Urgent! Ukraine Nazi Vandals Follow Up: Anniversary from HELL and Russian Church Pogroms

This is to add and to clarify my yesterday’s post: Urgent! Ukraine Nazi Vandals Scheduled to Destroy UNESCO World Heritage Site in Odessa on 10/14!

Here is additional info.

Turns out today the western Ukraine fascists are ‘celebrating’ an anniversary of the ‘UPA’ – the Bandera fascist liberation army that was a close ally of Hitler during WWII and that is responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths and executions.

It has to be noted that western Ukraine nazis, who are the most aggressive and vicious part of the Ukraine society, have taken over and intimidated the rest of the country. It happened gradually, just like with Hitler and German Nazis in the 1930s, and just like in Germany it happened because of 3 factors: 1. national humiliation and economic meltdown that breeds hatred and violence in un-evolved humans; 2. the population of a country – whether Ukraine or Germany – not resisting/allowing the rise of the nazi plague. In Ukraine, Yanukovich and others before him, allowed ukro-nazi marches all over the country; 3. financing from abroad – always from the same source: the Anglo-Saxon elites. Both in Germany and Ukraine’s cases US, UK, CIA and their allies financed, trained and instigated the dark forces. For a full list of who was behind this, please read my above-referenced article.

Incidentally, I will talk about all of the above in greater detail in my upcoming Earth Shift Report 2: The Historic Roots of Russophobia in Ukraine and How to Cure It.

So, the western ukro-nazi anniversary from HELL is being celebrated by the Nazi-style ‘Torch Night,’ the Kiev violence, the country-wide monument destruction and takeover of churches and cathedrals all over Ukraine.

This is what I wrote yesterday in Ukraine Nazi Vandals to Destroy UNESCO World Heritage Site in Odessa:

“Church Pogroms Planned! Another UNESCO World Heritage Site under attack!

Just learned that on October 14, 2014 they are also preparing to destroy and/or capture various Russian Orthodox churches and cathedrals all around Ukraine. Crazed nazi right sector and ultra-nationalist mobs have been threatening priests in Russian churches and vandalizing the church property for months. However, this is something new. Tomorrow, they plan a streamlined action, in which they want to take control of all Russian Orthodox church property everywhere in Ukraine. Russian Orthodox is the traditional faith of the people here since about the 10th century. In fact, it was in Kiev, the Kievan Rus, where Christianity started on Russian lands.

Among other churches, tomorrow they plan to capture the Kiev-Pechorskaya Lavra in Kiev, the seat of the Russian Orthodox church in Ukraine. The beautiful Kiev-Pechorskaya Lavra is a 800-year-old massive Orthodox monastery, also a UNESCO World Heritage Site! Link to article.”


UNESCO World Heritage Site: 800-year-old Kiev-Pecherskaya Lavra, the ORIGINAL seat of the Russian Orthodox Church


UNESCO World Heritage Site: Kiev-Pecherskaya Lavra

In response to my yesterday’s article, reader Aeyrie says:

‘Noooooooo!! Who would want to destroy such treasures!? Maybe they are not Kiev people, Lada. If they wear masks do you think these people could be instigators from elsewhere (guess where) who want to incite hatred and violence between the peoples of Russia and Ukraine? ~ And as you say also, strike fear into everyone so deeply that they will not move to protect themselves and their cities? Dear God, let it not be so. I pray that the people of Odessa will remember how courageous they are. Use their famous humor! Defeating these horrid intentions with laughter and ridicule could be very effective.’

  • ‘Thanks, Aeyrie. Humor is great, but not against the aggressive dark forces. They are financed by ukro-oligarchs and from abroad, but they ARE part of the junta doing their dirty job. Junta consists of several factions, the most prominent and aggressive of them fascist west Ukrainian. Poroshenko is a 100% American stooge and doesn’t have his own will. Incidentally, Poroshenko is a Jew originally from Odessa. But that means nothing. Watch my video about mind control in Ukraine. He is a controlled puppet of the US.’

It has to be noted that western Ukrainians had been converted to Catholicism by those who occupied those parts in the 18-19th centuries, namely, Poland and Austria-Hungary. They call it Ukrainian Greek-Catholicism, as in “a combination of Ukrainianism, Greek Orthodoxy and Catholicism,” which of course is a silly misnomer designed to dupe the masses. In fact it is Catholicism steeped in the darkest kind of ultra-nationalism. The conversion was done based on the principle that there is nothing that divides people better than a difference in religion. This weapon was historically used often by occupiers to divide and conquer.

In many instances, western Ukraine population was converted violently, churches were burned and people shipped to concentration camps. Now, the descendants of those who experienced violence execute violence against others. Now they want to convert the rest of Ukraine forcibly into a crazy mix of Catholicism and god knows what. Just imagine the confused identity of these people, just imagine the mess in their heads based on the contradictions they grew up with!

I am non-religious in a conventional 3D sense, and I am absolutely neutral to the church of any kind. I respect deeply the Russian and world history, and I admire and study the architectural beauty and the peaceful feel of houses of worship, cathedrals and churches of all denominations worldwide. I strive to see the good in any religion. As long as the practice is peaceful, ALL people must be allowed to practice religion of their choosing freely and safely, and no one, nowhere, should ever threaten them, or their priests.

So far, several churches in Ukraine have been burned down, shelled and damaged. Some Orthodox priests have been harassed and beaten; church property destroyed. All this is a sure indication that Ukraine is now a full-blown fascist state of the darkest kind.

The threatening leaflets and letters that are being distributed tell the Russian Orthodox priests to either transfer into the break-away, unrecognized by the global church, Kiev patriarchy, or to leave the country. Same is mandated for the parishioners who resist the conversion. If the priests refuse to leave their church and the parishioners to transfer, then the UPA ukro-nazi leaflets threaten them with their lives.

This is what these leaflets say: “Death to Moscow priests (meaning Russian Orthodox). On October 14, we’ll return the churches to Ukraine.” “We, Ukraine patriots offer you to transfer into the Ukrainian Church under the rulership of Filaret. Or you must leave the territory of Ukraine, otherwise radical measures will be used against you.” I dread to think what radical measures they are referring to. Link to report with these quotes in Russian.

Today is October 14th. Welcome to the anniversary from HELL!

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  1. Hi Lada,
    This is really disturbing information and really makes my blood boil with rage that nobody is doing anything about it. I don’t know what it’s going to take for the people of Odessa and Kharkov and the rest of southern and eastern Ukraine to rise up and get rid of these cowards and punks with masks. The people of Donetsk and Lugansk have really shown the way for the rest of the area on what needs to be done. I’m aware that I’m writing these comments from my comfortable location and am being an armchair critic and I’m not in that area where the intimidation is very heavy but still people there have to begin to show gumption. An attack on the Russian Orthodox Church is also an attack on any other orthodox church in Ukraine and I’m sure that the great majority of people in Odessa, Kharkov and the rest are of the Orthodox faith. Catholics make up a tiny fraction of the population of Ukraine. So this attack by these hooded hoodlums are an attack on almost everyone so it should be a no brainer for the population at large to take action.

    Life many times does not give you a good option and a bad one. Many times it gives you a bad option and a horrible one. Russia is faced with these two options. It’s my belief and I’ve said this many times that Russia is going to have to take action militarily either directly through their own forces or indirectly through an enlargement of Novorossia to incorporate Odessa, Kharkov and the rest of the area into Russia itself or at the very least have these areas break away from the left over rump Ukraine and align as an independent state with Russia. I understand Putin’s trying to finesse the situation and hoping that the situation will repair itself and also he doesn’t want to antagonize the west even more but the reality itself is going to force his hand. Again there is only a bad choice and a horrible choice. The bad choice is to split Ukraine roughly at the Dnieper River where Russia gets the eastern and southern part and the west gets the western part. This would give Russia the entire Black Sea coast and would allow a linkup with Pridnestrovie. The western world will call bloody murder and there will be even more sanctions. This is bad. The horrible option would be to do nothing and allow the cancer of nazism to spread and for Nato to spread into Ukraine proper. This would actually not just be horrible but dreadful.

    I understand that my viewpoint may be harsh but I like to live in the real world. Lada I understand this is something easier said than done but Russia has no choice in the matter. It’s not Russia’s fault what has happened but now Russia has to take drastic action. The upcoming attacks on the Russian Orthodox Church and monuments to Pushkin, etc. are attacks on Russia. Period. End of story. Russia can not make nice with these terrible people in power in Kiev. They have declared war on Russia and so Russia needs to respond and I believe that Russia will respond. Putin will do all he can to resolve this peacefully but in the end it will be to no avail and will have to do what has to be done. The pravy sektor, Poroshenko, the entire regime in Kiev, Nato, Israel and the US are not reasonable people but are psychopaths and sociopaths and cannot be reasoned with peaceful gestures. They only understand force and if you show force and succeed then as all bullies do they will back down.

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    • Hi Gary, first, hugs to you for your heartfelt support of Russia. 🙂 Second, I agree with you emotionally on many fronts.

      But the leader of Russia (and I, as predictor), have to operate on a different level.

      Emotionally, I would have much preferred to split up that place for people’s sake. But too many people who want to be with Russia will be left beyond the border – in Kiev and central Ukraine. Believe it or not, even in western Ukraine there is a staunchly pro-Russian ethnicity called Russins. They will be left in the cold. The issue is that of saving all of Ukraine from darkness.

      My prediction: it will happen as I said before, but the price (also as I said), will be very steep. But, see, it’s one thing to predict, where I only see the end result, and another to go through the emotional agony, as I and all of us do now, of seeing it unfold.

      Trust me, Putin will surprise everyone many times over with his actions. We haven’t seen the best of Putin yet. What he is doing now is building a global cooperation an the new world, thus saving not only Ukraine, but all of us. It has to come from all directions at once – inside Ukraine and outside.
      At the very last moment the plug will be pulled.

      I’ll talk more about that in future articles and Earth Shift Reports.

      Hugs 🙂

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    • Thanks Lada for your reassurance. That’s why I am in my position and leaders such as Putin and Lavrov are in their position. If they acted out on my emotions then Russia would probably be in trouble. Boy Putin and Lavrov (especially Lavrov) must have nerves of steel to have to take day after day injustices and insults hurled at them. I gather they know their adversary really well and they don’t let the US’s shenanigans get the better of them. They know their role in history.

      As you said I’m sure the end result will work out but the road to get there is going to be very painful to watch.


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  2. Reblogged this on narwhal8915's Blog and commented:
    Nazis in Ukraine are threatening to Orthodox priests
    14 October Nazis of Ukraine are celebrating the anniversary of performing The Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UIA). Especially to this date they have made leaflets with calls to kill priests of Ukrainian Orthodox church of Moscow patriarchy.
    Nazis in Ukraine are threatening to Orthodox priests http://t.co/jvr6Kzdpex


  3. Thank you for your further clarification on this Lada. I also want to especially thank you at this time for sharing with us your personal views. I am so grateful for your beautifully and lovingly written articles and “travelogues” about the part of the world you are native to and love so much. Your insights help me, and no doubt many others of us here in the West, who have been heretofore kept largely ignorant (by design) of the long history of Eastern culture and politico-religious affairs. Every day I read more of your work I have a greater understanding of what is happening there. You are doing an amazing thing for the whole world by giving us such a crystal clear picture of both the land and peoples and of how dreadfully serious the situation is. Please continue informing us!
    We are all sisters and brothers in Love and I am so sorry to see what is happening in your homeland. Obviously, humor will not stop a bullet or turn it back to its source. However, I do know it can strengthen the Heart and help to keep spirits up as our brothers and sisters there continue to pursue their righteous resistance on behalf of their lives, lifeways and freedom. My thoughts and prayers are with ALL the people in that region and everywhere on our beloved mother earth where evil has taken a pernicious hold.
    May the Light prevail. May we all be blessed with a future where we live together in peace and loving kindness. May we make ourselves worthy of it by voluntarily leaving our hatreds and fighting behind us. And, God willing, may it be soon.

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  4. People need to defend themselves from these coawards… unfortunately aggressiveness has to be dealt with same, but 1000 times more aggressive than what this dark forces are doing to the innocent woman and children and men. no prisioners whatsoever.

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  5. Tragic, but more of this kind of thing can be expected. The US will likely want to follow the model used in places like Syria or Libya. It is depressing that so many can be paid to do this kind of thing.

    By the way, I would add a couple of reasons to your list for the rise of fascism in this case. The first is the desire for revenge from WWII. They were fascists and are mad about losing the war. Russia became weak after the end of the USSR, and the Russian areas in the Ukraine have been very passive or depressed, so it was relatively easy to make “progress” as the Western Ukrainians might see their rise. The other issue is one of identity. Those in the Western Ukraine have an identity, though somewhat false, and wanted to promote it. Those in the Russian areas haven’t had a clear identity. Even now, the Russian government wants to keep Novorossiya as part of the Ukraine, but you can’t view everything as money. Like this tragedy with beautiful monuments or churches, it is about what kind of society we want to live in. The fascists want an ugly one, but one with no Russian influence. Impossible, but that is part of their nihilism. Children always ask “Who am I?” or “Who are we?” There probably wasn’t a good answer for a child in Kharkov over the last 23 years. The schools said Russians were terrible and Russian civilization was evil.

    Perhaps you can cover the issue of karma in the Ukraine. It just seems amazing in so many ways to watch such a destructive phenomenon unfold. Maybe being born from Lenin was not such a good thing.

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  6. ISIS for Europe, courtesy Nuland, McCain, and Chevron with some baked goods, and don’t forget, $5 billion. It is, of course, creation of order out of chaos. The chaos is being created out of commands that those giving orders to Obama, Kerry, Kissinger, Soros, Brzezinski, etc., present, to destroy civilization, thus creating a greatly depopulated world whose oxygen and resources they will not have to share. Earth, if it meets the objectives of the crazies, will be known throughout creation as the planet for the criminally insane. I don’t expect you to agree with me on some of what I believe, particularly that the crazies themselves are ruled by Satan, and I see his efforts resulting in failure. Maybe somebody will maintain a blog about that. I can see reasons for not being in the US as a primary residence; they may not be your reasons, but the troubles will be worldwide.


  7. Here in Japan it is the morning of the 15th, so the night in the Ukraine is drawing down. I hope my prayers for the innocent in Ukraine will somehow alleviate whatever suffering has been imposed on them.

    The news won’t tell us anything. Please keep us informed about what happened.

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    • Hi Patricia, so far it’s quiet. Just praying, letting the thought and word out and making it circulate can change the energy of the event. I believe that collectively, we all – those who blogged, retweeted and FB’ed, changed the energy.
      Russia, Putin included, made a pretty big noise about it.
      It certainly appears that to safe face, US/EU quietly leaned on Kiev and ukro-nazis to hold their horses, therwise, they would only prove to the world their fascist nature.
      So far, ukro-nazis only crashed and blew up a few things in Kiev, and tried to take over the Rada. That’s good, let them devour each other…
      But when they start freezing in winter without Russian gas, I don’t know what violence they will do then. Also, the upcoming Rada elections farce, where nearly 100% nazis and radicals will be elected, is a question mark.

      Hugs and thanks for your prayers 🙂

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  8. Lada, Here’s what I posted on facebook: CALLING ALL LIGHTWORKERS – https://www.facebook.com/nancy.brooks.detweiler


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