I call Ukraine today the Geopolitical Ground Zero. For better or for worse, it has become the fault line between the old and the new, the West and the East. Much is being decided today in Ukraine. This is why the story of Ukraine and its lessons, constitute an important read for everyone who wants to understand where we came from, where we are, and where we are going!

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(How the falsified history of Ukraine was developed and what lessons it teaches us)

Ukraine and Novorossia Elections

As a start, I will summarize some of the latest news and whispers from Ukraine.

The Rada elections in Kiev were largely predictable. Intercepted US State Dept emails from as early as 2006 called Poroshenko ‘our man in Kiev.’ Poroshenko, who has been now appointed president of Ukraine by his Washington handlers, expected a win in these Rada elections. However, his block finished a close second to Yatsenyuk’s – just over 20% each. The two rival parties cannot be distinguished even with a magnifying glass. Obviously, their Washington handlers want to keep both Poroshenko and Yatsenyuk’s egos in check by balancing them out against each other. The good old divide and conquer…

The relatively low showing of the openly nazi parties was due to two factors: the people are sick and tired of their violence and Ukraine has been told by their EU and US handlers to tone down that violence as much as possible because it makes their masters look bad. Still, the field commanders and nazi leaders, who can shoot and torture, but not think, will be in the Rada. Get ready for lots of loud bangs.

The surprise of the elections was the nearly 10% gained by what is considered pro-Russian Opposition Block, the remnant of the Party of the Regions and other forces squeezed and burned out of the country. The hastily organized Opposition Block is widely thought to be a project of the oligarch Levochkin. Therefore, this is still a fight between oligarchs for power. However, there are some semi-decent politicians in this block, who refuse to give up and intend to continue defending the rights of the Russian-speaking majority in Ukraine which are being brutally suppressed. These are nevertheless mostly business people with their own interests (or representing the interests of corresponding oligarch), so I wouldn’t be too hopeful about them. Ironically, the Opposition Block deputies are also the only ones who have any hope of keeping Ukraine together. Every time the population of Ukraine sees the rest of these ‘deputies’ fighting in the Rada, they will be reminded how pointless it is to try to reason with violent thugs, thus convincing the majority to secede.

Ukro-nazis already threatened the Opposition Block politicians not to show their faces in the Rada, or else. Considering these 10% are the only remaining politicians with some knowledge and experience of governing, without them Ukraine’s collapse would be expedited even further.

About 1/3 of the new Rada deputies are on oligarch Kolomoysky’s payroll. This one rules his vassals sitting in Dnepropetrovsk as his fiefdom, while attempting to create an alternative, oligarch-ruled version of Novorossia.

The official number for the country-wide election turnout is 52%, which observers feel is a falsification. Some observers and journalists were told to leave right before the voting ballots would be counted. When they returned, the see-through voting urns – almost empty before – would magically feel up with ballots.

Anna News reports: The simple people on the Ukraine territory are scared to talk for fear of SBU knocking on their door and dragging them off to jail, or for fear of being kidnapped and beaten by nazi thugs roaming cities and towns. Anna News interviews simple people from Ukraine about how they feel, how they live, etc. Many started refusing such interviews for fear of prosecution. From Kherson on the Black Sea the locals report that people were completely apathetic during elections and most decided not to vote, the turnout was extremely low.

Ukro-nazi justice: Several days ago people in many countries commemorated 6 months since the brutal burning of 42 people alive in Odessa. The city people feel extremely intimidated and scared after that event. Meanwhile, Kiev authorities celebrated the gruesome date by announcing a criminal case against Odessa police for letting go of the activists of the anti-maidan arrested after the ukro-nazis attacked them and burned to death their friends on Kulikovo Polie on May 2. Note, no attackers were arrested that day. No criminal investigation to determine and bring to justice the attackers was ever initiated. All these nazi thugs are still walking free, inflcting pain and thorough on others elsewhere in Ukraine. Meanwhile, those who were victims of the attack were arrested, but later let go after the large crowd of locals demanded their release. Now, Kiev is trying to prosecute those officers who let the victims go.

Officially Odessa had the lowest election turnout in Ukraine after Lugansk and Donetsk. Since we know Lugansk and Donetsk didn’t really vote, it’s safe to assume that Odessa’s real turnout was close to zero.

One brave granny from Odessa’s neighboring Nikolaev, who isn’t afraid of prosecution, said that at most 10% of the Nikolaev people voted in these Rada elections, out of these 75% voted for the Opposition Block. She says that the city has been infiltrated with violent western Ukraine nazis and bosses appointed by Kiev. However, there is a silent resistance that is waiting for the opportune moment to strike back. People are still disappearing. Unemployment is universal. There is no heat or hot water despite cold.

People from various areas of Ukraine report the same: waiting when the junta weakens sufficiently so they could take their power back. The longer this lasts (as I predicted) the more people get disgusted and ready to change the present regime.

There is more and more talk everywhere about changing the name of the new country to Novorossia. Novorossia means New Russia. The South and East don’t want anything to do with Ukraine any more – read more below to see where the name ‘Ukraine’ originated from. That will give you a good idea why people don’t want to keep it as a name for the country that will emerge out of the remnants of today’s incongruent conglomeration. The whispers about Novorossia include South, East, Kiev, all of central and northern Ukraine. The idea is to have a country without oligarchs that are presently strangling the failed Ukraine project. However, most agree that Western Ukraine, particularly Lvov and Galichina, where most ukro-nazis are from, is to be excluded from Novorossia.

Meanwhile in Donbass, the nucleus of the future Novorossia: The elections of November 2nd had a record turnout of over 70% on average. From the live streams and eye-witness footage of the DNR and LNR elections it’s clear that people were very passionate about voting. Despite cold and a threat of bombings, many stood in line for hours and hours to cast their vote. The see-through ballot urns were visibly full everywhere. The result again was predictable as the acting heads of both Donetsk and Lugansk governments received the majority of votes. Citizens interviewed while standing in lines to vote were saying how important these elections were for them and that they were voting to be with Russia. This info from Anna News.

The next steps are preparations for the winter and building the new administrative and government structures corresponding with the idea of the ‘people’s republics.’ Both DNR and LNR are now oligarch free. They are still working on redirecting inward their cash flow, taxes and income. These elections legitimize the heads of state, giving them a mandate to act more resolutely.

International observers present in Novorossia elections came from Hungary, Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia, France, Italy, Germany, Abkhazia, Russia and USA. They unanimously announced that elections were transparent, well-organized and democratic. Kiev immediately announced that each observer is now persona non grata in Ukraine. The Greek observers retorted they weren’t interested in visiting Ukraine for as long as it’s fascist. All those who participated/voted in the elections have been labeled terrorists by Kiev (that’s one and a half million terrorists).

The fifth Russian humanitarian convoy consisting of 100 trucks arrived to Donetsk and Lugansk. The West and Kiev immediately called it yet another Russian invasion and labeled diapers, flour, canned baby food and reconstruction materials the military cargo.

Rosenergo sent specialists to repair the badly damaged power lines. Both cities have restored 50% of their power with the help of the Russian specialists. Power also means heat. Since Donbass is sitting on all the coal in the world, at least they definitely won’t freeze in the winter, unlike Ukraine. DNR and LNR announced that they would be willing to sell their coal to Ukraine, should Kiev ask. However, Ukraine is proudly keeping silence preferring to freeze to death.

The Rabid Russophobia in Ukraine

When we talk about the situation in Ukraine today, it’s hard not to notice the exceptionally rabid Russophobia that permeates every pore of Ukraine’s existence. I grew up in Odessa, which still is a part of the artificial state of Ukraine. I went to school with kids from extremely diverse backgrounds. I studied Ukrainian since second grade. My mother was Ukrainian. I traveled all over Ukraine, all over the former USSR and all over the world. I am someone who has repeatedly accurately predicted major global events and developments… I have never seen anything like this, and could never imagine something like this happening in Ukraine.

When I say I’ve never seen anything like this I mean the turnaround that Ukraine has experienced since 1990, when I said goodbye to those parts forever. Sure, in certain parts of the world, for example in the Middle East, the West is ardently hated. But such hatred is based on centuries of Western aggression. It was no different in the 20th or 12th century (recall the Crusades). Yes, there is a pathological hatred of Russia in the West (excluding the sane parts of Western society). But the story hasn’t changed whether you look at the 20th, 19th, 18th, 17th, or earlier centuries.

What is artificially called Ukraine, and what was called historically Malorossia and Novorossia, before that Kievskaya Rus and Galitskaya Rus, is a completely different story. It is the same culture and people as Russia, who speak the same Russian language – granted, with some variations. There are cultures so much more different from the core Russian culture that nevertheless feel absolutely at home in Russia, considering the Russian culture their own.

Moreover, a Gallop poll conducted in 2008 on the post-Soviet space concluded that 5/6th of the residents of Ukraine consider Russian their main native language. Source: Anatoly Vasserman.

Therefore, it is absolutely impossible to explain what is happening in Ukraine from the cultural difference standpoint. The explanation is found elsewhere.

Clearly, should a complete freedom of expression and equal status with Ukrainian be given to Russian, very soon Ukraine would stop needing to be independent as the same culture and language will draw people from Russia and Ukraine together. This is exactly what those who want to divide and conquer, who want to assert their local power, cannot allow. To preserve the sovereignty of Ukraine’s power hungry elites and various imperial and global ambitions of NWO elites, it is necessary to discriminate against the rights of the majority of the population, it is necessary to prevent the population from speaking and thinking in their native language. Hence forced ukrainization and other ugly things I will talk about below.

I have been following Ukraine very closely ever since the maidan started in the end of 2013, and I have noticed a very interesting metamorphosis. If in the beginning of 2014 all Ukraine politicians, including Yanukovich and Poroshenko, absolutely always spoke Ukrainian in public to emphasize their ‘ukraine-ness,’ presently, Ukraine politicians, including rabid Russophobes, ukro-nazis and Poroshenko himself, speak Russian all the time during press conferences and Rada meetings. Of course, they also always spoke Russian in private because this is a much more natural language for them to speak. There are two reasons for that: 1. After threatening to nuke all the Russians, and after the massive exodus out of Ukraine, they are now trying to pacify the Russian-speaking majority in the country that it’s safe to stay. 2. This is also a bid for votes.

The rhetoric has changed like this: “we are not against Russian language or the Russian-speakers, we are against the big, threatening Russia that used to give us free gas and now is refusing to do so; we are against the mean Russia that used to subsidize our economy since Soviet times, and now is refusing to do so. Please, feel free to speak Russian anywhere you go, no one is going to beat you up or kill you for that any more (they did during and after maidan), but we’ll still ban ALL Russian papers, TV or journalists. They are all terrorists because they dare to tell the truth about what’s really happening in Ukraine.”

Certainly, some of this utter stupidity combined with pathological hatred had been brewing under the surface for a long time. In fact, there have always been two Ukraines: one was this nice and peaceful, sometimes exceedingly naive and sleepy place where I grew up; another – the vicious, the hateful, hiding in the shadows and secretly awaiting its chance to attack. This second place was continuously nourished and fed for centuries by certain forces from the West. The flame of hatred was kept artificially alive so at the right moment it could break through and scorch everything in sight.

The fire could have been much worse and the devastation could have been much bigger, if not for the absolute brilliance and level-headedness of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, and his team.

 Post-Soviet Republics and Russia

To understand the background of the Ukrainian situation and its artificial Russophobia, it’s useful to look at other post-Soviet republics.

During Soviet days, the neighboring Moldova was in mint condition due to constant infusions of resources by the Russian Federation – the same thing that happened in Ukraine and other Soviet republics. Brezhnev in particular had a soft spot for Moldova as he worked there at one point. Originally, Brezhnev was from Ukraine, and he heavily invested in Ukraine as well. Russia promoted local cultures, invested and industrialized heavily in ALL 14 Soviet republics, including in large part the Baltics – Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania – who now love to talk about how “Russians oppressed them.”

After the USSR collapse, Russia withdrew from all former republics to deal with her own problems, and as a result most republics quickly became poor and destitute.

Moldova’s elections are coming up and the country is being torn between the EU and Eurasian Union. While the majority of the population wants to be a part of the Eurasian Union, the elites are dragging the country towards EU and towards absorption by Romania. The amount of anti-Russian propaganda in Moldova is mind-boggling as well. In 1990-1992 Moldova went through today’s Ukraine scenario, on a smaller scale. The result was that the richest, most industrialized and productive part of then Moldova, Pridnestrovie, seceded. Presently, other parts of Moldova are threatening to secede, especially Gagauzia and the north. Much more here: LRL2: Explosion Coming! Moldova/Transnistria – Eurasian Union vs EU.

I am preparing a separate Earth Shift Report that will address the Baltics and particularly, Latvia, which just had parliamentary elections. Stay tuned for that.

Incidentally, neither Latvia nor Estonia ever existed as separate states. These were territories that passed from Germany and Sweden to Russia as a purchase or based on a peace treaty. I could go much deeper in history, but suffice it to say that it was Lenin, who for the first time gave Latvia and Estonia a status of an independent ‘state.’ These ‘states’ only exist thanks to Lenin’s decree. Others, such as Ukraine, only existed as ‘Soviet Socialist Republics’ in the context of the Soviet Union. Lenin was the ‘founding father’ of their respective nations. It’s interesting that instead of adoring Lenin, all these ‘independent and democratic nations’ hate him pretty viciously and destroy his monuments. Just shows the level of reasons and lucidity of these people.

Out of 14 republics (excluding the Russian Federation), only Belarus, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan managed to preserve their Soviet-built enterprises and make them pay in the new era. Belarus also managed to build on them, creating the so-called ‘Belorussian miracle.’  Belarus succeeded because of the cosy relationship with Russia, therefore getting gas at heavily discounted price which makes its exports very competitive. The latter three – due to their own huge reserves of oil and gas, discovered and industrialized by Russia.

Another place that managed to preserve the Soviet inheritance is the break-away republic of Pridnestrovie (formerly part of Moldova) – but without any oil or gas.

The rest squandered their Soviet inheritance to various degree. However, like spoiled brats, some of them blamed Russia for their own mistakes and thievery. The spoiled brats in this case are Georgia, Moldova, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Ukraine. These are all former republics that look to the West. When the USSR fell apart they lost Russia as that ‘parent’ that took care of them, oftentimes spoiling them by giving them more than leaving for herself. Now brats want to latch onto the next ‘surrogate parent’ – EU. The goal is to take, giving little in return. However, the West doesn’t work that way. They won’t give anything for free, in fact they like to take more than they give. Meanwhile, Russia also learned her lesson and doesn’t want to squander her resources for nothing any more.

Thus, the countries that are used to latching on to someone stronger are left in the cold. This breeds irrational hatred that can be maliciously manipulated.

Here is a crucial point to understand about Russia! Unlike the Western empires, such as UK, US, Spain and France, who looted and drained resources of those countries they conquered, Russia drained herself to give to her satellites. Such imbalance had to end badly: on Russia’s side, due to the resentment of the core Russian population; on the side of the republics, due to their sense of absolute entitlement.

As a result, in the 1990s – 2000s, a very strange situation developed, when Russia still supplied Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Ukraine and Moldova with gas based on the heavily subsidized Soviet-entitlement-style prices, and in return, Russia got bashing, backstabbing and direct provocations from said republics. At the very same time, large parts, if not most populations of these republics spoke Russian and lived off Russian tourism and banking. A great example of this is the Baltics: Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia. The same three Baltic republics, plus Moldova, Ukraine and Georgia, while displaying animosity and openly threatening Russia with NATO expansion, happily continued exporting massive amounts of their products to Russia. This ended recently when Russia adopted a new import policy and embargo.

Subsidizing all these republics was all fine and good while USSR was doing well, but since it took away the resources from Russia proper and gave them disproportionately to the periphery, discontent grew in Russia when the USSR started collapsing. This generated a desire to be separate from the former ethnic republics in Russia proper, which didn’t help with the general relationship with said republics. Russia eventually recovered and started doing on average better than during Soviet times, thus proving that Russian resources had been indeed drained by the periphery subsidies.

But at the same time that Russia withdrew from the republics, US advisors, Soros, NGOs and NWO neocon/neoliberal influences moved in. Presently, we are observing the disastrous results of Russia’s withdrawal from the geopolitically important territories.

However, eventually the pull of Russia, affinity with her culture and worldview, combined with the economic benefits of working in Russia, proved to be so enormous that before long, massive numbers of immigrants from former Soviet republics flooded Russian cities and countryside.

The ignorant president of the USA, Obama, in a speech designed to calm down the Baltics (Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania), recently stated that Russia is so bad that no one wants to live there.

In reality, Russia is #2 country in the world for immigration after USA. At this rate, it will become #1 pretty soon. Massive numbers of residents of various post-Soviet republics work in Russia as guest workers. This especially concerns Ukraine (5.5mln Ukrainians out of arguably 39 million population: 45mln minus 2mln in Crimea and 4 mln in DNR and LNR) and Moldova (700,000+ out of 3.6 mln population). Kyrgyzstan and Armenia numbers are even higher as 1/2 of the population or more work in Russia. Large numbers immigrate from Georgia, Korea, and Central Asia. There are over 3 million Chinese immigrants in Russia. There is growing immigration from the West as well.

Meanwhile, up to 1/2 of the population of the Baltics immigrated to the West. Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania are empty.

 Western Propaganda in Ukraine

The Western style propaganda war was unleashed in the oligarch and Western NGO controlled Ukrainian media throughout the 1990s and 2000s. It has culminated between 2004 Orange Revolution and now. Soros-sponsored history books rewrote the entire history of Ukraine to prove that Ukrainians were completely separate from Russians. Western-trained journalists and Western-sponsored newspapers and TV have been promoting “western values’ and bashing anything Russian for over 20 years.

Most journalists from Ukraine and other post-Soviet countries were trained in Poland. Poland acted, and still does, as the massive training camp for anti-Russian media, opposition politicians and color revolutionary training (meaning how to throw Molotov cocktails more effectively and how to set buildings on fire). Trainers in these training seminars and camps are almost exclusively American, Canadian or British. Russian TV did some stories on these secret seminars held oftentimes in an inconspicuous Polish neighborhood. They obtained the lists of instructors with clearly English-sounding names. When they tried to film the inside through the window or glass door, the curtains would be drawn immediately or the door barricaded – all that caught on film.

As some of you may recall, just recently Poland was also implicated in the secret CIA prison and illegal torture scandal. CIA kidnapped people by the thousands and shipped them to the Polish secret prisons, where US torture laws didn’t apply, in violation I might add, of the EU laws.

As a result of this massive subversion of Ukraine, the old spites have been brought out of the woodwork and spun in the media to suit agendas alien to simple Ukrainians. Most of these spites belonged to the western Ukraine nazis, humiliated as a result of their defeat in WWII together with Hitler; others were the old spites of Poland or Lithuania whose past imperial ambitions were defeated more than once by Russia. These irrelevant spites were imposed on the rest of Ukraine.

It is clear that $5 billion Victoria Nuland was bragging about that US spent ‘to subvert Ukraine,’ wasn’t all they spent over the years. They had to pay off the sell-out journalists, fiction history book creators, politicians, and let’s not forget the equipping, training and financing the ukro-nazis from western Ukraine.

The West also had to feed the greediest of them all – Ukraine oligarchs who have been controlling and strangling the poor Ukraine since 1991. Poroshenko – real name Valtsman – is one of them. Valtsman Sr., the father of the Ukraine president, was an underground millionaire and crook from Odessa, who served several years in jail for stealing goods by the trainload during Soviet times. Greed runs in the family.

Incidentally, Ukraine’s president Poroshenko is one of the oligarchs controlling the media. He famously said that he would never sell the Channel 5 he owns. Here is the fact he doesn’t even try to hide: through his Channel 5 he had been influencing the public opinion during the 2004 Orange Revolution and throughout this year’s maidan and subsequent presidential election. So do a handful of other oligarchs controlling the country.

The scale of the lies of the Ukraine media can only be compared to the German Nazi propaganda circa Hitler. Some believe they have gone much further. As much as the Western MSM propaganda is mind-boggling, Ukraine today takes the cake. Russians are constantly accused of invasion, despite the fact that to this day, not a shred of evidence, nor a single picture, footage, or any other conclusive document has been presented. Ukraine MSM routinely lies, showing the Donbass self-defense, consisting of local citizens and volunteers from other countries, including Serbia, France and Spain, and calling it Russian troops. Kiev MSM routinely lies that the Donbass self-defense has shot at local citizens (their own families, in other words) and blew up their own houses. With that, the footage shown would be that of the destruction caused by the Ukraine army shelling. According to the Kiev media, the mass graves found in Donbass occurred because those people killed themselves with their hands tied behind their backs, then neatly dug out graves and buried themselves. Why hasn’t Himmler thought of this! Yeah, I forgot, Himmler was a bit smarter than that.

Meanwhile, Ukraine army openly hired well-paid mercenaries, including those from Poland, Georgia, Romania, Sweden, and other Western countries. Some of these mercenaries bombed innocent civilians in Donbass. Per reports, various US advisors still work by thousands in Ukraine.

Of course we all know the lies associated with MH17 downing.

At the same time, Ukrainians started officially referring to Russians as ‘Moskali’ – derogatory ‘from Moscow.’ By that logic, citizens of Siberia are also from Moscow. This is a direct attempt to incite hatred. This is also done to diminish anyone who is Russian – after all, Moscow is rather small compared to the entire Russian territory.

The word ‘Moskal’ isn’t Ukrainian, but Polish. The role of Poland in this whole disaster in Ukraine is very prominent and is quite a separate story. At one point, when the tribunal will be looking into war crimes in Ukraine, I suspect much ugliness will surface about the extent of Poland’s involvement.

At the same time, the citizens of Donbass are being made look like insects. They call them “coloradi,” as in ‘Colorado beetle’ because the ‘Georgievskaya Lentochka’ – the historic Russian ribbon worn by many as a reminder of the Great Victory in WWII (you’ve probably seen such flags and ribbons) consists of black and orange stripes.

georg lent 1

georg lent 2

Georgievskaya Lentochka commemorating the courage and sacrifice in the Great War (WWII)

This is a deliberate belittling and dehumanizing of the Russian-speakers as part of the massive brainwashing campaign of the Ukrainian population. If they are insects, then it’s fine to kill and bomb them. It’s hard for most humans to kill other humans. But if they are insects, or separatists, or Russian invasion – no problem. I talked about how the divide and conquer strategy worked historically in Forbidden History: Are Scandinavians Slavs? All this is happening in front of our very eyes in Ukraine and other post-Soviet countries. The one difference is that presently the power is shifting rapidly from the West to the East, so the old playbook doesn’t work any more.


In reality, Georgievskaya Lentochka draws on the coloring of the tiger and symbolizes courage, power and discernment. 

This ancient symbol is also a combination of the sun – orange color, and earth – black color. In other words, it’s a unity of the heaven and earth wisdom, thus symbolizing the yin/yang balance.

I have recently listened to the popular radio show by a well-known Russian comedian and film-maker Mikhail Zadornov called “Neformat: The Divided States of America.” Zadornov always had an independent streak and sharp tongue, often criticizing powers that be, including Putin. Even he now supports Putin. That said, he was a close friend of Yeltsin in the early 1990s, and he was at the time, as many others in Russia, pro-Western democracy. He admits he changed his views ever since, which is a mark of a smart man – only fools don’t evolve. Here is a quote from Zadornov: “Don’t malign the Soviet Union, don’t cut off your roots. Those who spit at their past, don’t have a future. By the way, all those who lived during Soviet times now recall it as the best time of their life. Back then, there were many more good, kind people compared to today, when we live under capitalism.”

Incidentally, here is the video in which ukro-nazis are demolishing the largest in the world historic monument to Lenin and beating up people who try to object: The Ugly Mask of Fascism in Ukraine 1: Urge to Destroy, and related, The Ugly Mask of Fascism in Ukraine 2: Letter From a Russian Liberal.

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Only then we can defeat Russia when we make Russians in Ukraine hate Russians in Russia – whatever Western politician said that in the 19th century knew exactly what he was talking about. Think about it! If I heard this quote, so did those in the West whose life’s dream it is to do away with Russia. And as we see from what’s going on in Ukraine, they are acting on it. We live in the information matrix, where those who control the info-stream control the world. The image of Russia as an enemy was created in the past 23 years of ‘independence’ in many of the post-Soviet countries. Of course, in each case they had to draw on legitimate, or in most cases imaginary, historic reasons. Sometimes history was falsified, and sometimes it was turned upside down. The absolutely impossible to believe change that happened to Ukraine in the short 20 years is one of the best illustrations of how history is re-written and falsified just as soon as it happens. However, the roots of Russophobia, going hand in hand with a profoundly close connection of Russia and Ukraine, go much deeper in history.

What are the Roots of the Radical Russophobia in Ukraine?

“You said that Russians didn’t suppress the minorities, and that it was more the other way around. That seems logical, but it also raises the issue with the Ukraine today. Many say the radical Ukrainian sentiment was basically started in the USSR. Much milder than today, of course, but strong enough that it went wild once independence occurred. You might want to go over that in a post at some point. If you keep telling people that Russians are bad, including people in the historically Russian areas of the Ukraine, they will eventually agree.”

This is an excellent question raised by Paul Plane of the Plane Truth show in the comment to my post: Raising Chi Against Hatred: The Suppressed Story of Russian Songs that Unite World Cultures. The Plane Truth/Time Monk Radio are friends of the FuturisTrendcast (see Lada Ray interviews with the Plane Truth here). I addressed parts of this issue in various articles and interviews,  but I do realize how difficult it is for those who grew up in the West to reconcile this with all the lies they had been fed since childhood. In this article I have put together a comprehensive analysis of this important issue. Note, I am just scratching the surface; there are deeper and very fascinating reasons, which concern everyone alive on the planet. I will eventually touch upon those in my future Earth Shift Reports and LadaRayLive shows.

First, let’s start with a few psychological premises and historic truths that may open your eyes  

1. In any culture at all times there will be a certain amount of dissent against central power or against majority – sometimes justified, sometimes based on personal likes, dislikes, disappointments and power-mongering aspirations, whether justified or not. How far this dissent will go depends on factors such as: the strength of central power; support of the population; is there an economic crisis/collapse; and very importantly, are any foreign powers feeding said dissent with money, weapons and subversive propaganda. When above conditions don’t apply, the dissent is negligible or dormant.

2. Humans at large are prone to jealousy for someone more successful than they are. This usually comes from the personal sense of powerlessness, when people feel they aren’t in control of their own life. This applies to both individuals and countries.

3. Humans at large are prone to fear and panic, as well as hatred, born from fear and the above sense of powerlessness.

4. Ukraine had been subjected over the years to all of the above. Ukrainian dissent was dormant during the Soviet years, when Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic was considered second most economically developed republic of the Union, after Russian Federation. This happened because Russia/USSR flooded Ukraine with technology, advanced specialists, industrialization, and simply with money.

5. Apart from the above, Ukrainians do have this interesting quality, particular to them. I did write about that in one of my past  articles, where I pointed out the very well-known Ukrainian saying: “If I can’t eat them all, I’ll bite into each” (sounds like a vampire). In Ukrainian: “Yaksho ne z’im to ponadkusuyu,” meaning, if I can’t have something, no one else will.

See, Russians never had any such saying; quite the opposite – Russians are very generous, oftentimes to a fault. As we know, national sayings aren’t born by accident – they appear and take root based on the long-term observation of the manifest human nature. It seems, Ukrainians had the opportunity to observe the ‘if I can’t have it, no one will’ type of behavior among their brethren quite a bit.

The USSR collapse aftermath

In 1991, Soviet Union fell apart peacefully and quietly, practically on a handshake. Following that, Russians withdrew from everywhere on post-Soviet space to deal with their own collapse and internal problems, leaving at the mercy of the nationalistic, mega-corrupt, and oftentimes openly fascist governments over 25 million ethnic Russians who lived in various post-Soviet republics. In addition to that, another 100+ million people of various ethnic origins, who considered themselves belonging to the Greater Russian culture, were stranded in different corners of the post-Soviet space, now foreigners and illegals in Russia proper, which they considered their greater mother culture. Add to that another few hundred million Russians and pro-Russian all over the world suffering from a massive confusion and withdrawal. This, as Vladimir Putin once said (and I concur), is the greatest humanitarian catastrophe of modern times. The Russian people now constitute the largest EVER divided ethnicity on planet Earth.

The turmoil and confusion in people’s heads was tremendous, and this included not only ethnic Russians – as I said, it also included about 100 million of others on post-Soviet space who, being Ukrainians, Belarus, Georgians, Kazakhs, Uzbeks, Armenians, Abkhazians, Moldavians, Kyrgyzs, Gagauzs, Latvians, Poles, Bulgarians, Jews, also considered themselves Russian. Some people had to go through a lot of hardship, and some developed resentment, feeling they were left in the cold by the country they considered their mother culture. Some moved to Russia as guest workers with very little rights (but making a lot more money than in their native parts), and some chose to emigrate abroad, where salaries were much higher, but life much more boring and alien to them.

However, as Russia started recovering, and the West’s economic conditions began worsening, the cultural re-integration of the Greater Russian culture slowly but surely gained speed. It has been going on for years – through movies, songs, books and art competitions (as depicted in my above-mentioned article) as well as through humor of the traditional game show called KVN. KVN is older than I am; its fans are many and it manages to unite people not only from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and the Baltics, but also from Georgia (just recently a sworn enemy of Russia), UK, Germany and Israel. There are now Africans, Chinese and Koreans playing KVN. I write about some of the above issues in Why US/EU/NWO Can Never Defeat Russia. Also watch: LadaRayLive 2. Explosion Coming! Moldova/Transnistria – Eurasian Union vs EU and read Moldova Explosion Coming 2: Coalition “Moldova’s Choice-Customs Union”.

Russia started recovering from the 1990s knockout AFTER Putin came to power. When Putin first appeared on stage in 1999, he wasn’t taken seriously; in fact, he received threats and pretty humiliating remarks from other political forces. It was at the time when he was looking for support for the upcoming 2000 elections. To clear the way for Putin, Yeltsin stepped down ahead of time, and I recall that moment very clearly. Although I resided in the US, I listened to the nationally televised address by Yeltsin from the Kremlin on December 31, 1999. After traditionally congratulating everyone with the New Year 2000 and with the beginning of the new millennium, Yeltsin publicly apologized for all he had done wrong and asked for the Russian people’s forgiveness. Then he announced he was stepping down.

I wasn’t concerned with geopolitics back than; nor did I care about Yeltsin. But I did care about Russia and her people. I felt immediately that something very important was about to happen. Time has proven that my feeling was correct. The story of who and what was behind Yeltsin stepping down and Putin coming to power is extremely interesting in its own right. I will discuss that in the upcoming Earth Shift Report: The Putin Enigma.

Ukraine Today

When Ukraine became “independent” in 1991, everyone in the West, as well as many inside Ukraine itself, predicted that it would become the beacon of how the newly FREE countries liberated from the Soviet ‘occupation,’ should develop and grow. It was said that Ukraine would be the beacon of democracy and a stellar performer. It was a general Western and Ukrainian consensus that Ukraine would develop and grow much better than Russia. The demise and a full disintegration of Russia was also predicted in the West, and among those Russians who considered themselves smart, Western-oriented intellectuals. I believe some of those who predicted all this were Kissinger, Brzezinski and Albright. From that I make the inevitable conclusion: IT IS BECAUSE USA LISTENS TO ‘ANALYSTS’ LIKE THESE, US POLICIES ALL OVER THE WORLD ARE A COMPLETE FAILURE AND DISASTER. I suggest everyone start listening to the predictions of those who know what they are talking about. Yours truly is a good start. 😉 My predictions can be found here.

Ukraine was juxtaposed to Russia as a great democratic success. Same was said in the 1990/2000s about Georgia, Latvia, Estonia – and look what is happening in these countries now: empty coffers, skyrocketing debt, 1/4-1/2 (and more) of the population are migrant workers in Russia or West as Soviet-built economy has been destroyed. Meanwhile, Russia turned around and continued adjusting, growing and developing.

Ukraine experimented with being “independent” for 23 years. The result is the severely damaged economy, hyper-inflation, currency collapse, civil war, oligarch takeover and takeover by foreign powers. If Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic’s GDP ranked #10 in the world in 1990, independent Ukraine’s GDP ranks #63 in the world as of 2013 (data by Dr. Natalia Vitrenko, former Rada deputy, leader of the Progressive Socialist Party of Ukraine). Note, this GDP was calculated in 2013, before the maidan and Kiev junta managed to destroy the rest of Ukraine’s economy.

If they truly cared for their country instead of their oversized egos and fat offshore bank accounts in payment for their services to NWO elites, they would have taken a good look at what THEY did wrong that caused this disaster. But of course it’s just so much easier to blame Russia.

In the past 23 years the MSM, politics and education were gradually taken over by the West together with the Ukrainian oligarchs with Swiss villas and wealth stored in Western offshores, whose interests coincided with the interests of the West.

Soros-funded history books have been fed to school children. According to this fiction Ukrainians descended from the unknown tribe of the ancient Ukrs – absolutely separate from Russians, and not from the Kievan and Galitskaya Rus. Russia in these books is portrayed as aggressor. In reality Russia saved Ukraine from the invasion and annihilation by Poles and Turks 360 years ago by accepting Ukraine’s plea to admit it into Russia. Ukraine history books portrayed Crimea and Novorossia as part of its territory, completely disregarding the truth – more about that later. In the Ukr history books Jesus Christ, Julius Caesar, as well as Adam and Eve, were all… genuine Ukrainians. It would be funny if it wasn’t that sad.

During the prosperous Soviet days the Ukrainian nationalism and envy were dormant. They woke up and proliferated with a vengeance when the economic collapse hit the country, therefore proving the old American adage that invariably ‘it’s the economy, stupid.’ It is interesting that Ukraine’s ruling class and the majority of the population, especially those nationalist or fascist-inclined, are in a complete and total denial as to what is happening in their country. Again – it’s so much more convenient to blame Russia!

The economy destruction gave birth to political unrest and the super-corrupt and sold-out elites. Such juicy pre-requisites coupled with pretty ignorant and savage population are a boon for the West in order to weaken Russia further. There is no question that Russians were asleep at the wheel geopolitically since 1985, when Gorbachev came to power. Later, Russia had to deal with her own demons… and own super-corrupt politicians and oligarchs. When Russians pretty much pulled out of Ukraine on all levels (this applies to the entire post-Soviet space), US/EU/NWO rolled in right away. And presto! This volatile confluence of events and conditions created the gross imbalance we are observing today.

It may seem from all I have said that Ukraine has never been a conscious ‘geopolitical subject,’ but rather an ‘object of geopolitics.’ It is actually true. Ukraine never had a successful run as an independent country.

Moreover, Ukraine was only successful when it was a part of Russia. This statement can be verified year after year with clear historic facts. Ukraine reached its pinnacle as the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic during Soviet times. From a small, agricultural and poor area around Kiev and what is now central Ukraine, it grew into a huge territory, courtesy of various Soviet leaders, at the expense of others. Ukraine’s economy, if taken separately from the USSR totals, was ranked No. 10 in the world; and Russians even made sure Ukraine had its own representation in the UN and other international bodies. Of course, all this was promptly forgotten by the nezalezhna – once Ukraine turned independent.

It wasn’t my plan to bring up the issue of karma in this article, but how can I resist when it’s staring me in the eye: where you are going, there you are! In the words of my novelette, CATHARSIS (Legend of the Lemurians), “Karma can be a beautiful maiden… or a bitch.”


No, the anti-Russian sentiment wasn’t born during Soviet times. If anything, any real Ukrainian should be grateful to the Soviets. After all, it was Lenin in 1918-1922, who ‘gave’ all of east and south, including Donbass (Lugansk and Donetsk), Zaporozhie, Dnepropetrovsk, Kharkov, Odessa, Kherson and Nikolaev to Ukraine. This was done to appease the existing ultra-nationalist sentiment there, plus to give the poor, agricultural Ukraine (What I call ‘Ukraine proper’ – the areas concentrated around Kiev, central and northern Ukraine) an industrial base and educated work force, which could bring them sustainable revenue. The goal was to significantly pull up their standard of living. Under Stalin, this idea was expanded as Russians built an extremely strong industrial base in Ukraine, off which Ukraine has been living till today. The fact that they, and their oligarchs, never modernized or added to that base, but like a bad drunk preferred to squander their rich Soviet inheritance, speaks volumes of their ability to self-govern. That notwithstanding, they blame Russia.

As many of my readers know, I grew up in Odessa, a beautiful and wealthy Black Sea port and resort, built by the Russians in 1793. Just like Crimea and other productive and wealthy areas of the South and East, Odessa became a part of Ukraine due to the short-sighted actions of the Soviet leaders; in this case, Lenin.

This is the historic truth. However, the ignorant and sold-out media, politicians and writers in the West and Ukraine will routinely lie and blame Russia for “invading Odessa.” The truth is, Odessa always was and always will be a Russian city.

I once came across an American/Israeli novelist Daniel Silva who is routinely producing bestseller spy thrillers based, unfortunately, on outright lies. I once picked up a book written by this ‘novelist’ in which action took place in Russia, Crimea and Odessa. The descriptions were so bad and so far from the truth that it was clear the man had no idea whatsoever how either Odessa or Crimea should look, the names were absolutely wrong, and of course – both Crimea and Odessa were occupied by the bad Russians, until in 1991 the poor Ukrainians (with completely idiotically sounding non-Ukrainian names) reclaimed their CORE (??) territories of Crimea and Odessa. I haven’t seen a bigger BS in my life.

This is how Western propaganda works – it’s not just MSM or politicians. They pay big bucks to sold-out puppets like the above-mentioned novelist Silva to produce a lie in a pretty wrapper. This alone gives us a good idea how one’s book becomes a bestseller in the US – write a lie big enough, preferably about Russia, China or the Middle East, and you are guaranteed a best-seller status. Needless to say, I dropped that book like a hot potato. Guess what, I see Daniel Silva books all the time on bestseller lists. Looks like their propaganda keeps working.

Every library and store would carry shelves upon shelves of lies written by professional crooks. So many will read them and think this is the truth. In the information vacuum what choice do they have? And that’s how you create zombified, manipulated, brainwashed populace that you twist into a pretzel on moment’s notice.

I write the TRUTH in my books and this is why they don’t carry them in libraries and stores. Do check out my paperbacks and ebooks, and support my writing by buying them! Incidentally, all my ebooks are on Pre-Holiday Book Sale! See more in BOOKS.

Just like in Crimea, 100% of Odessans always spoke Russian and/or a special Odessan mixed language. Recently, I was watching clips with pro-Ukrainian, pro-ukronazi demonstration in Odessa; they showed young people and families with children who spoke and carried slogans in Ukrainian. I can assure you, no real Odessan in his/her right mind ever speaks Ukrainian – these were the Kiev junta plants. To me, this little clip proved the level of lies, and the crude, unprofessional deception of the Kiev junta. They couldn’t get the real citizens for this protest, so they brought in the traveling circus, and with children – a nice touch!


Odessa: Monument to Russian Empress Katerina II – Catherine the Great – founder of Odessa


Odessa: Monument to the great Russian writer Alexander Pushkin who at one time lived there, on what is now called Pushkinskaya Street

Korolev i Gagarin

Sergei Korolev (right), creator of the Russian Space program, who sent the first Sputnik and the first man into Space. Sergei Korolev studied at Odessa Polytechnic Institute located a couple of blocks from where I grew up. On left: first man in Space, Russian cosmonaut, Yury Gagarin. My high school was located on Gagarin Street.

It was also Stalin who ‘added’ to Ukraine – note, to Ukraine, NOT Russia! – some regions of Western Ukraine that belonged previously to Romania, Hungary and Poland. Russia did have a strong historic claim on these areas (in medieval times this area was called Galitskaya Rus and the population was ethnically Russian, Russin or Malorussian), but they were taken over or annexed by other countries in the last few centuries, until Stalin annexed them in 1940 to extend the USSR border, thus creating a buffer zone in case of Hitler’s attack. Presently, these are territories that may be disputed by the above-mentioned countries.

And of course, Ukrainians should have been grateful to Russians forever due to Khrushchev giving them Crimea in 1954. Instead, they treated the Crimea and its people like…. I will omit the word that comes to mind. Together with all other undeserved Soviet inheritance, they squandered the prized possession such as Crimea. Incidentally, you can listen to the Lada Ray Live show on YouTube for more on Crimea and the theft of the Crimean Scythian gold. Listen to this episode.

Earlier history of Ukraine

16-19th century. When large parts of what was called at different times the Kievan (Kievskaya) Rus, Galitskaya Rus, Malorossia, and subsequently, Ukraine, were taken over at different times by Poland, Lithuania and Austria-Hungary, some of the local population was gradually re-molded into the Western-centric mentality and brainwashed.

Historic facts

In the 19th century Austria-Hungary built concentration camps for some of western Ukrainians, who always called themselves Russins and who – oh, surprise – considered themselves Russians. These camps were built for those who didn’t submit to the ‘we are separate from Russia’ ideology. There was a well covered-up genocide of the Russins in western Ukraine when the whole villages were either burned down or forcibly converted into Catholicism.

Divide and conquer: It is generally understood by researchers that project ‘Ukraine is a separate nation’ was born in Austria-Hungary in the 18th century. Later, it was adopted and expanded by Poland. The goal was to tear Ukrainians away from Russia. From the standpoint of an occupier it’s not good when a part of your country (parts of Ukraine, in fact parts of Russian historic and cultural territory, were occupied by Poland and Austria-Hungary, and before that, by Lithuania) considers you an illegal occupier and keeps looking at Russia as their motherland. Look at the striking parallels with today’s Donbass! They don’t consider Ukraine their motherland; instead they keep raising Russian flags, declaring allegiance to Russia.

Project Ukraine: 360 years ago cossack Bogdan Khmelnitsky and his people voted to re-unite with Russia. Other choices that didn’t get much popular support were joining the Osmanic Turkey or Poland. Russia accepted the territory with the capital in Kiev, which at that point was called Malorossia. Novorossia (currently the East and South of Ukraine) was NOT a part of Malorossia.

In medieval times, the neighboring Poland and Lithuania had big emperial designs. There were times when both Poland and Lithuania grew through conquest of neighboring Slavic lands. The back and forth struggles between states continued for centuries, until during the Time of Troubles Poland, which by then absorbed Lithuania, tried to conquer Russia, installing a Polish king on the Russian throne. As my readers may know from reading my Predictions and articles, any attempt to conquer Russia always ends very badly for the conqueror wannabe.

The popular uprising of the Russian people against occupiers produced true heroes and leaders. One of the heroes was local peasant Ivan Susanin, who volunteered to show the Polish army a secret path into Moscow to ensure their surprise attack, but instead led them into swamps, where he sacrified his life dying together with the Poles, thus saving Moscow from imminent invasion. The leaders of the 1612 uprising were citizen-commoner Kuzma Minin and Prince (Knyaz’) Pozharsky, who organized a grass-roots army financed by rich merchants and simple citizens alike. It was a truly popular movement when people donated their last money and when everyone rose regardless of their age and status in society.

The defeat of the occupiers was only the beginning. The result of every aggression against Russia is always the same. The result of this aggression was that eventually both Lithuania and Poland became parts of the Russian Empire. As I said, it’s never a good idea to attack Russia.


Monument to Minin and Pozharsky on Red Square in front of St. Basil’s Cathedral. Inscription: To Citizen Minin and Knyaz’ Pozharsky – from grateful Russia

From this it is clear that some in Poland, and Lithuania too, had kept a certain amount of resentment due to their historic defeat. Interestingly enough, while Ukraine was now a part of Russia, Polish lords (pani) still were the largest land owners and serf-owners in Ukraine. Russians didn’t expropriate their private property. Serfs were Ukrainian peasants, sort of half-slaves who were owned and could be sold or bought by their lords. The Polish pani were very vicious and cruel as documented in many Ukrainian works of literature. The greatest Ukrainian poet, Taras Shevchenko (see more about him below) dedicated his whole life to exposing and telling the truth about the exploitation of Ukrainians by the Polish pani. There were lots of peasant uprisings with manors and palaces being burned.

In fact, Ukraine was so named in Poland, not in Russia. In Russia the territory around Lvov, Kiev and Poltava was called Malorossia (or Russia Minor). ‘Ukraina’ ‘vkraina’ or ‘okraina’ means the outskirts in many Slavic languages. To Poles Ukraine was the outskirts of their once bigger empire. The name was used parallel with the official name of Malorossia in everyday language for quite some time, but it gained popularity since mid-19th century thanks to the Polish intellectuals from Lvov.

The name of the man who was the driving force behind ‘Ukraine is separate from Russia’ project was Kalinka. He was a Polish ksendz (Catholic priest). In 1864 he created a plan to separate Ukraine from Russia following a historic event in 1861 when Russian Emperor Alexander freed serfs. The now free farmers were granted some of the lands that Polish pani-shliakhta considered their own. There was a rather significant Polish shliakhta insurrection in 1963. However, that insurrection was quelled not by the Russian army or police, but by the self-armed army consisting of former serfs themselves who were promised lands of those Polish lords who participated in the insurrection. Clearly, the Polish shliakhta never forgot their humiliation and defeat. The idea was if they can’t have Ukraine, then it won’t belong to Russia either.

Incidentally, current Ukrainian anthem adopted in the 1990s was also written in the beginning of the 20th century as a semi-joke by several Polish intellectuals from Lvov, plotting their revenge on Russia. The anthem is infamous for its depressive and incongruent lyrics, such as, “So far Ukraine is alive…” Meaning, they are expecting it to die soon? Talk about a self-fulfilling prophecy… The verses that became the present day Ukraine anthem were copied quite talentlessly, but with a purpose – to diminish and destroy – from the Polish anthem. In the Polish anthem there are words, “Poland is still alive (but unlike in the Ukraine anthem, the next line clarifies), while we are…” The clarifying line gives the whole thing an entirely different meaning.

Considering that Polish pani owned Ukraine lands and people, this is the first time in history the occupied are proudly singing the anthem written by their occupiers.

Opening the Pandora’s Box: since Ukraine wants to join the EU, Poles are preparing historic claims on Ukrainian lands they used to own. 70,000 such claims exist in Poland alone. There are also several thousand in Romania, Hungary and Israel. Ownership claims from the descendants of the dreaded Polish pani include agricultural lands, manors, villages, buildings, whole cities and factories.

A Note from Lada:

I will leave outside the scope of this article the discussion as to how close Ukrainians are to Russians, or how close Poles and Lithuanians are to Russians for that matter. Very close, I can assure you. However, here we are not talking of ancestral closeness, but of ideology. In medieval times this ideology was based on difference in religion, with Vatican/Catholicism being the aggressor. Later, in the 18th/19th century, it was based on ethnicity, falsification of historical roots and allegiance to the crown. In the 20th century, it became the communism vs. capitalism fight. And in the 21st century, they again dragged out the moth-eaten 18th-19th century’s falsified history and allegiance.

But wait! do you notice THE COMMON DENOMINATOR in all these cases? The ENEMY NUMBER 1 is ALWAYS RUSSIA! It doesn’t matter what ideology they peruse. What matters is how easy it is to brainwash and zombify humans.

As a comparative linguist and mystical futurist (see my articles about the Mysteries of Linguistics), I can tell you that the peoples of Europe, and by extension, of Eurasia, ARE the same people, or at least, very close relatives with the same roots. I can also tell you that in a cosmic sense, we are all ONE.

It is a shame that people who are so close can’t live in peace!

I’ll also add the following: it is clear to me that most of the world’s population does want to live in peace and cooperation, which includes the majority in the countries/continents I sometimes criticize, such as Ukraine, Poland, US, UK, and Europe. However, certain forces on our planet are after unlimited power at the expense of others. This ruthless drive for power and money is what creates wars and instability. These forces change their shape and flags in time and space, but their essence always remains the same. As long as people allow themselves to be led by their lowly emotions, such as fear, greed and anger, they will always be a willing cannon fodder and useful fools in the hands of these master manipulators.

For more on how greed, fear and other lowly emotions produce catastrophic results read/watch:

Other examples: The same situation occurred in 2008 in South Ossetia/Abkhazia – Georgia war. Serbians will never forget how the former Yugoslavia was broken up and how Serbia was bombed in the 1990s. Today, the Crimea and Donbass-like scenario is taking place in parts of Moldova, specifically, Pridnestrovie and Gagauzia – both had referendums in which about 97% of citizens voted for re-uniting with Russia. I am following the Moldova/Pridnestrovie/Gagauzia story very closely, as it may explode any moment. See my article Moldova Explosion Coming 2: Coalition “Moldova’s Choice-Customs Union” and special video report: LadaRayLive 2. Explosion Coming! Moldova/Transnistria – Eurasian Union vs EU.

Back to Ukraine. Of course we shouldn’t forget about the forced religious conversion of Ukrainians from Orthodoxy into Catholicism, which started around 17-18th century and continues till today. In those days religious conversion was the best way to divide cultures. Same happened in Serbia/Yugoslavia, where Muslim and Catholic religions were used to divide and pit against each the traditionally Orthodox Christian Southern Slavs.

The story of Ukrainian pro- and anti-Russian mentality is very well depicted in the famous historic story by Nikolay Gogol, Taras Bulba. It is the story of a Cossack and his two sons. The world-famous Russian author Nikolay Gogol was from Ukraine, and to him it would have never occurred to say that he wasn’t Russian. Same goes for the celebrated 19th century Ukrainian poet and thinker, Taras Shevchenko, whose whole life was spent in a fight against the Polish shliakhta, or Polish pani – rich Polish landowners who owned a lot of Ukraine’s lands. Shevchenko spoke up in protection of the simple Ukrainians who were exploited by the Polish shliakhta. Taras Shevchenko is called the ‘Great Kobzar’ in Ukraine and is celebrated as the biggest Ukrainian poet. Meanwhile, most of Shevchenko’s works are written in Russian, and only a small portion – in Ukrainian. Gogol wrote almost exclusively in Russian.

Taras Shevchenko saw the best and only protection for Ukraine in being a part of Russia, the same way as the leader of Ukraine Bogdan Khmelnitsky 360 years ago saw Ukraine’s future as one with Russia. Bogdan Khmelnitsky asked Russia to accept Ukraine as part of its territory and Russia said ‘yes,’ thus protecting Ukraine from a hostile takeover. By the way, 360 years ago, a truly democratic referendum was conducted in cities and villages to decide whether Ukraine should in fact join Russia. Khmelnitsky’s cossacks went from town to town and asked whether citizens wanted to be under Russia, Poland or Osmanic Empire. And everywhere citizens unanimously responded, “with Russia” (source: Dr. Natalia Vitrenko, leader of the progressive Socialist Party of Ukraine: Link). Since then, Ukraine has devolved substantially in terms of democracy.

The 18th century Ukrainian poet/philosopher Skovoroda wrote in his bio: “Russian philosopher.” Same goes for the 19th century Ukrainian poetess, Lesia Ukrainka (Lesia the Ukrainian). These people are not just anyone – their portraits are on the contemporary Ukraine currency.

currency-ukr Lesia Ukr

 Lesia Ukrainka on Ukrainian currency grivna

currency ukr skovoroda

Grigoriy Skovoroda on Ukrainian currency grivna

currrency ukr shevchenko

Taras Shevchenko on Ukrainian currency grivna

Notice that they celebrated their heritage, just like a resident of Moscow, Rostov, Ryazan, or the Urals, would celebrate their own local heritage, but at the same time, they felt a part of the Greater Russian culture. Today’s Ukrainians have become masters at denying the obvious.


Taras Shevchenko

When I grew up in Odessa, our biggest park was, still is, called the Shevchenko Park. In school, we all learned the poetry of Taras Shevchenko in Ukrainian, although 100% of the multi-national population of Odessa ALWAYS spoke Russian (the language today’s Ukraine has tried to officially ban) and Odessa wasn’t even supposed to be a part of Ukraine. Just a reminder of how all-inclusive the Russian culture was and is, and how today’s Ukro-fascism is the complete opposite of that.

See my popular articles about Odessa with great images:

Interesting example: After WWII, Germany was divided into two countries. East Germany is mostly Prussia, another part of Germany is called Saxonia, yet another Bavaria. All these areas historically have their own dialects. There are about 50,000 Serbs in Germany that have lived there for millenia, except in today’s Germany they are called ‘Sorbs.’ Does it occur to anyone to say one part is German and another isn’t? Did it ever occur to anyone to deny east and west of Germany didn’t deserve to be together? No – they reunited as one nation. In parts of Germany they speak language the other parts have trouble understanding; yet, they all consider themselves German despite big differences in psychology and language.

Historic truth: From the above, we can already see that in 19th century and prior, those who are called today Ukrainians thought of themselves as Russian. Ukraine had a distinct, and very lovely dialect. Ukrainian was a dialect, along with Belorussian, until Lenin and the Bolsheviks decided to upgrade it to a language. Bolsheviks have done this to many other dialects on the Soviet space as well. Russian linguists oftentimes worked overtime to create alphabets for those small dialects that had no written language, thus upgrading them and giving them second life. This was the way Bolsheviks wanted to celebrate the diversity of Russia, elevating the dignity of small cultures. As a linguist I know a thing or two about that.

But the story goes deeper. During Peter the Great there was a war with Sweden. Appointed by Peter Ukraine’s governor (it was the Ukraine that didn’t include today’s East, South, West and Crimea), Ukrainian Cossack Getman Mazepa, betrayed Russia and sided with Sweden. Let’s also remember that Ukraine was still called Malorossia in those days. Here is a vivid illustration of how far today’s official Ukraine has gone: Ukrainian school history books describe Getman Mazepa as a hero. They also portray as a hero Stepan Bandera, Shukhevich and other ukro-nazis who headed SS Division Galichina and similar outfits during WWII, and who were responsible for massacring hundreds of thousands of Russians, Jews, Ukrainians and Poles.

The attempted Swedish invasion of Russia failed. Swedish king Karl lost to Peter in the Battle of Poltava. Poltava is a city located in today’s central Ukraine. It has to be noted that attempts to invade and conquer Russia by the West are as old as the world itself. I explained the West’s maniacal desire to conquer Russia in PREDICTONS and in Predictions: The Real Reasons for West’s Anti-Russian Sanctions. I will be expanding on my predictions eventually, so stay tuned.

Russians are well-aware of all these historic episodes, but they have been customarily closing their eyes to the facts, pretending it never happened in order to keep the “bad peace in the family,” following the Russian principle that ‘bad peace is better than a good war.’ They would usually do so until it were impossible to keep such peace and the rosy glasses that went with it.

Is Kiev really the Mother of all Russian Cities?

We have to dig even deeper from here. There is a vernacular floating around that ‘Kiev is the Mother of all Russian cities.’ This phrase was born of Lenin’s/Bolsheviks’ desire to appease Ukraine ultra-nationalists circa 1918-20 and to create the ‘brotherhood of nations.’ Admirable, but incredibly misguided. Russians customarily repeat this phrase, without thinking what it means.

In reality, during the medieval times Kiev was a large, important and rich city, but hardly the ‘mother of all Russian cities.’ The history of the Russian civilization was deliberately re-written and shortened to make it seem as if Russia was only a 1000 years old. The ancient Rus (Slavic) chronicles were burned and any evidence of the many, many millenia of the Rus (alternatively called Slavyano-Arian) culture all over the world, including in Germany, Italy, Switzerland, the British Isles, Mediterranean, the Urals, Siberia, beyond the Arctic Circle, Egypt, and on North American continent, erased. However, all this information is now coming out as the new advanced scientific methods allow to read things that were unreadable before, and calculate mathematically past events that were falsified. The falsifications were so widespread that literally we can all throw out the entire history we ever studied, and learn it from scratch. This concerns Russia, Eurasia, Asia, Europe, America and the Middle East.

Extremely advanced Rus cities existed well before Kiev everywhere, including those places considered today too cold for human habitation, such as the Kolsky peninsula in the White Sea beyond the Arctic Circle, the northern Ural Mountains, Arctic Siberia near the North Pole, to name a few. It is proven that advanced civilizations existed as far as 40 thousand years ago, and it is believed that they also thrived much, much longer prior. On the other hand, very important Rus/Slavic cities also existed in Western Europe, including in what is today Mediterranean, Italy and Germany. This includes the famous historic cities, such as Venice, Verona, Vienna, Rome, Troy, Berlin, Bern, Pompei, to name just a few. Venice was built by ancient Slavs called Veneds, and so was Vienna. The close relatives of Veneds, Et-ruskans (in Russian: Et-russki) had built Rome. Look at the word “Ro-me.” Now look at the word “Rossiya.” You can say “Rus” and you can say “Ro-ssiya. “Ro-me” — “Ro-ssiya.”

The brainwashing was so great that even the majority of Russians, including most Russian scientists, Lenin and the Bolsheviks, went along with the “Rus is 1000 years of age” theory. That’s why they promoted Kiev as the most important, title city of the medieval Rus, from which the entire history of Russia supposedly began. (I write about some of this in the Forbidden Linguistics. Linguistics can help us uncover the hidden mysteries and clarify historic distortions.)

If we take the medieval era alone, and only within the contemporary Russian territory, in 5-10th centuries (and well before that) there were cities of the Golden Ring (Suzdal, Vladimir, etc.) located around Moscow, as well as Veliky Novgorod (Great Novgorod), that were at least just as important as Kiev – possibly more. The age of Moscow is likely at least several thousand years, not 900 years, as the mainstream history will have you believe.

The actual name of Moscow is Moskva in Russian. The name was distorted, perhaps accidentally. It was called Maskova well before the year 1147, which is erroneously considered the first mention of Moscow in chronicles, and therefore its birthday. Of course it is the first mention since all earlier mentions were destroyed! So, the name Maskova (source: Russian linguist, Prof. Valery Chudinov, Russian Academy of Sciences Member) comes from ‘maska.’ Maska is the Russian word, from which the Western word mask had originated.

The word masquerade comes from Russian maskarad: maska + rad. Rad = ‘rad-ovatsia’ – to experience joy, to have fun, as well as to commune/talk with others. Incidentally, the Ukraine parliament is called ‘Rada,’ or a place where people are supposed to commune and discuss things, preferably with joy ;). Instead they often have fist fights there, completely negating the true meaning of this ancient word. The word ‘rad’ is very, very ancient and it has a very profound meaning. I will talk more about it in a future report related to the discoveries of the Russian scientists.

In the ancient days, maska had a broader meaning and symbolized anything artistically painted. Before that, it symbolized Vedic (ancient Rus pagan) religious paintings. When Russia adopted Orthodox Christianity, it became the first name for icons. However, the word undoubtedly has pre-Christian meaning and very ancient origin.

Incidentally, the word ikona, ‘icon’ in English, is also a very ancient Russian word. What we know as a Russian icon today was called “maska” in those ancient days, and Maskova (Moskva) was the place where these icons were painted. The real age, origins the true global importance of the Rus language and culture (also referred to as Slavic), would be a separate topic. The words such as “ikona,” “Rus” or “Ros,” and “Slav” are hugely important for all of us.

I’ll give you a hint: it is precisely because the earthly importance and global weight of the Rus culture and language is much greater than customarily portrayed, there had always been forces bent on diminishing and maligning Russia and Russian culture. There is so much more to say on the subject, and I promise we’ll talk about it in my future reports.

trinity by rublev

 Holy Trinity, the most famous surviving medieval Russian ikona (maska), by Andrei Rublev

The reason I talk so much about the “Kiev is the Mother of all Russian cities” myth is because it is very important to understand the essence of today’s hatred of certain members of the Ukrainian society towards everything Russian. It is this false idea that is at the core of their staunch belief that Russians are inferior, therefore, they – the real heirs of the ancient Kievan Rus, the real ‘Title Slavic culture’ – should be the richest, most prosperous and get all the influence and credit in world affairs. This kind of sick mentality can also be easily recognized from the hysterical speeches by Hitler and Goebbels; it is born of a severe inferiority complex. This kind of horribly low vibration is what those forces who want to control and destroy Ukraine, and then through Ukraine get to Russia, gladly latch on to.

But this myth would have never endured if Russians themselves didn’t parrot it, partly because of own ignorance and partly because of the Russian psyche’s unique quality of generosity – why not spread the wealth and make Ukrainians feel better about themselves. As we see, best intentions do lead to hell.

So why did the myth that Kiev is ‘the Mother of all Russian cities’ appear, and how did it gain traction? My theory is that the Russian Orthodox church played a role here, as Kiev is the seat of the very important orthodox Kiev-Pechorskaya Lavra monastery built about 700-800 years ago. Perhaps the myth of the Kiev as the mother of all Russian cities was necessary to raise the importance of the church. It’s interesting to note that in later years Moscow was referred to as the ‘Mother City,’ in my opinion because this is where the Orthodox headquarters moved around 14-15th century. So, it’s very possible that the title of the ‘Mother City’ was simply given to any city that played a role of the Orthodox Christianity’s headquarters of the Russian realm at any given moment, but later the real meaning was forgotten or deliberately distorted. This is the most logical explanation, however, sadly humans tend to lose the historic chain of events and reasoning. Of course, a large role here played the fact that so many Russian chronicles  that could have confirmed this, were destroyed.

The ‘Kiev is the Mother of all Russia’ theory doesn’t hold water however you look at it, and it is obviously politically motivated.

Either way, this is a myth that unfortunately became so pervasive that it infected the psyche of Ukrainians with jealousy and resentment towards Moscow and Russia. How come, say Ukrainians, WE are the most important, WE were the true beginning of the Russian civilization, and meanwhile Moscow gets credit for everything? OUR Ukrainian language was the mother tongue (not true), while Russian had been the derivative; so how dare Russian claims the status of one of the great languages, and Ukrainian doesn’t!

In reality, the modern Ukrainian language is in large part an artificially created language with the kind help of the above-mentioned Polish intellectuals. It is also a mixed language, with lots of words borrowed from Polish, Hungarian, Latin, and other languages, after years as part of different countries and as a deliberate attempt to distance Ukrainian from Russian.

Related complaint from Ukraine: how come Moscow/Russia are doing so well, and we are not?

Add to that twisted historic resentment this, more recent envy: how come Russia has all the resources, such as oil, gas and huge territory, and we only have coal? The fact that Russia always shared all her resources more than generously, the fact that Ukraine always paid a highly discounted price for gas and oil, that Russia subsidised and supported Ukrainian economy… matters not.

This, in short, is the sad story of the anti-Russian hatred in Ukraine and its falsified history.

Of course, there are normal people in Ukraine as well, but they are being intimidated, suppressed and silenced. For example, Ukraine has just had the premature elections into Rada. Due to intimidation, threats and open persecution by the government and ukro-fascist mobs, the only candidates able to run are all shades of fascists and the ultra-right. The centrist Party of the Regions candidates could only run if they changed colors, and even then, they probably would be thrown out because of the new ‘Lustration law,’ which is somewhere between the McCarthyism/the 1950s US Witch Hunts and Hitler’s Final Solution.

Meanwhile, all left parties have been banished from the Rada. Communist party members were beaten in the Rada and their parliament faction was disbanded for trying to draw attention to the plight of the peaceful population in Donbass. The members of the Communist Rada faction are in hiding because many of their houses were burned down and families physically threatened. The Progressive Socialist Party also is practically in hiding – I mentioned the head of this party, Natalia Vitrenko, above. She says that she has been completely shut off from any media and the only means she has left of delivering her message is YouTube. All this because she tells the truth. Video in which angry mob in Kiev dumps a Rada deputy in a dumpster and threatens to set him on fire. Another video in which angry ukro-nazis are demolishing a monument to Lenin, whom they should in fact admire as the Father of their nation (this video is by a German citizen who speaks Russian).

However, what is happening in Ukraine today, just like any violent aggression and suppression, can’t last forever. We are living through a revolutionary period when truth is bound to come out everywhere. Every suppressed truth will be breaking through the layers of lies and illusion throughout this decade. Truth will be blooming and illuminating the world with a vengeance after the many years of obscurity. Don’t be afraid of this light – embrace it!


Lots more revelations coming! TRUE history of the world, Destiny of Russia, the Putin Enigma and more! I plan to reveal some amazing secrets in the future Earth Shift Reports!


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  1. Lada, there is “Polish pani”, there should be “Polish panowie” (Polish lords).

    “Pani” in Polish means a woman.


  2. Lots to chew on. I expect many questions will be posted. A few quick thoughts:

    -Perhaps human psychology is there, kind of like a younger sibling looking at an older one. So the Ukrainian saga perhaps is a Shakespearean story, just waiting for a good writer.

    -Solzenhitsyn had fears about a radical Ukrainian nationalism running wild – he had seen the great resentment inside the gulags. It was probably there when you were in the USSR, but it wasn’t politically correct. Once the USSR collapsed, the West helped send in teams of the families who had fled, as well as their handlers, in and promoted moving Western Ukrainians into Kiev.

    -It seems that the psychology of Russian speakers inside the Ukraine needs to be examined. Of course, many left. Still, what was everyone doing while all these Nazi paramilitary groups were created? Did they mind all the crazy school textbooks that Soros had given them?

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    • You correctly noted – all the smart and fast ones left…
      But someone still had to stay to hold the fort.
      It’s called apathy, Paul. They all lived in the country they didn’t believe in, hence apathy. Also, something I didn’t mention but what is very particular to Ukrainian mentality – any Russian/Ukrainian knows this saying: ‘moya hata z krayu’ – means ‘my hut is to the side,’ or none of this concerns me. Apathy and indifference.

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    • P.S. Right on about the ‘younger brother syndrom,’ Paul! This is exactly it. Same goes for Poland and Lithuania, btw. Meant to mention this in my report – thanks for remininding me, perhaps will add later.

      Also, reports from everywhere in Ukraine: western Ukrainians were moved quietly en masse to all southern and eastern parts, and especially to Kiev. What you say is correct. In Odessa people discovered with a shock the city had been infiltrated only when maidan started. It clearly was all pre-planed years ahead somewhere in Lvov, Washington and/or Warsaw.

      Apathy, what can I say. All the alert ones have left and turned off the lights, as we used to joke…

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  3. Absolutely fantastic piece! I will have to read it again a few more times to be able to understand and learn all the important information you shared. Too much misinformation I’ve been fed that I need to un-learn.

    Just a few points I started thinking about while reading:

    I read a take on Eltsin-Putin event by a Serbian man some time ago. He said that basically Putin had been working with a team of ‘siloviki’ and they told Eltsin to leave peacefully, or else…Since Eltsin obeyed, his family and he himself were not ‘touched’, so to speak. What do you think about this, Lada?

    If I remember correctly, you said that Ukraine would join the Customs Union some time in the future. Do you believe it will have the same borders it has now? Will the name change? I can’t imagine it being ‘Ukraine’ and having the same flag – these things are now widely associated with neo-nazism 😦 As for the borders, those people from the west of Ukraine won’t change: once a traitor, always a traitor, I believe. In the event they stay in ‘Ukraine’, they will be silenced again probably, but in the future their nature will wake up, I am sure of that. And another genocide may happen. What should Russia do with them?

    I hope Russia has learnt important lessons from these events on post-Soviet space: first, help yourself, and only then think of helping and supporting others.

    Do you think relations between Russia and such countries as the Baltics and Georgia will ever become friendly?

    Why does the West hate Russia so much? Is it because of the natural resources Russia has or differing ideology/mentality?

    I probably have too many questions 🙂
    Thank you so much for this valuable information!

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    • Elza, To answer your Qs:
      1. Siloviki had a role in Putin’s coming to power, but they weren’t the main force. There was someone very smart behind that. The story of Putin’s rise is a much more interesting and telling one, and I will reveal it properly in The Putin Enigma.
      2. No, Ukraine won’t remain in its present borders. The borders will be a bit undefined for some time. But in the end they will be somewhat different than today. Most likely, Ukraine will be called Novorossia as I hint in this report, but perhaps a small portion will remain as Ukraine in future. This energy is in a flux right now.
      3. Russia’s relations with Georgia are already normalizing. Georgia is too close to Russia and this is unavoidable. Americans were dreaming when they thought they could control Russia’s backyard long-term.
      Russia’s relations with the Baltics will normalize in the next decade with the help of Finland.
      4. Why the West hates Russia so much? I already answered this question in this and last articles. 😉 But I’ll have more on that in a future Earth Shift Report.

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  4. This article URL is now on my blog and facebook timeline. I need to read it again too; a lot to consume in one reading. Thanks for all your work, Lada!

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  5. Dear Lada:
    I was born in 1930 in Oskaloosa, Iowa U.S.A which is a black earth area like Ukraine – the most fertile soil on the planet. In the 1930s and 40s I heard reports that Stalin, to overcome the resistance of Ukrainian farmers (Kulaks?) to collective farms, seized all agricultural products and food which caused a number of them to starve to death, and that is why Ukrainians joined the Nazis. This was undoubtedly before your time, but what is your take on this – valid? or not?

    I have lived most of my life in California, U.S.A. but during the period 1991 – 1999 I returned to my birthplace to care for my mother in her last days. Whille there, there were a number of Iowa farmers who went to Ukraine to visit farmers there and a number of farmers from there came to Iowa and visited with Iowa farmers, forming lifelong friendships in many cases.

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    • Hi James,
      No it’s a complete lie that Ukrainians joined Hitler because of golodomor. Historic facts: Golodomor happened in Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine at the same time. There was no golodomor in the 1930s in western Ukraine, aka Galichina. Golodomor in Ukraine took place in central and northern Ukraine, and some in eastern parts. Galichina wasn’t a part of USSR in 1930s. Stalin annexed Galichina in 1940 to extend a buffer zone against imminent Hitler’s attack. Western Ukraine fascists = Banderovtsi, who sided with Hitler, were almost exclusively from western Ukraine, or Galichina. Ukrainians from center, south, north and east of Ukraine fought against Hitler.
      Incidentally, I have an article on this blog where I explain more about golodomor. If you are interested, you can do a search. I have to warn you – it’s an extremely controversial topic.

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  6. Lada, No questions, only much appreciation for the depth of information and knowledge you are sharing that helps with understanding the tragic war in Ukraine and the west’s undeclared war on Russia led by the US. One example from today was seeing this headline from the Novorossia news site: Polish Minister of Foreign Affairs compares Ukraine to African colonies of Europe. Because of what you wrote about Poland’s historical involvement in Ukraine, I understood why the Poles believe they’re entitled to be part of the negotiations, and that they have their own claims though none of this was in the report. The report would not have made sense without having read your great article. I’ve had a life-long interest in Russia starting when I was thirteen and read War and Peace followed by many other classic Russian novels and took all Russian history courses available at my university — not that many unfortunately. I’m in complete harmony with you about the importance of learning the true history, and how so much has been manipulated and distorted. I remember learning the myth of Kiev being central to the origin of modern Russia, and thank you for correcting my miseducation which took place during the cold war. I’ve learned that history is a tool for those in power with little regard for truth, and have so much appreciation and respect for your deep cultural, historical and spiritual understanding of what is transpiring. Your novels have become required reading as I know I will learn even more from them. Thank you once again for bringing all of your knowledge into the world.

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  7. Lada,

    They say “You can ignore politics, but politics won’t ignore you.” But one can make the case that the apathy was due to the situation in Moscow. It was to be expected that one’s opponents from Lvov would attack; it was the lack of friendship from Moscow that may have set things down such a negative path. So my guess is that both Russia and Ukraine have a kind of “big man” culture, with power clans that are quasi-legit, but quasi-mafia. And the Kremlin used its “big men” in negotiations with the “big men” in the Ukraine. These folks were happy together, enjoying vodka and caviar, as well as skiing together in Switzerland. And both didn’t care at all about what was going on with the actual people, no matter what part of the country they were from. If a group of musicians in the Donbass had an event in honor of Prokofiev, nobody in Moscow would have cared or done anything unless there was some money to take out of the deal. The CIA and Soros may be evil, but they do try to develop things, and the money will actually go to where it is supposed to. I have seen a couple of times where Putin was asked about what went wrong in the Ukraine, and the feelings of the locals that Russia just supported terrible oligarchs, and he really couldn’t say much that would convince anyone. All he could say is “We worked with everyone, not just Yanukovich.” While true, it makes it sound like you did support the hated oligarchs.

    Perhaps Russia has needed a moral and ideological basis for her positions over the last decade or so. In fact, some well-known figures in Russia, such as Mikhail Khazin, say that. What is the basis for Russia not wanting a US-led world? What is the alternative vision?

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    • This is the big question now, Paul, isn’t it? The existing Russian ideology was torn out with the roots in 1991 and then more confusion introduced throughout the 90s.
      The next ideology will be ‘world cooperation and fairness.’ It is already slowly emerging.

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  8. By the way, people like Kissinger and Brzezinski predicting the collapse of Russia into many small states with a dying population was just the game plan. Which hasn’t changed. Russia is sitting on perhaps 20% of the world’s resources, and the West’s banksters need them for free.

    The amazing thing to me is that so many in Russia cannot see the obvious reality that the existence of Russia is a huge problem for the West. Nothing personal, it is just business. China is a mixed bag, but Russia is just a huge problem.

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  9. Hi Lada Ray,
    Here’s an AWESOME piece on “Putin’ Russia” that jives with everything you’ve been saying.

    Vladimir Putin’s Russia: Perfect Foil To The Anglo-American Axis And Their New World ‘Order’

    “Secret History Revealed — Putin Played Critical Role In The Pre-Planned Collapse Of The USSR”

    Enjoy … and keep up the GREAT work!


  10. Lada: “If they truly cared for their country instead of their oversized egos and fat Swiss bank accounts in payment for their services to NWO elites…”
    Lada, do you have facts and figures for your allegations or are you just repeating here stuff which has been spread for decades? Do you believe everything which can be read e.g. in the U.S. mainstream media? You do not seem to be aware of the fact that lots of things have happened and changed these last say 20 years in Switzerland, yes under the massive pressure and blackmail of the USA and the EC – protecting and fostering the interests of their own financial elites, institutes and money resorts. There are more interesting tax and money havens now available than Swiss banks under new Swiss progressive transparency laws. Haven’t you heard that e.g. Russian oligarchs have placed a big part of their stolen billions in London? Being Swiss, I’m not at all a Swiss banker or even a friend of Swiss banks but such nonesense I don’t want to read. By the way, Switzerland has not joined in the EC sanctions regime against Russia.


    • Yes, I am aware that Switzerland didn’t join EU sanctions. They didn’t have to. EU countries joined these sanctions under severe US and UK pressure, and Swiss, not being a part of the EU technically didn’t have to abide.
      No one here is after Switzerland, so you can just relax. Moreover, I think Switzerland is one of the more advanced societies on our planet, sure, with its own problems, but who’s perfect. The expression, Swiss bank accounts was used as a figure of speech here, but it does apply fully to Ukrainian politicians and oligarchs.
      I do have facts, lots of them. Kolomoysky for instance is known to have his wealth stashed away in Switzerland along with a nice mansion where he spends most of his time.
      I am also well aware of the US pressure on the Swiss. But what does US pressure on Switzerland to reveal US accounts held in Switzerland to avoid US taxation have to do with Ukraine oligarchs? How is that preventing Ukraine nationals from banking in Switzerland?
      Yes, many oligarchs have been banking in London, but this trend is also subsiding.
      Incidentally, unlike you, I did work as financial consultant for Smith Barney.
      I see you just wandered into my blog by accident. Perhaps you should familiarize yourself with my other articles and bio before you decide what I do or don’t know. Perhaps you should also catch up on some things you might have missed. Not to mention, if out of the whole huge report this is the only thing you’ve noticed, oh dear…

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    • P.S. Upon consideration I’ve changed ‘Swiss accounts’ to ‘offshore accounts.’ This does seem more fair and inclusive. 🙂

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  11. re: “This is the big question now, Paul, isn’t it? The existing Russian ideology was torn out with the roots in 1991 and then more confusion introduced throughout the 90s.
    The next ideology will be ‘world cooperation and fairness.’ It is already slowly emerging.”

    I think that is what Putin and many of his allies want. It really would be a better planet that way. However, the Devil is in the details. Modern Russia has oligarchs who got their money from stealing it, and they don’t go to prison. The economy is basically a free-market economy not that different from most European countries – and lots of folks in the West (and Eastern Europe) are now saying that fairness is really lacking all over. In other words, it looks to many that Russia is not really that different. Perhaps the ethical, spiritual, and religious side is different, but not the reality of how anything involving money goes down. A Western pharmaceutical company can lie, falsify, and kill millions and get off with a relatively small fine. A US government agent can lie to you a million times, and nothing will happen, but if you say something that is only misleading to them, you will be prosecuted with no mercy. Where is the fairness or sense of proportion?

    Anyway, your posts about this coming ideology of world cooperation and fairness are appreciated.

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  12. Many readers might be interested in this story from a Czech dissident, who argues that Communist Czechoslovakia was freer than today’s Czech Republic or the US:

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  13. Lada,

    One last political thing, but it probably says a lot about the mentality inside the Ukraine. Many have mentioned or even illustrated with some facts, that a fair bit of the anti-Russian groups were actually promoted and even funded by the Yanukovich/Donetsk Mafia/Party of Regions crowd. Supposedly, the disappointment for some of those on the right in the last election is that they didn’t have money to throw around – money that was to come from people like Yanukovich. The only reason for a Russian speaker to vote for the terrible criminals like Yanukovich is a fear of being shot or beaten up by a nationalist gang. So it makes perfect sense for the supposedly pro-Russian politicians to fund those who want to kill Russian speakers. This doesn’t mean funding for Kholomoisky, who probably got his money from the West and from his talent at exploiting everyone and everything inside the country.

    This view of things is quite widespread, but perhaps unprovable. In any case, many commentators inside Russia have argued that Russia could have and should have forced Yanukovich and the Donetsk Mafia to stop helping the radicals. In any rational country, paramilitary gangs that explicitly wanted to kill their fellow citizens would be outlawed, not roaming all over the place. It would seem that a Russian speaker living in such a rotten country would only have the choice of leaving or becoming apathetic or an alcoholic.

    To some of us, it is hard to imagine that the scale of this problem could have continued without terrible corruption and treason on the part of the Russian diplomatic and business players. As it stands, there are no cases of bureaucrats, diplomats, or business leaders on trial in Moscow for what happened in Kiev. Let us hope that this changes once time allows prosecutors to build some cases. At minimum, many need to be fired.


    • Paul, I don’t know if the picture you are painting is true. There is a lot of stuff and a lot of accusations floating around, as would in any turmoil, most untrue. My job is to sift through it and uncover the truth, which is what I present here.

      The Donetsk vs Dnepropetrovsk clan was always the name of the game, even during Soviet times. Unfortunately, these two clans were for a long time also the rulers of the USSR. But that is simplifying the issues taking place there.

      I am unaware of any Russian politicians being implicated in any way in supporting nazis in Ukraine and I monitor all this very closely. Especially no one with any weight. If this were the case, it would have been already a massive, massive scandal in Russia.

      I am also unaware of Yanukovich directly supporting ukro-nazis. The truth is that Yanukovich and ‘family’ looked the other way and pretended the issue didn’t exist for a variety of reasons, one being ‘bad peace better than a good war’ as I mentioned. Another reason was they got pressure from the US and EU/Poland, as well as Ukro MSM and NGOs not to interfere.
      And of course Yanukovich was a weak coward. But that’s far from financing them.

      Kolomoysky did an still does finance the nazis, but he isn’t from Yanuk’s family. He belongs to the Dnepropetrovsk clan. Now of course he has formed his own separate family.
      The dirty secret is that now both clans and their Western handlers want to do away with ukro-nazis. Nazis have become too inconvenient, too unruly and threatening and they make them all look bad. Nazis have done their violent job on maidan and after, and now they need to be disappeared, but it’s hard to do.
      That’s why Poroshenko keeps sending them to Donbass, hoping self-defence is angry enough at them to finish them off. This is the secret reason why they are trying to continue the war – they actually need as many as possible of their lost, violent, drugged, confused, unemployed young people to be killed since they have no idea what to do with them.

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  14. Lada,

    I think you are referring to direct support, which is not the concern of those who feel that Russia and Yanukovich misplayed their hands. The issue is in the horsetrading. Let us say that Russia really, really wanted to get an extension on the lease for the bases in the Crimea. Money alone might not be enough to get that through the government. Akhmetov would want something, and so would Kholomoisky, and various other oligarchs as well. So Kholomoisky might say that he wants an agreement that no other oligarch can do business in Odessa, and that Kiev allows him to have an army of 10,000 based in Dnepropetrovsk. Akhmetov might want an exclusive on energy or coal sales in all of the Ukraine, not just Eastern Ukraine. Something like this. So Akhmetov might say “Hey, you are giving Kholomoisky 10,000 gang members, so I want my own group with at least 5,000.” Then Yanukovich would agree. This gang would be anti-Russian, but under the control of the Donetsk Mafia due to all the money coming from Akhmetov. The important thing in this scenario is that Yanukovich and the Kremlin would go along with a significant increase in Nazi armies, things that should be outlawed. And it would not be due to EU/Soros/NGO pressure – it would be because Russia and Yanukovich wanted something that had a high price.

    Russia had plenty of leverage in the Ukraine over the last decade to work for positive changes, but mostly took a passive approach of trying to solve gas pipeline problems and the bases in the Crimea. They perhaps should have taken a look at things from a larger perspective. The critique is that Russia’s foreign policy is set in Gazprom offices. Unfair, perhaps, but that is the critique.

    Besides, this is messy, as one can easily imagine that major players, such as Akhmetov, Yanukovich, and the Russian government, might have felt that they needed some influence within the Nazi circles, so they would fund, say, Svoboda, as an alternative to the Pravvy Sektor. While logical, it is questionable. It is clear from the disastrous war that Kiev has ordered that a large degree of the Ukrainian military and even a substantial amount of the Nazi gangs are full of Russian or anti-Kiev assets.

    As an aside, it will be hard to have any scandals about Russia’s actions in the Ukraine because so many were involved. The entire Kremlin and many Russian oligarchs had to have gone along with a lot of deals that involved massive corruption and questionable decisions of a geopolitical nature. If one part of this came out, it might expose dozens of others. A Russian oligarch working for the Kremlin might have given Kholomoisky some large sum of money in a bogus deal in the West in exchange for him permitting the end of the gas war back in 2008 or 2009. Then Kholomoisky hired some more Nazi guards, who eventually became his Nazi army. What did that Russian oligarch do wrong? It was just business as usual. For that matter, what did Medvedev do wrong? He wanted an end to the gas war. There are no scandals that the Russian press can find in this scenario.


  15. Rose-Marie Mukarutabana

    Thank you, Lada. Great article, so profound and informative.
    But let me first say a word about Elza’s question, “Since Eltsin obeyed, his family and he himself were not ‘touched’, so to speak.”
    There is much more to Putin’s measures to protect Yeltsin’s dignity. I’m sure I’ll learn more about the matter when you’ve given us your thoughts on “The Putin Enigma”, but let me just say this for the time being.
    I saw that the Italian lawyer, Carla del Ponte, was involved in the embezzlement investigation to which Elza refers: some Swiss bank accounts suspected to be connected with the Kremlin renovation funds.
    Carla del Ponte was then Switzerland’s Prosecutor General (left in August 1999 to join the International Tribunals for Yougoslavia and for Rwanda – ICTY and ICTR).
    I’m sure you know the video “The Rise of Putin and the Fall of the Oligarchs”, which says she came to Moscow to work on the investigation with Russian Chief Prosecutor Yuri Skuratov, who was ready to “expose” Yeltsin and/or family. According to the video, Putin killed the whole thing. If so, then he did well. And not just as a “payback” to Yeltsin, as is often claimed. There was much more at stake than that.
    No patriot who were really keen on upholding Russia’s honour would allow poor old Yeltsin, whatever his errors may have been, to be arraigned for ridicule and mental torture by that loud-mouthed, self-serving woman, who apparently enjoyed bringing down important persons more than upholding justice. The people of Rwanda know her well: they had her removed before her term end, because she was more interested in getting at the Rwandan president than the genocidal criminals she had been appointed to try.
    Similarly, in the Russian case, she (and the forces behind her) were not interested in investigating those hell hounds who had connived with their fellow monsters to destroy Russia. She – and they – were only interested in Yeltsin, in destroying the President of Russia, so that Russia herself finally dies and is buried.
    Hence, whether Pavel Borodin (then Presidential Property Manager) had any ulterior motives or not, he was right to say that, just as was the case with her investigation of Silvio Berlusconi, this woman was salivating at the prospect of pulling Yeltsin down:
    “Noting, among others, Ms. del Ponte’s Mr. Borodin said: ‘These are cases on which it is possible to make a career, which is exactly what Carla del Ponte did. Now she’s at the U.N. [Tribunals], and now she’s going to accuse Milosevic.’”
    Borodin spoke in August 1999, Milosevic had been indicted in May. We all know what happened to him.
    Of course, Yeltsin was going to be taken to the Hague, though of course, one never knows: didn’t that traitor of a Prime Minister, Zoran Đinđić, sell Milosevic to the Americans for $1 billion dollars in “financial aid”?
    In any case, any trial anywhere, or even just an indictment for theft, with the consequence that Yeltsin would have been daily jeered at in all the Western media, would have been the last straw for the Russian people, after all the humiliations. I don’t know enough about the Russian politics of those days (or of any other period for that matter) but I wonder what kind of justice this Skuratov fellow hoped to achieve. I was going to suggest his first name be changed to Malyuta… but he’s probably not a bad man: only one who has no sense of the dignity of the State.
    Do the Russian people fully realise how miraculous their rescue was – tottering as they were on the very brink of the abyss, and pulled back in extremis by Vladimir Putin?
    And do they stop to wonder just how he did it all?

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  16. Rose-Marie Mukarutabana

    About Putin’s ideology, as Lada says, it’s “cooperation and fairness”. That’s why he’s been insisting on a “multipolar world”. Landmark speeches are: his Address to the Bundestag in 2001, his Munich Speech in 2007, and his more recent Valdai Club speech. He wrote many articles about it, especially when he was Prime Minister. You’ll find several of these on the Voltairenet website. It is the mainstay of Russia’s Foreign Policy Concept, which is posted on the Foreign Ministry website. He never tires of speaking about it, “welcome or unwelcome”, as St Paul used to say about his preaching the Gospel. Indeed, this is a new Gospel:
    – All nations are equal before the international law (which, as he insists, must be rescued from Western hubris, being currently in tatters – that was the topic of the Valtai Discussion Club for this year: the world cannot function without rules, so let’s all sit down together and agree on how to strengthen existing ones and make new ones if necessary – but ALL TOGETHER, on an equal basis. This entails a recognition that it is no longer possible to have the world ruled from one single centre: it is already multipolar, and we must organise our planetary life accordingly.
    – All nations must see their sovereignty respected and protected, and they must be allowed to choose their system of government (stop colour-coded revolutions and other forcible or underhand foreign-led regime changes), to protect and promote their own traditional and religious values, within the limits of agreed international norms;
    – All nations and regions must have access to resources; no economic/financial sabotage; no unilateral sanctions;
    – All nations must be consulted as regards world security, including climate and environmental crises, and other emergencies.
    These are really the values of the Aquarian Age. While the Piscean Age was an era of the BIG BOSS – the dominant figure at the centre controlling things, the guru, the godfather, the macho man, the autocratic matriarch, a handfull of people withing the big banks and corporations controlling the wealth of world, etc., the Aquarian Age will be an era of coordination and consultation, of sharing and considerateness, of decentralised decision-making, of networking, the open society, etc. We are already in that spirit, of which the internet is a symbol. But this spirit has yet to operate at the level of nations worldwide. Regional groupings and international organisations have been a good attempt, but the bullyboy spirit still dominates them: they are still Piscean in spirit and in practice.
    And this is what Putin has been working to change, and he’s been at it for 15 years now, tirelessly, neither discouraged by rebuffs and insults, nor by misunderstadings and misrepresentations, suspicions and fears. A good example is his proposal of “Lisbon-to- Vladivostock economic and humanitarian space”: poor E waU has shied away from even discussing the proposal, fearing that Putin may be plotting to ensnare them – not to mention US browbeating. But Putin carries on with his wooing.
    Luckily, he has had more success with the East – and indeed the entire non-EU/NATO world. In short, Putin is a man who has come to us “from the future” as it were: he represents what is to come, and will be. He is already standing in the Age of Aquarius, and inviting the world to move from Pisces to the New Age of sharing and cooperation and equal responsibility.
    There is a funny video of him “leading young Siberian cranes in flight”, which to me, this stunt typifies his method of teaching: through images that are parables. The young cranes represent the Russian people and all the people of the world, who must be helped to find their “migration path” – and fly into the New Age and the newer values.
    That’s not just “Putin doing Putin things”, as someone printed on a “Putin swimming with dolphins” image: that’s Putin living the etymology of his name.

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  17. Rose-Marie,

    You do a very good job of explaining where Putin is coming from, and there is much to like. I also feel that you are correct. However, there are several things to keep in mind. Firstly, the world wants to hear a Russian Dream or a Russian Paradigm or something that is not just the desires of one politician (or philosopher), no matter how good he might be. As an example of the issue, Russia agreed to having Libya destroyed by the US in the UN vote. Many will argue that Russia was deceived, but, if so, that was the tenth time in fifteen years or so, as the US has basically broken all its promises to Russia since the end of the Cold War.

    In other words, Pax Americana or the American Dream were not based on one man. They were also basically quite real. The position that a US-dominated world is not good and unsustainable may be true, but it doesn’t really seem practical. After all, if Russia doesn’t go along with the Putin Dream, then why should people in India? In all of Putin’s efforts at convincing the world, has he managed to convince the elite in Russia? Isn’t Russia totally Piscean these days?

    But let’s hope you are right that Putin is a man from the future who can help us see the way to a better future. He has already achieved amazing things.

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    • Paul, I’ll let your new friend respond in detail :), but very briefly:
      1. Putin HAS convinced Russian elites. I see evidence of that every day on Russian TV. 88% approval is evidence too.
      2. It’s NOT one man’s dream – you are wrong here. It’s far beyond that. Actually, I will discuss this at length in the upcoming The Putin Enigma Earth Shift Report, so stay tuned.
      3. I believe I already explained in detail in replies to your comments to my old articles why Medvedev, not Putin, didn’t do more for Lybia.
      4. Russia is ruled by Aquarius, therefore, Aquarian behavior is natural for Russia.
      Also, what does it mean in your mind that: “Russia is totally Piscean these days?” What is in your opinion to be ‘totally Picean’? Do you know of the Age of Pisces and Aquarius? From what I see even those who sometimes write in the internet about it don’t always know what all this signifies.

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    • P.S. If my readers are interested in my explaining in detail about Piscean and Aquarian Ages,

      and if there is an interest in my explaining the ruling signs/ascendants of Russia and USA and their characteristics and significance,

      please do let me know and I’ll put something together.

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  18. Rose-Marie Mukarutabana

    Yes, please do discuss Aquarius etc.
    Paul, Lada knows such more about the socio-political scene in Russia, and about how the elite share Putin’s ideas.
    You may also note that, according to Putin, these same Aquarian values are also applied in Russia’s relations within the Eurasian Economic Community, the Shanghai Cooperation Council, etc:
    “Russia seeks to strengthen regional economic integration. … We also believe that the free trade agreements should not fragment the multilateral trading system, but rather complement it, contribute to its consolidation and growth of interconnectedness. The regional unions should not be turned against each other or otherwise divided. Such agreements should be transparent, fair and address the needs of each economy.
    Regional integration should be transparent and promote information-sharing between all the negotiations processes.
    We pay special attention to this approach in the implementation of our priority integration project – the Eurasian Economic Union. The values and principles of this association’s activities are transparent and carried out in full compliance with the rules and regulations of the World Trade Organization.”
    (Interview to Chinese media, Nov. 6, 2014 –
    One may enquire into the actual functioning of these organisations, and verify the truth of Putin’s statement – see if they really seek to live by these values: interconnectedness, mutual respect, fairness, playing by the rules, complementarity, transparency and info sharing, and addressing each other’s needs…

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  19. Lada,

    Yes, please write about Pisces and Aquarius. I don’t pretend to know much, and my comment was meant as a joke. But I am serious in pointing out that a possibly important issue in understanding the problem in the Ukraine is that Ukrainians seem to see in Russia what they hate in their own country, with oligarchs being the big thing. Russians were very fortunate that Putin managed to make their oligarchs pay taxes and start to obey laws. That didn’t happen in the Ukraine, but Ukrainians feel that their oligarchs are friends and old business partners with Russian oligarchs, and it is just one more reason to feel envy when looking at Russia. So now we get back into the whole psychological phenomenon – and I don’t pretend to know to what degree Russian oligarchs are actually nationalized, as opposed to having their assets and families in the West. If your customers are mostly in the West, and your assets, and one of your children or grandchildren are in a Western university, well, you may be a good patriot or a friend of Putin, but your leverage is quite poor.

    In addition to the above, many Russians feel that Ukrainians are actually part of the Russian world, and that they should be one country. If that is true, are Ukrainians under Aquarius, too?

    As for whether the elites are now backing Putin, well, yes, it is moving that way. But the other view would be what Igor Strelkov, the former commander of the rebels in Novorossiya, said on TV a few days ago. “Russia made a bold move against the existing world order in incorporating the Crimea, but largely left the current domestic/social/economic policies as they were. This is untenable for much longer.” This seems rather obvious to me, so, for example, the Russian banking and financial system is basically Western designed and oriented. It is quite colonial. Yes, an alternative to the SWIFT system is supposed to be available next year, but that should have been done a long time ago. As you may know, the Chinese Union Pay system is bigger than VISA and Master Card combined, but only recently has Russia made that feasible. And the Russian Central Bank couldn’t be more pro-Western.

    I guess what I’m saying is that Putin has had a Eurasian foreign policy, but domestic and economic policies were not as clearly under his influence, so were much more of the Anglo-American flavor.

    Anyway, this isn’t meant to be pessimistic. It takes a shock to the system to get people to do necessary things. Putin and many others in Russian elite circles have been trying to move Russia and the world in a good direction, and now the comfortable masses and elites in Russia are seeing that they have to change how they have been doing things. This is good news.

    By the way, keep up the good work. You bring a very interesting and valuable perspective to your readers.

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    • Hi Paul. I see what you mean. Sometimes the truth really does come out in a good debate. 😉

      1. Ukrainians are confused and exceedingly ignorant about many things, incl. Russian and Ukr oligarchs – result of info blockade and lies in Ukr MSM owned by said Ukr oligarchs.
      This is a serious topic for a separate article or video, but I’ll just say that there are NO oligarchs left in Russia as of 2013. I’ll explain some other time.
      2. Ukraine’s a dif story altogether – it’s ruled by oligarchs. Same with the US.
      3. No, Ukraine isn’t ruled by Aquarius, alas. If they were, they wouldn’t have a saying, ‘if I can’t have it, no one will.’ They would have a saying the Russians have: ‘ready to give away the last shirt to help a friend.’
      4. Strelkov is partially correct. Many, myself included, say the same. But Strelkov is a very tough commander – not economic or political analyst. He doesn’t understand the depth and delicacy of the issues. He isn’t the one to listen to, there is a reason he couldn’t stay in his post in Novorossia – just think about it! And I do understand his impatience. But the reality is a bit dif.

      Putin understands all the sides of the problem. I dare say he keeps some of the western-oriented ministers around him on purpose for balance. He deliberately slows down some transitions until the country and the people are fully ready to accept them. This way he knows he will not create another hardship and revolution Russia cannot afford.
      He is very wise. I’ll say more in the Putin Enigma.

      Incidentally, I am seeing that Rus Central Bank is changing. Under public pressure it’s becoming more and more pro-Russian. I have predictions about the nationalization of the ruble. About that in future writings.

      Thanks for the good words. 🙂

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  20. Rose-Marie,

    Yes, that does indeed sound like what Russia has been proposing for international trade deals. It would be much better than what we have now. Do you ever wonder if Putin is the reincarnation of Stolypin?

    You might want to watch some of the videos of Mikhail Khazin, a commentator who was in high levels of the Russian government in the past. His way of stating things is somewhat like “Putin’s strategy of dealing with the West has failed. He tried to push for a system where the elites in each country are treated in a fair way, and thus the EU or US would treat Russian elites on a largely equal basis. They have not, and have said that they consider the proper managers of Russia to be Khordokovsky and Kasparov, people like that. The West considers the elite around Putin to be illegitimate. In many ways, the Kremlin no longer has any real conversations with the West.” An obvious weakness in the general approach that you pointed out is that it means that you work with the oligarchs in places like the Ukraine, no matter how much they are hated, and can be portrayed as being on the side of the elites, and not the masses. Then the West starts the color revolution. This is unfair, but not hard to predict.

    And I recommend this article by James Petras on the strategies of Russia and Putin over the last decade or so:

    He sounds like a Commie, but here is a bit from the end:

    “The bulk of what passes for the Russian industrial capitalist class are not entrepreneurs, they are more like rent collectors and cronies – oriented to the West. Their origins are more often as gangsters and warlords who early on strong- armed their rivals out of the public giveaways of the 1990’s. While these oligarchs have sought to gain respectability after consolidating their economic empires and hired public relations agencies to polish their images and economic consultants to advise them on investments, they have never demonstrated any capacity to grow their firms into competitive enterprises. Instead they remained wholly dependent on capital, technology and intermediary imports from the West and subsidies from the Putin Administration.

    The so-called Russian “capitalist” rentiers stand in sharp contrast to the dynamic Chinese public and private entrepreneurs – who borrowed overseas technology from the US, Japan, Taiwan and Germany, adapted and improved on the technology and are producing advanced highly competitive products. When the US-EU sanctions came into force, Russian industry found itself unprepared to substitute local production and President Putin had to arrange trade and import agreements with China and other sources for inputs.”

    “Russia needs a new economic and political revolution – in which the government recognizes the West as an imperial threat and in which it counts on the organized Russian working class and not on dubious oligarchs. The Putin Administration has pulled Russia from the abyss and has instilled dignity and self-respect among Russians at home and abroad by standing up to Western aggression in the Ukraine. From this point on, President Putin needs to move forward and dismantle the entire Yeltsin klepto-state and economy and re-industrialize, diversify and develop its own high technology for a diversified economy. And above all Russia needs to create new democratic, popular forms of democracy to sustain the transition to a secure, anti-imperialist and sovereign state. President Putin has the backing of the vast majority of Russian people; he has the scientific and professional cadre; he has allies in China and among the BRICs; and he has the will and the power to “do the right thing”. The question remains whether Putin will succeed in this historical mission or whether, out of fear and indecision, he will capitulate before the threats of a dangerous and decaying West.”


  21. Hi Lada,
    Since you spent so much of your valuable time to enlighten us on Ukraine and did such an admirable job along with your other articles I decided to donate $100 to you. Hope that helps.

    While I can’t comment on the complicated labyrinth amongst oligarchs and political figures of Russia and Ukraine all I can say is that Russia is moving ahead and solving its problems while Ukraine is going in the complete opposite direction. All I can say is thank god it’s not the other way around.

    While I encourage everyone to read Petras’ article which has a lot of truth to it I find his recommendation of another revolution to be misguided. Russia needs another revolution like a hole in the head. The world has had so many revolutions and counter revolutions and revolutions to the counter revolution and so on in the 20th century that enough is enough. Putin is like a very patient father and teacher trying to bring his very unruly family together after many years of dysfunction. He’s done a great job in 15 years. He’s able to unite communists and leftists with monarchists and rightists. He brought back the national anthem from the USSR as Russia’s own (which is a real beautiful piece of music by the way) and at all popular events you still see the red star and hammer and sickle. But he also has promoted the Orthodox Church and the two headed eagle from the Czarist days. So what he’s really saying is that Russia belongs to everyone and all of our history, including the USSR and the pre Bolshevik era, is our national heritage. He’s being all inclusive and it’s working. I’m from a leftist and pro socialist background and I was totally alienated from the Yelstin years because of their denying the importance of the Soviet times. But now I’m totally on board with Russia and I don’t even mind the promotion of the Orthodox Church and Czarist symbols (I’m more in keeping with Lada’s spiritual leanings than with organized religion). So everybody can feel attachment to Russia from their own ideological and spiritual leanings. Everyone can fell that they have a stake in Russia. Everyone can feel at home in Russia. A new revolution that Petras is promoting would tear asunder this growing unity in Russia and create winners and losers again. And even if this new “revolution” would succeed who’s to say that another counter revolution with all the bloodshed that would accompany it would not occur a little later.

    Lada I think you’re absolutely right. We have to look at this from a very wide lens and with a very broad view of history. It may take a very long time but Ukraine, or shall I say Novorussia, will straighten out and will go towards Russia. It has to happen but we have to have a very long time horizon. Ukrainians, in general, are really messed up people. Their minds have been so polluted that it will take maybe another generation to see the truth. Lies will eventually be exposed. In time truth, like the natural laws of the universe, will always win out.

    Regarding Strelkov’s comments he’s right and he’s wrong. Of course the financial and power structure is still in place in Crimea. But what else could he expect at the present time. It’s only been since March that Crimea became officially part of Russia. Putin’s goal was not to have a revolution in Crimea but to make sure that Russia’s strategic navy was not evicted which would have caused a catastrophe for Russia’s defense. In March all attention was directed to making sure that the armed forces and navy of Crimea, which was technically Ukrainian, would switch sides as smoothly as possible and with as little violence as possible. And Putin completely succeeded. Reforming the economy and the financial power over there was not at the top of priorities. So Stelkov should be more patient. It will come.

    I’m certain that not only is the Russian civilization tens of thousands of years old but alternative archaeologists have found human remains many millions old. In fact I’m sure that humans are direct descendants of extra terrestrial beings that came here for reasons that we don’t know yet. I urge all the readers to view with an open mind you tube videos of Richard Hoagland and his theories of a very advanced type 2 civilization which colonized the solar system. His photos taken from the the rover Curiosity on Mars showing debris from a very ancient civilization are really stunning. These could be our ancestors.

    Lada here’s a real good interview of Professor Michael Hudson on the latest relations between Russia and China. I don’t know if you’ve heard of him but I think you and the readers will really like what he says.

    On a last conspiratorial note have you heard of the possibility of the zionist leaders of Israel planning on creating a new state in Ukraine since they realize that their project in the middle east is not sustainable. Ukraine, in their mind, would be more tenable since ethnically and culturally it’s in their blood. This new zionist state would be a bigger threat to Russia than what is now Israel. Your thoughts.

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    • Gary, excellent summary and I couldn’t agree more!
      You really do get it, which makes me very happy! And thank you for your generous donation. It is greatly appreciated! 🙂
      A few things:
      1. You’re right on! Revolution is a BAD and wrong idea, and Putin is right on with his deliberate, let’s not break anything, approach. Putin incarnated to unite his own country, as well as the globe. In the recognized history of mankind we had never had such a great opportunity to unite.
      2. Yes, our ancestors came from the stars. It’s all correct. I’ll get to that in one of my future Earth Shift Reports and vids.
      3. Strelkov is highly respected as commander but he is really harmful as analyst or leader. Very dangerous to listen to his fear-mongering and negative talk, too tough and linear… he also lacks temporal perspective and patience. That said, it’s considered politically incorrect to criticise him as he is a ‘hero of Novorossia.’ So people just keep quiet. Me – I tell the truth.
      4. Crimea is exactly as you said – it requires time to shape up the right system. They are up to a good start. Patience and caution is needed. Can’t break the old, need to use it while reshaping it gradually. I think I’ll say a few words about that in The Putin Enigma. I have some good info on what’s really going on there.
      5. Michael Hudson is VERY good! Our kind of guy. Highly recommended.
      6. Yes, there is a real deal, no kidding, attempt to create a new Jewish/Zionist headquarters in Dnepropetrovsk. I wrote about that in one of my earlier pieces about Israeli influence in Ukraine. So far it’s working only marginally, long term it will only work if they drop Zionism and make it simply a Jewish center. Kolomoysky – Israeli/Cyprus/Ukr citizen, is the boss there. He also plays his own game. I also wrote about him.
      My predictions: Russia will be the one to decide in the end (in time) who and what is allowed to remain in today’s Ukraine. Zionism won’t be able to take root for long in Dnepropetrovsk.Today’s tendencies will change in several years time. But Jews/Judaism are naturally native to Ukraine, many of them will remain. Many Jews are pro-Russian in Ukraine. The minority is anti- or neutral. Israel will get closer to Russia as it gradually loses support of the US. Russia is the only country that can eventually create some kind of peace solution in the Middle East.

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  22. I forgot to mention one thing. Zbig Brezinski, the ultimate numero uno of Russia haters, had a fear of uniting Russia and China. Well Zbig, thanks to your promotion and organization of the coup in Kiev, you have succeeded in fulfulling your worst nightmare. May you live long to see it unfold. As you say Lada, karma can be a bitch.

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  23. One other interesting article I just read after my last post. Never put Kissinger in the same box as Brezinski. This is about how sane and reasonable Kissinger is regarding Russia’s reaction to Ukraine. When Kissinger seems like a saint compared to what’s coming out of Washington and the main stream press, you know we’re in trouble.

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    • Rose-Marie Mukarutabana

      Yes, Kissinger is a wise old fox – and one sees why Putin holds regular conversations with him – “at least once a year.”.
      There is another video (in French – in which Kissinger describes the position that a true statesman would adopt in state-to-state conflict: use any tactical advantage with restraint and moderation, in order not to force your opponent into a corner. The interview was about (inter alia) the Syria 2013 case, and in fact Kissinger was referring to Putin’s stated policy of never forcing an opponent into a corner (see Munich speech, on Putin’s reasons for helping Iran “not feel cornered”) or making him lose face…
      One can’t help wonder sometimes whether this philosophy of a master of martial arts is not wasted on Putin’s current “partners”, who seem to prefer the cruder methods…
      How the world would change if Putin had true statesmen on the opposite side!


      • Well said! Putin’s philosophy IS wasted on his Western counterparts. But he does it to send the message to others – various peoples of the world; certain smarter if timid so far politicians; and people like us, who get it, on whom it’s not wasted. Eventually, it will reach critical mass and the wold will never be the same. 🙂

        Hugs, my friend!


  24. Hi Lada,

    I scoured all over the internet including wikipedia and google and couldn’t find anything about Zbigniew Brzezinski dying. So I believe that he’s still with us. This is good news. He may be able to witness the triumph of Russia in Eurasia and the final cementing of solid ties between Russia and China. It’s too bad that he’ll take his unrepenting hatred of Russia to his grave. It would be nice if he would see the light before he departs. But, alas, he won’t.

    Isn’t Birobidgan the main Jewish center in Russia. Why would Ukraine be the center instead of Birobidgan. Regarding Israel I’ve thought now for quite some time that Russia really does have great leverage over there and its influence will only increase in the future. I wouldn’t be surprised if over half the population of Israel is Russian/Ukrainian. One thing I found very interesting is that the extremist Israeli official, Leiberman, actually didn’t support the US attitude in Ukraine and was actually neutral about it which is saying a lot. This may sound a little weird but if you could transplant even the most rabid zionists from the middle east to Ukraine or Russia and let them settle down there they may actually be a positive force. They would be amongst their own race and color and would probably moderate their behavior. Being amongst muslims and dark skinned people in the “third world” creates in them a siege mentality and a racist feeling of superiority. They may be harshly anti muslim and anti Arab but they’re not necessarily anti Russian. Hey it could happen. A new Jewish homeland in Ukraine that eventually turns out pro Russian. Instead of Uncle Sam sponsoring it why couldn’t mother Russia. Maybe that’ll be a way to solve the middle east problem. Putin says to Israel, give back the entire west bank and gaza strip, recognize a Palestinian state on these territories and you can establish a homeland in Ukraine (of course after the crazies are out of power) or maybe even Russia. Putin can say to many Israelis and even those that are living on Palestinian land, come back to your real home, the land of Shalom Aleichem and other great Jewish cultural figures. You really don’t belong in the hostile middle east. You stick out like a sore thumb. It was a real dumb idea to go to Jerusalem and establish a homeland there. Hey I’m open to creative solutions.

    What do you think of this weird and crazy scenario. If anyone wants to ridicule my idea that’s fine. It’s just a thought bubble. Let’s see what happens.

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    • Oh really? That’s hilarious. I heard about Ziggy dying somewhere but didn’t pay that much attention. It must have been a hoax then. Someone must have been annoyed with Ziggy big time to spread a hoax like this.

      Birobijan is in Siberia and few Jews want to live there as they feel it’s too cold. It was a 30s project. Historically Jews lived in parts of Ukraine called ‘cherta osedlosti.’ Many Jews of Russian descent in Israel feel patriotic of Russia, including my friends actually. True – they do feel under siege. I worry about how depressing life there actually is. I couldn’t stay there for more than ten days. Too much hatred and no trees except olive trees in a desert.

      Will they return? I don’t know, some might, but some may still feel they want their own state. I don’t think Putin or Russians will let Jews take over Ukraine, but co-existing with others, sure. This is years away though.
      Putin has done absolutely stellar job at convincing religious leaders of Russian Christians, Muslims and Jews that freedom of religion is guaranteed and they can feel fully at home so all can co-exist peacefully on one land. I watched some of his meetings – he was world-class, and I’m not kidding.
      Actually, even Netanyahu – the NWO neo-con hawk that he is, has been making overtures towards Russia under pressure from Russian-speakers and business opportunities.
      I believe Kolomoysky is much more dangerous than Israel in Ukraine. But I think he was also already hinted to tone down what he does there. He may evenswitch sides when he sees that junta is finished and Ukraine/Novorossia is moving towards Russia.

      Of course there are Soros-trained idiots among Jews as well. But no one trusts them and they are mainly Americans.

      If you can find video interviews with Yakov Kedmi in English, his opinion is very telling. He is a former head of one of the Israeli intelligence services, orig. from Russia, openly anti-American,very pro-Donbass, anti-Kiev junta. Pretty much thinks of Kiev and Americans what I do. He is a typical rep. of Rus. Jews in Israel. That said, he did make mistakes with his predictions – he said that Russian army would already be in Kiev and Lvov.
      This is one of his vids in Russian: Translates as “Americans screwed up everywhere.”

      In short, I don’t think Jews will give up Israel, but Putin/Lavrov at some point may do more for peace there than anyone has ever done. This will happen when US collapses and hence stops messing up everything.

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  25. Gary,

    You might not get to read this, but, if you do, that was a good summary of things. And Michael Hudson is always worth reading. You are so right about having patience and looking at the bigger picture.

    The only minor point of perhaps disagreement may be from how I phrased things. Strelkov and others are arguing that Russia took a very hostile move against NATO by incorporating the Crimea, so normal relations may not return for a long, long time – basically after one or the other systems changes. The changes are not for inside the Crimea. Either the current NATO changes or Russia. So, in this state of hostility, Russia needs to prepare for things like economic warfare by the West. We already see oil prices and the exchange rate for the ruble going down significantly, but this is probably only the beginning of the struggle. After all, the struggle is not really about Donetsk or even Kiev, it is a world view. Do we have a unipolar world or a multipolar one? Is the world going to be based on some semblance of rules and laws, even if mediocre ones, or will it be based on the military muscle of NATO?

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  26. About the fostered russophobia, I would recommend reading a part of the following article in AiF:

    To wit, the following translated passage:

    Finally, the third direction – technology for assembly and destruction of social subjects. Look at what was done to the mass consciousness of the Ukrainians. Over some 20 years they raised a nation that believes that Homer was an ancient Ukrainian, and their main historical enemies – aggressive and narrow-minded Slavic tribes. Such is written in their textbooks! Over the years they taught their young that there were no Aryans in ancient times – there were only Ukrainian, who gave rise to the European civilization. Plus the constant reform of language: over the 20 years there was a mass ejection Russian words and insertion of Polish ones.

    This never done before: a consciousness of a huge nation has not yet ever been demolished so as to be replaced with a new one. Our psychologists and sociologists have modeled something similar, but the reality was much worse. Now it is clear that if children learn fantastic nonsense, but to do it consistently and systematically, you can get monstrous results. Here it is, the high humanitarian technology in action today: you make small changes in the school curriculum, and after some years you people get with the changed consciousness.

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  27. Galician “intelligencia” prepares to transition Ukraine to Latin writing:
    This is another clue in the grand scheme of separating Ukraine from its Russian roots.
    The West-Ukrainians on that forum in Lvov can be quoted:

    Ukrainian people, or rather west Ukrainian – was a “European people for centuries. In this it differs from the Russian and Maloross (Dnieper Ukrainians – ed.), Which, in fact, are the Russian people”

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  28. Here is a documentary video about the concentration camps in Austria anno WWI: Talerhof and Terezin. I’ll try to write a translation at one point.

    (Sorry for multiple comments, Lada, I am commenting as I read your report.)

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  29. Here are two comments in one: 🙂

    Lada, could you expand upon the significance of the “Ro-” root that you hint at, mentioning “Ro-ssija” and “Ro-me”? I always thought that “Ros”/”Rus” was the root and referred to the “riverbed” or “delta” as the origin of the Russian people. The same root as in “ruslo”. Incidentally, the exchangeability of “o” and “u” vocal sounds is common. In Norwegian letter “o” stands for the sound [u] in most cases. So, for example, “Novorossia” would literally be pronounced as “Nuvurussia”.

    I think that this report is one of your works that would greatly benefit from being published in Russian, for the sake of re-education of the people it concerns. May I suggest that you try to come in touch with some Russian newspapers. (I hold “Argumenty i Fakty” in great esteem as they are open-minded in their publications, presenting varying opinions.) It might be a good idea to try to get published a shortened version of this report for a wider audience in Russia.

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    • I’ll talk about that at length in future reports. Hint: ‘Ro’ has nothing to do with river, just the opposite of sorts, in fact. 😉 Ruslo is interesting, maybe I’ll spell it out at some point too. You are right about the easy interchangeability of ra, ro and ru in various tongues. This is a most interesting thing, which I’ll also talk about.

      Also just a thought I’ve had: I spell Novorossia the way it would be spelled in Russian but with Latin letters. To me this is the most accurate, and I would recommend others do the same. But different other versions abound. It’s natural for a new phenomenon, and for a massive shift/revolutionary time. At some point in the future everyone will setlle on one spelling.

      I’ll be happy to be published in any good publications around the world, or do any interviews with reputable sources. However, presently I am too busy with my ongoing projects to start contacting anyone myself as this usually takes a lot of time (only 24 hours in a day, you know).
      But when anyone decides to invite me, I’ll very gladly respond. 🙂

      Hugs and cheers


  30. “Argumenty i Fakty” has a section in the paper edition, where they present quotes of both domestic and foreign politicians and then write short witty comments. One such comment is rather funny, yet to the point:

    Skhetina, head of Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs: “Any talk about Ukraine without involving Poland is the same as discussing Algeria, Tunis, Libya or Morocco without involving Italy, France and Spain.”
    AiF comment: By following this line of thought one can talk oneself to the position, that the future of Poland cannot be decided without Russia, Prussia and Austria, which thrice divided her territories in the XVIIIth century!


  31. Lada, an interesting update on the Polish and German angle, concerning both this report and your recent article on the German reaction:

    “Roman Kuzniar, Bronislaw Komorowski’s foreign policy adviser, expressed discontent with the fact that Poland was not a party to the talks on Ukraine’ crisis settlement. According to him, Kiev would make a mistake if it believed that it could cope with the situation without Poland. «If Germany and Russia managed to convince Poroshenko that an agreement is possible without Warsaw, then Poroshenko was either a very naïve person or he had no choice and had to cede ground as the partners exerted pressure by making those thinly veiled insinuations,” he said. “


    • Oh yeah – no surprise. I can tell you with full confidence neither Germany nor Russia will invite Poland. There are very good historic reasons for that. Hence Poland’s role as a pouting spoiler, which is too visible for all. It’s very advisable for Poland to stop being purveyor of US policy, and stop pushing their own ulterior agenda – perhaps then there will be more trust towards them.


  32. I’d like to add the following two links, directly related to the topic at hand. They are written by a Ukrainian and strengthen what you, Lada, write here. I think that adding them is important to give your readers more legs to stand on.–Why-Bandera-Have-by-George-Eliason-Communism_Extreme_Hitler_Ideology-140801-8.html


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