BRAGGING TIME AND THOUGHTS: My Predictions Coming True…again. France Admits Putin Is Winning, EU “Blinked”

Many thanks to reader and FT friend Gary . Gary says: “here is a link to sensational remarks by the French ambassador to the US basically throwing in the towel in the war against Russia. He frankly says that Russia has won, game over. This guy is one of the elites in Europe. This is also music to my ears. I love to see these psychopaths and sociopaths in agony.”

Lada says: For those who’ve asked… If you want to see a typical NWO member, look no further – Gerard Araud is it.

Quote from

“While the analogy of Vladimir Putin playing geopolitical chess (while the rest of the world plays checkers) has been a popular one, the French ambassador Gerard Araud has a different – somewhat stunningly honest  – perspective: Putin “is more a poker player really, putting all the money on the table; saying, ‘Do the same’ and of course we blink. We don’t do the same.” As Bloomberg reports, Araud goes on to express entirely un-Juncker-like, how Putin has outmaneuvered his opponents and humiliated Ukraine. Simply put, he adds, the Russian president “has won because we were not ready to die for Ukraine, while apparently he was,” leaving the ominous question, “when is Putin going to stop? Whatever we decide is a disaster for us.”



Chess, poker… sure, why not. It’s all appropriate. But if you want to use the poker parallel, then I can assure you that Putin NEVER put ALL his money on the table – and this is precisely why EU and US blinked. I can assure you, Russia has much more up her sleeve and many more moves the West will never see coming.

Shouldn’t have attacked Russia in her own backyard. Never a good idea – please check your history.

Apparently, they never got a memo from their mommy that Russia’s karmic role is TO STOP any aggression and abuse of world power. No, they wouldn’t know. But you, dear readers, can read all about that in my PREDICTIONS!

Russia today may be smaller than the USSR or the Russian Empire, but it is more stable both politically and economically. Russia and Putin also have more moral and popular support internally and globally than any country or political figure at any time in history. People sense that this is the time of the great shift and that Russia is the one to lead that shift. Meanwhile US support is practically gone; the only remedy remaining is coercion, threats and brute force. This is all part of the natural cycle.

As calculated by the Russian economists, Russia’s ability to withstand sanctions and economic downturn is 10 times the EU and USA’s ability for the same. Russian military shield, after the disastrous ’90s, is now back to optimal. Russia isn’t advertizing some of the most advanced defence and offence weapons she has, weapons that can incapacitate entire US fleet or any rocket directed at Russia. The only thing that can stop those who live to create chaos around the world to suit their private agenda or to enrich themselves at others’ expense is a threat that they will suffer more if they do, whether it is financially/economically or militarily. Russia has succeeded in convincing EU/US in both. I want to emphasize that Russia and Putin succeeded in all this with relatively little blood and loss, and seemingly casually. See below for my predictions on this!

And by the way ‘the willingness to die for Ukraine’ wasn’t a bluff as I was trying to convey many times through my articles. But this is something these stuck-up neocon idiots would never understand… It was US/EU/Kiev junta that stupidly tried, and are still trying, to bluff, which is so obvious for those in the know.

My readers will recall that ever since my first articles and interview about Ukraine back in February/March 2014, I had made important predictions that are coming true one by one:

1. I predicted that US/EU have already lost but they don’t know it yet. Check!

2. I predicted that Russia would NOT send troops to Ukraine, but will remold the situation slowly in her favor ‘by using all quiet and peaceful means at her disposal.’ Check! (Please recall how many ‘experts’ and ‘clairvoyants’ of all sorts had been saying again and again that Russia is about to send troops to Ukraine – some still do! I was the ONLY one who said firmly from the very beginning that it would never happen!)

3. I predicted that this whole decade and beyond is the time of Russia and there is only one outcome possible: Russia becoming more influential and the Western neocon NWO gradually losing ground. Ongoing check after check… but I can assure you, this is only the beginning.

4. I predicted that between 2016 and 2018 Ukraine will be ruled by completely different people and it will become a part of the Customs/Eurasian Union with Russia. This is still to come, but when it does happen – THAT will be the final checkmate! Well, a least as far as the Ukraine geopolitical ground zero goes…

For these predictions and much more see PREDICTIONS by Lada Ray (this page also contains links to some relevant articles you may want to explore). Also read my first articles from February/March/April, etc., for much more about my predictions and analysis. These you can find under categories Russia and Ukraine.


I plan to reorganize the PREDICTIONS page. Eventually, it will be expanded to include all my global predictions for this decade and beyond, and it will become either a separate EARTH SHIFT REPORT or a book. Stay tuned!

The long-awaited Earth Shift Report 1: THE PUTIN ENIGMA is coming in mid-November. All news and links will be posted on the EARTH SHIFT REPORT page.

Also, now coming very soon: FREE ES Report: The Roots of Russophobia in Ukraine and How to Cure it. Release is projected for next week! Stay tuned!

If you haven’t yet, do check out the very popular Earth Shift Special Report: IS PUTIN PART OF NWO?

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  1. Good for you Lada!!! 😉 Great article, to remind us again how things will unfold! Can’t wait to see more of this happening! Great speech VP delivered the other day in Sochi!! 😉

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  2. Lada, I love that, in your analysis and predictions, you bring in the spiritual and karmic element which brings depth and wholeness. You can’t explain the greatness and humanity of Russia just by a secular understanding alone. There’s just something about Russia that can only be explained by their, for lack of a better term, spiritual mission or as you ably say their karmic role in the world. It really does seem that Russia is abiding by universal laws and it is their role to make sure that humanity goes to the next level. Even in the depths of that horrible decade in the 1990’s I told everyone who was interested that Russia will be back and stronger than ever. I just knew by their history that they always make a comeback. You just can’t keep the Russians down for long. The difference between now and the Yeltsin/Gaidar years is really breathtaking. Russia will drag the west kicking, screaming, clawing, and violently flaying its arms in all directions like an insane psychotic mental patient into a more humane international order along with the rest of the world. The west causing all this mayhem, violence and chaos is a last gasp of a dying world outlook and is a sign of their pending doom. This is not hope but logic.

    By the way we should all pray and meditate for the health of that world famous, extreme mother-of-all Russia haters Zbig Brezinski. May he live a life just long enough to see the final triumph of Russia in creating a very powerful Eurasian civilization.

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  3. Lada, m’love: All your postings so richly enjoyed. I would add a couple of my own observations. 1) In ginning up the phony cold war, it was forever recited that KGB was included in Putin’s resume. Mention of this has gone somewhatly underground..perhaps because the CIA dark projects are twice as threatening as attempts to paint a genuine statesman as Darth Vader. But I have always maintained that Putin knows enough about Obama, Jarrett, the sinister guv behind the increasingly sinister guv to put them all away pronto. 2) Besides far ahead of the U.S. in parapsychology studies as legit science, the Russians likely did more with Tesla. I have it on good authority that when Tesla died uncelebrated in the U.S, the Russians found many of his documents in Belgrade and took them seriously. 3) I also heard from a salty sea captain that whilst U.S. was building hedge funds, real estate transactions for the next bubble burst, Putin was building and deploying numerous ice cutters in the arctic circle for mineral, “noble” gas and other possible resources. Just a few more brags to add to the bunch, and meant as give credit where credit applies. Ditto up with the BRIC bank…best wishes, Clare T..

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  4. Patrick Brenner

    I think you are right on target. And, as I mentioned, if you read the latest from Calleman you will clearly know WHY this is happening now….he REALLY understands the Mayan Calendar…..and all this is predictable during the final wave (on-going) No the world didn’t end in 2012….or OCT 28 2011,,,,,,,but it IS the rush of the final wave and Calleman’s latest book makes clear why say Russia is the pivotal country…..the dots are NOT hard to put together at this point folks………No I don’t get paid to post pro Calleman stuff he just is correct as is this blogger…..

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  5. I have no idea why so many people underestimate the resilience of Russia and her people.

    And President Vladimir Putin’s speech at Valdai was right on point! Every word he spoke about America is true and America is “sitting on the branch that it is sawing off.” I had to smile at that one because Mr. Putin does indeed have a sense of humor and he is not afraid of the world’s bully called America. Would that the rest of the world would follow suit. That would put an end to this bully’s reign of terror. And all nations should have the ability to defend it self against said bully. That is why America is tearing up the world and making claims that hardly any other country or sovereign nation can act responsibly with nuclear weapons when we use ours to dominate and bully the world and if all other countries had our arsenal, the U.S. would dare not ‘bully’ the world since other countries could shove back in kind. Well, President Putin will not stand for his country to be dominated by this schoolyard bully and I am very glad for it!

    May Russia continue to prosper and shine a light on how defying the world’s so-called ‘superpower’ with its sanctions on Russia need not be the end of the world!

    Thank you for posting this Lada Ray!

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  6. Hi Lada,

    I’ve got to share this with you have been on my mind all day. First of all the national anthem of Russia is the most beautiful I think.. I get shivers down my spine when hearing it.

    This song is also awesome from the movie Hunt for Red October based on Tom Clancy’s book..

    Saluta Tsar…. !! I don’t know what they are singing but I get that it’s a tribute to the Tsar among other things maybe you can clarify.. 😉

    Hugs Oliver

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    • Hi Oliver, this is not a Russian music. This track, I believe, was created by Hollywood for this movie. They did a pretty good immitation of the Russian style. For the most part they are singing about the memory of the ancestors and following in their footsteps. It’s sung with an accent, not by Russians.
      This track is available, together with lots of others on my page See it under video ‘1 hour of Soviet music by the Red Army choir.’

      This is the Russian anthem someone posted on YT. The vid is very good, but since it was a man posting this, he included mainly males, disregarding the many famous and noteworthy women of Russia. Still, it’s pretty good, and has English subs + a list of those persons mentioned in the vid.

      Also, here is the Russian anthem by the Russian choir

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  7. Lada, after sitting in Putin’s energy for a week while researching and writing up his esoteric astrological natal chart, I wholeheartedly agree with you that Putin will not resort to military action in any country. Also, I have never heard a world leader say in a speech that he is telling it like he sees it and will be glad if he can be proven wrong, as he did at Valdai!

    I am sorry that the NWO is so in control over the United States that Americans who know better are naturally lumped in with all the nefarious activities of the NWO. Oh, that these folks would be arrested and removed from power! I know that much behind the scenes work is being done for the good; but it seems to be taking forever.

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    • I agree that it seems to be taking forever. Humans are too slow to release the many lies they had been fed, which means they cannot percieve the truth, thus not being able to move forward. Also see my response to Elza below.

      Big hugs 🙂

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  8. Lada, great article as always! I am still worried about Russia as there are so many powerful people who want to destroy it, especially inside the country. I am praying that truth, dignity and good will prevail, and all her enemies will be punished.
    Lately, I have been more and more concerned with the situation in the west. I absolutely despise the governments but I worry about the people. There’s a lot written on what those governments want to do with their own people, and it is scary. I am praying for europeans and north americans too. What is your opinion/prediction? Will there be peace and prosperity in the west?

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    • Dear Elza, we are going through a time of a massive global Shift, or revolution, if you will. It is a very worrying situation and I am fully with you. We are not out of the danger zone yet.
      I am preparing several Earth Shift Reports to come out one by one in the course of the next several months, in which I will talk about all this. Many people have asked me for predictions for specific countries and the West in general.
      Unfortunately, simple people often fall prey to those who concentrate too much power in their hands. The best antidote to propaganda is the knowledge of the truth. Presently in the West people are still hanging on to too many lies they have been fed since childhood. This is a perfect breeding ground for more lies. Consequently, until humans themselves choose to release these lies and let the truth in, they will continue seeing the world in a warped way, and they will continue being manipulated by their elites. While they see the warped picture of the world, they won’t be able to create a better future for themselves. So the first order of business is for people to start perceiving the truth, which, as most of my readers are reporting, isn’t happening in the US and EU.
      If I, and a few others like me, are trying to talk about the truth, and as I see, too few people are liking, tweeting, sharing and supporting my attempts, then I have to assume very few are ready to see the world through clear eyes.

      I promise I’ll talk more about this, and about my prognosis, in the coming months.

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    • Let me clarify what I said in the first reply: I am not pessimistic about what’s going on. I am an optimist by nature. However, as I agreed with Nancy above, the awakening is too slow. I will see that the awakening is really happening – and I will be happy to tell you that this is the case – when I see my popularity skyrocket. Not because I need it, but because THIS will be the barometer of change.

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  9. Elza and Lada Ray, there are people like me in America who are trying to spread the truth. My way is a bit unorthodox because I have a ‘potty mouth’ but most of my viewers are American and I have not minced my words with regards to what America is doing to the world and how America’s corrupt politicians and warmonger friends are attempting to drag Russia down by way of sanctions because Russia will not kowtow to America’s demands like other countries do. It is a shame and a disgrace what America is attempting to perpetrate on Russia, accusing President Putin of escalating the tensions in Ukraine when if people will only stop believing the lies and propaganda of the mainstream media of Western interests and dig for information for themselves, they would find out the truth.

    So, please know, that many of us in America are trying to get the clueless and distracted Americans to open their eyes, clue themselves in and put down their objects of distraction and realize what their government is doing and how wrong it is. We fight an uphill battle but we have to and hopefully, it will pay off and sooner rather than later. We will continue trying, believe me.

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  10. In case any of your readers are not familiar with David Wilcock, his most recent article is very hopeful. He and Benjamin Fulford did a TV show in Russia within the last 2 yrs.

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    • Been a fan of David Wilcock since he first came online thru “Project Camelot”!
      Luckily many other people out there in the US are also trying to get the truth out! 🙂

      This might be nice to listen to and it will be updated thru this guys channel on YT every week he says:

      David Wilcock 2014, October : The Disclosure War:

      Let’s all be as positive as we can be under these circumstances, change WILL come!!

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  11. To blink only having ‘one eye’ as a ‘mono’-poly is fatal, control missing momentary. A multipolar system having many eyes can do so, since some of many eyes are open while others are blinking. Putin have not been winning, he has only act with his eyes.

    The Cabal think it’s a game and even do not know they are mistaken. They are blind. In a way, The Cabal is a tragedy. Maybe more than that, since nobody will miss them later.
    In some way they are not aware of their destiny and disappear in nowhere.

    To you Lada and your readers: Patience is a virtue
    Let med add, that this only works, if you know what to wait fore. Just to have patience alone gives no meaning. Patience work by intuition, and is intuition disabled, patience have no interest.
    If it’s working, you know that the rigth moment comes, but not exactly when. The thing is predictive.

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    • Patience isn’t a virtue or vice – it’s just one of the many tools given to us in the 3D world to cope and keep our perspective. In the 3D existence, both patience and impatience have equal value depending on one’s perspective at any given moment. The opposites have to constantly struggle and balance each other out in 3D.
      The ultimate goal of 3D is to manifest. If we only had patience and no opposite emotion, we would still be swinging from the trees and living in caves, figuratively speaking. No sientific discoveries, no progress, no art or any creative manifestation, no childbirth, would have been happening…
      And I would have never started this blog either.

      All tools given to us to live and prosper in 3D have to be used appropriately. No need to malign some tools and worship others. They have equal value. THE GOAL HUMANS HAVE NOT ACCOMPLISHED YET IS TO USE ALL THEIR TOOLS APPROPRATELY AND CONCSIOUSLY. Then there will be no surprises and life can be lived consciously.
      When I say I am impatient about something happening sooner, what I personally do, I ignite the energy of change. I announce to the universe that I am ready for more popularity, achievement, higher perspective, etc. Thus I co-create my future.
      Of course this is predictable.
      I hope you get my drift. 😉

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  12. TY Lada for your clarification,

    It still feels very very nice hearing Russians both females and males sing despite the Hollywood production. You should know that Hollywood is one of the best whistleblower features we have providing us with tons of information i.e. AVATAR, John Carter, Iron Man, Captain America, Cloud Atlas etc etc etc..

    Concerning the wake up being to slow I don’t share your perspective since it goes so fast it’s hard to keep up the ramp up of hoaxes is a great sign of this.

    We are 7 billion people with individual journeys and experiences to simply think that everybody is here to “wake up” simultaneously is not how I see it.

    There will be people living in denial no matter how much proof you throw at them however the conscious wake up is speeding up by the day and for most part it starts with questioning what we are doing to our selves cause we all have mothers, children and fathers etc..

    As I see it people at the so called fore front have one major task and that is to be prepared cause as the conscious raises we need to be there for our family and friends when the cascade of questions comes along answering calmly without judgement.

    This holographic experiment is ending and “they” know thus the desperation there are tons of reasons why we are here at this moment of NOW… nothing is by accident.

    Bless you guys.. and hang in there we are getting there..

    We are the ones we’ve been waiting for

    Hugs Oliver

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  13. Thank you for the answer about impatience.

    I have another vital question, that you maybe prefer to write/explain about in a separate article. Are Russian culture associated with Scandinavian culture?
    All Scandinavians originate from Finland.
    Now I read that Russians are slavs on this link
    #a small Slavic state was organized in 820 A.D. on the south shore of the Gulf of Finland where it flows into the Baltic Sea. This small state was organized by a small group of Varangians from the Scandinavian peninsula on the opposite shore of the Baltic Sea. The native population of this newly formed state consisted of nomad Slavs who had made their home in this area from earliest recorded history.#

    Has this relation effect in today situation?

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  14. Lada, I found this report by Benjamin Fulford to be very hopeful, even while describing some of the cabal’s activities. I added a NOTE to help people distinguish between the cabal and the White Hats, which is very hard to do in America. I am convinced Divine Order Is Unfolding for Planet Earth!


  15. akismet-20dfd7aa5414ae67c520dd2e9ace8e54

    Hello Lada, awesome post as usual :-).


  16. Lada, thank you for your reply! 🙂 Looking forward to your Earth Shift Reports!


  17. My apologies Lada, if this is not the right place to put this link. Nevertheless I hope you’ll appreciate it


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