Poroshenko’s Agony: Bombing Donetsk, Re-Activating ATO to Save His Presidency Before Ukraine Elections

First, a relatively positive bit from Ukraine: after many prayers and a lot of noise raised by locals, Russian media, bloggers, and personally by Vladimir Putin, ukro-nazis were quietly hinted by their Western handlers not to touch UNESCO World Heritage sites, including Odessa monuments to Catherine the Great and Pushkin they planned to demolish, Kiev-Pecherskaya Lavra, as well as the various Russian churches they wanted to take over. Believe me, they wanted to, but before the upcoming Rada elections it wouldn’t look very good. This time the whole world was watching and that stopped the madness. But the danger is still clear and present: until a semblance of law and order is restored on the territory so far referred to as Ukraine, until the darkest ukro-nazi and criminal elements are disarmed and brought to justice, they can continue committing acts of vandalism when no one’s expecting it. People have to be very vigilant. Winter is coming and no one can predict how much crazier they all can get when the country starts seriously freezing and starving! Follow links below to read my original articles:

Another noteworthy bit: Donetsk and Lugansk republics will conduct elections in the beginning of November. AnnaNews is reporting that the consolidation of forces is happening slowly but surely. Lugansk commanders and politicians agreed to present a united front despite certain mutual disagreements. They call it forming a ‘fist,’ in other words consolidating forces to build their new state. The famous self-defence commander Mozgovoi (tough guy that he is) in an interview said he still had certain criticisms of the Lugansk administration, and that he always will, but he agreed with others that forming a unified front was much more important. The next stop is Kiev, said Mozgovoi. Various individuals, parties and organizations have registered candidates in the Donbass elections so far. Link to joint announcement by Lugansk leaders from AnnaNews.

Ukraine Rada elections are happening a few days earlier, I believe on October 25. The fascist regime in Kiev is in full swing. The Communist Party of Ukraine had to go underground after threats and after its faction was forcefully disbanded and thrown out of Rada. This happened when Communist leader, Petr Simonenko, during his democratically prescribed time allotment on the podium tried to call the attention of his Rada ‘colleagues’ to the fact that civilians were being bombed and killed in Donbass. At that point, right there on the spot, Simonenko was attacked by the right sector nazi ‘deputies,’ the party faction was disbanded and banned, the Rada speaker personally threatened Simonenko with retribution, and a criminal national security case was initiated against Simonenko and his party for being ‘Russian spies.’ This was, I believe, in July or August, at the same time when Ukraine army was bombing Donbass into oblivion, when hundreds of thousands of refugees flooded into Russia, when little children and whole families died during dinner or peaceful walks in the park (you can find lots of videos of that if you search on YouTube, including from AnnaNews, the link to which I provide below).

The most interesting thing was that all I just described above, including a fist fight when the older, white-haired Simonenko was attacked inside the Rada by violent nazi thugs; threats and expelling the communists; accusing them of being spies and initiating a criminal case – all that happened in less than five minutes. To remind everyone, Ukraine communists (who in reality are more like mild socialists) were the only remaining legitimate Rada deputies who were elected just one year prior by their respective electorate; elected for real, through a legal election process, unlike the rest of that Rada that was brought to power via a violent coup in February 2014. I watched that Rada session and it was truly unbelievable.

Can you say ‘fascism?’ Can you also say: ‘This is the openly fascist regime that has been brought to power, wined and dined, financed and supported by the US/UK/EU?’

The once dominant Party of the Regions disappeared overnight, after murders, arson and threats. Progressive Socialist Party of Natalia Vitrenko (I quoted this brave and wise woman once or twice in my articles) was blocked from access to the media, from campaigning and voting, and is also underground after threats. Many other moderate candidates have removed their candidacies from these elections.

Per reports, Kiev is planning fake elections in those parts of Donbass that are under junta control. Local ‘candidates’ are being prepped not to worry if anyone votes for them or not; they are being told to just go through the motions as Kiev will ‘take care’ of the voting results.

It’s interesting to note that the date of the elections, October 25, is a New Moon eclipse and also the end of Mercury Retrograde. Astrologically, both of these are not good for anything serious and lasting. So, we’ll see how long this Rada will last and what it will be like. My prediction: not too long and not too good. More about the Kiev Rada elections below.

Poroshenko’s Agony: Re-Activating ATO to Save His Presidency Before Elections

My guest today is AnnaNews and talk show “In Reality” with host Sergey Veselovsky out of Donetsk, Donetsk Republic (former E. Ukraine)

Donbass residents are reporting the re-activation of bombings in Donetsk and Lugansk break-away republics. On October 20, residents have reported a very scary and devastating bombing, allegedly by the powerful rocket launcher Tochka-U. Per resident reports, powerful tremors and explosions were heard in the city of Donetsk and other areas. People report that the magnitude was that of a small nuclear bomb, and many report broken windows in the 50 kilometer radius from the epicenter. The residents, who were trying to catch their breath during ceasefire and hoped to start rebuilding their lives, are in panic again. The latest information is that the bombing could have been performed not by Tochka-U but by lighter artillery. However, it appears that the rockets were deliberately aimed at the munitions depot. The powerful explosions and fires appear to be the result of the munitions factory hits.

Video interview between Sergey Veselovsky, host of the “in Reality” show, and independent Russian-Ukrainian journalist Alena Kochkina. Link to interview.

Translation and my commentary:

Alena says that she has been in Donetsk and has observed and felt the powerful explosions. Self-defence wouldn’t let her near the site yet, so she can only report from what she sees and feels from afar.

Alena: Eyewitnesses near the Gorniak town occupied by the Kiev junta army report having seen a huge, as they say, rocket being hauled. This could be the Tochka-U rocket everyone is so afraid of. We are all afraid this rocket will fall on our heads any moment.

Host: Do you think this frantic activity and renewed bombings are due to the new Minister of Defence, Poltorak, who has replaced Gilletei? Do you think he is trying to prove something? (These ministers of war change every couple of weeks. This is minister #15 since March, 2014, I believe. The previous one, Gilletei is famous for 2 things: for pretend-signing his minister’s oath in the parliament with a closed pen and for losing 20 times the number of soldiers compared to Donbass self-defense – LR).

Alena: Poroshenko’s regime is in agony before the elections and he is trying to re-activate ATO in E. Ukraine to show how tough he is.

Host: In other words, Poroshenko is between the rock and the hard place. They really have him by the balls. He is under fire from the ukro-nazis, who brought him to power, for being ‘weak,’ for shaking Putin’s hand and trying to conduct negotiations about Russian gas for winter. If he doesn’t, Ukraine will freeze and he will lose his presidency.

Alena: Correct. In actuality, he can be ousted even before the elections by all these unruly elements he, and others like him, have encouraged. He knows that and now he has to show how well he can bomb and suppress any dissent so they wouldn’t get any ideas. He is using Donbass as a demo guinea pig.

A word from Lada: It is very well-known that only the darkest and most fascist forces in Ukraine can be elected into this upcoming Rada (parliament). The rest have been intimidated, killed or driven out of the country. One half of the new Rada is expected to be fascist/ultra-nationalist and another will consist of the national guard field commanders (perhaps even worse than the former) who are expected to arrive to the Rada sessions in their uniforms, with weapons. Just imagine: if they’ve been having regular fist fights in the Rada since 1990s without any weapons, what will happen when weapons become a fixture. Poroshenko, anticipating this, is trying to revoke the Rada deputy immunity. Translation: lots of fist fights, and much worse, are expected, and authorities are preparing.

On another note, I mentioned this brave woman Alena Kochkina and her video in my article: War or Peace: Damning Eye-Witness Video of MH17 False Flag; Plus, Strange Failures of Russian Rockets. Alena was one of the first at the site of the crash where she arrived 30 minutes after the downing of MH17. She is originally from Donbass and now she bravely goes where it’s the hottest, filming, interviewing and reporting, so the world would know the truth.

Alena reports for the AnnaNews channel, which has been attacked and deleted from YouTube more than once by the ukro-nazis. This is the link to AnnaNews on YT. They have lots of interesting interviews with eye-witnesses, local self-defence, etc. They also have something I always watch: a brief summary of daily news from Donbass and generally, Ukraine.

Unfortunately, The 2 minute daily summary is in Russian only, and so is Alena’s reporting. I try to translate whenever I can. There is the English translation wire running at the bottom of the screen during the daily news summary. Also, AnnaNews has some programs in German, for those who know it.

Another video interview with the same host, Sergey Veselovsky. He is interviewing a local Donetsk resident, Irina, about the bombing. Link to inteview.


Irina: Terrible day. We think they bombed us with Tochka-U rockets. The whole city shook. Windows shuttered even in the very center, many kilometers from where they bombed. People are walking on glass in the streets from all the broken windows. Even the Filharmonic building windows shuttered from explosions. There were three waves of explosions.

Host: What do you think regarding the fact that refugees are starting to return home both from the Ukraine side and from Russia, trying to re-start their lives?

Irina: Excuse me, I can hardly speak, I am so angry, I just can’t find words that aren’t.. that you could air… This is a huge, million people city. There are lot’s of breathing, warm, living people here. Kids have to go to school, kindergarden. These kinds of ‘war games’ they are conducting here aren’t only unacceptable… shame on Poroshenko, his entire family, and the entire Ukraine for that.

Host: Don’t you think this is happening because they have elections in a few days and this is the way for them to mobilize their electorate? And if they succeed in their attack…

Irina: I do agree. All this activization was suddenly turned on like a switch this last Friday. It’s getting hot. It is getting colder as winter is nearing, but it’s also getting too hot from bombings.

Host: I was just looking at some comments under one of our videos. Ukrainians don’t believe it’s their army that bombs peaceful civilians. They very seriously say it’s all Russia’s doing.

Irina: I’ve been active in social media since February. I am tired of arguing with them. Can’t get through to them anyway. I just tell them one thing: why don’t you come and visit us here, we’ll even take a collection to pay for your trip, we’ll even pay for room and board for you. Come here, live next to us, talk to people, hide from bombs in cellars like our elderly do, live dreading tomorrow like we do. Within one week you’ll know the truth. You’ll change your views within days, I guarantee. So far, no one has come from Ukraine.

Host: Of course they won’t come. Even their journalists don’t go anywhere. To publish all those lies in their media, they use our material that we obtain by risking our lives under fire. They steal our footage but their accompanying commentary is the opposite of the truth. I am not asking you to comment regarding Poroshenko, Banderovtsi/ ukro-nazis. I think it’s clear what you may think about them. What I wanted to say is this: there are 700,000 people still left in Donetsk. We are with you in spirit and try to help you however we can. Hold on there!

Irina: Thank you very much. I am one of those who didn’t leave and I never will. This is my city, my native land. Why should I leave it to the nazis? I tried to get my children to leave, but they also refused. This is our city, why should we run anywhere?

Host: Many thanks, Irina. God be with you. Goodbye. This was Irina from Donetsk, who told us in her own words what happened today in Donetsk after she recovered a little.

Host, Sergey Veselovsky, goes on: “Dear Ukrainian friends, she is right, just come and see for yourselves what is really going on in Donbass instead of listening to the oligarch-sponsored propaganda on your ukro-MSM. Open your eyes! It is Donbass that is now building a state that your ‘maidan’ figthers dreamed about – the state without oligarchs. Donbass now is implementing what YOU wanted to implement. You wanted to get rid of oligarchs, instead you exchanged Yanukovich for others oligarchs. The new ones are called Valtsman (Poroshenko’s real name – LR), Kolomoysky, Pinchuk. These aren’t even Ukrainians. They all have tripple citizenships (Kolomoysky has Ukranian, Israeli and Cyprus citizenship – LR).

So what have you achieved, except also alienating us, Russians, who used to consider you our closest relatives? Having alienated us, your winter will be very cold and hungry. It’ll be a horrible winter for you, but it’s nothing to you, right? Because most importantly, you’ve got an enemy to hate – it’s Donbass.

Just tell me one thing, why do you hate Russia and Russians? Do you even remember how it started? Who told you that we were the enemy? The oligarch-controled media? Just retrace your steps, and recall how you managed to forget that Georgievskaya Lentochka (striped black and orange band, Russian symbol. I’ll talk about it more in my upcoming Earth Shift Report – LR) is the symbol of our mutual Victory. How did you come to start calling it with disdain a ‘colorado beetle band,’ and why did you start calling us names?

You used to be normal people. What happened to you, Ukrainians? Wake up. With your silent permission, or with your active help, your army is bombing the Donbass people. Today, your ‘boys’ you collect donations for and call Ukrainian heroes, have bombed the people of Donetsk again. Donbass is being killed; women, children, the elderly are being killed.

Turn on your brains before it’s too late. Because payback will come sooner or later, from above, or from us, it doesn’t matter. It always does.

All the best, bye.”

P.S. A word from Lada: I recommend you do click on the video links above even though they are in Russian. First, you’ll see what Georgievskaya Lentochka looks like (in the very beginning), and also check out the branding start video. The imagery is telling. AnnaNews is always on the frontlines, in all senses of the word. By the way, they also report from the Syrian frontlines.

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  1. Of course we read nothing about this in our “newspapers”……
    Thank you Lada, for posting this….it is very telling…..


  2. Dear Lada,

    Did you read about the “accident” with the plane of the CEO (and Frenchman) of Total, Mr. Christophe de Margerie, the oilcompany working with the Russians? I bet this is another false flag to remind “others” not to deal with Russia! It was mentioned in our MSM that he said he also saw no reason not to pay for oil in other currencies than the dollar…… What is your take on this? Is this the reason he was “removed”?



  3. You asked me for links to websites in the Dutch (ND) language, Lada? It’s a short list because there are not so many that I consult on a daily basis, and that I find credible, but:

    wanttoknow.nl is an exception! And then there is:
    ninefornews.nl that has a combination of news and articles on health, spirituality and ET’s, and:
    happynews.nl for positive news about the economy, renewable energy and health.

    Lots of other websites get their “news” from “Prison Planet” (Alex Jones) etc. and although there might be some truth in there, I find it pure fearmongering and therefore only skim some of the headlines just as I do sometimes at RMN. I do read Matthews Messages, Ben Fulford and David Wilcock (if he has something new on his website), but I always trust my inner judgement if something that I read “feels” right! Also I am a huge fan of Kauilapele’s blog!
    I do read msm-news and cross-refenrence it with news “on the other side” like RT.com, and try to read between the lines! 😉
    If something else comes up I will post it!



  4. This is all mind boggling for me, an American, but I know its the truth and I trust the almighty God will reveal it to all who need to know about it. Thank you Lada Ray


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