Who Benefits from the Death of the French Oil Giant Total’s CEO Christophe de Margerie?

Lada Ray’s Investigation 


“There is no reason to pay for oil in dollars.” Christophe de Margerie, CEO of Total

October 21, 2014. Tragic news: The private transcontinental jet carrying Christophe de Margerie, CEO of the French oil and gas giant Total, crashed in Moscow Vnukovo-3 Airport. Vnukovo-3 isn’t your average overcrowded commercial outfit; it is an airport designed to receive the international VIPs and their private jets. The jet in question is Falcon 50, French made, cost $170-200 million. According to experts, it is one of the most reliable jets in existence, and it is designed for long-distance flights. Such a jet carrying a VIP such as Total’s CEO would be kept in excellent condition and the pilots would be top-notch. The crew on such jet is usually paid much more than commercial pilots.

What happened based on early reports: Moscow had a heavy snow aggravated by fog. Snow clearing ploughs were operating. The jet’s wing on take-off clipped the snow plough operating nearby, but the plane took off nevertheless. The driver of the plough was unharmed, but the Russian investigators announced that he was drunk. After 40 seconds in the air, the pilot sent distress call and attempted to land, but the plane burst in flames, killing all four aboard: three crew members and one passenger, Total CEO Christophe de Margerie. Here is a report about the main investigative points on RT Russia.

The questions investigators ask are: how could a drunk person be allowed to operate a snow plough? How could a dispatcher authorise a take-off with a plough present? What role did the snow and heavy fog play in all this? Did the pilot make a mistake? Did he, for example, drive off his course in the fog, resulting in the collision with the plough?

If I were them, I would also ask these questions: 1. Who and why gave the order to the snow plough operator to clean up the snow in the take-off area at that specific time? If the take-off area needed to be prepped first due to snow, then perhaps it was the correct order. Then, the Total jet needed to wait until the area was cleared of snow. Perhaps it was a lack of coordination between maintenance, dispatch, and the pilot? Did the pilot get pressured by the VIP to take off immediately, despite bad weather?

Also, I looked at the video with the plough operator and he seemed very shocked and distressed. One thing he didn’t seem at all was being drunk. Sure, the shock could have sobered him up, but I still have serious doubts he could have been that drunk. Summary of the event video, including the plough driver.

It appears Russian authorities decided to admit their fault even before the investigation and assign the blame internally due to the delicate political situation and in order to keep peace.

But let’s take a look at what went on behind the scenes geopolitically in the run-up to the event. What was the Total CEO doing in Moscow?

Total’s CEO Christophe de Margerie took a different position on world events, USA, and Russia than the prevailing neo-liberal position of his government. He was against USA interference and dictate in European affairs, and for the expanded cooperation with Russia.

Total is the French oil and gas giant, ranking #6 in the world. As a result of the US sanctions, primarily the ban on dollar-denominated loans to companies operating in Russia, American oil giant Exxon Mobil was recently forced to fold its joint operations in Russia’s north. This is a big hit for Exxon’s bottom line. The company announced that they didn’t want to leave and planned to return as soon as the sanctions were over.

At the very same time, Total, which took a position of defiance against the US and EU sanctions, re-affirmed its participation in Russian projects. Moreover, Total was negotiating stepping in and replacing Exxon and other Anglo-American companies in the $27 billion Yamal liquefied natural gas project, and possibly, in the Arctic oil project as well. To accomplish that, Total was planning on using a combined euro, ruble and yuan financing. Total was in the process of securing a Chinese financing to replace the American loans. At the bottom of this article you will find a telling quote from a NASDAQ article of 9/22/2014 about Total’s negotiations with the Chinese banks.

Total CEO was in Moscow to discuss and negotiate the expanded deal. He was scheduled to fly back to Paris at 12:10 am, after the meeting with Russian PM, Dmitry Medvedev.

Total management appears to indicate that nothing will change in Total’s position and plans in regards to Russia as these are long-term plans that get drawn for 20-40 years forward. However, having taken a bold bet on the expanded cooperation with Russia, Total’s CEO didn’t get the chance to groom a successor. “He planned to, but never got around to it.” This leads some experts to believe that now that Total’s CEO Christophe de Margerie is gone, the US will apply enormous pressure on the company to change its course towards Russia.

According to this expert (link to interview in Russian), “the death of Total’s CEO will impact the future not only of Total, but of the entire French economy.”

The above leads some to suspect a foul play in the death of Total’s CEO. Whether his death was the result of a tragic coincidence, poor coordination or bad weather, or whether a more sinister scenario was at play, the geopolitical circumstances paint a very different picture of the event than seems on the surface.

If we also take into account the other events: strange disappearance of the Malaysia Airlines flight over the Indian Ocean early this year and the recent MH17 false flag downing in Ukraine, the picture becomes even more tainted. We should also remember the strange recent failures of the Russian Proton-M cargo rockets. Strangely, all the failures of Russian rockets occurred when they were carrying foreign satellites . These rockets use American made electronics.

Incidentally, a new Proton-M rocket was just launched from the Baikonur in Kazakhstan without a hitch: the blast-off video. I could have predicted that there would be no problem with this launch because it was carrying a domestic Russian satellite. It should be clear that the reason only foreign satellite launches of Russian rockets fail is because someone is trying to discredit Russia as a reliable business partner. Before these mysterious recent failures, Russian space industry had no failures for over 40 years. I wrote about this problem in my prior articles, where I pointed out that in my opinion the reason behind failures was the Trojan software that could be activated or de-activated when necessary. Read more: Damning Eye-Witness Video of MH17 False Flag; Plus, Strange Failures of Russian Rockets.

Add to that the fact that since General De Gaulle, France has been one of the most pro-Russian countries in the EU, plus the fact that historically, France was more willing to do business with Russia than many other Western countries, often serving as a bridge between the West and Russia. France is supposed to deliver two Mistral carriers to Russia and if it doesn’t, it will be a huge loss for the French economy. Presently, US is putting enormous pressure on France not to deliver the Mistrals, which would result in a broken contract and huge penalties.

France’s BNP Paribas earlier this year already fell victim to the US sanctions, having to pay a $10 billion penalty, essentially bankrupting the bank. Various representatives of the French government and industry have been registering timid protests against EU’s US dollar dependence and US interference in the EU affairs. CEO of Total was a very influential voice in France for cooperation with Russia.

What does all the above have to do with the Total CEO jet crash in Moscow? Perhaps nothing, perhaps everything. Time will show.

One thing is very clear: the death of Total’s CEO Christophe de Margerie was against the interests of Russia, France, or Total itself.

One of the easy ways to damage a plane is sabotage. Who and why told the worker to snow-plough the take-off area at that time? Incidentally, the snow plough’s operator name is Vladimir Martinenko, a typical Ukrainian name. Is he from Ukraine, and what part thereof? How does he feel about what’s happening there? Where do his loyalties lie? Could he be bought, or convinced to do something illegal? These are all very good questions. He did survive the accident without a scratch, despite the plane’s wing getting so damaged by his plough that the jet burst into flames 40 seconds after takeoff. Does the plough operator’s name and origin have anything to do with the event? There are lots of Ukrainian citizens working in Russia, most in maintenance, cleaning, construction, driving and other blue-collar positions. Most Ukrainians are pro-Russian, but there are no guarantees. This may mean absolutely nothing, or it may mean everything. If I were investigating this occurrence, I would look into that.

Vladimir Markin, Head of the Central Investigative Commission of the Russian Federation, called the work of the airport authorities “sloppy,” and revealed the steps the investigation is taking. The snow plough driver has been arrested and the airport management may be temporarily suspended to prevent them from influencing the investigation. Interview.

Quote: Total Looks to China to Finance Russian Gas Project — 2nd Update 

By Selina Williams. Published on nasqaq.com, 9/22/14 – Link to post.

“French oil major Total S.A. on Monday said it was in talks with Chinese banks to help fund a major natural-gas project in Russia in a move to get around tightening Western sanctions over Ukraine.

Chief Financial Officer Patrick de la Chevardière said the company was looking at financing its share in the $ 27 billion Yamal liquefied natural-gas project in Chinese yuan, Russian rubles and euros.

“The effect of U.S. sanctions was that Yamal LNG will be prevented from raising any dollar financing,” Mr. de la Chevardière told a news briefing in London. Total is developing the onshore Yamal project in Russia’s Arctic north with independent Russian gas producer OAO Novatek and China’s CNPC.

Total would first look for financing for Yamal from export credit agencies such as France’sCoface and Italy’s Sace and then add Chinese and Russian finance, Mr. de la Chevardière said.

Total’s move comes as U.S. oil giant Exxon Mobil Corp. said last week is it winding down its drilling campaign in the Russian Arctic because of sanctions announced by the U.S. and European Union this month. The setback to Exxon’s $3.2 billion deal to explore for oil with Russia’s Rosneft in the Arctic could represent the biggest corporate casualty of sanctions so far.

Earlier this month, Russian officials said that restrictions on western technology for drilling in hard-to-reach areas such as the Arctic Sea could hurt future oil production if they persist.

Russia relies on oil and gas to provide the bulk of its revenues and Yamal is vital to Kremlin plans to increase the country’s share in the fast-growing global LNG market.

Total is in turn relying on Yamal, which is expected to start up in 2017, to provide a chunk of the French’s company’s future production growth. Yamal is estimated to hold proven reserves of 800 million barrels of oil equivalent.”

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  1. There are no co-incidences. The accident has the hallmarks of a CIA operation, since blowing up planes is one of their specialties. The USSA plays dirty, but Nuland/Nudelman is angrier than usual since their plan to station american ships in Crimea, and exploit the billions in offshore gas, along with fracking the Donbass has miserably failed. The EU is now stuck with a bankrupt banderstan, peopled with vicious neo nazi’s. Just wait till there is no heat in the Ukraine, and the food runs out. The EU idiots will suffer for their subservience to the USSA.

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  2. Exellent Lada, good points too! Well you know what my thoughts are on this event! 😉


    • I know, and many, many people say the same. But this is my investigative report designed to be balanced and give a complete picture.
      The readers can make their own conclusions!

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  3. It walks like a duck…


  4. Great analysis, well done. And yes we’re all thinking the same thing…. CIA. Nuff said. 😉

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  5. This is very similar to the assassination of Enrico Mattei, head of the Italian oil company, in 1962 by the CIA. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Enrico_Mattei

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  6. I think the equipment operator was meant to die in the crash. Since he didn’t, he is now a star witness. I would expect him to have an unfortunate accident sometime soon.


    • Very possibly – unfortunately. The poor guy is safer under custody as much for his own sake as for the sake of the investigation.

      Knowing FSB, they are working on the real causes behind the scenes, but also knowing how Russians operate, they most likely will never make that public so not to disclose how they got the info. But that inof would become a way to quietly pressure US/UK/banksters and possibly oil companies, when necessary.
      Russia has lots of unofficial allies in EU’s intelligences and Mossad – those people who are sick of the US/UK dictate. In Ukraine SBU till recently as well, until they ‘cleaned it up.’

      One of my fave topics: I do talk a lot about how FSB and Russian intelligence in general operate in Gold Train and The Earth Shifter, incl. remote viewing. 😉


  7. First and foremost I am all about forgiveness to assist in healing this consciousness on planet earth. When another mogul giant is killed and/or dies it helps with uncovering the lies which are all tied to bloodlines, elitists and secret societies. They are playing a game using our earth as their checkered board. Let them topple each other so we can expose the roots. I have no remorse for someone who wakes with a hangover as I have no remorse for another person at the top of the food chain being killed. They chose their plight. Let the bullies fight among themselves so long as we do not allow it to consume our lives.

    Forgiveness is the need to understand unconditional through conditions so we are ALL responsible…..then move-on.

    …and this whole thing about oil in the Arctic. We already consume 4 barrels of oil to produce one barrel. A waste of energy. The cost would be enormous to drill for oil in the frozen tundra. Not to mention weapons like HAARP to impede its development. This is not the story. The story is using our labor in exchange for worthless scraps of paper and for this we are penalized/whipped daily. Let us all join in and destroy every person (personality meaning persona/hidden/mask), the money system. every tired belief and religion which ALL keep us shackled to this third dimensional reality called duality. Let go so we can receive 4th and 5th dimensional consciousness….Forgiveness.

    Those stuck in the third dimension will continue to feed on more of the same. Your choice as always.

    Freedom comes from openness….our responsibility.


    • All very good about transitioning into 5D, dear. Also, all very good about energy and other human problems. We are all well aware of this. I understand your yerning and impatience to transition into 5D. However, I’m sure your spiritual guru might have told you that impatience and spirtiuality are incompatible as the Law of Attraction will create more of what you dislike or what you are trying to deny. You dislike/deny 3D – and that’s what you will get more and more of, with all 3D problems to boot, until you learn how to love and make peace with it.

      This concerns not just you, but the entire human race. Denying 3D – the highly manifested physical Earthly world into which you and all of us chose to incarnate for a very good reason, only serves to exacerbate the many problems we are experiencing in 3D. Without learning the basics in grade school you can’t move on to college.

      At this point in development humans need to first learn how to live and operate well in 3D. Unfortunately, they have no idea how, to this day. Too many blind are leading masses of other blind.

      This is why there are presently so many multidimentional beings who have chosen to incarnate as humans, trying to guide humanity to the right path within 3D. The issue right now isn’t how to make a leap, however much we would wish that. That is premature and won’t work – it’ll only get worse. In the past, humans had already tried to make that premature leap, and it backfired terribly. The issue now is whether humanity will be able to continue at all, or whether the accumulated karma is too heavy. Humans are unwilling to deal with the karma they had accumulated, which is a must if they want to move on. The above topics are the subject of my book The Earth Shifter: http://www.amazon.com/Earth-Shifter-Lada-Ray-ebook/dp/B00AVB0GVG/ref=tmm_kin_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&sr=&qid=

      Humans at large prefer to close their eyes to truth and reality, and that is a sure way to get stuck. For this reason, telling the truth, uncovering the hidden nuggets of it, exposing the dirty underbelly of the world is so paramount. More and more humans are willing to look the truth in the eye, to expand their minds and open their souls – and this IS the real first step to the shift of human consciousness, after which the leap is possible.

      You may consider joining us 🙂


  8. Приветствую Вас, Лада! Спасибо Вам за этот пост. Уверена, что сработала агентура CIA, имеющаяся в России. Внутри страны идет жестокая, скрытая и явная война между сторонниками курса за независимость России (курс Путина) от мировой закулисы и банкстеров, за сохранение целостности России и прикормленной международным капиталом публикой в среде правительства, парламента и олигархата России. Наглая, преступная и безнаказная политика англосаксов и их евровассалов и их откровенная борьба за мировые ресурсы и рынки сбыта взорвала Украину и сделала ее официоз врагами русских и России. Ничего не происходит в этом мире случайно и последний инцидент в московском аэропорту – звено в цепи преступлений США, ЕС, Лондона и Израиля, совершаемых в мире под лицимерные вопли о борьбе за демократию и права человека!

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  9. Response to Lada Ray 10/23, 2014 at 5:54pm;

    Without reading a single word of your book or in the company of any spiritual leader/guru I agree with what you are saying. In fact your response created a ripple to touch that which needed to heal because this is our collective intent. My message, as yours, is not right or wrong but an opportunity to reflect who we are in the moment of witnessing our words….this of course you already know.

    Impatience, if it is witnessed, is that which we are in charge of personally releasing. I’m working on it through forgiveness. Thanks for reminding me of my opportunity to release this energy.

    We are doing exactly what we should be doing to understand who we are.

    Warm Embrace fellow traveler, Nyceim.

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