for the Bible thousands of years ago, but in truth, it was written much longer ago, and then, borowed into the Bible. That was done by ancestors from the stars, who came to Earth a long time ago. This is an encoded warning not to stray off your path, and if you do, go looking for the right road again.
        This is a very simplified explanation. Maybe one day I’ll say more about that.

        So, there is no contradiction in what I said in the article. Interpretation that snake symbolizes Mother Earth comes from the Eastern cultures associating it with wisdom, and also see more re dragons below.

        As to the magnificent dragons, they are much more – they are doing a very important job on the planet: they are holding the grid. They aren’t that mythical, and Eastern legends about them have a real basis. But they are very powerful, hence the fear of humans.
        This topic I will definitely write about very soon. It will be part of my THE PUTIN ENIGMA Earth Shift Report. Stay tuned.


  22. Just a brief note of encouragement!!
    —-please keep those articles coming,they really resonnate with the birdseye view i have painstakingly pieced together for myself from alternative media sources,many of which are referenced in your work.
    Your unique background and experience is a treasure that needs to be shared far and wide!
    Thankkful in BC,Canada
    Bernie D. M.D.


  23. Correction to the above: the snake follows the dragon, as I am sure Lada is well aware. (It was too early and I was not thinking clearly.)


  24. “Incidentally, having looked back in history, I’ve become convinced that the fast Russian development of their own nuclear bomb, the talented Russian physicists notwithstanding, was due in part to the fact that at least one (possibly more) of the scientists involved in the creation of the American a-bomb had passed vital information to Russians after Hiroshima made him understand what kind of a monster he helped create in the USA.”

    On that topic, you are correct in your assumption. There was a recent documentary about Vladimir Barkovskij, and his contribution during WWII as a spy in Great Britain, helping in collecting information about the nuclear bomb project, that lead to USSR ultimately regaining the balance of power. He received materials from the leading scientists, who refused any payments and were doing it only because they were appalled by the power being left unchecked:

    Also, watch at 1:30 for the USA’s post-WWII plans for nuclear strikes against USSR, targeting 20 main cities and industrial centres of USSR, including Moscow, Kiev, Harkov, Leningrad… These plans were already developing at the time Hiroshima and Nagasaki were bombed.


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