The Ugly Mask of Fascism in Ukraine 1: Urge to Destroy

First, let me say that if you know anyone who still has doubts as to what’s really happening in Ukraine, just send them the link to this post and the next. If THIS doesn’t change their mind, they are beyond help.

This post works in conjunction with my latest NEW Intel and Predictions: Peace and War Crimes in Ukraine? Russian Gas or Cold Winter? Mrs. USA in Crimea? To add to the picture, also read The Ugly Mask of Fascism in Ukraine 2: Letter From a Russian Liberal.

Much more will be discussed in the upcoming Earth Shift Report 2: The True History and Roots of Anti-Russian Hatred in Ukraine. Please do read them all!

Let’s start off with this video. This happened yesterday. On it, a large number of masked young men are getting ready to topple the largest in Ukraine monument to Lenin on the main square of Kharkov, second largest city in Ukraine. Regardless of how anyone feels about Lenin, to locals, it was an important part of their history and memory. This is a very educational video to watch.

Note, all involved speak Russian; there is no Ukrainian language in this video, which makes it even more bizarre. In the video, two middle-aged men are trying to talk some reason into the young ukro-nazis. Just like in Hitler’s Germany, the drive to establish fascist dictatorship and to destroy everything was especially prominent in the youth of Germany. They routinely roamed the streets, conducted nightly torch marches, threatened the general population and organized pogroms. Of course, someone had to be directing their actions in a specific way. The directors of this show in Kharkov, Ukraine, are invisible.

Remember the infamous Hitlerjugend (Hitler’s fascist youth organization)? It is the exact same story in Ukraine, except these are dressed in black and wear masks; they still love their swastikas. I will talk more about the roots of this extreme sickness in the upcoming Earth Shift Report.

One of the two unarmed men, their faces open, tries to reasons with the crowd of masked ukro-nazis hiding their faces. The man says, “I think you shouldn’t destroy the monument, it’s part of our history after all. I am a citizen of Kharkov and I don’t want it demolished.”

The masked reply: “Do you see how many of us are here and we all want it demolished. And if you don’t shut up and beat it, old man, we will kill you…” and lots more threats, and very crude, ugly swearing.  The brave man unfortunately was beaten, before he got help.

Note, none of the attackers says that they are also citizens of Kharkov. And notice how young they look and sound!

This leads me to believe that they are in fact a traveling circus unleashed on Kharkov, just like it was unleashed on the unsuspecting Odessa on May 2, on Nikolaev, Kiev during maidan pogroms, as well as other cities. That’s why they have to hide their faces. If Ukrainian people match their faces and notice that the same traveling circus causes havoc in city after city, it’s not going to look good for the Kiev junta…

There is so much unemployment and disgruntled, angry, brainwashed by MSM and Soros history books youths in that country that it’s no wonder they join gangs. Except, in most other countries, gangs have LAW to contend with that keeps them in check. The Kiev junta destroyed the institution of the law and the new ‘law enforcement chief’ in Ukraine is a well-known nazi. Therefore, there is an atmosphere of all-permissiveness encouraging acts of extreme violence and vandalism.

The funniest thing is that the ukro-nazis should be grateful to Vladimir Lenin, and they should worship him; he was, after all, the father of the Ukrainian ‘nation.’ It was Lenin who insisted on organizing 15 Soviet Socialist Republics, including Ukrainian. Before that, there never existed a Ukrainian state, nor there were any republics. Moreover, it was Lenin who ‘added’ to a small territory around Kiev then called Ukraine the entire south and east, including the prized Odessa, Kherson, Nikolaev, Donbass, Kharkov and Dnepropetrovsk. This was done over popular objections.

It’s the people of Donbass now fighting the Kiev junta/ukro-nazi invasion, who should hate Lenin. Yet, they don’t demolish his monuments in their cities. It’s Russians who should hate Lenin, not Ukrainians, as he unwittingly contributed to today’s situation. But Russians learned to respect all aspects of their turbulent history, including this one. As the old adage goes: culture that forgets its past, doesn’t have a future.

This is happening because ukro-nazis don’t know and don’t care about their real history. They run exclusively on hatred towards anything Russian. Just shows again the level of lies and brainwashing in ukro-MSM and history books. Watch this telling video:

Signs are important. Remember the guard that fainted at Poroshenko’s inauguration, and the story of Poroshenko’s son also fainting during a church service, while his mother is pushing him away? Both are discussed in my video LRL4: Predictions Coming True; Mind Control in Ukraine. While ‘heroically’ demolishing the Lenin statue, four ‘brave’ ukro-nazis were down – including serious eye and back injuries. An interesting sign indeed…

The latest from Kharkov: local citizens, who, incidentally, don’t hide their faces behind masks, are bringing flowers to the demolished Lenin monument. Signs read, “Kharkov against lawlessness.” Activists cleared the graffiti depicting Ukrainian flag. The mayor of Kharkov, Gennady Kernes, promised to restore the monument at the same location.

Харьковчане возлагают цветы к постаменту памятника Владимиру Ленину, разрушенного вандалами 28 сентября. Активисты очистили пьедестал от граффити, изображавшего украинский флаг. Между тем, мэр города Геннадий Кернес уже пообещал восстановить памятник на прежнем месте. Watch short video.

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  1. I’ll keep saying it until I’m blue in the face but the areas of Odessa, Kherson, Nikolaev, Kharkov and Dnepropetrovsk will have to join Donbass and get the hell out of this entity called Ukraine. They belong with Russia or at least with the interim project called Novorossia. The south and east of Ukraine belong in Russia like a hand into a glove. Russia will just have to eventually see reality and quit trying to pretend that a unified Ukraine will be neutral and pro Russia. It ain’t gonna happen. Divorce is never easy. Just let Kiev and western Ukraine have their anti Russian orgy and let the rest unite with Russia. I hate to say it but the more I read of the short sightedness of tearing apart some of Russia to form the artificial nation of Ukraine the more I dislike Lenin. I know why he did it but just imagine for a moment if Odessa, Kherson, Nikolaev, Donbass, Kharkov and Dnepropetrovsk had stayed in Russia you wouldn’t be having these terrible problems now. So it doesn’t pay to go against nature. There was a historical wrong and it must be righted. If Crimea could be corrected so can the south and east of Ukraine. No amount of mental gymnastics will convince me otherwise. It will be very painful but recovery from illness always is. Listen to Dr. Gary. He has the right prescription and cure.


  2. Dear Lada,
    I just finished your book “The Earth Shifter”! What an excellent story to read! I highly recommend it to anyone who reads here and beyond!
    I will read your latest post tomorrow as we are closing down for the day!!
    Good night from the other side of the ocean!
    Christa ;-))


  3. Dear Lada, after just listening to Dmitri Rogozin, deputy defense minister of Russia, in a one on one interview in front of a live audience which luckily has English subtitles ( I must say that I have been humbly corrected from my earlier comments. At around 12:00 in the interview Rogozin talks about Ukraine. In absolutely astonishing comments that really floored me he declares that Ukraine is finished as an industrial state. It actually began as soon as the USSR dissolved but has been accelerating ever since. The February coup was the last straw. Ukrainian industry is rotting and dying. The west will not buy its products because they have their own and Russia doesn’t need their outmoded industry for they now are completely independent of Ukraine. So Ukraine will become only a retail place, service industry. Rogozin said that many of the top scientists and engineers at former Soviet enterprises have immigrated to Russia and are received with open arms with citizenship. This trend is greatly accelerating.

    Ukraine, since independence, has been reduced to feudal fights amongst oligarchs who are just squeezing everything they can out of what exists in the country. The south and east are being denuded of all talent as anyone with any brains and abilities are moving to Russia where they are needed. So basically Russia is annexing the south and east of Ukraine without having to annex the actual territory. So this explains Putin’s hesitancy and restraint in accepting even the Donbass into Russia. Why would Russia want or even need to accept parts of Ukraine when the country is becoming a hollow shell with not much of value. Russia is under populated so even if millions of Ukrainians, especially those with great abilities, immigrate then Russia will be the winner and can easily absorb them.

    Ukraine is really on suicide watch and is a basket case. I highly recommend to all to watch his interview.

    I stand corrected.

    Liked by 1 person

    • This is all correct, and I think I’ve been painting a graphic picture of the death of Ukraine’s economy for a while. Also, I did address specifically the flight of talent and Russia withdrawing from cooperation with Ukraine industry in a number of articles and comment sections to said articles, as response to various comments by readers. You may want to go back to those earlier pieces.
      That said, it’s not entirely true that Russia doesn’t need Ukraine. But it will take a long time, and Russia will be very careful. I also discussed THIS issue in a number of articles.

      Rogozin isn’t deputy defense minister. He is First Deputy Prime Minister. Rogozin is worth listening to.


    • Just wanna say that I watched that video that Gary recommended. It’s definitely worth watching. The subtitles are good – almost error-free.
      It’s strange for us here in “the West” to see a politician like this (a “Deputy Defence Minister”) talking on a TV program in his country, and demonstrating the type of integrity, clarity, transparency that this man seems to exhibit. We are not used to that.
      Why is he named: “Dmitry Rogozin” in the video title, while the TV host refers to him as “Dmitriy Olegovich”?

      I’ve seen a few South American politicians talk with this type of integrity too.

      (Here in “the West” most politicians are drowning in their own EGO pomp & glory! It’s really quite nauseating to watch / listen to them.)


      • I’ll try to reply to this in a separate post soon, Nick 🙂


      • Nick, Olegovich is Rogozin’s patronymic, i.e., his father’s name was Oleg, so Olegovich serves as the middle name for all the male siblings (and Olegovna for the female). (Please correct me if I am wrong on this, Lada!) In polite Russian speech, you refer to a person by their first and patronymic names. Thus Putin is called “Vladimir Vladimirovich.”
        I spent nearly a year in total in Siberia and the Russian Far East, but there were so few chances for polite speech, that I would not have become aware of this, except for my Russian text books. People were almost always informal. After several years of acquaintance, one of them assigned me a patronymic “Villiamevna,” after my father, William, and I reckon it would be a normal part of becoming naturalized in Russia and other Slavic countries.


  4. Listening to Rogozin was very telling. If Obama isn’t sh*tting his pants over this, it is because TPTB in America are surrounded by yes-men who know nothing.


  5. Thanks Lada.
    BTW: I only noted your correction to the actual professional title of this Russian politician after I had posted my last comment… “First Deputy Prime Minister” (as opposed to the title given him in the YouTube video title).


  6. Thanks Patricia Villiamevna 😉 and Lada for the explanation about the name.
    Nice one!


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