Moldova Explosion Coming 2: Coalition “Moldova’s Choice-Customs Union”



Moldova is a small country in the south-western part of the post-Soviet space, just west of Odessa, populated with simple and friendly people. I grew up in Odessa, while my relatives lived in Bendery (now the de-facto independent Pridnestrovie) and Kishinev (the capital of Moldova), therefore I am intimately familiar with those parts.

Moldova is considered the poorest country of Europe. Out of 3.6 mln population 1 million works abroad; 700,000 or more of these, in Russia.

In 1991-93 the wealthiest and most industrialized part of then Moldova (aka, Moldavia), Pridnestrovie: full name Pridnestrovskaya Moldavskaya Respublica, or PMR (Western name: Transnistria), seceded after Kishinev Moldovan government announced they wanted to become a part of Romania.

Notice, Pridnestrovie kept ‘Moldavia’ as part of the break-away republic’s full name, therefore declaring that they are not against Moldova, as many Moldovan nationalists make them out to be in order create hatred and division in society. In fact, the tiny Pridnestrovie with 500,000 population, has THREE official state languages: Russian, Ukrainian and Moldavian. Just like Crimean autonomy, with 2 million people, which has recently adopted 3 state languages as well: Russian, Ukrainian and Tatar. Compare that to Ukraine and Moldova with only Ukrainian and Moldovan as state languages respectively, despite the fact that 50-70% of the population (or more, in Ukraine’s case) speak Russian and despite popular protest. No comment needed…

Back in 1993, after a short but brutal war, Russian peacekeeping contingent was stationed in Pridnestrovie based on the official UN mandate, and only that stopped the civil war.

Should the Donbass people today be so lucky, the Russian peacekeeping contingent would have stopped today’s war in Donbass as well. But ever since 1993, the UN fell completely under the US thumb, so this is not an option at this time for the long-suffering E.Ukraine (Novorossia). However, just a heads up – my intel says that this may eventually change!

During Soviet times, Moldova, or Moldavskaya Sovetskaya Sotsialisticheskaya Respublica, was in mint condition due to constant infusions of resources by the Russian Federation – the same thing that happened in Ukraine and other Soviet republics. Brezhnev had a soft spot for Moldova as he worked there at one point. Originally Brezhnev was from Ukraine, and he heavily invested in Ukraine as well. The same story goes for ALL 14 republics, including in large part Georgia, Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania, who took Russian resources gladly for many years, but who are now so keen on complaining about how ‘Russians oppressed them.’

Soon, I will have a new free EARTH SHIFT Report 2: The Roots of Anti-Russian Hatred in Ukraine, which will go into more detail about how it worked.

I also have a soft spot for both Moldova and Pridnestrovie, having spent many summers there as a child. I think these are lovely parts, although many others in Russia looked down on Moldavia, thinking it agricultural, simple and unimportant. Me – since I was about 5, I was convinced it was highly underrated. And incidentally, the mentality in Russia is changing, too. What can I say, I am always ahead of my time ;), which is more often a curse rather than a blessing…

In those days all Russians, Ukrainians, Moldavians, Turks, Gagauzs, Bolgarians, Greeks and everyone else, lived in peace not only in Moldavia and Ukraine, but everywhere else in Eurasia. One day, peace will reign again.

Moldova is next geopolitical Ground Zero

This works together with my LadaRayLive video: LRL2. Explosion Coming! Moldova/Transnistria – Eurasian Union vs EU. Incidentally, do take a moment to like this video. I worked very hard on it and it contains a lot of hard to find, and valuable info for those who aren’t familiar with that forgotten, but important part of the world. It also draws on my personal childhood memories and experiences. So far, I’ve been getting too many anti-Russian trolls on that video, but not much support. Unfortunately, the people in Moldova, Gagauzia and Pridnestrovie who could appreciate my video, apparently don’t speak English, or distrust anything that is in English (wrongly – but can we blame them?), so I don’t count on them for likes. My videos are targeted to my readers/listeners in the West and English-speakers all over the world. Thank you for your support!

This video report contains detailed maps of Moldova and Pridnestrovie, so do take a look!

Video description:

Moldova and Pridnestrovie – I call them the stepchildren of Europe. The unrecognized Pridnestrovie – PMR (aka, Transnistria or TransDniestria) seceded from Moldova, following a brutal civil war, and it has been knocking on the door of the Russian Federation ever since. In February 2014 Moldova’s other area, the Gagauzia Autonomy, had a referendum in which citizens voted overwhelmingly to secede from Moldova and join Customs Union with Russia. The new party, “Moldova’s Choice – Customs Union” has been formed in the capital of Moldova, Chisinau (Kishinev), and north Moldovan farmers, who are about to be bankrupted because of sanctions, are on the march. Meanwhile, the Chisinau politicians and elites continue leading the country into EU. In three months, Moldova will have parliamentary elections. The explosion is coming. Will Moldova turn into another Ukraine? Listen to the very detailed and heartfelt analysis and predictions from Lada Ray:

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Just a couple of days ago, in my earlier piece Ukraine, ISIL, Ebola, Hong Kong: The US Traveling Circus of Chaos, I wrote: “Prediction: The stampede to join the alliance with Russia and China is about to begin. It will be quiet at first. When it becomes obvious to all, it will be too late.” And already, here it is!

I am closely following the developments in Moldova as this is where the next geopolitical ground zero will be soon. This isn’t as big as Ukraine, and Moldovans are generally much more peaceful and friendly people, so I hope there is no extreme violence, and hopefully they will be able to resolve this via parliamentary elections. The society is very divided. The ruling pro-EU parties are dragging Moldova west, but the majority of people on the street want closer ties with Russia.

To continue with my analysis and predictions in the above referenced video, these are the breaking news: Moldovan Party of the Regions (Gagauzia Autonomy) – head, Bashkan of Gagauzia, Mikhail Formuzal; Social Democratic Party – head, Viktor Shelin; and People’s Movement for Customs Union – head, Oleg Topolnitsky, formed Coalition “Moldova’s Choice – Customs Union.” Video link: press conference – Russian.

What they talked about: This coalition will participate as one in the November 30 parliamentary elections. Their goal is to offer an alternative to the EU integration pushed by the present government. They are for preserving Moldova as a whole and for the sovereign status of Moldova as a country friendly to both EU and Russia, yet as part of the Customs Union with Russia. This coalition is also against the absorption of Moldova by Romania, also pushed by the present pro-West neoliberal government, which would effectively eliminate Moldova as a state. Their promise, if they come to power, is to annul the EU association agreement; their goal is to preserve Moldova as a country by honoring historic, language, cultural and economic ties with Russia.

The participants announced that any other party can join the coalition, including the Communist party, largest in Moldova. Their plan is to form a powerful force to be reckoned with; the force able to provide an alternative to the existing monopolized EU-centric view. It is interesting that should Moldova turn around and take the course towards Customs Union instead of EU, Pridnestrovie, with its more developed industry, may consider staying in the same state with the rest of the country. So far, Pridnestrovie has been adamant that they would never re-join Moldova. However, with Moldova changing direction, they may reconsider, at least in part. At the very least, the tension that you can cut with a knife between Moldova and Pridnestrovie, will ease up.

The coalition heads stressed that while the majority of the Moldovan population supports Customs Union with Russia, this idea was stifled by the Kishinev government. Should this idea become the ‘national idea,’ then it would be possible to act.

According to speakers: recent polls show that just over 50% of the population living presently inside the country favor Customs Union over EU. However, this is the clincher: out of the official 3.6 mln population, 1 million of Moldovans live and work abroad. 700,000+ of this 1 million live in Russia as guest workers. This constitutes 1/2 of the voting population, especially if you take into account their families. For a much more detailed analysis watch my video mentioned on top.

However, the Moldovan government is refusing to open polling stations in Russia, therefore denying citizens their democratic right to vote. Last elections only four polling stations were opened for those who live in Russia. Only 16,000 out of 700,000 were able to vote. By comparison, 50 polling stations were opened in the EU for the much smaller number of Moldovans living there.


By denying the right to vote to 1/2 of the electorate who are against them, the neoliberals in power manipulate the election results in their favor. This is typical ‘taxation without representation,’ and in the US it once ended with the American Revolution.

Economically, the Customs Union means a lucrative market for the Moldovan agricultural produce, without which the country’s farmers will go bankrupt. It also means the crucial advantage of the insider price for gas – for the economy that runs on gas. Better gas prices will allow poor Moldavian farmers to spend the coming winter in warmth and with money. People living in cities dread the winter too, as the gas price now is $470, on par with European, and the population is much poorer. Just like Ukraine, Moldova is likely to have a very cold winter. Hot water and heat will be scarce.

Moldovan farmers are already desperate as they are unable to sell their crops to Russia after Moldova signed the EU association agreement. Meanwhile, EU doesn’t want Moldavian apples and other crops – they are already drowning in their own, especially after Russia adopted return sanction on EU agriculture.

Customs Union also means the very important jobs in Russia for 700,000 able-bodied Moldovans. Those who work in Russia send money back to their families. The money they send back accounts for 30% of Moldovan GDP, thus propping up the country’s shaky economy. All this can be lost to Moldova if instead of Customs Union Moldova choses EU integration.

Right now Moldova is a small country – the poorest in Europe. Pridnestrovie (Transnistria) seceded in 1991-93. Gagauzia threatens to secede as well. Referendum that took place in Gagauzia in February 2014 voted 95% for Customs Union and closer ties with Russia. Similar referendum conducted in the de-facto independent Pridnestrovie in 2006 voted 97% for reunification with Russia. Pridnestrovie had another ‘snap citizens’ referendum’ this year, and the result was similar.

Growing up, I remember Moldova as a thriving little republic, living quite nicely and peacefully due to Russian investments into its economy and infrastructure. Of course it helped that the population was, and is, hard-working. I talk about my childhood memories in LRL2. Explosion Coming! Moldova/Transnistria – Eurasian Union vs EU.

It’s a mistake to think Moldova is unimportant because of its size and poverty. Once Moldova turns towards Russia, there will be lots of those who will want to follow. Moldova may signal an important turning point.

 Also watch: Recent march in Kishinev for the national referendum to join Customs Union.  Another mass march for Customs Union in Moldavian/Russian. Look how many young people are participating! The speaker says that there was a lot of intimidation against participants, but they came out anyway.

Although the majority of people want Customs Union, the power in the country has been monopolized by 3 pro-EU neoliberal parties, who together formed the majority coalition in the parliament. The Communist party, whose head is Vladimir Voronin, is the largest party in the country, however, it is in opposition because of the majority coalition. Traditionally, over 40% Moldovans have been voting communist as they always thought communists were pro-Russian. However, communists are losing support as it is clear that they are much like the former Yanukovich’s Party of the Regions in Ukraine (not to be confused with the Gagauzia Party of the Regions in Moldova) – corrupt, and just as pro-EU as the liberals controlling the government. Voronin, while he bears a Russian name, makes it a point to emphasize that he is purely Moldavian. He doesn’t even speak Russian – I’m sure he can, but he always pointedly speaks Moldavian, or as they say nowadays in Moldova, ‘Romanian.’ Voronin has been accused of mafia-like activities and of siphoning of the country’s wealth. He is believed to have massive Swiss bank accounts where his ill-gotten wealth is stored.

In short, Vladimir Voronin is an almost exact copy of Viktor Yanukovich of Ukraine. The only reason Voronin is still there is because he has been insisting that his party never said they were for the Customs Union, and that they always were for the EU integration. He recently confirmed it on live TV. Moldovans say that he has directly betrayed the hopes and mandate of his electorate. But this way he preserves his wealth, which he is storing in the West. Obviously, he is a ‘communist’ in name only.

The coalition “Moldova’s Choice Customs Union” should pick up a lot of voices of the disappointed voters who formerly voted for communists.

All the above and much more is also covered in my LadaRayLive video: LRL2. Explosion Coming! Moldova/Transnistria – Eurasian Union vs EU and in my article: Why US/EU/NWO Can Never Defeat Russia.

Related developments: Russia has made serious strides in Eurasia

Putin recently met with the heads of pre-Caspian states forming exclusive Caspian Club, including Russia, Iran, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan. All five boast large local deposits of oil and gas, which they have agreed to develop jointly. The members also agreed on the new construction of the century: the Caspian Ring Railroad connecting all five countries. Another problem discussed: the necessity of a careful maintenance of the fragile ecology of the land-locked Caspian Sea, and that will also be a joint effort.

With great interest, I just watched the full press conference, including statements by the 5 leaders. It was interesting to see that four of them spoke perfect Russian, and only one (President of Iran) required a translator.

Countries in Eurasian space:

Turkmenistan, one of the former Soviet republics, is a very reclusive country. The fact that they are an avid participant of the Caspian Club – in fact, they actively proposed this organization – is a huge step forward.

Another former Soviet republic, Azerbaijan, is turning around slowly but surely. After the active intimidation and assassination attempt of Azerbaijan’s president Aliyev, his son, today’s head of the country, has been playing along with the US demands. However, the Ukraine shock was a wake up call for a lot of people, and many heads of states, in Eurasia and beyond. As I wrote in Ukraine, ISIL, Ebola, Hong Kong: The US Traveling Circus of Chaos, “Everyone got the message sent by the Yanukovich’s overturn loud and clear. Except, it may not be the message US hoped for.”

Most people won’t see the signs yet, but I do. And my prediction is that Azerbaijan slowly will be reorienting itself back toward Russia.

Uzbekistan, which was quite unfriendly to Russia for a while, is also getting back on track.

Another early sign I see is that Georgia is also slowly freeing itself from US influence and re-orienting back to Russia. Many Georgians living in Russia and Georgia, demand closer cooperation with Russia. It will be a slow going, but interestingly enough, the rabidly anti-Russian US stooge Mikhail Saakashvili, president of Georgia during the 2008 S. Ossetia crisis, is now on trial in absentia and has been convicted of various crimes, such as exceeding power, embezzlement, money laundering, and more. International warrant for Saakashvili’s arrest has been issued and he is now hiding in the US. However, Saakashvili’s request for permanent residency in the US has just been denied.

This also shows how much US values their loyal servants. I am sure the request for permanent residency was denied to keep Saakashvili on a short leash. Not being able to leave the country for fear of being arrested, Saakashvili is essentially being hinted to hold his tongue. They fear he may spill the beans about what really went on in 2008, how he really came to power, how Georgia was planned on being used for an attack against Iran, and many other interesting stories… I wrote about this in my viral article Ukraine Part 6. Striking Geopolitical Similarities: Georgian War – Beijing2008 and Ukraine – Sochi2014 published on March 2, 2014.

It is proving dangerous to be a US stooge. I recently wrote about the infamous Russian oligarch Boris Berezovsky, at one point, the richest man in Russia, who mysteriously hanged himself in his London mansion right after he was ready to return to Russia and spill the beans on what he really did and how it all worked in the ’90. How he was selling out his country… For details read FREE Earth Shift Report 1: Is Putin Part of NWO? Incidentally, Boris Berezovsky, as well as two other Russian oligarchs, served as inspiration for the oligarch characters in my books GOLD TRAIN and THE EARTH SHIFTER.

Watch the above-mentioned countries in the next several years! Moldova’s example could give a very important impetus for other countries to follow. That said, NWO/neoliberal/pro-West forces won’t give up easily. It may be a tough struggle, and at first, it may result in a stalemate, which will be eventually resolved as more regions and countries join SCO, Customs Union, and other organizations.


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  2. An excellent article again, Lada, thank you for enlightening us about those countries we don’t know anything about, in this case Moldavia and Pridnestrovie, and all the workings of the West to keep their influence over there! It will not work, I’m sure of that, because in the end the people will decide what is going to happen! We all need to know how powerfull we really are and not be afraid to use it!

    By the way, for liking your YT video’s one needs to sign up to YT and not everybody wants to do that, so that might be the reason why there are so little “likes”! I like all of your video’s, they are very insightfull, just like the articles, so please keep it up in spite this! I’m sure there are more people out there who have seen them and came across the same “problem”!

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  3. Lada regarding your comments concerning Saakashvili he still has ambitions or dreams of a triumphant return to Georgia.


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