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Smile, you are on FuturisTrendcast! Below are some of the insightful comments from the latest article: Ukraine, ISIL, Ebola, Hong Kong: The US Traveling Circus of Chaos, along with my answers. I thought there was so much interesting stuff here that I decided to re-post them, so no reader would miss out on this great info. Check it out!


  1. Reblogged this on 1EarthUnited and commented:
    “Promoting democracy” is clearly cover for simply expanding its hegemonic agenda far beyond its borders and at the expense of national sovereignty for all subjected to it, including Americans themselves…”
    Sums it up perfectly, thanks for keeping us tuned in! ♥

  2. Excellent article again Lada!

    I remember being told once, and this was years ago in the ’80’s, by a person married to an Iranian woman, that protests in Teheran would be staged by chasing people into a deadend street and then someone would start yelling and screaming and getting te crowd all agitated and angry, then they filmed it and those “protest” we would see on TV, but nothing was actually going on there at that moment! The person who told me had seen this happening with his own eyes, while they were there for a visit to family! That was my first confrontation with how “news” was made and manipulated and it changed my view of the news forever! That was my first point of “awakening” to the truth!

    • Thanks, Christa, for the comment, lovely review, and more! I plan to post your new review of The Earth Shifter on my blogs.
      Love the new avatar – your friend is gorgeous 🙂

  3. Could the major powers be playing part of the world depopulation game through war? When the desired level is reached, Rockefeller’s Trilateral plan will fall into place for the NWO. I don’t believe China will gladly accept being dominated, and I don’t believe Putin accepts this, but he is stuck trying to keep his balance in a fast-running stream beyond his control. The United States has yet to suffer the horrors of war Russia and China have endured, but our oligarchs plan to hide from the devastation. “Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely,” and absolute power is being sought. A global troika? I think that will allow brief peace, then, sometime in the future, the crazies will fight each other for total control by one. If that is successful, earth will be regarded by those throughout the rest of creation as the planet for the criminally insane.
    Another conflict-Islam. Is that accepted for depopulation? Some may want to use it for that and then become the accepted global religion. A caliphate of Muslim Mammon ruled by oligarchic muftis. How will Russia and China deal with that?

    • Yes, the depopulation agenda does play a part. There is a certain cosmic interference, referred to as reptilian, that is targeted to that. However, the reasons for this interference are grossly misunderstood.
      But it’s more than that – it’s also the 3D human programming. You can’t make anyone start a war if they don’t want to. Humans should start with taking responsibility for their own actions.

      Until they do, Earth will be in a limbo and sequestered by the Universal powers, as it is happening now. We talk about that in my interview with the Plane Truth: Earth Shifters, Feng Shui and Global Predictions.

  4. Patrick Brenner

    good info…something else to keep in mind…..China basically owns the US….can anyone say Treasury Bills………..

    • Owning TBs is a double-edged sword. You could also say US enslaves other countries by making them buy their worthless treasuries, thus financing the ballooning debt.😉

  5. When I initially saw the demonstrations in Hong Kong on Zero Hedge for a very short time I thought that they may be positive. But very quickly I realized, especially after watching main stream media give full attention to it, that it’s another color revolution sponsored by the US foundations and the villainous Soros. CNN only gives attention to color revolution “protests” and almost always there’s a news blackout on the real organic home grown demonstrations.

    I’m very confident that China will handle this very well. One thing to keep in mind: Hong Kong, although officially a part of China, really maintains itself as a somewhat independent entity. It’s in a kind of limbo land, part of China but also not part of it. You can’t just enter mainland China from Hong Kong like you’re traveling inside China. Going across the border from Hong Kong to let’s say Shenzhen requires either a passport or a visa. It’s noting like going from Shanghai to Shenzhen. Hong Kong is still a vital financial center of Asia and the western capitalist world. This fact has not changed since it officially became part of China. Because of this integration of Hong Kong into the western world, the US better be careful how much chaos they provoke. One slip-up could cause a financial crisis in Hong Kong thereby triggering a cascade of financial collapses in the west. All of the financial big boys are all tied to the hip together and Hong Kong is part of that world. Again, like in Ukraine, the US may bite off more than they can chew. Unlike Ukraine this is primarily a financial attack on China through Hong Kong. It won’t work.

    Another thought just came to me. I wonder if this color revolution has anything to do with the fact that many wealthy Russians have taken their money out of US dollars in London and put it into the Hong Kong banks in HK dollars because the HK dollar is pegged to the US dollar. Could this action by the US be done to forestall a potential collapse of the US dollar.

    Just in: An international Red Cross worker was just killed by fascist Kiev shelling in Donetsk. I wonder how that’s going to sit with the western public.

    • Great summary, Gary! This is correct about HK being an important financial center. But the right hand and the left hand in the US don’t always communicate, nor do they agree. You are overestimating them. Same with Russian money in HK. No one cares about that. More Russian money is actually moving back home.


  6. Thanks to Ukraine, and the fact that a lot of people made an effort to get to know the former Soviet Union once it opened up, many people have had their eyes opened. Anything associated with NED will be suspicious from now on, even if they change their name.
    The protests in Thailand were another eye-opener. The wealthy side of the society held all kinds of disruptive activities, and the government did nothing to discourage them. It was like a festival. Then when repeated elections could not unseat the popular prime minister who represented the poor, the military stepped in and impeached, first, him, and then, his sister, who had been subsequently elected.
    I’m looking at so-called “democracy” movements with different eyes now. A lot of the people involved are sincere and have real complaints against the government, as we saw in the Ukraine, but they don’t see what other elements are involved until it is too late, and the power has been shifted.
    I read something yesterday, maybe it was on Op-Ed News, or perhaps Counterpunch, about how they managed a different sort of coup d’etat in Japan. A pro-democracy movement would have had no steam here. At least one friend suspects the vote for Prime Minister Abe was rigged. A stubbornly pro-nuke guy is elected in a one-burned, decidedly anti-nuke nation? I can see people wanting desperately to kick-start Japan’s economy, unaware of the background factors that make the whole world a different story from the 1970s. They might be persuaded to give Abe’s ideas a try. Now that Abenomics is causing real misery among the people, who are paying higher taxes, we will see what happens here.
    In any case, as economies fail worldwide, people will have their attention directed at various scapegoats by master manipulators who want to install fascists. Unfortunately, most countries will probably fall for it.

    • Thanks, Patricia. Valuable, as always. If you at some point want to write a report about what’s happening in Japan, and historic/mystical background is welcome too, I’ll be happy to publish it on FT.
      Please let me know, if interested.
      You can always contact me via private contact form:

    • When it comes to Thailand I tend to disagree with you! Being married to a Thai woman, I would say that the former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra is a corrupt pro US oligarch. I believe the Thai military is on the side of the people, and I hope that Thailand is really moving in the right direction!

    • Thanks for the info, Pat and Emil. Unfortunately, I don’t follow the specifics of the Thai events. I can tell you this: nationalistic, left-leaning, fascist/extremist and militant movements are on the rise everywhere. Everything nuclear-related is on the rise as well. US/West interference is also on the rise. Manipulations, scapegoating will also increase, along with polarization of the society. That’s a global outlook.
      Such are the characteristics of the present Period 8. It’s all part of the tectonic shift we are going through. I will soon start sharing my EARTH SHIFT System, including what Period 8 is, in more detail.

      Relative to the “stampede to join Russia” – what is the significance of the recent resignation of Anders Fogh Rasmussen, as Head of NATO?

      • One neocon figurehead with bellicose inclinations was replaced by another, perhaps even worse. They only understand brute force, therefore forcing others to arm themselves as well, thus wasting our planet’s resources. The only good NATO is disbanded NATO, which won’t happen for a while, although their significance and relative strength will decline.

      Dear readers, write insightful comments, containing good info from around the world based on eye-witness accounts and your personal knowledge, or ask me really interesting questions – and you may be featured next!

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  1. Wow, I’m always so impressed by the caliber of the conversation on this blog. It is so refreshing to read such intelligent and thoughtful comments!
    I was reading this morning about the Abe regime in Japan forcing through new rules that could put a person in jail for 10 years for ‘whistleblowing’. The stated reason is they want to be more in line with U.S. policy on same! That broke me up laughing. I had visions of cabal cockroaches scuttling as fast as their little legs could carry them to get to the woodwork when the big 1000 watt spot light came on. Poor saps! Their draconian measures intended to keep devilish details in the dark aren’t going to help them much from here on out, wouldn’t you agree Lada? I’m waiting for 9/11 to bust wide open. That should do the trick. Anything else you see turning the tide for us besides that?

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    • Western Democracy in action, right?
      All of them feel insecure as whistleblowing is on the increase, which is good. Unfortunately, at the same time, false info spread around for different reasons, incl in alt media, is also on the increase.
      9/11 yes, but they will continue pretending it’s all fine. After all, Obama will say, it’s nothing to do with me . Try and find the culprits.

      The real and only tide-turner is Russia, and Eurasia as a whole due to Russia. This is why I write so much about it. This is where the Shift is coming from, everyone else will tag along.
      Watch Russia/Eurasia!

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  2. Regarding Thailand, the following article gives some insight from a perceptive observer stationed in Bangkok:


    • Thanks so much 🙂


    • Great article, Esskumar. Thanks for the link… Shinawatra certainly had some slimy “friends”, didn’t he! The Bush clan and their associates are pure evil. All of them. *Sigh* It is mortally embarrassing to be an American now that we have them AND the Zionists pulling the strings in our government! Well. However humiliating it is, I refuse to think it is a hopeless situation. Kicking them out will be a battle royal, but with help from the Light maybe we can do it also.

      The Thai people did well to depose Shinawatra and his sister and turn toward China for support. They are too small to stand alone; having powerful friends helps to fend off the bullies. I agree with the writer about China. They must act carefully with the Chinese, who are also masters at political maneuvering and diplomacy. I like that Thailand is going to join the Asian banking alliance. They will do well with that, much better than with the West.


  3. NATO is a war business unit – a little part of US military industrial complecs. It will not be taken down, but will be reconfigurated. Of course that is done in secret, but my impression is at it will get a new name and turn against the resistance in west european countries. To make provocation and build up confrontation – exactly as in Ukraine, Syria and Hong Kong.

    Before, NATO act as if i defended West Europe interrests, but their way of acting to the Ukraine situation has prooven that their agenda don’t fit for Europe inclusive Russia. But simply try to destroy all independant nations.

    Under Ukraine situation, NATO act secret with terror helping the Kiev gangsters. That has come out to be known to much. Thats why they shut down NATO. Secret mission gone wrong.


  4. Elmir, has the correct version of Thailand, the prime minister was corrupt he organized assassinations, tortures, allowed the US to have a base were they tortured people, he stole billions and Thailand was a country that managed prior to him. to remain un-colonized for 800 years. The country is trying to manage to remain independent rather than completely aligned with just one major super power. China is building a railway down to Thailand, so this will probably cause the US to carry out some subversive actions.

    As for Australia were I am, the government is introducing new laws to give them the right to spy on anyone anytime, and on the internet, plus the right to prosecute anyone for terrorism with out giving any evidence, and journalist or whistle blowers can be put in jail for up to 10 years for publishing any details of the intelligence agencies.

    We are also going to spend 500 million dollars for terrorist activities to support the US’s attempt to overthrow Assad in Syria under the pretense of attacking ISIL (that the US with its partners created, financed, trained and armed).

    Australia is controlled by a group of Oligarchs and the msm with its presstitutes are all US biased. One of the Oligarchs (Palmer) created a party to get into parliament so he could ensure that there was no mining tax.

    The government supported by the opposition, now a days inflicts the same policies as the IMF inflicts on countries to destroy them, i.e. austerity measures, cuts in taxes for the corporations, increases in taxes for the population, cuts in social services/health/education etc privatisation, selling off assets, attacks on Unions and citizens rights.

    Both the leaders of the major party (Liberal party) and opposition party (Labour) party are trained by the Jesuits. Both parties and the Greens party voted for these new police state spying laws


  5. Yes Lada, I am also noticing that the alternate media has been infiltrated and is being salted with disinformation now. “They” are scared spitless that the truth will come out. As always, discernment and fact-checking are key. As for 9/11, Obama can do little else but say find the culprits. I am sure he and his family are being threatened with dire consequences if he steps too far out of line. We know who did it. Those who have been studying 9/11 since the day it happened like I have, know.
    I am delighted that Russia is now feeding us information about what they know about 9/11. With that and Snowden’s info we have a lot of things nailed down with facts, real evidence. We only had suspicions about much of it before. Thanks to Russia, we can say now that most of our suspicions were correct. We can continue on to flesh out the events of that day with more facts, more irrefutable evidence.
    I say, keep it coming Russia! Wise Mr. Putin knows that Truth will trump bullets. Can you imagine what will happen when our people realize that in an ultimate act of betrayal our own government (CIA, some Military), with the help of the Israeli Mossad, Saudi Arabia who financed it, and MI6 along with some other minor players nuked their own people and the citizens of 80 other countries that day? Yes. Nuked. Why should we be shocked and surprised? Those psychopaths did it to Japan, twice, during WWII. They have no qualms at all about killing us. Just in the U.S. alone there are False Flags and murders galore: Pearl Harbor. Bay of Pigs. Gulf of Tonkin. Oklahoma City. Waco. The nauseating list goes on and on.
    Oh yes Lada, I am watching Russia, and I’m smiling. Justice is coming. A new day is coming. You are correct. Russia is playing a pivotal role.


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